Raiding the OCEAN MONUMENT! - Minecraft

Minecraft - Today Appsro demolishes Simon's sky bridge, Simon refaces his house, and Dora and Neebs set out to find an ocean monument! ►DOWNLOAD THE ...
Raiding the OCEAN MONUMENT! - Minecraft
Raiding the OCEAN MONUMENT! - Minecraft

Raiding the OCEAN MONUMENT! - Minecraft

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming on YouTube, then you definitely don't want to miss the latest Minecraft episode! In this one, Appsro is up to his usual mischief by demolishing Simon's sky bridge, while Simon is busy giving his house a makeover. And let's not forget Dora and Neebs, who are on a mission to find an ocean monument - talk about an adventure!

If you want to join in on the fun, you can even download the map they're playing on and try it out for yourself. Just unzip it into your Minecraft saves folder and follow the video tutorial to make sure everything runs smoothly. And hey, while you're at it, why not grab yourself a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt to show your support for the gang?

And speaking of support, don't forget to check out Neebs Gaming's Folding@Home team and consider joining their Discord server for even more gaming shenanigans. Plus, if you're in need of a pick-me-up while watching the video, you can sip on some Neebs Gaming Coffee - sounds like the perfect combo for a gaming session.

Now, let's dive into the action-packed episode, where the gang encounters all sorts of challenges and surprises. From tearing down flumes to raiding ocean monuments and everything in between, this episode is full of laughs and excitement. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Minecraft! 🚀

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noobs yeah man what are we doing here1.3994.811
what's the plan like we should preserve3.874.439
this place you know like a Historic6.213.12
Society or something8.3093.181
yeah but the sign says the exact9.333.96
opposite of that doesn't it yeah but we11.494.53
we make up the rules don't we well oh so13.295.61
much so like like that yeah yeah all16.023.33
we're keeping it Gennaro I'll keep a19.356.0
lookout okay yeah has anyone been fading22.835.699
uh six dog it's got a dog so he's got25.356.81
three Nautilus shells in here oh is that28.5294.44
I thought he had more stuff good good32.9697.171
who you expect him to show up I don't38.043.99
know it just feels it feels like we're40.142.939
doing something wrong doesn't it feel42.032.099
like we're doing something wrong I know43.0794.111
fix not even here but heís gone worry44.1294.561
about it didn't you have a Iong to see47.193.36
I've got enough let's see I have two I48.693.689
was it did you take thick's50.554.079
no bills I took from him ever oh wait52.3798.011
maybe I did Bert treasure map - listen54.6296.93
won't you leave it here we're gonna run60.392.009
dangerous mission61.5592.611
oh we don't want to lose this stuff no I62.3992.94
don't want to lose them put it in here64.173.42
you said you had some Nautilus's - I65.3395.521
just have the one all right okay I'm67.594.62
such an idiot I thought I grabbed it70.864.32
y'all grab one is it safe put with the72.214.799
eye of the sea in there so case we die75.184.97
I'm gonna we want to collect eight77.0096.661
Nautilus's I of the sea and then we80.157.63
build this thing out of water stuff and83.677.559
then we make a magic thing that makes us87.787.68
underwater that yeah yeah all right I'm91.2294.591
no but yeah I'm gonna grab my shell and95.824.56
I'll and we'll be on our way I suppose98.793.57
we'll leave it what the knot on the100.384.849
shoulders we gotta come back okay yeah102.364.619
okay fair enough105.2293.371
I'm falling here go ahead all right106.9793.991
we're doing it hold on whoa hold the108.65.04
back oh whoa whoa whoa leaps with you110.976.02
all right all clear113.643.35
yo yo okay I don't see you133.8310.11
yeah pretty far away hey you remember141.05.46
how do you see so you can zoom in well143.946.36
no but now that you said it yeah look up146.465.46
on your walkway you know the logged150.35.33
walkway you made over in Pennsylvania no151.9211.31
you okay I know a long walkway but you155.6310.12
said hit C and it's not why I hit C it163.237.35
it's not doing anything no I don't165.758.97
listen kid I'm doing something on my170.586.57
house I'm kind of busy okay I'm kind of174.724.17
busy - I'm taking down this and thank177.152.49
you Bill178.895.21
what thing is that oh you mean my tower179.649.11
yeah why would you be taking that down184.14.65
well it's not your piece take down sir205.074.72
why don't you take down your own pieces208.296.75
your pieces to put on of course it was209.797.199
I'll make it a but you put it right by215.043.36
my house I was gonna hang out in my216.9893.72
vacation home this is my vacation home218.44.38
now by the way we are we talkin about220.7093.961
the tower which tower are we talking222.785.13
about here huh you mean like my tower224.676.12
that got set on fire that Tower227.915.609
yeah how many towers do you have I don't230.794.83
frickin know all I know is that that's233.5196.0
my tower that's my land and it's it's235.625.85
fine right there you don't have any239.5193.391
right to take it down just like I don't241.474.88
have a right to take down your house242.913.44
okay shaved the view if that's really247.584.0
what you want to do but you leave my250.0194.47
footprints do you understand yeah we'll251.585.879
see yeah we'll see my kin your if you254.4896.56
don't follow my instructions257.4593.59
somewhere else Tippie you feel like you261.48912.27
feel like the roller-coaster does well271.754.919
yet like it makes money yeah I don't see273.7594.651
how it could how that overhead I've276.6694.5
never seen it like running once and I've278.415.22
ran past it a few times you know ya know281.1694.171
it's there's no way it's losing money283.634.14
like crazy it's gotta be it's just like285.343.63
a you don't care you've got that much287.773.0
fun it's kind of like what was Michael288.974.74
Jackson's Neverland Neverland like kind290.774.709
of that thing huh is this App Store's293.714.829
Neverland yeah yeah I could see the295.4797.051
similarity there sure yeah sure okay I298.5396.6
thought this was a way is it where's the302.535.85
ocean this seems like it's landlocked is305.1395.25
this a red ocean might be brackish I308.385.629
don't know hmm there we go this way I310.3896.661
don't I don't know I was just like kind314.0094.75
of looking at that never coordinates317.053.48
thick he was up here somewhere and he318.7596.06
saw a underwater temple something and320.536.78
how did you remembered said it he said324.8195.34
it was north 8 how do you remember that327.316.75
was your seconds ago you got to start330.1596.241
listening no I listened but sometimes I334.064.26
don't care uh-huh336.45.009
this I had no idea this was how do we338.327.11
get down to the ocean you know how I'm341.4096.211
just kind of like tagging kind of all345.434.079
right oh they're silent it's Mountain347.625.76
okay boat yep we're gonna climb this349.5096.271
mountain yeah we are we want to really353.384.77
go we could raise grab that boat already355.783.6
got one I do too358.153.299
oh yeah leave it here okay we'll leave359.383.509
it right there that'll be fun361.4493.27
we're gonna gonna race at the mountain I362.8893.661
feel like we I feel like this is be a364.7192.591
good chance366.552.83
like good opportunity right now okay367.314.38
let's start a notion trail straight369.384.86
ahead right here this way yep uh-huh371.6910.68
you're doing good oh wow let me we're374.2410.92
not good this is like when I taught you382.375.73
to ride a bicycle yeah yeah I still385.1614.19
don't know how hey what's up brother388.113.56
where you at I'm at needs this house399.355.19
just feeling some what you're doing I'm401.664.62
still working on your pathway but404.544.58
there's a llama up here right llama okay406.286.48
so I don't wanna get up here how would I409.125.47
know I don't know hold on he dropped the412.763.0
lead I wonder if I can lead him down414.593.21
come on Bubba could try to lead up your415.764.11
weight lead them down lead them down417.85.16
listen I got some wood oh look at these419.875.25
cute little duckies whose Ducks are422.964.23
these are chickens whatever they're425.126.51
called we have chickens that look like427.198.55
ducks to me come on come on can you swim431.635.67
come on yeah you're just gonna have to435.743.72
you take it well take you down all right437.33.33
how you got up here in the first place439.464.92
in a trader visit me and fall hey why440.635.46
don't you come down we could swim with444.384.29
the chickens okay I'm coming down I'm446.094.29
trying to take the llama come on love me448.672.94
you're gonna have to climb you got to450.382.94
climb down low it's just like this come451.615.1
o come o come on don't you hock and spit453.325.13
at me there you go come on down yeah I456.713.81
got it some more eggs I'm gonna try to458.454.08
get some more chicken see what happens460.524.23
crap I'm on the lead break did I did I462.533.96
break the lead is the lead broke I think464.753.09
the only note I still got the lead come466.493.99
on llama come on we got two more little467.846.3
chickies a chick chick alright this love470.485.37
it doesn't want to burn all right come474.144.4
on follow me475.852.69
hold on let me just break his I don't479.633.72
want to murder him let me see if I can481.852.91
break the thing he's standing on murder483.353.78
is not a bad thing when it comes down to484.763.3
certain things487.134.68
hey yo murdered come on this is really488.066.05
look it's not now I'm not gonna murder491.814.039
do you see me up no i don't but look494.113.839
there's a baby chick right here right495.8497.921
look the baby chicken just to show you497.9497.261
how easy it was503.773.6
okay well listen all right hopefully505.214.32
this llama will climb I'm going to break507.375.76
this log okay well okay and then now I'm509.535.489
gonna break this come on llama you can513.134.769
do this and boom oh all right we're515.0194.32
getting down slowly we're getting down517.8993.12
slowly listen I know I don't know who do519.3392.671
this it's insane521.0194.31
no I built it and I have very sane522.015.579
alright we're making our way slowly down525.3294.091
this lucky it's gonna be fun527.5893.81
sound okay I really wish you'd murder it529.4214.37
but thanks for listening see you know531.39916.821
what I really hope I just heard you die543.794.43
this might be a one-way trip yeah yeah I560.016.25
don't think I know how to get home564.913.66
no there's no way watch it watch it any566.264.41
one of these holes could be just that568.573.629
could be the end and I'm not coming570.675.07
could be lava yep yep however up over572.1995.64
here did look like ocean was happening575.745.039
it's okay it's ocean we got ocean we're577.8397.801
an ocean okay finally yeah it's crazy580.7796.87
longer than I expected I'm gonna tell585.643.629
myself it looks like a completely587.6492.551
of the Minecraft world when you know590.23.51
it's still minecraft you know592.514.56
yep the north coast the north coast I593.715.19
kind of like this though this is nice597.074.65
little little breezier out here all598.94.35
right you want to throw your boat down I601.723.03
would love to yeah let me put in the603.254.2
right spot where how much further I hate604.754.5
to ask but how much further I have no607.454.29
idea I only heard a whisper of a rumor609.255.04
that there was a place out here okay all611.744.62
right and this is from things like three614.295.22
years ago mm-hmm Wow so probably nothing616.364.32
out here I'm dry619.514.59
okay okay straight to the right man like620.684.83
others we're looking for624.13.18
there's whitewater temples is the way625.514.89
yep okay yep copy that you sure you want627.286.21
me to be the captain yeah just keep the630.44.71
ground to keep the coast to your right633.493.48
okay sounds good to me635.113.54
I don't know how long I'll be dealing636.973.48
with this we probably live here now638.653.06
because we're lost640.454.68
what just happened game crashed mmm641.715.46
be curious to see where he spawns when645.135.4
he comes back then or was the timing on647.176.16
that maybe saying what I just said I650.534.46
don't know how long I can stand this hey654.9916.93
hey hey buddy okay easy buddy hey I668.238.3
found you llama are you destroying this671.929.3
laying around hey okay hey let's talk oh676.537.11
my god681.222.42
the shells need one a bunch of those683.76.0
five emeralds okay hey you got to stay685.446.06
right here for me oh my god I lost you689.714.94
already okay hey Wow hook you if i hook691.514.46
your llama to you would that make you704.643.78
happy look pop got your llama hey705.966.08
traitor credit boy great a boy come yeah708.425.34
get out of the week712.043.43
okay I'm gonna hit the button you're713.763.63
gonna get your covered here have your715.475.22
lovin what is going on with you geez717.395.22
that's the craziest trainer I've ever720.692.85
seen in my life722.6110.79
Hey okay stay still okay hey babe yes723.549.86
okay no yeah there he is there he is735.026.04
there he is okay see him that old out737.916.21
yeah yeah that guy okay listen we get741.064.68
this guy five emeralds we can get him uh744.123.75
we can find Nautilus shells I need to745.744.41
run the absolute Opia I need you to not747.875.25
lose this guy I'm gonna try do you have750.154.77
a sword yes cuz it's gonna be nighttime753.123.78
soon so you're good I mean I'm not good754.923.57
no and I've already just screwed up756.93.75
because I lost it but yeah how where is758.493.33
he there he is760.655.689
what you're doing but he fishing busy777.845.73
fishin he's got time for this780.545.3
he's gonna wake if you have you Oh783.575.55
spooky until I saw him then he kind of785.844.9
changed the whole vibe didn't it okay789.122.73
now it's spooky790.744.17
these beds that's damn spooky scams791.854.98
movies he's got to be what we're living794.914.68
all right I think so the tops like robot796.837.8
eyes the bottoms like oh okay yeah we799.597.86
know what was man that freaks you out so804.634.44
what is the planner what do we do here807.456.09
we're supposed to get super in iums snow809.076.39
forget what it's called no that's not813.544.29
what it is not a perineum is it wait I815.469.41
was singing up member memory oh yeah817.837.04
yeah I guess krysta preen is really a825.927.15
pretty Prisma teen prismarine just say828.875.79
what I say and then you'll be right Oh833.074.8
prismarine yeah yeah yup can you stand834.665.91
up you're making this awkward hell oh837.874.92
boy it's something something shooting at840.574.08
us right now we say four out oh crap842.792.88
yeah are those things844.654.53
yep those are those things yep god this845.675.85
is e do not okay well we can't we can't849.185.81
do we can't oh boy and if you laid on me851.526.75
these are fish in the bowl we gotta come854.995.2
out a better plate we need some Prisma858.273.33
team we're not leaving you Pres marine860.193.51
prismarine just said names why don't we861.63.54
just go over to one of these islands and863.73.81
like set up an outpost or something yeah865.143.93
okay yeah good idea867.515.03
okay all right then we got this869.073.47
salmon all right it looks like daytime880.983.75
out there but I still hear something oh882.814.59
yeah there probably are we looking well884.735.61
let's find this damn you know trade oh887.44.29
yeah okay they're burning they're890.342.76
burning all right let's look for the891.693.18
trader he's not in there for sure I mean893.13.96
it seems like for sure considering it894.873.75
might have been invisible I don't really897.066.45
know areas really where where where898.627.32
that's machine oh he's calm down all903.513.78
right you still selling auto shells905.945.37
buddy oh hell to the yeah I got 50 of907.297.05
them 750 boom I was able to buy five911.315.49
Nautilus shells cuz there's a nautilus914.344.83
shell allow you to breathe underwater no916.84.2
I think neebs needs it to make I got too919.173.15
much stuff later too many seeds out921.03.39
leaves easy to make something huh well I922.324.98
hope I hope it's good yeah you need to924.394.08
make something out of knowledge shells927.33.36
but we just got five of them so that is928.476.63
all right well good news fur for us yeah930.666.36
that worked out alright alright I'm935.13.51
gonna keep working on that I mean look937.023.6
how much better the sky looks are listen938.614.5
to me it would have been fine if you940.623.96
would have left it but my house is943.113.66
looking great by the way I'm refacing it944.584.05
you know once I'm done tearing a little946.773.06
bit of this down I'm gonna visit your948.633.24
house do it and I'm look at this little949.836.75
fella gonna do do it you do it can't buy951.878.07
I'm gonna look at your house - Wow look956.589.06
at this Oh daddy959.948.85
Oh daddy I'm not your daddy965.646.75
well I might quit Oh Oh daddy look at968.796.02
that house972.392.42
what's the plan man well we're gonna go978.333.81
in and we're gonna take out the laser981.04.2
fish okay I mean I don't know what else982.144.53
to say we got to get those out of the985.23.33
way they're gonna make it quite on quite986.674.62
a pickle for us yeah I don't know how988.536.48
many there are though I think I saw one991.295.58
but there might have been two not sure995.014.68
yeah okay we got to be getting out let's996.876.3
see a bit close where are those blue999.695.6
haunting lights that steal your soul1003.175.07
daytime now I know it's so hard to see1005.299.82
now mm-hmm well it's not like not at all1008.2410.74
yep there's a dolphin it wasn't that far1015.116.09
nope we've already passed out of sure go1018.983.84
back uh-huh1021.24.61
okay yeah we passed it didn't we yeah1022.827.47
turn back yeah but keep to the right1025.815.8
though a little bit veer to the right1030.292.97
toward that burning Island that we were1031.614.26
seeing I know it's only an island like1033.264.079
did you see that tree that was on fire1035.874.74
on that island nope oh yeah it was kind1037.3395.631
of amazing it's quiet quite a sight oh1040.614.71
is that it oh I think it's still left1042.974.869
yep it's we just passed it we're just1045.324.65
passed you saw it yep stop you see it's1047.8393.601
11 down to the left1049.974.23
mmm it's right there pretty much right1051.444.53
above it it's right there I'm going in1054.23.75
newbs because uh yeah you see it it's1055.973.75
right there yes I'm looking it's right1057.953.97
you're looking at it right looking right1061.924.38
at it if you just win the water you1064.293.39
would also see it's pretty great let's1066.33.3
do it let me see the players are fish1067.683.9
anywhere yep it's the yellow book need1069.68.42
form right over here okay I'm trying but1071.589.03
it's hard to think I've got to get super1078.024.18
close they're right next to each other1080.612.58
they don't even care1082.23.6
yep oh there's another one how many are1083.194.74
there mother is probably blank of them1085.87.31
that's the boy there was just a couple1087.935.18
fights against the I'm walking on the1093.4113.36
one friend of him I gonna hit coming up1098.2210.73
coming up coming up boom all the way1106.775.25
yeah he got me you got me okay we can do1108.959.94
this we can do this okay don't you Danny1112.028.03
don't you die1118.894.29
careless yeah where I'm coming to get1124.247.87
you okay drop your stuff yeah of course1129.55.19
mushroom Island here we come here he1132.113.539
damn damn do today I gotta eat1135.6496.75
he'll up I'll come with you there you1139.6695.311
are alright look at this yeah not in1142.3997.02
like yeah did you get any hits on yeah I1144.987.38
never killed one man okay but alright1149.4195.181
you ready I'm ready get your stuff back1152.3617.87
yeah look how much nicer that looks I1154.618.52
still might shave off this edge here let1170.234.12
me you know I'll leave that up here1173.123.179
justing oh there's already one here I'm1174.354.98
taking mine then even see it alright1176.2994.59
let's go see what Simon's house looks1179.334.76
like oh I'm prepared to be disappointed1180.8896.42
oh I see him over there just the1184.098.02
whittling away no smack talking here1187.3098.031
good sir I know not what you speak of1192.116.26
yes I am1198.375.529
so I'm refacing my house and I love it1200.874.679
cuz I'm just sticking with the common1203.8994.26
wood I like wood like the way it looks1205.5496.0
and feels makes me feel at home I like1208.1595.75
the smell of it I like the touch of it1211.5494.62
okay I see what you do good1213.9093.97
old-fashioned oak and then I'll probably1216.1693.6
have I saw I gotta figure out my roof1217.8793.721
but this is my shell so I've got my1219.7694.921
basic framing and where are you I run it1221.65.579
up on your front door right now this is1224.693.53
my front door1227.1794.171
yeah I'm right at I say you go alright1228.225.47
so yeah so it's it's kind of working and1231.353.689
then in case I need to get away real1233.691.859
boom boom boom what's going on I don't1235.5497.75
know what's going on holy crap that uh I1238.377.429
you have built what what looks like a1243.2995.74
deer stand actually also a little1245.7995.88
balcony that if you were a woman and I1249.0395.1
was a man or if you were a man and a man1251.6795.161
or a woman and a woman and you wanted to1254.1394.89
like be with me you would come and1256.844.439
serenade me and I would be here and then1259.0294.02
you would say like pretend that you want1261.2794.26
to make sweet love to me oh yeah like1263.0494.051
the old Romeo and Juliet thing yeah yeah1265.5394.59
talking up at the balcony so I'm inside1267.14.649
and I'm taking this and then you can1270.1294.111
call out for me all right oh yeah I'd be1271.7493.75
walking up and I'd be like I'll1274.245.129
desperate for money yeah be like hey1275.4997.02
hold on hold on I'm taking a dump of1279.3696.571
just wiping oh I miss your touch oh oh1282.5196.9
boy wow how romantic you put your family1285.945.64
how romantic this your family has a1289.4194.47
problem with me being with you aren't1291.583.959
you worried about what your father will1293.8895.76
say you big man no who cares what they1295.5396.571
say we're in love we are in love and I1299.6494.591
don't care if you want to make sweet1302.114.049
love to me you can even have people1304.245.009
watch kazama's and I'm into it1306.1594.89
let's get together let's make love and1309.2493.601
list poison ourselves for some reason1311.0492.61
because we're idiots1312.852.61
yes just make sure I want to make sure1313.6593.63
you finish before you poison yourself1315.463.27
because I'm a good lover1317.2893.541
I want to poison myself while I fail oh1318.735.63
that's romantic1320.833.53
it makes its own noises I'm aware yep no1335.073.51
I like yours better1337.716.959
keep it up oh yeah okay I'm good all1338.587.92
right except for this why does it go1344.6697.62
back in the same spot needs come on beau1346.59.059
hit it the highs is Beau's horrible1352.2896.211
underwater take the bow underwater not a1355.5594.83
good thing here we go1358.54.649
okay coming in coming in hot oh that's1360.38911.721
you get in there coming in hot that's1363.1498.961
not the plan Eric run you over all1395.6595.291
there's two of them1400.114.559
Jay is coming back don't die that quick1400.955.55
I don't get a chance to do anything okay1404.6694.74
I'm the only one fighting them yeah if1406.55.129
we were both got that one ain't you got1409.4094.171
to say ready then we go well all right1411.6295.39
I'm gonna finish the job1413.583.439
oh you might kill me okay that Mike if I1418.4316.65
could just get one shot no really no bad1425.312.6
guys I'm doing a fortress I'll be back1435.085.34
in a minute okay can they shoot me1437.94.11
through this you can't shoot me do this1440.425.07
right is this like a guard check it's my1442.016.27
favorite mission yet I know coming back1445.496.06
just got cursed cool it's your lucky day1448.284.85
all right grab your stuff I'm gonna1453.133.79
build a set there's fish coming at you1455.33.84
of course there is what they do oh me1456.928.66
too me too oh it's gonna give me the end1459.1410.71
okay if I could just get up here got my1465.586.85
back no I'm just hiding yeah there's a1469.854.08
fish underneath all this stuff that's1472.432.97
they love it I love it I love it you can1475.46.32
this stuff that stuff1478.073.65
fish mr. Ellis yep you get your leaves1483.687.37
you got boots and stuff there's there's1491.386.94
a chestplate yep just plate okay I don't1494.487.05
know okay all right back down in a1498.324.23
second all right1501.532.73
let's just wait here yep I like it1502.553.66
better up here well go home not without1504.263.9
our Prisma team yeah good point1506.215.34
yep this is our new house Ellis no we1508.164.08
live here1511.553.3
we don't yes we do we definitely do not1512.244.86
where you sleeping tonight probably1514.854.05
gonna hang out here yeah yep1517.15.36
Oh home sweet home1518.93.56

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