Raiding Temples, Pyramids, and Ruins (Minecraft Ep 8)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft video yet? It's a wild ride through jungle temples, desert tem...
Raiding Temples, Pyramids, and Ruins (Minecraft Ep 8)
Raiding Temples, Pyramids, and Ruins (Minecraft Ep 8)

Raiding Temples, Pyramids, and Ruins (Minecraft Ep 8)

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Minecraft with your favorite crew!

simon: Oh yeah, and in this one, we're raiding temples, pyramids, and ruins like true adventurers!

appsro: I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we get into this time, especially with that spooky horse glitch making a comeback!

neebs: And don't forget about the parrots, mushroom cows, and bamboo - this video truly has it all!

simon: I still can't believe we found the best village in Minecraft, it's like hitting the jackpot!

appsro: Yeah, and let's not overlook the scary bog - that's where the real adventure begins!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft video yet? It's a wild ride through jungle temples, desert temples, ancient ruins, and even a scary bog! And let's not forget about the best village in Minecraft - it's all in there! Plus, there's this old spooky horse glitch that has made a mysterious comeback for some reason. And did I mention parrots, mushroom cows, and bamboo? This video truly has it all!

If you're curious about the mods they're using in this epic Minecraft adventure, they've got a link in the description where you can find out more about their setup. And don't forget to join their Discord server for even more fun and updates on all things Neebs Gaming. Oh, and they even have their own special blend of coffee - Neebs Gaming Coffee! How cool is that?

The music in this video is on point too, setting the perfect mood for their exploration and shenanigans in Minecraft. From "Lightless Dawn" to "Graveyard Shift" and "Bongo Madness," the soundtrack really adds to the excitement of the gameplay. And of course, the hilarious commentary from the Neebs Gaming crew is always a highlight.

So, if you're a die-hard fan like me, be sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for even more exclusive content. And remember, when it comes to epic Minecraft adventures, Neebs Gaming always delivers the goods.

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Savan yes you see that no all right what3.6210.2
is this you're talking about this this11.135.43
thing yeah it looks like a building yeah13.827.869
follow me is there way wait in get16.568.219
around all this whoa holy crap also I21.6895.1
think this is bamboo we're gonna get24.7792.431
oh that is bamboo yeah I got a whole27.215.4
bunch of bamboo raining down on your30.5393.991
face sweet we can grow that when we get32.615.4
back home oh boy alright so this is34.535.459
definitely obviously place did you say38.014.41
something about it a temple yeah this39.9895.281
might be a jungle temple jungle temple42.424.229
hold on let me look upstairs45.275.94
I don't see anything upstairs oh this is46.6495.041
this is this is like a place that we51.694.47
could live but this could be one of our54.423.99
like houses that we have right yeah yeah56.164.919
oh do we add to it of course we can58.414.11
can't way of course it's minecraft you61.0792.94
can do anything you want okay there's62.525.4
three levers here alright okay oh I look64.0195.191
around I want to start pulling levers67.926.54
until I see stuff traps traps yep yep69.218.58
yep wait so okay here's the thing74.467.62
causing the trap that out all right any77.796.68
more traps82.082.39
okay now see these see these guys right86.694.83
here the block with a hole in it yeah it89.04.14
looks like a face yeah I think there's a91.523.48
dispenser so they'll shoot you if you're93.143.09
not careful you know what that looks95.05.19
like what penguin face pink wood penguin96.235.67
face edit you know with the the two eyes100.195.76
and the dots now I can see it okay101.96.45
penguin face oh wait oh no there's a105.954.68
out oh right your neck yep okay108.352.79
I'm okay110.632.16
you're taking the trap off hold on a111.143.12
second let me let me do something112.795.19
worthwhile when a momentum porfavor boum114.268.76
boum boum boum here we go I just want to117.987.11
hold this now because I'm doing so123.023.27
that's what you wanted to do just pull a125.093.93
door child yeah it wasn't in my my126.294.68
hotkey hey we got some iron and some129.025.67
gold gold girl rotten flesh is there130.974.53
anything Oh134.692.88
arrows in this dispenser wait don't you135.54.5
have a bow and arrow I do man nine137.574.29
arrows for you buddy whoo140.03.54
thank you that's how you start today141.863.87
getting not arrows mm-hmm all right then143.544.46
a cup of coffee so we pull these levers145.735.19
sure see what happens I'll flick it baby148.08.5
I'll flick it just right we just oh wait150.927.5
I wonder if it's like a like a pattern156.53.75
hold on what is this connected to oh158.424.92
there's a room back here oh there's a oh160.257.89
there's a chest Oh lots of bone bamboo163.347.89
gold okay is that wait is that what it168.144.86
was doing it like eventually opens that171.233.66
you could just break the wall doesn't173.03.54
make any sense of course it doesn't174.894.7
we're geniuses176.543.05
what is this place I mean my own what is209.2695.681
it is it a new biome like what are these212.9394.38
rocks right here oh wait how did this214.955.549
seen those yeah the moss on them yeah217.3195.721
they just give you a regular thing no220.4995.94
let's go I want to get a crane just you223.045.619
know bring it home show the guys I'll226.4394.47
never do that but my horse gonna sit228.6594.98
right here by me oh boy yeah one of230.9093.69
those days aren't we233.6393.0
I don't see him a horse is right in234.5993.631
front of you yeah it's right here in236.6394.231
front of me yeah come here hold on hold238.235.099
on I mean yeah yeah oh I just throw it240.875.64
what I just went away I see it now I see243.3296.571
yours I see yours and I'm on yours246.515.849
and I'm on yours Oh nîmes what's going249.94.259
on you look like a like a hummingbird252.3594.261
yeah you're just floating there what am254.1593.48
i doing do I look normal256.624.589
no you look great good huh get off your257.6393.96
okay yep your horse is still there needs261.5995.13
get off get off that horse gate off this264.34.589
horse this is dumb do you see your horse266.7294.711
stick nope gone it's not though it's268.8893.241
right by me271.443.539
oh it is yeah it's right here staring at272.134.56
my horse that's my old horse that was274.9796.091
snatched from me I bought that horse it276.696.0
was stolen that horse was hot when I281.072.819
bought it I guess we're dealing with282.698.61
this dumb situation yep let's kind of283.88910.351
explore this okay okay needs bring my291.35.28
horse my other horse you're on your294.246.179
horse on my old horse stolen horse but296.585.579
what say we were going to look at trees300.4194.321
where'd you go where's leaves we got a302.1594.771
real issue now cuz I'm right in front of304.743.149
napes seeds but we lost him in the box307.88910.08
Vic okay is he a ghost do you hear I312.6297.651
hear him I know I hear in my sleep317.9693.991
actually yeah I wish I didn't320.286.06
okay maybe he never came with do you321.967.679
feel this feel anything nope326.348.19
hmm what about a egg in the face what's329.6395.701
going on here334.533.599
alright thick okay I guess that's not335.343.27
the real you338.1293.481
I'm gonna go towards the bog we call338.615.25
this boggy bog we'll call it Bob341.616.48
hey there's noobs where we're directly343.866.69
in front of me right noobs and I can't348.095.939
see thick either I'm inside noobs look350.555.149
at me and then you will see neebs354.0294.92
I'm looking at you let me you don't see355.6994.421
him but I'm he's here358.9493.96
Oh are we wrapping what is going on out360.123.09
I feel like we're gonna end up making363.215.009
another ghost reference yeah let's avoid364.747.019
that yeah play make some pottery yeah368.21911.221
sure Simon yeah got seeds do Pete that371.75910.56
bird some seats hold on a second your379.445.49
wheat seeds do I do I do that by a left382.3193.871
right I think it's right-click384.937.199
right-click Oh more maybe turn it toward386.198.67
you I think he likes you oh come on man392.1295.611
I want to get one of these are you going394.865.279
oh yeah keep chasing it all right trying397.7413.139
to do this come on I don't know running400.13913.171
away chasing and Kami's in the tree oh410.8794.771
hey look you can climb vine Simon oh yes413.316.3
you let hold space bar climb fine hold415.6510.68
on space bar hold on wait he's right oh419.617.709
he's right up there426.332.91
hold on oh he's coming back daddy's back427.3194.201
down Simon all right here gonna be all429.242.459
Dix boom defeating your freakin a431.6993.93
completely different bird and it gots it433.862.98
different bird yeah435.6295.591
oh it was just a bird436.848.579
I couldn't tell bird alright you're441.225.4
after the white bird it's the one you445.4192.911
started feed this is the one right here446.622.97
must be mine448.334.29
they're both mine baby are they I don't449.594.77
know run away see if they keep feeding452.623.45
them well I can't it won't let me it454.363.059
won't let me few oh maybe because I'm456.073.3
out of seed oh yeah that'll do it oh457.4193.601
wait here I got some seeds I don't know459.373.78
where they are now hold on that's it461.022.64
right there463.152.07
Rome about right now I got something in463.663.96
my hand so I obviously have seed whoa465.225.28
just disappeared Oh Simon ease up your467.625.67
shoulder yes what about this one470.57.08
I don't know hello I think I got two of473.296.18
them oh that's great anywhere anywhere477.588.73
you look he looks huh look at this oh479.479.419
man today's a good day these now he's486.314.29
looking at you this one get this one for488.8892.28
yeah I don't know I don't like the color491.1693.691
if I see a blue one I'm all about it I'm492.524.709
still upset over mr. booty boom I know I494.865.1
know but let's face it better off dead497.2294.591
right no no better off alive what do you499.964.89
bet off day long I thought maybe I loved501.824.95
him like a child I know but with you504.8515.78
better off dead River yeah we come on506.7719.91
come on gonna make it yeah yeah oh yeah520.636.05
different anything different there's a528.7793.31
cave is that different531.015.28
no trees mm-hmm Beach not at all532.0898.25
okay dirt mmm now you're just being dumb536.296.93
seen dirt before yeah dirt pillar in540.3397.081
front of your house wait what mossy543.226.51
blocks oh wait this is different I took547.424.56
a couple months of locks earlier this549.735.66
has a glow thing whoa okay okay this is551.986.08
just this is different555.395.37
did you get the chest hooters wait and558.063.75
oh very treasure map what oh so now561.819.12
we're talking boys this is what dreams568.593.0
are made of570.933.51
it's close yeah you got a chest over571.594.41
here yeah oh wait574.448.96
clothes wheat wheat and a leather tunic576.07.4
I got another one I get one oh you got586.046.1
one I get one what do I get589.446.66
wait Oh buried treasure map - cool -592.1412.93
buried treasure maps yeah and wait are596.110.2
they coming uh605.073.03
they look like they're slowly getting to606.33.51
you yeah where's yours I don't know608.15.31
that's not good yeah well I tamed a609.815.01
little blue one but uh yeah maybe he got613.413.06
lost I mean it takes him takes him614.823.48
forever to follow you so I figured he'll616.473.09
show up but hey did you see all this618.34.41
bamboo I know that's amazing it's get as619.564.86
much as we can maybe we gonna use it I622.714.2
know why no I can use it yeah this stuff624.424.41
grows tall and you know I like tall626.914.62
things yeah oh yeah oh man I like a628.834.29
bunch of this stuff on your house or631.533.06
whatever whatever you call that thing633.123.99
you got I have the beautiful thing is634.594.47
what I got man you know what I want to637.113.78
do right now Simon what I want to have639.064.34
like a like a ninja battle Oh640.895.67
but yeah okay I thought you're gonna say643.45.14
with me and I'm like I don't want to die646.564.47
yeah you ever say like movies do that a648.543.54
lot I feel like that's a Crouching Tiger651.032.82
Hidden Dragon thing it is and you know652.084.17
what why don't you yeah like and you653.854.35
know what they do they do a lot of like656.253.75
before they come in there's like ten658.24.35
guys doing this like oh and then you660.04.23
know one guy fights and then they don't662.553.6
all jump on cuz that would be ridiculous664.234.44
yeah impractical impractical right so666.154.41
they're just theatrical so why don't you668.673.69
why don't you fight the bamboo and I'll670.564.2
act like I'm the guys who were about to672.363.78
fight you even though I never fight you674.768.18
gotcha ready oh oh676.146.8
Oh be careful not to be you know683.7924.09
offensive fool baby hello there guys are690.3319.23
you closed on yours yeah it's like707.884.41
should be rule any second dude do we709.565.4
have the same map maybe daddy712.294.26
that would be like right in front of me714.964.8
I think yeah so here's the same that's716.555.16
really dumb who makes two map oh you719.764.32
don't want to lose it and then why would721.714.26
you put it that's now that's ridiculous724.083.33
good to have a copy of all your725.973.27
documents yeah but then you put in727.413.3
another chest and then someone's like oh729.243.27
I got a and then that's already been730.715.0
found because someone had the other one732.516.33
did we just start digging maybe well735.715.38
that's a buried treasure yeah so it738.843.99
makes sense well where'd you get buried741.093.3
do you've read a naive does your say742.832.94
buried treasure yeah it's a buried744.392.97
treasure map it's the title of it I745.773.84
haven't I kind of supports you giveaway747.366.21
yeah I'd give it away from me go ahead749.615.19
and say you're right on that one I'm753.575.55
gonna dig digging who's gonna get that754.88.7
treasure first I am I am second map759.126.12
should have been a zoom in right like763.53.39
you know if you get a tourist map and765.243.33
you flip it over yeah you could get that766.893.72
much closer to the actual yeah little768.574.8
funny characters yeah wouldn't be a770.614.26
caricature if it's a building look like773.373.81
one of those silly city maps yep774.873.75
look at that wacky bridge it's so777.183.36
cartoony so wacky it doesn't really look778.622.46
like that780.542.31
that an ice cream store look at that oh781.084.95
that's wacky come on I must found it no782.856.42
you didn't even get a map whoa well we786.036.84
got the heart of the sea what what is789.276.36
that what else is that it diamond gold792.874.74
wait can I have the Dinah hyoeun yes795.634.74
never had a dime for anything I'm gonna797.614.65
get the heart of the sea and the TNT in800.374.23
here you guys can never yeah first802.267.08
diamond folks whoa oh man I needed iron804.69.29
thank you I mean shovel now809.348.21
scold no fishies take what you want813.896.83
whoo berries cooked cod in a treasure817.555.88
who does that probably not good anymore820.725.109
no I'm gonna eat it anyways what am I823.434.68
it's like jerky now could pickle it I'd825.8294.431
realize now we can go find your treasure828.119.06
same treasure is it empty now yeah830.268.019
thanks for letting me get the iron I837.177.56
needed that desert temple Simon oh hell838.2797.56
I'd never would have known it was a844.732.97
desert temple let's see845.8393.93
now these can be a little tricky I847.75.759
believe oh yeah let me go down that849.7694.981
might be a person I know there's a853.4592.611
pressure plate someone here so I'm gonna854.754.23
go down here first all right yeah oh all856.073.81
right good858.982.669
so we're gonna be looking for like859.884.98
levers levers levers I don't know which861.6496.211
way it's said all right yeah see there's864.865.52
like a hole here uh-huh I remember867.864.979
correctly you can just dig yeah I can870.384.92
dig straight down let me do this all872.8392.671
I'm professional I'm gonna just stay up875.514.769
here and is it ship that keeps me from877.3995.88
falling where's the crowd should I just880.2794.771
destroyed the the lever the lever though883.2795.341
like this up a little bit and boom oh we885.059.0
got I like it my inventory is full but888.629.0
okay oh there - diamonds hell yeah -894.055.46
diamonds see what can i sacrifice897.623.54
instead of my diamonds I got these sea899.513.35
pickles I really want to keep those901.163.02
oh boy sticky pistons they might come in904.183.36
wait seeds all right I get rid of the907.544.29
wheat seeds of course that yeah okay909.045.28
yeah boom how many diamonds do you need911.836.24
to make like a diamond sword to one of914.325.58
these days I want to find some diamonds918.075.07
holy crap diamond horse armor holy crap919.97.02
and then man this is this is some good923.145.88
stuff I'm glad you're getting it I'm926.924.56
happy for you you deserve every bit of929.022.82
fortune - quick charge three okay man I931.846.18
gotta take out Kay boy it's I'm we may935.265.25
be strangers last drink in here - I'll938.024.62
take whatever you give me baba balloon940.513.72
tell you what I'll get rid of this I can942.643.84
build one of those any time and build944.233.9
one of those any time I love hearing you946.4813.32
murmur I'm sorry maybe if I give another948.1314.94
diamond hook string okay come on I feel959.85.55
like if you if you didn't give me at963.073.93
least two I wouldn't feel like you're965.353.54
kind of giving me the shaft yeah all967.013.2
right but check this TNT968.8914.81
yeah MLJ what does that mean it means980.26.24
Michael Jackson983.75.23
no I already screwed it up there was an986.449.6
L in there forget it so guys not to brag988.939.75
but I got a luck of the c3 fishing rod996.044.82
and I just got a couple Nautilus shells998.685.16
nice couple congratulations it's a1000.864.9
couple I I'm gonna lie1003.844.47
hey I see smoke over here got one got1005.764.92
one in my mind it's too though what okay1008.314.68
smoke there's smoke over here it's like1010.684.41
yeah looks like some homes there's a1012.994.48
home we got a village nice1015.093.799
this good stuff - treasure maps for the1018.8895.221
same place how big this village I don't1020.9895.371
know there's a campfire oh boy1024.114.469
oh this is a pretty pretty spread out1026.364.229
village it's like thank you1028.5793.63
shall we get busy let's introduce1030.5894.771
ourselves Oh who's this who's this kind1032.2096.18
sir Oh Gerald hello gerald hello Gerald1035.365.099
I'm need oh he's got an iPad my name is1038.3895.25
Nick 44 my horse over here the skeleton1040.4595.22
1 that's Kelly Clarkson right what kind1043.6395.371
of guy is this he's a weapon Smith you1045.6796.451
can get a diamond or a iron sword with1049.016.0
knock-back for 10 emeralds wait a minute1052.135.039
I have one emerald will he accept that1055.015.19
he wants ten I have twelve emeralds1057.1695.911
what yeah you gonna buy that sword yeah1060.25.609
my by that sore do it I just wanna I1063.085.16
wanna loot loot loot just wanna move1065.8094.47
here want to live here don't make people1068.244.14
angry just one because they'll think1070.2796.451
that uh grabbin one don't think I'm a1072.384.83
bad guy1076.732.909
look at that sword neebs it's got not1077.215.04
bad but I'm not knock back yeah you I'm1079.6394.65
not gonna fight something yeah tonight1082.254.23
something tonight tonight do you wanna1084.2899.811
fight fight night tonight yeah I was1086.4813.079
like next week no I'm talking okay that1094.16.51
what kind of person you are1099.5593.391
yes I want to boy just step in there1100.614.62
fire okay oh wait they got are these1102.954.67
pumpkins okay I'm looting1105.236.51
I got a pumpkin I got new recipes oh I1107.626.25
love gourds yep1111.746.99
in case we see any ladies you see that1113.878.01
animal up there in yeah is that a kitty1118.735.309
looks like a cat I don't know man but1121.884.83
why don't you try to replace booty but1124.0395.581
with something yeah I want to but oh the1126.714.23
kitty cat you said you need to fashion1129.623.39
yeah where are your birds my birds are1130.944.199
they're not on me cuz I've been jumping1133.014.139
they should be there not here1135.1394.351
oh yeah maybe they'll catch up okay well1137.1493.841
we've been running pretty good so1139.493.6
they're slow we're almost at the very1140.992.83
during tip of our map so the very like1143.824.739
if there's no more there's no more well1146.7892.431
the edge of it1148.5593.6
all right and yeah that is a cat okay Oh1149.225.159
show a little mushroom biome over there1152.1594.59
oh okay this is where the cats hang out1154.3792.79
Oh in another village oh nice okay1157.1694.14
listen can I plant can I get those1159.213.569
mushrooms and plant them and have them1161.3093.72
big like that you know what I don't know1162.7793.33
you ought to science it you want to go1165.0293.27
get one I think I kind of do cuz you1166.1094.231
know maybe what I keep mom will stay1168.2994.11
together yeah well right over here1170.343.959
alright look at you a mushroom bass do1172.4093.39
it I wouldn't mind I wouldn't mind1174.2993.21
adding a little bit of color to my1175.7994.62
beautiful beautiful whatever you want to1177.5094.5
call it yeah tell you what you want to1180.4193.031
make a little a little camp over here1182.0094.05
kinda like we did in the northeastern1183.454.74
part yeah cuz it's getting late it's1186.0595.79
getting late potential out here looks1188.196.299
like I think that it would be nice if we1191.8495.341
were out here and then we planted we had1194.4896.18
some mushrooms yeah oh this is gonna be1197.193.9
look at these guys oh they what this is1201.098.699
amazing what in the world is happening1205.9196.72
right now like a mushroom mushroom cow1209.7895.76
can we take now if I had wheat they1212.6394.77
would follow me but I it would be a real1215.5493.6
pain wouldn't it Oh to get this but yeah1217.4095.431
absolute we're a long long way from home1219.1495.431
right well what do we get when we kill1222.844.98
one of these guys well do it they've run1224.587.469
good meat anything special though no no1227.825.88
no mushrooms I feel like we just1232.0494.08
murdered a like rare species you know1233.74.38
what I mean yeah it's always better when1236.1293.331
you kill something when there's not a1238.085.579
lot of them right II yes yes yeah I knew1239.466.24
deep down you'd agree with me well I'm1243.6593.96
gonna chop one of these guys and see if1245.75.189
I see if I can get like a mushroom seed1247.6198.341
does that make sense the ground but yeah1250.8896.87
let's see let's see if that happens - I1255.963.569
honestly don't know you know what hold1257.7593.931
on I got a move I got crap I got a just1259.5294.26
a bunch of stuff in here I'm dropping my1261.694.919
eggs right you got plenty of food right1263.7895.401
yeah yeah okay we're good alright so1266.6095.821
choppa choppa come on give me some1269.195.32
maybe two I hit it with something else1272.433.85
because the shovel just seems to be just1274.513.36
oh wait no it's trapping mushrooms look1276.283.72
a little red mushrooms ah perfect1277.873.72
all right I have mushrooms and then1280.03.75
maybe I'll be able to think you just1281.593.87
picked up everything you just threw out1283.753.84
well I have six mushrooms and that's all1285.463.18
that matters1287.593.48
right yeah tell you what no I wanna yeah1288.643.81
let's go over to this village and spend1291.073.39
the night there cuz my inventory is full1292.454.5
I really have no room for stuff to build1294.464.02
that's fine so we'll room1296.953.48
we'll try to room with somebody we'll go1298.483.72
in somebody's house and we'll get locked1300.433.69
into a place with him right we're gonna1302.24.17
force our way in Oh villagers house and1304.123.9
sleep with him tonight whether he likes1306.374.65
it or not I love doing that okay it1308.024.17
looks like what are your birds finally1311.023.57
made it hey his name it's the white one1312.194.38
if the white one I'm gonna call him1314.593.66
Chico Chico1316.574.8
well Chico come on Chico come on where's1318.255.13
your brother was the green one Chico and1321.374.83
the man these other things I know but it1323.385.25
is now yeah I like that a good name for1326.24.38
those birds I think oh and the man yeah1328.634.05
it might be a thing though you just1330.583.3
don't know it because you're not old1332.6810.1
like me weird1333.888.9
hey you guys want to stay here for the1346.093.91
night I'm gonna go in the house you1348.0493.691
built that oh yeah you're what what are1350.03.809
you doing you moved in yeah I live here1351.742.46
I mean you live here I mean this is my1354.25.43
girls I reside here I so happy here1356.4194.531
there's so many people it's that1359.634.5
community where's my horse oh no hmm1360.955.28
horse well I'm gonna stay here for the1364.133.99
night at least because the sun's going1366.232.069
I'd be ridiculous to go back you could1368.2995.99
be my first guest Kenya well crab gun oh1370.3411.819
boy hey come on everybody hey ain't sack1374.28910.781
I've been a bad egg sack what about it1382.1595.571
does anyone have one1385.075.75
oh no been here okay find a bed I'm1387.735.67
about where's the beds okay there's a1390.826.63
lean-to can't sleep in that yeah you got1393.48.46
a two-door place what do you gotta sleep1397.457.14
I'm gonna I think I got a place yep Oh1401.865.67
got a bed it's mine blue go to sleep1404.594.56
your aliens well no there's a guy in his1407.533.39
own bed I don't want to push him out you1409.154.35
know it's a new doraleous no it's not1410.926.69
right you got whoa oh wait oh I don't1413.513.95
oh god this is not good oh I heard that1417.6111.04
I don't know what that is1427.452.94
wait up in here right is there a bed1428.655.97
upstairs no table leap on the table what1430.398.16
does that sound those phantoms I know I1434.628.48
get it I oh wait how about up here I1438.554.55
mean there's monsters nearby I cannot I1445.236.96

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