RAGE COP: YOU'RE FIRED | Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay

Oh man, you guys have to check out this latest video from Neebs Gaming! They really messed up in Grand Theft Auto 5 this time, and it's hila...
RAGE COP: YOU'RE FIRED | Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay
RAGE COP: YOU'RE FIRED | Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay

RAGE COP: YOU'RE FIRED | Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Let me tell you why this RAGE COP video is my absolute favorite. I mean, who doesn't love watching a cop lose his cool in GTA 5? It's pure comedic gold!

simon: Oh Neebs, you crack me up! But seriously, this video is the best because it's so relatable. I mean, we've all had those moments where we just want to rage quit, am I right?

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much! But seriously, watching that cop go off the rails in GTA 5 is just too good. I can't get enough of it. It's like a train wreck - you just can't look away!

neebs: Exactly! And the best part is seeing how the player reacts to the cop's meltdown. It's pure chaos and I love every second of it. Definitely a must-watch video for anyone who loves a good laugh!

Oh man, you guys have to check out this latest video from Neebs Gaming! They really messed up in Grand Theft Auto 5 this time, and it's hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at how everything went wrong for them in this video.

The best part is that they're always so entertaining to watch, even when they're failing miserably. They really know how to make the most out of every situation, and their reactions are priceless. I love how they never take themselves too seriously, which makes their content so much fun to watch.

If you haven't already, you should definitely subscribe to their channel. They're always coming out with new videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Plus, they have the best livestreams on Twitch every Thursday at 8:00 EST. It's seriously the world's greatest stream, you won't want to miss it.

And don't forget to check out their music and merch, they have some really cool stuff on their Spreadshirt shop. Their music is so catchy and adds the perfect touch to their videos. I can't get enough of their playlist, especially their Grand Theft Auto 5 series. It's always a wild ride with Neebs Gaming, and I'm here for it all.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming is a YouTube channel that creates cinematic, narrative-driven gaming content. Their videos follow the adventures of the channel's hosts as they play through games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4.

The videos have high production value with custom voice acting and editing that makes them feel like short films rather than typical gaming videos. This cinematic style allows viewers to experience the games' stories and worlds in a more immersive way, even if they do not actually play the games themselves.

While I cannot make subjective claims about Neebs Gaming being "the best," their content clearly provides a unique way for audiences to engage with games through entertaining narrative videos. Their passion and creativity in storytelling around gaming shines through. Whether their approach resonates with a given viewer comes down to personal preference.

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good morning Los Santos huh that should13.8511.11
have had a lighter breakfast all right18.5097.651
reporting for duty24.963.09
hey it's too nice outside to be wearing26.164.529
a [ __ ] star you looking like an idiot28.055.13
alright easy gig today I just gotta go30.6894.591
patrol downtown get off the phone33.185.699
ah the downtown sector businesses doing35.287.29
business shoppers shopping pure economic38.87913.291
activity I like it walk faster don't42.5712.87
look at me like that walk faster there52.178.279
good god [ __ ] it hard alright they don't55.447.77
want anyone scratching my car so yeah60.4494.11
I'll just part I'll Park it right here63.212.7
plus we'll take up two spots64.5593.391
let's plenty of spaces here so I don't65.914.349
feel bad about it oh yeah look at all67.954.8
this something our species is good at70.2593.931
man we'd like to try to out dick each72.753.0
other so we just keep building bigger74.193.45
dicks in the sky personally I think it's75.756.119
a problem hey quit smoking - I saw you77.647.7
doing it bad for you81.8695.401
we're not really supposed to talk about85.344.99
it but if you make a large donation I87.275.75
can tell you more90.332.69
really like this part of town it's nice93.184.69
he's got a good feel to it except for95.475.07
this [ __ ] smoking nicotine gives you a97.8710.26
fuzz come on you stupid [ __ ] maze bank100.5411.46
building biggest dick in the sky nice108.136.09
little entryway though boy those bankers112.03.869
really didn't piss away all our money on114.223.21
nothing didn't they we're gonna build a115.8692.881
big fountain right outside of our117.434.35
building because [ __ ] you we can rock118.754.92
yeah well I'm here amazing we'll go up121.786.99
there I'll ride the roof I like coming123.676.01
up here because128.772.94
oh boy oh boy hold on don't think about131.718.58
it just do it you [ __ ] I don't138.255.07
want to parachute whoo oh man this will140.294.98
uh yeah this will make your butthole143.323.87
pucker all right I think that's my145.273.18
parking deck right there147.193.27
so yeah I'll just parachute in front of148.454.02
that here we go150.465.669
all right let's see turn yeah coming in163.2613.06
boom out [ __ ] [ __ ] yes171.787.03
landed that a lot better alright I'd say176.325.91
that was a semi productive day head back178.816.03
to the station alright walk a little182.239.05
quicker huh come on go let's go quicker184.847.83
there you go191.283.79
I got places to be [ __ ] to do alright192.674.02
guys I'm just reporting in real quick195.074.73
talk to the cabin and I'm going home196.696.96
what do you mean I'm being fired oh oh199.86.34
I'm not being fired what what do you203.655.81
mean paid administrative leave206.143.32
I've been on paid administrative leave217.5610.72
for a month scratch my ass smell it Wow220.32910.44
Terrence you have no idea how hard it is228.284.86
man they kicked me out they kicked me230.7695.961
out of the building with a paycheck233.145.429
apparently I made the mistake of236.735.5
head-butting some CEO some charity next238.5695.79
thing I know they're like hey man you242.233.96
[ __ ] up we're gonna keep paying your244.3593.811
salary but you can't work for like three246.196.77
months three whole months god248.1719.399
yeah good morning guys how you doing313.956.94
this morning Brandi you got your coffee319.244.95
Terrence my dude how's the shopping cart320.894.89
business treating you you know what guys324.193.48
this is [ __ ] like what are we doing325.783.48
we're just sitting around wallowing in327.674.05
self-pity you know we need to do we need329.264.47
to go on vacation I mean look at the331.724.23
it's a glorious day let's go find a333.734.62
vehicle let's all pile in let's let's335.954.62
get the [ __ ] out of here come on guys338.352.94
let's go340.573.72
hey fatty we're going on a vacation now341.294.5
that's a vacation car right there344.293.93
it still is Beach [ __ ] all right you345.793.57
four find your own vehicle348.223.0
we'll take this one I know I know a good349.362.94
place on the other side of those351.224.61
mountains vacation time352.33.53
everybody doing okay back there then360.495.23
look for Bertha you never been out of363.893.9
the city before you're gonna be [ __ ]365.722.58
don't worry about it yeah we're almost368.310.64
here here we go get a little puppy yeah370.8513.38
what a glorious day vacation guys that378.947.03
looks fun jet ski look it's a couple384.232.28
right here385.972.94
well guys jet ski a minute whoo what it386.514.71
feels great yeah hop on388.914.08
don't worry Barbara I'm a real safe391.224.1
yeah that was fun see guys this was nice420.9696.3
when I tell you this was gonna be a425.8293.51
great day come out to the beach hang out427.2693.9
right get skis so grenades into the429.3393.75
water this could've been better431.1693.93
Wow look at this this is just nature433.0894.92
that it's it's it's alright it's okay I435.0994.47
mean there's [ __ ] all over the beach it438.0093.09
could be better hey you guys good at439.5693.84
holding your breath you guys want to go441.0993.35
deep-sea diving443.4093.39
let's do it let's do it it's go deep-sea444.44914.08
diving it's like a whole cargo ship down446.79914.28
there that's [ __ ] awesome alright458.5296.35
this was fun let's swim back to shore461.0793.8
whoo I don't wear you out guys guys464.96916.421
oh well [ __ ] that's a nice little475.668.13
Cove oh yeah this is better than the481.394.62
other beach too much [ __ ] laying around483.794.2
although I am kind of concerned with the486.013.96
amount of campfires the two cars and no487.992.73
[ __ ] people489.974.23
spooky Beach you know what such a nice490.727.43
night I'm gonna sleep under the stars494.23.95
yeah what do you want oh I'm on a beach512.525.59
took a little vacation I had some hobos515.716.99
with me but I think they all drown in518.116.75
three blintz holy [ __ ] I completely lost522.73.12
track of time524.865.12
oh yeah sure thank you got it blossom525.829.05
all right back on the road baby529.984.89
all right I'm back cam says I can have535.386.04
the rest of the day up and just start539.352.76
hey how you boys been and see you guys542.113.6
in a few months you miss me544.394.199
yeah you miss Pete Oh who miss me did545.715.1
you miss me Justin I missed you guys a548.5894.981
whole bunch Wow damn it's good to be550.815.31
back well I guess if I got the night off553.574.65
I wouldn't I going to say goodbye to556.124.52
some old friends558.222.42
hey guys I'm off of paid leave so I hate564.35.259
to say it but I know a lawyer I get to567.9392.851
hang out with you guys that live in569.5593.0
complete squalor I'm gonna miss your570.793.779
crazy [ __ ] stories I'm gonna miss how572.5593.96
you always ramble about the government574.5693.3
I'm gonna miss how you always [ __ ]576.5192.91
about the man I'm gonna miss your577.8693.27
reasonable arguments on economic579.4293.63
unfairness we had to get Drive we had a581.1393.57
good time you know what I still got one583.0595.601
more night let's say we blow it out584.7093.951

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