Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you seen the latest video on their YouTube channel? If not, you're seriously missing out! This one i...


Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that new video on blowing up a blimp with a rocket bike? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one's a classic! I love how they just shoot it a lot, so simple yet so effective!

appsro: Haha, I can't get enough of those crazy stunts in GTA V. Blowing up a blimp with a rocket bike? That's next level insanity!

neebs: I know, right? It's like they took 'go big or go home' to a whole new level. I can't stop watching it!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you seen the latest video on their YouTube channel? If not, you're seriously missing out! This one is a real treat for all of us die-hard Neebs Gaming enthusiasts. Trust me, you're going to want to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already.

In this video, the Neebs crew is up to their usual shenanigans, and you know what that means - lots of action, laughs, and of course, some epic fails. It's the perfect blend of gaming and comedy that we've all come to love from Neebs Gaming. And let me tell you, they really know how to keep us entertained.

One thing I love about Neebs Gaming is their dedication to quality content. From the hilarious commentary to the impressive gameplay skills, they never fail to deliver. And let's not forget about the awesome music they use in their videos. It really sets the tone and adds to the overall experience. So if you're in need of a good laugh or just some top-notch gaming content, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest let's play series! I'm talking about their cinematic playthrough of [game name], which looks absolutely incredible. As soon as I saw the first episode, I was hooked.

The gameplay footage is so smooth and immersive, it feels like you're right there with the characters. And the way Neebs and the crew voice act and ad lib their way through the story is hilarious. They really breathe life into the game in a way I haven't seen other gaming channels do.

And oh man, the action sequences! There are so many intense shootouts and over-the-top moments that had me practically cheering from my couch. Neebs has such a knack for capturing these scenes in an epic, cinematic way. The editing and camera angles make you feel like you're watching a Hollywood blockbuster at times.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's series is the next best thing to playing [game name] yourself. Their commentary and comedic spin on the gameplay make it extremely entertaining to watch. And the cinematic style really pulls you into the world in a vivid way. If you're a fan of [game genre], do yourself a favor and check out Neebs' playthrough. It's an absolute blast and the closest you can get to playing this awesome game without actually picking up the controller yourself!

Neebs Gaming
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check me out check me out but I can land33.152.29
this thing34.655.11
oh yeah here we go snap man what they35.445.85
call me actually they don't no one's39.764.07
ever called me that41.292.54
so I know what's going through your sexy77.244.48
little brain hello the world is a police79.84.319
officer aboard a rocket bike those guys81.724.98
salaries are [ __ ] you're right but I84.1194.441
don't do this job for the money I do it86.73.809
because I enjoy killing minorities and88.563.84
every now and then a surprise comes90.5094.22
oh is that in control one morning95.613.66
protecting and serving the populace yeah97.354.11
like normal but then I get a message to99.274.05
go back to the station apparently101.463.48
somebody wants to talk to me and there's103.323.75
a helicopter waiting on the roof turns104.944.05
out I've made quite a name for myself in107.074.2
the city over the past few years so much108.994.23
so that some rich guy is parked his111.274.32
big-ass yacht right off the coast and he113.229.06
wants to talk to me so I fly out to go115.598.61
see what mr. money nutsacks wants and122.283.87
turns out making a literal [ __ ] ton of124.24.26
cash makes you literal [ __ ] Tata enemies126.154.74
so captain rich [ __ ] has come to Los128.464.14
Santos with a list of people that he130.893.81
would like taken care of and I'm doing132.64.41
that in quotes he tells me I can have134.73.509
anything I want137.013.96
budget is not an issue see that explains138.2095.911
the rocket bike from earliness not not140.975.37
not not that part we [ __ ] forget that144.122.97
the first target was the CFO of an147.094.11
investment firm that screwed my client149.43.99
over with a bad stock tip so I figured151.25.58
I'd buy myself a fancy new motorboat153.398.929
I'm rich white but hold the waterfall162.31916.601
you got another thing coming175.9095.601
boy I'm going to chase you to the end of181.515.009
the art by the way I read that on the183.8195.761
internet you know it's true hey [ __ ] off186.5193.901
let's want me to eat you and shake you190.427.98
out the dark alley behind an army you191.8910.95
okay you okay yeah okay you're dead I'll198.45.369
see you later buddy202.846.869
got another ass to go kick my neck smart203.7697.381
was a truck driver for one of my clients209.7093.691
many businesses this guy had the gall to211.154.08
be late on the delivery so of course i213.43.21
bought a truck with a giant metal rail215.233.74
on it216.612.36
alright where's that truck223.995.15
something long ardent mean to give it my226.6210.039
all right there is229.147.519
hey yeah you many call the truck I'm240.035.63
talking to you bye242.826.2
dirty boys245.663.36
all of us pull it over old-timer I'm254.515.379
gonna pull out by Jimmy Club and258.2094.701
introduce into one of your kneecaps259.8893.021
now don't you move I can take your ass271.655.44
whippin like a man [ __ ] daddy used to274.815.829
say hey don't you ride up dammit277.095.41
Hey I don't want you to have a funny280.6395.03
text why kick your fat old ass yeah282.56.15
technically my job done but uh I feel285.6694.06
like you gotta beat your ass a little288.653.239
more because of that stupid sleeveless289.7295.34
shirt now I just wear it to church like291.8895.851
that screwing a nice flannel shirt295.0696.511
what all right what time oh [ __ ] I'm297.747.31
gonna go take my Grandpere for a walk301.583.47
so right outside the cities a little305.424.02
suburb called Muir Park it'd be a nice307.253.18
place if it weren't for the damn309.443.21
hipsters but my gram-gram also has a310.434.26
place out there every month or so if I312.654.35
remember I could take it for a walk hell314.693.96
I love everything about it except for a317.04.44
damn cat mr. fuzzy puss I tolerate him318.655.07
because it's hers and she really loves321.444.92
that cat so I take graham graham out323.724.56
sometimes I even get work done while I'm326.363.78
doing it hey you want to put your dog on328.284.74
a [ __ ] leash then letting it run330.1414.25
around [ __ ] everywhere buddy hey you333.0215.8
wanna watch where you're going really344.397.38
damn you all right good get your old ass348.825.8
up okay come with me real quick we can't351.773.96
leave this car in the middle of the354.621.89
filthy damn hipster get in Graham Graham356.515.15
all right let's get this wok over with I366.814.3
got a lot of work to do today369.618.07
come on mr. fuzzy but afternoon ma'am371.118.31
how about you do me a favor and put the377.684.05
[ __ ] clothes on swear to God ladies379.423.57
these days they don't have class like381.732.94
you do Graham Graham it's a world full382.993.84
of [ __ ] and titty streamers you know384.673.8
what a titty streamer is Graham Graham386.833.36
basically a [ __ ]388.475.08
Hey Hey big tough guy think it's cute to390.194.8
ride your bike the middle of the393.553.78
sidewalk you have any idea why it's394.994.95
called a sidewalk it sure as [ __ ] not397.335.06
called a side ride ride your bike399.945.76
somewhere else next time people can take402.395.38
their Graham Graham the Graham Graham405.75.13
stupid cats go nice walk John Graham407.775.61
Graham steal my job stay here a second I410.835.99
gotta go get it dump the bike413.383.44
I'm coming guys436.72.96
where'd he go where'd it go456.985.05
where'd he go where's that sumbitch SUV458.858.03
SUV blue SUV SUV ah damn it462.038.27
got away hate it when they get away466.886.42
[ __ ]470.33.0
hey hey put your dog on a leash let that484.888.65
[ __ ] hard how many times have to tell490.924.2
you [ __ ] hipsters and I will talk493.534.14
[ __ ] in the leg rip rip oh I thought I495.124.92
lost you you know hey I tried to chase497.673.78
the guy couldn't find you know sometimes500.043.5
they get away where's mr. fuzzy clothes501.455.4
[ __ ] if we lose mr. fuzzy puss really503.545.5
okay hop hop in the car cram game we506.854.59
gotta find him not gonna I'm not gonna509.045.33
let you lose this cat511.442.93
Fuzzy's bush camp mine mr. fuzzy puts528.998.2
the new idiots he stay in the lake531.457.57
now why are you hips are so clingy the541.276.62
cleanest bunch of people544.273.62
top of my car with you I'm sorry557.5713.4
gram-gram I'm gonna find that cat568.0199.9
get off of my car it's not my fault you579.415.039
people don't know how to dress goddamn582.297.07
trash people get off of my car oh my god584.4497.171
alright we're gonna find this cat Graham589.364.12
Graham I'm not gonna let you lose this591.622.77
we have a five refinement that was read633.2796.36
sorry gram-gram couldn't find mr. fuzzy636.8510.2
boots is lost forever okay well my next639.6398.94
target was an engineer for one of my647.053.539
clients competitor companies he was648.5793.301
going to be landing at the airport in a650.5893.151
few hours but traffic at the airports651.885.36
always shitty so I just want a gin653.743.5
these are just awesome669.663.8
to the engineer I'm just gonna blow you680.5795.151
out of this guy683.222.51
there we go701.852.78
well I crashed the jet and I have to724.024.0
swim all the way back but it was much726.42.85
easier than going through traffic at the728.024.02
airport and good news I was way ahead of729.256.13
schedule I only had one job left732.0410.609
I love the city of the brig washes away744.85.37
the smell of piss that usually emanates748.044.38
from the streets for a few hours you750.174.64
remember how the world supposed to smell752.425.0
it also looks really pretty754.815.32
check that [ __ ] out that's a757.425.95
good-looking shot anyway downtown760.135.16
Vinewood because my next target it's a763.374.23
taxi driver this guy had the nerve to765.294.229
overcharge my client for a ride from767.64.83
fine wood the best booty Beach the order769.5195.671
on this one was the highest kill next I772.434.8
think the last one was killed too or was775.195.13
[ __ ] I may have [ __ ] up hunt this guy777.235.31
down I needed something real special an780.323.329
old-timey car that looked like it782.544.16
belongs in a monster movie783.6493.051
I'm nice overcharge [ __ ] with taxi822.015.26
rides now your entire industry has gone824.964.73
out of business827.272.42
everybody that works the taxi drivers832.243.59
shoot but not the Apple if they're going835.836.29
to meet the lift back out of poverty837.874.25
the phone mr. money sex told me to come847.5896.451
teach you a lesson remember that name851.234.95
you're not gonna remember anything on a854.044.27
wife's it that I really need to work on856.187.29
my friends well that was it I did it I858.316.75
did all my jobs and the money went863.473.15
straight into my account I made a good865.063.779
chunk of change to three thousand bucks866.624.589
I flew back out to go see my client and868.8393.781
tell him the good news that all of his871.2093.841
targets had been taken care of I also872.624.409
went to kill the [ __ ] because no875.053.99
matter how rich and powerful you are you877.0293.75
really should be hiring other people to879.044.43
kill your enemies880.7792.691
matter of fact we'll probably a lot883.7094.031
better place if people quit fighting886.063.33
rich people's wars and told him to grow887.744.11
some balls and do the damn south so I889.394.11
said his boat on fire and I sank that891.853.12
big piece of [ __ ] in the bottom of the893.53.72
ocean which in hindsight may be a bad894.973.809
idea because some dolphins probably897.224.02
gonna choke on all the cocaine if this898.7794.021
guy has stashed away I gotta go that901.243.659
guarantee he had cocaine everywhere oh902.84.11
you know just what I think things could904.8993.841
get any better I get a call from someone906.913.75
outside the city said they spotted a908.745.039
cute lost little [ __ ] that's right I910.665.429
found mr. buzzy bliss let's took him913.7794.711
back to Graham grim she was so happy she916.0894.141
died six hours later from a stroke but918.494.09
she was so happy920.238.949

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