RAGE COP: Worlds Fastest Cop-Car (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Video

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Appsro gets his hands on the fastest cop car in Grand Theft...
RAGE COP: Worlds Fastest Cop-Car (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Video
RAGE COP: Worlds Fastest Cop-Car (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Video

RAGE COP: Worlds Fastest Cop-Car (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Video

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that RAGE COP video where Appsro gets the world's fastest cop car in GTA 5?

simon: Oh man, that one is hilarious! I love how Appsro tries to chase down all those criminals at lightning speed.

appsro: Yeah, and let's not forget the part where a bunch of cats somehow end up on fire. Classic chaos!

neebs: I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a cop car going crazy fast while cats are burning in the background? It's pure entertainment!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Appsro gets his hands on the fastest cop car in Grand Theft Auto 5? It's an absolute blast to watch him tear through the streets in that bad boy. But wait, there's more - rumor has it that at some point in the video, a whole bunch of cats get set on fire. Yes, you read that right, cats on fire! You definitely don't want to miss out on that chaotic moment.

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play GTA 5. Their hilarious commentary and cinematic editing makes it so entertaining and fun to watch, even if I've played the game myself already.

In their latest video, Appsro gets his hands on the fastest police car in the game - we're talking crazy fast! Just watching him zoom around the city and countryside in that thing is a total thrill ride. And you know Appsro, he uses that speed to cause absolute mayhem, provoking huge police chases and pile-ups all over Los Santos.

At one point, I'm pretty sure a bunch of cats somehow get set on fire too? Which is totally random, but exactly the kind of wacky stuff you can expect in a Neebs Gaming GTA video. Their gameplay takes such unexpected turns, and they roll with whatever happens in the most hilarious way.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's videos are the next best thing to playing GTA 5 yourself. Actually, in some ways, it's even better - you get to sit back and be entertained by their comedy and creativity, without having to focus on controlling the game. Everything is edited together so slickly into little cinematic stories and adventures.

So if you're looking for a fun, wild and totally unique way to experience GTA 5, I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's videos highly enough. Their blend of gameplay, improv comedy and editing makes for an incredibly enjoyable viewing experience. It's hands down the best gaming content on YouTube today. Check them out!

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alright what about on the schedule for13.7595.081
what got their beat somebody's ass oh15.8394.891
look at this bad boy18.844.529
brand new vehicle let's see how she20.734.94
oh yeah32.367.38
bad boy a some speed36.393.35
luckily I have this Dalek system48.076.46
installed Oh52.524.51
oh yeah I can get some good speed here54.536.18
do this dream57.035.5
here we go60.716.4
all right highway sorry sorry62.534.58
ooh oh hey guys see what I read all is69.997.62
that a ramp oh that's a ramp76.173.0
oh I bet I can jump over that whole77.614.58
hotel building them duty79.173.02
oh yeah here we go87.213.05
oh man hey thanks for patching me up105.989.47
Sheriff card113.084.62
you can see myself working here is the115.453.33
Sheriff's Office117.73.75
hey guys what's the payout here it's a118.784.589
pay hike or the benefits good so121.453.57
actually let me check out the town first123.3693.051
you want to make sure that this is a125.025.459
good idea let's see it's got a tattoo126.426.819
parlor you get one of these houses you130.4793.84
know I probably do something a little133.2393.03
bit better with the shrubbery it would134.3193.39
just seem to just let [ __ ] grow around136.2694.261
here for no reason guys got a lot of137.7094.621
satellite dishes in this yard what is up140.534.83
with that hey hey guys how's it going oh142.335.07
yeah I just noticed all the satellite145.363.33
dishes in your yard what's up with that147.48.79
oh I really want to go ask him for a job148.6912.18
yeah yeah gunfight yeah from here to156.1910.26
help yeah I'll get this guy for you down160.878.25
I see him I see him chef you'll never166.456.619
get away from me oh no you don't foul169.128.56
not in this town yeah share forgot him173.0696.51
stay down bubble177.684.32
stay down alright oh [ __ ] that went off179.5797.921
sheriff you sheriff sheriff don't leave182.07.329
me we hardly got to know each other I187.54.019
just moved here what's wrong with your189.3294.74
teeth why did this have to happen why191.5194.261
why are you wasting your time with that194.0693.45
guy that guy's dead I shot him in the195.783.75
face with a shotgun chairs over here197.5195.041
guys worried about the sheriff oh why199.535.159
why don't have to happen to such a good202.566.39
guy he was gonna give me a job I didn't204.6896.811
mean to do that in memory of the sheriff208.955.429
was a good man I think all right heading211.56.87
back oh hey there's an airport in flames214.3799.121
available ooh you know whose crop duster218.377.289
this is you mind if I tell you to get223.54.53
home I'm an officer I wrecked my car and225.6594.771
I need to get back you know what I'm228.034.349
confiscating it Silla forfeiture for230.434.35
some reason oh I got it I'll try to land232.3794.021
on top of this building okay if I hop234.784.349
out now just let it go it'll do its236.45.91
thing here we go whew okay I was really239.1294.44
hoping it would land on the top of the242.314.829
building but don't land in traffic don't243.5695.041
land in traffic okay247.1393.811
all right well248.618.879
oh man glad to be back in the city all250.958.61
right what are you doing just take it257.4893.361
back in the alley in the middle of the259.563.859
day drinking a 40-ounce260.857.379
you have a problem hey guys bad news met263.4197.031
a wreck the new car but it's okay just268.2295.341
get another one taxpayers are gonna pay270.455.82
for it that's who yeah these idiots all273.574.8
of you are [ __ ] idiots take it one of276.274.369
the bikes278.372.269
this is great oh look at that thing292.058.11
what minify time it right I'll just drop297.724.54
this plane right into the canals and300.164.43
then just parachute to the station302.266.66
there's you there he goes go to the304.5918.94
canals go to the canal [ __ ] strip joint308.9216.41
I'll you guys you know the boat [ __ ]323.533.87
womanizers man you know that gotta be325.333.45
[ __ ] ashamed of yourself327.43.87
horny girls my ass horny guys is more328.784.56
like it right we're gonna be honest with331.274.11
ourselves oh man I just I'd like to go333.345.0
into that place and335.382.96
but I can't cuz I'm an officer hey the424.836.63
car ready yet I'm going home I'll be429.333.99
back in the morning car better be here I431.464.17
don't know why every time I walk home I433.323.96
gotta watch you guys just hanging out435.634.94
mochi men sitting around doing nothing437.286.93
get a job you ruining my property values440.576.72
look I live above shenanigans bar okay444.217.32
you guys do myths somewhere else yeah447.296.96
good night451.532.72
good morning now Santos all right now462.954.81
we're gonna work466.923.57
it's mornings like this beautiful I love467.765.31
going to work zippered it's [ __ ]470.495.13
trash oh good morning you dig through a473.074.86
trash can yeah yeah yeah great475.623.63
that's where I'm gonna move to a nice477.934.53
neighborhood one day please please [ __ ]479.254.59
you guys got the car back482.464.47
is there paperwork for the car oh there483.847.29
she is nice and shiny I like it Thanks486.936.51
taxpayers she suckers I all right I491.133.81
gotta get out of this part of town man493.444.17
this is depressing me but head over to494.945.64
the ritzy part ah yes here we go the497.617.35
nice part of town hey how you doing500.586.84
sweetie yet see the people that live504.964.05
around here do classic drugs like507.424.32
cocaine that's still bad for you but at509.013.719
least it doesn't make your face look511.743.63
like [ __ ] what's this Oh see there's a512.7296.991
park a park oh it's a dog park I wanna515.376.06
go play with the puppy Oh who's your519.724.59
buddy who's your buddy yes you are yes521.435.19
your buddy come here boy come here boy524.316.12
come here boy what's this now you're526.626.39
good dog cats go away cats leave me530.435.1
alone I don't like cats do it work it533.017.62
out looking good [ __ ]535.538.97
is this a normal problem around here you540.635.97
guys have a cab problem don't worry544.53.51
about it I used to work in animal546.613.44
control [ __ ] a tit here the park was548.0116.08
gonna be nice boy all right [ __ ] now I'm560.046.87
lost in the hills I don't know where the564.093.86
[ __ ] I am566.916.57
hello anybody home hey jackpot vams I567.957.15
hate to bother you oh wow you guys are573.484.62
twins kind of lost you mind if I just575.14.83
got a peek over the edge here and figure578.12.85
out where the [ __ ] I am579.936.48
oh wow alright mam's thank you I'll be580.957.94
on my way586.417.02
thank you no you're welcome588.896.67
nothing how would you ladies like to593.434.64
take a dip595.562.51
/ yeah use your manners next time you607.728.39
[ __ ]613.842.27

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