Rage Cop: TIME MACHINE | GTA V Gameplay

Oh man, you guys have got to check out the latest video from Neebs Gaming! It's a GTA V Time Travel Adventure and it's absolutely epic. The ...
Rage Cop: TIME MACHINE | GTA V Gameplay
Rage Cop: TIME MACHINE | GTA V Gameplay

Rage Cop: TIME MACHINE | GTA V Gameplay

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming adventure! Today, we're diving headfirst into the chaos of GTA V Time Travel with Rage Cop!

simon: Oh man, this video is hands down my favorite! I mean, who doesn't love a cop going back in time to wreak havoc in Los Santos?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, the moment when Rage Cop starts chasing down dinosaurs in his squad car had me in stitches. Pure comedy gold!

neebs: And don't forget the epic showdown with the T-Rex at the end! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Such a thrilling ride!

Oh man, you guys have got to check out the latest video from Neebs Gaming! It's a GTA V Time Travel Adventure and it's absolutely epic. The guys are on a mission to save the world and they're taking us along for the ride. I can't even handle how awesome this video is!

The best part is that they're asking for our help to get to 1,000,000,000 subscribers. Can you imagine how cool that would be? And they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know the graphics and gameplay are top-notch. Plus, they have a Twitch stream every Thursday that's seriously the world's greatest. I never miss it!

And don't even get me started on their Spreadshirt shop. I've already bought like, ten shirts from there. Their music is killer too, I always find myself jamming out to their tunes. Oh, and their social media game is on point. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. They're seriously the coolest guys on the internet.

If you haven't checked out Neebs Gaming yet, you need to do it ASAP. Their GTA V videos are legendary, and this Time Travel Adventure is no exception. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they play GTA V with a crazy time travel mod, and let me tell you, it was absolutely hilarious! Those guys crack me up with their goofy shenanigans.

The premise is that they're these incompetent cops from the future who get sent back in time to present day Los Santos to stop a criminal mastermind. But of course, being Neebs and the gang, they bumble through everything and cause complete chaos instead. There's something so entertaining about watching them roleplay these ridiculous characters while unleashing total mayhem in GTA's open world.

I was literally laughing out loud at parts, like when Thick44 tried to pull someone over but ended up shooting at them and chasing them wildly through the streets. Or when Neebs called in a futuristic attack drone that started blowing up everything in sight. The way they play off each other's improv with their own brand of dumb humor just works so well.

And the cinematic camera angles during the action scenes interspersed with their goofy commentary in character makes it feel like you're watching a funny buddy cop movie. It's the perfect format to showcase their personalities. I always say Neebs Gaming's videos are like playing through the best parts of a game without having to do any of the work yourself.

Overall, if you're looking for some sidesplitting gameplay entertainment, you can't go wrong with this time traveling GTA V mod video from the kings of comedy gaming themselves, Neebs Gaming. I could honestly watch these dudes mess around in Rockstar's insane open world all day. It's the most fun and creative way to experience GTA V outside of playing it yourself. Neebs and the gang have totally mastered the art of making gameplay as entertaining as possible.

Neebs Gaming
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yeah easy gig today got to go Patrol the13.7995.681
movie studio pretty cool huh yeah it's16.64.679
pretty cool you know what I like about19.483.44
patrolling the movie studio is it's21.2794.24
right there so look look office here22.924.88
movie studio there hey pal doing all25.5194.68
right look like you have a stomach what27.84.64
[ __ ] someone stop that bus lady stop32.444.84
that you hear me scream at you stop that35.525.0
[ __ ] bus I need your Jeep give me a37.285.52
Jeep where'd he go did he get away ah40.523.32
there he42.83.8
is stop you idiot think you're going to43.846.719
wreck my city get the [ __ ] out of this46.68.24
bus what you get for driving like an50.5596.761
[ __ ] all right on the back side of54.844.399
the movie studio now guess I can just go57.323.96
in this way oh you look depressed why59.2393.48
what's wrong with you nothing but61.283.159
sadness cheer up you work at a movie62.7193.801
studio your job is to make [ __ ]64.4395.961
every day hey what's it like being a66.523.88
ROP over here they're shooting uh71.03.759
[ __ ] and over here they're shooting73.4393.601
[ __ ] the sequel have seen that74.7593.801
before that is a nice ride I'm going to77.045.28
have to check that out one day one day78.566.96
when oh my god oh man it's the car from82.325.2
my favorite movie oh I love that film85.523.52
that's a that's the one where the uh the87.524.4
mom wants to ER kid oh man this thing is89.045.119
beautiful part of me wants to steal it91.924.04
what if I could ask somebody we go talk94.1594.28
to a producer oh hey pal hey I I need to95.964.32
talk to a producer someone who can make98.4393.281
decisions what do I do all you have to100.283.519
do is go up to the building and yell Mr101.724.28
Producer man oh okay yeah oh that's easy103.7995.521
thanks hey hey Mr Producer man hey what106.05.56
do you want about a bank hey yeah I'm a109.324.36
big fan of this uh the movie with with111.563.68
this car you know the one where the113.683.24
dad's a [ __ ] yeah I just want to know115.243.479
if I can take the car for a spin I I'll116.923.76
bring it back in one piece I I promise118.7193.521
yeah sure you can take it for a ride120.683.84
just don't go fast on the122.244.559
beach okay that's cryptic as hell but124.524.4
all right I Pro yeah I I won't do that126.7993.761
all right this is going to be awesome128.924.52
let's go Cruise the city hey guys look130.563.8
what I133.445.04
got listen to the horn on this134.364.12
thing it's it's okay Mr Producer man138.725.08
said I could said I could take this so141.684.919
I'm just going to going to take it okay143.87.96
yep yep thank you thank you yeah146.5995.161
[ __ ] oh man this thing is so fun to155.5194.681
drive oh man I I got I got to take this157.9593.441
down to the beach I'm going to pick up160.23.679
so many ladies in this yeah don't be161.45.72
jealous guys he hey hey good looking you163.8794.801
want to come back to my place I can167.125.759
stick my in your check that out Mohawk168.686.639
yeah absolutely absolutely that's what I172.8794.64
said when I first saw it man everyone175.3193.521
loves this car oh yeah you want to get a177.5193.841
picture check it out178.846.399
man yeah what yeah what's cracking181.365.36
wonder why that guy said don't go fast185.2394.08
on the beach seems like a really weird186.725.12
crazy Rule and part of me kind of wants189.3195.361
to try it hey ladies you want to see how191.845.44
fast I can194.682.6
out oh224.043.199
[ __ ] it's all229.566.0
flatty it's232.848.84
up wait [ __ ] happening what's going on235.566.12
whoa whoa whoa what the what the243.488.44
[ __ ] whoa W purple guys what the [ __ ] is247.5195.961
going on why why are purple guys251.923.84
shooting at me why does everything look253.484.68
like [ __ ] okay I I got I got to get out255.763.599
of here got to get out of here got to go258.163.919
got to go oh oh my God okay all right259.3595.4
I'm off the beach off the beach where am262.0795.84
I did I lose my mind is that is that the264.7595.361
Maze Bank building267.9194.84
why am I still getting shot270.125.88
at okay all right who wow what stop272.7596.491
shooting at oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] the car's on276.05.479
fire okay okay clearly I've traveled281.4795.0
back in time and my time machine has284.444.44
just exploded oh what else could go286.4795.081
wrong today oh my God I'm black oh jeez288.884.52
this is bad oh this is this is really291.564.199
bad you like my assho always holding up293.43.96
[ __ ] well I'm sorry I don't mean to hold295.7593.481
up [ __ ] my time machine exploded it297.363.72
happens to the best of us okay I'm still299.243.64
trying to figure out what caused it I'm301.083.0
guessing the rotation of the ferris302.882.52
wheel creates some sort of like304.083.48
electromagnetic distortion on the beach305.43.32
like that's why you don't go fast on the307.563.8
beach yeah yeah science all right first308.725.039
thing I need a car I need the car I need311.363.679
the car I had to figure out how to get a313.7593.481
[ __ ] home I don't know where to go I'm315.0394.6
stuck in a strange place is it317.246.399
oh of course I need guns oh my God look319.6396.481
at you why does your face look so weird323.6395.481
and fuzzy and gross all right yeah I'll326.124.16
take that329.122.76
look oh my God look at your hands what330.285.16
the [ __ ] hey hey honey taking your ride331.885.28
cuz it's nice and I I just want I want a335.443.92
nice ride oh man this thing's awesome oh337.164.36
hey look there a Vinewood sign so yeah339.364.72
this is a this is old Los Santos place341.525.48
is a lot uglier than I remember all344.085.959
right oh I'm back oh Jesus watch out oh347.04.28
I'm by the beach350.0394.321
again ow [ __ ] it's so hard to drive this351.285.12
thing going to find these [ __ ] purple354.365.279
[ __ ] here purple guy here purpley356.45.04
guy yeah of course when I want them to359.6394.041
be here they're not oh well may as well361.443.96
take this363.685.04
helicopter get up here and up oh oh365.45.359
purple guys it's on368.726.039
baby yeah [ __ ]370.7594.0
you woo sun's coming up it's going be a375.9194.56
nice day all right I got my revenge but378.524.239
now what the [ __ ] am I going to do got380.4794.681
to figure out a way to oh is that the382.7595.401
water tower the movie studio let's see385.164.96
when was the film shot the 90s now the388.163.12
film was shot I think the film was shot390.125.0
in the ' 80s yeah they still have the391.285.919
[ __ ]397.1993.0
[ __ ] sorry guys I got to talk to the404.284.199
movie producer real quick gangster level406.565.759
reached on my SMG skills you think I'm408.4799.921
what no [ __ ] off ow [ __ ] off412.3197.491
that [ __ ] movie producer hey hey you422.04.28
in there hey what do you want why why424.243.48
are you shooting him the car from the426.282.88
movie where the mom wants to [ __ ] the427.723.64
kid where is it oh that car we keep it429.164.439
in a warehouse it's it's in San Fiera431.363.72
right by the airport all right thanks433.5995.0
for the information oh [ __ ] [ __ ] here435.085.64
Warehouse in saner438.5995.761
WoW think I'm a God why is aiming so440.725.039
weird in444.363.679
this [ __ ]445.7595.56
off oh every I love you I got to get the448.0396.681
San Fiero oh hey back off man I'm on451.3197.0
your side oh [ __ ] all right I got to get454.724.8
out of this city got to head to San458.3193.521
Fiero let's see oh wait I actually459.524.48
remember this place kind of if I'm not461.845.359
mistaken there should be yeah o Cletus464.05.12
used to live over here with the Bigfoot467.1993.72
no one's going to stop me now I'm going469.124.24
head and do the con let's see back of470.9194.481
Beyond leafy Hollow vaguely remember473.363.799
these places been a while since I've475.43.479
been here still have a bit of a477.1594.201
challenge cuz I have to go to San Fiero478.8794.44
I have to find the car and then I have481.363.559
to get the car all the way back to the483.3193.761
beach in one piece that's not going to484.9194.4
be easy oh wait what's it oh this is487.083.239
Chiliad but like weird blocky [ __ ] up490.3197.121
textures Mount Chiliad ah that sign said494.285.479
San Fiero okay good yeah the highway I497.443.8
remember this all right this should take499.7594.4
me right to it downtown airport okay he501.245.519
said Warehouse near the504.1596.04
airport the airport oh jeez watch out506.7595.64
[ __ ] oh god what the hell H it's on fire512.3997.0
it's on fire bail D Landing was [ __ ]515.365.4
looking a jeez yeah you know you're in520.764.8
San Fiero when it's foggy all right523.24.319
let's see pretty close to the airport525.564.16
these look like warehouses see there's a527.5194.88
floating floating star over529.724.92
there not sure why i''d be a floating532.3994.321
star there's a bunch of poor534.645.639
people whoa there it is it536.727.799
is yes oh man woo now I'm feeling better540.2795.321
all right I got to get this thing all544.5192.601
the way back to the beach way people545.63.08
drive around here it's going to be tough547.125.08
a [ __ ] watch out damn it can't I can't I548.685.0
can't keep doing [ __ ] like that I552.22.56
remember I remember there was a big553.682.92
bridge where's the big bridge if I can554.763.4
find the big bridge I can I can I can556.62.799
get back on the558.164.119
highway oh yeah hey watch559.3997.68
it damn it piece of562.2798.761
[ __ ] oh is this guy chasing567.0797.721
me guy's chasing me what found the571.045.16
bridge and now I just got an [ __ ]574.82.56
me oh [ __ ] and I hit a cop oh man never577.366.08
going to get this thing back in one581.9595.161
piece H okay I got [ __ ] oh look at all583.446.6
the textures in this tunnel Jesus587.126.6
[ __ ] Christ yeah beautiful San Fiero590.046.799
get the [ __ ] out of here heading towards593.726.28
Los Santos it's been a while so much596.8395.641
traffic and it doesn't move look what is600.04.959
wrong with you people move tell you what602.484.72
in future Los Santos they move drive604.9594.361
like those idiots all right what that607.25.84
what that sign say lost ventur oh Los609.326.4
venturus oh man I remember lost Venturas613.044.359
you could go there you gamble they had615.723.88
like casinos and [ __ ] oh man I haven't617.3994.641
gambled in such a long time I mean I619.64.08
should probably just focus on getting622.045.52
back to the beach but oh yeah Casino why623.686.52
do they put a casino in new l Santos let627.565.64
it all on black baby and [ __ ] oh you630.24.68
think that's cute you think that's cute633.24.04
you cheating [ __ ] yeah how you like it634.884.079
stomp you right the [ __ ] all right yeah637.244.039
lost everything as usual The House638.9594.241
Always Wins let's get the [ __ ] out of641.2794.24
here this place was cool but man just643.25.879
lose a fortune okay Los Santos all right645.5196.0
come on I don't like that smoke coming649.0795.281
out the back it's not good let's see I651.5194.88
think I see yeah yeah I think I see the654.364.36
Maze Bank building maybe with the tree656.3995.161
just kind of popping in [ __ ]658.725.919
taxi oh boy get the little tense all661.566.44
right back in the city oh boy all got to664.6395.841
slow down I got to find the beach got to668.05.079
find the beach watch670.484.599
out easy673.0795.721
easy oh there it is H oh this is good675.0795.841
all I got to do is gather speed all678.86.64
right yeah oh wait okay we have a680.925.479
here now just just go686.3997.68
easy easy yeah oh [ __ ] purple guys [ __ ]689.887.44
off all right here we694.0793.241
go this is what what the [ __ ] was a697.768.0
gotun it go go go go go go go go oh my701.5196.041
god oh705.765.28
[ __ ] who oh I'm707.567.04
back oh thank [ __ ] God oh my God711.046.64
textures I've missed you so much714.65.88
Graphics wow pal all right I all right I717.685.0
got to get this thing back to the movie720.485.919
studio hey hey722.683.719
pal all right I brought it back and [ __ ]728.368.56
you don't ever let anyone leave with734.725.799
that car do you hear me [ __ ] hear me736.926.159
all right made it back guys you're never740.5196.44
going to believe the day I had743.0797.381
H guys746.9599.53

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