RAGE COP: Pokemon NO ( Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay )

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? Rage Cop is back and he's not too happy about those Pokemon Go players running a...
RAGE COP: Pokemon NO ( Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay )
RAGE COP: Pokemon NO ( Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay )

RAGE COP: Pokemon NO ( Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay )

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! I just gotta say, that RAGE COP: Pokemon NO video is hands down my favorite. Seeing those Pokemon Go players getting chased around Los Santos cracks me up every time.

simon: Oh man, Neebs, you know I love that video too! Rage Cop is a legend. I can't get enough of his hilarious antics. And the way he deals with those pesky Pokemon trainers? Priceless!

appsro: Haha, you two are cracking me up! Rage Cop is a riot, that's for sure. The way he takes on those Pokemon Go players is pure gold. Definitely one of the best videos on our channel. I could watch it on repeat all day!

neebs: Agreed, Appsro! It's just too funny. And the music in that video? Top-notch. Kevin MacLeod really nailed it with those tracks. They add so much to the comedic vibe of the whole thing. Can't get enough of it!

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? Rage Cop is back and he's not too happy about those Pokemon Go players running around Los Santos. It's hilarious to watch him try to take down those pesky trainers while causing chaos in the city. If you're a fan of their funny and action-packed videos, you definitely don't want to miss this one.

I always look forward to Neebs Gaming's videos because they never fail to entertain. From their epic gameplay to their witty commentary, they always keep me hooked from start to finish. And with Rage Cop making a comeback, you know it's going to be a wild ride. Plus, their Twitch streams are always a blast, so be sure to tune in every Thursday at 8:00 EST for some of the world's greatest gaming content.

If you're a true Neebs Gaming fan like me, you'll want to show your support by checking out their Spreadshirt shop for some awesome merch. And don't forget to buy their music to jam out to while you watch their videos. They've got a great selection of tracks that really set the mood for their gameplay. And be sure to follow them on all their social media sites to stay up to date on all their latest news and updates.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to laugh your socks off with Neebs Gaming's latest video. I can't wait to see what crazy adventures Rage Cop gets up to this time. And remember, help them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers by hitting that subscribe button and sharing their awesome content with all your friends. Let's show Neebs Gaming some love and keep the fun going!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they play GTA V as Rage Cop dealing with those crazy Pokemon Go players. This video is hilarious! Neebs and the crew always crack me up with their unique brand of humor and improv skills.

The way they take on these wacky characters like Rage Cop and interact with the open world of GTA V leads to such funny and unexpected moments. Like when Rage Cop is yelling at the Pokemon Go players to get off his streets, but then gets distracted mid-rant by a nearby hamburger on the ground that he decides to eat. It's so absurd but fits perfectly with the unhinged nature of Rage Cop.

And the cinematography in Neebs Gaming's videos is top-notch, making it so immersive and cinematic. The way they utilize camera angles, editing, music and sound effects when doing a bit like Rage Cop on a rampage really pulls you into the chaos. It feels like you're watching a gritty cop drama at times!

Honestly, watching Neebs and the crew roleplay and improvise in GTA V is even more entertaining than playing the game yourself sometimes. The guys are just so quick-witted and play off each other perfectly. Whether it's Rage Cop, the eccentric billionaire Jethro, or any other character, the Neebs crew really inhabits these roles and brings them to life in the most hilarious ways.

So if you're looking for gaming entertainment that blends comedy, storytelling and awesome cinematography, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their GTA V videos are some of the funniest and most creatively produced content out there!

Neebs Gaming
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hi I'm rage cop and I work for the LSPD0.285.36
what's my job you might ask well it's3.8793.52
pretty damn simple you see the governor5.644.039
of the state of Los Santos he lives here7.3995.12
and he ran on a tough on crime platform9.6794.401
now when you run on a platform like that12.5193.08
you want to make damn sure that come14.083.359
next election season your arrest numbers15.5993.401
are up so you can show your dumbass17.4393.08
constituents and they can reelect you19.03.56
and you can keep your job so you need to20.5193.76
get the numbers up which is basically22.563.4
code for write more tickets and arrest24.2794.0
more people so you can show how tough on25.963.799
crime you are to the Dingle nuts that28.2793.48
don't a bunch of money to your [ __ ]29.7594.281
campaign so that's where I come in I get31.7594.361
to go out among the populace and arrest34.043.56
beat and ticket the [ __ ] out of36.123.36
everybody so what are the best places to37.63.92
do this you might ask maybe this39.484.36
neighborhood [ __ ] no look at those41.524.559
houses these people have money see they43.843.879
can afford to fight the tickets I write46.0793.12
them and even worse they may have47.7193.48
donated to the governor's campaign you49.1993.36
think I want to accidentally risk51.1993.281
beating the [ __ ] out of one of them so I52.5594.201
need to go to other places in the city I54.483.239
want the56.764.479
ghetto I want trailer parks57.7197.921
I want hippie camps I want parking lots61.2396.481
I want all the places that poor people65.644.36
might be because poor people don't have67.724.48
the resources of a rich man you see70.04.32
they'll take a plea deal as fast as they72.24.36
can because they can't afford a fancy74.325.08
lawyer man I always go after the lower76.566.44
class slot my name is Rage cop and I79.45.22
[ __ ] love my83.04.65
all right let's go protect and serve the97.3994.241
[ __ ] out of these99.364.119
[ __ ] no101.643.6
loitering all right I've been hearing a103.4793.64
lot about people playing this damn game105.243.8
on their on their phone something about107.1194.04
collecting monsters feel like I should109.043.679
put a stop to that so I'm going to make111.1594.92
sure people don't play it for safety112.7196.241
reasons oh yep two of them two of them116.0795.121
right there118.963.799
you pieces of121.24.44
[ __ ] playing [ __ ] Pokemon game yeah122.7594.201
I'm looking at you fatty I saw you125.645.36
playing it stop playing that126.964.04
[ __ ] that is not131.46.34
mother oh138.367.68
yep walking around playing [ __ ] games141.5196.761
dumb ass better watch it hey that's jayw146.045.12
walking that is Jay walking that is jayw148.284.92
walking Fu151.164.4
you what are you looking153.26.28
at that's right keep on buddy hold on no155.567.28
no no no no no coming cops is159.485.6
illegal that's what these crazy kids162.843.52
think nowadays they think they could165.083.64
just tape you and hold you accountable166.365.159
like that's [ __ ]168.722.799
crazy way your173.723.439
fault oh oh wait did that dude just run178.564.039
a red181.3194.801
light pull it over182.5993.521
buddy all right what who I don't think186.1597.041
so you try to drive away oh yeah hop189.565.84
in oh197.7996.241
[ __ ] where'd he go where'd he go where'd200.484.319
go I seen204.7996.321
him where is he where is he there he is207.925.959
I see your ass211.125.479
buddy yeah pull it213.8796.321
over pull it over216.5993.601
man away get out of the car I warned220.364.959
youo it's hard work what I225.366.12
do all right I better not see any229.363.879
Pokemon players in here dude that's a231.482.839
ride hey good job man looking234.3198.161
good oh hey hey pooie hold on dog off238.686.32
the leash oh wait I'll help you out242.485.36
buddy let's go get245.02.84
him tell you how it's done pal damn man250.25.4
I got254.643.319
him come255.66.319
on start of the game War257.9593.96
boyso see262.245.08
him there you264.166.0
go get him in the leg267.324.08
we got270.163.759
you see him taking him down you're271.44.84
screwed get273.9195.761
away he's down he's276.247.04
downo you okay buddy suspect down hell's279.685.6
yeah hell's yeah where'd your car go283.284.16
damn it out of ammo okay where'd your285.284.04
car go we're not going to address that287.443.479
glaring issue the fact that your car289.323.4
disappeared and that you kind of look290.9194.481
like my twin but with a292.725.6
beard my God are you an evil295.46.44
me oh [ __ ]298.326.92
sake not on my watch why are you301.846.919
shooting at me hey hey pretty lady oh305.247.32
waa easy hey get away from my308.7598.681
car yeah I see you hey loser312.569.359
hey I warned you I warned you don't get317.448.759
up stay down my God what is wrong with321.9196.56
people G what a326.1995.641
mess yeah she's over here328.4795.481
boys yeah this331.844.359
way oh yeah you're going to check on him333.964.76
he was evil me his car disappeared it336.1994.041
looks just like me but he had a go te338.724.68
going to beat D yeah did everything is a340.245.72
freaking death trp yeah try trust me he343.45.04
looked just like me not anymore you know345.965.519
now he looks like uh now he looks like348.445.599
toast Beach351.4794.44
Patrol sorry354.0395.401
buddy oh you're fine yeah get up walk355.9196.84
walk it off whatever dude whatever dude359.446.4
it happens to the best of us oh362.7596.481
wait see what I365.843.4
see you're looking369.283.72
good what you doing373.5996.021
buddy trying to catch a375.886.24
Bulbasaur stop trying to catch the382.124.919
Bulbasaur oh look at me I'm going catch384.887.0
a peky [ __ ] p Pi387.03910.28
[ __ ] God damn it screw you God damn391.885.439
it all right good day detected the400.3195.681
streets stopped all these people from403.844.44
playing that stupid ass game all right406.04.56
I'm clocking out I'm going to go just408.285.24
I'm going to walk home oh ladies of the410.565.84
evening got to catch them all right413.525.56
catch all the diseases you disgusting416.45.0
[ __ ]419.082.32
hey there425.083.76
stranger all right good428.846.32
morning a what a lovely morning it is431.526.32
all right I'm going to435.162.68
work hey guys I'm just going to patrol438.683.84
the street today look for more of those440.964.519
Pokemon idiots I know what I'm doing442.526.84
playing Pokémon in there better not be445.4796.041
what's going on my dude what's going on449.365.399
my my dude you playing451.526.239
huh oh oh oh I see459.1997.161
one right hey man what's462.8798.121
up got that play of466.364.64
Pokemon look what you made me do I did a471.725.439
wheelie off your474.445.599
face oh477.1596.88
a uhoh we got a crazy man we going480.0395.761
through hell what's going what's going484.0393.84
on pal you want to485.86.2
stop huh all right the chase is487.8794.581
on whoa get out of my497.3197.28
you all right looks like I shot you in512.445.12
the ankle you died from513.8393.721
that huh who518.2796.56
knew you didn't see a thing lady all521.8394.401
right I got to get back to my bike buddy524.8392.721
I need to borrow your car civil526.243.32
forfeiture oh wait hold527.564.12
on yeah hold on I actually like this one529.563.279
a little531.685.76
better [ __ ] oh watch your language532.8398.361
lady hey guys537.443.76
back for543.0798.561
real hey lady are you okay a she looks545.8395.801
fine what's that there's a truckload of552.485.28
fuel it needs to be delivered to pedo555.245.76
Bay before Sundown and you don't think557.765.84
anyone can do561.02.6
dumb that was dumb hold on I can salvage577.164.85
this just got to tip it back579.9595.21
over all right let's go let's go let's585.8394.321
go oh man Sun's already going down we587.724.72
got to book590.165.239
it move Rob's592.445.0
licker it's probably dangerous to go595.3993.801
this fast to the tanker truck but I I597.444.04
got to do it oh I'm getting599.24.96
wobbly that's up everybody I got to get601.483.799
get good good I'm good I'm good I'm607.724.28
good Dam613.443.28
it for621.443.32
real I didn't make628.0416.919

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