RADIATION LEAK! | Subnautica #16

Hey there fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a Subnautica Log where they encounter a prob...
RADIATION LEAK! | Subnautica #16
RADIATION LEAK! | Subnautica #16

RADIATION LEAK! | Subnautica #16

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're diving into some serious trouble with our favorite video, 'RADIATION LEAK! Subnautica #16.'

simon: Oh boy, radiation leak? Sounds like a party down in the ocean depths! I love how we always find new ways to almost get ourselves killed in this game.

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's like we have a knack for attracting danger wherever we go. But hey, at least we're entertaining our viewers with our near-death experiences, right?

neebs: Exactly! Who needs boring gameplay when you can watch us struggle to survive in the most ridiculous situations? 'RADIATION LEAK! Subnautica #16' is definitely one for the books.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a Subnautica Log where they encounter a problem and it's got me on the edge of my seat! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more awesome Subnautica content from them.

In this video, the team at Neebs Gaming dives into the vast underwater world of Subnautica, where they find themselves crash-landed on an alien ocean world. From sun-drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers, the game offers a truly immersive experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

I love how Neebs Gaming brings their own unique style and humor to their gameplay videos, making each episode a joy to watch. And with Subnautica still in the early stages of development, there's always something new and exciting to discover in each video.

If you're a fan of Subnautica or just love watching entertaining gameplay videos, be sure to check out Neebs Gaming on YouTube. And don't forget to follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest adventures. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the fun!

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oh boy19.4395.641
okay do you know that you snore well hey21.485.92
hey nebes hello abro were you listening25.086.16
to me sleep yeah why you were snoring27.45.199
and then you like sound like you weren't31.243.12
breathing and I was like should I call32.5993.001
somebody and I'm like why are you34.362.68
listening to me sleep why are you35.64.4
listening to me sleep because I rang in37.044.32
and you didn't answer and then I heard40.03.559
snoring and I'm then you were like kind41.363.6
of talking a little bit so then you just43.5592.64
stayed on the line I want to hear what44.963.16
you were saying you're insane doesn't46.1993.241
that interest you when someone's talking48.123.72
their sleep like what are they saying oh49.443.919
get those kittens out of the water51.842.8
you're like what are they dreaming about53.3593.121
did I did I say that what was I saying54.643.64
talk about kittens in the water and then56.483.48
you had to get all the green things58.283.959
things into the blue things I don't know59.965.8
gibberish mostly okay62.2396.56
interesting what is65.766.039
damage what is that leave some in my73.246.48
Cyclops the uh the submarine okay sounds76.26.879
like something's banging on it huh did79.725.6
you check out your cameras you have83.0793.521
cameras right oh that's true yeah let me85.323.159
look at the86.63.76
cameras Oh88.4794.841
uh might be a reef back yeah hold90.365.88
on just oh man they got this giant reef93.324.28
back there's two Reef backs now there's96.243.159
a big one and then there's a smaller one97.64.479
and they're just hovering over my base99.3995.961
God idiots I like you all right nebes102.0795.121
obviously our goal now is to get down to105.364.6
that alien thermal plant okay so we can107.24.559
try to find more information about this109.965.199
disease I have right but this thing is111.7595.761
1,200 M down from where I'm at now and115.1594.401
I'm already 32 M down what you thinking117.523.4
about taking the Cyclops down I mean the119.562.839
only thing we can take is the Cyclops120.923.6
and the pron Su so what your depth range122.3993.76
down on the Cyclops I don't even124.523.279
remember hold on let me look let's see126.1593.921
all Cyclops can only go 500 M right now127.7994.401
we got to double or triple that all130.083.72
right got to find there's a if I'm not132.23.119
mistaken there's a fabricator somewhere133.84.84
in here specifically for the Cyclops135.3195.681
uhhuh just got to find138.645.8
it oh my141.03.44
God okay all145.3194.961
right I'm F me148.2393.401
what's funny150.284.239
nothing I'm closing this room off what's151.645.08
funny I don't know I'm seeing all kinds154.5193.161
colors what is that sound157.689.72
funny what the hell what the hell nebes161.927.88
yeah I can't see my167.45.4
fabricator really yeah but it's169.85.76
here oh I'm having a weird day it could172.86.2
be a new model yeah okay so let's see oh175.567.399
man cyclop hole module uh MK1 I need a179.08.159
plasti Ingot and aluminum oxide182.9594.2
Crystal do you feel like you rest well190.444.519
why because of the snoring yeah and then193.23.8
the not breathing could be sleep AP but194.9593.36
I mean I feel okay when I wake up in the197.03.08
morning hope you feel good all right198.3193.321
that's kind of I mean you know what that200.083.0
is one thing that I've noticed about201.642.8
being stranded is like I don't have an203.084.32
alarm clock so I I feel well rested you204.444.2
know when I was on the ship you know207.42.64
it's like I had to get up and and you208.643.239
know start my day whereas here it's like210.043.759
oh I can I can sleep in and you know I'm211.8794.0
not waking up to like a I used to have213.7994.321
an alarm clock that sound like a rooster215.8797.201
it a little clock and had lips move218.126.759
yeah I don't I don't know if I can put224.8794.0
up with one of those things the time is226.7994.761
9 a.m. you think you'd like that no that228.8795.761
sounds awful well it was funny Cyclops231.565.759
ho module mark one coming right up let's234.646.4
put that bad boy on huh Simon yeah237.3196.321
what's up I got some messages for you241.045.08
mes I think they're yours I mean they're243.644.679
they're they're coming to me these are246.125.199
Urgent notices right every week for the248.3194.92
last like is that is that Simon six251.3194.601
weeks yeah I have passenger 00 F you on253.2394.881
the line these are about him these are255.923.8
Urgent these were like two months ago258.124.359
yeah all of them say urgent I know Simon259.724.36
I can't I can't hear Simon tell Simon to262.4794.16
get on the coms get over here Simon I264.084.48
don't I I'm not the I'm I'm not266.6394.161
responsible for this I did not send but268.564.72
these came to your inbox these say270.84.56
radiation breach right radiation it's273.283.96
got radiation urgent danger there's a275.363.64
lot of Danger on those papers too why277.243.2
didn't you bring these straight to me279.02.68
well that's not my job that's what280.442.68
they're supposed to go to your mailbox281.682.88
okay what what does the email say what's283.123.0
the danger with the radiation okay it284.564.16
says here uh radiation leaks coming from286.124.48
the Aurora yeah I mean that's yeah the288.723.68
Aurora the Aurora's been leaking290.63.28
radiation since I got here robing292.43.72
passenger 0000 Fu can assist in the293.884.599
repair of the engine ABS what they want296.124.24
me to repair the damn engine on the298.4794.0
Aurora yeah why do they give a [ __ ]300.363.92
apparently they're getting fines from302.4794.241
the APA or something son of a [ __ ]304.284.479
summon yo if you got something with my306.724.44
name on it bring it in immediately espe308.7594.16
it says urgent Danger on it but how is311.163.479
that my job why don't you check with me312.9193.881
four there's four of these things check314.6395.481
with me every day because it's not my316.85.08
job what I mean you did bring those I320.122.6
mean you should have brought those321.882.92
letters immediately I brought them now I322.723.72
could have just left them in my inbox324.83.399
stop giving me [ __ ] you should have326.443.759
brought them immediately why don't you328.1993.601
why don't you concentrate on what you're330.1992.601
apparently now I got to run to the331.83.08
Aurora and fix the [ __ ] engines yeah332.83.48
well that's what you should have should334.884.28
have been doing that from the336.282.88
beginning all right I'm going to try to344.963.32
stay in the shallows cuz I know around346.6393.12
the Aurora there's that deep area that's348.282.84
where that big thing349.7594.321
is tried to eat me last time yeah we351.124.4
need to do something about that matter354.083.32
of fact well I'm thinking about it355.523.44
where's my repair tool I'm going to get357.44.079
the uh358.962.519
Dr spaghetti at 100% that's right you362.125.519
treat her good I am going to treat her364.885.36
good yeah it is a she you you know that367.6396.56
right I guess yeah no it is all right no370.246.519
I guess Nee you knew this right how how374.1994.681
do you know how do I know it's it's a376.7593.921
machine man it's a girl you ever name378.884.2
your car no you don't name your car380.684.639
Frank you name it Debbie I don't I don't383.084.559
name my car yeah well you should I know385.3194.201
I think that's weird no it's not weird387.6393.921
wouldn't drive a car named Frank well I389.524.239
might you know what if I had a Jeep I'd391.564.639
name it Frank have you looked at the393.7594.761
number on this fine neeps do you see the396.1994.641
number on there yeah yeah per day per398.524.92
day you didn't bring it until now right400.843.919
chances are he's not going to be able to403.443.159
do it anyway why why would you say that404.7593.761
just saying it's not like you have you406.5993.88
don't have any experience in this do you408.523.84
what repairing [ __ ] yes I repair [ __ ]410.4794.081
all the time yeah but not not the with412.363.76
radiation involved well we'll see we'll414.562.639
see what it looks like when we get in416.125.28
there all right parking Dr spaghetti417.1994.201
you're going to need to try to find the421.684.199
engine room okay oh422.965.12
crabs crab battle bring it on428.084.799
[ __ ] feel huh still seeing weird434.5996.0
colors here and there what what kind of438.563.8
color do you consider weird I mean what440.5994.16
I mean it's just weird here it it's it's442.364.6
not a like like what color is it it's444.7593.961
it's it's all of them it's all colors446.964.04
well that's not weird a rainbow's weird448.725.36
yeah but on a wire or on a pipe ow what451.06.0
the [ __ ] is biting me you son of a [ __ ]454.085.08
things are different it's the change457.03.56
we've talked about this maybe that's459.165.479
what it is y slowly losing my460.567.079
y free water man you might want to check468.1996.361
that water for you drink it that said it472.4795.72
was disinfected okay just saying on a474.565.44
ship fill radiation478.1993.72
I got food poisoning or I got poisoned480.04.759
from the water in Mexico once oh yeah481.9194.881
yeah I was [ __ ] and throwing up for484.7594.961
like six days oh really yeah could be486.85.839
worse you got out lucky oh really i'489.724.24
I've heard of people that got Bell's492.6393.361
paly from bad water what what the Hell's493.964.04
Bells PA oh I've I've had Bells paus496.03.96
You' had Bell's PA yeah it is weird498.04.08
that's like when you lose uh like half499.964.199
your face goes numb and your mouth's502.083.88
drooping on one side yeah it looks like504.1594.44
you've had a stroke holy [ __ ] it's yeah505.964.44
it's it's super weird and you can get508.5993.8
that from drinking bad water I knew a510.46.16
girl that did man years ago I tell you512.3996.921
you think I'm dumb now years ago I was516.564.52
walking by a stream out in the I was out519.322.88
in the middle of nowhere in the521.083.319
mountains with a stream and I'm like I'm522.23.56
going to drink some water and somebody's524.3993.521
like hey well you can't drink that water525.763.36
you don't know what kind of parasites527.922.72
are on I said what are you talking about529.124.12
you're crazy this is the freshest water530.645.0
there is and I just drank a big glass of533.244.08
water it's a road puddle what could be535.643.84
wrong yeah and I never got sick but that537.323.04
dumb yeah some of these pipes are uh540.365.719
crazy looking I love how he describes543.046.68
things crazy looking yeah so crazy like546.0795.721
we have any idea I don't know how to549.724.04
describe it it's uh the pipes I would551.83.56
say crazy in cutting it looks like a553.763.28
rainbow took a [ __ ] all over the all555.363.08
over the pipe all right that's a little557.044.12
better I can work with558.442.72
that oh563.0796.88
boy whatever whatever at this point what565.9596.171
nothing funny nothing's569.9599.34
funny what you looking at yeah I'm580.8395.401
trying to put out a fire all right my583.25.48
uncle was a volunteer fireman and I tell586.244.48
you I don't think he ever put out a fire588.684.88
sober huh those guys are drunk smokly590.724.4
that's a generalization is it no yeah593.563.12
that is my my grandfather was a595.123.44
volunteer firefighter he wasn't a drunk596.683.96
oh I bet you he was a drunk all right598.563.8
hey nees hey I I've made it to the600.644.08
engine room oh boy L radiation at602.364.88
maximum tolerable level okay you see any604.725.2
breaches in the engine well I do hold607.245.4
I'm starting to repair okay be careful609.925.479
every single one of those volunteer guys612.644.639
with my uncle they were all drunks615.3993.521
really well like while they were working617.2793.761
while they were working yeah but now and618.924.44
they were better at it probably cuz they621.045.28
were quick that's a dangerous job it is623.365.039
yeah shouldn't be drinking and doing626.323.92
that I think it was just your uncle628.3994.321
Simon and everyone with his Department630.244.08
okay well just that department just that632.724.2
one but634.325.12
man how bad is it uh hold on it's not636.924.84
too bad all right the computer's helping639.443.6
me out apparently there's only eight641.762.84
more leaks I just got to I just got to643.043.88
fix the leaks man still eight leaks yeah644.65.56
seven leaks now just got to find646.925.76
them they're pretty easy to spot they're650.165.08
yeah just giant cracks spewing radiation652.684.88
okay good for you you're doing a good655.246.32
job thanks oh B [ __ ] get get off me how657.566.48
many leaks total I think there were uh661.564.839
10 10 or 11 something like that all664.044.359
right put that my report three leaks666.3994.24
remaining hold on you little668.3995.721
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] hold on God I did something670.6395.281
really dumb what' you do con a leak674.122.8
accidentally you're going to have to675.923.24
make a file a separate report on676.924.96
that is it just me or does this seem679.164.84
like it's taking forever it takes a681.883.84
minute not a minute I don't like that684.04.079
hey I'm repairing a [ __ ] engine to a685.724.44
spaceship you think that just takes a688.0794.44
second Simon no but you it's going to690.164.32
take a minute how long does it take to692.5194.641
deliver a few urgent messages to694.485.4
somebody uh two months697.165.2
apparently yeah yeah talk about wasting699.885.959
time it's not my job it's your job to be702.365.68
repairing this it wasn't my job to get705.8395.041
this yeah but look they can't put every708.044.96
little thing your job description that710.883.16
would take713.03.399
forever like hey your job's to come to714.044.4
work your job's to park in the parking716.3993.921
lot your job is to open the door before718.444.079
you come in some of this stuff is just720.323.44
Simon yeah all723.766.72
right I think that's a dumb point I727.8394.721
think it's a Perfect Analogy you're a730.482.919
person hey ABS how we looking uh we're733.3994.961
we're good I fixed all the breaches736.325.959
really hey 100% fixed levels are738.366.56
estimated to return to safe levels in T742.2797.321
minus 3 days 10 hours all right in 3744.926.359
days I guess the radiation levels will749.63.72
be back to normal here on the planet751.2795.961
okay so 3 days from now got it good deal753.325.759
man I'm good up my job abre we757.243.64
appreciate you doing that hey yeah no759.0794.0
worries man what is this oh hey a760.885.199
cyclops power effic efficiency module763.0796.081
I'm taking that yeah you have a cyclops766.0795.241
know woo I wish you guys could see this776.368.2
this is a mess oh it's a mess oh yeah781.565.04
it's a mess it's a mess of colors and784.564.44
pipes oh enough with the colors no I'm786.64.0
going all kinds of789.04.6
crazy like yeah I'm uh I'm going to be790.65.2
dead soon I mean pipes can be different793.64.12
colors you oh not these I mean this yeah795.84.159
like I said it looks like a rainbow just797.726.119
orgasmed all over these pipes holy [ __ ]799.9595.491
it's crazy crazy803.8393.921
now I'm out of [ __ ] it I'm just going to816.924.24
run through it careful we don't want you818.125.48
dying we just ordered T-shirts with your821.166.44
name on them what yeah that's fun that's823.66.12
a fun idea I'm glad we're doing that827.63.64
yeah what are you talking about M to829.723.0
make a little money yeah what are you831.243.36
talking about uh we got a lot of folks832.724.0
around the office talking about how how834.64.52
long you've survived okay which is rare836.725.119
yeah it's very rare and uh We've made839.124.719
some T-shirts everybody's rooting for841.8394.641
you oh yeah oh [ __ ] yeah while they're843.8393.961
rooting for me I'm getting eaten by846.483.12
crabs yeah so don't die before the847.83.959
shirts come in yeah okay so you guys are849.63.56
making t-shirts to hand around the851.7593.281
office well yeah we're selling them yeah853.163.16
we're not handing them out what you two855.042.76
are making money off of me being856.322.879
stranded you got to make a little bit of857.82.64
money yeah soone got to pay for the859.1993.0
shirts and the time it took for us to860.443.839
design it and all that we'll save one862.1994.401
for you yeah please do I can't wait to864.2795.24
wear it when I get back in 10 years866.64.14
that's a bit869.5195.5
optimistic all right hey I'm I've made875.565.0
it back to base welcome home sir thank877.5196.0
you H stupid reefbacks are still here880.564.519
once you try the floaters I keep mention883.5193.44
that you just blow it off as if I'm just885.0793.76
stick floaters on a reef bag and maybe886.9593.841
it'll take it to the surface why888.8394.44
wouldn't you try that I can try hold on890.83.88
let me drop off some inventory and then893.2792.961
we'll go we got we'll go floater hunting894.683.04
if that's what you want to do so damn896.243.24
bad let let me ask897.724.039
you how long have you been suggesting899.483.56
him do that probably about the time you901.7593.121
started getting those urgent notices903.045.2
yeah so a long time ago back when holy904.885.879
jeez but still likes to complain about908.244.599
the reefbacks every time he comes home910.7594.161
you are a complainer realize that you912.8393.68
guys told me I had to go fix the914.924.0
radiation leak on the ship right yeah916.5194.32
but you still are a complainer oh I'm a918.923.719
complainer good Lord You're a comp I920.8393.281
even let get me started on how much you922.6393.32
complain please don't even think about924.123.719
it I'm so much better than I used to925.9593.201
everybody's working over time at the927.8393.161
[ __ ] Factory with you Simon no I've929.164.039
been meditating I told you I'm doing931.03.56
much better now I'll believe it when I933.1993.44
see it you're already seeing it this is934.564.6
me you're doing great better version I'd936.6394.361
like to sing the other version oh you're939.163.44
going to see him just fine if you keep941.02.02
up all right NES I just I got some950.5194.961
floaters and I came back and magically952.8394.961
the uh reefback is leaving my base now955.485.12
see it's scared the floaters didn't work957.85.039
it saw that you had the floaters and960.63.96
it's like I better hop out of here all962.8392.721
right well that was the big one the964.562.68
little one's still here so I'll try to965.563.6
attach floaters to the baby okay967.244.599
hopefully mommy doesn't get969.166.919
pissed there we go okay come on little971.8398.24
guy is it moving no keep him balanc you976.0795.161
don't want to flip him over I got it I980.0793.281
it all right floaters are984.08.319
on he's not moving you987.5198.24
sure yeah yeah I'm sure are you really992.3195.52
sure he's not moving guys I don't know995.7594.121
what else to tell you you need more more997.8395.12
floaters yep I mean I can go get them999.884.639
you know what floaters are like in1002.9592.8
turs floating shits yeah it's like it's1005.7594.921
a yeah it's a turd yeah I never I never1008.3194.601
thought of it like that I didn't but1010.685.399
what what makes a floater versus a1012.925.68
sinker like is it what you eat floats1016.0794.081
yeah oh you talking about yeah yeah it's1018.63.56
probably what you eat the composition of1020.164.799
the turd okay this says poop should sink1022.165.159
floating stools are often indication of1024.9595.88
high fat content which can be a sign of1027.3196.081
Mal malabsorption a condition in which1030.8394.84
you can't absorb enough fat and other1033.44.039
nutrients from uh the food you're1035.6792.961
ingesting oh okay so if you have a1037.4392.64
floater there's too much fat in your1038.644.0
[ __ ] you're you're not you're not1040.0794.801
digesting the fat it's a bad sign oh1042.644.76
dures doesn't have that problem does1044.886.52
he cuz he's digesting the fat cuz he's1047.47.519
fat that fat pizza delivery1051.48.36
boy come on Flo come on all1054.9198.12
right and the last one yeah all right is1059.766.24
he going is he floating I'm hold on let1063.0394.561
me let me look at him a1066.04.96
minute nope nope he's stuck there may1067.65.28
you give him a little bump with like1070.964.719
what the seam off I guess I don't know1072.884.52
yeah come1075.6794.641
on yeah he's wedged in there good all1077.44.72
right well maybe uh maybe it'll work1080.323.96
later if it works later we'll we'll1082.124.559
assume my idea worked okay your idea1084.283.72
didn't work nees well we don't know yet1086.6793.081
it's too early to tell is it yeah my my1088.05.64
work later and then it'll work1089.763.88
okay oh the [ __ ] was that Captain all1095.966.76
systems online all right all systems1100.5593.721
online inventory1102.724.04
secured remember that thing I picked up1104.285.0
at the Aurora what was it the uh Power1106.765.56
efficiency module ah all right installed1109.285.44
that power efficiency now at 400%1112.324.12
perfect that's cool that means you can1114.724.36
run longer huh yeah all right but depth1116.445.4
we got to work on depth oh Cyclops here1119.085.16
we go found it Cyclops whole module Mark1121.845.6
two I need the mark one five plast steel1124.245.559
ingots aluminum oxide Crystal and nickel1127.445.2
ore so plast steel ingots that means1129.7995.601
titanium run titanium I'm really glad1132.644.399
though that you don't grind for anything1135.43.2
when I'm not on the phone with you yeah1137.0393.321
you realize I use this [ __ ] I gr I do1138.63.48
grind and then I use [ __ ] and then cuz1140.362.96
like when we first started what did I1142.083.4
need I needed plas Ste inot right so I1143.323.8
used the titanium my head and made a1145.484.679
plasti now I need more plas stilling I1147.124.919
do grind when you're not looking you1150.1594.201
[ __ ] idiot today I'm like okay got to1152.0394.561
go see you later I'll go grind all night1154.364.6
I did I went and I grinded I grinded I1156.64.28
did [ __ ] when you weren't looking you1158.963.959
should have like thousands of tit I'm1160.883.44
not going to have thousands of it you1162.9192.721
got to go out you got to get it you got1164.322.96
to bring it back it takes a minute you1165.644.6
son of a [ __ ] do you realize how angry1167.284.84
you yeah because I get I get accused of1170.243.84
not doing something when I've done1172.124.039
something it pisses me off maybe you1174.083.56
could teach him some of your meditation1176.1594.081
techniques yeah yelling doesn't help you1177.644.76
want to breathe okay well then I let me1180.243.64
breathe and tell you I have been1182.43.72
grinding quit accusing me of not1183.885.039
grinding when I go out and get [ __ ]1186.125.799
please feel a little better yeah a1197.242.99
bit all right neebs yes sir five1219.7995.481
titanium ingots okay let's see there's1222.9194.521
the lithium hold on I I have lithium1225.284.6
over here uh-huh hopefully I have five1227.443.719
lithium hopefully I don't have to make a1229.886.0
lithium Run 1 2 3 4 five lithium because1231.1596.081
I went out and I grinded when you1235.884.24
weren't looking all right five plas1237.246.72
ingots oh oh [ __ ] oh damn it I used all1240.128.679
my base power of course a damn1243.964.839
it all right yeah sun's not up so yeah1248.965.599
base isn't powered right now damn it oh1251.65.52
my Oxygen's going down hold on let me go1254.5594.561
get in Dr spaghetti I can just breathe1257.125.919
in there oh man thank God for1259.126.12
her do you have a fabricator on the1263.0394.921
Cyclops yeah I do you can take the1265.244.319
supplies with you well yeah no I could1267.962.719
take the supplies with you but the thing1269.5592.6
is I'm not I'm building it at the1270.6793.561
modification station which I can't1272.1593.441
access right now because uh it's1274.242.84
underpowered so I got to wait for the1275.63.199
sun to come1277.084.079
up yeah may as well I can go over to the1278.7993.841
Cyclops wait for the1281.1593.161
sun oh oh my God you kidding me oh [ __ ]1284.326.12
oh [ __ ] you got no power I can't launch1288.244.24
the sea moth all right hold on where's1290.443.92
the Cyclops all right where's my oh oh1292.482.76
my God1294.364.0
where's where is are you stuck in your1295.244.679
base with no air yeah I'm stuck in my1298.364.52
base with no air hold on [ __ ] think uh1299.9195.12
let's see yeah all right hold on I got1302.886.76
my seag Glide cyclop cyclop here we1305.0394.601
are I guess I could always just swim to1309.845.4
the surface woo there's my1311.885.679
oxygen you really you hear the panic in1315.245.28
your voice oh yeah freaking out well1317.5594.521
there was no oxy I thought I I thought I1320.522.92
would at least be able to launch the sea1322.084.479
moth but I guess not1323.443.119
huh all right gentlemen are you ready1335.05.799
I'm ready here we go whole module Mark1337.45.759
two man how how deep you think is going1340.7994.561
to go I have no idea we go stick it in1343.1594.601
there let's find out stick it in baby1345.365.919
I'm I'm guessing like 2,000 ft that1347.766.08
would be a very big improvement from1351.2794.561
what you have now you got 900 yeah it1353.844.64
was yeah with the mark one it was 9001355.846.839
900 M or feet met yes meters 2,000 M1358.486.96
2,000 M that would be awesome so let's1362.6796.36
see come on 2,000 M come on baby spin1365.448.08
come on baby 1,500 M yeah now it's still1369.0396.841
good we can get there then yeah we can1373.524.96
get there that's awesome hey1375.885.679
ABS was that uh re Reef back gone no1378.484.88
he's still down there floaters on his1381.5593.521
back and everything have you tried using1383.363.4
the prawn to get him out of there the1385.084.4
prawn suit yeah how would I do that1386.766.919
maybe get under him jump here we go come1389.487.6
on come on you1393.6795.841
bastard doesn't sound like it's working1397.085.24
yeah come on come on oh1399.527.48
oh no no no he is uh he's a stubborn1402.327.08
little [ __ ] that's for sure could fire a1407.04.44
torpedo at him won't hurt it will it I1409.43.8
don't know guy kind of yeah it feels1411.443.16
mean shoot1413.23.8
it what kind of torpedo are you thinking1414.65.0
about Simon it's a gravity torpedo you1417.04.799
going to try to gravitate him away like1419.64.679
shoot it away from the base yeah maybe1421.7995.561
it might it might suck in your pron suit1424.2794.441
or any other equipment you have laying1427.362.88
around yeah it could be I could try to1428.724.199
shoot his butt to yeah suck him this way1430.244.319
so yeah suck him towards me away from1432.9192.36
base give it a shot I'm nervous I'm I'm1435.2796.081
nervous too but hey we we got to try all1438.5595.281
right here we go oh [ __ ] I do that all1441.365.319
the time I I I I I go for my uh torpedo1443.845.12
button I I hit my damn light all right1446.6796.401
torpedo armed and ready firing1448.966.88
oh oh yeah I think I might have done it1455.844.839
beautiful hold on what happened did it1460.6794.561
work yeah okay I think yeah it worked1463.1593.721
like a charm oh [ __ ] he's floating to1465.243.439
the top now Flo working floaters are1466.884.84
working the flo are working yeah okay no1468.6795.72
he's stabilized he's good he's swimming1471.725.76
off so long baby Reef back I told you1474.3994.841
those floaters would1477.484.079
work hey guys thanks for watching and I1479.243.439
wanted to quickly let you know that1481.5592.881
we've started a patreon this week so if1482.6793.201
you feel like we make awesome stuff on1484.442.8
this channel and you want to see more of1485.883.279
it please consider donating also it'll1487.243.76
help me never miss an episode of sonaa1489.1593.4
cuz I can get some help around here1491.03.44
anyways please consider doating I love1492.5592.811

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