I'M HEARING VOICES | Subnautica #17

Hey there, fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? It's all about something myste...
I'M HEARING VOICES | Subnautica #17
I'M HEARING VOICES | Subnautica #17

I'M HEARING VOICES | Subnautica #17

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I'M HEARING VOICES in this Subnautica video? It's like a dream come true!

simon: Oh Neebs, always hearing voices in your head. That's why this video is your favorite, isn't it? Because you finally found someone to talk to!

neebs: Ha, very funny Simon. But seriously, this Subnautica episode is top-notch. The suspense, the mystery, the voices... it's all so captivating!

appsro: I have to agree with Neebs on this one. I mean, who wouldn't want to hear voices while exploring an alien ocean world? It's the ultimate thrill!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? It's all about something mysterious that started talking to them in the game. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what happens next!

If you're not already subscribed to their channel, you're missing out on some epic Subnautica content. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and stay up to date with all their latest adventures in the game. And don't forget to grab yourself a cool 00FU t-shirt to show your support for the channel!

Subnautica is such an incredible game, isn't it? I love diving into the underwater world and exploring all the different environments. From the sun-drenched coral reefs to the deep-sea trenches, there's always something new and exciting to discover. And let's not forget about those bio-luminescent underwater rivers - they're absolutely mesmerizing!

The Neebs Gaming team always brings their A-game when it comes to Subnautica. Their videos are not only entertaining but also informative, giving us a deeper insight into the game and its mechanics. And with Kevin MacLeod's awesome music in the background, it really sets the mood for their epic underwater adventures.

So, if you're a fan of Subnautica like me, make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about all their latest updates and videos. And don't forget to check out their Patreon page if you want to show them some extra love and support. Let's continue exploring the depths of Subnautica together and see what other mysteries await us in this amazing game!

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what hello names are you man hey great I23.69945.34
got right all right what you guys64.665.91
oh the shirts you and Tommy to make him69.0395.731
oh hey I got great news for you too damn70.578.219
I'm working on the broad - loving74.776.75
everything yeah thank you [ __ ] off of78.7894.83
the emoji so please I've named the prawn81.525.07
suit of mixed pepperoni like yeah I call83.6193.89
it a drink86.593.15
yeah all right I think Lyman gave me87.5093.82
that idea cuz he talked about last time89.743.659
naming naming your vehicles like a car91.3297.32
oh yes miss pepperoni what's big - pit93.39910.801
at the Bismol baby I thought miss Rami98.64911.58
I've done sound like this Rami scrub it104.28.879
on it yes it that's her name hey Jeremy110.2297.53
alright doing this Rami we're not113.0796.36
putting that on the features we got dr.117.7592.671
spaghetti alla teaser119.4394.021
oh really okay let's sugar damage dummy120.435.689
okay six I mean it's cool that doesn't127.25.28
look anything like me well we tried your130.923.78
real face - what the [ __ ] oh [ __ ]132.485.07
yourself what's the focus fruit well hey134.75.1
that doesn't look anything like I'm not137.555.519
that muscular yeah but you're you're139.86.53
talking about me That's not me143.0693.261
all right these I've been a little154.754.14
fishing since you've been gone I've been156.614.26
working on the Cyclops man158.895.57
yeah welcome160.876.99
first up hold on I've loaded the bottom164.465.2
down here with storage you guys changed167.864.8
everything again by the way yeah I like169.666.36
it yeah pretty much I've made a172.665.49
fabrication room here I got the176.024.41
fabricator and then I got a storage bins178.154.95
for my titanium torille quartz anything180.435.3
you made out of rebar183.12.63
there's what's this bunch of stuff I got186.344.59
for ya I got I got a bunch of coral I188.28.34
got a bunch of titanium okay I need to190.937.65
get the Cyclops ready to go deep man we196.543.42
still got to get down to that [ __ ]198.583.63
alien thermal plant well I'm not gonna199.964.26
go down there until I'm geared up oh I202.214.68
also moved my battery charger and Power204.224.43
Cell charger in here206.894.56
yeah I'm amazing I also got the208.655.47
modification station in there okay like211.456.93
you likely returned well for the boxes I214.125.94
also have something of my list I'd like218.389.39
to dance with that vocabulary okay220.0614.73
how about repertoire how about that [ __ ]227.7710.59
like star userid scene [ __ ] yeah like I234.796.99
shan't do that yeah okay you guys do238.364.71
something the solar panels241.784.65
my power is draining ridiculously fast243.077.56
tonight yes nice time they usually store246.436.089
energy throughout the night stuff us250.633.09
going out like that's death drop252.5195.28
incredibly quick powers a 35% already253.726.15
all right you gotta find a better source257.7995.551
of energy geez Capel I mean like what259.878.31
like a bioreactor yeah yeah I'm gonna I263.358.78
mean I'm gonna have to power for two268.183.95
yeah emergency politics yeah good job on272.846.31
the teleportal video we shan't think276.335.88
that a solar power panels work all day279.156.48
long now I guess I shan't see I've got282.216.09
got this locker I can install a285.635.73
bioreactor on this side if you288.37.92
deconstruct this locker real quick cool291.366.33
all right let's be a perfect place for a296.225.43
bioreactor okay this nitrogen power to297.696.9
think I hope so well I put a Power Cell301.655.519
charger in here so I can constantly keep304.594.92
it out of these power cells you're like307.1697.171
this one's a 55 for six I could take it309.518.61
out come over here and then I can store314.347.49
this bad boy yeah battery charger and318.126.63
then bleep it with a battery that said321.836.97
106 okay two one towers the battery324.758.61
charger the Cyclops now it's a klutz the328.86.42
batteries so yeah it's constantly333.365.16
feeding itself well I mean there's like335.225.85
six batteries powering the Cyclops as338.524.35
long as we have a battery charger it341.073.24
should charge the batteries I can just342.874.02
reuse the damn thing Power Cells oh this344.315.22
one's at zero as we yank that one oh and346.896.99
also just in case I do have three spare349.535.84
power cells353.884.59
don't worry eye on the ball like you're355.374.0
not that's reckless358.473.39
yeah I've been living here a while all359.373.6
right I think it's morning time361.863.66
hopefully the base has power now let's362.975.54
build that bioreactor365.522.99
all right departments built now one more377.4197.451
new room yes I need to go outside to do381.1810.28
for some reason Mike Mike McMahan BAM384.8713.43
one fire reactor coming up me powerful391.4614.31
all right oh my god Haven and Vicki oh398.38.769
[ __ ]405.773.82
if you see me every time you're sleeping407.0693.811
oh my god that's awesome409.593.06
all right hold on let me go uh let me go410.888.75
get some [ __ ] to put it in light a face412.659.299
all right you got a bunch of fish I419.634.539
guess I just throw these for a little421.9496.241
bastard in here like like yeah probably424.1699.601
good hey you're on the red up all right428.198.569
my record seems to be active power is433.776.199
yeah all right tone up slowly but surely436.7595.861
yeah rock and roll baby439.9695.841
pound now look little after the nice442.626.779
hi nice check this out I'm gonna make a451.226.97
grow bed yeah here's a cyclops what's455.075.58
your favorite vegetable ah I don't know458.196.09
I like peppers onions Aaron favorite460.656.03
don't really have a favorite I know the464.285.96
[ __ ] favorite man oh I don't know466.683.56
peppers onions and carrots which one you470.636.97
gonna grab hello I got my [ __ ]473.499.18
Cyclops won't move pilot477.67.8
hey I'm hitting the gas it's not going482.677.05
oh okay I guess you guys made another485.47.44
change without telling me right all489.725.16
right yeah turn the engine on all right492.848.96
I'm gonna take this take this guy out I494.8811.19
like them all yes yes of course I can501.87.45
you have a great noise no I don't have a506.075.599
I am being honest waiting on a [ __ ]513.2295.86
favorite vegetable from yeah yeah like515.7295.911
character a order519.0896.571
there's ranch carrots onions peppers521.644.62
- we're it with the ranch brother Gary526.265.64
I'm never taking this thing that's far529.614.42
for baby we're going to the jungle531.94.05
island when I was investigating as a534.034.35
gauzy basis I remember seeing a farm535.953.99
there I figure I might be able to go538.384.37
there and grab some [ __ ] I can plan hi539.944.99
get the [ __ ] off542.7514.079
oh yeah hold on let me get a get a few563.55.99
things ready no I'm gonna want my567.794.32
flashlights I know I'm gonna want my569.497.33
propulsion cannon no really you're572.117.89
loving that word huh the word I like it576.825.9
just as much as all the other words580.05.25
caution counter read efficiency582.724.74
detective I need to eat and drink585.256.87
we're carrots we've been doing yeah here587.464.9
we go592.124.26
keep on oh yeah Bo Beaudry okay can a592.368.37
good source of food in the past I think596.385.31
they hydrate me too600.736.05
hello Michael socket why would I do that601.698.87
yeah good606.783.78
oh [ __ ] what okay617.5899.721
David no I'm trying to pick up this crab628.33.849
and The Stand propulsion pin is picking630.53.74
up everything what's the [ __ ] crab632.1495.13
all right needs yeah I found some634.247.36
veggies marbled melon now's not carrots637.2796.571
like carrots no I'm gonna take these641.64.609
maybe I can plant these not a huge643.855.849
Chinese potato look I'd rather have the646.2097.091
marble melon these cured there's no649.69912.62
character like what about lantern fruit653.314.149
fellas Lantern oh wow the marble melons662.3199.221
Hey look very nutritious yeah Lantern667.4497.45
fruits they're a little nutritious like671.544.68
there's not bad674.8993.511
all right let me get back the old676.226.059
Cyclops okay all right let's see if this678.416.2
all right I've planted some seeds689.356.28
congratulations far perhaps around need693.494.03
to water them er you should probably put695.634.17
a fish there that's what the I don't697.524.05
want to put a fish in here get it I699.84.58
could install an aquarium in here really701.575.99
we go704.383.18
all right I got a grave really yeah710.664.83
so as you can see this little place I723.724.74
found its called a Reginald he's just725.464.28
just a cute fish nom and let him go I'm729.747.63
actually maybe yeah yeah I'm gonna keep734.2210.68
him all right I got a cute little fish737.3712.35
in here and a couple of space fish you744.97.92
know I don't know you know like a hungry749.724.99
clarity what are the ones I just caught752.828.85
yeah well I gotta eat bubbly we can only754.718.85
have one decoy but yeah would be a bad761.674.67
thing to have take life you never know763.565.43
when these shirts have anymore766.344.51
I'm not gonna be back for like 11 years768.996.12
man okay well you come yeah I don't want770.855.85
any of it it look like the same do you775.114.05
know it's not acid Jersey reserves I776.73.81
know about that doesn't look like we779.163.69
don't like a character Joe it's not I'm780.514.02
not that muscular I gotta look that782.855.63
handsome baby come back we do some784.538.16
program even if I exercise like in a788.485.71
chin implant I'm happy with the way I792.698.52
would well folks group kiss my ass all794.1910.05
right to wiring kits and a copper wire I801.215.82
don't think that's that bad I think we804.243.77
wait it just increases the capacity of808.017.83
the decoys holding - now that's not an811.048.4
actual decoys I don't know where the815.846.09
hell we make the decoys looks like I can819.445.34
have at least five decoys how do I make821.937.46
the damn things on a vacation station oh824.787.65
yeah I don't know how to make it yet the829.395.65
blueprint I have to find I need to go832.435.76
out and find some Salvage remember that835.045.19
area with the the purple things that I838.195.55
could eat I remember seeing a chunk of840.235.49
the Aurora there I'm gonna head that way843.745.15
maybe we can find something845.723.17
oh god oh god oh god a kid yeah some864.32923.91
kind of some kind of shark attack me884.3696.06
I mean it didn't do a lot of damage888.2393.361
they're looking at my health right now890.4293.991
seem to be okay you didn't comply with891.64.469
panic and just because the damn alarms894.423.479
going off thought it would've been fine896.06910.281
if not for that noise not yet897.8998.451
I need yeah I see it really yep one909.4320.4
chuckling Aurora oh [ __ ] me please have914.7721.93
a glowy down here yes what is this Oh a929.8310.77
cyclops thermal reactor module the hell936.78.67
do you think that does really oh man I940.68.6
could easily get disoriented in this one945.373.83
really yep yep just like right here all949.4712.48
right water another data box this956.265.69
nothing usable can't go any further in962.766.21
here needs unless I crawl into a vent966.225.46
yeah I want to shake it yeah968.975.38
take a breath of air real quick so we go971.685.58
do something like that974.356.69
ah full of air977.267.58
go back981.043.8
all right try not to get disoriented992.616.439
here oh this is always feel so scary994.7398.52
keep it out my oxygen for me Oh God okay999.04911.551
that goes nowhere it's a long vent1003.2597.341
alright good deal good deal yep I'm1011.4999.661
looking at it right now1018.4995.221
alright let me get myself oriented1021.165.139
what's a four all right that's the pour1023.726.929
right there okay I always orient myself1026.2998.301
with the floor is the best way to do it1030.6496.89
water Hey hoping to find more in here1037.53912.52
need I'm not my air at all right yeah1040.8811.49
all right I'm gonna go back it seemed to1050.0593.531
be a lot in there noobs1052.374.649
yeah severely disappointing now it's1053.5910.059
kind of pointless yeah oh hey me my1057.0199.27
trees growing I got I got food in here1063.6494.14
looks like it may have been toys full1066.2893.14
right now I need to dump some [ __ ] off1067.7894.02
all right so still don't know how to1069.4299.541
make these decoys me all right all right1071.8097.161
Anish sounds like floating island things1083.938.14
this looks a little different1089.64.15
these are like smaller floating islands1092.073.72
mother grant I don't see any crabs don't1093.758.51
leave I'm just gonna check them out here1095.7912.54
yeah [ __ ] off these ya don't have the1102.266.94
chunk of the Aurora1108.335.79
really yeah oh yeah maybe this maybe1109.29.24
that's one I have some minutes whoo nice1114.1211.04
big jump yeah yeah okay after your way1118.4417.3
in hello - I lose I knew oh now the door1125.1615.66
open the door come on come on there you1135.745.56
whoo all right doors open but you sha1141.311.4
stuff punch that [ __ ] really see the1146.278.2
evening of this room moving forward to1152.76.56
the next couple of lockers1154.474.79
all right another door opening the1159.445.68
second door1164.193.9
next come on step on you son of a [ __ ]1165.128.4
yeah alright alright seems to be a cargo1168.0912.81
hold some sort I'm looking for the good1173.5210.95
stuff man who dares I go nowhere1180.97.64
I found a sealed door I can cut it1184.4710.47
let's see this hole yeah not a hole is1188.5411.2
he gonna take a breath real quick I'm1194.946.24
gonna move the Cyclops little closer to1199.7413.5
that hole yeah alright Rebecca he dumped1201.1812.44
I don't know it's me Mon creature decoy1213.6211.44
blue brand [ __ ] yeah hahaha damn1220.4711.54
straight over after all right now boy1225.066.95
Hey Baby Bop is diving you lose1248.088.7

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