Pizza Pie Robot Warrior!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Have you seen the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's a must-watch for all of us die-hard f...
Pizza Pie Robot Warrior!!! - Generation Zero
Pizza Pie Robot Warrior!!! - Generation Zero

Pizza Pie Robot Warrior!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Pizza Pie Robot Warrior video? It's my absolute favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! I love how the robot just goes around delivering pizzas like a boss.

neebs: And the way it fights off those enemies with pizza slices? Genius! Definitely a must-watch.

simon: Totally! I mean, who wouldn't want a pizza pie robot warrior on their side in a battle? It's epic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

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all right so we're going to clear this0.3594.141
train tunnel out yeah yeah baby yeah1.86.24
yeah let's do it yeah watch out robots4.55.63
we're coming8.0410.749
all right so uh these probably open huh38.36.82
maybe well they usually have all right42.486.0
oh stay back you know how it is oh yeah45.126.36
go back go back okay all right here we48.483.83
like a grenade or something oh yeah53.964.239
you're a good grenade yeah do we have56.6994.02
grenades I think I got one somewhere go58.1996.981
for it or I could just come on60.7194.461
somebody and they get it yeah yeah it70.74.36
was already kind of started though I73.565.34
loosened it all right down down y'all75.069.12
going down there yeah yeah okay yeah78.99.12
all the way down sure84.183.84
all right we're just heading down it's a88.4393.421
good day for abstract to take off huh90.364.079
agreed right because uh we don't know91.863.96
what we're doing yeah yeah so in other94.4393.781
words that was sarcasm we're fine well I95.824.619
mean it's good there's no robots there98.224.8
will be there will be robots yeah right100.4394.021
there right there103.023.54
someone doing it yeah it's medium it's a104.463.72
hunter isn't it tell you what I'll do a106.563.059
little EMP and we'll go take them out108.183.42
you ready [ __ ] yeah sure109.6193.121
here we go111.62.839
is that too far112.746.8
nah did that work I don't know114.4398.101
oh [ __ ] come on now125.964.859
yeah right in the tank all right so he131.184.9
was facing me I can't tell half the time134.224.379
which was the front back one of the one136.085.04
in the tank two in the two in the blank138.5994.86
okay I bet this has the other robots in141.126.0
these uh-huh yup what a surprise all143.4594.86
right so we don't even need to open the147.122.28
other ones they'll probably all just148.3192.64
blow up they'll all blow up let me try149.43.839
the shotgun yeah150.9594.261
oh yeah you did loosen it last time153.2394.201
didn't you yeah155.226.0
we should count two three oh157.444.77
feels like a pop goes a weasel it does169.284.72
it does there's this one though we're172.0193.481
gonna have to do this one oh it didn't174.04.379
do it it look like it oh bird shot175.55.58
trying birdshot all right178.3794.741
That's Where It's At well they were181.083.96
probably weak from here exactly yeah183.124.44
moving on this is easy185.045.58
it's like making a good stew187.565.539
you know194.8193.901
we got some stuff in here let's check it196.0997.201
out there's a gun box gun box198.724.58
oh no I didn't I think it's an hp5 or204.086.579
something HPV is another thing I got a208.3795.341
four star four Crown assault rifle it210.6594.8
has got a bunch of barrels you got213.725.4
barrels in the gun box just barrels huh215.4595.7
you really have [ __ ] luck when it comes219.123.96
down to finding things and looting sorry221.1594.201
babes that's all right I'll make do with223.084.64
the bat225.362.36
pretty cool though yep all right it229.144.44
looks like it uh Forks right or there's231.2993.541
something to the right that looks like233.584.019
it's an opening doesn't it yeah big door234.845.28
to the left and then the opening to the237.5995.581
right oh that's blocked off yeah I'll240.124.86
make sure and I'll bet there's some more243.183.6
things we can blow up in that opening244.983.78
but this is246.784.379
yep unavailable it's locked248.766.119
all right here this is uh the Muskegon251.1597.14
or cutting discarding the butt that's254.8796.001
right yep I like when you speak Swedish258.2995.421
yes me too is that your first language260.886.0
uh yes second language is uh it's263.725.86
actually Dutch yeah it's water treatment266.885.759
here I think we go around this way I bet269.586.48
this is it yeah oh yeah oh look at this272.6395.701
beautiful view Beyond I mean it's just276.064.199
water but still I have a beautiful what278.344.26
view of you I thought you made it some280.2595.281
kind of word I heard view Beyond282.66.9
step back y'all okay bird shot285.546.06
oh that's not that's not my I like my289.56.419
shotgun oh wait let me here291.64.319
that's a nice little addition these I300.626.4
think that is lovely thank you oh thank304.025.88
you oh thank you wow okay we got a peek307.025.64
down here but the view Beyond it does309.95.28
look quite beautiful312.664.2
oh look there's probably another one we315.183.0
gotta blow up down here because it's red316.865.46
no no so it says we're done nope we got318.185.88
one more it is then yeah you're right322.324.34
you're right324.062.6
that's it that's fake by us you don't327.33.72
think this is it nope well there's329.285.24
robots you're talking about it331.023.5
why do you do that here's some more338.185.68
money it was funny there's more there we340.684.859
go this is gonna be great we're getting343.863.66
so good at this remember we used to blow345.5393.361
these up by accident we're like what347.523.56
what the [ __ ] was that did someone shoot361.685.239
yeah we were moving in sorry364.1996.301
all I took was one the person took one366.9196.72
shot that was great370.53.139
now we know what we're doing it is wacky375.4194.401
yeah we do380.6993.44
that you did that was hilarious384.1394.981
ah yes this is nice This is Love Oh What398.728.5
a Beautiful Day blue skies a little403.685.34
cloudy let's see it's nicer this way407.224.08
than it is that way that's great great409.024.619
all right we're gonna head to this uh411.35.1
City clintsville okay so we're going to413.6396.06
the city for looking for what guns let's416.45.46
get some more guns stronger weapons you419.6994.261
can never have enough look it yes are we421.863.24
going through that tunnel we're gonna go423.963.299
around let's go around can we climb this425.14.319
really this looks like a straighter shot427.2594.44
to the city probably429.4194.381
yeah you're right because you'd think431.6994.321
that they made that tunnel for you yeah433.84.2
not a pointless tunnel probably to go436.024.5
East oh we got a lovely there we go okay438.05.039
this is it right here yeah would have440.524.5
been fun to see revealed via Tunnel443.0393.901
right the tunnel doesn't go that way it445.023.42
goes east I'm just saying it would have446.943.84
been fun I mean you mean you told me the448.444.199
tunnel wouldn't have brought you here450.784.02
just a little bit farther east you know452.6394.921
turning in uh I know directions yeah it454.84.08
was just a slight turn we could have457.562.759
like the end of the tunnels probably458.882.58
like right where I'm looking doesn't460.3192.641
matter we're here 90 degree turn all461.463.9
right fine fine welcome to Clinton462.966.179
everybody yeah whatever465.368.16
hey salmon yeah look what they got oh469.1398.221
Pizzeria today473.523.84
I think you'd overdid it a little bit of496.84.019
course he overdid it I'm peeking around499.1994.381
this building real quick peekaboo yep500.8194.801
there's a hunter walk around uh your503.584.739
side the other way oh okay trying to505.624.38
play some peek-a-boos what'd you say the508.3194.941
hunter was uh to the east510.06.839
should be right right around this corner513.266.219
Pizza Pie Pizza didn't you just like run516.8393.961
right in front of them yeah he better519.4794.641
hide I'm coming okay520.83.32
oh [ __ ]529.2794.0
spiders that's a miss here we go533.8396.94
running running get the tank get your538.084.939
hang on seven I'm coming543.384.62
can I revive him I'll revive you there548.04.48
you go what I didn't think you could oh550.442.959
hey I got something to try okay whoa553.3995.161
that's coming in this is556.384.94
come on now we're doing science558.566.52
oh you're gonna get it yeah yeah so what561.326.88
I got is a EMP rocket oh yeah oh I got565.085.4
this cover right here oh yeah I want to568.24.38
kill him yeah I did sorry good job Simon570.484.2
one shot we really wanted to try that572.584.14
rocket out though well you're gonna be574.683.54
able to do it next time yeah on one that576.723.72
that needs I need health packs or Med578.224.44
packs he hasn't got any uh yeah I580.444.26
couldn't spare a few thank you but first582.666.66
you know what we got to do what happens584.74.62
well well if it is a catfish chickens on596.9595.44
my property where you don't mind it's my600.363.96
[ __ ] it is your property why'd you leave604.324.86
me alone Uncle dick you you just keep on606.664.02
harassing me I don't need this for609.183.719
Dragon well you're spreading lies about610.685.82
me my sister and my fish tank that I had612.8995.821
well your sisters is Lord and she can't616.53.959
keep my mouth shut but what about my618.723.48
fish tank that I had what are you620.4593.421
talking about that was my fish tank to622.24.259
my cousin's friend gave to me on my last623.885.82
birthday ah [ __ ] right it's your sister626.4596.481
too hey Yoda wanna told me that catfish629.75.1
Jenkins you got me this time but I'll be632.943.26
back again634.83.84
by the way you're gonna buy one of those636.24.66
surrealist YouTubes I would have my638.645.22
digital wasn't even doing640.865.659
I think I hear the little spiders these704.186.159
are spiders oh my go downstairs here too708.04.98
oh there's a door open gotcha oh okay710.3394.62
I'm getting spotted up there should we712.984.62
stick together sure good good shotgun714.9594.801
time all right just little by little you717.63.96
wanna I'm gonna try this other gun it's719.764.199
got a little SMG all right I'll do this721.565.58
shotgun I'm sorry sorry about that is723.9595.221
this regular smoke or like kill you dead727.144.319
smoke it seems like it's friendly smoke729.184.62
friendly smoke yeah sorry about that731.4596.181
also got an enjoyable smoke ah oh that's733.85.58
the gun I'm using I can't believe you're737.644.8
walking to neebs huh yeah it's like in739.385.22
my on my screen you just walking into742.443.959
the corner of a door yeah lock pick744.65.16
right here yeah746.3993.361
oh look at this what'd y'all see I just750.36.3
gotta hey weapons nibs yep good weapon753.544.44
oh wait what's this that looks pretty756.63.84
good what'd you get man it just what757.985.64
what I get it like goes into a menu yeah760.445.639
it didn't tell me it didn't tell me [ __ ]763.624.56
either on that one ah get it go in there766.0794.44
search your search your [ __ ] oh yeah768.186.42
look here is that an AI or AI 76 assault770.5196.181
rifle man that looks pretty good is that774.63.9
what it is and he uses seven six two776.73.6
damn right it does I got a ton of that778.53.54
back at the house you're not carrying780.34.38
that ammo with you nah because look I'm782.044.739
already overweight yeah but the ammo is784.684.399
like practically nowhere already786.7795.961
overweight and it would in it789.0796.94
you guys I'm just saying this is what792.745.5
Anthony says it's gonna be fun you guys796.0194.62
coming I'm trying to I'm trying to798.244.74
increase my encumbrance yeah gotta get800.6394.2
rid of those bullets they're so heavy I802.983.299
need the room for adrenaline shots to804.8394.141
keep you alive go screw uh we should use806.2795.041
these weapons on something ooh something808.984.88
big yeah811.322.54
let's see yeah we're going to use our819.0196.581
new guns uh yeah and then we're gonna823.0194.5
try out my EMP Rockets too yeah please825.64.62
do get on top of this let's start with827.5195.94
the EMP racket makes all the sense yeah830.225.16
I I thought we were going to be a little833.4594.44
bit closer well because I don't like I835.385.16
don't even have a weapon that has a837.8995.641
scope on it with me that's crazy isn't840.546.9
it kinda I guess I am unprepared that's843.546.359
crazy yeah well I don't usually use like847.444.44
I don't have a lot of bullets for my for849.8994.44
my scoped gun all right we'll just walk851.885.22
in closer I yeah854.3394.5
oh neebs you're gonna be using your857.13.419
rocket launcher yeah I just said that858.8393.601
yeah we just talked EMP Rockets what860.5193.421
were you thinking empty Rockets I'm862.443.92
going to be using regular Rockets okay863.945.88
oh there's two yeah yeah yeah yeah do866.365.14
you know there were two yes I didn't869.823.9
know there were two there's two okay871.55.16
that changes things yeah to two yep873.725.1
doubles it actually that's right that's876.664.919
twice as hard rallies uh but we just878.825.04
have to kill the one he ran oh [ __ ] yeah881.5794.32
there's nothing spot on there I think he883.865.94
tripped yeah we saw that you loser oh885.8996.06
there's a tank shot right there [ __ ] I889.85.76
want it should we take it yeah do it do891.9594.921
it doing it895.563.18
your favorite rocket896.886.36
all right boys all right yeah yeah new898.746.18
yeah yeah904.927.219
okay I can wait come on baby907.3994.74
where is your tank it's right in front915.124.159
of me917.042.239
[ __ ] you guys are so close it's crazy oh919.947.24
hey dress this is a safer out back there923.886.62
yeah tree cover I like that927.183.32
hey you did the MP I'll do the other one937.5794.601
yep let me know I gotta heal I just did940.0194.56
it I just did it all right shooting at942.184.519
and his rocket is whoa crap crap crap949.5795.861
never I'm almost giving up no I don't do955.444.82
holy [ __ ] this guy's right on top of us962.487.12
yeah where's your tank you little [ __ ] I966.1398.281
wish I could tell I got an EMP rocket969.64.82
came in barely and helped one more huh988.2795.381
yeah yeah but let's consider that a win991.325.24
no matter what yeah993.662.9
stuck on a rock it's beautiful998.6993.56
here we go you ready Sam I'm right1003.4594.721
behind you I don't see him yet he's1006.682.82
right here1008.183.44
here we go1009.55.1
yeah we're talking1011.627.92
oh yeah Oh I thought it was down1014.64.94
look at a little dark now aren't ya okay1021.046.48
I'll be broke down1024.7992.721
oh yeah oh boy I don't seem oh I got you1028.727.199
right in your ass that was too close oh1035.9197.961
he's scared oh yeah how many more shots1039.9396.341
oh my God I'm using all 900 of these1043.883.319
762 come on1047.1993.72
holy [ __ ]1057.224.54
better be some good stuff in there1060.324.32
enough is enough holy crap that's a lot1061.766.0
of stuff oh wow blasters experimental1064.646.779
helmets helmets got a Blue Camel oh wow1067.769.26
bad okay yeah success1071.4197.521
who needs Astro1077.027.3

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