Pillager Outpost SOLO Mission! - (Minecraft Ep 5)

Today everyone makes progress with their builds and has a super chill time...except for Thick who sets his sights on a pillager outpost...and Dora who...
Pillager Outpost SOLO Mission! - (Minecraft Ep 5)
Pillager Outpost SOLO Mission! - (Minecraft Ep 5)

Pillager Outpost SOLO Mission! - (Minecraft Ep 5)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! So, in the latest video, the gang is back at it again with their Minecraft adventures, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride. Everyone is making progress on their builds and just having an overall super chill time, as per usual. Well, everyone except for Thick. He's got his eyes set on a pillager outpost and you just know things are about to get interesting.

And of course, we can't forget about Dora, who decides to tag along and follow Thick on his daring mission. Will they succeed? Will they face unexpected challenges? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

By the way, have you checked out the awesome Xidax PCs that power Neebs Gaming? If not, you definitely should! And if you want to copy their mod setup, they've got a video showing you how to do just that. Plus, there's even Neebs Gaming coffee available now - perfect for those late-night gaming sessions.

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So, grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic Minecraft fun with the Neebs crew. It's gonna be a blast, trust me. Thanks for watching and remember to keep on gaming! 🚀 #Minecraft #Neebs #Raytracing

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needs hello hello hey come here0.88.29
yeah hey hey man it's been brought to my5.736.14
attention that someone sold you my horse9.094.679
well how would someone sell me your11.872.439
it was my horse and someone either sold14.3094.951
it or traded you believe it was Apsara17.014.41
baby yeah I think I've when I give him19.265.31
metal it's pretty expensive yeah it's21.425.13
pretty good horse yeah it why horse24.574.83
though huh you can't you can't buy a26.555.069
horse from somebody if it's not their29.44.65
horse you have to make this right napes31.6194.35
what wait I would I would own think I'm34.053.57
the guy that makes it right Emma but35.9694.201
yeah you have my horse I'm the I feel37.624.439
like I'm the victim so you're the victim40.175.31
go talk to AB throat okay yeah these42.0599.031
horses are so fun Oh mine was stolen and45.489.059
then sold what part yeah needs now has51.095.73
my where zaps rose tree house purse he54.53910.321
had he's in the trees yeah I need that56.8210.02
horse back oh yeah hold on a busy right64.864.47
now I got to put all this stuff oh no I66.843.81
don't want to keep my sugar cane I need69.334.05
F later stuff for the popper after all I70.654.62
need you to just stop what you're doing73.383.599
and go get my horse please find a second75.274.44
compost bin goes into here makes a bone76.9793.961
meal and79.713.54
I'll be able to make white knight80.943.99
alright I am making progress83.253.66
what's up can you get my horse back84.935.28
please no sold it and leaves that was my86.915.34
horse yeah it's weird how that works in90.212.4
you know what it's fine I'm gonna well92.613.57
he has a skeleton horse steel that one94.653.3
it's a good idea I mean you look like a96.184.23
man who wants to ride a skeleton horse97.953.93
you're right I don't know why we're100.413.03
still in each other's I know I'm101.883.48
also a man of honor103.444.02
that doesn't steal horses I'll say hey105.363.78
his skeleton doors we went for it now107.463.18
hey thick yeah109.143.5
got a sweet treehouse for sale110.6415.59
man oh man this whole Crouch thing is139.4594.411
changing my world142.374.289
hardly any more falling for me this is143.875.31
looking good my trees getting what's146.6593.36
going on here149.183.389
I lost my tree there you are what's your150.0194.651
goal summit hey Pete where are you I'm152.5694.771
in the farm where's your I just heart154.673.899
what do you mean what do you mean oh157.344.8
there you go so high I don't know what's158.5695.581
going on I just found out I can't plant162.146.0
a tree sideways ah shucks everyone I164.156.539
think it's a real bummer what uh what's168.144.429
your goal my goal is to make something170.6893.901
magnificent well you're halfway there172.5694.631
I'm just gonna keep on going up how tall174.595.369
does this baby go well I support you177.26.679
thank you literally I'm gonna feed you179.9595.31
you don't think that's an eyesore yes I185.2693.181
do Oh187.5792.731
I just haven't heard you mention that188.453.929
well I'm just glad he hasn't come closer190.314.56
to my house yeah I'm respecting your192.3793.241
it's just that I'm gonna make something195.623.569
so big and beautiful you can't deny it197.094.56
leaves your resales garbage at this199.1895.221
point you know that nobody's trying to201.655.369
stir the pot powder just call them like204.414.889
I see em you're a pop star yeah someone207.0194.411
needs to stir it make sure you stir it209.2996.12
enough otherwise well this has been fun211.437.019
but I gotta go run my horse you know he215.4196.0
gets antsy oh good I don't know what218.4495.18
else to say you don't have to thank you221.4199.18
back to work okay let's see if this223.6298.551
all right saddle get out dude I get out232.188.949
of here just chop this up okay chop it238.255.639
up ah hello Simon241.1294.83
hey hey you doing man look at this guy243.8896.511
Oh skeleton horse yeah that's mine now I245.9596.78
don't think it's that good of a deal cuz250.44.949
Neves bought my horse for maps rohu252.7394.65
wasn't like supposed to sell it why255.3493.841
would why would anybody do that well you257.3895.221
saw somebody else's you know why rain I259.197.59
hate rain rains nice it'll get my tree262.616.96
to grow valleys yep is your face still266.785.26
is it's different269.575.66
I can't see it okay feel like it looks272.045.2
different every time I see you yeah now275.233.9
people had a problem with it and it was277.244.32
changed I don't have any say in this279.135.31
okay you know they they were bothered by281.566.03
my appearance just petty stuff okay hey284.445.28
I saw a large structure out in the287.593.06
desert yep289.722.61
that I want to check out oh I'm ready290.653.27
for an adventure right now okay I just292.333.45
have to stop by my place real quick and293.924.02
then I'll grab a horse all right yeah I295.786.26
mean like you have to pee doraleous I297.944.1
all right goodbye guys goodbye right302.497.69
rain this is perfect make my concrete307.574.71
powder come on come on all right is that310.186.39
all I got all right see the rain here312.287.28
come on still all right you're not gonna319.563.67
ruin my day322.633.48
it's Brady put down this concrete powder323.236.57
wait a minute is the rain for sure yeah326.114.77
I mean you got to put this stuff in329.83.27
water to turn into concrete was the rain330.884.55
not doing it I mean come on333.076.03
yeah now we're cooking now get some335.438.02
concrete yes yes having a good day good339.16.84
day in Minecraft at the rain one of the343.454.08
rain but now I don't want the rain was345.943.57
the rain would go away because boys347.533.48
worried a creeper is gonna be at my back349.514.26
haha oh ho ho351.018.61
oh I hear ya get it mr. booty bone hit353.778.67
it mr. moody bones get him get him get359.627.61
him you even fight bad dog bad dog362.444.79
I gotta train you better stuck in the367.445.41
water oh god is love gay all right okay370.62.88
you know what372.852.49
come on mr. boo Tebow we're running back373.483.3
to the house it is getting a lawyer to375.342.53
crazy out here376.783.43
what is that it's a batch god oh yeah380.217.38
big hole in my yard cow oh boy384.9797.951
Oh get low and Hill okay leave me alone387.597.229
are these things I hate them392.935.22
okay and Bobby in my house course is a394.8197.38
zombie in my house go away feeling398.155.43
pretty vulnerable right now I'm just402.1993.331
gonna hide in the corner mr. boo t-bone403.583.869
you've got to learn to fight a little405.536.259
bit bad dog bad dog407.4494.34
Vick yeah why do we do these things when419.9495.261
it's getting dark I don't know I don't423.114.47
realize that it gets dark well until425.214.17
it's dark what about when it's getting427.585.28
dark is that well there's a village429.385.219
right here we could check up at you432.863.75
might have two men I don't freakin bad I434.5993.991
asked well sorry we couldn't bring the436.613.54
horses but you have to get to this place438.593.66
by boat and this is the place but yeah440.154.32
let's go let's go visit with these IV442.254.88
bin serves you've been to this one no oh444.476.36
let's see who's here hello hello we're447.135.68
friendly people we are we don't need450.834.23
your language but yeah I know how to say452.814.74
yeah you happy to steal your stuff yeah455.063.24
let's see what they got457.553.75
okay lots of bread artisans I got a458.36.72
compass compass indeed you did and empty461.37.23
maps empty what maps Hey Oh three lies465.025.94
yep they're all like congregating over468.533.93
here oh they're probably doing a ritual470.964.53
oh yeah I don't know ooh what is this472.465.37
what do I do Katie cats in here I make a475.494.59
map really it's come here what come this477.834.74
way it's gonna be okay hold on I'm gonna480.084.11
get my lantern out I made a lantern oh482.573.599
crap wrong button484.194.38
what did I do oh I'm gonna hang by this486.1693.271
McCallum oh hey look at these guys they489.445.729
having some sort of uh dude orgy you492.9797.231
guys doing hey you know zombie zombie495.1697.321
hey what's getting these houses yep our500.213.57
house is now thank you502.496.61
well there you go good job buds503.7817.889
it's gonna chill by you yes what does509.116.89
that miss well it was a great plan until521.6696.841
this tree for some reason on top of the525.995.22
third tree is not growing out there's a528.517.98
skeleton in a hole over here at531.217.05
nighttime around here and we're in the536.494.65
rain but I'm planting another tree in a538.264.89
different spot not on top of the trees541.144.41
okay so I'm hoping that'll work543.153.93
I'm just doing science what are you545.553.06
doing nothing but hold on if you're547.082.91
trying to grow trees I got something548.613.3
that might help you well how do you get549.994.11
up here oh boy let's see oh it's a551.915.52
measure okay it's amazing and of itself554.17.26
in it yeah here good luck I can find it557.436.51
I still don't know exactly how to go561.364.29
down I try to make these things safe563.943.48
here like you can go down look like565.653.42
right now there you go okay I'm going on567.423.45
it just kind of fall into it sometimes I569.073.63
don't just doesn't work sometimes all570.873.24
right so what's up this guy won't grow572.73.15
this guy won't grow right what do you574.113.93
got check this out I got a bone and can575.854.32
turn it into bone meal uh-huh I'm gonna578.043.87
give you a little bit here you go now580.176.11
use that on the tree so use this so I581.917.29
right-click on the tree yeah boom586.285.8
do it again whoa doing it oh all right589.24.68
something's going on so it is it's doing592.084.08
a little green little oh yeah that's593.883.78
supposed to make those things grow596.162.61
faster but I don't know if you're just597.663.78
in a weird spot just think doing well598.774.77
the thing is I think it's because the601.445.19
games saying uh-uh because I know how603.544.68
long it takes for these things to grow606.633.69
and it should have grew by now all the608.224.35
other the other three they grew they610.323.78
grew in half the amount of time really612.573.3
yeah yeah I got more bone meal I'm just614.14.38
curious what if I I'm gonna do can I use615.875.43
it up here I got it you did yeah look at618.484.71
you but more bone meals all it needed oh621.33.51
you were wonderful man and look at this623.193.33
I got another tree up here624.813.78
can I do that I'm gonna do it to this626.523.84
guy yeah keep doing it I got a couple628.592.74
hey how it looks like a shorter tree631.336.66
yeah it is yeah the one that I grew is I635.894.889
won't be pretty big I know this is the637.994.86
first short tree of habit I'm happy it's640.7794.891
still working out where's NIMH names642.855.1
yeah man what's your food situation I645.6711.97
hope good you got a health hazard there647.9511.97
I was trying to eat bread and then657.644.439
instead I swung the bread like a weapon659.926.72
oh yeah okay yeah that was a big mistake662.0797.521
all right doraleous I think we can dock670.353.7
up here and I'll show you what I'm672.5193.63
talking about I really was at a temple674.053.99
over here too you were already at this676.1493.87
temple well there there is a temple678.044.77
close by yes but what I'm talking about680.0195.401
is a little further away just follow me682.814.41
if you would never been this far away685.424.349
from home little scared well I think687.224.35
it'd be fine we've got some sand bunnies689.7694.111
out here sorry sand bunnies it looks691.574.05
like oh wow there's sand bunnies it693.883.81
sounds like some sort of a derogatory695.625.969
term it's legit 'san buddy yeah okay697.698.76
what are they taste yeah yeah no no they701.5895.31
can't be706.451.949
they can't be tasty there's nothing706.8993.451
worse than sand and your food especially708.3993.93
for like grilling at the beach or710.353.39
something you ever done that oh yeah oh712.3293.421
especially when it gets on your fruit Oh713.743.93
what yeah like you get you have715.753.87
watermelon you're trying to enjoy some717.673.419
yeah there's just watermelon I'm719.623.089
thinking just food in general there's no721.0893.361
need to be specific about the food just722.7094.021
sand on food okay you just froze up724.453.81
there what's up yeah I know I'm just726.733.39
looking for this place I have to get a728.264.65
little higher where is this place I feel730.124.95
like Indiana Jones right now but not732.914.02
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull735.073.99
no Indiana Jones knew where he was going736.934.83
I kinda know where I'm going imagine a739.064.2
movie where he was just like I don't741.763.09
right what are you gonna do Indy ah I744.853.46
don't know747.5293.691
punch it Chewie Price where is that748.315.64
place we're gonna find it doraleous okay751.224.11
mark my words753.953.48
man watch out for the cactus I learned755.333.6
the hard way that what sticks out757.434.92
Green's got the not bamboo dude off to758.935.159
the right there just like that's762.354.109
beautiful that's like yeah we could make764.0895.37
a resort there a casino a casino resort766.4597.531
hole ha ha ha such such the endeavor769.4597.351
with where's this place I don't know I'm773.996.11
just drawn to here ok let's go that way776.816.3
this is where resort goes what do we780.15.71
call it resort sandals that's already783.115.669
taken we're gonna get sued yeah or what785.815.04
if we make a brand deal with sandals we788.7794.231
don't need them well I'm just saying790.855.34
what's this what is that is that is that793.017.53
bamboo oh yeah yeah you remember what796.1910.11
you just told me oh okay800.5411.58
- string - Oh planks loom all right now806.38.39
I should be maybe there's a good spot so812.124.92
my sheep which are back where they're814.695.98
supposed to be um I have the wool on me817.048.07
so I should tell this work okay do I820.678.7
just keep the wool nope don't understand825.116.72
it I have a loom and have some wool I829.374.05
should be the figure this out right831.836.06
don't drag anything crap Simon's the833.425.91
only person here it's Simon you know the837.894.949
person here why anybody else that knows839.335.49
how to use alone oh I know how to use842.8393.481
the lures you don't know how to use I844.822.4
okay me tries again so mmm847.228.73
I have string and wool in a loom not850.57910.021
really okay well you know what let's go855.956.84
for it how do I use the loom I know I860.64.59
use one real life how you think I use862.793.71
this loom I don't know865.193.26
oh I'm just trying to make a point about866.54.08
the fact that I'm knowledgeable and yeah868.453.36
like of course you don't870.583.96
not in this situation like all right I871.814.05
look forward to talking to you about874.543.69
real looms in the future yes we can have875.869.21
a book club and talk about it okay there878.237.68
it is really us885.072.94
there's what a building I was telling885.914.53
you about a tower see we're gonna need888.014.47
some sort of a restaurant to attract890.444.35
people to our resort so this is too far892.484.44
from the resort though hey but we got to894.794.17
think big it's gonna be a big resort we896.923.18
could just make a restaurant by the898.962.88
resort we could but look at this900.13.39
structure okay we gotta go see it I'm we901.843.39
can turn into like a Carabas or903.494.62
something fancy hmm yeah905.235.61
build up you know garden on the roof I908.113.93
don't know if we want to go910.843.51
Carabas fancies I mean they're tuscan912.044.11
delights are amazing yeah I like their914.357.02
muscles a lot all right hello you just916.155.79
never know921.374.47
okay holes and such yeah hello here's a921.946.21
villager wait a second wait a second925.843.93
wait a second he's happy he's not happy928.154.38
oh boy I'm stuck they're not happy okay929.775.52
okay what do I do okay I got it here we932.539.9
go oh they're looking at me one down one935.2912.51
down whoa crap two down two down oh I942.437.23
didn't bring my man I had a shield I947.83.24
should have brought my shield oh you949.663.27
have a shield made a shield all right951.044.23
hold up are there more there must be I952.934.71
can't just be two blocking oh I see oh955.273.9
are they up in there yeah there's one957.643.63
with like a flag so doraleous she's959.175.88
surrendering yeah look I have an idea to961.275.73
get into this place huh underneath965.055.399
underneath I also have967.05.339
some TNT that I got from one of the970.4494.23
temples so we go in from underneath972.3395.31
maybe go up top and then throw it down974.6794.68
on them and blow them up why don't we977.6493.24
just build up and straight across to the979.3593.51
top then I don't know I like tunneling980.8893.57
under like a let's do both you tunnel982.8693.421
under I'll meet you at the top okay984.45920.521
great oh I see the floor ah come up from986.2922.109
the bottom anybody up there this could1004.985.599
go away south ooh1008.3996.96
infiltration ICU oh they're all coming1010.5797.78
Oh fortnight but the door can't get in1015.3595.58
hi this is my place now welcome to grab1018.3595.761
a sucker's do a chest bottle of1020.9395.071
enchanting crossbow all sorts of goodies1024.124.98
all right where's my where's my TNT hey1026.017.169
guys Oh oh my god this is gonna be so1029.19.69
awesome so I set it there hey guys hey1033.17917.181
no I felt weird night matter oh no no1038.7914.04
all right all right all right I'm1050.364.54
leaving I'm leaving I didn't know I was1052.834.7
gonna fall gracias oh they're coming1054.95.49
move to bore them down there but that's1057.534.81
probably dangerous too they're all1060.3915.99
coming hold on hold on all day I'm going1062.3417.24
back to my house my Carabas ow1076.384.37
get in there suck us he gots guys over1080.756.37
there I wish I could remember where my1086.047.73
hole is at oh boy this gives me an 2441087.126.65
oh god where's my hole where's my old so1094.4513.079
it's a pretty sweet gig huh you enjoy1105.5194.081
this just gonna wander around and do1107.5293.51
your do you think it's like I'm doing a1109.64.919
ride-along I like this like I'm filming1111.0395.431
cops or something they treat you good1114.5194.951
though they do they treat you good you1116.475.97
do they treat hmm I mean maybe that's1119.475.699
I'm prying too much I don't know but uh1122.444.77
Oh what was that1125.1693.84
it's that up there in a kitty cat or1127.213.0
something that look bigger than a kitty1129.0091.681
you know what that okay what what you're1130.694.02
always looking make me nervous man yeah1132.4294.56
I'm not trying to hold you up no do you1134.714.919
think excuse me excuse me just gonna1136.9894.56
follow you you just kind of clear out1139.6294.05
here doesn't it I like seeing you beat1141.5494.38
the beat the mess out of things tell1143.6794.411
you're pretty strong you're really1145.9296.0
strong all right this is fun you havin1148.095.549
fun excuse me1151.92912.031
sorry about that on the beat right yeah1153.63912.6
be careful obviously you know lava right1163.966.299
but I mean this is your mind it's not a1166.2396.15
claim to a mine yes whoever wants to1170.2594.831
mind can mine how do you know I mean you1172.3894.53
just kind of ran into this oh yeah yeah1175.093.12
I've been down here before I ran into1176.9194.771
this ravine just keep on digging I1178.217.01
thought this was by neebs his house1181.693.53
yeah I would think that the entrance1185.838.909
yeah this would be an Yves mine I don't1188.8312.419
see yeah see obviously Simon be careful1194.7399.81
with the dilemma listen I'm just happy1201.2494.861
to not be getting something other than1204.5493.031
dirt because that's usually what I deal1206.113.84
with dirt I'm a dirt dealer yeah max I'm1207.584.26
getting dirt right now but uh yeah some1209.954.709
good coal but yeah I need metal probably1211.844.529
she don't have to go this deep for metal1214.6594.89
but you find good metal I could see the1216.3695.37
appeal and digging underneath the ground1219.5494.62
I think I might do that next after I'm1221.7394.89
done with my tree thing okay and just1224.1694.771
building like I'm not building just1226.6294.471
tunneling out a crazy thing underneath1228.946.39
maybe underneath your yeah why not did1231.111.159
y'all go straight okay I kind of want to1235.339.209
dig under the like like in the water1242.2594.081
like dig underneath the water and then1244.5393.48
try to find an opening and then let all1246.344.26
the water come out hello nope look1248.0194.29
here's some of that blue stuff lapiz1250.63.809
love you is that what that is yeah we1252.3094.44
start we use that for enchanting the1254.4094.171
most worthless thing in Minecraft didn't1256.7493.15
it no not anymore1258.583.329
oh good yeah you use it to enchant so1259.8993.6
once we built I think do rallies has an1261.9093.541
enchanting table in his house okay so we1263.4993.63
can go over there we can use that the1265.453.089
points we have everybody has like a1267.1292.971
little green bar down there with a1268.5393.151
number so that's how many enchanting1270.13.809
points you have so I'm 17 hey so that's1271.693.959
pretty good so you can use those points1273.9094.08
at the enchanting table with that blue1275.6494.86
stuff to check your weapons and tools1277.9893.54
and you have you have yeah give you1280.5092.191
what's your salmon1281.5293.78
what's my I wasn't listening to what you1282.74.349
were saying your green number do you1285.3093.21
have a green number at the bottom on the1287.0493.06
bottom of my screen right now the green1288.5193.061
number in between the hearts and the1290.1094.41
food should be at a green number no yeah1291.584.559
I think I remember seeing something the1294.5192.711
other day but there's nothing there1296.1392.381
now that means you probably don't have1297.233.27
anything I think I'd like a four does1298.523.39
that make sense yeah you probably died1300.54.65
too much really yeah if you don't get1301.915.28
back to your stuff it'll reset yeah I1305.153.12
had pretty high never until someone1307.192.729
pushed me off a tree house today yeah I1308.276.87
apologize for that but I okay three1309.9199.181
Alice oh I see one of those yeah oh yeah1315.146.87
come on come on there's lot to you okay1319.14.56
okay here we go1322.014.97
going back to strategy numero uno1323.666.56
fortnight all right1326.9810.66
nope har-har Oh all right we're good now1330.229.73
we're gonna do this the right way and1337.647.02
not die cuz this is my Carabas where's1339.9512.83
your leader show your face coward this1344.668.12
my butt pucker a little bit there all1353.336.839
right hey can you guys see me hey hold1356.489.23
on oh yeah you especially you here we go1360.1695.541
voluntary exile that mean kiss my butt1369.858.409
kiss my caboose here we go how about1374.1498.15
another one and another one1378.2594.04
I'm gonna take your stuff whoever to1400.436.05
Carabas do you like some breadsticks1402.623.86

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