Our Zombie SPAWNER is LEAKING! - Minecraft (#35)

Minecraft - Out with their first spawner, and on with their second! Appsro, Neebs, and Anthony make a zombie spawner while Dora and Simon attempt to s...
Our Zombie SPAWNER is LEAKING! - Minecraft (#35)
Our Zombie SPAWNER is LEAKING! - Minecraft (#35)

Our Zombie SPAWNER is LEAKING! - Minecraft (#35)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Neebs Gaming on Minecraft? It's epic! Appsro, Neebs, and Anthony are up to their usual shenanigans, this time building a zombie spawner while Dora and Simon go on a quest for a trident. It's non-stop action and hilarious moments from start to finish.

And have you checked out their Folding@Home team? They're making a real difference, so be sure to join if you can. Plus, you can support the channel by buying their awesome "Super Simon Defense Squadron" shirt. It's a must-have for any fan.

If you're wondering how they set up their mods, they've got a video for that too. And don't forget to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more awesome content. They're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know they mean business.

The Minecraft playlist is full of amazing adventures, so be sure to check it out. And if you're a fan of Minecraft Java Edition, they've got you covered with all the latest updates and gameplay.

The music in the video is on point, with tracks from Kevin MacLeod and The Mini Vandals setting the perfect tone for their epic journey. And don't forget to follow them on social media and join their Discord server for even more fun.

Overall, this episode of Minecraft is a rollercoaster of emotions, from Adahop Appreciation Hour to the epic conclusion. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Neebs Gaming. You won't be disappointed! 🚀

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you coming what Monique I'm almost up5.8395.92
for 47 yeah me and I ever get ready to9.157.41
combine some stuff in the envelope I11.7597.951
want to see it happen boy a girl16.566.84
alright so I'm gonna do hmm had a bunch19.717.05
of stuff I got a bow of unbreaking you23.44.68
have anything that can fix a froze neck26.763.54
no no I'm doing this because I'm excited28.085.19
it's got flames on it and Oh punch 130.36.54
power 3 oh it's only nun enchantment oh33.277.44
wait I get to name it I don't know36.846.989
I call it hook folks Oki Oki pokes ok40.715.7
sure you put me it's almost broken43.8293.21
well we can repair it gotta add more to47.0396.331
it yeah ok it's too weak Bo's touch ok49.3796.241
Bo you got you got any more bows so hold53.375.3
on we got bows for days55.623.05
[ __ ] money that should be easy to find60.424.8
in this this one is your advanced62.9695.641
sorting system no oh yeah 8 a hot mm-hmm65.226.03
you hear me right you gotta let the68.615.939
monkeys through the building you're71.254.97
enabling us74.5496.911
thank you okay so now I take the this81.4613.48
one huh and put a brand new one 30087.5610.589
cokes unbreaking 3 flame punch 1 power 394.946.02
oh that's right can I try your outgoing98.1496.121
let's see I got these sweet chainmail100.965.53
boots I'm gonna mix these chainmail104.274.8
boots Oh Shane Mill boots with depth106.495.21
strata protection and unbreaking I109.074.95
forgot the name I don't really care111.74.39
they're called chainmail boobs sweet114.023.959
Anthony you got something I do i have to116.093.87
that i found really going to see power 3117.9793.571
and flame because I want them to light119.964.5
on fire and we have punch 1 power 3121.556.15
unbreaking 3 put them oh my god 23 for124.465.46
this one what did it cost you a stroke I127.76.84
don't know like 9 here we go oh my god129.928.06
it's a Super Bowl134.543.44
you know starting to think that smaller162.355.26
is better guys I think you guys got a165.665.01
good idea I could just live here you167.613.45
with you in the dirt hole where I'm in171.0611.73
your house oh it's that's my guest house180.126.69
this house why don't you just make this182.7913.74
like a mark it's not a house but we had186.8111.61
an aquarium and then the fish died and196.534.68
then I lost all of my motivation and I198.424.59
barely have anything anymore and what I201.214.56
did have I stole and I want to live in203.015.13
the dirt we're both in the same boat205.774.83
I lost my Trident Simon I know you did208.143.78
and I feel bad for you210.63.72
but I've had power in my hand and you211.925.07
have yeah I had it for a little while214.324.98
and it did go to my head but uh I don't216.994.74
feel like I deserved it in karma man did219.35.73
karma get me when I was going after that221.736.63
god-awful place right there did it are225.0310.05
you getting a flashback now they must228.368.88
have cyber security or something I know235.086.78
how to deal with that okay all right I'm237.246.27
out of here241.864.91
what's up let's say you got a flashback248.284.62
you just had you just relived that yeah251.044.8
I did I did and you see the I was gonna252.94.44
build that house over there like I had255.845.97
this mmm how do how do we get her I feel257.346.39
like I might have to go out to sea for a261.814.23
long time and you guys won't see me for263.735.13
a long time what's that or you can live266.045.49
in the dirt with me I got undo I got268.866.12
water here so we could no water and and271.535.34
then we could also fish but like we274.984.44
could we got chickens down here we got276.874.26
two chickens down here they just will279.423.36
meet up to each other and then we can281.134.26
eat their eggs Wiener ice can we all we282.784.44
can know they need to turn our frowns285.393.36
upside down that's what we need to do I287.223.18
don't know if living in dirt is the288.754.23
answer it can be don't knock it till you290.46.69
try it so bad it's not cuz there's water292.986.57
and dirt its food was just dirt it'd be297.093.12
an issue299.552.46
I'd say the horse and the chickens300.213.75
enjoyed it as well but they don't have a302.013.48
damn choice do they they're stuck down303.964.29
here yeah they will die not knowing what305.495.07
it's like to be free and I'm okay with308.252.55
mm-hm oh that's a good happy start to310.84.92
our day and more maybe we should leave313.2624.57
because this is very depressing okay so315.7225.38
sad it's instant I've already spent on337.836.63
my points yeah most of mine too I got 27341.14.8
I've got three left it's worth it though344.463.209
cuz Bilbo Baggins needed a big ol345.94.74
upgrades who can cook ramen okay so now347.6695.31
we're a trial you got death Strider uh350.644.68
yes I have let me say yeah I have depth352.9794.531
Strider one on my chain belt boots yeah355.324.53
that's my beer hat I got respiration - I357.514.77
got respiration too - what okay well359.854.17
somebody put on the Turtle hat because I362.282.639
want to see the difference on364.022.88
respiration turtle man I'll be turtle364.9192.481
okay I'll be the control alright you're367.44.23
a turtle hat we're respiration all right369.773.929
I'll go together we all jump in together371.633.75
and see how long we can stay underwater373.69910.321
right give it two three go ready still375.3811.22
vivid no I'm starting to go down in384.025.489
oxygen I have not yet not me oh yeah no386.65.069
I am still holding strong I'm eating389.5093.601
some bread underwater did your eyes I391.6693.451
can't move it at all I get it is now now393.113.929
it's okay so it seems like the turtle395.124.41
the turtle head does let you stay under397.0394.021
a little bit longer yeah how are you399.532.37
guys not dying401.062.7
still got bubbles yesterday I read a401.93.54
publish now oh well then I'm out of403.764.82
bubble or they're never more405.443.14
inspirations and way to go I got ya I408.7299.131
got two in they go pretty quick party I413.617.06
gotta go up down are you going nice417.8616.23
thank you - Anthony's birthday two days430.666.09
silent yes sir I just gave you a potato436.756.01
if you want it well thing okay thank you439.7894.531
you okay look we need to let some steam442.764.379
out huh yes how many points you got444.327.61
right now I've been saving I got two so447.1394.791
why don't we have a race to the top of456.256.039
the world okay if we die it's not a big459.9193.75
deal because I was thinking about I was462.2892.731
like well we can't get back down we're463.6695.72
gonna have to take like a crapshoot jump465.029.179
or I prepared for lot water what well I469.3898.791
prepared for like a parachute oh that oh474.1998.161
how many of those Oh maybe make a square478.185.6
like right yeah482.365.41
yeah an assignment prepared for483.787.41
something I know I did what I was up487.774.62
here and they went down I said I491.193.18
remember I got something that'll help us492.394.74
alright so then so right now it's a race494.376.54
like right here and just when I'll stop497.134.38
right here500.913.18
sure and as high as we can go until we501.514.02
can't go higher oh boy504.094.14
I think I'm down a few I don't know how505.534.59
high this goes to be honest neither do I508.234.29
but we're gonna count it at a it might510.124.44
be really soon actually yeah512.527.38
all right so I forget we'll do three two514.567.8
one go and then go ready all right you519.92.88
got it522.367.88
three two one go I was god I can't do it522.7810.74
why can't I do this you can you got a530.244.84
great pan I'm just sucking it quit533.523.27
listening to me it's all it's it's the535.083.0
rhythm in your head in the rhythm of the536.795.07
night that's exactly what it is oh this538.085.18
is a fun view though541.865.76
and yeah we don't have to worry about543.266.46
the race but I'll see you up here in a547.625.19
minute height limit for building is 256549.725.55
blocks that was it am I even close552.814.92
yeah oh god you're it yeah that's it me555.2710.53
too that was lame give me kiss all right557.7323.79
jump safety safely oh I guess you hit565.820.57
that little spot just in the meadow I581.524.85
was fine587.0893.331
sweet home yeah noobs this wasn't as594.024.54
weird as I thought it would be what made596.7910.62
you think it was me weird buddy598.5611.64
the top of the war up there hey guys how607.416.33
are you okay well okay well I didn't610.28.79
want to stop you come on come on I613.747.29
needed that I lost my Trident I needed618.992.4
oh no yep yep I done go far Anthony just621.396.63
a mere mortal like us again Anthony time625.534.92
cells I tried taking out thread worlds628.023.81
and I'm sorry about that630.454.38
what tried to take it out what you want631.835.43
me to say it yeah but Anthony he tried634.8312.66
but he tried I'm sorry you're tried and637.2613.17
I'm gonna feel bad for you and say oh no647.494.95
nothing like that but if you guys choose650.433.6
to sue me that's fine I have nothing652.444.53
well look doraleous we're on the road to654.034.86
recovery I don't fully forgive you but656.973.9
I'm getting there okay well leaves oh658.893.51
you guys focus on what you're doing I660.874.53
just want to say maybe bon voyage I662.44.35
think I'm gonna go on a journey to665.43.6
possibly find another one if it's meant666.754.1
for me I'll find one it's not all669.04.929
goodbye I sprained it man I got my stuff674.155.23
back that's all yeah this figured I677.342.73
thought hi679.382.4
well anyway yeah carry on with you guys680.073.08
sort of hold you up all right good luck681.784.77
Anthony needs ya that mob spotter we683.154.87
need one here closer to the house okay686.554.77
yes holy crap I found one I found one in688.024.98
a mind that you and Simon apparently691.323.87
made a long time ago I bumped into it in693.03.96
one of my path I remember I remember I695.193.48
think I remember putting the torches696.963.48
down with Simon yes I don't know where698.673.12
it is though so we're gonna have to go700.443.63
into my mind and just kind of survey701.793.84
we're going hunting right now let's go704.076.72
let's do it I'm not going I'm going too705.6312.689
come get you I guess I'm here by myself710.797.529
all right in here somewhere720.0295.86
yeah somewhere deep some more deep this722.566.089
connects to a mind that you made there's725.8894.591
only a couple of places where I've728.6494.021
connected with other minds but I guess730.484.109
we should start on the first row and732.674.979
then move on mm-hmm all right which mine734.5894.891
all right one of these mines has the737.6494.261
thing so let's have a finish huh there's739.483.06
ten of them741.912.19
we split up oh and that's just on this742.543.28
floor we split up all right744.139.84
all right we found it I didn't I found784.76.49
it come with me hey over here yeah it's787.984.65
down one of my newest ones down this791.193.87
hall oh right and here's what we should792.635.85
do we should dig straight up so you know795.064.8
we have easy access to this thing right798.482.19
so I'll start working on that I wonder800.674.74
where to come out I don't know where803.254.14
we're gonna come well can't wait to find805.415.96
out everywhere the former rebel807.393.98
Oh Simon oh hey what are you still doing811.64911.04
there I don't know what else to do820.7694.23
what's going on do you want to head out822.6895.7
to the open water the see that you want824.9997.051
to see fair with me yeah I might get828.3895.01
sick of it really quick and we'll come832.053.149
back it really sucked with thick but um833.3994.951
I mean I don't care right now I just835.1996.42
don't I understand yeah yeah okay yeah838.356.38
all right I heard some be at ease and Oh841.6196.63
Oh third person you know third third844.734.149
no okay oh thank you thank you boys from848.8796.51
the sky854.734.349
yeah all right yeah okay up - all right855.3894.351
let's do it859.0792.49
so we're gonna just head a certain859.744.92
direction and just go it's nighttime861.5695.19
aren't those damn things gonna be well864.663.33
let's just sleep under the stars and866.7594.86
boats here right over this lovely lit up867.996.659
Wonderland underwater well that this is871.6194.89
beautiful I understand that but won't874.6494.5
those those dams in the morning oh yeah876.5095.781
we're gonna get jacked here wait yeah I879.1496.511
mean it would be nice to be able to hang882.295.649
out here but set off in the morning885.665.159
is that water though yeah I think that's887.9394.861
really smart of you Simon you've been so890.8195.111
smart this this particular892.85.41
you know you know what well I think it's895.934.56
because I took my vitamins today your898.213.03
I took my my imitation Flintstones901.246.69
they're called Betty's Aunt Betty you903.856.63
know Barney's Barney's while they907.934.41
actually used a Flynn stadium in them910.485.34
and yeah but it's the ant dance yeah912.346.09
that's it yeah yeah they're made out of915.825.91
gravel and it's not right and it's918.436.53
Betty's and right well let's let's go uh921.738.29
snuggle up okay that's good924.966.659
all right one two okay after hey what's931.6197.93
up not much just kind of leveling this936.4295.431
out one two three four we're doing a 4x4939.5494.051
this time last time ours was too big you941.863.779
think it was too big the 5x5 yeah it's a943.62.88
little too large945.6393.93
okay 5x5 what we did last time yes 4x4946.485.099
is the right and 4x4 is what we should949.5694.26
have okay and this I made this this951.5793.841
champagne Eames the Shepherd's all the953.8294.38
way up your bamboo forest with the955.425.099
bamboo forest yes oh my god I'm so glad958.2093.75
we could finally found that yeah it's a960.5193.151
huge they just keep multiplying of961.9593.06
course it's bamboo it goes but it's963.673.419
insane it's like a disease alright look965.0194.29
from here do you want to uh do you want967.0894.141
to extend it yes where we kill the969.3093.24
zombies yeah right there could breathe971.233.529
the entrance okay dig through it should972.5494.41
hey hey beautiful974.75914.23
that'll be perfect so yeah wait a minute976.95914.55
apps wrote what I just had a vision like988.9895.01
to you it was moments but to me it was991.5094.92
like a whole four sentences and the993.9994.89
goddess spoke to me and said hey you996.4293.84
should make it a little deeper so when998.8893.45
they fall down the hole the zombies get1000.2693.57
hurt and then he they're easier to kill1002.3393.15
yeah my wife tells me to go deeper into1003.8394.74
the hole are we doing dig more down1005.4896.481
deeper deeper now deeper now we can't1008.5794.95
get you and your wife out of my head1011.974.859
thank you welcome go deep into that1013.5299.54
country and we are off Simon yes sir1016.8298.911
we're just gonna go this way1023.0695.7
just a little while I'm Deb yeah let's1025.745.039
just enjoy ups whoa whoa that's wonky1028.7692.67
when you're in there1030.7794.081
f-five hey what is that I am too and1031.4395.01
I've seen my helmet what does my helmet1034.864.74
look like to you stop stop for a second1036.4494.89
just for a second okay1039.63.63
then look back tell me what's it look1041.3393.96
like cuz I could see my pink hair for it1043.233.34
right now1045.2995.261
it looks like us what is going on here I1046.575.52
don't know yeah that's a that's some1050.564.95
weird it is I don't know who is helmet1052.096.39
this was but it's it's protecting me so1055.515.43
I thank them yeah that looks like1058.484.47
something dumb that neebs aware but then1060.943.48
again you see what I'm wearing1062.954.92
yeah it's not any better let's see so1064.425.07
Simon are you looking down while you're1067.873.24
going I mean it's it's so nice to look1069.494.14
out but along these coastlines and stuff1071.116.15
there's these those drowns and some of1073.635.46
them have a try down1077.264.05
I forget what grandma look like what a1079.093.99
drought they they're zombies they're1081.313.66
zombies they're just waterlogged zombies1083.087.2
listen I would like you to be my what it1084.979.12
my sensei yeah we just think sensei at1090.286.54
the enzyme same time deal that's it I1094.094.89
mean it's mounted crazy is that1096.823.87
and if anyone knows this game you know1098.985.31
it's me yeah so so you I will help you I1100.699.78
will wax on and wax off your bro nah I'm1104.297.65
just saying I'm just saying I'm gonna1110.473.0
help you get your Trident but then1111.943.12
you're gonna we're gonna help me get one1113.473.24
and you're gonna train me we're both1115.063.9
using tridents well I don't know if I1116.713.6
can train you in anything I I'm garbage1118.963.39
at this game I was all right all right I1120.313.69
know betray me like at least they could1122.353.6
be as good as you can do you have to you1124.03.12
have to hit a button it's pretty cool1125.953.18
awesome just tell me which button buddy1127.125.3
I don't1129.133.29
all right this is just about it1139.173.28
alright you gave me time so we're gonna1141.42.88
start taking the torches out yes Phil1142.453.9
hold behind you yeah no yeah but I'm1144.284.02
talking with this slab real quick is it1146.353.69
like that I think so I think that'll1148.33.81
stop them for now yeah all right done1150.043.84
all right I'm moving out and I'm closing1152.113.81
up the feud hold okay you would hold1153.883.57
quote those clothes1155.923.42
it's up to us steeps yes sir we're in1157.454.05
the environment absurd if I don't make1159.348.28
it it's been real you said it was real1161.58.16
the first time which one is it it's a1167.6235.31
little at this so we can say all right1169.6636.15
Anthony all the torches all the blocks1202.935.01
all the single ladies okay1205.815.67
and water water so I put the two waters1207.945.4
on the end that should work out it's1211.483.45
just dump them out there uh-huh1213.343.06
now we just got to put them on this end1214.933.33
cap I have two more buckets of water1216.44.35
what do you have I got eight buckets of1218.264.98
water wait until the glow of the stone1220.754.65
isn't gonna stop the zombies right I1223.248.0
already asked a de hop and she said no1225.45.84
we now can we place good1234.699.72
for we're gonna put my tube what do you1247.1414.74
want leave that slab there do I have to1257.926.06
leave this lab there we take it off no1261.884.59
no that stays it stays that stays are1263.985.13
you sure it's so they don't spot on top1266.474.8
and they always spawn in the water I1269.114.98
think it stays yes the guy boat that1271.274.59
stays alright it's making sure great1274.098.82
above people who speak to us okay two1275.8611.31
minutes all right here we go all right1282.9119.29
this this is everything right it's right1287.1717.37
okay it glows pretty red we've written1302.25.76
we jumping jump oh did you get stuck in1304.5419.95
there does anyone have one more glass1307.9619.49
let me show this baby god I love killing1336.1596.37
me dude Graham Anthony stuff please1338.9295.16
I probably grabbed all of its stuff1342.5294.26
there's another framing and the Pope and1344.0896.08
a bull bar we're good we're good1346.7893.38
I know I know exactly what's wrong can1359.7394.0
we say games Eric everybody comes up1362.4192.4
with a plan1363.7392.97
I don't know what I just do round we got1364.8193.45
our places we got to replace that with1366.70930.06
glass eventually so I'm guessing I don't1368.26933.81
have the the nice effects on cuz I'm1396.7697.05
sorry I just kind of realized I'm like I1402.0796.72
I don't know I mean my resolution no my1403.8197.621
resolution set to fancy like if I go if1408.7995.43
I go and I look at my settings what am I1411.445.939
supposed to be set up later what you1414.2295.69
don't probably don't have the shaders1417.3799.62
glad done done done and back to game yes1419.91910.54
thank God I was wondering yeah that is1426.9995.441
funny how I can go that long and not1430.4594.67
even realize1432.442.689

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