GTA 5 Pacific Standard Bank Heist Setup

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're missing out on some epic GTA ...
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Bank Heist Setup
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Bank Heist Setup

GTA 5 Pacific Standard Bank Heist Setup

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that GTA 5 Pacific Standard Bank Heist Setup video? It's my favorite one!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was epic! I loved how we pulled off that heist with such finesse.

appsro: Ha, finesse? More like chaos and mayhem! But hey, that's why it's so entertaining to watch, right?

neebs: Exactly! And don't forget the hilarious banter we had while trying to crack that safe. Classic Neebs Gaming humor!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're missing out on some epic GTA 5 action with the Pacific Standard bank heist in Part 1. Trust me, it's a wild ride from start to finish!

From the impressive gameplay to the cinematic shots, Neebs Gaming never fails to deliver top-notch content. And if you're like me and can't get enough of their videos, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all their latest uploads.

I love how Neebs Gaming is always engaging with their fans, whether it's through Patreon, Twitch, or social media. It really makes you feel like you're part of a community of fellow gamers who share the same passion for gaming.

And let's not forget about the awesome music choices in their videos. It really sets the mood and enhances the overall gaming experience. Plus, the attention to detail in every aspect of their content, from the gameplay to the music selection, is what sets Neebs Gaming apart from the rest.

So, if you're a fan of GTA 5 and want to see some epic heist action, be sure to check out Neebs Gaming's latest video. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for watching, and game on!

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those overly leveraged turds Pacific10.256.94
Standard Bank you're going to be hit at14.2197.771
their flagship ranch little complicated17.197.65
there are some trucks mag need you to21.996.06
photograph one of those trucks has a24.845.88
built-in transponder and we need our28.055.22
transponder to do flipped out don't30.725.55
explode signal to the dye packs when we33.276.0
take them out of range of the Pacific36.274.53
standard signal39.273.78
I took it right up here and I will brief40.84.77
you on the rest that's our vein right43.055.4
there yeah all right I need to take a45.574.829
photo of the license plate let me pull48.454.019
up my camera I'll get you close yeah50.3995.73
yeah you wait can I get in it all right52.4695.671
we photographed one van all right we're56.1293.0
looking for the next one58.144.05
think where do I go left we're going59.1295.241
down here62.195.68
yeah okay64.373.5
I know I got a I'm trying it the bike69.653.48
thing I'm getting used to it with the71.842.31
vows to keyboard73.135.51
come on maybe let's not go down here74.154.49
okay I go back we're gonna go back yeah79.514.54
yeah yeah yeah yeah it'd be nice if I82.496.15
could see it on the map too huh look at84.056.66
that that was a nice three-point turn88.644.31
leaves of English go right go right92.954.27
oh right yeah yeah one right there one95.393.59
right there oh and I getting this one97.223.9
yeah what do you mean oh no we just need98.983.76
to take the picture I want to get in no101.123.15
we're not getting in it we're taking the102.743.99
picture on what are you doing to get in104.274.17
the paper no we're not getting in the106.734.7
honking man oh god damnit neebs hop in108.445.82
we're this is time do we have five111.435.68
minutes get Jack do not take the picture114.265.07
of me I wasn't in a good position to117.114.35
take a picture with you in it okay hey119.334.95
guys I'm in turnaround we got to go back121.465.16
that way okay but what's wait is this124.284.44
what these guys are going after right126.623.029
let's see128.727.95
take a picture picture hey got it oh god129.6497.651
damn it136.675.49
wait oh right right right right okay137.37.77
quit getting off the [ __ ] noobs I'm142.164.32
gonna murder you I'm gonna [ __ ]145.074.74
murder you right now gift yes thank you146.485.8
[ __ ] christ149.814.99
no I just said keep going straight oh I152.283.81
thought you said right154.86.36
no straight alright alright you turn156.097.11
around Simon we getting pushed ours out161.164.37
so maybe keep on going keep it going163.25.13
yeah I saying it okay alright he's165.533.36
I just fine okay how can you I can cram168.894.9
it just get me close172.473.04
boom are you guys doing still looking175.5112.7
make a right right turn continue - I'm179.279.78
back baby188.212.94
get it get it you guys get it you want189.054.65
us to get it it take a break we gonna191.155.43
write yes sir there it is there it is193.74.98
okay hey maybe I can get in this one196.589.03
okay it's moving okay but if he stops we198.688.94
got it all right so we took pictures of205.613.69
all the van okay now Lester is gonna207.6211.4
find the one we have to steal Lester's209.311.64
taking his time as he always does he is219.025.54
only as the most long-winded dude220.943.62
stealing okay so you're gonna get out239.5192.83
steal it241.753.15
are they gonna come to a stop but how242.3493.481
about we do this244.93.21
maybe yeah oh no don't don't hit them245.834.26
okay sorry I don't I'm not gonna hit248.113.239
anybody would wait for them to come to a250.098.45
stop okay no come on251.3499.331
different side of me yep yep yep all258.543.039
right he's down he's down he's down260.682.7
someone take it you guys take it all261.5793.301
right take it stealing the band steal263.385.22
the beer take it get out come on Vick264.886.15
I'm done with you yeah all right oh268.65.28
we're gonna lose the cops Oh Oh God okay271.035.04
sorry guys I fell off the bike don't you273.883.96
run over my bike you son of a [ __ ]276.073.39
where are you Simon keep me covered277.843.63
I'm out following the truck following279.468.0
the truck kill the cops281.475.99
hey officer how are you I'm just hanging288.695.22
make Leaves be careful okay steal the294.789.71
come on come on cops go away we're307.975.4
looking good looking pretty good looking310.8812.51
really good come on stars now all we313.3711.76
gotta do is take this van to let's just323.399.81
stupid factory have you still got cops325.139.78
leaves you got cops on me again333.27.53
that's I would kill that cop behind it's334.917.86
okay hold on oh nice340.735.61
hold on huh oh let me shoot me342.776.6
all right good good good build a nice346.3413.41
Park to lay low in should be good here I349.3711.19
didn't do anything359.753.09
Oh was that you sighs I know I didn't do360.564.77
anything I swear you did I know you did362.844.56
I hear your stupid voice yeah we're365.333.66
ready to get squeezed yep yep yep367.43.87
they're not even after me so that's368.994.86
proof that I didn't screw it up oh god371.274.71
maybe they are they're after me in there373.857.95
laughing cow hey hey if I'm driving a375.988.07
cop car is that they just automatically381.86.54
want to take me down okay384.058.17
switch cars idiot388.347.96
boy just took a hit I see that I'm392.225.61
supposed to just be following that396.39.33
yellow line alright well I lost the cup397.839.39
should I just meet you at Lester's place405.634.41
sure go to Lester's place ok I just407.224.68
found another car and they don't seem to410.0410.56
recognize me so this is pretty cool I411.911.49
follow this yellow line to a yellow420.64.95
circle this is not Lester's place this423.394.05
is a place under the bridge where people425.559.09
get head I was thinking about growing427.4410.29
cabbage anyone ever grow a cabbage no434.645.31
all right I'm at let's just to shuttle439.955.73
Minh here yeah yeah no hey buddy442.295.61
what's up ahead good to see you it all445.684.56
we got to do is get there and if I see447.99.98
one cop finally good lord there you are450.2411.76
ok stick it right in here and boom one457.887.8
successfully stolen van462.03.68
it's the one this is the one470.8794.111
transponders should be back here that's475.499.81
the model482.7892.511
when you can take it to Lester's guy486.614.399
what in the work509.653.38
I'll bury you as [ __ ] [ __ ] are you513.211.61
doing man you know you're a dick when522.324.07
memes punches you in the face524.813.87
did I just punch some behind face yeah526.398.77
you knocked his ass out looking with my528.6810.23
phone yeah you nailed him yeah hey are535.165.79
we gonna get some ammo and stuff538.915.01
hey yeah listen because the the ultimate540.954.98
goal with this heist is we're eventually543.924.08
going to be robbing a bank a big bank545.934.14
Simon you see that tall building in the548.03.51
distance where I'm looking for the maze550.072.01
yeah the maze bank that's what we're552.085.37
robbing is it the one that goes up like554.095.22
it's a cake yeah it's like a big cake557.453.72
there you go perfect we're gonna make a559.313.69
lot of money I might buy a bunker Oh561.174.38
that'd be fun how much cash are we gonna563.04.5
make I need at least a mil it's on how565.553.51
good we do the missions if we do if we567.53.39
keep knowing of like we just did not a569.066.41
lot ambulance is here I'll talk to them570.897.14
yeah he's right here beeps punched him575.475.02
in the face he fell he fell conceives578.033.87
beeps punched him in the face and he580.493.06
fell he's a loose cannon we should581.93.48
probably put some signs up here and wet583.553.99
floor or something yeah needs was585.383.51
standing here all of a sudden he was587.544.14
just like kaboom he didn't go down it588.896.09
was like a burning yeah it was like well591.688.42
Pam and then boobs it like that594.985.12
smile it was like that noobs did that602.214.96
thought we were doing the Fallen story605.553.51
you're supposed to help my bad607.173.66
I do have your back see you got kick609.065.13
those guys asses Oh cops coming Moonbeam610.835.489
hey hand up coming yes oh yeah616.31923.901
we're still in a couple of yeah we got640.224.47
to steal some waverunners and we got to642.864.74
get out to an island and basically this644.694.38
guy surrounded by a bunch of federal647.62.67
agents we have to kill the federal649.072.46
agents and then get the guy off the650.272.88
island and he's a hacker huh651.533.66
yay some something like that he's a nerd653.154.02
a man we're gonna borrow these we don't655.193.11
I think I see our island boys someone670.945.73
with a helicopter above it thing yeah674.543.87
and you take care of the helicopter when676.673.84
we get there I sure can buddy678.414.65
did you notice my hat no what is it well680.514.2
I kind of like the straw hat I had on683.063.69
earlier but I don't own one of those684.714.32
need to go fire one okay out there I686.754.92
pull this one off but whatever so people689.035.49
can pull off any hat they're like magic691.674.35
hat people yeah if you have the right694.524.14
head for it yeah I agree I got to be696.024.77
careful yeah you do need to be careful698.664.89
you have a weird-shaped head this is the700.794.41
island huh I think so703.552.88
they just want us to approach them this705.23.21
one side well I mean yeah it's kind of706.433.99
surrounded and rocky and I just got off708.414.38
I got a good place let me take that710.423.57
chopper out right away712.793.93
Oh Mayo there's a lot of enemies okay713.994.35
let me pull up a good decent weapon oh716.724.14
boy I don't know if this is a good place718.347.8
for my vehicle probably not it's on it's720.867.68
on man why do they always put it like in726.144.14
the dark and in the grass yep728.544.2
I'm gonna be a distraction out here730.285.38
we'll just take back all right732.745.389
another chopper because what's happening735.666.45
right now to that chopper like a baby738.1296.26
you got rid of the honey's rock after742.114.539
all right sorry what I was in a744.3894.24
firefight okay oh I got an egg for this746.6492.37
toss it right there that guy's dead I749.0196.93
got really you could have said that well753.3393.69
there's a there's a guy who are right755.9493.0
somewhere it'll back there so there he757.0294.62
is okay here you are got him thick oh no758.9497.08
I thought you were gonna get him we761.6495.67
tag-teamed him yep766.0293.27
hey be careful we're coming over the767.3195.49
hill yeah they are let's see this calls769.2997.681
for a tommy gun yeah yeah772.8096.27
should be one bar on this chopper oh I776.986.68
see him go779.0794.581
oh these guys are twins oh yeah Oh merci783.76.629
all right I think I think we may have791.5894.471
done it already794.483.599
hope there might be a guy in the796.064.06
building hold on I'm moving forward oh I798.0798.31
see building yep got a beautiful hey800.127.31
all right shut your ass was cool don't807.439.25
answer the phone to Lester crest all814.224.919
right all right yep yep yep okay the816.684.2
hell out of here how you like my hat hat819.1394.681
is stupid okay all right we're taking820.886.149
this police boat yeah Simon you're not823.824.56
sitting down I don't know how to sit827.0293.661
down okay just try to hold on then okay828.384.17
I try to take this chopper out oh I got830.694.92
a shot I got a shot baby take yeah all832.554.56
right damn it I'm cities Rucker835.615.69
hit the tail rotor okay hold on837.114.19
okay yeah we hold on seven all right842.1415.93
oh yeah we got police folks in front of850.249.93
us you guys focus on the boats you got858.0710.579
it ice here's another one860.178.479
yeah beautiful yes doing great what's871.067.62
that on me I wasn't listening877.066.11
he said burn brownie878.684.49
okay good news we've lost the cops but886.2594.99
now we have to get out of here and find888.8796.2
a vehicle beating it891.2493.83
alright everybody put your guns away895.6794.72
nobody uh nope nobody like do anything897.5793.75
to get the cops on us900.3993.48
okay alright come on Abbi it's a nice901.3294.44
night we should run it yeah yeah let's903.8794.4
do a run905.7692.51
take names my name916.114.01
okay okay this building up here this is932.6393.64
where we got to take him let's go all934.9892.611
right where are we936.2794.941
I think this tale is called grape seed937.63.62
grapesy my name is Anna942.884.399
my maybe seven I'm thrown it through947.3295.801
brick see mine inside and I'm running950.4599.87
through grape seed hey page we got your953.1310.319
guy oh are you a cop I'm not a cop I'm960.3295.461
helping Lester have you done it what has963.4493.39
he done it I don't know what you're965.793.38
talking about966.8392.331
well IIIi don't have the Pacific969.264.96
Standard frequency here I don't have my972.2094.951
tools ain't that convenient I've got974.225.94
some tools come on let's go meet you977.164.799
back at your place and don't worry980.163.39
the transponder will be ready for the981.9595.18
job cool thanks page983.553.589
so far this ice is going pretty well997.595.38
yeah we got two missions done uh-huh999.886.3
easy-peasy get some more snacks load up1002.975.37
some I thought you were sell that thing1006.184.95
Oh God nobody wants it nobody wants to I1008.344.5
want that I want to I want to go drive1011.133.27
that right now if there was if there was1012.843.57
a way for me to sell it to you I would1014.42.52
I'm just saying Oh see you can do fun1016.923.57
stuff with this like robbed a gas1019.141.86
what do you mean he's not gonna give you1021.010.44
give me the money I'm think I'm just1029.045.07
flipping them off oh wait I can't1031.446.0
there we go stick it up there you go see1034.114.82
I left1037.446.48
hey dude dude can you go behind the1038.936.73
register get the money somebody else do1043.923.419
that thing get the money okay1045.665.07
I'm keeping him intimidated Hey stay1047.3397.021
down okay get the money but you get that1050.736.12
gun it's not a special gun what the1054.364.29
revolver yeah yeah remember we did the1056.854.17
whole treasure thing for this $300 what1058.654.23
the hell am I supposed to do with $3001061.024.32
you only got $300 sweet that's $300 we1062.884.2
didn't have cops are coming up cops1065.344.69
Kevin here we go you now boy1067.084.87
this is a problem here watch out watch1070.033.46
out I'm out1071.956.79
guys oh boy oh you stuck no you'll never1073.497.1
take me alive1078.744.89
that thing's horrible and turning the1080.594.54
glance at your head place to put seat1083.633.87
for one don't do that thing I tried to1085.133.9
throw it out the door he'd know it don't1087.53.929
like that don't let that guy get away1089.035.18
he's a witness1091.4292.781

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