Our First Horse is A SKELETON Horse?! - (Minecraft Ep 3)

Dolphins! Shipwrecks! Phantoms! House fires! Skeleton horse! Diamonds! Puppy Dogs! Drowned swamp babies! Wandering trader prison! Subterranean wolf-go...
Our First Horse is A SKELETON Horse?! - (Minecraft Ep 3)
Our First Horse is A SKELETON Horse?! - (Minecraft Ep 3)

Our First Horse is A SKELETON Horse?! - (Minecraft Ep 3)

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're looking for a wild ride filled with dolphins, shipwrecks, phantoms, and more, then you're in luck because today's video has all that and then some! And let's not forget about the skeleton horse, diamonds, and even puppy dogs - what more could you ask for?

But wait, there's more! The Neebs Gaming crew takes on a whole slew of adventures in Minecraft, including dealing with drowned swamp babies, a wandering trader prison, and even encountering the subterranean wolf-god of the milk pool! It's a rollercoaster of excitement, humor, and epic moments that will have you on the edge of your seat.

And if you're wondering how they pull off their epic mod setup, they've got you covered with a link to check it out for yourself. Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know they mean business when it comes to gaming. Don't forget to grab yourself some Neebs Gaming Coffee to fuel your own adventures while watching their Minecraft playlist.

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So sit back, relax, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft with the Neebs Gaming crew. With epic music tracks to set the mood, this video is sure to entertain and inspire your own gaming adventures. Thanks for tuning in and watching Minecraft with Neebs Gaming! 🚀 #Minecraft #Neebs #Raytracing

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holy cow who's wrong with you hey you0.1998.171
leave me alone7.472.9
don't need your dolphin problems8.376.09
actually be cool hey what's up with you10.379.919
I pretty go haha lost you sucker20.3598.891
alright friends go oh I see something I25.745.07
don't know if it that might be a village29.254.68
or maybe it's a house I don't know but I30.815.07
am looking for an adventure these boats33.933.719
are squirrely it's like driving a35.8811.64
trackball oh my god it's not a village37.64912.66
it's you guys is us man this just looks47.526.23
so good it it looks very sharp here yes50.3096.39
hello your fishing is doing a little oh53.754.899
hey thick hey catching anything56.6993.811
yeah I think my open a fish and chips58.6493.18
shop out of my house60.514.619
really yeah a shield yeah you got a61.8294.741
shield yeah holy you're scaring the fish65.1293.391
away come on okay sorry about that teas66.573.869
right yeah okay sorry I just had a68.523.419
dolphin like following me like a little70.4393.601
stalker yeah dolphins are weird71.9393.241
they're clingy you got to be careful74.043.149
alright thank you thick what are you75.183.66
doing I was thinking about doing a boat77.1893.72
adventure because I was thinking that78.844.02
too really yes80.9095.701
okay good bye guys see ya ba bye Simon82.865.969
bye just want to hear your voice once86.616.119
before left Vic come on bro it's over88.8299.421
here oh so short I know right careful92.72910.861
getting in fatty least I can see over98.2513.29
you this is lovely103.5910.58
I'm pill111.542.63
you're alyas I see something sticking141.943.01
out of the water144.173.03
what is it a head now I can't see144.954.47
where'd your head okay I was lying I can147.25.79
see okay it looks like a Loch Ness149.424.2
well now I couldn't move I hear a phone153.627.23
coming from it yeah crazy that had been158.365.33
put on silent yet he's rang treat160.857.16
recording to take for Flip's sake oh yes163.697.0
there's a dolphin squirrel a dolphin I168.017.21
don't I'm good yeah okay this is cool170.6910.11
yeah Wow what's down there um I was just175.227.56
I'm hit I'm trying to change the180.84.5
perspective with my okay there we go I182.785.61
just did that - yeah water oh just hit185.38.6
what's in there leather pants finally188.395.51
yeah you can't breathe underwater201.555.26
breathe underwater that's weird I need203.7397.541
leather pants though those are all you206.817.8
man's there enchanted what I don't know211.286.24
what I think it's a brown what drown214.613.87
what is that217.523.87
he looked he looked right at me I don't218.483.78
know what you're talking about221.393.66
it's a monster other words of doubt222.267.229
there's a monster down there yeah I need225.056.38
it come here I need to heal up here229.4893.991
growling I might need your help well231.434.33
yeah but I'm not oh yeah you come here233.485.13
you're nobody you're nothing you're a235.767.39
child child didn't have a choice though238.617.72
yeah well and just mosey too long let me243.155.88
put these pants on there in chance at246.334.26
some of the weight on legs249.033.51
enchanted mending well they've got that250.594.289
like glow okay you can't see cuz we have252.543.87
a mod on that you can't see our armor254.8792.341
but it's on let's go look for the other257.224.229
half of the ship okay you want this259.0795.851
suspicious too now okay sounds261.4495.991
hey brother brother or sister I don't270.245.89
really know how are you doing look at273.226.0
this this is nice what's up man listen I276.135.85
was just gonna try to catch a horse but279.225.88
maybe I could catch you huh huh what are281.985.61
you get it okay you move it now wanna285.16.65
try something hold on buddy hold on okay287.597.02
now wait wait wait wait wait wait I know291.754.42
of course you're a smart one294.613.33
of course you're smarter than the296.173.57
average cow that I haven't been able to297.944.32
catch what are you trying to catch299.744.56
somebody I'm trying to catch animals and302.263.69
there's a guy right here and I'm like uh304.34.44
Mike I wanna I wanna I don't know Inc305.954.98
enslave him well we don't need to do308.742.55
this guy's a traitor okay like a trader311.296.27
he trades so can I can I keep him in my314.54.98
house and make him be my friend you317.564.02
could try I suppose he's looking at you319.483.51
right now so it's a good time to build321.582.28
up around him you know what yeah let's322.992.54
trap him let's trap them let's do this323.868.07
somebody nope nope there we go we got325.539.28
him a kinda meet all right I mean he331.934.11
might jump out of this you never know334.813.03
you should make it bigger I hear the336.043.54
best prisons the one that you don't know337.843.03
you're in it's true339.583.27
listen uh this is the base prison we'll340.873.66
make a wider prison form and then let342.854.02
him out make it nice yes I want to do it344.533.54
I'm out just make it nice where you346.872.52
don't want to leave but yeah so if you348.073.12
right-click on this guy he gives you you349.393.15
can you can buy stuff from him but if351.193.06
you have emeralds which we we don't have352.543.87
in moles right now what is that a bucket354.254.26
a tropical fish let's guys so Crockett356.414.59
of tropical fish needs um wait that's358.514.35
competition I've started a fish and Jeff361.04.23
place well you want me to end it I can362.866.95
end it no no no no no don't kill him no365.234.58
competitive marketplace horse whoa easy370.536.7
it's a nice horse okay how do we catch374.623.75
horses I think you gotta feed them377.233.54
carrots well listen as much as I hate I378.374.44
got competition I can't stand to see380.774.6
that guy live like that so382.814.3
well yeah go ahead give him a nice place385.373.54
but then we got to make sure that he387.117.95
never leaves okay deal the sun's going388.918.189
down I know I'm afraid it's Oh what my395.064.229
place is right over here so we might be397.0994.53
able to find do you have a bed with you399.2897.62
no okay I figured figured what figured401.6296.961
you might have a bed yeah I should have406.9094.29
had one I messed up there I guess yeah408.595.1
bail there it is there it is411.1995.34
well are you going down ooh uh I'm413.694.409
afraid it's okay here we go416.5393.69
you're gonna go well we're both gonna go418.0993.091
I don't know420.2293.511
Oh what I'm going down ah how do I get421.194.53
out of here I'm swimming swimming what423.744.799
what how do you swim Oh God how do you425.725.789
swim hold on there's a chest get it up428.5395.551
in here feathers Oh perfect431.5097.891
I'm gonna night yep there's that how can434.095.99
you swim439.46.12
what's good how'd you swim shift oh I440.086.309
yeah there's more stuff in there there's446.3893.06
a ton of stuff doraleous448.1595.461
I don't god I'm afraid to go down there449.4495.94
pic can we build like some sort of a453.624.139
structure maybe use a bucket to like455.3894.471
bucket out as we build I don't know why457.7594.051
did I drop my sword what I do here hey459.868.369
it's right there by the boat hands were461.8110.669
on the wrong keys oh you were using cute468.2294.25
okay hey you clock is floating down to474.8498.47
it okay maybe we can find some sheep or478.6396.511
something real quick make you a bed yeah483.3193.63
but it's chiton dark Shack up at glass485.153.629
it's useless over here mm-hmm486.9493.511
and then come back to the ship and loot488.7795.04
it okay cheap cheap real quick we can do490.465.699
this my camera keeps turning left on its493.8195.551
own uh I don't know what to tell you new496.1595.401
I know you don't just gotta be good499.375.609
maybe I got the bends Oh God Jesus get501.566.58
it how do you go out [ __ ]504.97910.751
I need food okay man I feel really dumb508.149.36
today are you still back at the boat515.735.28
yeah I see you yeah we're there's a big517.57.68
mistake might be our village buyer is it521.018.43
a village see lights oh yeah I made a525.186.81
couple things here oh man what should we529.444.38
do to Elias well there might be a bed at531.993.75
the village all right hey I'm gonna go533.824.65
back to my bed okay I'm gonna go out535.744.53
into this danger you can come to the538.472.34
oh there's a shape kill it well there is540.816.57
but hold on I got an idea that's a big544.386.48
Ryan it's different animal Lily to her547.387.19
couch no wool at all you can try all day550.864.83
I'm putting torches down yep I see the555.693.99
pig I'm following you all right no where557.523.09
I'm safe now559.684.64
oh I'm not you're not saying560.613.71
what is that okay576.338.82
it looks like a spider with green eyes579.799.63
okay see this house my house pretty good585.156.58
hello oh okay589.428.55
hello there you go whoa okay he's not591.7310.79
friendly you don't come on stairs okay597.977.8
so what for this one okay602.528.59
so work food ate already healthy all605.776.27
right come on baby611.114.08
you know what bikes down there so I can612.045.52
see oh there's lights in here I can't615.192.64
okay lights more lights yeah oh okay617.8311.31
yeah there's something up here attacking625.386.04
me on the roof I know I can see it looks629.144.13
like a freaking feedback631.424.85
you see him yeah okay yep me too638.27920.701
good fight you win ah or do all he is a655.627.019
bit look at him stay still stay still658.987.02
for one second okay okay he's one of662.6396.18
those forget it get it666.04.529
just wait till daylight I'll beat you668.8195.281
with my ingenuity needs one green I'd670.5298.31
bet zero good score I made a rule summon674.16.929
yeah I won not really fair though678.8394.8
because these people will see it's a681.02912.3
long game yeah Oh Danny absolutely683.63911.161
discovered some diamonds693.3293.421
alright now I got to see if I can get694.83.539
these things without burning myself696.759.769
alive this is a pretty cool ravine oh698.33912.98
boy there's some more underneath okay706.5194.8
there we go look at all that crap on my712.57916.421
screen oh oh I'm gonna get four five725.049.149
yeah baby I'm done baby729.08.25
I'm never baby I'm done baby in the lava734.1898.731
ravine ravine hello hello hello hello737.259.63
ravine Oh sticky keys no I do not want742.927.349
to stir non sticky keys come on man746.886.269
finish the fight okay so I need some750.2695.07
help from you like it what do you want753.1494.481
well then I hit him755.3393.551
like you can give me a heads-up of which757.633.03
direction he's coming from well I can't758.893.48
if I would have maybe break a hole760.662.94
through and hold on this thing let me762.373.03
break a hole whose house in my head763.63.9
oh I gotta hit him I hit him they kill765.44.98
it alright I just opened up it's so dark767.54.56
I can't tell if I killed it or not I770.385.04
don't know whose yep I saw I heard him772.065.28
all right here I could see I'm not775.423.57
facing the right way777.346.12
nope no okay all right he's I he's high778.998.9
above yeah okay can't see oh783.464.43
did I get him I got it there you go788.866.03
you're a good man okay I won two games791.765.74
tonight the waiting game in the fighting794.894.44
game right and then I got an assist797.53.3
tonight okay799.334.98
cool did I get anything yeah hey Teebs800.86.39
hello you see me kill a bat sobbing804.314.17
you're gonna you're gonna stop me behind807.193.09
you all right okay jump over I can't808.483.57
jump over the fence too good fence I810.283.03
built that there's a front door though812.052.64
you're that way either813.314.17
oh that there's nothing bad oh crap did814.693.36
you see it817.482.7
no I didn't some hit me what a minute up818.054.56
Oh probably a skeleton I hear the arrows820.185.4
being flung yep he's down there nope yep822.614.62
are ya he's down there he's shooting us825.583.54
with arrows yep should we play it safe827.233.87
just hunker down hunker down to your829.123.69
house yep yeah it's good I found831.17.98
diamonds I am trying to okay yeah we'll832.817.2
be safe in here tonight839.083.48
Wars all wet I know and that weird yeah840.014.08
well you got a hole in your house well842.563.36
just cover it up with some dirt you know844.095.25
a little bit of dirt salmon what I mean845.925.31
don't cover man's house with dirt the849.343.93
dirt just is what do something nice like851.232.94
die right853.273.72
Oh die right you know what's nice to die854.175.52
right with dirt like that yeah okay it's856.994.02
the last time you'll stay at my house at859.694.04
night yeah861.012.72
I made a mess no you can't take me866.7922.7
sorry [ __ ]889.74.27
I was trying to kill a zombie and it891.813.6
didn't hit the zombie and now it's893.972.71
burning down the village895.417.67
oh boy fire not me no I was I made a903.0810.93
mess oh that was you yeah did you see it910.596.0
last night I thought I saw something but914.017.98
I wasn't sure but I sure did it was lava916.597.62
based oh but you know what are people921.994.92
dying no but we can uh can you make924.215.34
can't you make obsidian if you lead the926.916.12
lava to where are you I'm just I'm929.555.85
coming right up on the burning village933.034.31
mm I lead the lover lover / yeah / - the937.347.6
Lana well there's some water right here942.396.39
no that make obsidian I I don't know944.945.7
I've been a little while since I've948.784.56
played this game science or a do in950.645.22
science did you by any chance get my953.344.29
stuff no I couldn't get it man I would955.863.81
have died I'm so sorry957.633.6
yeah that's alright I would have died959.674.32
here we go here we go now looks like961.235.88
it's just making it's just making okay963.995.099
yeah cement967.114.109
oh well the things you forget in five969.0896.12
years right yeah so I need stuff but as971.2196.3
the there any villages around I actually975.2094.26
have some stuff I can trade if they're977.5194.65
not on fire they might not be I didn't979.4699.12
burn the whole place down yet hey are982.1699.66
you going got some beef do you like beef988.5895.7
you think you'd like beef oh you're991.8294.25
looking at me if I right-click on you994.2896.45
anything nothing oh yeah you do like996.07910.99
that beef what's more beef only do it1000.7398.91
once maybe they gotta wait a minute my1007.0696.57
team you know research this I didn't1009.6495.43
expect to run across a dog today but1013.6399.45
here we are you cute wait no what oh I1015.07911.37
bet you'd like a bowl what about oh how1023.08915.24
about that oh you like bones do you all1026.44914.31
right let's see what do I do with you oh1038.3296.29
okay right-click six sit you down1040.7599.0
Oh doggy but doggy but uh but okay but1044.61910.481
okay but all right follow me I'm gonna1049.7597.5
put you oh you know what I might put you1055.14.019
in the prison with the other guy you'll1057.2594.191
love it1059.1192.331
is that hey summon what see the horse1062.865.85
over there where are you1067.842.82
there's a horse right here but this1068.714.28
horse out in the distance looks weird1070.663.81
you see him1072.994.18
no I where I just came from don't follow1074.473.12
I was just Hey yeah alright there's a1077.597.62
cow over here yeah and then he was over1081.018.1
up there he is there he is oh shoot yeah1085.216.39
ok galitsin horse how does that happen1089.116.12
give me food uh yeah I do I notice1091.66.69
skeleton horse eats maybe or say I'm1095.235.76
hoping about two mutton fish give him1098.295.01
some fish huh is it1100.994.35
I got mutton I would hit it give him1103.33.69
mutton I have mutton right here I'm1105.343.27
holding it ok I'm the one who's supposed1106.993.75
to do with it how does this work man um1108.614.23
like do you know how to tame something1110.743.9
in here or you just guess it man we play1112.843.81
some minigames I know I understand it1114.644.5
dad that wasn't an excuse I was looking1116.653.15
for an answer1119.144.08
hold on you know oh that's all right I1119.85.96
don't think that's good no sorry1123.224.62
skeleton horse I don't think you have1125.763.31
any feelings you don't even have any1127.842.34
internal organs1129.074.44
oh and now I'm underneath look at this1130.189.02
oh crap what's wrong that's weird man I1133.518.34
dropped in a hole and now there's this1139.26.55
like looks like a dog just staring at me1141.855.4
or wolf or something1145.754.35
really yeah just like I'm in like this1147.255.67
murky he's not bothering either no he's1150.15.4
just sitting there and looking oh hey he1152.925.09
just got the water with me how you doing1155.54.86
buddy how are you1158.014.65
want to be friends1160.366.02
how did you get under here bones1162.667.47
yeah bone I don't know this is are these1166.388.13
wolves not attacking me okay are you1170.135.07
are you still in the ground yeah above1175.25.58
you he just shook off he just got off1177.364.949
the little ledge there and shook off1180.784.68
this I like a dog shag ah super cute you1182.3095.341
know what's the funniest why dogs wit1185.463.839
you take a towel and you like wrap them1187.653.42
up do like a like an old maid or1189.2993.331
something their faces just sticking out1191.076.96
the towel ah that's fun something I'm1192.639.9
not having any luck man I'll try to make1198.038.129
a sac around him I just I just buried1202.537.33
that wolf alive you did yeah okay buddy1206.1595.691
all right I'm here to help you my friend1211.856.64
we're gonna try to trap this guy maybe I1214.58.01
did like a boom boom boom boom boom1218.495.91
well don't let him go that way already1222.513.419
dead way already dead so I'm gonna do1224.43.3
the dirt the dirt block smack him back1225.9294.321
this way oh yeah one more you smack them1227.75.7
down there do it and I'll do this nope1230.255.94
watch no your honor I'm out of fencing1233.44.74
already it's okay cuz watch I'm helping1236.192.76
just working yep oh yeah hi it already1238.956.45
is bucko we may have done it I know yeah1242.584.829
look at this we're a team I think1245.43.75
defense will hold him the the to dirt1247.4093.811
should hold him Yeah right we should be1249.153.48
good to go you don't worry we're gonna1251.222.189
make this better1252.633.02
okay I know it seems like it's kind of1253.4094.741
restrictive but you're second on my list1255.654.18
I got another guy I'm working on so1258.158.279
welcome to the group you like that mr.1259.839.3
booty bone that's your name because you1266.4299.24
do little booty dance gonna be making a1269.138.7
doghouse today but uh that's just the1275.6694.26
way things to go boom a little torch a1277.833.24
couple torches1279.9293.24
yeah lights yep make it real comfortable1281.074.44
don't worry I'm gonna work on this all1283.1694.111
this dirt get this out of here get some1285.513.36
nice grass in here you're gonna love it1287.284.139
oh speaking of I want to do something1288.875.14
else I should be able to make1291.4196.01
where is it a-ha one compass and then I1294.015.7
should be able to make some paper I got1297.4294.531
the sugar King yep all the paper how1299.713.719
much paper do I need do I got enough1301.964.2
yeah that's enough check this out and if1303.4295.011
I'm alone all this paper up like this1306.164.259
like this and this and put the compass1308.445.25
in between a boom we got us a map and1310.4194.111
it's empty1313.694.739
oh there we go all right1314.536.75
well it only covers a little area but1318.4294.711
it's a start and I can extend the map1321.284.26
mr. booty bone how about that you like1323.144.62
that don't you you want a piece of you1325.546.35
want a piece of mutton here you go oh1327.764.13
okay here we go come on swim swim holy1336.5115.64
cow jackpot1350.385.13
oh I can't have a take off take a gold1352.1515.57
nugget emeralds gold nuggets let me eat1355.5114.46
and get my health up I'm a loop that and1367.723.99
then I don't know what to do with that1369.975.579
stuff but uh imma get it okay here we go1371.716.38
get a little closer little bit closer1375.5494.201
Morales doesn't even know what he's1378.095.29
missing right now the jackpot all right1379.759.299
here we go swim swim I do this panicking1383.389.33
I gotta go back up come on I can hold my1389.0495.191
breath much larger than this1392.714.05
real life like if I had to swim down man1394.245.76
I could at least two minutes longer than1396.764.53
what's going on here1400.03.06
here we go1401.294.67
all right emeralds that's what I call1405.9621.12
Luton going out and get booty yeah all1422.196.15
right now what do I do with this stuff1427.087.86
so this guy apparently might not even1428.349.689
stick around here like he might be spawn1434.945.13
yeah and you heard about a boat1440.074.77
technique yeah boat technique like like1442.0495.85
the NPC's will get in boats or something1444.846.27
right so we should be doing that do you1447.8995.461
have a boat no there you go bill one1451.115.22
yeah you got bill one I mean no no not1453.365.429
me well not all right hold on boat I got1456.334.11
it so I got to go to a crafting table to1458.7892.941
do the whole boat thing or is that what1460.442.67
it's called craftsman tables again we1461.732.819
should actually build this guy crafting1463.113.21
table you know so he feels at home but1464.5492.58
is it a crime1466.326.39
hey guys Oh Ellis help no I could do1467.1298.341
sable what build a crafting table Simon1472.714.919
well I can bill I can listen I can do1475.475.159
all these things horses horse is good a1477.6297.111
DD all right so like we were saying how1480.6296.66
do i how do I get in Hades hey all right1484.744.95
so how do I uh how do I make a boat1487.2894.681
teach me crafting table hey I can't get1489.694.17
in I'm gonna break this and get in no1491.974.079
that's the points prison it just looks1493.865.429
like a house bye you got it end in you I1496.0495.161
did okay nothing is we're gonna put a1499.2894.411
door here he's hidden in there1501.215.099
is he in there he's probably despawned1503.73.689
already where is he1506.3093.84
he's gone is he in there he's gone I1507.3895.49
have no idea should he be right there1510.1496.27
like I hear him you hear him no I don't1512.8794.081
hear anything1516.4195.041
is he here hello is it just dark in1516.966.329
there probably but you know what he1521.464.4
doesn't he likes1523.2892.571
what okay well you know what I see1526.454.559
little bubbles huh1529.573.959
I think he's invisible where are you man1531.0095.79
huh you're inside yes see bubbles yeah1533.5294.08
what are we gonna do to move forward1537.6093.871
what should we do to move forward all1539.4993.211
right you ready we're gonna it's night1541.483.149
now well I'm scared we're gonna run out1542.713.899
that door oh yeah right1544.6293.42
we shouldn't be here you know what let's1546.6092.94
just go home yeah well deal with him1548.0492.521
tomorrow right1549.5495.88
yep um do you I just made a best friend1550.575.969
I can't ride him though I'd have to make1555.4294.32
a saddle give up fish fish not a raw1556.5396.63
fish yeah not a raw fish okay never mind1559.7495.25
yeah crap gotta go home are we gonna1563.1693.57
sleep tonight for once yeah let's try1564.9993.331
that come on son let's go first friend1566.7392.67
the lights are that way so this way all1569.4095.01
right I could barely see anything but I1572.234.019
could see you so stay close buddy hey1574.4194.791
yeah will you catch me a fish tomorrow1576.2495.581
yeah I've got a fish store now I have a1579.214.929
kitty cat to save okay cool1581.8310.02
my first customer salmon oh yeah can we1584.13910.86
eat them they're nature's clown can we1591.859.029
eat them no okay where's your bed son I1594.9997.89
don't know where my bed is I really1600.8793.66
don't don't you live it yeah let's just1602.8893.301
play why remember the other day I was1604.5392.97
like you should stay here and you won't1606.195.0
see my buddy sorry we're closed1607.5097.23
yeah yeah but maybe we'll talk to you1611.195.26
later we'll have fresh fish tomorrow1614.7394.5
morning okay all right I'll get a good1616.454.949
see I think my house then is that way1619.2394.8
is that worries house was it's around1621.3993.181
the back1624.0393.24
am i facing it hey just go to the back1624.584.349
of the half well this is the back of the1627.2795.85
house wait wait is this the is this the1628.9296.87
back right here or the front this is1633.1296.331
look front door the sidewalk front gate1635.7995.34
front of the house so this is the back1639.464.02
now back here whatever yeah back this is1641.1393.72
the back of the house yep you're at the1643.482.85
back now all right now where's the book1644.8593.57
where's where's DeRosa's in that place1646.333.99
across the river across the river that1648.4294.08
little thing yep perfect thank you sir1650.323.0
you're welcome1652.5093.721
be safe all right you too fresh fish1653.326.94
tomorrow yeah shut up about the fish1656.239.61
oh hey about time hey yeah sorry you1660.2611.039
have a good day I died Oh too bad how1665.847.829
was your day it was good I just want to1671.2996.441
be quiet now you were just humming1673.6698.911
you're in my house it's your last night1677.747.11

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