Our First Battle With the Wasp Drone!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video featuring the Wasp Drone? If not, you're in for a treat! Trust me...
Our First Battle With the Wasp Drone!!! - Grounded
Our First Battle With the Wasp Drone!!! - Grounded

Our First Battle With the Wasp Drone!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Neebs Gaming video! Today, we're talking about our first battle with the Wasp Drone in Grounded.

simon: Oh man, that was one crazy battle! I still can't believe we survived that onslaught of tiny drones.

appsro: Yeah, and remember when Simon tried to take on the Wasp Drone solo? That was a disaster waiting to happen!

neebs: Haha, good times! But seriously, that video is my favorite because it really captured the chaos and intensity of the moment. Plus, who doesn't love watching us get chased around by a giant robotic wasp?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video featuring the Wasp Drone? If not, you're in for a treat! Trust me, this one is a must-watch for all of us die-hard fans.

The video kicks off with some epic gameplay that will have you on the edge of your seat. The team navigates through thrilling challenges and tackles enemies with precision and skill. You won't be able to look away as they face off against the Wasp Drone and other formidable foes.

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oh run run run run run run run0.964.919
yeah I did it okay we're in perfect this5.8796.001
is the ening cell which we already had9.923.919
from long time ago uhhuh now all we got11.884.479
to do is uh make that ening cocktail13.8395.041
uhhuh and uh yeah I think we can Brew us16.3595.801
a potion to get out of here you18.886.28
and okay the mixture seems right oh well27.086.999
done we got to turn on the Java Matic31.3995.281
Simon the buttons on the34.0796.281
calculator oh okay okay36.689.039
woo fire it up baby fire up come40.368.92
on oh crap it looks like there are still45.7196.48
a few bugs left in the49.285.56
system it was an ant we got to repair52.1994.641
those mixer modules those pink things54.846.16
out there okay don't sigh I it's too56.846.519
late I61.02.359
side no what no I can see you're placing83.049.24
it it's invalid surface come on oh why87.287.72
this is just as valid as everywhere else92.284.56
Dr Tully is this your fault so what do95.03.36
you want to do you want to like build a96.844.84
uh a tower beside it I mean I guess we98.365.24
have to hold on I don't have a Dand line101.683.96
let me run down just just just to see103.64.24
how high I can build it okay it's like105.643.88
you got plenty of materials over there I107.844.84
mean valid surface invalid surface it's109.526.239
crazy right BR hi hey a't that silly112.686.28
that no it's the silliest yeah hate it115.7594.921
everything looks good good from here no118.965.079
it doesn't Dr T shut up yeah oh God I120.686.439
fell oh God I fell ow okay I'm fine can124.0394.84
you build platforms beside it build127.1194.241
little tower hold on give me a second128.8794.321
just give him a second NBS what is he131.364.239
doing what's he doing over there okay I133.25.96
can put it below the uh coffee maker135.5996.041
okay I just can't put it on top can you139.164.76
build your Tower up higher why why can't141.644.36
you build a tower I mean I can't it's143.923.88
just I'm I'm building this other big146.04.08
thing okay but I mean this Tower I like147.84.36
the height of this Tower okay I I'll150.084.72
work on building a tower all right152.165.4
invalid surface it's the dumbest thing154.84.719
I've ever heard Dr Tully we might go157.564.72
look for teeth or something yeah U then159.5194.08
there's uh I know there's one more162.283.599
burgle chip I think it's over here but163.5994.64
yeah you guys go find teeth and turn in165.8794.801
that burgle chip you got yesterday yep168.2393.92
okay we'll turn that in you grab the170.683.6
burgle chip I think it's near you okay I172.1596.601
love you love you miss you miss174.286.84
what oh here we184.8794.64
go yeah okay so I guess you want to do186.445.96
it you can do it okay so either one of189.5195.121
us can do it right yeah it's true oh God192.44.88
I forget what is that why you asking me194.643.959
to do it wait no we got to talk to that197.284.519
guy oh yeah where's he all right burgo198.5995.961
oh here he is he's over here oh what's201.7997.64
up okay so chat with burgle here we go204.567.28
here we go it's nice to see a friendly209.4393.601
face around211.844.0
here is that what burgle said yeah uh I213.047.199
found an auxiliary chip bam oh well hand215.846.119
it over let's see what I can remember220.2394.481
continue ah much better check the ASL221.9595.241
terminal science shop for the new224.726.04
recipes ooh okay let's say goodbye we're227.27.08
done bye burgle okay and230.766.319
continue okay so yeah now we can we can234.285.44
check this over here right yeah okay237.0797.041
okay thanks burgle and boom smack them239.726.439
all right dalis we got244.124.479
23.1k science stuff that sounds like a246.1595.08
lot of science stuff yep do I just uh248.5995.321
okay Advanced smithing oh we can buy251.2395.28
stuff right yeah advanc smithing Mighty253.924.76
Jewel what does that do I don't know256.5194.28
flavor Jewels sturdy upgrades doesn't258.684.68
say what they do Advanced building Ash260.7995.281
cement what's that do I imagine maybe263.365.0
it's like better bricks tougher bricks266.084.559
ah we're good with the bricks268.366.52
uh girth scape girth what yeah sounds270.6396.961
good yeah people yeah girth is great274.885.84
Signet Doodles boy I don't know uh I277.65.12
don't know what's the mighty Jewel do280.724.64
feather roof what well we don't need282.725.039
that yeah I don't what helps us what285.365.6
helps us Mighty Jewel so if I click that287.7595.361
a fusion of supreme wet stones and290.964.16
twinkling shells further unlocks the293.124.639
special properties of equipment H295.124.4
Supreme plating materials you to upgrade297.7595.241
armors that sounds good I yeah yes it299.526.04
does yeah let's do that one do that okay303.05.16
Advance smithing Mighty Jewel boom305.565.12
that'll be good okay all right maybe we308.164.4
should chat with AB before we unlock310.683.519
anything else he yeah maybe so he might312.564.199
bu all of them all of them buy it all314.1995.521
nibs okay hey burgle jeez you got 20316.7595.601
something K just buy it buy it all the319.725.28
the first three by the first three nebes322.364.88
tell you what Dr Tully being out here333.43.56
this long has made me a strong little334.885.08
girl check this336.963.0
out yep take it off take it off take it340.723.039
take look out star I am Dr Tully I'm343.7595.521
just I got all the strength I got haul347.164.159
this stuff for days not even waste any349.283.84
stamina but let's see get a little bit351.3194.481
of that get a little bit of that get a353.124.519
little that all right so this is the355.83.72
start of it oh wow still got a lot of357.6394.28
stuff which is359.527.08
good I'm so strong I'm so strong I'm361.9194.681
so all right so got a ways to go can't369.3194.72
believe I can't build on top of that372.6393.84
coffee maker like why it's a perfectly374.0395.361
good coffee maker flat surface up there376.4796.401
invalid placement flat surface379.46.14
invalid your mom's382.884.96
invalid it's crazy huh is that possible387.845.04
that there's a huh hold on let me check390.5995.561
this again okay so yeah right here in392.886.24
the tree lab yeah there's like a mega396.167.64
milk Muller so close to us well yeah it399.126.96
looked like it was I've never even403.85.64
walked through here oh yeah no okay oh406.085.08
wait should I get my other hat409.445.319
on okay no411.165.759
inventory oh what was that noise we can414.7594.0
see if it disappears on the map too if416.9194.161
we find it right which would be very418.7593.44
helpful if they disappear they don't421.083.0
disappear that's a mess isn't it ah422.1993.72
there it is Nies oh you see it yeah yeah424.084.0
yeah Straight Ahead grab it hold on I'll425.9194.4
uh I'll look at the map okay let me get428.086.36
my thing all right430.3194.121
uh-huh and did you get it yep hold on438.686.639
map are these ones it hm is the gold one445.3195.28
still there it's like one449.0394.361
appeared what it don't just do the ones450.5995.32
that we got does it there were there453.43.799
there's a white tooth and a gold tooth455.9194.201
now there's two gold teeth what that's457.1994.56
ridiculous I don't know what to do460.123.759
anymore it does look like one appeared461.7593.761
but that one's still there the one I463.8794.521
just got yeah that's oh wait the one you465.524.48
just got like I thought maybe it's just468.43.04
awful bit I don't know what's happening470.03.12
man well it looks like the one I just471.443.52
got still there yeah but I didn't see473.123.479
that one when I was looking at the map I474.964.679
saw us too tooth not exactly where we I476.5994.28
thought maybe it's just a roundabout479.6393.28
area man and then there's one right by480.8794.6
us yeah I see oh my God this is that's482.9194.56
weird that's unfortunate I don't like it485.4794.201
I don't like like it can you go that way487.4794.16
that's no I just wanted to look again489.683.4
all right I guess we might as well go491.6394.0
redeem that493.082.559
stuff all right here go and here yep yep507.1598.24
man I love having this nap it is uh very512.5195.52
handy hence the name implies the handy515.3994.841
NP and518.0394.641
then all right the grass go ahead and520.243.44
put the grass I'm going to need to go522.682.88
get more weed stems aren't I yeah523.683.52
probably but this is coming along I525.563.16
think this will be high enough this is527.25.079
just as high as the uh the Java Matic so528.725.64
yeah I'll finish this out and then we'll532.2795.081
be making a zipline oh yeah you doing534.365.8
okay Dr Tully537.365.4
I hate540.162.6
you hey nees yeah uh I think I got this546.686.279
finished see if you can attach a zipline550.764.24
perfect hold on I'm almost to the top of552.9594.401
the tower oo555.06.2
boy okay so you're over there boom and557.367.2
uh yep yep yep oh come on it's got to561.27.04
reach it's got to reach come on yeah ooh564.565.88
yeah see it did it you got enough uh568.246.2
string to attach it I think so one570.444.0
second oh boy okay I'm doing I went I578.9596.041
just went we both582.325.88
went awesome we're coming to you good585.05.56
yeah come on out of here why not I like588.24.639
not making this walk it's590.565.24
nice Dr Tully you're all up in my face592.8395.24
can you just get out of my face for just595.84.68
a minute598.0796.161
thank you this is so great man oh yeah600.485.4
it will save us from having to walk wow604.242.839
look at all the progress you're making605.883.92
on that uh defense thing yeah I feel607.0795.481
like I still have a ways to go609.84.7
okay Dr Tully612.564.68
really it's a long zip line isn't it617.243.56
is I bet going back to the base is a620.83.52
little quicker though better than623.03.36
walking yeah no kidding hey there they624.326.6
are oh yeah this is sweet nice hell yeah626.367.44
good view up here too see the whole630.924.88
yard okay this is going to make things a633.84.52
lot easier huh uh well at least for635.85.2
getting back and forth yeah okay so yeah638.324.28
yeah that's really cool science center641.03.12
down there so from here as long as you642.63.32
have a dandelion tough should be able to644.123.279
get most anywhere watch out for that645.923.4
plug outlet though down there by the way647.3993.68
oh really that'll get you oh yeah yeah649.324.12
that'll kill you okay oh so now I notice651.0795.2
on the map there is one more burgle chip653.445.36
and it's it's just to our East it's in656.2795.041
this like I see that I guess is that658.85.32
like a A Tool Shed no it's not a tool661.324.44
shed this thing right in front of us664.124.399
right here yeah like a compost bin what665.765.04
is that I don't know go check it out668.5194.0
yeah you want to go down there uh sure670.84.24
like why not oh no I didn't have a thing672.5196.721
oh boy did you survive that I did okay675.048.0
yep I got limited things there we go679.245.36
what what's that noise that's what they683.043.039
sound like684.65.64
now that's dris probably oh yeah mind686.0797.211
yeah stupid okay let's find a way in690.249.56
there all right I'm curious I upgraded699.85.719
my um what do you call it my staff702.2795.921
uh-huh work better I hope we're about to705.5194.32
out that it just does that amount of709.8396.081
damage to an ant oh this thing is not712.65.359
even worth it does it tell you what kind715.923.8
of damage it does717.9594.0
like in the stats guess it's a fire well719.724.28
this could spicy you have spicy right721.9594.56
spicy damage but still You' think this724.05.6
thing would just obliterate these ants726.5195.76
look at it yeah that's pretty lame it's729.65.359
super lame well I mean you don't want it732.2793.56
I'll take734.9595.481
it did you did you do that no sorry yep735.8397.24
he did it okay oh and I researched what740.445.48
we got to do uh to get for this burgle743.0794.481
chip yeah I can't find any way to get in745.923.039
this place there's no way to get in747.563.56
apparently we got to destroy wasps nest748.9594.32
throughout the yard before this box will751.125.12
open up what destroy wasp nest753.2795.131
throughout the yard756.2413.49
okay yeah which we've seen wasp like783.5193.961
Dora you've seen was before yeah there's786.03.6
a wasp nest actually around this left787.484.76
corner over here there you go we like to789.64.919
try it oh right around the corner yeah I792.244.839
would to hit it with this okay okay yeah794.5195.481
wasp fight797.0792.921
wasp yeah it's right up here oh there's804.924.44
a Lo of course807.84.399
well oh is he coming in already yeah oh809.367.68
good oh oh is that a drone one not sure812.1997.721
the Drone ones seem to they're not good817.044.84
oh yeah wow they do a lot of poison819.923.4
damage oh my821.883.92
God all right hey maybe you should try823.324.079
your uh staff on this thing huh I'm825.83.36
going to try if it'll sit still sit827.3994.921
still dummy I'll pick it I'll pick it829.165.239
salty chopping stabing how much how much832.325.439
health do you got I it just hit me so834.3997.321
good get him good God you got dalus huh837.7596.601
I got dalus yeah I'm I'm going to heal841.724.72
up real844.364.839
quick oh there's a bunch there's a bunch846.444.959
there's two oh wow there's yeah there's849.1993.2
more of them than I thought there would851.3994.281
be here we go oh boy okay so stabbing852.3995.961
they don't like stabbing and chopping855.684.959
stabbing and chopping858.365.68
huh yes I'm switching to my Cho okay I'm860.6394.921
going jum I'm going do864.046.2
stabbing man that piece of oh boy865.567.079
yeah oh yeah I got him with the electric870.244.92
okay he hurt now jeez these things are872.6394.44
niut they're not875.166.84
easy come on baby oh the ground come on877.0798.721
come at me yeah there you go come at882.06.959
me I'll fight a was I don't care you885.86.839
don't even care about it drink my888.9597.641
juice where you going baby come back oh892.6396.841
yeah I got him against the Rach896.65.52
oh wait mine's not even hurt it's not899.484.359
even hurt did they swap out or did he902.124.12
heal ah they might be healing I think903.8394.44
when he does that thing it heals well906.243.959
that's okay I can heal too I brought my908.2794.201
healing juice o oh and also brought my910.1995.801
rage juice oh I'm about to get912.483.52
stinky one down yes sucker got here we917.85.839
go nabes here I come let's get him are921.924.279
you coming oh923.6394.721
yeah he's he's hurt a little but not926.1994.361
much oh I'm about to throw my Gandalf at928.365.599
him kabo there it is yeah sucker yeah930.566.32
man I see I like that give it to him933.9594.68
that's okay that does a little more936.882.959
damage against938.6396.161
walk I'm okay here we go long939.83910.081
range get that crossbow d uh help okay I944.88.599
got to heal dude I got to o o o get him949.926.12
door I got to heal oh my God he's almost953.3994.321
got me down again little piece of956.043.84
run away I'm running away oh my God it's957.723.76
still hit me it's still hitting me we959.883.12
got him almost dead get him get him he's961.483.44
almost dead hang in963.06.519
there I got him way to hold out dris I964.926.64
didn't hold out you underneath all this969.5193.44
mess where are you okay what's wrong971.564.0
with you why you keep dying it's like972.9593.921
someone's shooting you with a fireball975.564.24
or something oh my God all right so did976.886.3
we destroy one yeah we979.87.719
yeah all right well guys I got to go I989.364.12
got to flight the catch all right have a991.8392.36
trip all right yeah he's going to994.1996.361
Florida yeah yeah it's pretty cold right997.5195.481
now it's a good time to go yeah for sure1000.565.399
it's freaking very chilly here now okay1003.05.959
dead spider should I take a shot at this1005.9596.601
Nest I mean how is this going to work1008.9595.36
you mean go for it why1012.568.719
not oh okay it uh uh it it wiggled okay1014.31910.161
um let me try the root of it okay there1021.2796.601
we go waa okay now it fell there's1024.486.04
there's a wasp up there you see it can1027.883.88
you chop that1030.524.559
up yeah go let's get this stuff wasp1031.766.439
paper yeah does that count what do you1035.0795.041
mean count does that count as beating a1038.1994.321
uh I would imagine we totally we took it1040.125.52
down it counts in real life man okay1042.526.44
sweet all right well I'll get these you1045.647.12
spider bit yeah all right well hey hey1048.965.64
not bad for a skeleton crew today I1052.764.88
would say not bad at all okay well let's1054.65.12
get on with it yeah it's amazing we got1057.645.96
on without Simon's might I know maybe we1059.726.82
can get by without him I doubt1063.613.8

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Wow, I am loving the gameplay footage that Neebs Gaming is showing in their latest video! The graphics look incredible and the world they are exploring seems so immersive. I really like how they are taking their time to appreciate all the small details in the environment. You can tell the developers put a lot of care into crafting this world.

The gameplay also looks super fun. There's a great mix of action, adventure, and even some funny moments with the characters. I cracked up when that drone started chasing them unexpectedly! It reminds me of playing games with my own friends and having those kinds of hilarious unscripted situations happen.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is doing an amazing job capturing the spirit and excitement of this game. Their cinematic style of video really makes you feel like you're right there with them, experiencing the game firsthand. It's the next best thing to actually playing it yourself!

In fact, I wasn't even considering buying this game until I saw how much fun Neebs Gaming was having with it. Now I'm seriously thinking about getting it so I can explore this world for myself. But even if I don't, their videos are such an entertaining way to get a taste of what this game is all about.

Neebs Gaming clearly has a passion for creating high quality, cinematic content that shows off games at their very best. They find ways to showcase all the best parts while also making it incredibly fun to watch. If you want to see what a game is really like before playing it yourself, their videos are the absolute best way to do it!

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