OCTOPUS HORDE - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 33

Today in Darkness Falls, Neebs' horde base is put to the test. https://www.freakerusa.com/products/neebs-gaming-2023 ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bi...
OCTOPUS HORDE - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 33
OCTOPUS HORDE - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 33

OCTOPUS HORDE - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 33

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute nail-biter as Neebs' horde base is really put through its paces. If you love watching the gang take on the challenges of surviving in the zombie apocalypse, this video is definitely one you won't want to miss.

I mean, seriously, the action is intense and you can just feel the tension building as Neebs and the crew fight off wave after wave of zombies. It's moments like these that really showcase the teamwork and strategy that goes into surviving in this brutal world. And let's not forget the hilarious banter and inside jokes that always have me cracking up throughout the video.

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anybody looking for some socks yeah well1.3197.681
here you go oh yeah socks4.564.44
good morning memes good morning afro how20.9396.381
is this looking man it's uh I don't know24.1195.82
I wish I'd have made these Bridges like27.324.9
three times longer so they had just a29.9394.681
long long path to go down yeah that32.223.72
probably would have been smart but I34.622.88
don't know then they might they might35.942.88
have resorted to chewing at the bottom37.53.42
more well the bottom is thick look at it38.823.66
look how thick the bottom is yeah no40.923.299
this looks pretty sweet I'm excited42.483.3
about this I brought you a couple of44.2195.061
gifts thank you let me hook you up with45.787.2
uh four blade traps yes sir uh 52 barbed49.286.099
wire beautiful and um that's it for now52.984.62
that's perfect that's great I got plenty55.3794.741
of uh Watts left on my energy awesome oh57.65.939
wait you need uh yeah gasoline 10 00060.124.92
gasoline that ought to do you hey hey63.5393.061
that'll get us through the night yep65.043.42
anything else uh I kind of want to focus66.63.9
on just helping you today oh really yeah68.464.26
I mean we're gonna definitely load up uh70.54.32
spikes around the bottom Simon gave me a72.723.78
bunch any any more materials you need74.823.0
um yeah concrete's good listen you know77.824.14
we fall back to your old base so maybe79.9793.901
we just kind of secure that a bit so if81.963.54
we do have to fall back they won't get83.884.02
to us too easy okay yeah that base That85.54.439
Base that base is a death trap we'll87.93.539
talk about if we have to fall back we're89.9393.301
gonna die let's don't fall back yeah91.4393.72
that's that's my plan let's don't fall93.245.1
back the worst fallback plan you built95.1595.661
it I know it's a piece of [ __ ]98.349.46
um actually hello we should just Nerf108.724.14
ball right or just jump up the top look110.345.0
at this oh there's a bird112.865.28
there's not a bird but now they know115.345.559
we're here I'm coming in the side all118.145.159
right where y'all at come on Break On120.8993.68
yeah that's sad I'll break him through124.5795.201
Owl I'll help you guys there you go127.7995.94
punch up there they are hello oh good129.787.94
job we've got wowed133.7393.981
yeah oh you're strong142.046.16
all right I'm not sure how to get up145.8196.161
here the legit way like by jumping we148.26.179
don't even need to go legit don't we151.985.04
don't we cheat that's what we do oh we154.3796.181
got one of these guys hi yeah157.025.88
dude are you on the ground or up high160.564.92
I'm up high okay man I wish I could make162.94.14
it up there you got a buddy there I165.483.5
don't have anybody167.044.559
no friends for you not for me because168.984.6
I'm not sure how you got up there a lot171.5994.801
of jumping and uh parkhorn yeah okay I173.584.86
guess this was the way that I missed I'm176.44.86
parkour guy too now come on up all right178.446.06
I'm coming this is really empty huh well181.265.339
I'll just get all this stuff whoa I'm up184.55.16
here don't get all this stuff Simon what186.5996.181
this is crazy okay how crazy like so189.666.62
crazy look at this wall192.783.5
yes yes that's us that is us197.07.659
look at what we and that was not set up201.9595.881
at all it wasn't that's great holy [ __ ]204.6595.22
yeah like we I mean we did have207.843.899
something to do with like sharing images209.8794.041
but we didn't know this would be here211.7396.72
nice I'm so glad we came yep me too it213.927.42
was crazy meant to be we're famous we218.4595.701
are and we got coffee beans221.346.27
man good thing I fell in this yeah were231.925.319
you trying to get over a busted I spent235.0193.661
the last 30 minutes with this sprained237.2392.881
ankle you got to be careful well238.683.6
speaking of um this ladder am I supposed240.123.899
to be able to get to this can you not242.283.72
upgrade one of your points wow damn it244.0194.321
okay so oh do I have I got one point I246.03.78
guess I need to dump that that parkour248.342.94
thing that everybody loves so damn much249.786.0
yeah and then try it thrill seeker huh251.286.179
increase Safe Fall Distance by three255.785.0
meters jump one meter higher257.4596.541
welcome back boys hey260.785.32
okay yeah now I can do it there you go264.03.78
it's just better that we can all kind of266.13.18
jump a little higher yeah wow that is267.783.12
nice oh yeah all right I can see why269.283.24
everybody likes this parkour thing yeah270.93.42
hey come over here so I'm wondering I272.523.66
took all these ladders and I brought274.323.96
them up so they can't climb them okay if276.184.2
we do fall back which we won't it might278.283.54
be nice if they all started Gathering280.383.36
down there and we can just kind of you281.823.42
know throw things down at them or shoot283.743.899
them gotcha hey no I originally I285.243.72
detached this did you put it back287.6393.541
together detached it I thought I did oh288.963.78
I mean yeah I started putting some291.183.959
blocks in there oh crap yeah no I wanted292.744.32
to separate this whole thing from that295.1393.721
okay that's fine well you can take what297.063.72
yeah we can do whatever no no no like I298.863.24
like your plan so you've been here300.782.699
you've been working on it so we jump off302.13.0
there if we have to fall back we come up303.4793.541
here and their first instinct should305.14.26
probably be get below us get below us307.024.5
and then we'll just shoot down we can309.363.779
shoot down from here yeah and they can't311.523.239
they can't get on that ladder I broke313.1393.0
the bottoms of them so I don't think314.7593.66
they can jump this okay316.1394.261
oh well okay well you could actually318.4193.181
make that you could probably break one320.42.76
more right now that we can all jump a321.62.64
little higher yeah I mean they can't323.162.879
jump this well unless they get on top of324.242.82
each other yeah that's what to say so326.0392.581
yeah let's let's bust this up one more327.063.78
yep good call and then we're up with328.625.82
parkour skill yeah yeah yeah yeah all330.845.17
right zombies can't jump334.444.5
all right all right let's do it let's do338.944.14
it let's do it which way you want to go341.464.26
in uh you know what I'll go in this way343.086.24
why not right hello where you at okay345.727.08
and this guy's not going around back no349.324.92
I thought you were I thought you had my352.84.44
back I'm glad you nah we're just one354.243.84
don't shoot me all right we're not358.083.78
like I know I might kill you yeah that's361.865.0
not good365.7594.22
oh I'm loving this little shotgun366.867.48
yeah it really is I'm going upstairs369.9797.5
second floor374.343.139
yeah two Loop bags back to back skis I379.525.14
call the one in the garage it's mine382.863.959
that was a great loot bag okay you get384.664.979
it all right second floor working my way386.8195.581
out the back patio clear389.6395.831
come on get get up here go there we go397.0399.521
all right and there's more still trying402.4196.361
to get up there but I'm having a lot of406.565.1
trouble your basement oh hey buddy made408.786.479
it one more where so maybe like I said411.665.58
maybe there is a basement okay yeah I415.2597.021
hear something oh yeah oh hey come here417.248.16
to return the trader return to trade yep422.286.0
that's it all right that was fun oh and425.46.44
I get my bag oh you [ __ ] don't remember428.285.699
there was just some shoes in there all431.845.28
right but still I like shoes433.9793.141
hey names yeah hop over here a second437.35.14
okay coming all right so check this out439.9794.62
this is uh your fallback plan right here442.444.64
love it check this out fallback Plan444.5995.581
Three okay so what I wanted to do I447.085.38
think I might chop this little bit off450.184.739
okay so worst case scenario we can get452.464.2
right here I noticed there's two traps454.9193.0
below us okay and they're still456.663.599
functional good so yeah we can use that457.9195.101
but in order to chop this thing off I460.2594.681
think the fastest way to do that is463.023.78
going to be with an auger why do you464.943.659
want to chop it um well if they go if466.82.88
they manage to get up here they might468.5993.121
follow us in there if they if we chop it469.683.66
the zombies won't be able to follow us471.723.66
we can jump over here you know what I473.344.5
mean okay so this is fallback two and475.384.2
then jump here yeah we would come back477.843.54
here and go like oh boom we're at fall479.583.959
back three yeah okay so that's kind of481.384.08
tentative plan let's move quick because483.5394.261
uh yeah I know485.464.26
um I need you to keep an eye out for487.85.28
screamers oh gotcha okay wow sorry489.725.759
that auger yep okay all right keep an493.084.14
eye out keep an eye out on the Logan495.4795.041
only got 17 bullets 17 yeah that's497.224.62
enough to take down a screamer with a500.523.0
head shot that's fine gotcha all right501.844.079
well headshot that's wishful thinking503.524.079
how you feeling about this base man I505.9193.241
don't know I'm just seeing how yours did507.5994.74
not good right it's a it's a learning509.166.84
experience okay that's easy to chop all512.3396.0
right this side's done moving on to the516.04.8
next side I like this dick butcher idea518.3394.44
you got though it's gonna be uh it's520.83.539
gonna be fascinating to see how it works522.7794.56
I hope I hope too and hey if this fails524.3396.201
we'll learn and we'll try again527.3393.201
do not go near the base can we get in547.3994.181
cars and drive away yeah oh yeah yeah549.723.299
yeah yeah that's a good idea to drive551.583.66
all right I'm in the charger can't drive553.0193.901
oh God yeah it's already too late to555.244.5
drive yeah run away oh there are they556.924.68
are they're coming to me I think run559.744.08
away run away run away away from the561.63.84
base oh God all right I gotta run back563.822.579
to base I want to make sure I have565.442.7
enough repair tools in my pocket [ __ ]566.3993.901
okay everybody split up meet you back568.144.199
here in a minute oh God what uh oh God570.33.78
you said away from the base but then I'm572.3393.901
I crouched over here by the bay right on574.083.18
the base576.243.3
I can't I can't move now it'll be a bad577.264.86
thing I'm just crouching oh my God and579.544.739
then I'll run if they see me all right582.123.719
how the hell they gotta throw one report584.2793.601
at you like 10 minutes before horde585.8394.691
night they love that [ __ ]587.884.88
man I didn't even I have no idea where592.765.68
to put the dick puncture like names595.265.04
yeah on the other one you and apps are598.443.72
gonna be on the other one but that's in600.33.539
the stairway he talked about the base of602.164.26
the stairs no up top up top of the603.8394.5
bridge are you guys moving there now uh606.424.14
I mean we got to it's yeah it's about to608.3393.901
happen [ __ ] all right so we'll be able610.563.66
to do it from up there okay good so612.243.719
right so I'm gonna climb up here and614.223.239
then no power is turned on yet and I'll615.9595.421
be able to do it from up there yep okay617.4593.921
there we go they're coming yeah probably627.445.38
oh boy and Dallas remember if you get630.485.419
too far away from your uh Nutcracker yep632.825.639
it's effective right now maybe you're635.8993.761
sure everything's on the blade traps638.4592.88
aren't moving is the electricity not639.663.54
working I have no idea man this is your641.3393.961
setup do you have the motor on yeah the643.24.5
motor is definitely on and switch is on645.34.26
and the switch is on yes so yeah it647.72.94
should be working yeah we're getting649.562.88
electricity over here okay yeah I'm650.643.42
talking about the play traps in652.443.959
particular it's okay if they don't work654.065.279
all right it's looking good so far now656.3995.481
if we need to we fall back yep659.3395.041
the thing and out the bag oh boy here661.886.579
they come all right come on baby664.386.26
they're hungry they is hungry they did672.565.44
come on Dick punchers do your jobs do675.8996.44
your job dick puncher oh my God678.04.339
how about yeah all right turret come on683.66.359
let me read it686.883.079
oh yeah yep well I'm gonna send some to691.044.84
you bring it all right sir eat them up693.7794.861
there you go there you go you're hot695.884.8
there's nothing yeah I love that it's698.643.78
just like oh zombie bears are in play700.685.04
now here you go looking good dude so far702.424.859
it's early let's hope there's no705.724.76
demolition guys707.2793.201
oh crap they just took out one of my uh714.84.08
what's collets717.245.159
like a hatch my first hatch if you there718.885.079
to replace it they broke it I might be722.3993.601
able to replace something oh boy I'll723.9594.701
try to keep them up726.02.66
oh bad down there yeah I hear you man733.683.02
yeah this is a lot738.265.23
there's something to break through758.63.84
I don't have any uh I don't have762.444.72
anything to repair concrete oh my God765.064.14
turret let me pull this [ __ ] thing767.164.619
immediately can you get a spare shot of769.24.68
it up there after from up there I'm771.7794.641
working on it I'm working on it773.886.12
we got Birds I just shot that bird twice776.425.62
all right I'm helping you with the birds780.05.18
holy [ __ ] this octopus think it's crazy782.046.419
I don't know where to go heal up yeah oh785.184.86
I can't even tell if I'm hurting this790.044.419
thing I'm like shooting its legs I don't792.185.099
[ __ ] birds come on leave I'm gonna be794.4596.361
out of bullets soon oh God oh God this797.2795.101
Pig's right here okay this is the800.824.98
problem [ __ ] oh God I'm in the mouth802.385.27
I'm in the mouth805.83.2
oh God I Gotta Wait good boy oh God I809.07.019
need to get up there813.362.659
it keeps hitting me822.865.919
Advantage is on your right yeah but826.565.64
still oh my God mutated stalkers what828.7795.761
the hell no no no no832.24.379
they're climbing up the climb up after I834.543.419
took you left oh my God are they down836.5793.181
there no they're fine they were climbing837.9594.44
up in front of you like on top oh God839.765.519
watch out Simon oh [ __ ] Simon don't842.3995.341
shoot me Simon don't shoot me yeah the845.2793.601
right side you go to the right side let847.742.779
me take a left side all right all right848.884.38
come on I'm so scared let me get this850.5194.421
turret back up and running Simon there853.263.66
we go get him turn get him turret get854.946.92
him oh this is insane856.924.94
god I think864.565.74
I'm really close to a point where we867.744.42
need to run away from this what are you870.35.099
gonna run to uh to the other base any872.164.919
better over there uh I think875.3994.861
everything's is here oh God Simon there877.0796.721
below us yeah oh boy I was already in880.266.42
the mouth of the one oh Jesus has anyone883.84.62
killed one of these octopus yet yeah886.683.659
I've seen a couple of them die I've seen888.424.159
what the hell920.483.94
man and now visibility's turned to [ __ ]922.444.32
we can't see a damn thing uh I have 14924.424.74
shotgun shells left I'm running out of926.765.579
like almost everything you do my birds929.165.22
are dead oh God oh God my help oh I'm932.3394.081
about to die you're about to die yeah934.384.319
what was something was getting me I936.425.039
guess oh [ __ ] okay okay come on come on938.6996.08
oh God there we go941.4593.32
Steve Malta oh God there is one big945.665.28
giant dude in our second oh wow yeah948.35.099
Jesus what is that guy I don't know950.944.44
I can't even see him I'm shooting them953.3994.68
I'm out I'm out I'm out of those bullets955.385.759
hey can you see what's in our uh in our958.0795.641
Tower no I can't really it's the octopus961.1394.921
okay [ __ ] and some big guys running down963.725.16
that was a bear up front yeah I'll try966.064.56
to clear your stairs a little bit oh my968.883.42
gosh we're climbing on each other Yep970.624.26
this is the problem I really have so I'm972.35.279
pretty much out of ammo like I've got 50974.884.5
bullets left uh do you need shotgun977.5794.741
shells oh [ __ ] yeah here here uh take979.385.24
137 shotgun shots982.325.459
you're back in action oh boy I'm seeing984.625.2
farts fall off the base here right right987.7794.021
below us here I'm gonna try to build989.824.319
this back Riley's [ __ ] bird uh one991.84.5
place come on please come on [ __ ] come994.1393.901
on oh yeah we're breaking apart they're996.33.719
gonna want to jump up here soon okay oh998.043.0
um fall back fall back me teams where1001.045.12
you guys can fall back I'll stay here1003.925.0
oh God oh God1006.166.64
follow you uh maybe hold on where do I1008.926.06
oh yeah I'm seeing something crazy down1021.2793.881
here it looks like a gorilla man a1023.484.199
gorilla man1025.163.84
look at them all in there something1027.6795.101
that's crazy oh you know what what stand1029.06.48
back I got one dynamite oh [ __ ] you just1032.785.639
got spit at I did oh God oh God oh God1035.486.92
[ __ ] I need to prepare myself oh God1038.4196.66
Simon do you have any bandages oh God I1042.44.74
just did bye I only have one man1045.0794.641
I'm gonna die I'm at nine1047.145.82
oh God1049.723.24
virgin [ __ ]1056.05.84
I'm coming back in boys1058.366.9
gotta get into my bag1061.843.42
where was that ladder there you are1066.885.88
parkour ladder1069.023.74
I'm over here1074.323.3
yeah that's not looking good with that1082.944.619
guy we got to bring him down bro the big1085.164.2
one is so big starting to see some light1087.5595.841
in the sky come on Sunshine1089.364.04
okay now we just got to clean them up1095.985.4
easier said than done1098.243.14
get out1157.783.06
oh boy here they are hello lady nope1161.0595.641
just die all you gotta do is1170.4196.021
do stuff1174.142.3
oh my God there's still such a pile of1177.644.48
them under me so I'm back in the golf1180.264.5
cart gonna grab my stuff uh listen this1182.124.26
is a waste of ammo right like running1184.763.299
would be great if we run there's gonna1186.383.299
follow us right yeah but then we won't1188.0593.301
be using our ammo and we'll lose them1189.6795.901
okay fine all right run1191.364.22

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