NEEBS NEEDS LEATHER! - (Minecraft Ep 14)

Minecraft: Cow Reckoning. Today Neebs completes his transformation from his animal-friendly former self to the ultimate cow culler while Appsro builds...
NEEBS NEEDS LEATHER! - (Minecraft Ep 14)
NEEBS NEEDS LEATHER! - (Minecraft Ep 14)

NEEBS NEEDS LEATHER! - (Minecraft Ep 14)

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest Minecraft video yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode titled "Cow Reckoning," Neebs takes on the role of the ultimate cow culler, leaving his animal-friendly ways behind. Meanwhile, Appsro is busy building a shortcut to his base using portals, Simon is creating a hilarious and somewhat pointless log flume, and Dora gets roped into helping Simon with his crazy project. And of course, Thick does what he does best - wanders off into the unknown!

If you're interested in copying the mod setup from the video, make sure to check out the link provided in the description. And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more hilarious Minecraft content. Plus, if you're curious about the equipment they use, they're powered by Xidax PCs - definitely worth checking out!

For those who want to join the Neebs Gaming community, there's a Discord server where you can connect with other fans and even chat with the Neebs team. And if you're a coffee lover, they even have their own Neebs Gaming Coffee - sounds like the perfect pick-me-up for watching their videos!

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this doesn't seem right it's not right5.495.01
this is horrible but they don't offer8.793.99
you many other options in this game yeah10.54.109
I mean but in the meantime though I12.783.78
don't I don't mind it even though it's14.6094.021
not right yeah I think we only need like16.565.07
one letter per book so just we get a18.635.19
little bit we we feed them so they can21.634.739
repopulate and then we do some we repeat23.826.36
yeah yeah so just hop in there don't26.3695.791
don't get too acquainted with them okay30.183.809
you know what this makes me feel like32.165.219
like I'm a singing in a concert you know33.98915.09
and like you jump in the crowd now hop37.37913.231
in there get some leather I don't need49.0799.181
to kill anything swim in the cow Simon I50.6110.019
don't know if I want to do that hey58.264.889
Simon what just to get this out of the60.6296.391
way I feel so bad about the fire oh yeah63.1496.591
I'd like to like help you rebuild well67.024.98
we're gonna have to wait and see what69.748.11
I'm motivated to do doing all the dirty72.08.85
work yes surfing cover yourself in blood77.855.25
and call yourself Sammy well it comes to80.854.5
books won't books you better get in here83.14.44
I don't really want anything I'm gonna85.353.87
help you rebuild Simon whether you like87.544.23
it or not I'm gonna get on that you can89.226.6
kill cows with names no you don't get to91.776.66
build whether I like it or not95.824.5
it's my place listen I thought it would98.434.86
be the noble thing to do what well noble100.324.17
thing to do would be with respect to103.294.53
person's house no matter that parts104.494.75
that's too late for that107.823.85
right I'll take care of your babies I109.245.519
promise he won't know if I take care of111.674.89
you mean kill them when they get a114.7594.881
little bit older than ya116.563.08
so I can help all right think I think119.722.599
this might work okay fire it up139.934.29
there we go all right all right my142.2994.171
theory is if we go through this portal144.223.72
we should be pretty close to where we146.4715.48
were and the other portal okay thick147.9416.379
yeah it worked like a charm161.955.399
look at this this is the pathway oh okay164.3195.071
oh man and now look at this167.3496.121
follow me thick okay look at this can't169.398.7
wait to see your okay okay go through173.4711.28
here boom alongside but yeah turn around178.0910.98
go this way boom is your house thick I'm184.7511.09
not here yet look where am I hello hello189.0710.8
okay yep not everything loaded in very195.846.58
quick that's okay hello ah this is199.874.949
awesome yeah great job so now you have a202.424.439
direct line to my castle and I have a204.8195.521
direct line from my castle to this well206.8596.03
I'd call it a town but is a210.345.549
better word yes I said because peppa pig212.8894.531
videos keep appearing alongside a215.8892.461
Minecraft video217.422.939
now you also said Peppa Pig so we need218.354.229
more folks Peppa Pig nope we need220.3595.551
another to con to offset the Peppa Pig222.5795.97
YouTube's crazy you know what let's go225.914.71
back into the nether okay sounds good228.5493.75
yeah I want to harvest some more glutes230.623.51
dude I don't know what that is but I232.2995.361
will kill glowstone234.133.53
Morales yes I appreciate I appreciate239.974.78
you well one in the hell oh it's my242.623.839
pleasure because now there's a new244.754.11
project well I don't really need246.4594.561
renovations on the what's been ruined oh248.864.11
but that's what I was I need help on251.025.88
continuing with this right here I kind252.976.57
of wanted to sip a dupe I don't really256.94.17
want to do what you're saying I was259.543.78
gonna be easier it's easier261.074.05
you're telling me something's easier263.323.3
yeah I'm telling you265.123.63
Wow you know what you offer my help and266.623.48
then I say hey you know what this is268.753.419
what I want to do yeah then you go with270.13.87
no that's not what I how I wanted to272.1693.571
help you out really how I wanted good273.975.85
brain you know what's the worst the275.746.6
worst what are you doing well I would279.824.29
need this is gonna be a river thick282.344.38
thick inspired me we have a river a284.115.04
river that's gonna go out and follow me286.725.76
yeah there's my first time I've already289.155.49
done a lot of work good for you what up292.483.63
by the end of the day we could have a294.643.36
river we have a river I'm looking at it296.113.93
no there's no water up here yet298.03.45
look at me I'm running back with this300.042.91
whole time we don't need water up here301.453.48
why why what's the what's the purpose302.953.51
what do you mean the purpose it's fun304.933.12
that's the purpose306.464.59
no thanks for answering the question fun308.054.98
it's fun that's right yeah I'm having311.054.59
fun all right so I gotta find a body of313.035.22
water to to dump out into how about the315.644.47
river I already talked about which river318.254.46
this one anyone that we're on right now320.116.87
water you need water322.718.38
I gotta go get my sugar cane to make326.986.81
paper for the books I'll bring you out331.095.7
bring your bucket okay there you go333.795.31
and then Simon's got a job for you336.795.88
you're making a river yeah I had a339.16.54
different job already happening so all342.674.26
right what did you you didn't have345.643.45
anything happening then I was gonna kind346.933.54
of get back to that thing I had in mind349.093.03
you want to help me or not350.477.65
I'm helping all right work no lazy son352.126.42
of a358.1212.12
I'll work sick yeah got a boat ever358.5413.8
right yeah actually I have an enchanted370.246.57
arrow that has unlimited arrows I had an372.347.17
Ambo I had a bow and I had a book and I376.815.28
am Shanta okay cool man379.515.16
yes actually really awesome cuz I keep I382.095.04
keep here to cast know what killing I384.674.01
know me too387.133.65
you hear you hear that a little wine388.684.33
yeah they really should have come up390.784.18
with like a different noise to make it393.013.6
sound a little more I love the noise I394.964.68
think it's so weird yeah sounds like a396.617.85
shut and weeping because he's depressed399.644.82
gonna be over here oh yeah I see it405.2412.199
oh yeah come get it get it big see oh407.9699.47
that's a big drop on that bow look422.7493.791
he's nimble give me something from your433.61914.25
dead corpse does this experience I'll444.1195.25
take a little bit of that no I mean I447.8693.09
felt like I was here right yeah you I449.3693.36
experienced it you took an arrow to the450.9594.98
knee did or to the back I think yeah oh452.7296.3
wait a minute I got a ghast tear gas455.9395.611
tear yeah how do you do with that you459.0295.961
season your potato chips with them461.553.44
hey Sam it yes sir468.026.76
I'm out of material so uh you know what471.245.55
you'll need to cover this call today no474.784.05
nope nope you need to go to the mind476.793.81
that's on the ball below that's where I478.833.69
was just that why do I feel there you480.63.75
need some eye materials I'm not even482.524.02
picky it could be whatever it is yeah I484.354.65
noticed that I know what do you need Sam486.545.46
uh I've been using dirt a lot oh I got489.05.7
tons of dirt man I'm organized okay I492.04.77
get you some dirt also I got you this494.75.55
bucket of water see that oh so you know496.775.25
what I could use that like very soon500.254.17
what are you trying to make like a sky502.026.84
water flume a sky lazy river okay yeah504.427.11
well it's only gonna be like a straight508.864.619
and then it's gonna be like maybe one511.533.75
little turn and then it needs to fall513.4793.81
down into water so you can go from like515.283.84
being in water and then down on the517.2894.921
ground gotcha okay yep I got it uh I519.124.83
think you need me cuz I'm an engineering522.214.44
genius okay I'm gonna make a book though523.954.83
actually I made a book can't find you526.656.15
guys in this crap hey listen we could528.786.36
talk about that book all you want when532.84.47
we have the river yeah noobs shift535.145.94
change your turn bud I know he's done537.276.06
nothing no what go ahead go ahead541.084.08
doraleous what would you want to leave543.334.11
you got things you got to do huh545.164.05
is that what you're looking to do what547.443.15
else you gonna do dress what are you549.211.71
yeah we're right said I like a Golden550.924.17
Arrow it's a spectral arrow553.353.57
well let's shoot it let's see it um555.0910.95
watch this kind of neat got a bone now556.9211.66
yeah well what that I don't know how to566.045.4
use the arrow well I'm gonna do it568.585.44
whoops look at that yeah that was571.443.12
it just seems like a regular ya know I574.564.08
wanted to show you like if you shoot576.634.38
something you can see what you shot578.644.38
through walls for a moment but it's581.013.66
really short it's kind of dumb well I583.023.99
really it's neat here why don't we go584.674.68
can you do sides with me yeah that'd be587.014.11
cool I just want you on the other side589.354.09
of a wall why don't you come over here591.124.959
all right and after I shoot you right in593.444.11
front here Simon596.0793.361
once you go inside and then like right597.554.5
over here so it so um so you stand right599.444.05
where you are and then I'll shoot you602.052.88
and you go in and right over here okay603.492.519
all right604.933.93
so ready for the Snape's ready okay606.0095.37
spectral arrow I don't know how to shoot608.862.789
arrow to the left look at that oh right611.6496.841
to the wall you're right there Simon I a615.8794.44
D it up we knew where you were you see618.494.13
what I'm doing jumping that's right is620.3196.56
over yep I'll aim how long it lasts622.627.389
kinda yeah it's neat but if it lasted626.8795.231
like a full minute that beep any money630.0094.14
that'd be where it's at all right I'm632.113.599
gonna get some more material Simon634.1493.69
all right kitten I'm gonna use your uh635.7094.92
your your enchantment thing gross okay637.8395.281
hey put some books by it yep I'll work640.6294.351
on that later I got a ton of me can you643.124.04
believe that yeah put some books by it644.986.75
books by it booked by it he never gave647.166.489
me the materials you said he has I'm651.734.709
gonna raid this place do it steal as653.6496.661
much as you can from him good boy don't656.4397.191
call don't lie660.313.32
oh yes looking nice alright go back home666.2811.45
work on the castle a little bit wait670.2110.26
what this one down already677.734.95
what how could I go one way but not thee684.644.47
oh okay all right687.224.53
oh man I'm kind of hating this game689.115.31
right now that is so dumb why is it go691.754.59
one way not the other I gotta break this694.423.96
portal I gotta dig myself out of here696.344.47
okay can I go back in the nether take698.384.14
the portal that just went through and700.813.72
maybe move it ten blocks towards each702.523.99
would that work I don't know I don't704.533.83
know anymore706.516.09
screw you minecraft you so mean to me708.366.37
why you mean something to me712.610.5
Oh Simon those things in the I know I714.7318.68
see him okay no no okay723.110.31
oh boy oh boy this isn't good734.08.009
Elias yeah738.226.869
Oh already some attacking me where am I742.0095.611
like I spawned a sixth-place I really745.0894.69
want to find my stuff I assume it's a747.624.319
long you're stupid you're awesome749.7794.591
you know let's try not to insult my751.9395.311
thing I'm gonna try alright754.375.85
but yeah you are if you look up in the757.253.66
I can't always there is they're phantoms760.9112.14
there's no cool the book party no it is788.58910.901
in his house I'll meet you down there798.1997.5
okay hairy out there didn't it so I made799.498.789
this bookshelf he's left no room he's805.6994.981
not planned to anything as far as layout808.2794.17
here it's a beautiful place don't knock810.681.98
ok but you understand maybe up here812.663.869
imagine you can shine a black light in814.432.579
here though816.5294.941
yep stains everywhere so think you click817.0099.661
on here and then do I put a book in here821.477.78
ah I forgot my blue stuff826.675.219
did you crap wet maybe he has some blue829.255.339
stuff you want some bread man you want831.8898.101
some watermelon should always know that834.5898.821
I can see oh wait here yep here we go839.997.889
blue stuff ok you ready here book blue843.416.09
stuff I wasn't ready would you have847.8794.44
stopped if I if you what if I wasn't849.54.98
ready would you have stopped of course I852.3195.731
would yeah ok protection 1 hold on you854.484.94
didn't ask me if I was ready you ready858.054.82
no okay859.426.82
I'm ready sure protection 1 uh-huh862.876.67
sharpen is one protection one they all866.245.49
sounds dumb right right maybe this is869.544.38
the part where you you just you see871.734.83
these words inside your brain right and873.924.71
then like we we take it from there why876.563.48
did you come to the party if you didn't878.633.45
want to be here if this is a party I'm880.044.41
sorry you invited me okay well maybe882.084.68
next time I won't maybe you can just sit884.454.41
in your lonesome dirt tower in the air886.764.98
and die alone or you could just have888.865.04
parties that don't suck are you ready891.747.01
yeah Julie's book protection one893.98.7
sharpness one same stuff man no chips898.755.8
party on party people902.64.86
a little dip with a party chips dip you904.554.62
could make it better as all I'm saying a907.463.51
lot better you knew what we were doing909.174.53
here we're trying to chant books so we910.975.43
can go kill bigger monsters or whatever913.74.02
you made it sound like it was gonna be916.44.68
good okay what'd you do you I did me you917.725.01
didn't like it so I don't want921.086.45
protection or sharpness hey guys thank922.736.9
god you're here oh cool thanks names927.533.87
yeah that's where I was gonna put the929.6317.73
bookshelf hey top I can see you931.418.51
you look nice by the way I like your947.367.349
braids there you go all right949.917.409
I'm gonna see if I can solve my nether954.7096.29
crisis here we go again957.3193.68
where I want to be so I wonder if I tear964.4897.59
this portal down and move it maybe just966.4397.44
want to be like right in front of my972.0793.901
house I don't want to end up where this973.8794.471
thing what's me to end up let's see975.984.169
already got some sitting in my pocket978.354.139
let me just break you family you are980.1496.62
broken now I'll just rebuild maybe right982.4896.27
let's see what happens if I build right986.7698.86
here okay oh right that was broken this988.7598.55
was good fire it up995.62911.761
moment of truth come on work where am I997.30913.321
boy okay well closer1007.397.699
why would let me hook to the other one1010.637.29
YouTube portals were a disaster but this1015.0895.141
one this is gonna be the one instead of1017.924.289
going straight to come up here and take1020.235.76
it right should put me real close to the1022.2097.261
castle so close it's gonna use the1025.996.959
portal Oh nope1029.4718.089
yeah over the truth that is awesome1032.94922.441
okay now if I want to go back through I1047.55918.781
just go down this hallway and then BAM1055.3914.279
which it put me out for it faces the1066.348.16
other way either way who cares yeah BAM1069.66911.271
all right like a charm1074.56.44
have you forgotten English Simon what do1084.965.86
you guys got going on1089.6794.561
but look oh I wouldn't chant stuff made1090.827.56
us addresses um this is better isn't it1094.246.36
means way better man yeah and I got room1098.384.35
I've got three bookshelves should I just1100.63.93
start here in the back I there's a1102.733.75
certain way to do it he's got to be a1104.533.149
block away1106.484.29
yeah block away like is that hard well1107.6794.261
they're right next to each other then1110.773.3
okay no I think a block away from the1111.943.9
book from the from the enchanting table1114.075.489
oh okay so now we've got four before we1115.847.44
had one yup so if I put a lapis lazuli1119.5595.44
in here do it and1123.285.289
put a book in here now I could do1124.9997.14
piercing one Oh char penis one protect1128.5695.94
those those are just as lame right well1132.1395.45
let's just get more bookshelves1134.5093.08
bookshelf to three extra bookshelves1139.7195.8
just lame is the first alright so in1143.2993.78
other words do you have any book shows1145.5193.51
do you have or you can that's all or1147.0793.33
wait didn't you guys like kill a bunch1149.0293.0
of cows this is all the bookshelves you1150.4093.42
made it's paper papers the problem right1152.0293.57
now papers the problem waiting on the1153.8294.05
sugarcane to grow I'm on a paper yeah I1155.5993.42
think I got to pay for back at my place1157.8792.91
too I'll go get my paper so we just need1159.0194.71
more boy something we know how to fix it1160.7895.31
we just got a time well I know it's time1163.7294.41
but I'm surprised you didn't come1166.0994.68
prepared you think I should make sugar1168.1394.89
cane grow faster no why did we why did1170.7793.9
we we should have just wavy to do this1173.0295.97
ok babes yep ready yeah one paper there1174.6794.68
we go1178.9992.28
look at that thank you yeah but it just1179.3593.66
prepared when I have one paper five1181.2793.51
minutes ago yeah we should ask Simon1183.0193.6
gotta look ahead hey you wanna meet me1184.7894.08
on top of your log flume I got something1186.6195.37
to show you the question for you Simon1188.8695.49
that was I'll take that as a yes yeah1191.9896.09
you're locked now then we were talking1194.3597.701
anything about that what a twist1198.0796.931
this is boring yeah today's just been1205.015.58
boring went to the nether kill the gas1208.073.78
that was okay1210.592.73
I know what that is oh yeah this is1213.329.54
gonna be fun I always have fun with you1220.46.09
guys guess what you're gonna hear what1222.866.54
my name is any minute now1226.495.75
i'ma wait we'll wait and let you guess1229.44.32
let's see no they have like a little Hut1233.726.27
did you guys make a Hut to look at you1236.725.1
Hey oh god I got to show you guys1239.994.23
something hey check this out1241.826.93
I made a shield and put the face of a1244.226.48
guy I killed on it that looks like you1248.753.72
he's one of your people but I definitely1250.74.91
killed definitely killed him that's me1252.476.48
killer of you guys we got a little food1255.616.7
it's a little deep right there man how1258.956.27
am I gonna do this I want to do it so1262.315.73
many ways I could set it on fire again I1265.225.67
definitely need to loot it so let's get1268.046.3
the shovel out and and dig up to you dig1270.899.21
up to you some in you're gonna love this1274.348.7
man alright I'm on my way you say ten1280.15.4
seconds but it's been about 15 and I'm1283.044.14
not there yet I forgot you're not good1285.54.32
at running no I'm running there's no way1287.184.38
that I'm not good I didn't say you1289.822.88
weren't running it said you're not good1291.563.27
at it I'm very good at running okay what1292.73.93
makes you think I'm not cuz you wanna1294.833.27
have a race or something I would love to1296.633.18
have a race let's do a race read this1298.16.81
son okay son says noobs gift that keeps1299.815.85
on giving1304.912.4
yep I don't know why I keep giving1305.665.46
you've been a jerk all day all day so1307.316.84
look at this water there you know it's1311.126.3
jerky water here you cook me a jerk yeah1314.154.62
water water1317.423.18
okay and I'm gonna give you another gift1318.775.99
okay so you ready yeah that is a pail1320.66.42
thank you thank you got it now this1324.764.33
should be an endless source of water1327.023.84
that means you don't have to go up and1329.094.47
down this dirt monstrosity every time1330.865.73
you want to fill up this flume okay so1333.565.06
hold on a second you gave me a bucket1336.593.18
and I'm gonna arm that bucket answer1339.775.48
Telus paper there's my paper that's how1346.168.32
you react when you get a gift Simon1352.958.49
someone okay yeah okay gave him a1354.487.71
waterhole huh1361.442.37
I got a waterhole in a bucket so he can1362.193.42
fill up his water Flint I just put water1363.812.31
there you go look at that now walking1366.125.37
through this is gonna be a pain in the1370.263.27
butt now see a see putting boats to1371.493.51
think and now Simon do it again1373.533.45
okay scoop again oh you're making uh1375.04.56
okay place a little further down scoop1376.984.83
of game place further down want to get1379.566.87
out of the water here yeah can I just so1381.816.12
I thought it was gonna be a lot easier1386.435.94
than this actually you know what no more1387.937.62
gifts for this guy I thought I was only1392.374.47
gonna have to put a little bit of water1395.552.46
and it was just gonna fill the whole1396.843.48
damn thing oh no oh no no you got a lot1398.013.87
of work to do you pretty much got to do1400.323.48
every single block on both side that1401.884.85
sounds awful you started this with the1403.84.98
misunderstanding yeah that's how you1406.733.73
just start most things hey stop it I got1408.782.34
something for you1410.465.25
yeah you would appreciate it1411.126.66
he'll like this you know what that is1415.714.26
what is it that's that netherrack stuff1417.783.69
you can put this you know add some1419.972.85
decoration because you can put that down1421.473.6
then take some Flint steel constant fire1422.8213.92
I have another plate for that wood for a1425.0719.53
while I can't believe all right it was1436.7412.83
worth it all day it's worth it1444.64.97

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