Moose vs Revolver. Who Wins? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Appsro is up to his usual shen...
Moose vs Revolver.  Who Wins?  -  The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
Moose vs Revolver. Who Wins? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Moose vs Revolver. Who Wins? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we have a special treat for you - Moose vs Revolver. Who do you think will come out on top?

simon: Oh man, I can't wait to see this! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a moose take on a revolver? It's like nature vs technology!

appsro: I'm putting my money on the moose. I've seen those things in action, they're fierce creatures. Plus, I really need that moose hide for my next project.

neebs: Well, Appsro, you better be careful what you wish for. This could be the end of you in the game, all for a silly moose hide!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Appsro is up to his usual shenanigans in this one, as he sets out on a quest to get a moose hide. But as we all know, things never go smoothly for our beloved Appsro, and this time is no different. It seems like getting that moose hide might just cost him everything he holds dear.

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oh my God this might be dumb come on0.87.14
come on come on come at me4.143.8
it's moving day after13.23.019
I know how many trips it's gonna take I16.263.38
I mean I'm loaded down right now okay20.18.72
I guess okay what was that24.3594.461
what was that28.8594.261
where is that I hear a wolf oh yeah30.36.08
sounds like he's whimpering though33.123.26
oh really yeah I mean you're wearing36.624.619
this bomb in your dad you know39.185.219
you know what I mean words I say three41.2394.541
wolves three44.3993.301
three walls one's running right at me45.783.24
okay maybe maybe it's more of a47.74.58
Vengeance thing now maybe49.023.26
ah no no no52.8795.261
I hit shoot again I tried to shoot him55.464.54
twice the second one just turned into an58.143.419
jeez uh you are not getting he might get61.5595.121
that stuff66.722.719
no no yeah you don't want to climb Hills72.4793.781
sprain your ankle it's not good I'm74.14.62
doing it this is personal okay go go for76.265.1
it where you at buddy up there he is78.724.14
he's coming back81.363.119
he's coming back82.864.74
up yep I see you nope you you brought84.4794.801
this on yourself87.63.96
he's running back to my house that looks89.284.08
steep all right I'm gonna try to get in91.562.879
your house93.362.759
take all my stuff I get back and there's94.4393.121
it's not moving day anymore97.563.08
okay it is moving day for me too I got a110.526.18
big Journey look at my map real quick so114.725.399
I am at mooseburg I think I'm gonna hit116.75.879
the road I'm gonna turn north I think120.1194.741
there's a mine up here I'm gonna go into122.5794.741
the mine that should dump me back out at124.864.679
Pleasant Valley and my goal is to just127.324.44
get back to Thompson's Crossing129.5395.101
so what's there at Thompson Crossing131.763.78
um well134.642.94
I don't even remember but I'm just I'm135.543.66
sick of being here I kind of want to137.583.6
move back to The Farmhouse because uh my139.23.66
my goal is to make oh yeah I can't141.183.48
forget to take these yeah these142.864.14
arrowheads I made yeah I want them all144.664.079
and then the snap and then these147.03.48
feathers I've been collecting148.7393.601
yeah because I want to get back to that150.484.08
Birch forth so I can get Birch saplings152.344.56
and then I can make arrows because my154.566.319
guns aren't Gonna Last Forever right156.93.979
Some Coal for the journey you got that161.285.819
wolf yet man he was running all over the164.164.68
lake and last time I saw him he kind of167.0994.021
went towards this hill which is all the168.845.94
way across the lake okay I think uh I171.124.86
mean I know I'm leaving some stuff174.783.0
behind but I don't have a choice175.983.36
who's back there I can always make more179.345.1
water I got flares on me for the mine181.145.819
uh I got all the food I can carry I hate184.444.2
to leave all these herbal teas I'll take186.9593.241
these coffees just so I can heat up188.644.08
giving me more energy for the trip190.24.38
mooseburg you have been fantastic taking194.585.9
that coal Barbara Ann I'm gonna miss you197.8796.78
we had some good times you and me oh200.486.16
sprained ankle204.6594.681
sprained ankle apps206.646.0
yeah super Steep Hill209.345.64
that's right214.985.06
so long mooseburg216.783.26
it's gonna be a big trip222.3193.78
shot and then he was231.93.96
oh wait234.484.529
the uh240.782.72
oh so you did get him yep oh man so he243.95.399
ran away he couldn't run no more and I'm246.724.56
so loaded up with stuff I can't carry249.2994.101
because I just had to know that he got253.564.32
what was coming to him255.6593.98
I'll build a fire257.884.139
you got a weird Vengeance thing going on259.6395.461
right now I like it262.0193.081
a little bit man I don't know what's270.743.88
gonna happen whenever I quarter this273.243.48
my weight is 30 well 30 of 35. what's276.727.34
the plus five mean I got like a green281.944.8
you're well rested so you can carry plus284.064.36
you know more than usual okay286.743.12
yep I see the trailer which we289.864.68
okay yeah hey I made another arrow look292.744.62
at me thanks old me God damn you're a294.544.32
genius oh man297.363.96
oh yeah old me is smart sometimes298.864.619
because it knows like future means dumb301.323.48
future man needs to get his act together304.84.5
yeah future me really needs some notes306.364.92
just walking slow up a hill help309.34.98
decrease the chance of injury or don't311.284.979
matter I314.283.96
I did that theory I don't know oh nope316.2594.681
it didn't okay318.244.799
pain don't hurt I learned that from320.944.88
Patrick Swayze323.0392.781
or super strong because of all the327.124.98
rigorous training329.7594.921
yeah that'd be a nice feature332.15.78
them damn much yep334.683.2
here we go you're getting quartered338.224.44
you they didn't have to go this way but340.744.2
it did342.664.68
super okay see if I can walk down this344.945.52
hill yeah let's bring another ankle oh I347.344.68
see the men's yeah350.462.94
yeah okay352.023.36
man made it here without incident that's353.43.96
not what I was expecting I was expecting355.386.62
Bears wolves everything I'll take it357.364.64
yeah this is all yeah wait was there369.4793.841
anything in here no see that's the thing371.6994.5
I've searched everything373.325.04
in this mind so it's not like I'm coming376.1993.78
here for oh I wonder what I'm gonna find378.362.94
I know I know what I'm gonna find379.9793.56
what I got what you got oh yeah okay oh387.066.44
Future Past me391.564.259
disappointed in you oh wait but I think393.55.62
that circles around and yep okay395.8195.761
all right past me really gonna rely on399.125.419
you to get through this401.582.959
yeah oh yeah there's past me404.884.28
love it409.563.18
love him410.943.84
I'll pass me God I want to just kiss you412.744.88
in the mouth oh okay414.785.46
doing okay there lick my ankles somehow417.624.66
I sprained my wrist that time420.244.56
yep you wouldn't think right422.284.68
no I wouldn't424.84.98
okay oh okay that hurt was that wrist426.964.739
it's steep so steep431.6995.101
black I'm almost there I'm back to these434.584.26
little cabins I could stop and rest a436.84.56
second that might be a good idea438.844.32
turned into like break everything down441.363.179
I'm never moving443.163.92
I'm kind of ready to see uh448.1994.201
the other town450.4193.661
The Farmhouse I Missed The Farmhouse452.43.6
that was a good setup there454.084.5
I stopped into a cabin oh there's a bed456.04.21
let's take a look at my situation462.129.06
I have two sprained feet two hurt hands464.81910.801
was it worth it yeah I think so471.186.84
yeah that was really rude of that wolf I475.623.2
mean it was478.022.579
all it takes is enough good people to480.5994.021
stand by and do nothing apps bro okay482.523.6
I get what you're saying and I agree484.622.76
with the sentiment so this is just486.123.359
sleeping off right I can't do anything487.384.7
to heal this489.4792.601
Bandit hey there's the exit497.0396.541
baby what are you driving gloves499.346.579
leave in the mind503.584.86
oh Pleasant Valley it's been a minute508.444.74
it's foggy here too510.5394.86
what can I see from here I don't need513.185.359
this anymore515.3993.14
now Thompson's Crossing should be right519.4195.3
over that way521.762.959
it's just the mind I'm in though that's525.7793.601
a cab okay I'm sorry that's Thompson's527.223.92
Crossing Community Hall529.383.72
it's probably too foggy to navigate531.145.44
isn't it oh wait no okay533.15.7
yeah there's the event okay so yeah536.584.439
right down the damn hill oh I think I538.83.599
can almost see it541.0192.94
oh yeah542.3992.301
almost and I know The Farmhouse is out544.74.0
there somewhere547.263.3
all right I gotta get down into the road548.74.44
because uh it started to snow I hope550.563.6
that doesn't mean a Blizzard's gonna553.142.16
come in554.162.94
let's drink some more water just to get555.33.84
some weight off of me I'm gonna hobble I557.13.419
can go back to that cabin if I need to559.144.86
sleep maybe I'll just go fish for a bit560.5196.26
wish me luck564.02.779
are you the one that chased me up here571.884.74
to begin with574.0192.601
you're not gonna let me get around you578.5192.841
are you579.7793.68
okay okay581.366.419
come on come on come right at me583.4594.32
all right589.862.659
unlike memes I am not going to chase you593.647.16
maybe I'll find your body later idiot596.37.719
12 oh man 12 bullets left I shouldn't600.85.979
have fired that many rounds at him604.0195.76
that's not a good feeling 12 bullets606.7794.861
left well actually more than 12. I got609.7793.24
12 in my pocket and then six in the611.642.28
okay so 18 in total so I did that math613.927.16
right got a second bill617.2793.801
I'm out here looking for sticks and621.625.32
stuff to burn oh yeah and then I like go624.365.28
to pull my gun out you cannot equip a626.943.959
weapon while you have two sprained629.643.92
wrists oh God630.8992.661
uh yeah probably so637.143.259
man well you're welcome oh thank640.682.88
goodness you didn't get642.243.839
old no kidding holy643.564.14
I wonder if I can I might have got to646.0793.841
use a knife either who knows647.74.079
oh one of my paints has been healed oh649.923.96
it's good so I can pull a gun out nope651.7793.421
still can't yeah you need to heal your653.884.199
wrist you need to uh take some cloth mix655.25.759
yep all right I'm gonna go finish658.0794.681
cooking this wolf meat in this fishing660.9593.781
shed I should probably head home after662.764.28
oh baby Thompson's Crossing neebs670.226.22
made it674.945.18
follow me all the way okay676.446.42
oh man see now those things get a little680.124.779
tougher because uh there is no682.864.44
scrounging for resources anymore684.8993.721
okay you know what I mean I mean there's687.33.36
a little bit of that but I know all the688.623.839
food's gone here so the only food I can690.665.34
get I gotta get I gotta get from animals692.4595.641
done I've probably done eating tomatoes696.06.14
no more Peaches on no more peaches698.18.82
okay hey Community Hall oh man a minute702.147.36
where did I leave here man books yeah I706.923.9
knew I had some tools okay I got an709.53.899
extra Hatchet here oh I bet that gut's710.824.98
cured I could probably use that cured713.3995.641
gut in this cured rabbit715.84.5
all right I feel like I'm just gonna719.043.419
rest here for a second and then head720.35.34
towards the Farmhouse and uh yeah I kind722.4594.38
of feel like I'm just gonna live in The725.642.28
that's gonna be my home until the game727.924.2
takes me really729.8995.281
um yeah kind of yeah well I'm Gonna Keep732.125.1
exploring I might find other stuff okay735.185.279
all right let's have a couple sodas737.225.16
oh man I'll have some water in here740.4594.021
let's drink some water742.386.92
oh thanks past me you were great744.484.82
okay I just gotta make it to the house756.0196.161
without encountering a wolf758.7795.141
I don't know how to763.923.62
oh my torch just went out767.763.78
so I'm almost there let's hope I can769.743.42
make it to the house771.543.06
and then I'll look at this banded773.163.119
I took a painkiller776.2794.261
I'm not sure778.624.14
okay I don't want to stop and look I780.543.78
just want to get home yeah which782.763.18
honestly if you made it back home sleep784.323.48
it off leave it off yes leave it off785.943.78
well that was my plan yeah no you don't787.84.38
need yeah if you're somewhere if yeah if789.723.66
you're in a comfortable place just sleep792.183.56
it off793.382.36
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa797.6394.041
yeah he just ran at me I didn't have803.125.459
time to pull my gun805.742.839
what are you812.045.06
I got a sprained risk paint813.483.62
let's go in all these wolves818.764.56
I guess so821.73.54
is he mad that I'm wearing his damn823.325.28
nephew I think it's the jackets I don't825.244.5
yeah he came out of nowhere you should829.744.68
chase him down no I gotta get to The832.324.5
Farmhouse I'm so heavy834.424.2
uh this blizzard does not look like it's836.823.18
gonna stop838.623.54
okay there's the barn840.04.079
you're gonna hide in the park go into842.162.84
the apartments844.0793.721
all right Farmhouse I think you're right845.05.44
over there I'm gonna keep my gun out847.84.979
from now on geez850.444.94
whoops took my pants off accident hold856.624.64
by accident huh yep861.7795.821
I was trying to fix them let's see864.365.88
rack of jeans where there we go and867.65.64
actions and repair870.246.12
nice oh that's another sign past me was873.245.24
here thank you past me876.364.8
yeah come over here oh that means right878.484.599
over this hill I should see it881.166.799
camera oh yeah come on where you at883.0799.661
over the hill oh yeah there she is887.9598.101
oh The Farmhouse892.743.32
man that was a hell of a walk memes897.34.38
without too much incident just one wolf901.684.459
speaking of wolves I see him out there908.13.56
Valley farmhouse915.33.12
all right I'm917.3392.221
dump all my stuff organized and then uh919.564.56
yeah tomorrow I'm gonna get out and see922.563.12
if I can can't find some of these Birch924.123.3
leaves yeah oh wait damn this this is a939.686.279
cured Maple sapping sapling942.8395.161
what'd you think of us I thought it945.9593.06
might have been a birch sapling because948.02.88
that's what I think I need to make the949.0193.12
damn uh950.884.86
the bow and arrow okay yeah I just I952.1394.981
came into the basement because I'm like955.742.52
what did I leave down here I don't957.123.54
remember that was uh I got a cured Wolf958.266.36
Pelt I got a cure damn black bear hide960.666.179
cured rabbit pill okay got a little bit964.623.6
of cured gut966.8393.06
all right I think I can start to make968.223.6
this work all right I wanted to put in969.8993.901
this drawer all this stuff for the971.824.44
making of the arrows973.85.099
feathers there you go more feathers all976.264.62
the feathers put all the feathers in978.8993.421
there hey you had a good night's sleep980.885.399
uh I'm looking good well fed no injuries982.325.519
all right you moving986.2794.56
let's see it's early it's the sun is987.8395.041
just coming up where's the door here we990.8393.601
oh boy it's snowing994.446.6
two bars down can I hold my gun now997.925.9
um yes I can1001.042.78
sure I don't think I can kill anything1004.7593.241
with this revolver1006.1394.32
oh you can1008.05.72
I'd like to believe so1010.4593.261
yeah I don't1016.5794.801
know Life's a cruel joke sometimes you1019.223.78
should see how much rifle ammo I have1021.383.72
you have a lot I forgot how much I left1023.04.86
back here oh man I wish I could find1025.15.94
some more I have one two I got three1027.864.5
boxes here and I think I have another1031.045.419
box in my pocket of just rifling1032.364.099
no damn rifle never could yeah I got 231037.046.18
rounds just just here hilarious and then1039.1995.76
let's see I'm gonna drop all these drop1043.224.44
them all yeah I'll I guess I'll put them1044.9594.081
I don't want to storm here I kind of1047.663.0
want to store food here yeah I need to1049.043.78
reorganize where could I stop1050.664.92
where's that you got a wolf yep I heard1052.825.099
him I don't see him oh right in front of1055.583.24
oh I got him with a revolver revolver I1058.826.06
told you you could I can't believe it1061.826.66
thank God I'm not chasing him down today1064.885.52
crap which way was I going1068.484.02
this way right1070.43.6
startled me and I got turned around1072.53.9
pretty sure I go this way oh it's too1074.03.179
we'll catch up later1077.1794.39
and here's a bridge just in time there's1088.644.02
the dam1090.7995.76
temperature is almost to nothing1092.666.66
I think I'm feeling good about it1096.5594.921
up one of the trailers I've got a1099.323.9
trailer that's a bed that's just too1101.483.84
much space for one person you know1103.224.199
damn yeah1105.325.3
you ever hear in this little trailer1107.4193.201
more to clean too what who where where1110.95.24
I'm sure there's a wolf1116.326.94
oh there he is there he is and come on1119.610.26
oh crap my aim is bad nope ah1123.269.18
he's running yep he's running1129.866.72
all right I will find you he will I will1132.446.479
he'll break every bone with his body to1136.584.32
do it you're lucky I just went through1138.9193.561
this yesterday1140.93.6
and we could have been friends you know1142.484.68
I love dogs1144.52.66
I have a little bit more organized let's1153.9194.26
see I'll take a piece of meat for the1156.25.04
road I am gonna head1158.1796.601
North to that Birch Forest1161.245.76
I think there was a what am I hearing is1164.784.639
that a wolf1167.02.419
all right but yeah while the weather is1171.944.18
nice yeah I'm gonna did I ever navigate1174.144.14
up there no I never really navigated to1176.124.439
the north there was that cabin1178.284.08
yeah all right yeah I'm gonna go into1180.5593.421
the Birch Forest to see if I can't find1182.364.74
any traces of birch sapling1183.984.38
because I'm gonna need him if I'm gonna1187.14.1
start making arrows1188.362.84
my weight I've got a new Whitney where1196.726.28
she looks even better than the first one1199.46.06
that's it baby this one actually looks1203.05.0
kind of like a woman1205.462.54
she's wearing a skirt and she's got like1208.345.839
a hairdo yeah1210.9193.26
I'm getting out1216.262.539
we do have a birch Forest oh good I did1226.06.9
remember correctly1230.122.78
sapling here1241.76.859
's sampling moose moose1243.828.32
Amos Amos1248.5597.48
crap it sounds like a name1252.147.58
give me that movie hey moose1256.0393.681
I know he'll charge me can I hide this1261.224.0
oh man come here come here come here1265.223.62
come here1267.6793.961
things start going bad can I get in you1268.845.1
all right [ __ ] no not now not now not1277.43.899
right now1279.6794.88
now come on1281.2993.26
okay yeah yeah yeah he's running away1286.284.08
because he knows this other one this1288.443.44
other one's done now1290.366.319
let's find out God damn it yeah1291.887.24
all right1296.6795.441
yeah okay just a little uh1299.125.939
it's a little Affliction okay1302.126.32
it's right there loose1305.0593.381
well guys I really need you to bugger1309.023.06
off yeah there you go there you go get1310.583.3
him out of here do we have any meat on1312.084.32
me they're gonna smell my meat1313.885.84
where you going no1316.43.32
I'm gonna stop right there1328.883.08
two shots on the Moose I definitely hit1385.944.52
house over there1399.323.68
where are you1407.123.02
coming at me1410.1791.381
come come on come on1418.823.44
get another shot1427.942.84
he's running back to town Thompson's1433.0394.161
I can deal with you at Thompson's1437.722.52
shelter there where I can find shelter1440.243.84
is where'd you go1444.083.68
moose where'd you go1445.6595.981
this is tracks okay we're in this way1447.765.62
where's this there they are there they1451.643.84
come on run back1463.762.779
run back oh God are you gonna charge me1468.322.58
no no no1469.73.18
no oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God1470.94.98
there's no damn way come on man come on1485.626.96
man that ain't right1489.742.84
I mean yeah okay1493.343.68
where'd he go I see it damn it oh it's1497.627.12
getting cold how in the hell is he even1501.626.96
bleeding no damn way did I just do1504.746.74
something really stupid1508.585.94
God if I come on man that'll be the1511.485.079
cheapest [ __ ] you better run that thing1514.524.22
come on1525.43.12
I killed a [ __ ] moose1545.445.859
can you do [ __ ] I don't know but I have1551.2994.74
three bullets left oh my God I don't1553.584.32
even know if that was worth it1556.0395.301
too windy to start a fire1557.93.44
the height is what I wanted to make the1561.765.019
thing the thing okay1564.324.2
it's harvest to move which thing come on1566.7794.801
oh my God I'm gonna get cold aren't I1568.524.92
God there's so much meat here so much1573.444.26
meat okay can I hide myself from the1575.963.86
God if I get all that meat though1582.743.5
I got three bullets left1588.745.16
I need to make arrows1591.145.159
if I get all that meat I'm just1593.95.399
I think I'm okay I think I'm okay little1614.0593.72
laceration I don't think I'm bleeding1615.746.26
where are we where are we um1617.7794.221
can I navigate here real quick1622.43.259
quick quickly1626.246.12
all right I'm North there's the moose1629.0595.0
the river1632.364.199
is that the river there so that's the1634.0594.841
river beside me and the Moose it goes1636.5594.921
all right this way I gotta get to town I1638.95.879
gotta get warm oh wait okay if I get out1641.485.819
of the wind oh cool I warm up if I'm out1644.7795.241
of the wind there you1647.2992.721
go probably but I got the hide which is1651.5596.081
what I wanted I got the hide1653.723.92
we got a wolf bite this wolf bite okay1660.5594.86
now I should be able to walk normal yeah1663.862.58
and run1665.4192.701
all right Bird's sapling1666.443.78
please be in here somewhere God that was1668.124.799
such a big distraction1670.225.459
all right there's the barn over there1672.9194.921
he's gonna hug the Birch Forest1675.6794.681
see if I find sapling if I can get home1677.844.68
and uh get safe and get warm I might1680.363.9
come back out for that that moves me1682.523.6
because that's a ton of moves me yeah1684.266.14
but my concern now are wolves1686.124.28
is down there1693.743.539
I don't think you know what do I have1695.363.419
meat on me1697.2793.721
if I have meat on me I eat it he won't1698.7793.721
smell it right1701.05.179
can he smell what's in my stomach1702.53.679
I'm gonna hug this rock and hope he1708.5593.901
doesn't mess with me1710.2993.961
got some birch bark I know that makes1712.463.959
good tea1714.264.919
sapling though can I navigate in here oh1716.4196.081
damn it I don't have any more coal left1719.1793.321
charcoal out I'm just making fire ah He1722.967.98
barked he wolfed He barked wolf yeah1726.56.24
what's it called it's just called1730.943.96
probably the best turd for that okay1734.95.82
um oh man he is on me he's not gonna get1737.95.54
let this go1740.722.72
leaves I think I may have found some1749.7794.681
Birch saplings okay yes yes he's1751.224.98
pursuing me1754.464.439
you got a flare1756.25.099
I might just try to shoot him because1758.8994.26
I'm close to the old house and I can1761.2995.1
cook him if I need to okay that's a1763.1595.281
birch It Takes Two Shots though man I'm1766.3994.861
not gonna get two shots off the time1768.444.26
because I'm gonna miss the first one1771.264.22
probably man I just1772.72.78
oh he's coming he's gonna uh1777.23.74
was that oh he running1783.384.38
he running okay you know what I'm okay I1785.724.14
can pursue for a second I swear I got at1787.764.019
least two probably all three he's still1789.863.539
where is he going1793.3994.5
where are you going1795.744.08
what what's this oh that's just tracks1797.8995.221
there and back which one is it blood1799.827.44
nope there's rocks but this way1803.127.4
surely he didn't go far after1807.263.26
oh he's still running1811.0392.961
all right well I see where he went1819.5596.24
I'll check I'll check on the way back1822.445.219
I'm pretty no I'm on the way back to my1825.7995.221
house now yeah1827.6593.361
old Whitney wear looks crazy1835.66.22
I'm not seeing a woman in that one1838.1798.021
I understand why you left her yep okay1841.826.479
already got one of these but I guess I1846.23.56
could take another one1848.2994.88
what do I take what's important1849.768.159
probably not stones or cattails1853.1794.74
kind of pill1859.223.059
you can use that to repair your wolf1860.485.36
coat oh it's not a bad idea okay1862.2793.561
okay Farmhouse should be right over here1865.946.359
though come on I need to see a farmhouse1867.448.58
I need to see uh yes okay God there's a1872.2996.0
wolf in between me and there oh no no no1876.024.64
no no no no no no no no no1878.2994.141
ignore me please ignore me please ignore1882.443.2
Slayer just in case please ignore me1885.645.2
please ignore me if you come at me don't1888.024.99
like come at me stalk me1890.845.239
I can't run I'm so tired1900.226.22
yes get there1906.444.14
I think I'm gonna pull it off neebs you1910.586.719
gonna make it back oh yeah so mission1913.228.72
accomplished hurt sapling moose1917.2994.641
oh and now the wind stops [ __ ] you1922.645.0
life is so hilarious1927.8612.84

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