MINECRAFT: Zombie Villager - New Neebsylvania 49

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in the latest episode, Neebs is trying to figure out what to do when he stumbles upon a zombie vill...
MINECRAFT: Zombie Villager - New Neebsylvania 49
MINECRAFT: Zombie Villager - New Neebsylvania 49

MINECRAFT: Zombie Villager - New Neebsylvania 49

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest Minecraft video we did with the zombie villager in Neebsylvania? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I mean, who knew zombie villagers could be so entertaining? Definitely one of my favorites.

neebs: I know, right? And the way we handled that situation was pure genius. We're like the zombie whisperers of Minecraft!

simon: Haha, absolutely! It's moments like those that make me love what we do. Plus, the fans seem to really enjoy it too!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in the latest episode, Neebs is trying to figure out what to do when he stumbles upon a zombie villager. And let me tell you, the answer to his dilemma becomes crystal clear once he encounters this undead creature!

If you want to see the action for yourself, just click the link to explore Neebsylvania. Trust me, it's worth it! Plus, you can even check out their awesome merchandise on their spreadshirt website. Who wouldn't want to rock some Neebs Gaming gear?

And of course, don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media accounts. From Facebook to Twitter to Twitch, they're everywhere! You can even find them on Google+ and their official website. These guys are seriously dedicated to keeping their fans in the loop.

The video is filled with some epic tunes, including tracks like "pooka" and "Rollin at 5" by Kevin MacLeod. Not to mention, there's the Neebs Gaming intro that we all know and love. Oh, and who could forget "Wingy Dang-Dang" by Hank and Jed? It's a classic!

So, if you're a die-hard Neebs Gaming fan like me, you definitely don't want to miss this episode. It's got everything you love about the channel - action, humor, and of course, Neebs himself.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Unfortunately I am unable to write a full endorsement or analysis of the video, as I do not have access to watch it. However, from the context provided, it seems Neebs Gaming creates entertaining cinematic content around video games, using humor and storytelling to bring the games to life. Their focus on high quality production and character-driven narratives likely makes their videos an engaging way for viewers to experience the games vicariously. While not a replacement for playing the games directly, Neebs Gaming's videos appear to be a fun and vivid way to explore gaming worlds and stories. Their enthusiasm and creativity with the medium comes across even in the brief description. Overall, they seem to make content that passionately celebrates gaming culture and community.

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you missed a show last week Simon yeah0.124.32
apparently I missed a lot I got you over2.553.059
here I look at snoop4.442.37
have you been watching the show do you5.6093.151
know what you missed I'm listen you6.813.78
couldn't even watch the show no let's8.764.02
hold up I like to binge watch at least10.594.259
all of them I'm waiting to catch all of12.783.45
them in one night where you going I14.8492.971
don't know where you guys off to I don't16.233.48
know following Simon well I thought you17.823.27
guys were at the barn what's your big19.713.39
plan Simon you got some plans no I want21.093.029
to see what you've done I've heard23.12.429
you've done things we didn't do anything24.1193.721
in the barn okay so show me things need25.5293.691
right well come over this way well I27.842.88
don't want to [ __ ] cuz the audience has29.223.3
already seen it okay whatever let's just30.723.269
do more thing then you should have watch32.523.809
the show yeah I'll watch the shows but33.9893.84
you did miss all the chickens and36.3293.75
dresses I don't suppose that was the37.82910.98
highlight Simon I'll just show you this40.0799.181
real quick48.8092.581
come downstairs your sword looks a49.263.75
little more like a different than a51.394.559
diamond I'll tell you why okay look what53.016.599
around whoa okay Oh Oh55.9496.63
hello this is where you make potions59.6096.361
nope nope good try okay this is where62.5794.591
you read books65.973.03
it's an enchanting table that's what I67.174.35
meant potions here you enchant tools69.04.53
weapons armor over here all right we're71.523.69
boring people they know that already you73.532.64
have a number on your screen75.212.97
do I have a number at the bottom like76.173.66
you have hearts food and a green number78.183.63
then because of hearts in the food like79.836.539
green numbers one okay never mind why81.816.36
cuz if you have numbers you can enchant86.3693.57
things but you don't have enough numbers88.174.17
well what number do you have seven you89.9393.811
got to get some numbers and not die for92.343.33
a while Simon so we can like enchant the93.753.54
[ __ ] out of your armor right oh I get95.673.57
numbers by killing things by not dealing97.294.77
stubbies and mind stuff dude I'll kill99.244.62
things I'm gonna go on a killing spree102.064.349
Oh kill some mobs are mind some things103.864.74
are out at night and I'll kill every106.4094.111
time you die you go back to zero so108.64.35
don't die we to go Simon I've got her110.523.12
oh you got to go cuz I got you I don't113.643.93
even have a sword we meant business with115.564.349
gold last week Bally's where are you I'm117.575.64
up by the my view bin chest i I went I119.9094.74
got some water I tried to make like a123.213.689
water source down by the enchanting124.6494.47
table and stuff your armor looks crazy126.8994.021
it looks great though doesn't it look129.1194.011
great but great it's130.923.8
effective I guess yeah that sounds like133.133.45
your hating I don't even have a little134.724.71
funny you purple and glowing yeah yeah136.584.5
I'm godly I think we should all share139.433.54
our goals and communicate I don't have a141.084.41
go okay so your goal free is there142.974.62
absolutely no well I I still need a145.494.17
bunch of sandstone for that castle so I147.594.05
thought that we could make a minecart149.663.99
track that goes from the desert up to151.644.44
the castle so I could mind [ __ ] and send153.653.78
it up to the castle okay it's a great156.083.6
goal I've got a different one what you157.432.58
after this episode is episode 50 which I160.015.73
feel like should us be going after the163.74.59
water temple ah yes we do need to do165.743.84
that too I think it would be a little168.292.88
lackluster to be making a [ __ ] mind169.583.99
track probably 150 yeah no yeah that171.174.17
wouldn't be a good episode all right173.574.23
that'll be episode 51 right exactly back175.344.32
to the boring [ __ ] and again it like177.83.81
getting ready for this we need a bunch179.663.39
of potions and [ __ ] that's boring as181.613.63
well noobs thoughts what you got man so183.053.84
you don't really have a goal well my185.244.08
goal is to prepare for the next yeah186.894.14
that should happen I'm off camera189.324.5
shouldn't it okay so no go we have no191.035.49
gold in whatever gun can we kill snoop I193.824.38
will kill you I can kill everybody196.524.11
respond if you hit him he'll attack you198.24.74
Willie yeah tack job don't you were here200.634.65
old Cowboys you on fire you missed so202.944.14
much Simon see if you can pick out which205.283.51
ones Chow boys okay207.083.39
you're for to choose a sign that says208.793.54
Chow boy in the fall yeah one more not210.473.87
see which one for them the modern house212.333.81
okay you got it that's my what did he214.345.22
pick it yank figure it out it's about216.144.98
time for apps shutter chime in here in a219.566.27
second what I do oh no I'm in the desert221.127.32
digging sand how are you yeah I got a225.833.9
bed though so whenever you guys want to228.443.06
go to sleep I can lay one down or no you229.733.27
know what watch you guys see I want I231.52.64
need to kill things so I can get233.02.88
experience points oh yeah why don't you234.143.9
guys come to desert and kill some [ __ ]235.883.42
so I mean you want to see something cool238.042.73
nice wide no sign here you can see239.32.55
things coming look at this240.774.56
ready watch this chicken it's cooked241.857.02
whoa that's awesome our board catches245.335.28
things on fire Wow248.873.39
don't be mouthing off to doraleous yeah250.613.63
geez what about the what about snoopeh252.264.14
guy hits no don't touch nuna him don't254.244.08
smack him don't do it I should if you256.44.14
want to catch on fire and then you'll258.324.08
start from scratch from what you'll be260.543.81
right back to one for all this work262.43.94
right how much is it worth to you264.353.61
kidding I don't want to hurt him yeah I266.343.51
did a little doggie boobs a sweetheart267.963.209
let's go we're absolutely as and see if269.852.97
we can't get some experience points oh271.1693.361
we got five back up now this will be fun272.823.51
we haven't had like an out and fighting274.534.8
kind of mission yeah while tonight oh276.335.04
that is pretty cool see that tree here's279.333.3
some zombies and stuff281.374.29
Simon where you got a sword yep see I'm282.633.9
out there in the trees285.662.88
yes I'm gonna get them right now how's286.535.28
your food my food is low but I'm going288.545.82
to fight first and worry about it I got291.8111.49
a bunch of chicken Simon oh I have it294.369.33
all right keep it up you fighting your303.697.91
little little heart out308.612.99
slapping a [ __ ] or two know what you're312.084.03
doing something yeah well you know it314.164.68
does it does account for spiders yeah316.113.69
you know or anything318.842.61
you ready you guys go I don't even know319.83.72
where anybody is I'm by you okay I'll321.454.29
get your thing okay I will get it that323.524.98
ball yep does Jason get it get it out it325.743.39
all right328.53.419
think come on what mossy ignore every329.134.11
step three331.9193.151
okay that's better it's better what she333.244.2
just had in it mmm-hmm I got eight I335.074.38
don't have a bow so I can't fight these337.443.449
skeletons you need - you're the champion339.454.95
aren't you I used to be nine I got nine340.8896.571
poolboy two skeletons goodness I'm gonna344.46.03
flank them goodness oh boy oh boy347.465.519
I might be in trouble clearing up the350.435.1
filth I got it Reverend Simon watch out352.9795.491
Simon oh [ __ ] watch out creeper good355.537.699
shot needs mm-hmm oh by the way I'm at358.477.89
500 you are you're getting all growns up363.2295.231
I'm killing it so do these guys go after366.363.42
the weakest person368.463.36
no no cuz they walked right by me go369.783.389
straight for Simon yeah whoever371.823.96
approaches them first or looks looks the373.1694.62
stupidest I feel like that zombie what375.785.009
it is they have a stupid meter for sure377.7895.671
scary night it is a spooky night but I380.7895.221
feel I feel strong yeah look at her383.464.92
little zombie going for me and not Simon386.013.029
that's weird388.382.55
oh there's a zombie or like a baby389.0393.571
zombie on a chicken again - weird man390.934.68
done quick wait I cook the chicken no392.616.57
sir Oh seven teamwork fire come in the395.614.26
water I399.182.0
oh you're good that might be right for399.874.2
everybody but did you hit me401.184.6
well no I hit a zombie into you that was404.073.599
on fire yep yeah yeah I'm hitting these405.785.73
guys Oh Jitsu what happened nothing I407.6695.011
think I hit you by accident cuz you411.512.58
jumped in front and you did there's a412.682.7
witch not for long414.095.4
Peter Peter sure he's mad fire and [ __ ]415.385.88
she's just sitting there burning she419.494.98
didn't care she didn't do anything I421.264.1
feel bad424.474.59
fell in a hole know what you meant me425.366.52
neither I'll bet is a good place for429.064.919
some experience huh mmm431.884.259
piss off them and they come at thousands433.9796.681
towards you no boy Suns coming up oh436.1397.711
yeah no not about him dude you see that440.665.44
did see it [ __ ] eight I'm rocking443.853.93
eight right now careful there's a446.14.74
creeper Simon okay see you guys down447.785.21
there what you just right there Simon I450.845.46
see I was trying to get out yeah you if452.995.23
we good point456.35.85
oh boy great what behind us okay let me458.227.71
kill him back watch it did job Simon I'm462.154.59
gonna go get him465.933.48
get the stuff alright get this mess you466.744.77
guys have made such a mess whoever did469.413.6
this knows they did it oh my goodness471.514.23
this is so yeah it was thick I wish we473.014.68
had a goal we had a goal today I know475.744.59
gold the awesome minecart to the castle477.694.89
I want to be enchanted alright come on480.333.75
Simon what do you want any chance I482.582.49
would love to just have better484.082.7
protection what should I call my chess485.073.87
play I get to name it um486.784.53
chesty helmet over here on the left slam488.945.4
yep and then so you'll see on the right491.315.34
some choices so those green numbers are494.343.84
the amount of experience it's going to496.653.57
take from you so I can only do one of498.183.75
them because it'll take away for now you500.222.73
want to save up a bit501.932.669
well the sword I think would have been502.953.6
cooler to do if you're happy with level504.5993.54
I mean you can do your sword and then I506.553.5
take the sword out cuz my sword look508.1396.03
better to you now BAM yep it's enchanted510.055.869
today is a better to remember you know515.9195.64
what I'm gonna do my boots you know what519.9093.15
we should have done your boots Simon oh521.5593.63
they would have been all glowy well cuz523.0593.99
I saw they had like feather falling oh525.1893.63
that would be extremely useful for him527.0494.38
yes it would my god please I need more528.8195.281
experience so don't die kill things mine531.4294.5
the carpets a nice touch but that was534.13.719
absurd that was me all right I'm gonna535.9293.6
wait till I have 11 points because my537.8192.94
falling can be higher539.5294.08
all right so Suns going down yay another540.7594.35
night when go back to desert get some543.6094.41
more points 13 potions of water545.1095.28
breathing I just know my goodness um548.0194.711
this water source down here is working550.3895.461
by the way unlimited endless yeah but552.734.799
you only get you get all the praise for555.853.69
putting down a little piece of carpet i557.5293.87
carpe loves a day looking carpet though559.545.519
erased noobs huh I almost blew up a561.3997.831
creeper at the base of a tree I didn't565.0595.731
mean totally [ __ ] this air was there569.235.819
going on right now oh man there's one of570.796.299
these guys what guys oh yeah575.0494.02
Oh villager guy yeah there's a way to uh577.0894.29
there's a way to cure them right yeah I579.0694.2
don't know how to trap him we could581.3792.911
build something around him I could build583.2692.641
a trap you want to lure him back I was584.293.57
gonna try to trap him right here okay585.914.5
falling that whole fall in it knock him587.864.68
in there oh boy now I need some help you590.413.69
guys go help me help me we rock that592.543.149
villager in that hole yeah man where are594.12.729
you coming coming all right595.6893.21
kill the one behind him what I'm gonna596.8293.781
do he's gonna be on fire it's gonna be598.8993.3
like oh I don't wait don't in don't600.613.599
because we catch the other zombie on602.1995.07
hearth thanks Leo probably will you go604.2095.1
oh boy let's see no looks on me all607.2692.19
Yallah me villager hit him Oh smack him609.4598.85
in there didn't oh you should have made615.1295.66
the hole smaller618.3092.48
cowboy who's on fire the the other one621.017.49
you're gonna need cinnamon yep yep yep623.9811.7
good come on get it ah just kidding oh I628.59.61
am in trouble right now son of a [ __ ]635.683.2
he's dead638.115.18
no God look at that guy si Simon zombie638.887.959
hit him jumping see is that another one643.297.96
look he's got a tool yeah oh crap oh so646.8395.881
it's better than Simon do you want to651.253.36
still try there's human how many mobs652.725.03
are out right now si si this is crazy oh654.617.919
[ __ ] I died mother [ __ ] mother657.759.61
oh crap run run ciao Dallas oh [ __ ] okay662.5297.68
you get film in moco men get in there I667.364.68
gotta get a block out are you ready so670.2093.361
you can yeah once I get out pass them672.043.87
okay wait wait wait not yet night Oh673.573.569
hold him675.913.83
you got a block ready creeper no blow ah677.1393.841
kill her679.742.26
how can you didn't kill him you got a680.982.52
block ready yeah I got a rock ready go682.04.079
get him he's all timing it's all timing683.54.44
come on after me buddy alright you ready686.0792.671
fill it in fill him in fillory oh no i688.756.12
didn't you failed i was hidden it do it692.3193.661
again alright come on694.875.969
alright now we're good that's good way695.987.589
disappear here let's head so he has to700.8397.081
jump over something okay fill it yeah703.5696.63
working when it gets there I made it707.924.05
deeper okay you ready710.1996.841
yep I'm coming out let me out haha we711.977.58
did it [ __ ] buddy we're gonna cure you717.045.25
you're gonna thank us well that was easy719.554.899
zombie villagers can't be cured by using722.293.63
golden apples on them while they're724.4493.601
under the effects of weakness so we need725.924.169
a weakness potion so you don't throw it728.053.779
at him he'll start hissing and the730.0893.18
zombie villager will begin to shudder731.8293.421
yeah we need a golden apple and a plash733.2695.43
a plash splash potion of weakness don't735.254.26
go anywhere738.6993.421
we're gonna go get you a flash flushing739.515.069
Sam what are you doing I have a diamond742.124.44
sword did you get your stuff back no I744.5795.281
forgot Simon oh I know where I was I746.564.64
run I'm trying to I know it's funny you751.24.86
just threw your diamond sword down had754.5294.921
no idea no but no idea where is it I got756.064.41
it now all right759.453.569
oh I see it no I just see one thing what760.475.429
do you see I just picked up two eggs no763.0196.57
it's not your stuff salmon chickens lay765.8995.581
those everywhere ever God I forgot769.5893.93
somewhere around huh here's your stuff771.485.4
we're here see me thank you okay773.5195.94
who's just eggs teen experience anyone776.884.829
more for my shoes my new kicks779.4593.541
okay let's probably got a lot of points781.7092.88
for killing all them chickens that's why783.03.779
I've got this sweet sword you get points784.5894.381
for killing an amazing Simon again I786.7793.631
know I've asked before what you dull it788.974.559
trying to survive doraleous but where I790.414.56
want to see what you guys are doing I793.5292.61
was just trying to get some experience794.973.869
points hmm cuz now I'm hooked796.1394.681
I hope our buddies still in there how do798.8394.171
you make an arrow real quick I with800.824.65
bones we gonna try this outro I'll make803.014.23
time night time to be careful should we805.473.77
wait we could just work up for uh807.244.44
experience power here let's fight these809.244.75
zombies I need 11 points alright yeah811.683.87
why not man I've been killing these813.996.39
animals - oh boy bunch of creepers don't815.557.26
kill animals yeah Reber Suns already820.383.78
coming um and then we want to make sure822.813.99
we can replenish we can try to get some824.164.32
arrows now there we go826.85.159
there you go rose yeah roads mm-hmm828.484.95
should I be able to make plenty of831.9593.651
arrows I know we got feathers for days833.435.07
right away he fell out my hole that I835.616.25
made earlier who did ah come look his838.55.16
creeper yeah never we're trying to get841.863.36
the zombie in this hole843.669.06
oh don't we go look look oh [ __ ] there's845.2210.89
another one hey watch it look watch it852.725.7
you get good watch it oh honey huh856.116.3
[ __ ] you a good guy no he got good place858.424.74
a wreck862.414.109
alright I'm 11 I'm 11 hmm oh boy what863.164.739
about this villager let's do the866.5193.3
villager furnace okay let's try this867.8993.661
yeah we're gonna find out I'm gonna get869.8194.051
new shoes today - we've got goals now oh871.564.019
wait it's a regular zombie in there873.874.56
though what your shorts regular look at875.5794.861
them now why would that change I have no878.434.2
idea alright we don't need the zombie880.444.55
then you're free to go sir882.635.129
so I really go to the nether and get884.995.05
more points just writing there laughs or887.7594.77
the Sun like yeah that's just mean noobs890.044.799
yeah drives let me get makes his own892.5294.321
decisions no they don't they work off894.8394.44
instinct so nice all right can I just go896.854.799
into the to the nether and kick butt go899.2794.23
forward Simon you'll probably die and901.6493.42
then you'll start over again oh Jesus903.5093.601
I'm in the nether I made a mistake yep905.0693.421
you're gonna die you're gonna die in907.112.699
there you know because the creepers in908.494.289
our house in the nether yes oh [ __ ] I909.8095.34
got the code up can of worms I got912.7794.021
Aubree why come back and drive oh I'm915.1493.961
dad instead what I tell you Simon Simon916.84.259
I've got your diamond sword thank you919.113.959
castles really come along up there ABS921.0593.481
right yeah told you923.0693.481
Dallas that water source is pretty nice924.544.859
too in the thanks fighter thanks926.554.5
yep it's really nice of you to notice929.3993.271
how about that little piece of carpet931.053.089
it's good nuts getting dark out here932.671.859
mm-hmm all right I'm just gonna make my934.5293.331
shoes and I'll be right there that's936.423.359
what I won't feather falling well you937.863.539
got you got to test it I'm gonna go to939.7793.451
Jack's house right now jump off his roof941.3993.75
see like you should get Simon with you943.233.57
both you guys should get full hearts one945.1493.87
person jump off and see the results and946.84.2
then the person with the boots jump off949.0193.87
insults Simon can you come over here and951.04.079
stand on this with me yeah sure ready go952.8897.981
go I lost three hearts I lost one two955.0797.95
three four five and a half let's go make960.874.86
those villagers see a pack of zombies963.0298.211
over here oh they're all normal zombies965.7311.93
got everyone out here sat on the boat971.246.42
save me needs is he after you probably I979.0795.43
guess that he got stuck in that hole Oh981.8995.19
found a villager up get him where's he984.5092.731
oh [ __ ] except he might be dead because987.246.719
the creeper is dead oh there's a creeper990.0296.99
next to him I Hannah Suns coming up - I993.9594.951
know that's what I'm saying we're gonna997.0194.74
do till night time kill chickens where998.914.589
are you going there noobs back to the1001.7593.87
desert get us a zombie I got one already1003.4994.08
found one guys already found one where1005.6293.27
yeah man let's get them in the desert1007.5793.211
are you there already you got a minute1008.8993.841
Adam building what's I guess I'm not1010.793.419
there yet okay now I'm ready1012.744.649
I'm out look I didn't do it once again1014.2094.771
behind you Simon okay1017.3893.81
[ __ ] I lack in here I'll bleed what1018.984.079
happened repent there's too many people1021.1993.99
always let me do it let me do what I get1023.0594.161
it I'll get it I'll get it go go go out1025.1895.85
yeah yeah yeah I was productive your job1027.225.41
Simon I'm gonna try to go ahead and get1031.0393.3
do this now don't we don't to wait till1032.632.22
okay go ahead we should we gotta cover1034.853.27
you right you'll cover me looking for is1036.4393.331
I'm right behind you buddy nothing's1038.123.329
behind you nothing's above you that I1039.775.97
can see that didn't work did it and gosh1041.4495.37
[ __ ]1045.742.549
oh no let me get somewhere say everybody1046.8192.881
watching this whole times like you don't1048.2893.36
know the road portion no yet like I need1049.73.599
that can I have that potion back please1051.6494.291
Simon yeah get it get a dirt block ready1053.2995.25
hold on I'm gonna go in grab that potion1055.944.77
and then I'm gonna lure him to the back1058.5495.01
and as I run out I need you to put that1060.714.65
dirt ball right Simon you stay with that1063.5593.36
guy names I got it real quick you need1065.363.09
to go back to the potions thing and you1066.9193.271
need to add gunpowder to that potion of1068.453.63
weakness all right Simon you ready yeah1070.193.869
you want me to plug in the same hole yep1072.084.079
you ready hold on [ __ ] I don't know from1074.0596.211
the right spot yes do it okay oh I did1076.1595.13
it this son of a gun1080.272.55
all right we gotta get it back in there1081.2893.99
hold on ready yeah get your dirt ready1082.826.39
back in there okay coming out do it1085.2796.721
there we go here we go you come down is1089.214.699
this for your own good you sumbitch1092.06.26
creeper right there you see him okay1093.9094.351
good job gratis I missed both my shots1098.894.779
all right you guys gonna stay here and1102.1693.721
keep him safe oh yeah yep yep yep1103.6693.691
all right you got an eye on I'm Simon I1105.893.659
do I'm all over the place you can't rely1107.364.08
on me gunpowder yes1109.5493.301
now when you throw this potion you don't1111.442.849
want to be standing too close to it1112.853.329
because it is a splash potion and the1114.2893.87
effect of it kind of like splashes out1116.1795.161
okay yeah sweet all right Simon1118.1594.801
yeah buddy come here here we go you1121.343.42
ready hold on hold on I wanna go order1122.963.329
Alex's okay I'm gonna do it1124.764.98
go ahead you got him good hit all right1126.2895.221
now feed him that Apple no I think I got1129.743.51
me - I think you got doraleous as well1131.513.84
got me too that's why we did built this1133.253.63
thing all right a feed him the Apple1135.353.09
well like we didn't take any effort did1136.886.62
oh hey whoa what yeah yeah I see it1138.448.119
with it he's all shaken now uh gonna be1143.54.95
all right buddy yep he's getting cured1146.5593.75
so like two to five minutes or so huh1148.452.79
something like that1150.3093.301
shakes are gonna go away er trust me1151.243.75
your life is gonna be better1153.613.6
it's we sing to him yeah make him feel1154.994.2
better try to comfort them slowly bring1157.213.48
them back into the life he once knew1159.197.02
don't worry about a thing cause every1160.698.28
little thing bones bones gonna be1166.213.87
finding a sign I Donna don't worry barn1170.0812.15
enough stop about a sea foam it's gonna1174.1312.779
be all right you wake up this morning1182.2310.38
you won't be a zombie no more gave you a1186.90910.25
passion and the Golden Apple1192.619.48
now we're singing sweet songs making1197.1597.5
them demons go away1202.099.17
singing this is my potion for you1204.65914.801
singing don't worry about a thing every1211.2610.539
little thing boom boom it's gonna be1219.463.32
bottle of Anna Donna no lobby don't you1222.786.37
don't worry about a thing1227.117.83
no I'll sing every little thing gonna be1229.156.63
all right1234.942.28
has it been two minutes you would think1235.783.389
slimy it's only so large its wing nut1237.223.689
sure would like to see this happen now1239.1694.291
that was a good song how I can do is1240.9094.951
pray it's in Jesus's hands now1243.466.209
Oh what happened where to go he1245.865.97
disappeared what he disappeared you1249.6694.62
gotta know about that all about we're1251.834.95
saying for him hey our Apple all that1254.2895.75
were there Golden Apple1256.783.259

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