MINECRAFT: Trolling Mobs - New Neebsylvania 30

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Neebsylvania on Neebs Gaming? If not, you're missing out on some epic TNT action as Nee...
MINECRAFT: Trolling Mobs - New Neebsylvania 30
MINECRAFT: Trolling Mobs - New Neebsylvania 30

MINECRAFT: Trolling Mobs - New Neebsylvania 30

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest video, 'MINECRAFT: Trolling Mobs - New Neebsylvania 30'? It's a masterpiece!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was epic! I loved watching you troll those mobs with TNT, Neebs. Classic!

neebs: Haha, thanks Simon! It was all in good fun. Those mobs never saw it coming!

simon: Definitely, and your surprises definitely kept us entertained. Can't wait to see what you come up with next in Neebsylvania!

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Neebsylvania on Neebs Gaming? If not, you're missing out on some epic TNT action as Neebs sets out to surprise the mobs in Minecraft. Will his plans work out as expected? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

I love how Neebs always brings a mix of humor and creativity to his Minecraft gameplay. The way he trolls the mobs in this episode had me laughing out loud. And the best part is, he always manages to come up with new and unexpected ways to keep the game exciting.

If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to click the link to explore Neebsylvania and check out some awesome Neebs Gaming merchandise. And don't forget to follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest videos and updates.

I can't get enough of Neebs Gaming and their hilarious antics in Minecraft. The music in this episode really adds to the excitement and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Trust me, once you start watching their videos, you'll be hooked! So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Minecraft. Their New Neebsylvania series is hilarious and so creative. The way they transform Minecraft into an immersive storytelling experience is genius.

In this latest episode, Neebs decides to have some fun trolling the mobs with TNT. His excitement when he sets up the TNT traps is contagious - you can tell he just loves blowing stuff up in the game. And it works! The TNT pranks on the mobs are comedy gold.

The cinematic camera work makes you feel like you're right there alongside the characters, living in their Minecraft world. And the top-notch editing and sound design enhances the experience even more. I swear sometimes it feels more like watching a big budget fantasy movie than just a YouTube gaming video.

Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to enjoy Minecraft without actually playing it yourself. Their personalities and humor breathe so much life into the blocky Minecraft world. And their storytelling and production values take it to the next level.

I love how we've gotten to see New Neebsylvania grow over 30 episodes now. It makes me feel invested in the world and characters. And I can't wait to see what crazy antics and adventures they get up to next.

So if you're looking for a seriously fun, cinematic way to enjoy Minecraft, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their Minecraft series is awesome and entertaining for both gamers and non-gamers alike. I'd highly recommend checking out New Neebsylvania and the rest of their hilarious gaming content!

Neebs Gaming
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Oh show boy hot what the [ __ ] it's0.033.929
nighttime wish you go to bed damn it2.493.36
damn it where are you down the ladder3.9593.931
oh cool climb back up Ike up the [ __ ]5.853.27
letter hold on them to come down to try7.893.72
to save me Oh were you at what you help9.124.08
me Steve's hold on up Molly god oh my11.613.479
god oh my got him is this this is13.23.749
happening alright and Yves you missed15.0893.301
all the drama at the barn it's like I16.9493.601
forgot how to solder behind you - Gaby18.394.29
son of a [ __ ] in I'm dead20.555.309
cheese you are dead holy [ __ ] good to be22.686.63
it go to bed Sam okay25.85912.781
good start alright here we go29.3112.81
really good start guys hey Nev hey up38.646.45
sir what's up can you make TNT hey neebs42.126.48
yeah look look at me I'm here and you're45.095.61
naked I could be part of the show hey48.64.11
Simon look I'm on camera you've lost50.73.3
your armor though I'm gonna make you52.713.48
some armor there Simon do it please54.05.239
I got you buddy you know what what I56.196.57
just pulled a Simon what you do I was59.2395.95
going to eat chest and hitting II I'm62.763.69
like there's the same [ __ ] every one of65.1893.571
these I'm all the silent oh I got that66.454.38
I'll lights really dumb alright neebs68.763.87
you ready I like to build one I'll tell70.832.73
you what I'll let you build all of it72.634.61
here some sand here some gunpowder73.567.16
all right make an X with the Gunpowder77.247.59
till the rest was saying yep80.724.11
all right needs what are we doing today85.853.28
you seem like you have a plan I want87.6893.631
some pressure plates what's your plan oh89.134.08
you'll see you can make you can also91.323.54
make him out of stone now simmer down93.213.99
inside anything dispensers how are they94.862.7
oh I have no idea consult the book it's97.565.37
not in the book cutting sound the book101.1893.481
I've got the wrong book apparently no102.933.03
that's not it104.673.62
maybe put the red stone at the bottom oh105.965.369
oh yeah oh there you go that's what I108.295.71
was gonna say to do that's what that was111.3294.591
my next suggestion noobs you're super114.03.24
quiet and I'm concerned I'm building115.923.059
stuff what it's like about you pretty117.243.9
important I think I'm ready to go oh118.9793.24
yeah where we going121.142.28
I need food somebody's gonna have to122.2193.091
give me food again you got 30 carrots in123.423.449
here you got plenty of food ma'am take a125.313.059
bunch of carrots no chiz never bring a126.8693.541
food chest is right Simon no it's right128.3692.87
here foo130.413.23
it's labeled we're out where I'm jumping131.2397.95
look at you how did you grab one kind of133.648.299
food say in toisan139.1895.67
all right you ready sun's about to go141.9394.901
down all right follow me is that perfect144.8594.38
time then yeah okay all right let's do146.843.179
do what let's get some high ground here150.0196.0
hmm you know what what now we need a152.6895.431
little lean a little safe place maybe156.0194.31
like right here let's build a little158.124.289
little safe house you want me to take160.3293.671
care of that maybe three four blocks162.4094.321
high little Tower I could do that like164.04.319
some we'd come up on top of and get away166.734.2
from it okay does anybody have a ladder168.3195.34
oh no poor planning well here doraleous170.935.429
yeah here's some would build a column173.6594.621
table right and make letters copy all176.3593.511
right that looks like a good little safe178.284.2
place huh yeah we're safe up here it179.875.25
would appear um maybe yeah unless uh182.484.349
they might be able to shoot at us with185.124.619
the bow and arrows skeletons I'd like to186.8295.041
see him try yeah me too I got ya I189.7393.661
wouldn't mind doing some sharp sure oh191.873.39
speaking of there's a skeleton present193.46.049
where any boom Oh who's a dead skeleton195.267.11
he years he can't answer cuz he's dead199.4494.75
yeah see the direction I'm looking oh202.373.089
yes I do204.1993.18
yep yep yep over here go dig some of205.4594.381
that sand out after kind of flatten it207.3794.381
out it right here yeah [ __ ] I got you209.842.579
back buddy211.763.33
oh man I'll be the one shooting for you212.4194.231
thank you shooting to save your life215.093.359
this reminds me of when Simon was out216.652.399
there all alone218.4493.51
mm-hmm kind of does man I rocked it then219.0495.25
didn't I you did good did real good221.9595.28
you eyelash pretty tame out here as far224.2994.89
as the mobs going the surprises not more227.2395.34
oh wait I see a creeper right in front229.1894.95
of you absolutely oh yeah he's making232.5793.15
his way can I can you know you really234.1393.57
don't see me oh I see him can I shoot235.7293.69
him from this far you can try it out237.7093.18
you'll hit him oh I guess I don't have239.4194.68
any arrows look that's right I got him I240.8894.56
got him don't worry I was gonna defend244.0993.321
you I had no arrows245.4494.521
up he blew up ah I'm sorry here you go247.424.08
buddy where are you at give him some249.973.48
yeah I gave him five should two of us do251.52.52
what you're doing253.452.1
I can go down there yeah I could use254.023.63
Hill I have no arrows by the way I gave255.553.27
you five well I might have picked them257.653.149
back up you I think you did well it's258.823.45
meant to be just shoot an arrow over260.7993.001
here cuz I just found one stuck in the262.272.94
sand yeah that was my head that's263.83.21
looking good Hayley where's the ladder265.213.93
how do I get down there it is267.015.67
I'll go help them okay there's a zombie269.146.75
kind of close to doraleous yes yeah your272.684.83
ears hear things locked onto Simon get275.899.18
him doraleous Oh fix bag hey fix ear277.519.24
it's been forever285.073.66
you came just in time we've been digging286.753.93
sand for aw dude you don't even know288.734.05
it's so exciting you missed that yeah290.683.63
[ __ ] you guys292.783.9
jelly pants [ __ ] you and have to dig294.315.67
sand on my own time now yeah you wish296.685.25
oh wait there's a skeleton doraleous299.983.3
directly in front of you on the hill301.934.05
he's coming at you dry sure is uh-oh303.285.22
I go happen eat him I'm a sneaky sneaky305.985.58
pants him oh oh he got oh you get him308.55.25
here nice is there any way to put an311.563.81
arrow away once you pull it no I don't313.753.63
think so you kill me switch use your315.373.15
little roll wheel to switch to another317.385.36
item Oh zombie behind you doraleous318.524.22
bless your heart324.183.37
that row wheel would have been good to325.753.24
know when you had all those diamonds in327.554.05
the cave that time that would have328.994.5
that's what I'm talking about331.63.45
all right that's good good so now just333.493.36
that wall that you guys have made just335.053.36
make that so we can climb it just336.854.26
stair-step it like this yep and then the338.414.77
one to the right of you okay341.114.11
Simon you have no ideas of zombie beside343.184.83
uni why didn't you warn him I got the345.224.05
rallies was killing it I just thought348.012.88
it's funny a zombie right in front of me349.272.37
thanks for the warning350.892.67
yeah you got a good eye on the sky on351.643.54
zombies aren't that dangerous are they353.563.93
now as signs he once it's gonna be355.184.29
daytime soon it is coming up we made it357.494.11
a skeleton behind you Simon359.474.53
alright oh I'm getting that era see him361.64.95
you son of a [ __ ] I didn't get it I get364.06.44
him oh I got him yeah366.556.9
now I'll get him get him get him370.445.08
something clumsy battle with your show373.454.32
zombie house you gotta let me get let me375.525.01
kill one of these things no yeah zombie377.774.32
if a zombie comes out I want to kill him380.533.81
Nats 44 just joined our server why who's382.094.56
that that's the wrong No isn't that your384.345.04
advisor that is my advisor I chose the386.655.07
other account no you didn't clearly you389.384.74
did not grounded hey Hales ami pants391.724.05
well let me get that guy394.123.6
hey little bat let me get him get him395.773.84
with your shovel alright now we begin397.725.46
yay what a work again what's the work if399.614.95
you have sand could you just fill in403.183.39
this so it's flat here - yep is this404.563.93
just an anal thing fulfilling of this406.574.14
right here I just need more room so408.494.62
where the anal no in performing anal410.714.17
that's what this episode's all about you413.113.9
missed I guess I missed a lot where are414.884.5
you guys at / in the dead by the cactus417.014.44
Harvester okay419.384.95
sure right my horse there or I wouldn't421.454.68
want your horse yeah we don't have our424.334.92
horses okay will a pressure plate set426.135.61
off this TNT oh yes but we need to bury429.254.65
the TNT one more block yeah two blocks431.743.72
down oh yeah yeah exactly433.93.89
go ahead and throw a block on top of it435.465.49
what if I put one like here with that437.795.05
one trigger as well I have no idea440.953.48
there's one way to find out walk442.843.0
everyone the side ones alright ready I'm444.437.32
gonna run real fast okay alright now445.847.14
I'll try the one in the middle just to451.752.79
see wait wait let me grab these pressure452.988.24
plates okay alright do it yeah yep454.5411.52
yep oh damn yeah that's a big fuel yeah461.225.98
what a mess466.063.09
I'm a little concerned now what about467.24.11
the amount of time yep sure could use469.154.14
thick out here I'm trying to remember471.313.39
where this place is at yeah you've473.293.27
explored this area more than anybody how474.75.34
do you not know the layout hmm that's a476.564.4
good answer480.043.71
that's all I got you think that'll work480.966.22
mmm all right right uh-oh lettle do it483.757.75
Oh watch out Simon yeah we got another487.188.67
hole yeah so what what's what are we491.55.03
we came out here for something I'm496.534.54
building traps Oh499.04.5
Suns going down there hurry guess that501.073.6
pets yep503.52.67
I can guarantee you salmon doesn't have504.673.45
a bed oh I don't have that no is that506.173.75
the idea to lure them towards us so they508.123.48
want me just wait and see what happens509.923.18
why don't we I'm here you're making it511.62.76
and I'm like what's going on what is513.13.21
boiling plane it no how does how you are514.364.05
Christmas oh crap516.314.02
why really Oh what you how it what518.415.46
happening I am one Jesus oh man don't520.335.43
step on this that what our apps tries523.873.48
stay down there why don't we run the525.763.6
okay Redstone toward us and we're the527.353.9
ones that why do we it doesn't have to529.364.05
be the mob that does it yeah531.254.17
we have the power maybe that's not a bad533.413.51
idea dad all right thank you535.423.45
after I go out there and find a mob oh536.924.86
there's a skeleton creepers would be fun538.874.83
creepers yeah it's a double explosion541.783.96
Simon don't step on these things okay543.75.4
Mike neebs did is that who did it needle545.745.46
it's good to warn there I got a zombie549.14.74
guy so watch out back up we're lower man551.24.26
get right in front of the pressure plate553.843.6
got it I got it oh there buddy555.4612.03
oh come on come on huh bagging up doing557.4413.68
the bag i watch out there's another guy567.495.43
coming you can get him onto all the yeah571.123.66
what surrounds him around oh yeah then572.923.57
I'm gonna missing this spawn loop around574.782.76
I got him I got him576.492.88
you can do the next one Simon promise oh577.543.84
yeah oh he did it579.3710.83
oh boy yeah move bag chef chef chef chef581.3812.41
system whoo crew Oh what stickykeys590.26.3
exactly hey same thing I got another593.794.3
zombie come on come and follow me a596.52.31
little [ __ ]598.092.67
where you going Simon Oh roll rook damn598.815.31
it alright come over here he's following600.766.03
come here he's following come here you604.125.37
little [ __ ] you keep moving don't worry606.794.89
come on oh he's lost interest to arms609.494.11
and you can't oh very good kind of he's611.682.9
got to now613.62.69
you didn't hit up you try to hit the614.582.699
play because you didn't hit the plate616.293.03
well I wasn't supposed to was if he617.2793.421
walks the plate that way he's not gonna619.322.67
be in the right place I'll walk the620.73.36
plate Oh watch your back right back run621.995.969
Santurce run okay oh you got it Matt oh624.069.209
nice no no he's still creeper behind you627.9599.391
doraleous way to kill this guy no boy633.2695.0
here we go637.353.39
get these arrows just nobody know how to638.2693.76
kill a paper without blowing it up640.746.539
Simon's covered in arrows I'm doing642.0299.0
pretty good though like yeah I'm good647.2796.211
you see me yeah I'll see you651.0294.68
yeah yeah you're not very good at653.494.32
trollin Simon right fun trap needs a655.7094.681
good wrap time we're not done we're not657.814.32
we have to clean all this mess up yeah660.393.06
yeah clean oh good662.133.12
we need to find different places to do663.453.84
this because now watch now you can't665.253.839
leave this damn Lobby man water time667.294.859
waster she worse way needs I'm not in669.0894.471
there and I know what they're going672.1492.821
through right now and yeah where's673.563.959
different freaking spot all right let's674.973.33
do this677.5192.281
yeah it's be normal and go to a678.32.88
different location we're doing a679.83.84
different trap okay what trap yeah now I681.184.2
think we're do the same trap all day I683.643.63
thought why why would I want to do we've685.384.5
already seemed good what kind of show do687.274.47
you think this is it's just the test689.884.92
guys okay so let's imagine imagine Apps691.745.7
Row is a enemy mm-hmm and walk through694.86.36
yep so I'm a zombie are you getting shot697.447.519
by rocks oh I've been rocked to death701.168.22
you're dead okay you know what we need704.9595.951
to build some of these things for Simon709.383.14
and then like fill them with like food710.917.59
uh-huh beds yeah an armor yeah yeah I712.527.569
think just cause that would be we don't718.52.459
have to worry about him not having720.0892.821
something in episodes that's pretty720.9593.451
brilliant I'd be the first one to vote722.913.929
for that so guys let's try this nobody724.414.14
walk on that we drank I was going hot726.8394.321
now tonight it's gonna get ugly and728.554.529
there's no holes to clean up huh731.164.65
I like that yeah now do you want me to733.0795.88
be the master Laura no no735.814.769
because whoever does it has to be nimble738.9593.57
it's a jump here jump here boom wait740.5794.531
watch this why don't we middle Simon's742.5293.431
be boom look at us wait when the745.965.91
pressures all what it so I'm I require748.276.48
why walked away for two seconds you're751.874.8
on fire how did you get on fire because754.753.66
flaming arrows are in there let me look756.674.5
guys I'm here found the hallways hey hey758.416.0
hey gonna need someone shoot him yeah761.174.59
I'm pretty sure somebody's playing a764.413.0
pride didn't fit just got here a765.764.23
coincidence I just got here win students767.415.85
I think not places am I gonna be the769.994.71
luring guy yeah you'd be lowering out773.262.4
all right I'll do it774.73.54
so who's cactus thing is that I just put775.664.83
up I was put them down this is some778.244.8
double trolling for ya triple trolling780.495.4
cuz I'm coming in got a couple zombies783.044.53
coming right at me alright are you gonna785.893.6
do this Simon no no I want somebody go787.574.29
guys I don't even they're on you so they789.494.44
do it I'll do it well go do it go for it791.865.1
mother Amy now jump on oh wow that it793.934.62
was crazy now I'll get this guy's796.962.85
attention here we go here we go I'm798.552.85
bringing I'm in neebs too much going on799.813.42
ready that was a good effort hell huh801.44.26
huh come on now in right in the middle803.234.2
then right in the middle you blew it805.663.72
yeah I got it up come on buddy you guys807.433.45
are confusing there's too many people in809.382.82
one place so Ivan get out of here yeah810.883.33
okay guess what I'm gonna lure my own812.25.25
dude nah we got Simon you got a skeleton814.215.79
on me behind you all right here we come817.454.5
in front of us you were trolling that820.05.13
guy are you trying to dress nice oh it821.957.56
was here we go here we go oh no oh oh825.136.36
whatever just like spat arrow they're829.515.25
too close now don't kill him your trap831.494.83
failed did you see what it did it didn't834.764.62
shoot well Jim it laught it launched the836.325.61
matter there but I like as if they were839.384.83
like a knight actually just gave it it841.934.86
gave it to it why I no idea why would it844.212.94
do that846.791.44
you're gonna kill something with that847.153.99
carrot thick yep you lure him over here848.235.61
sorry I drop out at random it takes five851.144.35
minutes they fit you at the carrot I853.843.12
don't know why that doesn't work I can855.495.04
swore that word no it's just dispensing856.966.9
arrows this has been a bust I know this860.536.24
works I've seen this work morning time863.865.409
all right866.776.819
I don't believe that worked either call869.2696.81
it a bus down I guess for now till every873.5894.86
Irish like oh my cactus trap worked but876.0794.05
it takes ten minutes all right so should878.4493.24
we tear all this stuff up or yeah we'll880.1292.341
clean it up later881.6895.161
ah finally oh good for you boy you guys882.475.94
don't have anything to do I have886.853.39
something we could do what you won't do888.414.799
I do have a little bit of uh obsidian890.245.699
and and we could build a nether portal893.2095.81
holy [ __ ]895.9393.08

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