MINECRAFT: The Map Pt.1 - New Neebsylvania 22

Hey Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the team on their Minecraft adventure in Neebsylvania 22: The Map Pt.1? It...
MINECRAFT: The Map Pt.1 - New Neebsylvania 22
MINECRAFT: The Map Pt.1 - New Neebsylvania 22

MINECRAFT: The Map Pt.1 - New Neebsylvania 22

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Minecraft with Neebsylvania! Today, we're diving into The Map Pt.1 - New Neebsylvania 22. And let me tell you, this one's my favorite video yet!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, every video is your favorite video!

neebs: Hey, I can't help it if every video is a masterpiece. But seriously, this one is extra special because we're on the verge of a new adventure!

appsro: I have to agree with Neebs on this one. The discoveries and creations in this episode are top-notch. Plus, who wouldn't want to explore uncharted territories in Minecraft?

Hey Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the team on their Minecraft adventure in Neebsylvania 22: The Map Pt.1? It's full of new discoveries and creations that are sure to get you excited for the beginning of a brand new adventure.

In this video, the team dives into uncharted territory in Minecraft, exploring their surroundings and getting ready for what lies ahead. It's always fun to see the team working together and coming up with new ideas as they embark on their journey.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you'll definitely want to check out this latest video. And don't forget to take advantage of the discounts on the newest titles available through the link in the description. Plus, make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all their latest videos and adventures.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to join the team on their latest Minecraft escapade in Neebsylvania 22: The Map Pt.1. It's sure to be a wild ride filled with laughter, creativity, and plenty of fun. Let's see what new adventures await in the world of Neebsylvania!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's latest Minecraft series, New Neebsylvania 22? It's absolutely incredible. The production quality is through the roof. The way they turn Minecraft into an immersive cinematic experience blows my mind every time.

In the latest episode, The Map Pt.1, the guys make some really cool new discoveries that had me on the edge of my seat. Seeing their reactions as they explore the new terrain and slowly uncover the secrets of Neebsylvania is so entertaining. You can tell they're having a blast playing together.

And the banter between them all is hilarious as always. Simon cracks me up with his dry British humor. Thick's one-liners get me every time. Appsro is a riot when he gets excited about finding new resources. You can just feel the chemistry and camaraderie between these guys.

The cinematic camera work makes it feel like you're right there exploring alongside them. The custom textures and resource packs make Neebsylvania feel like a living, breathing world. And the original music by Neebs Gaming brings so much atmosphere and takes things to the next level.

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play Minecraft is better than playing it yourself. You get all the entertainment and adventure without having to do any mining or crafting yourself. It's like watching the most immersive, hilarious Minecraft movie ever.

These guys are brilliant content creators. If you're even remotely interested in Minecraft or gaming videos in general, you have to check out Neebs Gaming's cinematic masterpiece of a series. It will blow you away. I can't wait to see what adventures they get up to next in Neebsylvania!

Neebs Gaming
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alright guys we just found out something0.064.86
crazy yeah3.364.38
crazy right yeah like crazy happens4.925.73
crazy yeah what up and we just had a7.745.399
hole in the barn that we had to fix so I10.655.729
had a red sheep and then the red sheep13.1397.65
and the white sheep mated pink sheep and16.3796.361
made a little pink sheep little bitty20.78911.941
pink sheep and you get a cow and a sheep22.7413.62
to mate oh oh that what you got Simon I32.734.62
have a gift36.362.73
I guess I'm given Simon a gift what'd37.354.2
you give him man ok I've got a chest it39.094.44
says a gift for Simon a little sign next41.553.84
to it and his points at it and the43.534.98
inside of it is armor not iron leggings45.395.73
our thing for your chest the boots the48.514.95
the metal hat and hey I like what you51.123.09
build here though53.462.52
this little system for getting in and54.214.11
out of the yes some fans come in and say55.983.66
this apparently can do something with58.323.87
carpet - should we try that give any59.645.15
wool uh yeah make a piece of carpet oh62.193.84
what what look in the attic we got66.035.25
a creeper in the attic I'm pretty sure69.543.84
how would he spawn up there there's all71.284.019
kinds of yeah what are you son of a73.384.349
what are you doing in there I got75.2993.541
this Oh No77.7293.21
take him down you want to get this Q78.845.279
action music oh boy alright go handle80.9394.831
the creep I usually just add it when I84.1193.901
need do it I'm enough to tell me to do85.774.65
it I do eat all right I mean I already88.024.02
do it I'm gonna make carpet but if you90.423.36
guys want to wait for the archery92.044.41
champion of the world he's making his93.784.74
way within a new sense of pride and96.455.19
confidence hey back off I got him in my98.524.52
hit him thick yeah I missed the action103.049.1
you did but now you're ready for more109.6495.731
action than ever that's right and we all112.145.759
look like clones man that was like crazy115.385.01
action movie teamwork right right do you117.8994.381
guys see this guy coming what guy120.395.009
oh look at you salmon let me see well122.284.92
that's not Simon125.3996.12
Simon has a yellow shirt yay I can take127.24.83
a hit131.5193.391
befo do you still have a gold helmet132.036.209
Simon that would make sign oh yeah why134.913.9
don't you do that138.2393.181
ah I got him twice out there got me138.814.56
twice alright we're good alright I'm141.424.26
gonna take my helmet off there you go143.374.29
well sun's about to go down again yeah145.684.11
we should go to bed before the monsters147.664.109
come out Simon yeah is that a stone149.794.11
sword you're using let's not use those151.7694.44
is it a skull better than that Simon it153.95.61
is stone yeah I got a beard I am yep156.2096.84
everybody saw that I planted carriages159.515.789
and hair haters all right you're welcome163.0494.02
oh I made wheat did you'll see oh they165.2994.111
have the bay the hay labelled yeah oh167.0694.89
hello Bay that's nice hey that you've169.414.35
been really haven't made guys I'm in the171.9593.271
lagoon if anybody wants to take a dip173.763.059
well that's nice not a romantic over175.233.27
here you need some more light over here176.8194.5
don't you yeah I had one right here yeah178.54.709
hey go to our Alice it looks good good181.3193.091
all right guys let's go to bed for the183.2092.881
monsters come out alright I did that you184.413.45
look nice in all in the morning I show186.093.66
you more things okay okay187.865.909
sounds fun why aren't we sleeping189.756.45
I'm cuz why aren't we sleeping yeah oh193.7694.381
there he goes there there we go get my196.24.02
away from you guys bed guys today's198.152.76
alright with me yeah yeah checking200.913.69
outside for creepers and alright202.383.78
come just everybody pay attention204.63.3
alright here we go Syme in front of you206.162.52
where you going207.92.52
yes sir we can hear you cuz we're in the208.683.649
same room alright today we're gonna try210.424.89
carpet fence climbing and then I'm gonna212.3294.66
show you I'm gonna take you on a field215.313.39
trip so apparently you can place the216.9893.391
carpet like on top of the fence all218.72.31
right really220.384.109
so if I do that right now yeah so then221.015.009
you should just be able to climb up and224.4892.991
climb over226.0193.981
that's cool but it looks really ugly it227.484.259
doesn't look that good does it no just230.03.569
so that you would quit making stuff that231.7393.75
there it's already already crowded in233.5693.691
there they're not happy they're happy235.4892.371
look at those love ya rolling around in237.864.47
the wrong species right babies born in a240.084.47
pile of alright who wants to see242.334.68
something cool sure we taking us to see244.553.12
something cool247.012.91
hey nipples do we need traveling music247.674.38
again I'll decide where the music goes249.924.86
it'll valleys hit it hit it I feel like252.054.83
you guys are going way too fast are you254.783.75
running you know how to sprint right I256.883.3
know I forgot have y'all been out of258.534.5
here yes of course did you see what I260.184.56
built thick I know I didn't see what you263.034.26
built well there that know how crafty is264.743.06
it's neat what is it what is it see if267.83.51
you can guess what it is let me take a269.663.27
look I could tell you what it is271.313.66
wait a minute make a margarita sir all272.934.32
right obviously something's whatever you274.974.05
grow here does it flow into the chest277.252.46
so you're collecting cactus right now279.714.44
yeah it's like a cactus Harvester the281.994.77
cactus when they when they grow up to284.155.519
the sign they just snap and then they286.765.73
fall in the water oh then you go289.6696.901
downstairs and there's a just this just292.495.79
that's a hot is that called a hopper I296.573.15
don't know you built it this great thing298.283.24
and then it puts it it pops it into the299.723.33
chest so what do you do with them you301.524.2
just eat the cactus no yeah I don't know303.053.869
what you do with cactus we could build a305.723.93
cactus Finch so spiders I like that if306.9194.981
we talk about putting cactus around the309.653.69
perimeter it's only a matter of time311.94.829
till valleys comes up with a pun why is313.345.91
that cuz that's what you do316.7294.41
you're a pun guy a punch just because of319.254.08
cactus one yeah I understand you make a321.1394.021
fence so far I mean you're gonna have323.336.0
some pun with that perimeter we get away325.166.629
with are you trying to figure out the329.334.68
the pun ballast is there one that I'm331.7892.581
oh boy great one oh shoot why don't you334.375.63
go ahead and do it uh we could put um336.868.179
defense use these cactus for defense Oh340.06.37
get it345.0393.551
sure I just sort of been a big ocean346.373.93
yeah it was its revenge and its348.593.69
defensive I think it gets if I'm on the350.35.299
fence about that pun okay352.283.319
I'm in a cave system down here that's356.3194.32
got some iron yeah oh get that iron we358.4194.14
need it I'm getting that sweet iron we360.6394.17
need to make more Butler's honestly I362.5593.871
need the iron when you guys have it364.8093.03
because I've kind of been I kind of been366.434.139
working on something too oh that's where367.8394.711
I came up is that when I came out of the370.5693.69
ground this well they get back down372.553.089
there so we got to fill this in you374.2593.69
can't leave that what it is it's fill375.6394.11
that in that's a mess that's an eyesore377.9494.02
do there's mess everywhere with that379.7494.41
attitude I mean no you look over here so381.9694.081
we feel this giant no because that's a384.1594.921
canyon this is just a man-made hole nice386.055.099
watch this watch this I got a stunt for389.085.22
you go back to the hole ready uh-huh391.1496.75
just jump the canyon okay I can't go394.35.28
back in canyons over there well the397.8993.841
jumpers next week that's not a canyon399.584.35
this is the canvas I'm German401.745.069
this is absurd you want this uh do you403.934.59
want all this oh I do yeah all your iron406.8094.56
Suns going down give unto me your on408.524.979
dish look at look at this natural mess411.3694.08
right here we need to fill this in413.4993.54
y'all ready you follow me yep I'm right415.4494.291
behind you where we going now follow and417.0394.321
I'll show you the next wonder of the419.742.009
oh boy where you taking us I'm gonna421.7494.35
show you something underground Oh424.5693.12
all right I just wanna go down the mine426.0993.451
and show you guys babe's did you make a427.6895.09
memorial for the time you killed me whoo429.555.699
careful so guys we're at the bottom of432.7795.14
the mine shaft yeah yep so if you look435.2495.82
behind the ladder behind the look yeah437.9196.2
okay there's an entrance uh uh-huh441.0695.99
thank you head down here this is all444.1196.311
I did this a long time ago447.0596.79
whoa what is whoa what are you doing450.435.939
this is how you make a mine see this is453.8493.03
see how good this look what looks really456.8793.54
good it just seems like overkill oh it's458.7094.77
not no one's gonna come down well once460.4194.8
you've mined it like why would you ever463.4792.821
come back465.2193.42
Oh creeper it's very impressive though466.35.19
he's down Oh boys down all this glass468.6395.01
you made oh no I just pulled that up a471.494.529
chance to rub it in busy little bee so I473.6495.73
made it on it so um but look when you do476.0195.081
this you are you479.3793.671
but I'm lost you don't get you don't481.14.11
lose track of what you did no that's483.054.35
good idea I never did and look I do this485.214.8
differently this this is my home base487.44.92
right here in the middle yep everybody490.013.81
just come come to me so I can show you492.322.76
all around yep I'm here493.824.65
so I had it like this and I had torches495.084.29
on the left498.472.52
mm-hmm that means you're leaving home499.373.75
base any time you're in a cavern you500.994.38
gotta hold that unless believing it's on503.123.87
the left if they're on the right that505.373.63
means you're returning then you go up on506.994.53
the next vein mm-hmm what are we making509.05.479
with obsidian again nether portal511.525.79
hahahahaha oh and there's a good bed of514.4794.271
it right here that I've blocked off all517.312.82
right so I'm gonna have to leave and518.754.169
come back down to this but hey can y'all520.133.99
come back over this way for a minute522.9192.941
yeah but I gotta go pick up my daughter524.123.93
so I'm gonna log out I'll be back okay525.865.19
hold on son this much back down528.056.24
alright Lisa do you see me do I see you531.055.13
yeah yeah yes I do534.294.62
okay walk towards me yeah all right now536.184.23
back up back away from me538.914.32
back away time okay now go to your left540.416.39
it's my left Simon what what you are543.235.67
using your index finger to move every546.85.76
direction you please leave me alone you548.95.16
can't just use one finger to move around552.562.7
that's what I do554.063.12
oh so you know the right way cuz it's555.263.57
uncomfortable cuz then when I panic I go557.183.87
like this what do you do he pushes all558.832.91
the bosu-ball561.054.53
oh I need to retrace learn to do that561.745.01
can we move on please565.582.58
well are you gonna try to learn that way566.753.6
you're gonna keep doing the wrong finger568.164.71
method noobs yeah this mine is570.356.21
impressive and also showcases your OCD I572.875.88
just last time I saw your mind Alice I576.564.35
was like oh my goodness yeah people get578.753.51
lost in here and I'm never gonna find it580.913.15
ah I mean you'd have to really have some582.263.87
problems to get lost this is dry Lisa's584.063.96
mother made food better you gotta586.133.51
swallow your food before you tell before588.024.47
you just asking to get lost up here are589.644.86
you up in it yeah I don't wanna go too592.494.56
far they'll get lost there's just it's594.54.59
so much work into yours that it's just597.054.35
it wasn't so it wasn't you have like599.094.65
yeah it's a work of art I'm done showing601.44.65
I don't know it's impressive grumble603.747.149
pants grumble grumble grumble I like it606.058.559
do I just I probably won't make mine610.8897.41
like that mm-hmm um I think that's all I614.6095.34
had to show that's really good618.2994.02
no no it's great it is a float neebs619.9494.32
boat day right does anybody else want to622.3192.61
show anything624.2693.63
I made a spider castle up on the UH we624.9295.16
saw then Simon did you build anything627.8994.081
you guys have checked out my Museum630.0894.47
right Simon yeah how's your sandwich631.984.859
it's uh it's actually pretty nice what634.5594.43
is this what you got in there um636.8398.97
pam-pam no chicken why'd you say ham638.98910.12
would you say this dragged that you're645.8095.161
just climbing a ladder it's not so hard649.1093.42
do you realize it took me that long to650.973.329
get to the ladder and get up I'm still a652.5293.66
target on what ladders and identifying654.2996.72
meat so last week656.1896.96
f-forgive me a map have you ever used661.0193.93
maps before I've never used a map no663.1493.54
okay so I've got this map and I have a664.9494.771
lot of the land mapped out this whole666.6895.19
East I've not yet explored669.724.739
isn't that like don't you want to yeah671.8794.05
let's go know what don't tell thik that674.4593.48
he'll be there in a heartbeat probably I675.9293.84
was probably probably on establish you677.9393.661
have that flag and I hate that we don't679.7693.961
have Native women in the East let's see681.64.56
what's in the top right corner and then683.734.139
in the middle and then in the bottom I686.164.289
guess the bottom south east so what are687.8693.84
we doing we're going back to the place690.4493.211
and gearing up yeah go check your691.7093.66
inventory drop things off you don't need693.664.2
grab a maybe even grab an extra bed all695.3693.87
right everybody ready for the morning697.864.589
I just need food all right can we sleep699.23911.09
so close I'm already in bed so I know my702.44910.98
bed for a while okay you guys are cool I710.3295.831
guys doing all right going to be ad yeah713.4296.47
hey Belva ders looking down on Simon as716.166.089
Simon eats sandwich all right I'm ready719.8994.831
for explorations let's all get together722.2496.59
it balls all right I got my map okay so724.737.809
you're right here I'm here no no one's728.8395.74
here no we're all here right there yeah732.5393.24
just yell down to him neebs734.5794.141
y'all come over here Simon where are you735.7795.64
Alice at the in the road all right so738.724.199
that's north I'm looking north roll most741.4193.571
the top of the map some of this map742.9195.341
mapped out by apps ro and Magellan and744.995.94
some by me this is all old hat too thick748.263.96
though all right we want to check out750.935.04
the Northeast the mid I guess the West752.225.429
is mysore southeast755.974.739
get ready oh yeah yeah let's see what's757.6494.531
out here someone pick up my sword760.7093.63
connect thick drop this sword someone762.185.04
picked it up so I only have so on the764.3395.69
stone sword was it iron it was iron I767.225.309
don't have it you get it there I did770.0293.161
thank you772.5293.331
all right lead the way okay we are going773.196.47
this way it was a good start775.863.8
you trying to live788.773.66

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