MINECRAFT: GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 - New Neebsylvania 21

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! If you haven't already checked it out, the latest episode of GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 is now live on YouTu...
MINECRAFT: GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 - New Neebsylvania 21
MINECRAFT: GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 - New Neebsylvania 21

MINECRAFT: GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 - New Neebsylvania 21

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Scar, have you seen the latest episode of GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 in New Neebsylvania? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! Scar really knows how to finish up a house and add some butler flair to it.

appsro: And let's not forget about the archery competition, that was intense! Scar's skills are on point.

neebs: I love watching the gang in action, they always bring the laughs and the fun. Can't get enough of it!

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! If you haven't already checked it out, the latest episode of GoodTimesWithScar Pt.2 is now live on YouTube. In this episode, Scar finishes up his house, the gang gets a butler, and an epic archery competition takes place. It's a rollercoaster of fun and excitement that you won't want to miss!

I absolutely love watching Scar and the gang play Minecraft on the Neebsylvania server. The creativity and humor they bring to the game always keeps me entertained. From building amazing structures to hilarious antics, there's never a dull moment in Neebsylvania.

If you're a fan of Neebsylvania like me, make sure to check out the official Neebs Gaming website and grab some awesome merchandise. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest news and videos. And don't forget to tune in to their Twitch channels for even more gaming goodness.

The music in this episode is on point as always, adding to the excitement and adventure of the gameplay. From the upbeat tunes to the dramatic scores, the soundtrack really sets the mood for the epic moments in the video. So grab some snacks, get comfy, and get ready to dive into the world of Neebsylvania with Scar and the gang. Trust me, it's a wild ride you won't want to miss!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series New Neebsylvania? It's honestly the most entertaining Minecraft series I've ever watched. The way they roleplay and create an ongoing story in the Minecraft world is just genius.

In this latest episode, GoodTimesWithScar finishes up his awesome wizard tower house, which looks so cool with all the custom textures he made. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang builds a mansion for their new butler Jezbot, who I have to say is the perfect addition to their crazy crew.

But the best part was the archery competition they held at the end. Seeing them all trash talk each other while competing in the arena had me laughing so hard. The editing and camera work makes it feel like you're watching an action movie, not just a Minecraft let's play.

I know some people say Minecraft videos can be boring or repetitive, but Neebs Gaming really does it right. Their cinematic style and improv comedy brings their world to life in a way no other gaming channel matches. It really feels like you're watching a TV show, getting to know the characters and anticipating what funny situation they'll get into next.

Even if you don't play Minecraft yourself, do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming's series. It's honestly the next best thing to playing the game yourself. Their personalities and filmmaking draw you into the New Neebsylvania world in a way that's engaging and downright hilarious. I can't wait to see what they build and destroy next!

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scar how's your uh Food level right now0.046.2
I have three pieces of bread left um so3.324.519
I'm doing okay when you get hungry let6.243.04
me know I want to try something maybe7.8392.92
you've never heard of it oh I think I9.282.279
know what you're going to do what you10.7592.721
read in the book no not the book I don't11.5593.681
have the book I've got a big book I13.485.04
don't know if you heard about that15.243.28
yeah I really like the architecture feel23.1194.121
like I'm in Skyrim right now yeah I've25.43.32
been kind of on a kick on those houses27.243.24
for a little while I need to move on to28.724.039
a new style but this been like it making30.485.12
them very Nordic are you hungry yet scar32.7594.201
you know I still have the bread but I'm35.62.799
really curious to see what you have for36.963.88
me go run go do some laps go run around38.3993.48
okay all right I'm going to do some Laps40.843.559
on the on the walk I'll go with41.8795.081
him oh I found the archery range look at44.3994.601
that oh there is an archery range nice46.963.2
all right do either of you guys have49.04.6
shoes shoes nope nope here one of y'all50.165.84
take these but give them back okay who's53.64.52
going who's going to get it sucked up no56.05.039
we go put the shoes on okay shoes run58.124.959
all right now y'all get side by side I'm61.0393.561
going to go down to the end I want to63.0793.961
see if if you run faster with shoes you64.63.879
know what we're doing right now what's67.044.92
that science this is science Salon68.4795.201
Minecraft science are we doing science71.963.72
we're doing science here we go side yeah73.684.24
Al I'll stay I'll stay on the uh on the75.684.36
on these blocks you stay on those all77.923.72
right but you do have a sword out kind80.043.16
of suspicious I I'll switch it to a81.643.32
shovel if it makes you happier oh here83.23.12
go and they're off and they're running86.325.04
neck and neck89.1195.521
it looks like uh it's a photo finish91.364.96
ab's the94.644.08
winner do you think same speed it looked96.324.68
like the same speed yeah scar are you98.724.6
hungry um yeah I'm out of food I'll give101.04.04
you some bread there you go oh nice no I103.323.24
want you don't eat it hold on hold on105.043.119
I'll do some jumping some calisthenics106.564.0
over here hey give me those shoes back108.1593.761
oh yeah yeah yeah here you go those are110.563.64
my kicks so I'm going to give you some111.926.44
uh some snacks all right I'm114.26.32
really all right118.365.6
this you got that that's rotten flesh120.525.879
okay now listen I'm not done I want I123.965.4
want this I want this back though take126.3995.641
that all right now eat all the rotten129.365.36
flesh then have a sip of132.044.32
okay you're poison you're poisoned now136.365.84
drink the milk all right I'm drinking139.5994.041
milk oh and now I'm cured I'm I'm I'm143.647.28
guessing the plague did you know that147.046.479
be honest no no no I didn't know that so150.924.039
wait a second wait a second so neees153.5194.041
just taught you something yep he did so154.9594.28
now when the witches poison me I'll be157.565.039
good I'll be able to uh defend myself I159.2395.161
don't know yeah should we sleep and uh162.5993.241
kind of want to snuggle up in the beds164.44.119
oh you do want to get some snug snug165.844.64
right in the middle are you in the168.5195.121
middle y get comfy I'm I'm making my way170.485.72
come on dras Dees do you see the archery173.644.239
yeah I do is that pretty cool I got to176.24.44
walk did you build it no you the R's did177.8794.481
a great job on that got to Che that180.643.08
pretty pretty simple design but I182.362.799
figured it would it would get the job183.723.439
done I'm almost into my house oh you're185.1593.321
sleeping in your house tonight yeah I'm187.1592.881
going to sleep at home tonight oh you in188.483.36
your spider190.044.559
castle that was nice of Scar to say that191.845.6
he didn't know the milk thing wasn't194.5995.441
it did you really not know197.446.12
it no I may have may not have known it200.045.4
why you know what there's no point in203.565.16
lying scar well I mean you were so proud205.447.28
he was so proud but it would have he was208.725.68
this worked now but it would have been212.722.92
even better if you would have said yeah214.42.559
I [ __ ] knew215.643.36
that that that would have worked even216.9594.081
better you just see I feel like I would219.04.0
have crushed you hey there's a creeper221.044.68
in looking in ander's house oh watch out223.04.879
arrows what am I doing watch out it's a225.723.92
creeper yeah run run everybody get away227.8793.92
from the229.642.159
houses oh crap damn it we're Miss fire232.845.44
got him don't set the damn bushes on236.843.92
fire oh oh whoa what happened what238.284.239
happened oh there was a skeleton in my240.763.479
attic and I opened it up to put a window242.5193.761
he shot me off my scaffolding oh that's244.2394.481
hor okay you live go send our medic his246.284.0
name is Simon you know what I'm going in248.722.879
there I'm going to go hunt this son of a250.284.2
[ __ ] down oh he's coming on me again I251.5994.401
got him where are you it's a little254.482.96
cramped in here the staircase is a256.04.68
little bit big know you room so you have257.446.4
this downstairs so cramped because we260.685.44
gave him 15x 15 to work with something263.844.919
cool you could do is take a torch and266.124.56
place it on the ground and then place a268.7595.44
piece of carpet over it and then you can270.685.04
cover up all your lighting so you don't274.1992.601
have torches everywhere what do you275.723.36
think about that Simon I wish I was276.84.92
paying attention to you people what were279.084.959
you guys talk oh it's a little gravel281.723.6
piece it's like but buttons there it284.0394.16
creates like a Little Rock I like that285.324.599
that's what you think that looks like it288.1995.041
it it well it's up to you but I don't be289.9194.84
rude to the guest looks like a button on293.243.32
the ground it does it well you could use294.7593.761
your imagination and think it's a rock296.565.52
oh now I see it hod podge of stone work298.525.239
let's see are you guys going to bed no302.083.28
this is like you got night you got303.7594.481
gravel and uh Stone and button yeah if I305.364.52
had some andesite I would place it like308.243.32
right here and here that's what Simon309.883.2
was thinking I don't know what that is311.562.72
well actually I probably would have went313.084.52
here and here but OS site do we not have314.286.08
any here maybe oh oh oh creeper moving317.64.56
into headquarters I got him I got a320.363.24
special weapon do you want do you don't322.164.319
want me to hit him with my thing oh run323.64.879
uh-oh Hunger326.4794.681
Games are you kidding something I'm328.4794.801
going to give that a two okay now the331.163.96
path is how I want it with anet those333.283.4
are still buttons but I like it you got335.123.079
to put more lights in that thing though336.685.359
that looks like a like a mob spawner338.1995.601
what was that did you blow that was342.0394.241
nothing that nothing at all spine the343.85.32
game glitches since the 1.7 oh [ __ ] I'm346.284.0
getting out of here guys I don't want to349.122.96
blow [ __ ] up bad things are happening350.284.16
goodness you got a whole mess of got two352.084.04
creep got two of them on me354.444.039
now oh boy and I don't have any hunger I356.125.0
can't run oh boy358.4794.761
keep running you got a fancy di sword361.124.519
assistance somebody feed that363.246.92
man oh I took him out365.6394.521
oh oh it's going to blow up nope oh but370.45.6
you see those skills right there we got374.123.919
damn look at that that's how you do it376.03.88
Simon oh boy another creeper another one378.0394.72
coming up another one Simon go inside oh379.887.52
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] right I'm going in uhoh no382.7597.681
no no no uh-oh uh-oh was close387.45.6
yeah Simon good job of getting inside390.444.159
you want some uh you want some fish393.03.96
there my394.5992.361
friend oh boy look oh no why is somebody397.365.92
hitting me zomie do you realize that I400.445.159
can't help him out scar you're on my403.284.68
[ __ ] list you little [ __ ] no you just405.5994.72
sat there and watched didn't you you407.964.679
just sat there and watched laughing you410.3194.16
son of a [ __ ] he's been waiting the412.6394.081
whole match for that yeah that's it414.4793.361
ready to go416.723.84
down ready to go down you little bastard417.844.32
scar how could you just sit there and420.563.039
watch that happen cuz it was422.164.52
entertaining did you see it I know I423.5994.561
watch it it426.684.639
was it was funny oh boy there's a ton of428.165.439
SK oh my goodness but you want those431.3193.6
right well y'all come help me there's433.5992.361
like 10 of them I don't know where you434.9193.041
are I'm following you435.966.639
buddy I just got one of them there's437.966.799
one the storm doesn't let up they're442.5994.681
just going to keep spawning yeah there's444.7594.641
one right here oh [ __ ] what was that447.283.919
there is all kinds of mobs out there449.45.479
creeper coming towards you be careful451.1993.68
okay I got it got the457.845.639
creeper holy461.284.479
[ __ ] you just picked up the arrows I was463.4793.801
trying to get I'll give them to you I'm465.7593.201
just trying to make sure you don't die467.284.359
thank you by the way this is the most um468.964.519
productive I think I've ever been I471.6394.12
think you're right creeper coming run473.4794.921
hold on run Simon run all right wrong475.7596.28
way I'm about to go [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh no478.46.239
[ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ] get away from482.0395.0
me you484.6392.4
[ __ ] damn you oh boy I got to488.364.959
eat you know those things you were496.244.6
talking about with the laser death eyes498.085.88
yeah I know where some are now what you500.844.759
found one are you kidding I am not503.963.48
kidding I found an look what looks to be505.5995.16
an underwater temple that's amazing you507.445.92
yeah I I've never found one in like510.7594.801
naturally everybody Su up we got to help513.364.88
uh Simon get his stuff back yeah so515.564.44
that's for a future Adventure dalius you518.243.2
got an arrow in your head already you520.02.919
just spawned back in over here at the521.444.0
end of the road End of the Road oh522.9194.281
creepers Run come on you son of a [ __ ]525.443.8
runon run527.24.24
run you're surrounded by like four529.243.599
zombies here's all my stuff I just ran531.444.12
into my stuff did you get it some of it532.8394.56
come on you little [ __ ]535.565.32
bag I am [ __ ] running doing this uhoh537.3995.721
watch out they got another one [ __ ]540.885.519
[ __ ] they're all [ __ ] I got it I got543.125.92
it I'm going to kill I got it I got it546.3995.281
get him got it oh boy549.045.08
Enderman oh there's three Enderman right551.684.64
next to each other oh are you dead again554.125.12
rabbit I'm dead again [ __ ] I found two556.324.8
rabbit three times we need to get inside559.244.08
man try to grab grab his his stuff if561.125.0
you have any slots open oh [ __ ] oh my563.325.12
God come this way protect me I'll throw566.125.399
some [ __ ] oh I just let's go back oh568.446.519
we're going where to the house okay571.5195.841
creeper in your face oh boy he blew I574.9593.761
thought I could kill him in time I think577.362.96
I'm going to stay in the house from now578.724.359
on let curl up on the couch watch some580.324.959
TV I mean for a little while there I583.0793.88
started to feel confident and then that585.2794.081
went away very quickly y well can we get586.9594.12
you some armor you going to get you some589.364.159
armor going yeah we Simon that's my gift591.0795.681
to you up top goodness look at all this593.5195.721
mess no hurry up in here look at d is596.765.04
coming in you're covered I'm sure I am599.248.12
upes I I got spiders and skeletons help601.88.599
you Simon you did pretty good man you607.364.919
know what I really feel like this is the610.3993.721
first time that I I stepped into the612.2794.041
world of Minecraft a couple weeks ago614.123.399
you never would have fought off any of616.323.519
those things I was killing stuff I know617.5193.961
you were I'm impressed whoa whoa whoa619.8393.961
whoa we got company in here do we in621.484.52
here no [ __ ] oh what is that thing oh623.84.12
what is that a Golem maybe maybe this626.04.399
has to go on last hold on what we need627.923.88
to break that book out630.3994.041
again what you do you have to place the631.85.039
um the pumpkin on last can someone tell634.444.8
me what the hell this thing is please636.8394.361
it's like a guardian isn't it well it639.244.279
protects villagers yeah it'll wander641.24.48
back to villagers um will it protect us643.5193.961
it's attracted to you nees kind of in my645.685.959
space isn't he yeah hey guys we have now647.486.96
it wants to screw scar going to rape you651.6395.601
you want to touch my dick he's like are654.444.92
those buttons out there in the side side657.245.0
walk why does your sidewalk have butt659.364.52
don't make him mad leave him alone and662.244.2
do not attack him yeah oh yeah hi there663.885.04
I created you I like him he seems nice666.445.32
he seems like a good668.922.84
gol oh abro that's your672.165.119
thing shall we carry on with the game674.924.0
now that we have a butler he likes that677.2794.041
yep he does like that it's not raining678.924.28
outside it's night time we can actually681.323.319
sleep now is he going to live here with683.22.72
us I don't think he can get out that684.6394.161
door let's call him badier Bader I like685.924.96
that yeah everybody good with Bader I688.86.0
like Bel I like Ito beler don't get690.887.68
weird when we sleep all right okay he's694.86.2
just staring at us good morning Bel698.565.12
morning Bel good701.05.6
morning oh we got a pressure plate yeah703.684.64
it made your life a lot easier s all you706.63.96
got to do is walk towards the door now708.324.519
wow my couch is a little close to the710.563.839
fire it's a little close and I got the712.8393.761
upper level for future expansion scar if714.3993.88
we come back one day and this whole716.63.679
neighborhood's burnt down because your718.2794.12
lack of interest in fire code safety720.2793.881
wait you know about my fire situation722.3993.961
well you said sofa and fire well there724.163.6
there's a thing about my world that I've726.363.24
created I've been building in for years727.763.92
I've burnt it down about three times oh729.64.88
[ __ ] so I've never lit I've never lit a731.685.32
fireplace s we're going to think about734.484.64
fire in scarland the world that build in737.05.279
and uh yeah I like your back door and I739.124.6
like the light where you put it you did742.2793.401
a good job at down here in the first743.723.88
level that's a gorgeous there we go745.683.8
that's a that's a compliment747.64.239
oh creeper creeper where sh run run run749.484.4
oh scar run watch out scar751.8396.201
scar oh boy what happen well didn't get753.885.48
the house what do you think do you think758.043.2
the house is complete I think it's great759.364.12
dude here's what you need to do um scar761.244.36
you need to like mob proof your house763.483.88
make sure there's enough lighting yeah765.63.599
the the attic is a little dicey up there767.363.88
there we go let me go up here just a bit769.1995.64
oh jeez no oh was there a creeper on771.245.279
your roof there was a creeper in the774.8393.481
Attic are you kidding you need lights in776.5193.0
the Attic see the thing is with the778.322.879
creepers I like to call them Builder779.5193.361
building inspectors in my world because781.1993.2
they're always destroying what I build782.885.12
and complaining and so I think we have784.3997.44
four on the HOA here yep there we788.06.68
go what are these buttons though anyone791.8395.081
uh the the rocks in the in the in the794.684.839
driveway mhm where's the wood go there's796.924.08
a chest called wood but there's probably799.5194.0
a bunch of give it to Bader he'll put it801.04.079
Vader knows where they go feel weird I803.5193.081
feel like I created like a Frankenstein805.0792.921
that maybe didn't want to exist in this806.65.679
world please kill me I don't want to808.06.959
live someone just slipped my wrist812.2794.721
please oh looks like he's trying to814.9594.161
leave he's trying to leave look at him817.03.6
looking at the pressure plate he's819.123.959
looking at the pressure plate all820.65.72
sad I wish I was two blocks high I can823.0796.721
leave I'm a fan hey buddy I like Bader826.325.72
he's good peoples look how far we've829.84.92
come guys we have we have a go we uh we832.045.32
taught Scar the purpose of milk after834.725.32
you're poisoned yes that was that was837.365.719
beneficial know witch attacks will be840.045.52
now uh taken care of Bel deer you scared843.0793.76
the [ __ ] out of me I forgot we had him845.563.519
in the house I turned around there's846.8395.041
this giant thing there I'm like oh god849.0797.601
oh belad oh belad beler you sneaky851.888.28
rapist oh what a week what a week we do856.685.04
have to get I need to eat din us to860.163.76
badier because after you even just861.723.44
saying that I went in the door I was863.923.32
like what the just a yeah no I did too865.163.679
right afterwards he was like right at867.243.279
the door and it scared me too you'll get868.8393.881
used to him did you come to kill870.5196.801
me wish you had I'm I'm not real either872.727.6
kill me or jerk me off one of the other877.325.319
tired of jerking off I'm so tired of880.326.4
masturbating it's all I do oh beler it's882.6397.041
all right buddy things get better excuse886.724.6
beler look right behind you look what891.323.959
look what Bel look right behind you who893.65.479
me yes you right behind you God damn it895.2796.48
he's like he's one block away from you899.0794.68
just staring at you are you working on901.7594.281
something to kill me with I will never903.7594.64
look at a Golem the906.045.12
same saddest thing ever there we go and908.3994.44
I put some torches around got some911.164.119
torches around the sides I think you did912.8395.92
good scar yep I'm feeling better now915.2794.881
good I guess the one thing that uh918.7593.88
Anders has up on you is he has a yakuzi920.163.64
he does have a922.6393.081
yakuzi I'm just going to throw this out923.83.8
there what's a925.724.88
are so are you happy with the build I'm932.924.32
I'm happy with it I'm happy with it I935.243.959
think the last thing you got to add is937.244.159
um do we have any signs left oh the one939.1994.44
inside yeah leave a leave a message for941.3994.0
any of your fans that want to come check943.6393.721
out the world inside who died a sheep945.3994.321
yellow did you find the yellow sheep I947.364.479
did Simon come look I am I'm coming to949.724.76
you I'm following you right now see oh951.8395.401
wow that's a pretty she wow I tell you954.485.08
what the addition of the second house957.243.68
isn't that starting to feel like a959.563.48
neighborhood it is M you going to go to960.925.359
sleep neeps um is scar in bed yep I'm in963.045.64
bed oh okay I thought okay we got a966.2794.441
competition people so what do you think968.683.719
do you think um who's competing970.723.4
someone's got to be by the Target I'll972.3992.92
be by the Target you don't need to974.122.279
compete cuz you're already a master975.3193.041
aren't you yeah I'm the best Archer976.3995.201
you've ever seen so one per Target yeah978.365.68
each one per Target each yes Simon981.64.32
you're up you going to be the judge is984.044.08
the judge watching U I'm not really sure985.925.359
how to gauge this but I'm going to just988.126.079
go oh that's a hit good shot good shot991.2794.201
I'm going to get over I'm going to look994.1994.44
over here and with kns and see oh same995.485.96
same spot same EXA same998.6395.44
exact oh oh that was low now wait a1001.444.959
second there is definitely one that is1004.0793.841
closer s Get Away you're going to pull1006.3994.281
him out sorry Simon I [ __ ] it up know1007.924.88
where they idiot oh boy that's a flaming1010.683.68
one yep I have a flaming arrow you're1012.83.36
going to burn the wool that wool's got1014.364.279
[ __ ] it I go last yeah so those two are1016.166.0
tied so far right yeah my bad no that's1018.6395.44
that's okay sorry guys no it didn't burn1022.164.36
I would say they both get a point maybe1024.0794.201
sure you both get a point we're moving1026.523.559
to the second target same order we did1028.283.96
so same order we did all right first1030.0793.641
three points for three of you all right1032.243.48
second one who did you hit the red yeah1033.723.8
I think so I thought you were shy of the1035.723.839
red actually was he the Flaming one was1037.523.439
a judge it looked to me like he was in1039.5593.041
the red no he was in the red as well1040.9593.401
okay three I've got nothing go ahead1042.63.599
guys all right ready I'm going to die1044.363.76
here all right so anywhere in the red1046.1994.321
doesn't make any difference who's closer1048.124.559
um yeah maybe for future competitions we1050.524.76
all right1052.6792.601
and nope not close low not even close1056.084.959
didn't even hit the bo all right let me1059.643.919
get up here go get him1061.0395.081
Killer see I'll make a bow that isn't1063.5594.601
isn't a flam just barely a hit that's a1066.123.24
good one though just like you said1068.164.96
barely a hit but it's a hit all right1069.367.24
d you're that's1073.126.919
dead here we go1076.65.079
oh wow all right so yeah I missed that1080.0393.561
one so Scar's got two points uh the rest1081.6793.921
of us have one point oh man going into1083.64.319
the final Target yep Scar's feeling good1085.65.0
about his spot oh yes Simon's up all1087.9196.441
right I'm up that is back there uh1090.67.72
yeah oh that's a hit a red yep holy [ __ ]1094.366.04
Simon you got two so you're tied with1098.325.76
scar oh that's a Miss that's a mess boy1100.45.279
oh boy oh1104.086.64
boy that's a hit o right side holy [ __ ]1105.6797.161
my turn I'm coming up all right you guys1110.725.4
ready abro is1112.843.28
up three of us had twos yeah scar is two1116.5594.681
Dr say two and summon has two right what1119.63.8
do you think n do you have any any any1121.244.559
ideas as to how I guess we oh no oh1123.44.399
what' you do what' you do I guess we go1125.7994.601
into sudden death I think we should do1127.7995.521
the the farthest one again but whichever1130.44.159
is closest to the middle closest to the1133.322.96
middle one Arrow Simon's up first1134.5596.961
closest to Mid and shamad damama do shot1136.287.0
two somehow I don't know how did I shoot1141.524.96
two a little above but you shot1143.286.759
two well too too high oh went over went1146.485.319
over son of a [ __ ] this could be the1150.0393.52
winning shot I can't believe this sh1151.7993.281
hold on let me get up there I want to1153.5593.081
this scar did you grab Simon's Arrow ABS1156.644.36
no it was it was right above the red1159.442.4
though I know where it was so you know1161.03.52
where it was whenever you're ready1161.846.6
scar oh Simon s yep Simon you were the1164.526.08
closest on1168.445.719
that good job you did it1170.67.0
yeah oh yeah he's a humble winner1174.1596.64
congratulations on the AR win there good1177.64.8
win let's go let's go get by the house1180.7993.601
and we'll sign off so uh I want to thank1182.44.96
scar for coming on to uh the Walk of1184.45.159
Fame yeah and building house thank so1187.363.92
much for having me this was pleasure1189.5593.761
this is super fun that was fun that was1191.283.84
good times and uh tell us tell us your1193.323.719
YouTube channel again yeah if anybody's1195.123.28
interested in building you could head1197.0393.161
over to good times with scar on YouTube1198.44.04
and we do lots of building and yeah we1200.25.04
have some good1202.442.8
yay food I need l1225.444.719

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