MINECRAFT: Potions and Enchantments - New Neebsylvania 48

Alright, folks, buckle up because we're diving into the latest episode of Neebsylvania! I am absolutely pumped for this one because Simon is...
MINECRAFT: Potions and Enchantments - New Neebsylvania 48
MINECRAFT: Potions and Enchantments - New Neebsylvania 48

MINECRAFT: Potions and Enchantments - New Neebsylvania 48

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? Potions and enchantments, man!

appsro: Oh yeah, that's my favorite one! I mean, who doesn't love a good potion mishap and some epic enchantments, right?

neebs: And let's not forget the chaos that chickens always bring to the mix. Simon's absence is actually a blessing in disguise this time!

appsro: Definitely! It's nice to actually get things done without him around for once. But you know he'll be back to mess things up soon enough.

Alright, folks, buckle up because we're diving into the latest episode of Neebsylvania! I am absolutely pumped for this one because Simon isn't around to mess things up for once. It's all about potions, enchantments, and let's not forget the chaos that chickens always seem to bring along.

As the gang prepares for an upcoming mission, there's a sense of anticipation in the air. From exploring new territories to gearing up with powerful potions, this episode promises to be action-packed and full of surprises. And of course, you can always count on the Neebsylvania crew to bring their unique sense of humor to every situation.

If you're a fan of Minecraft and enjoy watching hilarious gameplay, then this video is a must-see. And hey, if you're looking to snag some awesome gaming deals, be sure to check out the links for discounts on the latest titles. Plus, don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest adventures.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride through Neebsylvania. With epic music, crazy antics, and a whole lot of fun, this episode is sure to leave you wanting more. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the excitement that awaits in this latest installment from your favorite YouTube channel.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I gotta tell ya, this latest Neebs Gaming Minecraft video is an absolute blast! The fellas are up to their usual antics, building and exploring their crazy world of Neebsylvania. This time around, they're brewing potions, enchanting tools, and wrangling up chickens - classic Minecraft stuff but with the Neebs spin on it.

You can tell they're having a great time just messing around and being goofy in their Minecraft world. The way they play off each other and improvise these funny scenarios totally cracks me up. Like when Simon went missing for a bit - that had me rolling! No spoilers, but let's just say he got into some shenanigans as usual.

The cinematic style of their videos really pulls you into the experience too. The dynamic camera shots make it feel like you're right there with the crew, exploring Minecraft along with them. It's the next best thing to playing the game yourself. I mean, who wouldn't want to join the Neebs gang on their crazy adventures?

Overall, if you're looking for a hilarious, immersive and just plain fun time in Minecraft, you can't go wrong with this latest Neebs Gaming episode. Their videos are always top-notch quality and super entertaining. I'd highly recommend checking out their channel if you haven't already - these guys are the best at what they do!

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aha we got two rabbits oh no I didn't0.035.579
get to see it no no let me see it no no2.1595.611
I haven't made it them yet oh okay5.6096.331
so let's see you need one and you need7.776.69
one get at it bub or to get at any from11.945.04
each other come on now get together come14.463.96
on we're yeah we're not the mood anymore16.982.459
where's the other one18.422.58
it's here they're not in the mood you19.4394.201
ruined it [ __ ] come on both of you what21.03.33
rabbits won't [ __ ] what if I stop oh24.333.06
there we go I got good enough here we go25.746.18
come on here we go okay ah we got a lot27.395.13
to do today31.922.909
yeah abstract give us the rundown what32.523.42
are we doing today we need an34.8293.171
enchantment table we need a potion table35.944.29
we need some bookshelves we get a38.04.09
brewing stand we got a lot to do we're40.234.02
doing all this because uh Simon's not42.0910.649
here to mess it up all right44.2510.68
what's first all right I say first let's52.7393.691
get an enchantment table going all right54.933.24
what do we need all right we need a56.434.89
one-book I need two diamonds and we need58.174.68
four obsidian does everybody anybody61.323.449
have a diamond there's some of the house62.853.6
okay good we're of them I want to make64.7693.721
it make it that way our viewers can see66.455.13
it make it does your dog eat uh zombie68.495.699
flesh yep he loves the [ __ ] out of it71.585.88
oh he loves me well some more does he74.1895.521
only eat it when he's hungry yeah all77.463.659
right do you only when you're hungry79.713.57
all right neebs you got the stuff that's81.1195.161
book that's book yeah I know it's weird83.285.519
stupid just go come on you get over it86.284.74
thick you tell me what to get over God88.7994.71
all right book up top hook up top and91.024.529
then diamond on the left side and the93.5097.441
right side middle Oh enchantment95.5498.551
I'm the enchanter yeah let's put it100.954.77
downstairs yeah over here104.13.51
right there yeah right there in the105.726.24
middle all right there she be guys yeah107.616.48
we're we're we're going places111.963.869
yeah so if you right click on it needs114.093.779
and like now take one of your swords115.8293.781
you see those levels one two three117.8694.441
uh-huh you use a like your the points119.614.049
you get from killing zombies and122.312.64
everything so right now you have seven123.6593.75
points so you can I can't do anything oh124.954.29
I guess you need a new X oh they may127.4093.691
you for losing stuff finally I told you129.243.09
guys that you know why you guys are131.12.7
starting this I think I'm gonna go ahead132.332.76
and just go up to the spider and see133.83.72
what I can grab what's all good be fun135.094.26
now we got so much stuff to do here137.524.17
alright I'm gonna put in that and the139.356.9
azules y and then I'm gonna do I'll tell141.696.09
you it'll tell you what they enchantment146.254.89
does sharpness tack damage is hot higher147.785.58
yeah so yeah that sword should hit a151.144.2
little harder right did you go ballast153.363.69
yeah I'm I'm I'm almost there155.343.72
whew wait for us no because I'm just157.053.96
grabbing sighs there's so much stuff to159.064.65
make let's start up T yeah whoa why'd161.013.39
you leave without us163.712.07
I don't really invite you I don't know164.44.11
why you're so antisocial II [ __ ] go165.785.67
ahead your spider the [ __ ] happened up168.514.7
here how did something happen171.455.94
what Oh what possibly happened it's a173.218.65
chicken orgy what I wanted to be there177.397.64
to see it when you win in are they in my181.865.58
spider I'm not even to the spider I'm185.034.9
seeing I'm seeing results already oh wow187.445.34
this is insane189.939.75
this is wonderful it's not I hate it it192.789.84
smells like [ __ ] in here so we came up199.684.92
here for some place right yeah oh202.624.59
there's a bunch of lapis lazuli three of204.64.17
them hey needs can you see me up here on207.212.82
the mountain208.774.79
yep up here baby yep here come some eggs210.039.06
my block um I'm gonna block awhile good213.567.3
arm I think you made one chicken all219.093.27
right enchantment tables done what's220.862.22
next app sir222.362.16
we could either do a brewing stand or a223.083.15
potion table actually I want to make224.523.63
some bookshelves okay guys first226.233.75
bookshelf ever made all right how many228.154.11
bookshelves we got 14 sweet all right so229.983.75
now we need to take the bookshelves and232.263.66
take them down into the enchanting room233.733.92
and put them around the enchanting table235.922.94
all right one block of air in between238.864.89
one between yeah there we go there we go240.36.57
looking good yeah so now the enchantment243.755.1
should be a whole lot stronger future246.873.6
and chances we might as well take that248.853.96
damn change that yep it's the enchanting250.475.489
room down mm-hmm big day for us guys it252.815.07
is here we go255.9593.391
wonder where the enchantment room is257.883.72
potion table that necks out that the259.354.74
brewing stairs really need Stan we need261.65.04
amps are three cobblestone and a blaze264.095.91
rod where we gonna find cobblestone mmm266.645.249
good luck have you guys seen my sword270.03.9
what you got on it I think fire and271.8894.171
smite whoa273.94.14
oh is that is your sword gonna set276.063.72
people I don't fire let's go test it out278.043.06
it's rendazzo there's a skeleton right279.782.28
over you going right over there by the281.13.21
water go get him River by the water get282.067.53
him to rallies oh that's gonna cause so284.318.46
much trouble yeah it is I don't care you289.596.75
wanna battle be Dallas Wow292.775.19
knock some back yeah you guys I got296.343.389
knocked back and everything yeah watch297.963.99
out you want fight noobs man we're open299.7294.321
my safe my sword sharp don't you forget301.954.89
that how do I want a fire sword let's304.055.22
make that a brewing Stan how cool is it306.844.92
now that I if I kill a chicken the309.274.53
chickens already cooked that's nuts311.765.1
really yes it's precooked that is313.83.96
actually really awesome316.862.55
it needs where you at I'm in the house317.763.87
like my armor oh maybe put the brewing319.413.24
stand in the middle and then we'll321.633.72
surround it by cauldrons oh there he322.653.93
goes there he goes325.354.8
eating bunny he didn't bunny geeting dee326.585.97
dee buddy is all we need is a nether330.155.1
wart and bunnies foot I believe so yes332.554.44
getting a rabbit's foot is apparently335.255.25
pretty rare oh boy so we have to breed a336.995.28
bunch of rabbits and then murder them340.53.96
is ridiculous why why would they make342.274.17
the game this way its life it's it's344.464.17
witchcraft now how it is man it's the346.445.1
devil's business and boom bunny rabbit348.636.27
orally yeah right we got another little351.549.23
bunny alright run our way okay yeah354.98.34
you're like a four-year-old that learns360.775.14
a joke you remember what keeps jetty363.244.74
seventeen Tom James do you remember what365.913.0
you did to the spider367.983.24
yeah good no it's not it is nothing368.914.47
different nothing not one thing is371.223.9
different nothing wait you know what I'm373.384.11
gonna go get some more carrots yeah yeah375.123.81
I'm gonna go get Turkey yeah I'm gonna377.492.16
do that as well378.933.24
kurz time to farming I'm making it the379.654.71
carrot out of your hand first I did well382.174.35
I just saw someone walking out of the384.364.44
barn with 15 bunnies fall on him I'm386.524.23
like put the carrots away it sounds like388.83.36
I thought I don't have a carrot my hand390.753.87
no you don't now bunny when I said it392.163.63
and all the bunnies were following you394.622.49
out of the bar oh ya know half the395.792.94
bunnies got out yeah hold on397.114.05
dang it I'm back in I have footage you398.734.41
always do that you're like I'm not doing401.163.36
that you're doing it while I'm looking403.142.04
at you404.524.04
alright yep the the rabbits do need time405.186.48
gotta before they yell it yeah yeah you408.564.39
gotta get them out here and hit the411.663.3
swelling down get swelling down a little412.954.35
bit man have we done everything I think414.964.5
we almost have oh yeah so we just need417.33.9
to make a ton of potions make a chest419.463.99
for a bunch of potions and and the you421.23.33
know what I would like to do while we're423.453.06
waiting for the rabbits umm that blue424.533.57
stuff that's gonna be coming real handy426.513.36
mmm may as well go collect some of that428.14.74
oh I got 45 of these things oh good hey429.875.49
hey I got something we can look at what432.844.56
come down this way the puffer fish are435.364.35
used for the breathing the breathing437.45.34
potion oh but now we have a use for the439.715.55
events reasoning down this is a new442.745.34
addition abstract oh this one yep445.265.04
good lord but I ran into something down448.086.84
here one of those Oh mine shaft nice oh450.38.22
wow those are fun gold454.925.46
there's gold miss here my knees458.525.19
yeah we're gonna win dowsed answer we're460.384.92
gonna get lost I would get baby Oh463.714.17
treasure chest leaves wait hold on don't465.36.29
look in it it's in a minecart what yeah467.888.45
we need a cart like this yeah oh wow471.598.5
there's more lapis lazuli sweet there's476.336.88
iron gold and bread okay I would trust480.094.98
that bread Oh another treasure yes oh483.214.41
yeah then just turn into a fun little485.075.73
adventure didn't it iron iron thank you487.625.49
any thread okay take the holy cow me490.83.96
it's gonna explore this entire place if493.113.47
we leave you understand that right like494.764.35
there will be nothing left you know loud496.584.72
in here thick diamond you found diamond499.114.2
yeah oh nice501.33.63
alright good fun alright man there's a503.312.97
lot of materials down here so now we504.933.57
know where we can go to gather stuff ten506.283.75
illuzzi guys thanks nope we're right508.53.42
behind you good find Yves damn good510.032.25
thank you511.922.94
thanks aim good fun noobs come look real512.284.259
quick what right here you can grab a514.864.32
glass bottle hmm there's all these516.5394.831
potion ingredients right here uh-huh519.184.56
and and over here should be completed521.374.43
potions in that one potion ingredients523.744.65
oceans yeah like if we make someone525.84.75
leave them in there I know most of those528.393.72
things are used in potions as far as I530.551.98
could remember532.113.12
okay and then back by the I've just got532.534.23
a little blue lupus do bazookas oops535.233.48
they presumes over here just right here536.764.35
we go somebody oh I got a bunch538.714.71
I got sixty one no ice and I made these541.115.64
steps better nice job baby a little543.425.16
place there's a little beaver boy beaver546.754.89
boy I don't know [ __ ] you talk I like548.585.91
beaver who doesn't like beer it so while551.648.37
a fat old fresh wet beaver boobs loves554.496.78
those jokes I didn't watch these560.013.27
documentaries about how important beaver561.276.36
was too early America's I mean beaver563.286.96
pelts was like currency really right you567.635.1
know that I had no idea yeah570.244.47
kill it Belvedere Belvedere just whap572.733.57
that you look exhausted a couple times574.713.63
it was dead to me Oh easy kidding to576.35.34
swipe Alva deer good job Hardy good job578.344.32
there's a boozer581.642.91
I'll tab I want to see what other kind582.663.42
of potions we can make with what we have584.553.66
do let's make some potions let's do it586.083.96
do we have the stuff we make it fill up588.213.22
the water bottles with water590.044.0
honey pufferfish pufferfish yeeah and591.435.49
and the nether nether worked then I go594.045.67
to here yes and I click here right click596.925.01
yep you need to make a an akward potion599.713.629
so put the nether Ward up there601.933.54
so that's doing something right yeah all603.3394.141
right so now what's that that's a605.474.35
proposal right kind of there put the607.482.88
up top so put the awkward potion back it610.366.96
should start boiling ah we need to make612.916.36
bunches of those let's go test let's go617.324.29
test it by the way in rant the random619.274.85
crap chest we have 15 diamonds cool621.614.83
that's something you found yeah624.124.3
holy [ __ ] in that one in a chest in the626.443.66
mine I told you that mud would be looted628.423.479
by the other day did you seriously go630.13.57
back and loot that probably not all of631.8995.731
it I told you so what about your potion633.675.46
that you wanted ABS room I'm making it637.633.36
right now oh you are yeah why should you639.133.36
get a rabbit's foot no not a rabbit's640.992.61
foot I got another what I'm making oh642.492.76
are you making a difference yeah I got a643.64.53
surprise it you see me yeah right over645.255.37
here how about this cooked chicken648.135.34
anyone Oh actually cooked huh yeah650.624.35
that's all don't mind if I do653.473.119
please help yourself you guys have beds654.973.96
I don't have dog lost my I have a bed656.5894.981
yes we have a home zombie douche nerf658.935.82
ahead you'll be fine don't be on fire661.579.09
Alice guys you're so P Oh little baby664.758.13
zombie where's Simon he'll find Simon670.664.26
even though Simon's down here holy [ __ ]672.883.959
couple of babies bunch of zombie sex674.924.14
happened on the right way oh yeah yeah676.8393.87
see those things are gonna catch on fire679.063.18
and come after me and catch me on fire680.7093.57
damn right are we missing682.245.849
dick uh no I know hold on if I were a684.2795.671
betting man so yes here we go wait I'm688.0892.641
I gave you a chance to go to bed oh is690.734.62
this where we want to do the test I694.0292.701
think there's a bigger place that's695.354.859
right oh I drink it oh there we go696.735.49
alright let me drink it so giving out700.2094.431
swimming have fun down there buddy oh702.224.41
man look at that704.643.639
you know what screw it cuz I had one706.634.98
bubbles are not going oh dude I'm gonna708.2795.43
have one my longest last I don't know oh711.613.33
wait you can hit I know how you can find713.7092.88
out you hit e to go to your inventory so714.943.45
there you go three minutes oh three716.5893.631
minutes ah so we're gonna need to make a718.394.47
bunch and yeah go into that water temple720.224.42
right so cool722.864.18
keep an eye on your time oh wait oh crap724.643.81
what ah crap727.043.24
what old spacebar I thought were you but728.454.41
the guy on your tab I thought ahead what730.284.2
time oh there's mine too732.863.6
all right ease all right knees I got734.484.47
another potion for you to try all right736.463.93
you don't have I'll give it a whirl I'll738.952.01
give it a whirl740.391.89
I'm getting the head start alright let740.963.21
me drink get a get a further head start742.286.72
alright I drink ready go woo are you744.1710.14
faster I feel like I am to your jumping749.06.99
thing now yeah the jumping thing is754.313.84
about equal that didn't seem any faster755.994.11
now that was pretty lackluster no God758.153.48
I'm not him trap let's run back there760.14.7
absol and I'm not gonna jump 1 2 3 go761.636.24
now I'm gonna jump and see I wasn't764.85.5
sprinting son of a [ __ ] it feels faster767.876.53
at least when I'm run back this way go770.34.1
let me see if I can catch up with the777.2995.26
jumping so it's about as fast as it's779.295.039
only 20% faster I feel like it's been a782.5593.661
good day y'all yeah we did a great day784.3293.75
really good day Simon's not gonna give a786.222.399
[ __ ]788.0793.0
Sneed octave day feel like you're being788.6195.611
ignored snoops great he's free to go791.0794.32
where he wants to it was just so794.231.709
nice I just fed him you said you made795.9394.56
him sit yeah now he just sits there in798.2493.06
his own filth800.4992.791
no I cleaned it out every day yeah801.3093.27
mm-hmm all right803.293.329
Astro yummy you want to try one more804.5793.42
thing I got one more thing oh we got one806.6192.55
more thing probably should have done807.9992.851
this to begin with let's get some sleep809.1694.561
and we'll do this yeah I won't sweet810.856.0
sleepy sleepy all right good morning813.735.399
[ __ ] good morning all right let's816.854.289
test this one out there's a 40% speed819.1295.46
potion oh look I have way look what821.1395.73
happened oh boy there's a creeper oh824.5893.6
yeah oh yeah here I'll do room826.8693.81
well let's I'll learn always after you828.1894.911
neeps he's after you come run towards me830.6796.921
got him oh there you go nice ready yep833.18.019
same you're gonna go run yeah oh yeah837.65.529
yeah oh yeah that's fine catch it oh man841.1194.14
look good is it but you're not even all843.1296.721
that much more do your jump thing now845.2597.531
your feels good doesn't it yeah yeah it849.854.919
does feel better uh-oh what little852.794.259
zombie man riding a chicken oh my god a854.7699.331
chicken you're a chick watch out I'm857.0497.95
trying to get a shot864.13.51
how can happen I'm done did you see that864.9995.4
I quit little baby zombie round a867.616.059
chicken he was [ __ ] weird too [ __ ]870.3995.6
weird man873.6692.33

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