Layers Of Fear - Frighty Night

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in this latest episode of Frighty Night, the guys are diving into Layers Of Fear, and let me tell yo...
Layers Of Fear - Frighty Night
Layers Of Fear - Frighty Night

Layers Of Fear - Frighty Night

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Frighty Night! Today we're diving into Layers Of Fear, and let me tell you, it's a rollercoaster of emotions and screams.

simon: Oh man, I love this game! The creepy atmosphere, the jumpscares, and of course, our beautiful singing voices. What more could you ask for in a video?

appsro: I have to agree with you guys, Layers Of Fear is definitely one of my favorites. Plus, who doesn't love a good spooky tune to go along with our gameplay antics?

neebs: Absolutely! And don't forget about the epic dance moves we bust out when things get too intense. Layers Of Fear brings out the best in us, that's for sure.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in this latest episode of Frighty Night, the guys are diving into Layers Of Fear, and let me tell you, it's super spooky. But of course, they always manage to sneak in a couple of tunes along the way because why not, right?

If you're like me and love all things horror and gaming, you'll definitely want to check out this video. The guys always bring their A-game when it comes to playing scary games and keeping us entertained with their hilarious commentary.

And don't forget to show them some love on their social media platforms. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Google+, and of course, their website. They're always posting updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and engaging with their fans, so it's a great way to stay connected with everything Neebs Gaming.

Oh, and let's not forget about the awesome music in their videos. You've got the iconic Neebs Gaming Intro by Hank and Jed, as well as Wingy Dang-Dang and Jeep Stuff. These tunes always get stuck in my head after watching their videos, and I'm not complaining one bit. So, if you haven't already, go ahead and hit play on this Frighty Night episode and get ready for some scares and laughs with the Neebs Gaming crew.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Have you guys seen the latest Frighty Night video from Neebs Gaming? They took on the crazy horror game Layers of Fear and it was hilarious as always. Those guys crack me up with their reactions to all the freaky stuff that jumps out at them.

Neebs was freaking out from the start, even though they were just wandering around a spooky mansion. But you know it's only a matter of time before things get really intense in a game like this. And sure enough, once the paintings started changing and melting, Neebs totally lost it!

Meanwhile, Thick was trying to play it cool as usual, but you could tell he was just as startled at times. Dora had some great one-liners too, chiming in with her thoughts on the disturbing artwork. And of course Appsro got really into theorizing about what exactly was going on in the story.

The cinematic editing makes it feel like you're right there experiencing the scares with them. This is definitely the most entertaining way to enjoy a scary game without having to play it yourself. I was literally laughing and shouting at my screen through the whole thing!

Neebs Gaming always manages to take any game and turn it into an engaging character-driven story. Their funny personalities just enhance the gameplay so much. I really think they showcase games in the best possible light.

So if you're looking for a hilarious and freaky time, go check out Neebs Gaming's Layers of Fear video! It's a perfect blend of scares and laughs. And it might just make you a bit more curious about this crazy haunted house game too. You never know quite what to expect next from the creativity of Neebs and the crew!

Neebs Gaming
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are you now a boat what kind of doors it0.03.78
Simon I don't know but it's some1.744.11
beautiful woodwork and gown that's got3.782.7
to be oak5.853.15
I think it's oak yeah okay not mahogany6.484.32
though you know what my hog it's a9.05.36
little a little light for mahogany10.83.56
herringbone floor beautiful right all16.9711.92
right let's get immersed get a mercy19.4712.059
okay we came in through that door what's28.895.13
a lovely cam let me tell you that's some31.5294.861
beautiful lighting it's wine why isn't34.024.199
anything coming out and scaring us now36.394.86
because we're just I want it now38.2194.921
yeah go get immersed ah man I smell41.255.039
lavender and free cucumber I smell43.147.95
carrots the rat [ __ ] oh we didn't do46.2896.45
that I feel like I bumped into you we51.093.69
did it did I what is that recycled52.7394.5
toilet paper it's bamboo one baloney54.785.779
prosti somebody lost oh no I keep all my57.2398.641
prosthesis receipts and all right nice60.55914.441
piano go see when you play it open the65.8816.32
doors wood rot is that that's not wood75.010.619
rot Simon now would rot not what rent82.25.88
that not even pay up so we got to find a85.6193.991
key right oh this the key should be in88.084.079
here god this is like 8000 the [ __ ]89.615.43
would put that on what's a hairy hairy92.1599.721
baby it's a beard it's somebody there95.049.75
was a play ball there was nobody here to101.885.82
throw the ball get the [ __ ] out of here104.794.8
there we go107.77.06
Thank You Bonnie go oh you know what109.596.67
that type of floor is that's a parquet114.763.27
guys wait a minute that's a parquet116.263.18
floors is that different right it's all118.033.59
whoa do that anyway look at the121.869.79
paintings five eight four or something128.6199.141
was going on I'm sure that wasn't genius131.658.76
let's go go go go open that chest I137.764.06
remember that they threw that at the140.413.24
bottom of the ocean and Titanic yeah now141.823.03
that's a necklace143.652.37
oh yeah wasn't necklace didn't look144.8510.8
anything like this half all right that146.0211.49
was something you know it was a thing155.653.42
pretty dark I can already hear the157.513.09
comments you get the brightness up159.0712.389
doraleous yes all right all right all160.612.45
right get the [ __ ] out of here kind of171.4593.651
looks like that sweet little lady on the173.056.03
syrup and Jemima yeah no not even close175.1111.23
yeah there's nothing even [ __ ]179.0811.76
remotely close to okay so we're back186.349.3
upstairs all right it looks like Aunt190.848.69
Jemima oh this ain't your mama hey195.643.89
deodorize nope no sighs yes this is a203.587.24
little freaky I'm enjoying this yeah me208.9592.25
the floors here have been buffed211.2095.011
recently rat oh they're going towards212.476.87
the fire usually happen that way this us216.225.04
behind it Oh219.345.079
I saw that lock what's that hanging on226.774.72
the door now230.923.33
garlic Oh vampires that's what we're231.494.86
dealing with no this a lot of people234.256.62
just hang garlic on the doors okay oh236.3510.89
yeah stuck in the wall you didn't that240.877.69
didn't faze you at all see that oh I247.241.95
didn't see it248.567.95
I like this okay yeah the paintings249.1910.01
taking a [ __ ] that's weird right256.515.73
hmm seven layers of what is this game259.27.86
called bean dip oh there you go pardon262.2410.83
no this is the painting do you guys know267.068.32
why flamingos are pink it's because273.074.44
their diet is shrimp yeah that is275.382.789
all right this is new to the penthouse278.1695.881
please he should have got the good paint281.9194.741
did you get when you buy paint from the284.057.88
gas station gas station pain286.665.27
Oh walk through the miracle talking295.244.98
about we're here we're straight ahead I298.036.539
thought was a door so hey now we can300.226.75
look up and read nice oh no right a304.5699.081
mirror cannot be undone no oh [ __ ] line306.9712.509
hello yes what fire turns out that gas313.6511.41
station paints flammable oh boy there's319.47911.421
so did you do oh boy some robbers oh325.068.22
very interesting330.94.6
okay a little bit of Satan worship never333.2816.919
hurt anyone certainly did me okay yes in335.517.849
the drooliet or paid off oh here we go350.1997.161
my face is melting I'm really a ram353.34911.151
everybody to the mister can run yes357.367.14
it's me you're looking made out of364.777.679
chocolate oh god it's like a Salvador369.5396.421
Dali straight into the mir noobs no it's372.4497.381
okay we don't look like Jesse Cox375.966.09
anymore who is the dude we met Oh379.834.769
what does that mean I'm saying random382.056.209
stuff kangaroo beach ball rival axe384.5995.94
factor in guys liberal camp here I388.2593.81
killed my wife last night and burn down390.5396.121
the house without a duck is that the392.0695.91
first one was better you should have396.663.42
left it I bet we have two okay so there397.9794.59
you go around collecting [ __ ] yeah400.085.16
there's six things to unlock okay jesus402.5695.421
[ __ ] christ405.242.75
showing this home if you were listed now411.684.81
when you turn around this might be a414.6593.151
completely different room but I'm416.493.78
telling you it's a steal and this is our417.813.84
and this is our kitchen where the420.279.119
painting shit's Tomatoes he's an421.6510.109
alcoholic we got that recycle [ __ ] used429.3893.541
to work in an elevator didn't she431.7593.331
summoned yes I was an elevator man in a432.936.9
one-story building because that would435.096.81
mean you wouldn't need one yeah that's439.833.48
like that [ __ ] in the airport and441.93.93
wants me to pay him to wash my hands but443.3112.24
like in the right place well that'll fix445.8312.11
the clogged455.552.39
any requests John Lennon's Imagine462.464.01
that's all I knew ah man that's cool469.97914.951
this is great there's a little crescendo482.314.87
coming up here somethings about to drop484.935.88
it all wait wait [ __ ] drop oh yeah win487.186.18
that beat drop yeah that's like 15th490.819.06
century dubstep the hell is not good I493.3610.679
look crazy today ignore her499.8721.9
I try [ __ ] yeah just good just go into504.03921.141
that mysterious black room521.773.41
you see her breasts it's not funny it's526.39932.141
not funny go to bed now like the record538.2929.32
player what's out spit it on the wall I558.5411.39
don't know what that is I'm glad I can't569.934.0
see it okay so you're not controlling572.3995.641
any show that's getting closer okay573.936.86
that's not good Oh578.042.75
okay there we go589.69.36
oh hi what's it gonna be yeah it's592.469.33
starting to be a guy all right we only598.964.84
got two more doors to open holy [ __ ]601.795.06
we're close to winning this thing603.83.05
bless you Star Wars607.429.96
oh that's a lovely paint I murdered my650.56.83
wife in front of my chest [ __ ] up Oh654.016.87
may we come in oh no I guess you don't657.336.37
want us in there oh now we can go oh hi660.884.89
something that looks cool663.75.75
What's Wrong baby why the long face i665.777.59
spilt all my paper what happened we won669.455.95
I walked into the paint hey just went673.363.57
into the paint did I break it it's the675.42.91
baby's eyeball do you have to run676.933.96
towards that yeah nothing seems678.314.65
responsive here if we break it Anthony680.894.65
oh wait did we glitch are you [ __ ]682.963.03
kidding me685.545.64
back to menu or sure yes don't worry685.9910.7
about this yeah don't go in there okay691.185.51
hello this is knaves696.995.32
I heard you got rats the table over699.134.8
there by the lamp is that phone there702.314.02
hello but this is looking phones hello703.934.14
that's not it no go through the door706.332.82
going to pick that up708.074.08
his name's yeah that's it hello those709.1514.22
names hello see that yeah three six712.1519.92
three okay pretty that is yeah I feel723.379.9
like we're in Hogwarts732.076.3
oh yeah it's a doll before we should be733.279.51
able to go through the door now wrong738.376.21
yeah we should be able to call the rat742.789.09
guy okay thank you for playing the744.5811.91
preview version what what we can't wait751.878.46
to hear your feedback what yeah there's756.495.37
the phone ringing we're calling saying760.334.07
it sucks761.862.54

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