MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 7: "Sunflowers Are Stupid"

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Neebsylvania on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? They are diving deep into a mysterious visio...
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 7: "Sunflowers Are Stupid"
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 7: "Sunflowers Are Stupid"

MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 7: "Sunflowers Are Stupid"

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest Minecraft video, 'Sunflowers Are Stupid'? It's my favorite one yet!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was hilarious! I love how we tackled the big question of sunflowers in Minecraft. So informative.

appsro: Sunflowers? More like fun-flowers! That video had me cracking up the whole time. Definitely a new favorite for me.

neebs: I mean, who knew sunflowers could cause such controversy in the Minecraft world? It's like the ultimate debate topic now.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Neebsylvania on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? They are diving deep into a mysterious vision in Minecraft and things are getting interesting. As a huge fan of the channel, I always look forward to seeing what crazy adventures Neebs and the gang get into.

In this episode, a question pops up and then disappears, leaving us wondering what it all means. But don't worry, it comes back a few times throughout the video before finally being answered towards the end. And let me tell you, it's not the biggest reveal in a Minecraft video, but it's still pretty cool.

The team at Neebs Gaming always keeps things entertaining with their hilarious commentary and gameplay. And in this episode, they really bring their A-game. Plus, the music they use in the video adds to the epic feel of the adventure. If you're a fan of Minecraft or just love watching entertaining gameplay, this video is definitely worth checking out.

If you want to show your support for Neebs Gaming, don't forget to check out their website and social media channels. They have some awesome merchandise available and you can stay up to date on all their latest videos and updates. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of their content. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest episode of Neebsylvania - you won't be disappointed!

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do the sunflowers always face the Sun0.05.48
I'm not 100% positive on that it is now2.365.289
well that's pretty cool right now it5.482.8
makes sense7.6492.431
I've not noticed them moving and you8.283.689
probably would why not10.084.019
that's crazy right now all these flowers11.96915.661
are facing the Sun Oh crazy noobs14.09917.01
hmm give me a second to fill this in I'm27.635.07
gonna need a [ __ ] ton of cobblestone and31.1095.491
I need a [ __ ] ton of coal okay why you32.75.82
Nico guys you're not gonna be able to36.63.33
keep on leveling with the way we've been38.522.91
doing it we keep on going up we're gonna39.933.539
have to dig out so much stuff yeah yeah41.433.75
it's gonna be a little bit of work a43.4693.631
little bit of work is good you're there45.183.48
30 everything should be level I don't47.13.33
think it should be but because there's I48.663.329
mean it's nice to have some landscape50.433.84
this you know well I mean whatever even51.9894.021
be anal I just broke my second shovel54.273.9
and there's like 50 more times what I've56.014.529
done what was that what was a Simon58.175.01
shovel made of still was made of wool60.5394.531
should be able to pick that up there you63.183.84
go yeah let's look at you go digging65.073.869
donut you taking the nail I think you67.023.93
guys know I think we need food that the68.9393.54
amount that you have to take out is70.953.84
crazy I like how when Simon's fishing72.4794.351
he's doing work and a good job and when74.793.48
I'm fishing I'm taking the [ __ ] day76.834.2
off what is up with that take the day78.274.739
off - hey I need cobblestone well both81.033.3
you guys going into the [ __ ] mess83.0092.79
we're getting probably don't have food84.333.27
dick [ __ ] are we seriously out of food85.7994.201
yeah alright somebody else get on food87.64.979
I need cops don't oh oh nice catch90.03.24
thanks buddy92.5791.801
alright maybe I should have got93.242.94
cobblestone instead who's been eatin the94.383.69
salmon cuz I put 12 in there and cook96.183.899
them yeah [ __ ] that need food good98.074.79
morning everybody100.0792.781
morning morning morning okay good103.045.02
morning to you I didn't know we're being105.724.32
nice to each other now you know so that108.063.629
it's a good vibe for the audience I110.043.99
still need a diamond akshatha [ __ ] up111.6894.261
Neves I'm right behind you tell me what114.032.369
to do115.953.84
alright let's see Simon this dirt here116.3995.01
needs to be cleared out alright just119.793.57
long going back to the right fill in121.4095.161
that clear this out I could level um123.365.429
let's keep all these sunflowers so tell126.573.689
you what guys I could really use128.7892.871
everybody tomorrow down in the130.2594.341
lines okay I got a mind thing and I'm131.665.31
I'm free for that I've got everybody134.63.75
clear your schedule tomorrow and make136.974.17
sure you make a you know a couple of138.355.34
pickaxes at least it's gonna be tough141.144.47
for me after all was that really good143.693.42
I've got this project I've been really145.612.58
working well yeah the drop the damn147.113.24
project for a day I need you okay I148.194.23
guess I can well we have two people150.354.2
being bossy now okay so there are nine152.425.43
ten twelve 34:15 fish in the chest now I154.554.71
could also throw some over the edge if157.853.45
y'all need some down there I mean yeah159.263.33
we did yeah we need somebody to actually161.34.29
fish I just did that yesterday but how162.594.59
many did you catch I just gave you a165.594.2
number III I wasn't listening well good167.184.59
are you don't get it again okay you169.794.14
didn't catch 15 fish yesterday no there171.774.17
were six in there I caught nine so now173.934.95
there's 15 total young song hero is the175.944.68
fisherman you remember yesterday when I178.884.47
was you know taking the day off by180.624.77
getting fidgety to say that since mining183.352.73
is gonna happen185.393.54
um yes tomorrow no should I bring my bed186.085.04
down there no I don't need a bit I don't188.933.9
need a bed I just need a good money day191.123.36
from everybody Eiffel want to get out of192.836.33
the mine and die Simon yeah have you194.487.62
ever used a diamond diamond shovel nope199.166.12
I'm going to bring you down a diamond202.15.13
shovel and blow your mind205.285.37
yay doraleous do you any wood holes or207.235.82
does it just does I didn't check the210.654.05
chest I'm sorry there is a lot of wood213.053.09
in the chest Oh excellent sorry to214.74.5
interrupt but Simon yeah you go buddy I216.144.77
got a I got it I love them and lay it219.23.87
over here so it's Oh got you a present a220.913.51
little tree let me see it223.074.71
oh look at that you don't even know did224.425.22
I get it it so just hit me thanks for227.783.63
that it didn't do much 'evil you're229.643.96
falling you got the whole inventory got231.413.09
that do what I have to throw me233.64.29
something okay hey get rid of something234.55.9
all right fine237.894.89
now you got it what you throw out I240.44.45
don't see it I must have gotten an egg242.784.95
did you give me an egg try it on that244.855.18
sucker this is exciting247.734.44
wanna throw some this might take a half250.034.03
hour b-but to shovel on you're not252.173.48
freaking get rid of like the shovel on254.064.049
me a second it gave you flowers need hot255.653.809
I'm sitting here waiting to see the258.1094.111
choices there we go all right what looks259.4593.591
good on you262.223.439
look good let's see good idea yeah yeah263.053.51
cut that out265.6595.25
let's see oh oh just hold it down and266.567.53
move forward dude huh yeah it's a270.9095.521
game-changer if you do it wrong then you274.093.75
end up putting holes in the freaking276.435.31
ground oh man you are Wow277.847.259
all right gonna see I'm trying to look I281.746.209
got to protect my fancy diamond shovel285.0994.41
bottom of the mine in the morning right287.9493.631
guys okay go you gotta say hello to that289.5095.761
creeper showed me new shovel all right291.585.73
he's got to go cuz he'll end up messing295.276.48
something up yeah I almost need another297.316.05
day to prep301.754.11
what said I almost need another day to303.366.97
prep well for your beauty pageant I305.867.019
don't know no for the mine see noobs310.333.959
were you at real quick I'm getting ready312.8795.01
to sneak up on skeleton geetam other one314.2898.071
sees me gonna do it takes down hip nope317.8897.411
oh yeah you bet you get a measure up322.365.22
I'll draw his attention away get him325.35.609
there you go area nice sigh hey I'd like327.585.239
to place up the thick real quick yeah330.9094.081
you've done really good work up here332.8194.931
there yo you think yeah334.995.01
I'm really digging the vibe I do need337.755.25
food throwing down to you guys mm-hmm on340.04.68
it are you gonna throw some down yeah343.03.509
oh that's only fun this will be fun344.683.84
where you gonna be I mean over by the346.5094.291
observation that could be great yeah if348.524.5
you get way over there I'm almost back350.83.839
to that's gotta clear everything there353.023.329
Oh we'll find a spot if you can see a354.6393.691
spot that I'm looking straight up got a356.3493.78
throw way out there I'm gonna give him358.335.25
my best lob ever Elias yeah I'll see you360.1296.75
yeah yeah okay operation food drop yep363.584.769
there's a food drop there's a tree there366.8793.481
I might leave this built for a little368.3493.211
while in case we need to do some more370.362.339
food drops and I have to build out371.562.699
pretty far from where you started did I372.6992.94
start in a bad spot I was waiting for374.2592.821
you to be down below where I should go375.6394.071
come or keep going377.085.01
you can't move you're not able to just379.713.97
come against the wall there's a mountain382.094.35
in front of me you ready I think I feel383.683.93
like I'm directly above you I think386.441.62
that'll work387.611.55
try that all right388.064.37
were you throwing fish uh yeah all right389.165.7
bunch of sticks operation fish drop your392.438.28
the [ __ ] bunch of fishies get them Oh394.867.74
there you're really throwing those400.713.78
things aren't you did you throw them at402.65.46
once yeah did you get them no you threw404.495.52
them like way out there I didn't know408.062.94
they'd go that far410.014.47
you really loved them Oh then I didn't411.05.19
know after that go straight yo help me414.484.14
look for these fish other is like Easter416.195.46
egg hunt no oh wait maybe I did get him418.626.45
Oh gah ate fish ate fish okay all right421.656.06
like Simon no I don't know they were way425.074.77
over my head I don't appreciate you guys427.714.23
making fun of me like that it was it was429.843.81
a comparison that made sense just431.944.91
analogy what can I do with a mushroom oh433.655.52
let me tell you oh where you going436.855.23
answer follow me okay I'm still working439.176.66
on this but this is a tunnel back to the442.085.61
ladder why there's somebody turns in445.833.96
this Wow grass I had to get there and447.693.81
I'll put I'll put some stairs here to449.793.93
make it easier to climb but it's a whole451.53.12
lot better than having to climb that453.723.69
damn mountain uh-huh so boom I like the454.624.2
way you got the recessed lighting that's457.413.45
nice and now we got a tunnel as a letter458.823.27
so you want to climb a damn Mountain460.862.61
anymore well you what have you found462.092.82
like a boner sticking out of the463.473.45
mountain yeah that's the food drop boner464.916.69
okay I big I'd leave it in case we466.927.29
needed it again and the mountain is471.66.69
pretty excited ever if one would go474.216.3
about starting a garden how would they478.294.43
do it what do you want to grow um480.516.03
carrots do you have any carrots I don't482.726.28
let's go you need carrot first up after486.543.84
playing Minecraft for a while sometimes489.03.27
you even forget where we came from don't490.383.18
ya I also forget what timing492.272.7
what do you mean like remember we used493.563.0
to live way out there by the well the494.972.94
piece-of-shit place you wanted to buy496.562.73
the water yeah497.913.84
way back when now we're going back no I499.293.84
don't there's no new make it back be501.753.24
nice to go back and reminisce no I think503.133.75
I like this one wait you had a shitty504.993.63
childhood and why would you go back to506.885.13
it cuz it wasn't shitty here we go huh508.627.01
oh yeah what are you doing long jump512.017.339
salmon you'll see me jump this yeah515.636.3
Oh check me out I'm gonna try it you did519.3493.391
booyah I gotta give it a whirl all right522.743.63
make it you guys taking the day off525.115.789
oh boy yep I made it no I can't even526.375.13
come close530.8992.911
you gotta run Simon all right double tap531.55.42
forward oh yeah sorry533.816.449
well done Suns going down yeah all right536.925.62
one more fish one more fish is everybody540.2594.111
is everybody in your bed I'm going to542.544.14
bed now I'm heading up the ladder been544.373.99
fishing all day okay546.684.079
I wish I wish when you put if you went548.364.349
to bed the food that you put in the oven550.7594.32
would just be done when you woke up that552.7094.88
makes sense555.0792.51
did you look down here abso know what558.226.099
you been down there just like a little562.194.53
cave or something down there where are564.3193.96
you that's minecraft there's caves all566.722.28
over the place568.2792.341
I know if that was somewhere you had569.04.56
already been nope yeah I did run into a570.624.86
cave system somewhere we could explore573.564.469
see that down there oh it's dark hold on575.484.64
I got dark back there boys578.0296.391
my weapon out oh man okay that's it it580.124.81
was around584.423.39
oh man goes down here here it gets dark584.933.839
oh boy let's see587.816.209
hold on get your weapon out oh boy do588.7697.651
not let Simon come down here mm-hmm be594.0198.81
NDM uh-huh keeps going back here neeps596.4210.5
where'd you go over here okay doesn't602.8296.041
look like too far couple little coal606.923.24
reserves though so we know we can get608.872.01
some coal yeah610.162.7
go ahead and get it how you doing Simon610.884.949
man I'm clearing stuff dude yeah that's612.864.5
what I'm doing it's right here there you615.8292.76
are not fooling around617.363.839
hey he's good in there there wants to be618.5894.761
that employee of the month621.1995.07
all right a couple holes over here me623.3510.27
fill it in for you get all this Kurt626.26911.621
all that dirt when I was dirt simon has633.626.34
is in his inventory I'm filled up and637.893.63
now I can't pick it up anymore639.963.24
just sitting out there it's just all641.523.03
sitting out there come over here for a643.22.16
minute okay644.554.05
I'm following you hmm does anyone down645.365.22
again want me to fill in over the water648.64.38
I'd like to keep the water from hell but650.585.58
you could take dirt and like fill in all652.985.28
around it make it level is anybody still656.165.22
up here at all I am kind of okay you658.264.62
missing out of the action661.384.2
oh I know I am I'm up here building a662.885.22
[ __ ] garden good yeah we need a665.584.11
[ __ ] garden that's relaxing in it668.13.06
I've got one thing growing up there this669.693.81
sunflowers not facing the Sun okay okay671.165.01
so maybe it's the Sun still up everybody673.54.14
go to bed it's getting dark all right676.174.89
I'm in bad I'm on my way to bed ah I'm677.646.6
lost are you lost timing oh that's my681.065.88
joke all right almost bad I'm in bed684.244.95
I'll shut the door I'm in bed have you686.944.38
seen this tree thick yeah no I noticed689.194.26
that it's crazy look at that whatever691.324.26
tree is subdued but someone put steroids693.454.92
in that bonemeal I know hey yeah come695.584.92
over here okay nobody sees the matter698.373.54
now I want to see it better I'm gonna700.52.82
come see this oh is it me you're coming701.913.09
I wonder what need is gonna think that's703.323.6
all he'll see we're gonna find out I705.03.72
have a [ __ ] on it yeah I haven't been up706.923.78
there in a while so check out check out708.723.45
the tree right out the front door knaves710.73.27
went right when you walk man I can't712.173.21
wait to see what I'm getting rig it into713.973.45
it's like a sacrificial place up here I715.385.04
like that we're sacrificed all sorts of717.425.07
things have you seen you see I am sick720.423.51
what's that do you see where I am722.493.24
you can't see me from the observation723.933.45
deck everything looks pretty normal so725.732.85
far look to your right727.385.72
I see needs look to your left now oh728.586.44
Wow look at you just in case we wanted735.025.32
to see over here at some point yeah738.665.22
noobs follow me rooftop garden okay740.345.67
that's what I'm working on right okay I743.884.92
mean what do you think of that I like it746.015.13
I'm wondering something it hasn't rained748.83.63
very much I'm just wanted to have enough751.143.33
water fridge where do I go and they can752.434.47
get auto are you follower water well754.474.14
here in the middle we can yeah there's a756.94.02
dead end with any ways to go we could do758.613.78
that right in our roof start stripping760.922.94
then we have a leaky roof no that won't762.392.17
going I can take a left yeah unless I764.562.85
put a ceiling I know it does happen766.0894.29
really ask take a right climb stairs767.414.469
what am I asking what770.3793.75
look at this after I look at my screen771.8793.031
where are you at774.1294.981
so my question is is do you need water774.918.039
for this stuff to grow um is this779.115.55
regular dirt or course dirt that's782.9493.75
regular dirt you sure but I'm positive784.664.169
tell you what just hey hold this out786.6993.661
real quick let's see what happens okay788.8294.471
hold on all right it looks like it would790.363.329
acting yoga so what are the things that793.6895.491
we can grow wheat we carrots anything795.675.49
else yeah we would have to find carrot799.184.44
seeds out in the world hey seven are you801.164.739
gonna how everything who doesn't want to803.624.68
Pho everything we might as well uh do805.8993.69
the center are you gonna do the center808.33.18
with dirt well no this is so we can have809.5894.081
access to to harvest it I guess and kind811.485.159
of safely you know all right well hoe813.675.609
the rest of it please thank you see I816.6394.92
don't know I don't know that I mean no819.2794.05
offense but it is a small garden I don't821.5594.02
know if it's gonna feed us all well Neeb823.3294.291
said he wanted a garden at some point so825.5793.81
no I think it's great that we have one827.624.019
I'm excited to [ __ ] whoops through my829.3894.531
hoe I got a boner like just raging all831.6395.0
right you ready thick yeah I'm ready833.9210.039
mmm-hmm did that one oh there we go up836.63910.781
what you just threw it no yeah but you843.9594.721
know what the stuff will grow on its own847.424.44
so Simon what do you think I like it it848.684.409
took me a while the fine to where I851.863.269
thought you was just added knows that up853.0894.05
on our roof all right I'll spit it up855.1292.43
that is an impressive tree it's it's857.5593.78
something else isn't it all right now859.9594.32
I'm gonna go look at what we've been861.3394.831
working on below Simon if you're in a864.2792.881
hole get out now866.172.459
how's it look from up there neebs it's867.164.44
coming together nicely okay very ideally868.6294.89
[ __ ] I'm doing but you're building a871.65.25
dream what's coming together nicely what873.5195.04
I've been working for yeah where are you876.854.469
doing I'm exploring Lyon the other way878.5596.661
tops of the rest of the mountain are you881.3196.091
guys off exploring I just I went over885.224.32
love that I'm working in the mind for887.413.869
those no I got a bunch of fish you guys889.543.81
are gonna use and well I'm feeding your891.2793.81
your whiny little [ __ ] better you893.353.419
better be feeding my [ __ ] nut better be895.0893.931
a hot meal896.7693.631
do you see this little there you are899.023.57
noobs this fishing hole is kind of900.43.81
magical over here yeah but then just902.595.07
over you know past this like all that904.216.12
untapped land where you're looking right907.664.47
now yeah I'll be the judge of how good910.333.6
this fishing hole is let's take a look912.134.14
real quick yes I'll be the judge of this913.933.99
hole so far nothing916.274.14
No all right let's just see real quick917.925.3
that's not gonna check something out920.415.01
something's going down I just caught a923.224.87
bowl good see what I'm saying it's magic925.423.78
oh look at that [ __ ] up in the air928.092.1
they're noobs you're gonna have to get929.23.98
rid of that Mitchell yeah930.195.49
let me see maybe a natural bridge man933.183.82
that's the natural bridge isn't it we935.682.79
better head back we need to make more937.04.68
beds eventually so yeah cuz I have to go938.475.91
back down oh no sunflowers freeze grew941.684.95
some flower has no idea where the Sun is944.386.71
yep dumb flower more like it946.634.46
you title it960.163.64

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