MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 6: "Neebs Has A Vision"

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode "Neebs has a Vision" in the New Neebsylvania series? It's got me...
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 6: "Neebs Has A Vision"
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 6: "Neebs Has A Vision"

MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 6: "Neebs Has A Vision"

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? 'Neebs Has A Vision' is hands down my favorite video!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, that one was a real masterpiece! I mean, who knew a vision in Minecraft could be so riveting?

neebs: I know, right? I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, wondering what crazy scheme I was gonna come up with next!

simon: Well, let's be real, Neebs. Your visions always lead to some chaotic fun that we can't resist watching!

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode "Neebs has a Vision" in the New Neebsylvania series? It's got me all kinds of excited to see what Neebs has in store for us this time. I mean, who doesn't love a good vision quest in Minecraft, am I right?

I have to admit, it's a bit strange following someone else's lead in a game like Minecraft without really knowing what the end goal is. But hey, that's part of the fun, right? I can't wait to see how Neebs's vision unfolds and what kind of crazy adventures await our favorite characters in Neebsylvania.

And can we talk about the music choices in this episode? "Rollin at 5" and "Crossing the Divide" really set the mood perfectly. And let's not forget about the tracks by The Jingle Punks - "Cataclysmic Molten Core" and "The Story Unfolds" just add that extra level of excitement to the gameplay.

If you're as hooked on Neebsylvania as I am, make sure to check out their social media channels for even more Neebs gaming goodness. From Facebook to Twitter to Twitch, there's no shortage of ways to stay connected with the Neebs crew and get your fix of hilarious Minecraft adventures.

So grab your pickaxe and join me in diving into the world of Neebsylvania - you won't regret it! And don't forget to visit their website for even more Hank and Jed movie pictures magic. Happy gaming, Neebsylvania fans!

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oh yeah oh snap uh-huh yeah yes we0.017.46
[ __ ] give it yes you don't even know15.5992.52
what I'm talking about17.462.909
uh-huh no don't even no no you don't18.1195.611
well you do not know I know not even20.3696.451
know no sir so this looks like a23.736.48
doraleous and Simon yeah I need more I26.825.129
need more sand Simon walks over here30.213.09
what happens next31.9493.571
he falls down a one-block hole and33.33.689
doesn't know how to get out of stuck for35.522.91
days look guys36.9894.471
yeah the Apple up there where see that38.436.149
there is no that's mine I can't get up41.465.34
I don't see it I don't either well she44.5793.091
just picked it up I know46.82.31
all right so neebs what's the deal what47.673.119
the heck are we doing listen I have a49.112.19
okay fern Yves Alania God and it may not51.35.31
make sense at first but just go with it54.8094.951
oh [ __ ] uh I don't I don't know if I can56.615.129
say yes to that I like opening with it59.763.9
might not make sense at first but that's61.7393.931
like I'm not racist but everybody get to63.663.48
work get to work on the vision that I65.672.85
haven't told you about all right well67.143.299
I'm gonna walk you through it all right68.525.79
quick let's see thick no no yes is70.4395.761
looking okay but still it's it could be74.313.419
more symmetrical goodness I did this76.24.32
work for free now yeah I'm not ripping77.7294.71
on the stairs anymore that was that's80.525.13
old hat uh-huh however these stairs are82.4395.851
much more grand than that little cabin85.655.37
up top deserves well we can build on to88.294.5
the case I agree I agree is that gonna91.023.18
be well why don't you go ahead and share92.792.91
your vision instead of going into bossy94.23.09
mode on can I ask for question real95.73.84
quick go for it I seem to have lost my I97.293.93
had my fishing pole and now it's gone99.542.73
does that mean it dropped on the ground101.222.73
that it will pick up I pick it up by102.273.93
accident I'm sorry that I yelled it may103.954.02
have used it up it has a health bar on106.23.629
it oh okay whatever107.973.6
that's for you buddy where is it oh well109.8293.75
you got it Christmas is early tin your111.572.369
thank you this video come out after113.9394.71
Christmas treat my people right yes I116.5794.04
will what that means go in the tower118.6494.26
good idea let's have a meeting now120.6193.911
Leah's built this just use it122.9094.17
that's our observation deck slash I'm in124.534.08
the day room find you127.0793.6
I feel let's go to the very top top you128.613.29
really could have made that no130.6792.751
first floor a little higher I didn't131.93.0
want to spend like my whole life133.433.149
building this [ __ ] tower so all right134.94.649
guys what this fence really does136.5794.83
obstructed you I hate the fences for139.5493.421
that purpose but if we don't have a141.4093.571
fence Simon's going to die once a very142.973.62
true ten minutes yeah if we had like a144.985.16
elevated kind of like but within kind of146.595.2
contained I can do that all right so150.144.429
maybe down there that's the spot that's151.795.039
where we build the vision you got a154.5694.51
vision of your mind down there let's get156.8294.74
started we should go to bed okay that159.0794.651
great reveal on the vision did you161.5693.961
actually say something no needs I think163.732.879
I fixed the stairs165.534.709
did you how's that look okay there's166.6095.371
that damn cloud in the way explain to me170.2393.181
how you fix these should have built with171.983.24
nice material like that I'm sorry I173.423.45
wasn't born with a silver spoon up my175.223.78
ass [ __ ] grace I don't know how to176.873.81
make that stuff so like thick if you179.03.689
were to draw a picture of a face and you180.683.809
put like an ear on one side maybe not182.6893.541
one on the other side maybe a little bit184.4893.481
of a beard on one side but not the other186.236.06
would that not bother you uh your187.975.969
analogy doesn't make sense to what I192.293.509
just did oh it doesn't know cuz I'm193.9394.02
looking at oh is that how I shut okay195.7994.321
doors shut go to bed and we'll talk197.9593.9
about this great [ __ ] good everybody200.123.119
always sleeps more different why can't201.8593.181
we just know I sleep in the same base I203.2393.81
don't want I don't want bedbugs more hey205.044.289
who wants two Meg's um anyone want any207.0494.47
bags I'm gonna put this here it's a new209.3294.53
door just cut through it if you uh if211.5193.39
you guys are gonna go down there and213.8592.88
start the vision maybe make a few chests214.9093.48
down there that we can put materials in216.7394.021
and go ahead and haul some of this [ __ ]218.3893.69
down there like look I'm gonna put some220.762.49
stone bricks in here and these are222.0792.761
really he's a really nice brick you'll223.253.12
see them when you look like their224.843.45
top-of-the-line a salon top quality226.373.839
brick I'm use those to make roads so if228.293.93
I load up on this trance you might need230.2094.911
yeah hey Neves I'm just gonna go fish232.225.489
what I know how to do oh yeah we need235.124.329
we're gonna need fish yeah yeah yeah all237.7093.06
right I'm gonna fix this so I don't ever239.4494.081
have to hear about it again just a240.7695.61
picture of face picture it's symmetrical243.534.53
just further I think your stairs are246.3793.931
decent they are decent I like to might248.064.98
enjoy doing this isn't even yeah man250.315.17
that does look all weird now253.044.659
[ __ ] are y'all going down there I am255.484.08
well I'm going down into the mine I got257.6993.711
[ __ ] to do now who's going down to the259.564.44
vision you're not me I'm up on I'm261.415.7
making sure that the observation deck is264.05.85
so nobody's doing the vision well we267.114.24
don't know what it is this observation269.853.69
the observation deck is important271.354.68
Riley's but it was like this let me put273.544.53
it this way yeah let's build a parking276.035.04
lot where cars all face the same way and278.075.909
in each parking space let's put a little281.074.65
box with a thing you can hang on your283.9794.171
car window that has audio but let's285.724.58
don't put the movie screen up front okay288.155.01
is that what you want to do I didn't290.34.899
listen to your job in theater with no293.164.02
movie screen so a bunch of parking295.1995.161
places in audio boxes amazing analogy297.185.88
Thank You Thomas a lot of yelling it man300.365.04
that was unnecessary is that you absurd303.064.56
it should be me yep ah thank God for305.44.29
apps right right I really when have you307.624.2
ever said wrong no now we're talking309.693.72
what the what the [ __ ] am I doing here311.824.53
all right we're building a dream where313.414.89
are you just moving the door yeah no I'm316.353.78
making double doors here because because318.38.25
it helps you Oh what happened I fail yes320.1310.17
let's see apps troll it's go hmm stay326.554.47
right there330.33.15
I'll tell you what I need to make myself331.023.329
a shovel333.452.52
alright let's let's don't start there334.3494.771
let's go wrong way walk me go come335.976.03
towards me a little bit alright there339.125.4
you go nope back a little bit too much342.04.71
right here344.526.0
here so can I break yeah alright break346.715.429
everyone see this you gonna break ground350.523.54
can I help you up sir oh you are a team352.1395.611
do you have a silver shovel ah well I354.065.55
can make you one and yes you can't help357.753.75
me noobs and what tell me how far I'm359.614.559
going here okay keep going look at apps361.56.27
trow go guys okay man he's like the son364.1695.701
that you always wanted right he's he's367.776.33
gonna be employee the month side with me369.876.48
right okay we have yep tied with the374.15.4
Simon everyone give up sturla shut up376.357.68
okay yeah apps are on Simon this is a379.56.3
good start good start384.034.8
Sun going down coming back up take a385.83.54
wrong turn388.832.28
I need to build a road that goes I need389.342.88
to build something that goes takes me391.113.149
down there who added the door you ready392.224.77
the double door I did to make it394.2595.011
symmetrical so nice initiative out of396.994.5
you thick shut up you've grown as a399.273.149
person dick401.492.16
you might be employed the month one day402.4193.87
hey you can you can only wish right403.653.96
alright keep it up buddy406.2896.571
one day Wow what I just did lower you407.618.25
what I just do grew yourself into a tree412.865.369
here hold on I'm stuck in this tree oh415.864.589
there no get outta hell did that happen418.2293.81
because you grew the tree around420.4494.47
yourself yeah okay you're welcome422.0395.491
now can we leave neebs in the tree we424.9194.831
could have that be cool427.533.68
alright here's what we might need guys429.756.12
two more beds in a workstation down431.217.47
there there's somebody sleep it over oh435.875.43
okay so we have to go find more sheep I438.684.209
tell you what we can I can make Simon441.33.06
and I a little Hut down there yeah442.8894.171
though huh it's a hot couple beds oh we444.364.26
could hang out and have a little slumber447.064.289
parties Tory's not doing that we could448.624.769
do stories and we could rub each other's451.3493.511
feet all right I'm going to bed I've had453.3895.31
a long day dick yeah I'm on buddy hold454.865.76
on turning Hebraic you were really458.6992.881
shooting for that employee of the month460.623.18
next month aren't you shut up apps I'll461.584.73
get out of my bed463.82.51
part of being employed the month SiC is468.449.76
is a good attitude his butts in your470.879.52
face so who's laughing now Dallas where478.24.23
are you I'm working I have apps robo480.394.02
under valent covers I'm not going to bed482.433.24
than that make sense I'm going to bed484.413.42
let me sir we can't get a bit unless you485.676.0
come in here hurt Dallas my name's you487.835.07
should learn your employees names491.674.47
yeah yeah right worker number four we492.95.25
can't go to sleep until you come in here496.144.83
right you Pablo or Juan whatever it is498.154.32
Juan Pablo500.974.77
mom pop huh yeah we're a bed I'm in bed502.474.8
oh I should probably go to sleep505.743.39
dialysis over there just goofing off507.273.99
yeah he's not even obvious working let509.133.719
it go but you call it goofing off I'm511.263.659
sure you're not there you go sometimes I512.8494.5
like to go you know 120% a little514.9194.801
overtime I do what I was saying is when517.3494.651
you become employee the month it's not519.725.28
just work it's it's about team yeah team522.05.64
cooperation yep okay so it's not bad525.04.08
right now [ __ ] is yeah go to sleep527.643.0
somebody morning guys529.083.18
this morning I mean that's your bed I'm530.644.17
taking it this is ma'am okay I also need532.263.93
a shovel you're gonna make I got you I534.812.76
got your shovel already man just follow536.194.38
me thanks Bob let's go Jesus I like it537.576.0
aggressive man I forgot how to build540.575.39
everything well whose fault is that543.575.7
Obama's thanks a lot Obama after what545.965.77
you've done so far is amazing what there549.274.47
he goes again is it really good the good551.734.53
son no this is looking this is looking553.744.83
really good you should be proud of you556.263.9
know what though it probably just looked558.573.45
like a damn hole in the ground now house560.163.09
your building is gonna get in the way562.023.42
eventually I will eventually take this563.254.11
house down this is a temporary Hut565.443.27
I'm just saying all right tell you what567.363.33
Simon when you're done fishing here I'm568.713.75
not fishing anymore all right so come570.692.73
here come here come it means you're572.462.55
doing the hut in ermine there's an573.423.3
internment under me I see you at him go575.017.92
look at him never watched it in ermine576.729.27
like that before why cuz I've never been582.934.11
far enough away where I could just585.992.91
safely watch were you just observing him587.042.31
well see how it gets anywhere all right589.353.96
I'm gonna come down coming down where591.453.42
are you at I'm coming down oh here you593.311.71
I mean do we want to build it out a nice595.024.23
material eventually yeah eventually okay596.464.82
well what am I supposed to do599.253.77
so make all your say something here's601.284.56
what you can do so this is flat ground603.024.62
see what you're on right now this is605.844.53
gonna be flat ground so Simon you can go607.645.13
and remove all this dirt so that610.373.48
everything's level with what you're612.772.88
standing on another layer that needs to613.854.26
be removed Simon it would be this that's615.654.59
what I was asking how far do I go just618.113.99
keep me in [ __ ] what is in the water620.242.91
Simon no fire622.12.67
well it's getting nighttime guys yeah623.153.0
just get nighttime I'm going up there624.773.12
head back to your Hut go to the hut626.153.12
Simon I'm following you627.893.78
yep follow me Smee how's the best way up629.274.44
here oh this is our house that's right631.673.0
[ __ ] we're in a little bit of trouble634.674.16
here I thought I had picked up two beds636.415.1
but for whatever reason in my inventory638.834.75
I only have one tell you what Simon you641.513.75
stay down here and I'll run back643.583.51
upstairs I'll be back in the morning645.262.97
don't let anything kill you647.094.38
no boy are we going to bed mm-hmm yeah648.235.37
I'm on the way back up and I need to651.473.96
find the Senate my bad it says thing I653.63.33
need to put not happy about that I need655.433.48
to find the bed I broke cuz I took two656.933.57
beds and I thought one came with658.913.12
everybody checked their inventory and660.53.03
make sure they don't have an extra bed I662.033.99
do not have a bed so I'm in bed so I663.534.23
can't I'll leave my bed yeah check your666.023.09
inventory do you have a bed in your667.764.68
inventory Simon by chance nope no bed no669.115.7
bad I will check yes I have a bed oh672.444.38
wait okay so yes it has a bed all right674.812.67
no bad I didn't see that coming I mean677.484.17
you see yes bed I was almost gonna bet679.433.78
money on that all right so I'm gonna681.652.97
head back to you Simon all right all683.212.91
right everybody in bed getting bad needs684.623.24
are you in bed he's not he's just686.123.09
standing there the rally's halfway687.863.57
across the mat waiting on him Jesus689.213.75
every time we say good a bit I feel like691.433.18
it's 10 minutes before everybody it's692.963.03
night guys are like there's a lot of694.613.81
whiny [ __ ] here right so I'm695.995.01
observing man this is so much fun hi698.423.08
morning morning your shits all right701.54.93
Dallas yeah you know Joseph it's almost703.824.32
it's so close to done there's like a706.435.18
couple little maybe that'll do it708.143.47
all right gasps oh okay yes okay went713.055.64
too far oh yeah see that you could fall715.845.55
off yeah it's all more I just I kick out718.696.15
the bottom one more block outward okay721.395.52
but that obstructs a lot of view my goal724.844.71
is to like have less of an obstructed726.916.81
view yeah okay so I came up here too729.557.02
early apparently did you yeah but you733.724.02
see where it's going I see where you're736.573.12
going I just you gotta you gotta work737.743.96
that out in your mind and I'll come back739.692.88
so I wasted your time no Simon no not742.573.15
that way745.243.03
oh boy I'm glad I glad I got to see yeah745.723.06
me too748.272.58
all right what you asked me yeah this748.784.53
needs to go this way yep you want me to750.855.4
see what you're working on nope okay you753.314.77
coming back down here enables yeah I was756.254.05
just gonna get a aerial view of you guys758.084.11
for a minute all right how did it sleep760.33.78
how the new little Hut sleep heywhat762.193.93
slept great yeah yeah fixed bed was764.083.93
fantastic let me hold on before you go766.124.41
further let me come down we're really an768.014.38
extra bed down there so that will bring770.535.01
a bed with you well [ __ ] we don't have772.394.32
any wool so I don't know how we're gonna775.542.94
make unless we go on another sheep776.714.43
adventure she's got going on here I778.486.23
accidentally hit that come on down here781.146.01
are you ready to talk about this yeah I784.715.22
just want to see what you think okay um787.155.43
under the stairs here mm-hmm789.934.03
I was thinking about making another792.584.5
little room for uh for storage okay793.966.06
or what if it was an aquarium ooh can we797.084.92
do that what if you made us a big thing800.024.83
aquarium more like like stone-cold pimps802.05.13
and that Hey wait the floor in the in804.856.99
the in the room up top last bottle oh I807.137.2
like you could put puffer fish and squid811.845.1
in there mmm so I make it fish in it814.3310.89
leaves hey let's see rock is that's a816.9411.88
lot of block no I don't have anything to825.224.02
yeah something I could eat after uh yeah829.244.05
I got to fish here right yeah but I'm831.372.94
gonna need I'm gonna need you to bring833.292.85
me some fish in the morning okay there834.313.33
better be some fish in there better be836.143.33
some piping hot [ __ ] fish when I wake837.644.82
up for breakfast is839.472.99
mmm what's up is that yummy fish all845.367.51
right guys it's up do you think live849.725.07
your life live your life852.874.83
hit the button by mistake disregard that854.7910.59
message all T whoa what did I just catch857.710.35
what did you catch a chicken like a865.385.7
magic book enchanted book what are you868.054.08
gonna do with it I don't know what to do871.081.5
with it872.131.56
what kind of spells on the book872.583.36
protection three the Trojans but give873.694.35
that didn't get that to Simon but what875.942.79
will that do878.042.31
hopefully it's like whole protection878.734.29
yeah protect his whole you know what880.354.38
this observation deck is kind of pissing883.025.64
me off I'm done it's really got a huge884.735.34
head in it I'm looking at it from down888.665.1
here just see a big thing guys it's an890.075.07
observation deck we have meetings and893.763.42
stuff rituals up here this vision holds895.143.69
full of enchanted books I just got a897.184.65
aqua affinity but aqua affinity does898.833.99
that mean you can like breath underwater901.833.3
that's what I'm thinking that's cool I'm902.824.32
coming down for the first time905.135.91
Hey doraleous is journey should I take907.146.9
the the waterfall or go for man do911.044.71
whatever you want to minecraft live your914.042.1
Oh Suns going down though you may want916.144.23
to save it for the more yeah go back go919.112.07
back to bed920.372.46
son of a [ __ ] have I got a bed921.183.57
everybody head towards you bids yeah I'm922.833.72
heading did a single tear just fall from924.753.3
your cheek doraleous looking at that son926.553.03
say what are you doing now I have got928.053.51
really really bed no beds down here oh929.584.32
my goodness what the hell is that thing931.564.83
up there Dallas is making a airstrip up933.94.62
there I don't hear it and Simon Simon if936.393.54
we're gonna have meetings and stuff up938.523.27
there I think everybody in bed I don't939.933.0
want to hear it alright leaves me right941.793.15
guys I'm just coming out to rallies942.933.12
don't be so sensitive944.943.81
shut your [ __ ] hole this is gonna be946.054.38
the greatest thing ever built in948.753.57
Minecraft you think so yeah probably not950.434.11
bold yeah they'll be like wall street952.323.66
journal' will do article about it you954.543.21
think some doubt that yeah fancy955.985.72
newspaper like fancy ketchup957.753.95
you finally971.023.65

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