Minecraft Nether NIGHTMARE (Minecraft Ep 16)

Minecraft - Blaze farming and cave exploring go exactly as well as you'd expect from us. Bonus: no one knows how shields work! Also Simon's recording ...
Minecraft Nether NIGHTMARE (Minecraft Ep 16)
Minecraft Nether NIGHTMARE (Minecraft Ep 16)

Minecraft Nether NIGHTMARE (Minecraft Ep 16)

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! You won't want to miss the latest Minecraft video where we attempt some blaze farming and cave exploring, and let's just say things don't go exactly as planned. But hey, that's all part of the fun, right? And to make things even more entertaining, no one knows how shields work! Classic Neebs Gaming shenanigans at its finest.

But wait, there's more! Simon's recording goes all janky in this episode, adding an extra layer of chaos to the mix. It's like watching your favorite group of friends stumble through the world of Minecraft, with hilarious results. And if you want to try out the same mod setup we're using, be sure to check out the link in the description.

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hey guys Oh what's going on hey I failed2.065.92
a dungeon7.232.85
oh yeah yeah I see treasure it looks7.983.57
like a zombie spawner down there but I10.082.58
need a little help I was getting ready11.552.37
go the nether because I want to make12.663.36
potions today I was going with nibs to13.923.99
make potions you look like you're geared16.023.99
up for a venture dirac is so ready man17.913.959
aboard well you're not gonna be bored20.013.15
because you're gonna be I don't know21.8694.351
adventurous right exactly I'm here yeah23.165.879
you wanna go fight a dungeon sure were26.226.3
you an messing with a chicken what we're29.0395.341
duck whatever these things are obviously32.524.02
a chicken right what are you doing to34.384.32
the chicken Simon trying to trap it36.544.05
there's a bunch of trap chickens over38.73.629
there why are you trying to trap one40.593.3
just because I want to name him42.3294.291
something and he be my pet43.894.29
what are you gonna name it I don't know46.624.02
yet well first I trap him I figured I'd48.184.309
chop him first and he's gonna knock that50.644.62
pattern ya know it's gonna die soon it's52.4895.05
never gonna get fed he's gonna forget55.264.29
about it it's not a treat Oh run across57.5398.51
it one day all six months59.556.499
you know salmon if you want to happen79.1593.46
like a little chicken cage you know how81.034.05
to make baby chickens right oh cool I82.6195.31
guess eggs right yeah let's take a bunch85.0810.099
of eggs baby87.9297.25
see I like that that's what I want to do98.074.68
with with my you know my mining place100.0495.07
I'd like to trap a lot of chickens well102.754.77
it's easy to travel she's gonna grab a105.1193.961
bunch of eggs from me place107.524.139
yeah or lure them down with wheat seeds109.084.44
yeah it's a lot of work though I mean111.6594.681
you know the eggs you have to go eggs113.524.829
here we argue what what all right116.344.68
so I knew you would like this you see118.3495.94
that stone right in front of us um what121.025.459
do you mean the stone the stone yep oh124.2892.821
here we go126.4793.84
got it you know I don't see the stone127.116.03
like that like the cobblestone but yeah130.3195.281
okay yeah yeah this is a little dungeon133.144.05
oh and there's a oh god creeper creeper135.63.84
BankAmerica okay creeper in the corner137.193.69
yeah for the cool up come out I'm not139.443.99
come on okay140.884.35
oh no he hurt me all right watch my back143.433.929
I've got you back well I could eat I145.233.839
know eat when I have a shield147.3594.321
come on what seems able to eat when you149.0696.39
have a shield okay good good all right151.687.47
don't can't eat I'm like hold right155.4595.34
click your shield dad you got a zombie159.153.179
coming you wanna get these guys yeah you160.7994.791
get that guy all right boom boom boom162.3295.641
lights up in here oh yeah I got it not165.595.38
spam I forgot sorry all right can I eat167.974.919
with a shootout it's so weird it's just170.974.79
every now then okay here we go all right172.8895.731
you're the man all right easy easy all175.765.199
right let's see okay now I just need to178.623.57
put a bunch of torches we don't want to180.9593.661
break this spawner nope oh there we go182.195.27
there we go we got stuff in here to loot184.624.94
yeah all right you pick a chest I'll187.463.42
pick a chest all right I got this one189.563.03
come on what you got what you got I've190.883.57
got a lot of rotten flesh bone bread192.593.75
what I already do this again is it like194.453.66
a shift196.342.82
how the hell do you get these things198.112.97
that's just probably the whole ship you199.165.01
just click on it okay uh gunpowder201.084.47
whoo go powder is good we can make some204.173.42
tea and tea with that I got a bucket so205.553.54
nothing good for the rotten flesh I got207.593.59
a saddle and bone hey sounds good okay209.094.62
melon seeds man I was hoping for some211.183.79
better stuff all right let me check much213.718.07
yes all right you got him pure young214.978.94
that was that was hot221.783.84
all right let's see hey I got an223.914.4
enchanted golden apple look at you Oh225.626.24
holy crap I got a music disc really man228.315.44
we're building a jukebox today Simon we231.864.89
are gunpowder yeah we are chipmunks233.754.62
I need a string bucket I don't need the236.753.36
right flesh boom good fine we're gonna238.374.8
do some kind of music on the jukebox I240.114.71
don't know whatever this CD is we're243.174.17
gonna jam Oh change you can change it244.824.92
you can take a chicken in time and then247.345.9
with the chicken baby chicken salmon249.743.5
all right rally's netherwart260.116.52
you know the boys blaze rods blaze rods263.515.37
but we're fire here than I remember jeez266.633.93
everything's on fire now this whole268.885.19
place is on fire okay you with me yeah270.565.43
so netherwart274.074.74
and blaze rods that's right that's it275.994.92
potion ingredients gotcha278.814.17
so you build a little tunnel somewhere280.914.35
remember that was oh here it is yep282.984.709
that's it doraleous tunnel285.264.589
I didn't I'm not that proud I mean did287.6894.2
the job well I see blazes already see289.8494.83
other boy they're already starting OOP291.8895.19
yep oh yeah the more fire I guess that's294.6793.99
where the fire is coming from huh yeah297.0792.22
okay we gotta get in there take these299.2997.26
guys out yep oh oh boy yeah okay uh-huh301.4297.44
I got an arrow do you bow and arrow this306.5595.34
is like 300 the movie yep out okay out308.8695.84
and open I hit him from here311.8997.17
nope - hi oh boy I'm gonna keep moving314.7095.29
keep neebs319.0692.7
yeah yeah I should have told you not to319.9993.39
walk in front of my arrow but that was321.7693.21
my bad oh yeah I did yeah what happened323.3898.07
yeah shield and the thing is I got going324.9796.78
oh you know what a good combo he's331.7593.99
waiting downstairs I think I got another333.7693.96
hit thick ones down oh really335.7496.41
with the arrow yeah doing better than me337.72910.32
okay wait so far away any yeah all right342.1598.05
it's like it's like haha oh yeah and348.0495.461
charged the arrow we surround and flank350.2097.201
yeah he's down oh wow I mean great super353.515.94
great at that time I wish I did good too357.413.93
I wish you did as well all right did you359.453.39
get in the blaze rods I don't know if361.343.21
they're already oh this should be right362.842.58
I didn't get any364.554.92
where did he die and nothing no blaze365.426.69
rods all right let's go inside the369.473.68
you ready yeah oh oh man373.1512.67
salmon yeah I gotta use my one last383.154.26
diamond to make this jukebox385.824.38
oh listen that's kind of a big deal yeah387.415.31
all right I'm doing it why not yeah cuz390.24.74
it's not mine so yeah do it but now392.724.41
we're gonna put the jukebox I put it394.943.9
down can I break it can I get it back I397.133.06
mean I don't know you want to put it398.843.36
here no I want to put it in my house400.194.11
then what the hell we here just because402.24.14
it was the closest crafting table so I404.33.48
just went here to build it oh we should406.342.7
put it in your place shouldn't wait yeah407.783.72
I'm going with you yeah let's go409.043.96
all right so let's get out of here why411.511.4
don't you close okay great let's do what413.012.3
are we gonna do on the way champ422.95.04
yeah about about why there's a waterfall425.34.95
oh yeah right in front of my place you427.947.5
don't even know about that you're430.257.68
welcome you're welcome it's really435.444.8
really nice you didn't even you barely437.935.76
had a water view before barely now full440.246.96
water view oh man443.695.64
why what have y'all done we were we told447.23.66
you didn't you knew that we were gonna449.333.84
do the whole river up there I have it I450.864.38
know you're gonna dump it into my place453.174.17
I mean don't you think this looks nice455.245.25
look it waters your sheep okay look at457.345.07
that egg you can have a chicken look at460.496.42
this oh no you poor guys what is we good462.415.67
not bad you know what it seemed to like468.084.769
it yeah I mean really I think that I470.4194.801
think overall it's a it's really a big472.8494.651
improvement we made sure it wasn't gonna475.223.36
be on your walkway477.53.15
we're very considerate people okay yeah478.583.839
we're gonna dump it in the sheet dump480.653.6
it's just right there in the fence okay482.4195.011
I like it I like it a lot good sure all484.255.94
right all right now things now let's487.434.47
place the jukebox yeah like you know490.194.699
what I learned in my room491.92.989
I can understand why somebody bury this503.057.89
in a dungeon somewhere509.868.19
this is [ __ ] awful Dallas yes I'm510.948.25
just gonna keep putting these on the518.053.03
floor I like that and that means when we519.194.68
want to come back follow those just grab521.085.22
them off the floor oh yeah yeah you can523.873.87
grab them they're yours this is looking526.32.099
it all looks the same to me okay oh wait528.3994.741
back there did that wasn't even that far530.983.96
this is perfect that's a spawner over533.146.21
there no boy wait up oh crap okay yes534.946.18
things that so we can see how about this539.356.239
how about what how about oh is it making541.128.55
one yes huh then you what you want to545.5895.581
get in there fight what if we build it549.673.359
in a way we can kill its feet you know551.175.159
look at that yeah we're gonna do arrows553.0295.791
yeah well it's not oh there they are556.3293.711
one hit yeah did I hit the wall who's560.049.28
the thing again I'll use the one do good564.57910.8
oh I got him569.3237.189
Oh No575.37933.33
okay thank goodness it didn't say kill606.5094.33
my name's I'm gonna retreat over here608.7095.4
and I will recover dices stuff all right610.8394.11
got a build a box614.1093.361
okay let's don't worry I'm gonna protect614.9497.89
your stuff all right Simon617.477.349
yep I've never been down here before622.8394.11
this is below the castle all right so624.8194.29
let's try our best not to get too lost626.9495.97
all right yeah yeah he would go yeah all629.1095.34
right this is uh Oh God yeah this is a632.9193.09
big system we got to be careful in here634.4491.98
oh please listen the chances of me636.4294.2
making it out of here without your help638.5298.3
are pretty much next to zero you guys640.6299.0
what's going on they're cute they're646.82910.391
cute yet more cold the crevasse again649.6298.43
all right so Morag wha what almost got658.0596.09
sucked into the Agua don't do that you662.0493.66
should be an expert at Agua though now664.1493.48
right since you did that waterfall I665.7094.83
know I'm kind of an expert you guys go667.6296.12
in it there we go I'm in it and I'm out670.5395.7
you wanna go down to the bottom you sure673.7495.101
oh oh oh god all right good thing I hate676.2394.111
it in water Bay that works so hard to678.854.169
see oh god Simon what should I go up680.354.319
Hajduk oh boy oh boy683.0193.57
things are bad things are bad go up go684.6694.86
up go up glad you with a guinea pig I'm686.5895.28
going up - come on BAE good thing I got689.5294.98
Needleman oh my god how far up am I691.8694.61
going you gotta keep on going I guess694.5095.6
Simon I don't see696.4793.63
I'm above you now above me hey hey700.255.4
what's up how you doing I'm doing a702.355.37
little bad should I jump over there to705.654.23
you no no no no hold on hold on let me707.723.33
see if I can get myself out of this709.883.78
precarious situation I found myself in I711.054.56
heard somebody in the other room say yes713.663.33
when I said should I jump715.6110.91
well then jump okay I'm trying not to716.9913.26
come on baby come on baby I see you come726.528.17
on baby there we go Oh careful all right730.255.85
I've got to get out of here734.694.26
run jump on you all right I'm after this736.14.68
metal found this metal I know I saw the738.954.44
or - okay I've got an eye for ya come740.783.87
over here now there's no roof all right743.393.21
goddamn her like this I like them no744.653.54
room hold on a second oh you hold on a746.64.83
second no you hold on a second you all748.195.84
are tough down751.438.52
wait what plenty of room when I say hold754.037.33
on a second can you please hold on a759.954.74
second oh you son just the game we're761.367.23
playing let's not do this there chill764.696.66
you better chill chill you better take a768.595.36
chill pill you better chill you know why771.356.51
what you're standing on netherrack oh oh773.955.55
you better watch it buddy there's a779.55.56
creeper right over there yeah hey we're782.214.44
just in your cave Oh God now we gotta785.063.27
get out yeah786.654.949
we're allies yes moves eva ha me yeah793.845.16
I'm right behind ok I guess the best797.143.84
thing maybe me to try to fight and you799.03.75
grab your stuff yeah is it right on this800.983.9
side of the yeah it should be wait only802.753.15
see one right now804.883.96
always oh it's a pig man god I need to805.95.76
grab that quick okay I'm getting it808.846.54
getting it you see it no is it seriously811.666.36
gone but what is the clock on this thing815.385.52
oh boy yeah I don't get it man818.025.16
just like two seconds it's gone that was820.95.28
the blaze rod crap tell me a sucker823.185.76
ah he's running he's brothers more oh no826.184.349
I just have a pickaxe828.944.92
that's my pickaxe oh yeah I put mine in830.5295.431
there so I can grab your stuff oh let me833.8610.38
put it back we need a new plan835.9611.19
okay yep we're not leaving here without844.243.57
blaze right847.154.17
we need a plan back here it's plan time847.815.55
okay why are things on fire851.324.32
why the stuff they spawn in one minute853.365.43
what if I just run in going nice yeah855.645.39
probably won't work no I know it won't858.795.549
come on seal this she'll just she'll861.034.72
just one time and then it just lowers864.33911.011
all right guys Rob fell down gate into865.7513.65
the lava perfect as we wanted right here875.356.51
we got to contain that spawner I gotta879.43.87
kill this guy and contain that spawner881.865.87
should I do the torch thing883.279.309
oh come on don't you take him down girls887.734.849
okay come on Oh893.0293.99
skeleton oh hello zombies fight that915.555.17
skeleton is it yeah good does it hit it918.265.34
with an arrow oh boy alright why don't920.724.26
up light it up in here Simon light it up923.64.59
light it up in here sorry you got us924.984.98
onto the bowl he's right I'm trying to928.194.17
left-click often enough come on now929.964.92
alright sorry bad stuff lighten it up932.364.38
now can't do that either934.884.95
ok cyber come on man let's do this man a936.746.24
tool alright oh god I gotta evacuate I'm939.834.52
hurt Oh God942.985.31
ok nope okay yeah now I am good keep you944.355.05
covered for a second I gotta eat some948.293.36
bread I lit it up for you I'm probably949.43.87
gonna die alright yeah what's your951.654.23
health then bad is it bad953.274.23
eat some food eat some bread alright955.884.32
good alright so a few more torches here957.55.79
that see so you want torches like now I960.24.17
could do choices963.292.73
alright I'm gonna run down there and do964.373.42
torches no no no we're okay now966.023.33
no I just need to but we need to build967.792.85
this stairway back up at a little969.353.03
platform we were just a matter of fact970.643.54
easy you're just doing this we can get972.385.79
out of here we go oh how you doing how974.185.34
you doing excuse me sir978.173.3
sorry I hit you yeah something sent me979.523.48
where is it I'm just killing a zombie981.474.2
cuz you know um I killed things they983.05.63
almost killed me oh I got lucky985.674.95
chop-chop-chop we finally made it to the988.634.57
bottom this is a very pretty credits990.627.05
yeah provide provence see hey it's Kelly993.26.03
boy you wanna come this way997.674.14
yeah bout a lot of bats a lot of bats in999.233.54
here uh-huh1001.813.78
kind of annoyed at the bats me too but1002.775.37
they're cute I'm not that annoy well1005.595.43
they bite me the bats what's going on1008.146.21
here yeah it's a skeleton with the arrow1011.028.96
Simon that's what was going on here fool1014.355.63
I'm ready all right you're gonna run in1021.486.28
yeah because still spawn yet they needs1024.794.32
more torches so you just torch1027.763.27
everything yeah I did all five sides and1029.113.42
then you have all your important stuff1031.033.12
put it well you lost everything yeah1032.533.36
this shields about to break but I've got1034.153.09
the torches and I'm gonna go place a1035.893.0
bunch more torches and then I'll come in1037.244.199
behind you and will contain it in a room1038.894.74
you ready yes if I die I'll just be back1041.4394.231
and help you with that sounds good okay1043.632.939
whoo I'm going go doing here oh they1046.56915.261
don't have a chance1058.92.93
torches baby huh1063.454.62
okay I had a shot1078.610.99
I got rallies okay okay there's two now1080.7710.92
what man that didn't work for the crap1089.597.74
check out enough torches there's a it's1091.698.25
a please run okay grab it going back to1097.333.81
the chest put it in there so we leave1099.943.27
yeah we're gonna have one all right1101.145.01
where were they uh but there's one spot1103.213.57
all right1106.152.43
Whitman is in the chest not a total loss1106.784.79
okay stuck give it a stuck can I move in1108.586.15
start building our building it's one1111.576.01
stuck behind a thing1114.734.829
oh boy where's that always above me1117.589.86
Anita jeez above me how many you need1119.55910.291
you want well1127.443.88
one will do but it'd be nice to have a1129.8523.37
bunch and look at that neebs1131.3223.969
I love it man I didn't know that you1153.223.539
could light them up just by putting a1155.2893.09
switch beside it yeah didn't know that1156.7593.181
either yeah that's so much better1158.3792.971
hey is this your home you have a metal1159.945.819
hoe where in my hand oh I'm looking at1161.357.35
Simon that's a hoe yeah that's a hole so1165.7594.681
is that yours I don't know who's in1168.73.359
inventories metal yeah I brought that1170.443.869
was my only weapon left oh yeah I never1172.0594.891
thought to make a metal one yeah bit1174.3095.25
like it's more efficient that doesn't1176.954.829
bother you does it hitting that if I did1179.5595.161
that yeah why would you do that can I do1181.7795.1
like a thing that's know what I want oh1184.724.289
my god why would you what happen what1186.8793.78
are you doing we need water I don't to1189.0093.42
go outside every time got a lot of water1190.6594.98
oh you need water in here yeah that's a1192.4294.921
lot of tortoise do the top what are you1195.6393.841
doing I'm trying to like if I do that1197.354.799
oh that work oh are you gonna get one1199.484.86
that's actually a good idea1202.1494.65
did it work seems to be now if I go like1204.345.789
this will it that's genius that a shield1206.7996.271
again man I hate this shield I swear1210.1295.13
this ship just take it off you don't1213.074.53
gonna I'm gonna add so is it working or1215.2593.6
not cuz it looks like I mean I'm coming1217.62.759
out even when it's over but you can1218.8593.39
bucket that but that's fantastic1220.3598.19
yes it is i crouch down yep Hey huh not1222.2498.4
working that doesn't seem to be working1228.5493.901
yep it does if you do go like this go1230.6495.251
Hey it was almost super cool1232.455.64
almost so that doesn't work what about1235.95.13
okay we get rid of that yeah fix this1238.095.4
okay all right make it bigger1241.039.33
oh oh door oh and we did crazy there1243.4911.46
work I did it okay no I can just we just1250.368.01
get water all day long well that's too1254.957.49
cool now we're talking okay are you full1258.377.26
we got a ton of water yeah okay okay1262.445.86
hold then do your thing so let's see1265.639.63
rage potions of slow falling oh there we1268.39.81
go I'm gonna put two one for each of you1275.265.94
yes what it does is you fall slowly and1278.114.89
you get to really soak in the mistake1281.23.15
you made while you followed your death1283.05.58
is that it yeah oh okay I can't think of1284.356.69
a better place to go than Simon's sky1288.586.95
flume sky flume it is yeah let's hit it1291.044.49
so the real daring move would be to jump1299.3096.101
off and then take the pose away down on1302.385.94
the way down like as close as to the to1305.414.74
the bottom we shan't definitely try that1308.326.109
hey boys hi oh hey bud what do you got1310.158.159
man I got your diamond sword your bucket1314.4299.941
I got it all thank you yeah just catch1318.3097.801
it as it goes down river thank you now1324.373.96
you know what now I'm seeing the beauty1326.114.35
of this this could be a transportation1328.334.47
like a delivery system yeah you could1330.464.11
deliver food this way like each other1332.84.56
mm-hmm or hot dogs yep I think that's1334.574.59
most everything thank you stuff I'm1337.364.17
happy with anything okay let's try this1339.164.649
all right how do you how do you drink it1341.533.99
you just right-click right you put in a1343.8093.781
slot you right-click what are you gonna1345.523.48
try it I'm gonna hey I'll drink mine1347.592.85
first and I'm just gonna walk off okay1349.01.98
you know what1350.441.82
anyone y'all do the fall1350.983.08
Simon what can you still get up to the1352.263.63
top of the highest point yeah I would1354.063.54
think cuz I want to try the drinking on1355.892.34
the way down1357.62.91
yeah b2 from up there let's watch the1358.233.93
leaves do this one okay perfect needs1360.516.06
you to go drinking up I got a feather on1362.167.55
in the owner walking off you ready yeah1366.575.88
that's pretty cool that's pretty neat1372.453.95
completely fine down there completely1376.410.47
fine wizard yeah all right I'm ready1378.8711.16
whoa you're gonna jump and drink it as1386.875.14
you're falling it okay so tell me when1390.034.14
I'm gonna be when you drink it Simon I'm1392.015.28
gonna drink mine pretty like right away1394.175.16
yeah you can do the other if this works1397.293.96
I mean it takes a second for you to1399.333.06
drink it anyway right yep1401.253.51
alright give it a shot here we go1402.3911.43
drinkin drunk fine I did it as soon as I1404.7610.68
was starting to fall down alright and1413.824.8
you had plenty of time alright so I'm1415.444.92
gonna try to wait to the last and you1418.624.62
said to hold down right click ready yeah1420.367.55
give us a countdown Simon three -1423.244.67
alright did he make it1428.1512.55
no he did not in fact oh cool Lisa we1436.735.53
can save the potion for later now yeah1440.76.74
damn right okay good day1442.265.18

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