Minecraft MOUNTAINTOP MURDER MANSION! (Minecraft Ep 18)

Minecraft - Appsro, Thick, and Dora head out in search of something...sinister. Neebs and Simon stay home and disagree about proper chicken treatment....
Minecraft MOUNTAINTOP MURDER MANSION! (Minecraft Ep 18)
Minecraft MOUNTAINTOP MURDER MANSION! (Minecraft Ep 18)

Minecraft MOUNTAINTOP MURDER MANSION! (Minecraft Ep 18)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest Minecraft video from Neebs Gaming? It's a wild adventure with Appsro, Thick, and Dora as they set out to uncover something mysterious and sinister. Meanwhile, Neebs and Simon stay back at home and get into a hilarious disagreement over the proper treatment of chickens. It's all part of the fun and chaos that we love from this awesome YouTube channel!

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The Minecraft playlist on Neebs Gaming is full of exciting episodes and this one is no exception. The music choices really set the mood for the gameplay, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement. So grab a snack, settle in, and get ready for some epic Minecraft adventures with your favorite YouTube crew. Thanks for watching, and remember to keep on gaming! 🚀 #Minecraft #Neebs #Raytracing

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I heard a gasp yeah yeah where is he0.634.5
where is he I don't want to get snooped3.6294.56
up on those guys yes there snoopers okay5.134.77
little Snoopy yep8.1893.511
okay well bit okay well maybe he9.93.72
buggered off alright this is as far as11.73.78
it got with digging but I want to go13.623.57
further and I thought you guys might15.485.129
like this what tis another nether17.197.02
fortress oh yeah boys like treasure I20.6095.43
need to keep digging though so24.214.02
so we're get we get to go play yeah you26.0394.261
guys get to play I get to work no dive28.233.209
today not today30.33.21
no no what that I don't want to see one31.4394.321
death on my screen I will be upset that33.515.75
rules out me dropping down right here35.763.5
probably yeah like this is all for how59.214.93
many people right now we have one62.2193.481
village right now there's one villager64.143.15
shouldn't don't you already have enough65.73.15
for one villager well it's not gonna be67.293.57
one villager enough real it's like I got68.855.16
like Walt Disney visions here yeah but70.865.189
how many villagers are we gonna get74.014.859
realistically we'll get another one and76.0495.011
we'll have to write and then we'll make78.8694.021
it so that they'll have more villagers81.063.96
and then it'll be a bustling metropolis82.894.409
then how about this hold on so you're85.024.41
trying to this is this could potentially87.2994.411
grow into 5060 people in here goodnight89.434.2
how realistic is that be like Manhattan91.714.199
before you know it is it real93.635.61
is it actually realistic yeah very yeah95.9095.85
quickly you talked to his needs I'm in99.244.739
need to get it done listen I'm in if101.7593.991
this is a realistic goal but sometimes103.9793.631
you're in la-la land man night not105.753.81
usually sometimes you are hey did I tell107.614.68
you I got chickens did ya yeah I've got109.564.64
about like 30 or 40 chickens112.295.34
congratulations I know it's very fun a114.25.83
but underground a whole new thing117.633.809
underground chicken farming I'll show120.031.979
you later121.4391.86
you know free-range is the big thing122.0092.911
nowadays I know but when you do it on123.2992.25
the ground124.927.53
uh-huh it's so much better okay yep125.5499.841
that's a thing can we move on now yeah132.457.56
my hard time now move it past that135.397.02
thinking about them chickens I know they140.013.93
are so lucky142.415.1
you better run buddy yeah they're yeah143.946.66
no he's not good enough to be in my cave147.519.809
of hell good safe pick yeah whoo got him150.68.1
yeah I don't157.3193.991
yeah I don't have a bow and arrow I got158.76.0
you I know yeah I stole some bread from161.316.209
neebs place that's a good idea it's not164.74.71
very cooing I should steal more from him167.5195.641
we all show you how do you want to169.416.21
breach I think we can go down here right173.164.829
here and breach right here right here I175.624.05
mean we could breach from the top it's177.9894.171
up to us yeah okay179.675.37
let me light this place up that's so go182.167.2
here we put my not supposed to be sink185.048.509
you care now it's going up in the video189.364.189
you come here man you're a bad whatever196.138.889
what yeah thick clearly didn't listen200.396.79
all right it should be just around the205.0195.841
corner right yeah okay207.187.25
Hey click oh hey that's right down here210.867.56
you're a hero yep let me out let me go214.4312.21
ahead and go for it I'm just doraleous218.4213.31
i avenged him I told him not to die226.649.27
specifically not even five minutes in we231.735.56
might be I don't know235.917.95
still it's way too early noobs yeah I237.299.48
took some liberties you did yeah you243.864.95
said that you wanted to have a war too246.774.68
high so then you know I started to go248.815.07
this way and then I turn yeah okay hey251.452.94
tell you what253.882.22
why I'll give you something fun to do oh254.393.599
really cuz I know you don't want to just256.13.449
be stacking dirt all day well I don't257.9893.75
really mind it actually okay well like259.5494.681
this will be the road right this will be261.7394.471
the road yeah like we come into town264.233.9
what they'll be like a entrance here266.213.63
that says welcome we will call this268.133.36
place you'll help me name it okay I269.846.68
could do that okay hmm so what do you271.499.33
about Pennsylvania like like pants like276.526.459
you wear yeah but instead of280.825.88
Pennsylvania its pants so vain yeah I282.9794.681
love it286.74.26
really yes Wow I did nothing she loved287.665.73
that soul of Pennsylvania okay so this290.965.13
is the main street of Pennsylvania all293.394.44
right and they'll be houses to the left296.093.51
and right and you know what you can297.833.33
build a house you'd like they'll be a299.63.3
lot on the road like this like there'd301.163.45
be one right here and you and you can302.93.93
build one okay so can you do me a favor304.614.08
you're gonna give me a lot yeah306.833.69
tunnel-like we'll just build stuff like308.693.93
all the way down here okay as houses all310.524.29
the way down but are we doing Lots right312.624.859
now is that we might want to do lots if314.814.38
this is the road we might want to if317.4793.241
you're gonna give me a lot I need a lot319.192.64
sighs yeah320.723.03
so I'd say about the same as that little321.834.26
place right there but you know directly323.754.41
opposite of it not gonna be Fletcher's326.093.69
house you can go Fletcher's house I328.163.0
don't want to build flood sounds I want329.782.88
to build my house okay oh you're gonna331.163.15
live with these guys all right I might I332.663.39
might have a place of my own in here334.314.59
okay okay that's cool yeah all right get336.054.589
the building and I'll keep keep338.94.019
Landscaping and it's okay if I build it340.6394.86
however I want just as long as it342.9193.72
contains everybody345.4992.88
we gotta keep everybody contained know346.6393.84
what about the wall I'll do the wall you348.3794.081
do the wall you have fun what I mean I350.4793.361
mean as long as they contained a352.463.66
building a house yep that's it that's353.844.049
how I don't know and expect from you so356.123.75
the house is gonna be you know something357.8895.191
the door you got a underground farm of359.875.22
chickens I just don't know what to say I363.083.63
don't want to move in anything yet365.093.87
oh I might do something underground here366.719.06
- all right with some chickens do what368.969.84
you do we'll have the inspection375.774.619
committee come look at it later you got378.81.979
all right is one heck of a lot of link380.77914.031
Lord you need lava I know where to go oh389.2595.551
yeah what's up boys396.1897.0
it's a long walk yeah oh yeah I know400.7295.43
sorry it's not your fault that's true403.1896.301
so are you at your destination yep this406.1595.28
is a thousand hold on let me just dig it409.493.81
out a little bit so my plan is to build411.4393.961
another portal and that'll take us to413.34.5
new lands so thick you could have new415.45.249
adventures oh good ATD rattled mine417.85.88
who's that exactly dig it out do it Adam420.6494.83
do it and you're looking really good423.685.009
your butt cheeks all clinched up nice425.4794.65
and tight got a clincher out here if you428.6893.45
fall it's gonna hurt yeah I'm gonna say430.1295.431
this if Wow that is a lot of lava right432.1396.171
can't fish in that no be cool for good435.567.02
um if I die now uh-huh I'm not coming438.317.21
back yeah let my stuff go take what you442.585.04
want I'm not walking this way again it445.524.169
is a long walk in yeah I thought you447.623.569
were like just gonna just gonna quit449.6893.811
altogether because no I just not gonna451.1894.081
come back to here I was just gonna go453.53.509
play call of duty or something455.276.019
well something it up oh boy it's457.0096.011
everybody on fire461.2894.611
by diving match man aired and I'd say463.026.48
apps are you you yeah well yeah you got465.96.509
to go first after all this work okay see469.56.78
where it takes us why do you do that472.4095.341
why's your alias it'd be really messed476.285.09
up if we just busted this thing down477.753.62
Oh God what the hell okay where am I490.1114.279
what's bonded in the air for some reason500.2818.749
I don't know if I want to go I know it's504.38916.53
nighttime I got a little place on the519.0294.351
beach swim to me come around I'm gonna520.91914.85
stay right here salmon yeah if we get523.3815.36
lucky we will find a zombie villager535.7694.921
remember last time we dropped one no538.744.469
such thing as luck my friend okay fate540.695.07
fate it's gonna happen it will you ready543.2095.641
I'm so ready well come on all right I'm545.764.56
gonna get ready yep548.853.179
go out here be careful don't get killed550.323.78
look for a zombie that looks like a552.0294.951
villager listen let me trap him it's554.14.56
hard for me to see things but I'll try a556.983.99
zombie that looks like a villager uh-huh558.665.88
and then we make him follow us yep560.976.299
this is a regular zombie yeah we don't564.544.289
want this one no I'm gonna let you do567.2693.241
most of the fighting okay we're gonna568.8293.271
fight if I absolutely have to570.513.66
there's a guy coming here okay there's572.14.47
no one coming I mean careful okay we've574.174.95
also got the traps well they could fall576.573.9
on the traps if we need them to that's579.125.24
true won't we do that gate come on guys580.478.01
go there huh look at that he's a good584.366.4
trap speed you're a smart man yep thank588.482.64
okay he's trapped villager hey we just591.124.38
run around for a minute City fine one594.123.18
all right I'm probably gonna die so595.53.66
let's see all right okay597.34.649
spider okay you got it nope not a599.164.679
villager keep looking all right look it601.9493.63
away okay easy there fella603.8393.36
don't get shot by skeletons I'm getting605.5793.421
shy right now but it's okay cuz I'm a607.1992.311
careful the three first oh boy don't609.513.949
kill me don't Kruger611.438.24
tippy-toe Nikhil you killed your dad613.4599.62
name okay spawn back grab your stuff619.674.74
atta boy up I got awesome skeletons oh624.415.219
yeah shield up shield up okay you're626.8097.351
going down sir oh you know really like629.6296.091
it when there's things that tell you634.164.289
where your stuff is yeah I don't know635.724.38
where I was where were you638.4494.49
you gotta remember that stuff I mean640.19.029
yeah Oh is your stuffs here642.9398.02
stuffs over here you see it yep behind649.1293.481
you into your right well I mean to my650.9593.69
right but I'm constantly moving okay did652.613.389
you kill that guy Yeah right there see654.6495.821
you stuff seriously nice boom boom all655.9995.161
and I have metal with me for no good661.163.599
oh that's a creeper I was like what is664.7593.45
it great careful okay666.5293.3
we're in a good spot though all right668.2094.141
another creeper here we go buddy I'm I669.8293.781
haven't killed the creeper since I've672.353.089
been here oh yeah let's do it673.614.8
more regular zombies why are we not675.4395.46
seeing any good zombies come on you son678.416.869
of a huh I don't appreciate this yeah I680.8997.321
know I'm doing okay man but I really I685.2796.24
mean this doesn't look good no I mean it688.224.979
does it does it like I've been one of691.5193.391
the odds what was the last time you see693.1993.781
one of these Tomatoes was faked694.914.919
I did I did now I can give it up ready696.985.01
okay I mean what are the odds oh the699.8294.29
odds pretty good I don't know man have701.993.539
you ever seen one here before the air704.1192.31
looks good in your head705.5292.37
thank you have you ever seen one here706.4293.061
before uh yeah we checked it you and I707.8993.42
together I know okay that's right we did709.494.139
and but where do we see it is over by my711.3194.5
trap all right so this is very doable713.6296.15
you got two two creepers on you yep715.8197.58
all right see it a little bit719.7793.62
pretty low swampy bog yeah Oh what whoa738.479.67
what is that whoa whoa that's a resort743.499.48
it yeah it is West and relaxation await748.147.17
us boys the world there's anything that752.975.64
man dude that's yeah that's unique let's755.316.779
go we're growing we need sheep right758.615.94
make a bed man I said my bed that way762.0895.0
back there764.552.539
all right who wants to knock I'll do it792.157.15
can't wait for the first class a room796.297.24
service oh man hotel it looks like one799.34.98
oh yeah okay yeah804.285.97
wait that's carpet I want that carpet my807.583.99
house what was that810.258.91
creeper zombie zombie dick811.5711.85
oh no whoa whoa boy that guy whoa he819.168.31
looks like a psychopath oh no no oh man823.426.57
he must be tough to Oh Rallo and Maitre827.475.16
D' oh man dude he's like took half my829.9911.85
health away down sigh babes are you in832.6311.16
this hole where you at no I'm over here841.844.14
Oh Oh No what have you done what are you843.796.27
talking about there's my chickens got845.985.88
these chickens on my own I found him850.063.51
give me your chicken that's a lot of851.863.03
chickens you know you found that my853.575.07
chickens yeah I'm working man okay here854.895.94
listen guys I still got the weed so858.644.64
we're good everyone come on in come on860.838.64
don't worry there we good you got them863.2811.14
all I got them all let's say you did you869.476.69
trying to say there we go874.428.34
you good come on come on are you doing I876.169.84
want every one of you yes you too you're882.766.48
all important you all deserve love come886.06.51
here I want to love you all underground889.247.68
free-range it is the it's the way to do892.515.7
it I feel like you should be riding896.922.79
around and lightly in here all right898.213.12
listen you know what whoever comes comes899.715.13
you go at all the baby all right go901.334.59
ahead I'll get you later904.843.38
come on all right we're good905.926.23
what you guys doing oh boy908.226.03
I already have mostly in here earlier on912.155.25
you changing your minds all right this914.255.79
is what we do anyway I think we're good917.45.04
for now I'm gonna growl them up I'm920.044.32
gonna round them up is this is this the922.444.89
house you built in my in our well this924.365.19
is damn spitting okay I just thought you927.333.18
would do the house so we'd have929.552.43
something look at you got to start with930.513.93
the chicken basement okay everyone knows931.986.06
that okay come on guys come on you know934.444.46
you want it938.0413.02
hey what's taking you so long hey come938.912.43
batmunk 44 mom butter your stuff still951.337.95
here 40 crap so we can raid this place954.548.4
mmm okay I believe it's thick 40 Shh959.288.34
crap 44 going in I'm going in okay ow962.947.77
you okay what two chest right here to967.625.88
the left okay oh look at this Pookie970.714.5
room let's take it slow and easy man973.53.51
we've never been here before yeah975.213.72
skeleton down the hallway but oh my God977.015.16
look at all these chests Wow oh my god978.935.4
what's in here chests982.174.35
holy moly it's a lot of chips what you984.336.6
think they're empty Oh what the hell is986.527.56
this oh I hate this place already this990.936.08
is the worst every one of them about one994.084.77
jeez all right there's got to be997.014.72
something good somewhere right yep did998.855.93
you got what's this room here1001.733.05
whoo let's scare that what was it a1008.0897.87
creeper yeah he felt down it was like1013.7694.11
bland red dad or not red there's like1015.9592.94
playing seven days1017.8792.28
oh just coming out of the ceiling1018.8995.73
ceiling oh man did we go right Oh what1020.1598.37
is that we dick I'm getting it it's like1024.6296.871
an invisible spider but that seems we're1028.5295.31
the worst thing in the world I just saw1031.55.37
eyes I just saw creeping red eyes that's1033.83910.56
not fair oh no what oh yeah musical1036.8710.339
spiders I don't mean to steal that's XP1044.3996.601
visible spiders this place is gonna burn1047.2096.34
down and I can't wait to watch it1051.06.059
yeah we got what we should go over here1053.5494.98
what do you guys is going upstairs one1057.0593.0
of you guys is going right well we do1058.5294.02
psycho okay bring him down bring him1060.0595.901
down we didn't clear the bottom here we1062.5493.411
go pump1067.0399.64
let's go punk daddy won't daddy wanted1068.4911.0
danny clear the whole bottom I mean why1076.6796.72
yeah we got three floors of this some1079.498.819
bay a lot of stuff a lot of stuff1083.3994.91
looking good Simon check this out I'm1096.665.02
about to odd just a double accent look1099.792.79
at that history1101.683.27
what's it well a history what's history1102.584.38
yeah yeah I feel like this is my first1104.953.99
door oh yeah yeah1106.964.92
first door huh my B it's a big day I1108.943.51
first door let me we're gonna check this1112.454.02
out check it out Oh already gonna get1114.044.74
dark again I know that's crazy but look1116.474.38
at that my first door that's great and1118.783.39
then you've got a basement full of1120.853.72
chickens yes but don't worry I'm gonna1122.173.9
make it better I'm gonna have I'm gonna1124.573.96
have a ladder going down it's gonna be1126.075.58
so we'll have more square footage open1128.535.31
you know and the going down will be1131.653.45
right where you're standing1133.843.33
Emily you're right that's so much better1135.13.81
yeah and then the chickens are this way1137.173.33
they'll have a lot more room to be in1138.914.38
the dark right you know and maybe1140.54.47
they'll mutate over time where they1143.294.26
don't have eyes and its really sad yeah1144.974.65
slowly I'm gonna be I'm gonna be taking1147.554.47
out the torches one by one okay and then1149.623.81
yeah and then they're their babies1152.023.72
babies will never even see okay it'll be1153.434.95
great yeah it's no great of a new breed1155.745.13
of chicken with no eyes can't wait but1158.384.89
super healthy cuz they're underground1160.874.2
it's the wave of the future1163.277.62
I guess that Pennsylvania yep home with1165.077.86
the blind chicken the original blind1170.893.75
chicken this is such a hot idea1172.934.59
everyone's gonna be copying it before1174.644.38
you know it people are gonna be like oh1177.523.36
I remember when they used to be chickens1179.024.77
with eyes yep you know what a weird time1180.885.25
we lived in I knew I knew that I knew my1183.794.29
grandfather knew the first person who1186.134.53
ever decided to bury the chicken yep1188.085.68
read them underground I know I love it1190.665.6
boom okay all right yep for now yeah oh1196.269.88
boy what a day yeah big day money taken1201.76.15
Portland a little bit of death1206.144.02
yeah even after I told you guys not to1207.854.41
die mm-hmm really simple right wasn't1210.162.85
dude why you did it1212.263.27
yep no die no mom no died tomorrow back1213.016.39
to the thing place the hotel yeah one of1215.534.89
us didn't die at all today1219.44.12
just say hackin gotta be1220.4221.18
it's got a big dick yeah okay steaks1223.5218.08
tomorrow's fete de de inches fat needs1245.8097.551
not shield1250.013.35

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