Minecraft...Alien Abduction? (Minecraft Ep 15)

Minecraft - Sheep abductors! Thick raids another Carrabba's, Appsro and Neebs head out to a village, and Dora and Simon work on the sky flume. ► Want...
Minecraft...Alien Abduction? (Minecraft Ep 15)
Minecraft...Alien Abduction? (Minecraft Ep 15)

Minecraft...Alien Abduction? (Minecraft Ep 15)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest Minecraft video yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Thick is up to his usual shenanigans with sheep abductors at Carrabba's, while Appsro and Neebs embark on an adventure to a village. And let's not forget about Dora and Simon, who are hard at work on the sky flume project.

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So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic Minecraft adventures with the Neebs crew. You won't want to miss out on the laughs, the thrills, and the crazy antics that are sure to ensue. Thanks for tuning in, and as always, keep on gaming! 🚀 #Minecraft #Neebs #Raytracing

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we go here we go here we go pop through11.928.08
block off the door all the entrance is16.488.65
blocked off yes indeed Hey20.012.119
Oh guess who's in your home hello hi big25.1312.3
44 here hey you got a chest up here with32.1199.421
some carrots and potatoes oh and what37.436.59
could that be over there that I has made41.547.02
hi so look I need I need a lot of you I44.027.51
need many many many many many of you to48.565.76
gather over here because this is gonna51.534.53
be a little different you guys aren't54.323.09
getting hit on that cactus are you56.065.7
that'd be a shame oh this is almost even57.4117.909
better you got going on India I think61.7616.139
it's 15 bookshelves we need you got more75.3195.16
bookshelves yeah hopefully there are at77.8995.4
the mountain so then do I come out this80.4796.42
way okay no matter it looks the same on83.2996.871
each side keep it up to you man I'm86.8996.39
making them my place into the island I90.175.399
always thought it was oh cool yeah why93.2895.701
not yeah and then watching noobs do this95.5694.5
do you have one98.993.75
well this is gonna be ugly likes one100.0696.09
random one right it's 15 right well we102.747.469
can just make it 16 then okay stick it106.1596.78
in the middle right up on top yeah get110.2095.571
rid of that yeah and then112.9395.061
I like it yeah it's like it's hugging115.783.6
you come give me a hug118.03.93
chant some stuff give me a book hug all119.384.89
right so uh try yeah you got the most121.935.729
points now right yeah what 32 yeah I've124.275.489
got two so hold on127.6595.991
quick charge one sharpness one woo129.7596.301
sharpness these aren't good are they133.654.45
no no that's not good I was just gonna136.064.259
enchant my sword I made Liv Tyler I'm138.14.08
not paying that for this here try your140.3194.081
sword trace away all right here we go142.184.11
Liv Tyler with a little bit of bump it144.45.28
up let's see smite sharpness what is146.294.62
smite do that sounds like it makes it149.683.45
tougher yeah smite I think it's bad if150.915.67
you get smited from not hurt ya akhi oh153.135.01
wait when you're smitten oh that's good156.584.409
right yeah different word I'm gonna do158.143.26
exam B's follow love with you Liv Tyler161.45.8
has been enchanted with smite one oh I164.294.02
don't know what that means167.23.0
no that was careless you were just168.313.81
careless just then I know well you're170.22.25
taking risks let's see what can i smite172.454.92
you yep174.884.02
didn't like that at all are you smitten177.374.2
don't seem to be writing them why isn't178.93.69
this book thing working181.573.389
that was a bad deal right I don't know I182.594.679
don't know what the effects are um let's184.9594.761
see quick charge sharpness same crap187.2696.181
same crap I don't like any of these just189.725.44
about one just I don't like any of them193.452.819
just do it195.163.99
alright I'll get this cheap winner gonna196.2694.381
do it sure no I don't know what can you199.153.179
do with the book you've read it you can200.654.83
put this sharpness on a weapon oh so I202.3294.351
guess you can put that on a sword Oh205.482.55
throw it at me I'll put it on this one206.683.059
can I get a double up can i smite and208.034.23
sharp yeah you probably have to go to a209.7395.431
n-ville I think oh well there's one in212.264.71
your house I'll let me get you some let215.1710.08
me get yourself oh hey hey sermon are216.979.64
you doing out there225.253.34
how come you down I'll be there in a226.615.25
minute aqua affinity hmm that sounds228.596.26
cool I like that that's for me though231.8614.34
Dallas you can have sharpest and smite234.8517.08
can't go together hi all right dress246.27.2
there you go251.934.23
sweet put that on your efficient thing253.44.38
we're on huh yeah I don't know what I256.163.87
guess it's for a mining tool huh yeah257.782.97
that makes sense260.033.63
I wish I had a diamond you guys salmon260.755.43
put that on your sword as sharpness263.666.48
really yeah how's your uh flume going as266.186.9
my what your flume going it's it's uh270.145.25
you know I haven't touched yet today I273.083.18
can't today275.392.82
okay I've been doing other things if you276.263.36
want to I could show you what I've done278.212.97
I'll see you later279.623.72
I'm gonna work on my island or your281.183.54
Island I'm making this whole thing in283.343.24
like an island have you already talked284.7211.27
about that maybe Wow and now I'm alone286.589.41
oh I see the the guys that the banners335.8797.71
have showed up fantastic hey come on341.1894.77
over here cuz I'm about ready to do this343.5894.05
this is either gonna be awesome or345.9594.05
terrible so y'all have gathered down347.6396.03
below thank you for gathering so kind of350.0094.02
yeah I hear ya I hear you loud and clear354.0298.87
Wow okay okay I see my trap here we go357.44912.12
cactus look at all those arrows come on362.8997.901
come on369.5695.19
I hope this works hook the right hook370.813.159
the right go over here trapdoors374.75913.94
seriously trapdoors383.9594.74
oh boy well I see you yeah all right389.975.55
let's try this again let's try this394.323.53
terrible plan all right come on back412.739.46
come on back yeah we're gonna have to uh415.3513.35
we're gonna have to improvise you doing422.1910.23
the same thing as me Simon yeah so for428.75.79
just placed a torch in the water but432.424.41
yeah than that torch in the water yeah434.495.55
doesn't make sense this is annoying it436.835.94
was your idea I know but I didn't I440.044.74
didn't exactly know how it worked442.774.38
uh-huh that was the whole point of me444.784.65
not wanting to finish this but I've got447.154.5
to finish it you do now don't you yeah449.434.5
but you know what I mean at the end of451.655.4
the day what it's still gonna be stupid453.935.4
right I think so big waste of time what457.053.54
are you gonna do with it have a boat in459.337.05
there yeah like down and and then can I460.597.44
get the boat to land in the body of466.384.59
water maybe and if you see then then now468.035.85
it's a challenge okay I kind of want to470.975.28
come over to you it and let's let's play473.884.62
a little bit okay what the hell I'm476.253.78
right-clicking and it's good doing a478.54.2
torch does it make a nice feel like480.034.68
you're probably doing something stupid I482.76.63
am all right you ready ready all right484.715.79
you're gonna have to tell me which way489.332.01
to go because I don't know what this490.53.21
village is we're gonna go up to the main491.344.32
body of water hang a right in body of493.713.32
water Hey495.664.88
oh you know what what here stop for a497.036.18
second okay ya want fishing what what500.544.59
you doing I've took a turtle helmet and503.213.93
I enchanted it with what you call it I505.134.35
don't know what do you call the Infinity507.145.12
air or whatever oh you ready509.486.27
yep sure I'm gonna go under time me512.2610.12
ready yeah go for it here we go not even515.759.15
losing bubbles really yeah oh man I am522.383.57
dad I want it so bad really slow okay527.269.19
wait yeah it's you can stay under a good533.784.83
bit yep I can still hold my breath536.454.64
longer than that two bubbles one bubble538.617.32
and take damage wow that's awesome541.097.33
better but then I look something that545.934.08
lasts a long time underwater you know548.423.63
what I mean like forever yeah that'd be550.013.96
a good place to start forever like at552.054.23
least five minutes yeah you row under me553.974.95
I'll Road baby hold on so yeah we're556.285.4
just gonna head up the coast and just558.924.74
keep keep the coast - you're right keep561.683.54
the coastal all right yeah tell me where563.662.76
the village is can we get there by565.222.78
yeah and if we don't I've got a turtle568.05.49
sanctuary we can stay at Oh wonderful of570.5795.221
course you have a turtle sanctuary might573.495.599
get some scoot out of this deal575.83.289
okay guys plan a didn't work so we're579.244.899
going with Plan B I'm not sure what's582.375.6
gonna happen here but let's see okay584.1397.021
here we go let's see what happens587.977.21
may you all burn in hell maybe if not I591.167.25
do have a plan see big your lava oh boy595.186.06
oh yeah yes death to you all again my601.247.86
name is Nick 44 I'll be here for a607.6292.731
little while then I'll burn your place609.14.799
down and I this time I may collect610.365.94
experience the Oh God613.8996.06
Oh God oh boy all right Nick you need a616.35.909
plan you need a plan619.9596.42
get out oh boy here we go622.2097.68
I know what this water moving come that626.3799.031
place burning good good follow me just a629.88914.421
joke all right okay635.4115.44
zombies out there stop throwing your651.875.65
eggs leave crap serious like a vital653.925.43
yeah you know what I'll go with you want657.523.24
to give Liv Tyler a workout659.355.67
oh yeah yeah let's do it hey what are660.7616.89
you doing those are names eggs yeah665.0217.7
oh oh you stepped in frostbite yeah677.656.48
don't get in front of me feel like my682.722.85
sword is a little bit more powerful684.132.46
that's good685.573.18
where is it Manos make this fatal yeah686.594.74
smite oh god there's a bunch of them up688.7515.84
there yeah yeah we should get in all691.3314.88
right we're in704.594.41
ok eat something oh these are gold pants706.215.6
picked up gold pants off that thing's709.06.6
pants pants mmm you don't have any pants711.817.18
not no I lost everything in the nether715.66.96
that one day Oh gotcha okay well what718.995.64
you want to do uh we could mine through722.563.27
the night hey that actually would be724.633.33
good what about a little metal okay I725.834.86
want to test out mr. picky mr. picky all727.965.31
right well hell is that noise mines down730.694.71
here did you hear that I don't know733.274.14
let's just go downstairs yeah I don't735.43.3
like that737.417.14
oh god all right we'll come back out in738.76.41
the morning744.553.21
zombie with a sore throat take a lozenge745.1112.37
uh my stuff my stuff747.7614.25
damn phantoms stupid all right kitty in757.487.5
the morning go to get my stuff I just762.015.18
hope those other guys go to bed or764.984.95
morning comes quick it wasn't even the767.194.02
pillagers that got me769.939.65
phantoms night kitty let me to771.218.37
yes sir come bring some water with you785.7097.871
yeah please well it'll be easy now of789.866.539
course you see me hold on a second793.585.85
Oh yep there you are hey it still works796.3996.481
what's up using the land look at that799.436.63
no use these a land that is ridiculous802.886.0
when use upon leg wow there's not water806.064.41
where I am is there well there was a808.883.39
little bit what man you really are810.475.059
flying though here we go812.273.259
what do you think I think that I just815.954.42
wasted a lot of time but water in here818.273.54
what I didn't eat no you can go like820.372.909
three times as fast with water it only821.813.96
makes sense okay but what we should do823.2795.011
let's get the water out to the end here825.775.34
and let's make a waterfall down and see828.294.35
what happens when we vote off of it831.113.479
right well that's that was what I said832.644.11
we know did you cover it up here you say834.5894.051
that like it was your idea yeah but I836.752.94
brought the boat838.644.41
you did you did I'm it taken can you839.696.12
turn can you make a good turn for should843.054.95
we just we should get this all full of845.814.17
water though and do I know I understand848.04.529
that but should is this turn killing the849.983.359
there's no meant momentum there will be853.3394.201
momentum when there's water wow this is855.23.81
gonna be fun do you understand what I'm857.543.0
saying you should try this without water859.014.86
off oh no waterfall no we're good we're860.543.57
okay we're gonna so you're saying we're864.114.8
gonna do it to the end right here yeah866.634.199
and we'll take the waterfall off huh868.913.96
yeah the waterfall looks like it's gonna870.8294.891
be right right in app stores like garden872.875.279
he's got down there I like it well we'll875.724.35
keep it watered yeah we could water878.1493.991
those sheep too okay with that880.073.45
so we'll just see what happened you know882.143.15
what if we make this a little bit883.523.87
further uh-huh and we'll have the885.294.64
waterfall come down on a sheep it887.394.4
keep them wet and it'll protect us on889.933.81
our fall if we go a little bit further891.794.17
though we could just land in the water893.745.01
and it possibly it was a sunk boat it's895.965.13
not as fun as landing on sheep is well898.754.38
you we can lay an on sheep first and901.094.08
then after that we're gonna do the land903.134.26
in the water will extend it will extend905.174.59
I like that so we've got a plan yeah907.394.41
some people say we don't plan things but909.766.18
we do what are you holding some stone911.87.14
can I have it that looks like iron I'd915.944.92
love to have that hold on a second you918.943.27
know people give you stuff all the time920.863.9
on its iron ore yeah I'd love that would922.213.42
you mm-hmm924.762.31
I got eight of them what are you doing925.632.49
with that would give me a little kick927.072.04
why are you holding them are you like928.123.66
building a bridge out of iron ore no no929.114.86
something just happened and I grabbed it931.783.63
because I needed something and it was in933.973.03
my inventory I'll take them I don't935.413.12
really care I'll take em that'd be great937.02.58
well I mean what are you gonna give me938.533.39
I've built you three boats in the chest939.584.11
to put them in Wow something tells me941.923.54
you you might owe me a little bit more I943.694.32
don't think so well man I don't know945.464.32
yeah her idea would have been dead in948.013.0
the water had it not made some boats949.782.85
because I know you can do that951.013.57
maybe you got some eggs yeah I'll get952.634.53
you some eggs all right two more Ike's954.583.39
go get them957.162.91
just give me the iron ore for Hector two957.975.34
eggs give me four for those eight for a960.075.21
down payment and I'll work like that963.314.11
yeah turns out I don't work that way965.282.38
I'll take my boat and go home all right967.6614.22
all right okay take it all right I'll969.9115.38
shyster yeah981.883.41
dog-eat-dog world out there that's right985.414.38
I hate traveling in this game because993.9595.431
it's so slow and I hope I'm going the997.085.52
right way to my stuff Skelly Clarkson999.395.49
you're not gonna believe the madness1002.63.66
that I went through and it's all those1004.883.68
pillagers fault and it not been for them1006.265.4
me enjoying burning them alive I1008.565.35
wouldn't be in this predicament but if1011.664.26
they have anything left standing when I1013.912.82
get back1015.924.05
believe you me it will be destroyed so1016.735.039
nobody else has to go through this and1019.973.929
hopefully there's gonna be a great way1021.7696.721
to watch them suffer as well so again1023.8996.211
all the pillagers fault1028.4912.3
no fault of mine in a bucket okay cool1030.1112.089
what'd I do with it I don't know I have1040.792.85
one at home I don't I never know what to1042.1994.081
do with it if do you boil it can i boil1043.644.169
this some of them I wouldn't eat one of1046.284.17
those oh man what happens if I dump it1047.80911.071
out like here in the sand scary guy no1050.4510.469
research it yeah one of the villagers1058.884.44
want him I bet they don't Oh sometimes1060.9193.781
they have a will put this guy in there1063.323.78
well oh yeah it'll be a gift1064.76.359
yeah good whatever is offering yeah this1067.15.22
offering is what to the ward you look1071.0593.75
perfect man what a vocabulary all right1072.327.71
so it's right through here oh yeah all1074.8096.991
right let's see up here well they do1080.032.76
have a well perfect1081.85.45
I got a cow in put it in there sweet1082.799.18
there well hello villagers you know1087.257.03
houses hello hello it's empty1091.974.53
where's everybody hello the dick come1094.283.899
through and murder them because it seems1096.54.38
like something Duke hope he did not wood1098.1795.641
sounds like something you do yeah oh I1100.884.35
hear what am i hearing1103.824.109
yeah there's something down below that's1105.235.39
not a villager down there is it oh crap1107.9295.191
zombie villagers1110.626.0
they've been turned oh can we save them1113.127.86
is that a real what a regular villager1116.627.179
now oh really you're screwed man1120.986.36
you know what crap they're all gone you1123.7995.37
know we got to do what we gotta figure1127.343.569
out how to make this potion so we can1129.1694.14
heal them okay how do we do that1130.9095.191
potions yeah I never done this man that1133.3094.681
poor guy down there see if we can get1136.13.84
him out yeah that's not gonna go well1137.995.639
I guarantee it uh hey buddy not that way1139.946.059
you stay alive we'll try to figure out1143.6294.29
how to make potions in the next six to1145.9994.02
eight weeks and we'll come get you out1147.9194.281
of there well they got a puffer fish1150.0193.87
that's true1152.25.5
good day huh ah no let's go figure out1153.8895.941
how to make a brewing stain doesn't the1157.77.5
rally's have one you did all right we're1159.837.11
almost there okay1165.24.02
all right come on come on come on there1166.947.589
we go foie de chapala ciabatta baby like1169.226.99
jovanna bread I'm not really a big fan1174.5294.59
of the ciabatta bread that's how you1176.215.159
pronounce it I'm not a huge fan either1179.1193.51
it could happen1181.3693.0
all right I'm coding up to the end here1182.6294.201
okay I'm gonna put the all right yeah1184.3695.581
let it go over all right already started1186.835.4
oh yeah it's flowing baby's right onto1189.954.109
the sheath it's I don't know if it's1192.234.169
flowing on the shape hopefully1194.0594.381
yep it's reaching the sheet is it yeah1196.3996.051
oh they're coming up oh that's it1198.444.01
perfect that's amazing this is why we1210.949.819
game yes oh I'm gonna die well cuz I1214.4298.671
can't breathe in the water oh no that's1220.7594.86
too bad I'd say hey you filter out the1223.14.01
weak ones yeah1225.6194.131
come back here me yep okay hold on let1227.114.41
me get a pair all right are we gonna1229.753.69
ride the boat down this is gonna be fun1231.523.9
it's gonna be great thank goodness we1233.446.51
decided to do this yeah okay I'll put a1235.426.21
couple boats in there up but first1239.954.5
things first Simon what hi let me get to1241.635.04
a safe spot because nothing's safe up1244.455.19
here what's up all right I got you some1246.673.45
all right oh is that for the payoff yep1250.124.95
I'm gonna give you some eggs ready I1253.153.21
don't think I have any room for them1255.073.359
actually we'll get rid of some stuff all1256.363.72
right take the eggs I know I do I do1258.4293.841
okay all right guys and I'll up you also1260.084.589
and give you 64 glow dust - look at you1262.273.06
look I have the iron ore that you have1265.335.219
left yes you know why go ahead because I1266.955.46
love you all right mm-hmm1270.5494.831
come on come on times of the essence has1272.415.82
that I perfect the glow dust and the1275.384.38
eggs I grabbed from your chest down1278.236.63
below all right good that's fine go all1279.767.53
right you're gonna grab a boat get1284.864.319
behind me oh I thought I was gonna get1287.292.639
in with you1289.1793.361
okay come on in being you buddy you in1289.9297.62
I'm in here we go whoo come on me and1292.546.35
you brother1297.5499.601
together forever baby that was very nice1298.899.01
and soft1307.153.899
actually yeah thank you time cheap very1307.95.55
nice to see everybody sorry we killed1311.0494.561
someone here but you're friendly oh we1313.455.63
got can we go back up1315.613.47
all right that was a great great great1320.865.65
time that was good how do I get out of1324.6794.051
here get seated this bout there we go1326.513.69
we'll just leave the boat here I'm going1328.739.059
back up to the water I'm not gonna give1330.210.56
you that oh that's fun absol is gonna1337.7895.661
love it yes1340.762.69

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