MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest Subnautica log video yet? If not, you're in for a treat! The title alo...
MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9
MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9

MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Subnautica! Today, we are dealing with some serious flooding in my base!

simon: Oh no, not the flooding again! I thought we fixed that issue last time!

appsro: Yeah, Neebs, maybe it's time to invest in some waterproofing for your base. Can't have it flooding every other episode!

neebs: Hey, it adds some excitement to the game! Plus, who doesn't love a good underwater base escape?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest Subnautica log video yet? If not, you're in for a treat! The title alone, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!" already has me excited to see what crazy adventures they've gotten themselves into this time. I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans are going down in the depths of the ocean this time around.

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there is your communities read you15.54.57
colony you copy18.844.92
hello me for a while turns woke up just20.079.69
kind of hanging out the base yeah yeah I23.768.249
got a closer guy I wouldn't say anything29.764.02
yeah that's the thing there's two video32.0095.46
duty in Sturgeon well I listen don't you33.785.25
don't say anything but the guy that37.4693.5
called me yesterday with the fifa guy39.036.299
yeah names irelia okay he say was a news40.9698.141
from I think was Kapinos yeah Pepito's45.3296.87
yeah okay well good well he called me up49.115.129
today I don't know I guess he came to52.1993.391
the office he picked and picked up a54.2393.21
microphone and he just talked to him for55.595.55
a while I mean I was just I was doing my57.4499.841
normal business I know hey well listen61.148.79
my experience with your office so far67.295.13
has been one of you guys being grossly69.935.25
incompetent so it all guide to the worm72.426.78
oh yeah I was talking to doraleous they75.187.92
built a fraud suit yeah I mean he kind79.25.489
of helped I guess he had access to your83.14.949
system you'll ever pay for my job thanks84.6896.901
guys just walking into what I just88.0495.311
showed up delivered me I mean he was91.593.92
right listen copper me93.367.71
I'm thinking something up with a fraud101.076.82
suit picked up a salt deposit but I103.696.45
don't see it in my inventory so does the107.893.87
front suit have an inventory how do I110.149.57
access dispenser yeah look it up how do111.7610.62
I access the fron suit inventory here119.718.51
the pizzas something on the back oh oh122.3812.69
there you go yeah yeah okay yeah all128.228.769
right now deck round it down the storage135.075.639
unit in the back okay136.98910.831
yeah you're doing great buddy I'm pretty140.7098.821
good I'm working on my base I really147.824.02
like to build a moon pool yeah don't149.535.01
want to store my vehicles that's yeah151.843.84
and they don't want to build a cyclops154.542.52
because I got good oh yeah155.683.51
here's what's happening I went back to157.063.75
the alien base the gun159.193.329
do you remember yeah well I got there160.813.42
and I found a button to shut it off162.5193.361
wouldn't let me do it because I'm I'm164.232.43
going on165.883.919
what let me do it because I've infected166.667.62
yeah yeah nothing what no don't cancel169.7996.071
the ship just yet I'm gonna figure out174.283.33
the infection actually you know what we175.878.94
did can stop okay come back it's gonna177.619.93
be 11 I'm going to be over 11 years you184.816.179
tell them to keep coming okay listen187.545.88
there's a I found out there is an alien190.9895.671
medical research facility what it's like193.427.409
700 meters down the prawn suit can go to196.666.84
a depth of 900 meters the problem with200.8294.861
the prawn suit is just nowhere near near203.55.22
its agile to see mom I have it thrust I205.696.87
can go up but I can't go up for long so208.725.7
if I get if I get this thing stuck down212.564.41
in a hole I'm screwed the ideal214.425.46
situation I think is to build a cyclops216.974.829
because the Cyclops can go pretty deep219.884.38
but a cyclops is a little bit tougher to221.7993.531
let's let's work on this together right225.336.69
I'm here for you okay I'm on my vehicle227.229.45
Bay so Cyclops oh boy I'm looking at him232.027.49
right now last yielding its enamel slash236.676.51
lubricant in an advance fire I think I239.515.44
can but it's gonna it's gonna take a243.185.46
little bit of gathering cyclops power244.956.48
meters maybe not right okay both to do248.644.2
the upgrades we have to build a moon251.432.84
pool correct252.844.29
probably alright so we still got a lot254.274.6
of building to do before we can get 700257.136.15
meters down now this moon pool check258.878.34
this out oh I'll stand for one okay hold263.286.03
on something biting me that's it dad267.213.68
look at anything around here up269.313.63
something to it on me what the [ __ ] was270.892.61
let me pick up this guy stuff it all273.513.18
right edit deal with an [ __ ] picked282.036.24
him up so much pulsing cannon and shot286.685.88
him into the side of my face oh okay so288.2712.75
moon pool what's up [ __ ] what the [ __ ]292.5611.33
hold on needs301.022.87
hold on oh what's that oh my face is304.777.93
leaking there's water in my damn face309.797.98
I have no idea what I've done what what312.77.95
the [ __ ] is going on you think I don't317.773.72
know God320.653.24
oh Jesus yeah hold on let's choose321.496.45
another yeah they're the problem how323.896.78
integrity restored draining system327.944.96
initiation all right there we go330.673.56
yes the first time this has ever334.234.17
madness happened great yeah I know yeah338.44.96
I feel you you know what I think did it341.263.81
I picked up a little fish and I shot343.364.38
that little fish into my base it's a345.074.23
little fish I wouldn't expect a little347.743.87
damn fish to completely damage the whole349.38.46
of my fan base camp option stamp is351.618.31
affixed you hit the damn face and just357.764.89
explode the base is made of like metal359.925.04
the [ __ ] alloys the fish is like an362.656.32
organic thing it's just burst364.964.01
yes but I mean is that shooting that370.6515.7
fast shooting back all right let me373.1515.33
focus on the lube right now let's focus386.354.04
on one thing at a time388.484.53
like when I try to focus on a line I get390.393.13
Hey Oh mistake focus right now we're393.527.02
focused on loo lubrication it is it's395.898.04
Lube day oh yeah amazing oxygen tanks I400.546.03
made them into high-capacity oxygen tank403.934.59
like one cake will ask me a lot longer406.573.87
like I have one think right now and I'm408.523.9
still at 145 Shh410.443.42
yes these like they're gonna come and412.425.1
gonna come in super handy no I'm413.865.97
learning learning to survive managing417.523.57
down here long enough and I've started419.833.48
you know I had time to read and study up421.098.64
the best way to learn Spanish radio oh423.3112.33
yeah like everybody really sucks manage429.737.08
now equals the way I could communicate435.643.15
with minimal learns well because you436.8118.03
would have to yeah no yeah no that's438.7918.42
another I do yeah my mind likes to play454.846.54
tricks on me sometimes need ah things457.215.7
are weird that's okay it's okay I'm461.383.6
getting a lot of I'm I'm gonna become462.913.75
I'm gonna be good and be real good all464.985.7
right focus I'm okay so hold on it466.665.82
all right we got the titanium ingot470.684.68
that's done I need one more loo this was472.486.03
it for loop we're building a moon pool475.366.36
that is my goal today my goal by sky to478.517.11
the moon pool all right yeah this week481.726.6
but Jillian I have all the but jelly485.625.85
made yes you got the titanium I pay him488.326.0
yes I think you need in a band karma491.477.5
can't you all right you're gonna okay494.327.29
all right computer Jim I have to go so498.974.62
for a computer chip I need silver the501.615.93
two table coral samples in court day503.5910.34
oh my gosh needs there's a reef fat507.549.6
going crazy over here near the near the513.935.79
life pods oh my god he's going nuts he's517.145.339
flipping around he's never seen like a519.726.0
beached whale I think well it's kind of522.4794.981
like that it's like he's an easy swam525.723.81
too shallow you don't know what to do I527.469.03
kind of feel sorry for I mean Mary seems529.538.7
risky I mean he's right by the Life pod536.492.76
I'm God538.234.92
come on buddy yeah maybe I can turn539.258.16
around here let's see all right come on543.157.83
your favorite yep yep yep come on just547.416.36
gonna nudge it oh boy well he's a heavy550.985.64
one oh god I think I think I'm looking553.775.22
at his date not sure okay all right yeah556.626.57
no he's uh he's stuck he's gonna die I558.996.15
did what I could I feel uh I feel good563.193.75
that I did what I could what was i565.145.64
coming to do stable couple sample that's566.944.38
I know it is hard sometimes pop step571.3210.2
adapter if you did in the fan dance578.433.99
wiring kit581.525.16
yaaaa alright so now that alright now582.4210.59
what now what now that's it short586.6810.68
titanium image any loser again that's it593.019.83
huh let's go build us a there marble597.365.48
yeah I know man whoo big there's nothing609.57916.231
right no ass dude yeah618.7611.93
oh the hill625.818.33
sorry gotta leave630.693.45
what the hell what is all there oh my637.538.13
god hey buddy643.836.42
my entire makes life for you don't645.669.38
research Oh God650.254.79
again I can't repair it fast enough me656.426.03
the whole thing's gone underwater t-bag659.075.94
jeez my entire base is flooded662.453.85
alright we're gonna change your home665.013.96
call integrity can we had net666.35.25
multipliers to you may I ask maybe I668.975.7
don't do that I'm working on it671.555.099
oh my goodness seem like such a good674.678.19
idea second ago this is the problem676.6497.921
condenses damage due to weak hold682.864.49
strength of minus 3.5 build684.575.36
reinforcements or remove weak parts687.355.169
alright so way I think it ought to build689.935.969
reinforcements yeah lithium and titanium692.5196.331
303 okay I need to get lithium and695.8994.481
titanium but they're in my [ __ ]698.853.54
storage containers you're in my quite in700.388.13
vain yeah I'm gonna do it welcome aboard702.398.15
pack that up708.517.46
alright grab this alright lithium710.547.69
reinforcements what I put this thing I715.975.679
got one cushion dehydration get tested718.237.82
I'll get dehydrated is that721.6494.401
Oh like there we go I'll reinforce it a726.33911.94
little bit on it big here you get six733.6297.2
through six drinks oh boy I'm getting738.2796.03
dehydrated though oh wait alright gotta740.8294.531
go back in the base I know with the744.3094.911
water that this is ridiculous745.363.86
not yeah hold on750.733.169
I mean I'm repairing pieces yeah it753.9994.861
doesn't doesn't sound as stress anymore756.913.179
so that's a good thing right758.868.24
yeah I'm doing equity better do it up760.0897.011
thank you alright so I assume this769.2594.93
thing's gonna drain oh god my oxygen772.0296.511
oh god my oxygen oh god Rock her akhira774.18914.481
I'll try to run oh all right okay778.5410.13
I'm not was yeah this was a [ __ ] okay790.299.399
hey good news though face is draining do793.3899.781
anything unless you scream come on yeah799.6894.14
no [ __ ]803.174.2
Wow that was [ __ ] crazy right yeah803.8296.721
look at that alright soup man everything807.3715.059
soaked oh my fellows my yeah oh you810.5515.3
weren't around week you little you822.4296.711
tonight okay so moon pool is bill825.8511.09
oh wow OOP hey oh dude it just suck the836.9412.48
seam up right up Wow845.946.09
what about the Cyclops because once they849.423.93
have the Cyclops I can put the prawns852.034.67
dude into Cyclops and then go really be853.355.91
apparently there is a disease research856.77.45
facility 700 meters down I don't know I859.269.12
don't know what idiots did that waiting864.156.0
it may be Cyclops is the first thing868.383.18
what's the good of Cyclops and we can870.152.88
build a vehicle modification station871.567.73
with a cyclops all right you ready yeah873.036.26
they will plan elaborate a lubricant ZZ881.66.58
bar again and bad wiring gets even be885.385.26
worried about here black steel ingot888.185.54
like that I feel like I've made that for890.647.08
Twinkie ice onion in lithium I'm looking893.726.43
at right now right so I need to go on a897.725.85
hike am gathering spring I forget900.158.2
titanium first poly rocks903.5715.41
nice forecast aiming there how many I'm951.4213.99
here well I mean you know God and956.9213.64
flex-cuf you saw the montage right yeah965.415.15
fun pestilence I was a past selling if971.018.37
that was building yeah you need me974.476.09
and I need five of them oh my god I980.565.19
gotta get one more titanium ingot son of982.334.02
a [ __ ]985.753.42
alright Martha montage again that was986.356.25
Lord you rang - oh yeah my past989.1717.41
Chinese five titanium engines that was1015.4397.781
the other thing I needed lycium to make1020.437.8
the filling it all right like that all1023.228.189
right so I need one more to lithium all1028.233.66
yes I'm going on Elysium hood Oh God1031.894.919
things good it take forever1034.8294.08
all right lift the oh my got to go a1036.8094.801
little deep okay I'll be I've seen it1038.9096.081
it's like a little purple Johnny Rock1041.616.86
purple shiny rock1044.993.48
sorry I'm looking at kind of creepy yeah1058.018.59
a lot of quartier those that's good deal1061.1697.911
that's what I'm looking for lithium1066.69.299
deleting not right offhand no he's gonna1069.0811.579
scan something silent and something oh1075.8997.76
gonna send you the data on this thing I1085.6398.14
found a blood vine yeah these things1088.359.72
look crazy receiving you tissues a lot1093.7798.971
of work the place to come for court man1098.079.359
this this is one hell of a crash oh [ __ ]1102.7515.179
oh okay okay Geneva Ron doctor I've been1107.42911.85
to this crevice before when I was1117.9293.87
talking to the FIFA guy I came here did1119.2793.681
well no I wasn't really looking for1122.968.219
lithium it's time what the hell is this1125.019.72
part of one time1131.17914.761
oh hello let me get my knife out1134.7311.21
try to hit my knife Oh blood you got1146.968.91
blood alone what the Helen blood okay1153.955.67
not even know exactly where you never1155.875.37
know alright I'm getting the hell out of1159.622.1
I guess even let me amoebas I am got it1161.7211.25
let's know what I needed right only1171.055.58
needed one peanut but it's really it's1172.977.68
really dark out right now not in it I1176.634.53
get it1180.652.99
I'll look around for some more for sure1181.164.98
god what a little takes a lot away like1183.645.44
you get plenty I got titanium for Dave1186.147.19
let's drop that [ __ ] with them1189.084.25
okay all right I think I got enough me1193.77.05
sorry heading back to base one thing at1196.427.29
a time stay focused1200.752.96
all right name's a backing base egged1207.586.82
egged egged I guess regular I can just1211.286.06
leave yeah we got your time got the1214.44.62
titanium ingots and now we have to you1217.345.81
lithium all right see if we can do it1219.024.13
they're keeping out my power needs low1228.565.89
but I think yep one two three four five1232.0510.71
past feeling it yeah no adding some of1234.4510.14
those I got quartz now so that won't be1242.762.76
too difficult1244.593.65
yeah maybe I should do that real quick1245.527.31
ma'am no about G yeah works pretty well1248.249.34
yeah all right we have two five plasteel1252.837.69
ingot alright doesn't jig check the1257.585.79
neighbors last five five and mammal1260.526.12
glass laughs all right I think you make1263.375.67
glass with quartz it's soccer kids no1266.645.46
curtly yeah I know what a stalker is1269.045.7
those little those [ __ ] it yeah1272.17.14
I know what a softer is okay yeah this1274.747.08
is going to be a process needs this is1279.243.48
gonna be a process1281.826.38
oh we've seen our first victim leave1282.7210.23
yeah my car you know what I feel like I1288.26.46
killed a worm with this CMOS I ought to1292.953.63
be able to kill one of these things I'm1294.664.91
gonna Ram this [ __ ]1296.582.99
that opportunity to be like what about a1308.716.84

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