Until Dawn - Frighty Night

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? They're playing a game called Until Dawn, and let me tell you, it's a...
Until Dawn - Frighty Night
Until Dawn - Frighty Night

Until Dawn - Frighty Night

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about our favorite video, Until Dawn - Frighty Night!

simon: Oh man, that video was hilarious! Remember when we all screamed like little girls at that jump scare?

appsro: Yeah, and then Neebs here tried to act all tough, but we all know he was just as scared as the rest of us!

neebs: Hey, I'll have you know I was just playing it up for the camera! But seriously, that video is so much fun to watch, even if it did make me jump a few times.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? They're playing a game called Until Dawn, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride! The game takes them on a journey like no other, and even though it might not be a smooth road, it sure is entertaining to watch.

If you're a fan of horror games or just love watching hilarious gameplay, this Frighty Night episode of Until Dawn is a must-watch. The Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game when it comes to commentary and banter, making every video a fun and enjoyable experience.

Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay updated on all their latest videos and projects. From Facebook to Twitter to Twitch, you can find them everywhere and join the community of fans who can't get enough of their content.

And don't forget to check out their website for even more gaming goodness, including music from Hank and Jed that sets the perfect tone for their videos. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the hilarious antics of Neebs Gaming as they tackle Until Dawn in this epic Frighty Night adventure. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Until Dawn is a chillingly immersive interactive horror game that takes players on a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Through Neebs Gaming's masterful cinematic playthrough, we get to experience all the jump scares, tough choices, and shocking twists as if we were holding the controller ourselves.

Neebs Gaming perfectly captures the dark, foreboding atmosphere of Until Dawn's snowy setting. Their entertaining commentary lightens the mood just enough to keep things fun without ruining the tension. As they explore the creepy abandoned lodge and surrounding woods, you can't help but feel invested in the fate of the eight friends trapped in this nightmare.

The production value of Neebs Gaming's Until Dawn series is top-notch. The editing is superb, seamlessly transitioning between gameplay footage, clever sketches, and dramatic reaction shots of the crew. Close-up shots of creepy clues and tense stand-offs with pursuers make you feel like you're there with the characters. Even if you've played Until Dawn yourself, Neebs Gaming's take makes it feel fresh and new again.

Ultimately, while Until Dawn is a great game on its own, Neebs Gaming's trademark style elevates it to the next level. Their ability to balance laughs and scares perfectly captures the experience for viewers. If you want all the thrills of Until Dawn without having to play it, Neebs Gaming's playthrough is the next best thing to holding the controller yourself. Their cinematic approach showcases everything that makes Until Dawn so memorable and entertaining.

Neebs Gaming
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until D until D there's gonna be a skull0.166.44
it's gonna snow on our house really big3.6396.761
games lots of large oh see good one jump6.65.52
scare right off the bat I'm going to go10.44.279
in this with a positive attitude this is12.124.32
pretty it is pretty this is a rendered14.6793.921
cut scene of course like snow I would16.445.2
like this they should set this story in18.64.8
the Bahamas probably a lot less21.645.0
effective huh spooky sunny day in a23.46.279
touristy area with some scary turquoise26.646.68
water and some horrible29.6793.641
Dolphins oh34.445.969
boy okay so got the cliche cabin set up42.365.64
with the yeah college kids all right so45.124.48
we're hanging out in the cabin there's a48.04.039
murderer outside he darling there will49.65.2
be sex good all right how do I run is a52.0394.68
speed run that's Speed Run you should go54.84.16
to bed dear you should go see everyone56.7194.32
else should shape them are seepy goats58.964.64
right now can we stay positive this time61.0395.961
yes I am positive Han you look so damn63.65.6
hot in that shirt but I bet you're even67.05.2
hotter out of it come to the69.25.279
guest house I have no idea what that72.25.76
says room probably room I got your note74.4795.561
GL you can make it oh okay so these two77.964.44
all right seems like a good guy huh oh80.044.719
yeah yeah little you didn't just leave82.43.96
that letter laying around did you cuz84.7594.72
that'd be weird if someone found it oh86.364.96
hell yeah okay now he's a douche oh yeah89.4794.28
this is this is just creepy is it yeah91.325.56
surprise what are you doing here stupid93.7594.961
prank this what kids do for fun that was96.884.239
a prank that sets the tone for the98.724.84
weekend yeah really it really does we go101.1194.241
to the fast route or the safe route yeah103.563.44
fast uh fast we're going fast we're105.365.28
doing speed use a touchpad as shown for107.06.119
what to open the phone I but for what110.645.88
selfie time oh you got a flashlight113.1195.28
y'all see anything no no just shitty116.525.76
actors oh it's a uh artifact totem it is118.3995.121
it's a122.285.32
totem oh boy boogy boo well why wouldn't123.525.959
you keep that not interested I would127.63.6
probably keep the totem that's a strange129.4793.241
thing to find it really is something131.23.44
good for the fire mantle yeah would look132.725.68
good on a mantle wouldn't it m ah it's a134.646.76
dragon Hannah oh we found her well you138.44.8
put your sweater back on141.44.08
good oh143.28.36
Predator uh-oh oh we dropped our pH145.487.88
all right so we dropped the stupid one151.564.52
right yeah he seems trustworthy what'153.364.159
you do let go we're going to let go huh156.083.76
let go157.5192.321
yeah why' you do162.2393.92
that oh they're both dead yes166.484.2
nice that's fa I like him he was in171.2398.121
Blacklist he was in Fargo oh yeah174.444.92
very nice sir did you paint that so how180.06.72
did that picture make you feel a lot183.9594.521
better than the snow place more happy186.724.48
than uneasy to me happy in what way did188.484.399
it make you happy what do you mean what191.23.72
way oh I like the sunshine okay okay192.8794.801
well yeah whatever there you194.922.76
go sunsh perfect you know me did we just198.1594.8
go back to the beginning like we [ __ ]201.443.32
up did we lose yeah what happened oh202.9593.321
this is just the intro okay oh okay204.763.759
you're going to watch these credits no206.285.44
matter what you want to do still can't208.5195.321
skip it oh so okay well here now this is211.724.68
this is actual plot and information okay213.844.92
but I can't skip it I got to say I'm216.44.72
super excited to welcome all my pals218.764.96
back to the annual Blackwood winter221.123.88
yay two people died last year I stopped226.5194.161
paying attention they're really going229.43.199
back to the same places the next year230.684.36
yeah seems like it wow what credit godam232.5995.0
it godamn it look at this here we go235.044.839
here's some stuff you cannot skip237.5997.161
through it's autistic I don't like239.8794.881
spiders there Jesus cross oh yeah Jesus245.845.64
seriously why would a spider be in the250.283.76
snow Sam Hannah's best friend consider251.484.879
it adventurous the gates busted climb254.046.24
over Chris you are a horrible horrible256.3595.6
host how are you going to get all your260.283.56
[ __ ] in there this is going to be a long261.9595.721
ride fellas yeah no [ __ ] no [ __ ] oh we263.845.079
got to take a little uh we got to take a267.682.92
car up there that's going to be safe268.9193.361
Snoop or close the bag s Snoop in that270.65.4
[ __ ] bag Snoop he knows oh272.286.08
Jesus he's not humorous at all he seems276.05.96
like a dick yeah all right oh he is278.366.08
humorous Chris you're so [ __ ] funny281.965.48
muzzle awareness [ __ ] honestly yeah284.446.56
seriously oh yeah work God he's just287.446.319
he's silly Chris he's the total package291.04.44
isn't he he really is all around great293.7595.16
guy marry Chris [ __ ] Chris man he really295.445.0
is funny though everything he says is298.9193.681
quirky it's great let's keep a positive300.443.44
yeahi this is good it'd be fun to play a303.884.759
game play this at some point right I306.44.16
would like to be able to use my308.6395.161
joystick J hey Jess Jess can you please310.565.16
let us out this is going to be what I313.83.679
have to do I have to open the door315.723.56
that's going to be fun mess it up don't317.4794.28
you mess it up good job that's what I319.284.52
get to do all I want to know is where321.7593.681
the where the button is where I can kiss323.84.44
Chris on the mouth cuz he's adorable uh325.444.8
you guys go ahead I'm going to wait here328.245.079
for a bit see who else is coming you330.246.88
mean Mike what I mean you know whoever333.3195.761
aren't you seeing Mike why would you be337.123.96
waiting for Mike I don't like Mike what339.083.44
do you think I like Mike just cuz we're341.084.119
dating not342.527.399
Mike oh look that Mike's X damn Matt345.1997.041
Matt ambitious and active in other words349.9194.4
he's a jock the letter jacket Give It352.244.239
Away what do you354.3194.481
think yeah let's scare people after356.4795.201
people died last you [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah358.85.48
exactly oh Mike good decision you're361.684.84
funnier than Chris seriously it was all364.284.52
his fault what a366.525.119
douchebag you guys you should have seen368.85.119
your faces these people all seem fun371.6394.721
though threaten I'm going to kick you in373.9196.041
the butt you got to step off oh yeah em376.365.52
and I are together now step off that's379.963.92
just the way it is sucker look me my381.884.439
face you look me in my face right now383.884.64
hey could you take these the rest of the386.3196.561
way go blow the guy who just left why I388.526.36
need to go find Sam no no don't leave392.884.68
her alone persist persist you're being394.885.28
weird this is a poor script decision are397.565.32
Kidd two chicks disappeared last year400.164.24
you do remember this right so that was402.884.24
pointless probably got a poop Ashley has404.46.239
a crush on Chris Chris is the funny one407.126.799
right the funny guys get all the chicks410.6395.12
especially when they're Chris funny okay413.9194.361
oh okay somebody's getting a little415.7595.761
friendly oh yeah yeah yeah put that418.284.599
finger in that butt well she's not421.523.239
pooping that's first base for kids these422.8794.081
days yeah it424.7594.56
God oh man you got to see this kind of a429.3195.0
headache just from looking through it so432.5993.961
just no no all right no this is a434.3194.72
different girl no no this is Jess okay436.563.759
should we read a book should we check439.0392.801
her phone she's waiting for who this is440.3194.361
a great game yeah let's read a book441.845.16
we're going to read a book in this game444.684.88
oh grab a snowball let's have a snowball447.04.52
ball fight all right put an icle in the449.564.039
butt does that have a name it's called451.524.239
frosty should we grab a snowball we kiss456.244.88
M Mike's a dick grab see kissing there458.683.72
you go no I don't want see Mike's an461.123.24
[ __ ] [ __ ] Mike okay you're really462.44.919
going to get it what am I going to get a464.366.799
frosty Frosty oh boy oh this guy again467.3195.801
so I have to look at these pictures and471.1595.44
decide which ones make me most anxious473.125.799
um neither just do it though so we can476.5994.081
move on with the game nah you got to478.9193.801
move on there you go bu the plane scares480.684.12
you the crowd scares you neither give me482.724.159
crowds doesn't like this Swip it next484.84.399
one's me oh definitely I fear drowning486.8794.88
snakes guns are more dangerous so and489.1994.321
[ __ ] yeah cockroaches we'll go really491.7593.88
are you kidding cockroaches let's say493.524.079
you're in a sleeping bag which one would495.6393.361
you rather have in the bag with you a497.5993.241
snake or a cockroach cuz I'd love to499.03.879
cuddle up with both let's go snakes then500.843.799
you you make my choice for me then502.8793.361
thanks clowns all right this is the504.6393.921
worst psychologist ever crows are so506.244.48
terrifing any more sessions with this508.566.76
guy oh did I startle you not really no510.728.08
your pen is ridiculously large well I'm515.325.76
just going to pick C for everything all518.85.76
right look okay I'll take right next521.086.4
needles Jes on the right super scary524.565.76
next page please Y no we're doing all527.485.16
right we're not NE just moving just530.325.0
moving storms right storms are super532.644.6
scary scary can't fall asleep to those535.323.04
at all no I hate them it's very537.242.52
interesting can you believe I just538.364.44
picked the things on the right539.763.04
page dude you were in Blacklist what543.325.44
happened I want to see Chris549.0797.721
again previously oh we don't need it552.885.28
previously they're they're going to show556.83.8
us we've been playing this jealousy 9558.164.56
hours until560.65.479
dawn oh this is Josh oh thank goodness562.725.28
thoughtful no he's the one that like566.0793.88
thought to bring them to this [ __ ]568.03.56
they would really like it if we came569.9593.281
back here everyone seems so happy to be571.563.56
here they really do it seem they seem573.244.8
like natural friends seems like natural575.124.839
friends if they were friends they would578.044.44
have rode together no [ __ ] wouldn't they579.9595.0
I wish my buttons did something right582.485.12
now oh it did it shows Chris what oh did584.9595.601
you see his funny level it was off the587.65.2
chart there're a million ways in they're590.564.44
just all lock so wait are we breaking592.84.68
into a cabin who owns this place who has595.05.0
the key looking pretty597.485.68
right oh yeah so hot she's like a600.05.72
sleeper hit kind of G you603.165.04
know yeah605.724.96
this know what you mean does anybody608.24.079
talk like this to each other or is it610.683.92
just me when are you going to take her612.2796.841
to the Bone zone no one says this one no614.66.04
one's ever said that look at these619.123.48
beautiful mountains do you see any620.643.96
parents I mean can you imagine a more622.64.04
you guys are like almost 30 yeah you624.63.32
guys should have been out of the house626.644.04
for like a decade and as agree just627.924.44
agree it's630.684.04
quicker yes just please shut up we're632.363.76
going to give her a634.724.19
frosty pick me out a good icicle I'll be636.126.04
back you kid her I'm okay Chris Chris642.3997.801
you're a hoot oh hey girls hey scare647.445.399
them that'd be in good650.26.12
taste good job652.8393.481
Chris he never us down so we're looking657.65.12
for a bathroom and deodorant660.67.0
right there we go men yes662.728.48
Inferno Badger all right got us all all667.65.799
right got us the badger is in the671.24.8
cupboard yeah okay so yeah we needed it673.3995.24
to heat the lock all right H I hate676.04.639
every one of678.6394.64
them yeah they're all they're all douche680.6395.081
bags aren't they they really are what's683.2796.641
up party people [ __ ] you Mike685.726.2
congrats you're top cow Cuts real deep689.925.24
calling Miss homecoming a691.923.24
cow provoke provoke it provoke it695.725.72
provoke it f you're making everyone698.485.08
uncomfortable Jess that's how he701.444.839
provokes punch in the mouth whatever one703.564.279
of one of the options will be kicker and706.2793.521
snooter there we go get physical709.85.4
girls right come712.6395.961
on stop it no oh what are you doing715.26.72
you're [ __ ] for me got there you go718.66.919
make the smooch MC smooch perfect we're721.925.64
like theut you're not check out this725.5193.481
photo we took there's a dude in the back727.564.2
with his dick out dancing and an icle up729.04.8
his ass731.765.519
yeah em oh733.86.2
the move was that now set the place on737.2794.961
fire let's get out of here yeah J she's740.03.92
right there Jessica where are you I742.244.2
can't see you down there as far as I can743.926.88
tell I still have all seven of my limbs746.446.839
seven I'm gonna tell Chris that one be750.84.52
heroic break your [ __ ] ankle jump753.2794.761
down there let's do something755.325.4
stupid positive attitude folks we're758.044.32
going to like this game oh what you760.725.64
going to do please kill762.364.0
what throw the flashlight at770.2795.881
her yeah that's how it's going to be oh773.06.279
she's gone huh gone love it she's gone776.165.16
she is she can't be behind the log but779.2793.041
not there was a scream good roll credits782.325.16
things got interesting just there for a785.84.2
second previously on until dawn God787.484.479
we're going to a different story no790.04.36
we're done yeah we're done no I want to791.9594.271
see Tammy get a794.362.37
b i806.245.249

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