Oh. My. God. - BACK 4 BLOOD - Frighty Night!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Frighty Night video featuring Back 4 Blood? Let me tell you, it's an absolute ...
Oh. My. God. - BACK 4 BLOOD - Frighty Night!
Oh. My. God. - BACK 4 BLOOD - Frighty Night!

Oh. My. God. - BACK 4 BLOOD - Frighty Night!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Oh. My. God. Did you see our latest video, Simon? It's the best one yet!

simon: I know, right? Back 4 Blood was so intense in our Frighty Night episode!

neebs: I couldn't stop laughing at how bad we were at the game, but hey, at least we had fun!

simon: And don't forget about the epic fan art logo from LGraphicsMedia. That was awesome!

neebs: Absolutely! I think this might just be my new favorite video on our channel. It's a must-watch for sure!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Frighty Night video featuring Back 4 Blood? Let me tell you, it's an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. I mean, the game is so hard, it's both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. If you're a fan of intense gameplay and hilarious commentary, this video is a must-watch.

First off, can we talk about that logo fan art by LGraphicsMedia? It's seriously impressive and adds a cool touch to the video. And of course, we can't forget to show our support for Neebs Gaming by subscribing to their channel and becoming a Patreon. These guys work hard to bring us amazing content, so let's show them some love.

If you're as obsessed with Neebs Gaming as I am, you'll know that their videos are always top-notch. From hilarious cartoons to epic gameplay in games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, and Minecraft, they never disappoint. And let's not forget their GTA V and Subnautica series, which are always a blast to watch. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you check out their playlists.

And the music in this Back 4 Blood video? Absolutely on point. From the intense tracks like "Lyra Mortis" to the more laid-back vibes of "Here Come The Raindrops," the soundtrack really adds to the overall experience. Plus, the commentary from the Neebs crew is as entertaining as ever. They always know how to keep us laughing while kicking butt in games. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the chaos that is Back 4 Blood on Frighty Night with Neebs Gaming. You won't regret it!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, have you seen Neebs Gaming playing Back 4 Blood? That game looks insane! I gotta say, the cinematic gameplay really draws you in. The way they edit the footage with close-ups and dramatic camera angles makes it feel just like you're in an intense zombie movie.

And the action! Man, there are zombies and these crazy mutant monsters everywhere. The Neebs crew has to blast their way through with guns, axes, you name it. And it's not just run-and-gun chaos. They actually work together, covering each other and coordinating attacks. It's really impressive to watch.

But what I love most is the humor. Even in these dire zombie apocalypse situations, the Neebs guys find ways to crack jokes and keep things fun. Their personalities really shine when they're battling zombies. And they come up with these funny nicknames for the monsters, like "oozers" and "crushers." It's just so entertaining.

Bottom line - if you're looking for an awesome cooperative zombie shooter with cinematic action and hilarious commentary, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming's Back 4 Blood series. It's like watching a buddy zombie movie where you wish you could jump through the screen and join the undead-slaying action. I'd take their version of the game over playing it myself any day. Neebs just has a way of bringing games to life and making them so much more immersive and enjoyable to watch.

Neebs Gaming
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oh god oh my god it's grabbed me now oh0.886.32
no eat i got all i got to do i got you i4.644.41
got you i got you7.27.63
back for blood15.363.919
maybe we should say hello to aztekia oh16.564.799
yeah yeah we got anthony and uh19.2793.92
with us and simon and myself nobody else21.3593.201
wanted to play so we had to call in the23.1993.361
b team and this is like i'd say the24.564.4
hottest horror game this season with the26.564.959
exception of maybe resident evil 4 on28.964.0
quest i can't wait to play that quick31.5193.281
player campaign campaign campaign32.964.32
campaign campaign campaign let's just do34.85.2
recruit is that easy mode that's easy37.285.04
mode hey listen i'm here don't worry40.03.76
simon mom is going to take care of you42.323.36
is mama going to breastfeed me everybody43.763.84
ready yes i'm ready all right we're45.684.16
doing quick play quick play47.63.68
yeah i'm going to pick walker does49.843.28
techie gets to be the cute redhead i'm a51.284.88
van evangelo eventually just choose your53.125.04
deck there please jesus sorry like we're56.163.6
not gonna look into the cards too much58.162.96
you know i know it's a huge part of the59.763.52
game but we're taking a look a look-see61.124.319
so i'll take the sniper sure can i be63.284.64
smg boy oh sorry i'll do it simon thank65.4394.0
you there's a bat down below too and67.923.04
there's something happy to be a baseball69.4393.36
bat [ __ ] so my shotgun man yeah be70.964.0
shotty do it shotgun boy i'll be snips72.7994.081
mcdips everybody keep your eyes open for74.963.28
these health stations because we're76.884.0
gonna need them78.242.64
oh this is like the last uh of the it's82.883.76
all right all right we're like doing the85.22.88
last of these86.643.6
it's okay all right it's just that good88.083.76
we're just that good we go fast all90.243.36
right guys don't be uh so are we91.843.52
following i feel like that's techy93.63.199
follow me95.363.48
i actually i saw this last night all96.7994.32
right good good i have a gasoline what98.843.88
does a gasoline do you can throw it and101.1192.801
blow it up102.723.039
yeah come over here we got to blow this103.923.68
up i know i saw this when i was hosting105.7592.561
seems pretty tame right now all right108.325.28
bam bam bam bam bam bam109.683.92
what are bam doing down there113.682.719
[ __ ] why am i getting bloody okay i'll116.4794.081
get down there with you watch out117.924.32
and these guys are up here already yep120.563.839
oh yeah of course oh got you covered uh122.244.879
oh big boy all right i got the backside124.3994.72
over here so i know we were both on the127.1192.801
running in oh129.923.6
it's a red boy red boy with a blowy oh131.683.36
my goodness this is the first level you133.525.04
know oh it's the first135.043.52
yeah i don't know why you guys jump down138.724.519
so much vomit i'm shooting at the son of144.2393.521
a [ __ ]146.2393.681
i figured i was the shotgun boy shotgun147.764.32
mama i had to be up close all right i149.924.08
got you back i'm trying to door at least152.084.239
damn it oh boy i'm bam154.04.16
this friendly fire thing156.3193.2
yes it is158.163.52
get in trouble like they just say hey159.5193.841
watch it yeah i feel like we're okay161.683.6
i've been charged i've been strangled163.363.519
and i'm getting taken away oh we should165.283.679
we should stop that i'll save you please166.8793.601
save come back168.9593.521
unhand her beast170.484.0
this is uh uh there's i'm not getting172.483.52
any ammo we're not moving forward are we174.482.32
you're not moving forward you're moving177.442.48
holy [ __ ] they're coming should i go179.923.84
downstairs because i'm still on the roof181.763.44
yeah we should probably start making our183.763.68
way across yeah yep i'm doing it we're185.23.44
going across this bridge is that the187.442.56
place we're going to techie's covered in188.643.519
blood oh my god this is a knife on the190.04.64
ground can anyone help sure i'm going to192.1594.321
get you194.644.879
holy [ __ ] this is crazy196.484.479
around oh they were already moving you199.5193.201
guys are up here okay200.9594.881
okay okay come on [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]202.725.92
oh god help everyone help doradius i've205.847.119
got you covered oh this guy's a big one208.646.4
doraleous help us take you212.9596.0
down what is this guy [ __ ] i'm down215.043.919
help us i will be i'm just clearing the219.283.519
i really like that you can shoot while222.7994.72
you're on the ground it doesn't work224.085.84
that is good it's so bad oh i got up227.5194.321
somehow yeah i rescued you thank you i'm229.923.76
down i'm coming231.844.08
medic pain on the way233.684.32
simon you hold on we need you this guy's235.924.959
just beating my dead body am i who is238.04.879
somebody reviving me i'm coming here i'm242.8794.0
coming here comes ah it's not a person244.564.8
oh god am i up no i'm not i'm shooting i246.8794.481
can't get up249.365.599
what the hell is going on he had that251.363.599
that was worthy of showing people was255.24.64
that on recruit no because it was257.843.6
friendly fire i think all right step it259.843.68
down step it down hold on step it down261.444.24
and get a beer that was so bad it was263.524.16
all so fun i'm getting a beer i'm just265.683.68
under this car if you guys wanna i'll be267.683.36
with anthony underneath the car yeah269.363.36
what do you think this guy's working on271.043.92
he's changing the starter starter that's272.723.919
pretty far in there no the starter is274.963.519
right around there in most cars yeah but276.6393.12
he hasn't even taken the plastic part278.4793.361
off because this is fake okay i wonder279.7593.521
if we can jump over that thing without281.843.12
blowing it up uh i don't know that got a283.283.28
lot of attention you know i'm sure it284.963.84
did so stay on the roof and knock it out286.564.079
and don't stand up let's stay on the288.84.0
roof together a little bit longer290.6393.84
careful they might be uh can you follow292.83.2
me yeah you know may i like to run ahead294.4794.081
or should we pass beyond the roof296.04.0
well yeah that's what i'm wanting to298.564.96
pretty quickly the great beyond300.05.919
here we go so far so they're all on the303.524.08
other side305.9193.601
there's the thing all right so we gotta307.63.68
blow that up to move on we do looks like309.523.92
we do doesn't it there's lots of coins311.284.24
underneath us too that i can see so we313.444.479
need to go back for those well315.524.959
go ahead someone blow it up317.9194.881
okay and then we'll head through but320.4794.401
it's going to be chaos i don't i don't322.83.44
know where through is but i'm going to324.883.84
be following you guys326.243.6
right now328.722.64
right now all right kind of crazy i329.842.48
don't know why i didn't remember the331.362.64
roof like we were going to stay on over332.323.52
here no i think we changed our minds334.04.96
okay yeah335.843.12
all right all right344.4793.361
big guy coming in346.163.44
all right still running still running no347.843.6
running i'm on your ass buddy this is349.63.36
going slightly better351.443.52
so far yeah i've been grabbed i've been352.963.679
grabbed oh you've been grabbed that's354.964.0
not good just way back oh my god good356.6395.921
stuff come on oh oh [ __ ] okay come on i358.967.12
got [ __ ] everybody i'm running362.563.52
moving is very good moving's nice bam381.846.799
bam bam oh watch out that was bad wow oh385.1995.12
[ __ ] that's a big boy388.6395.321
that is a big boy390.3193.641
they're behind us oh god they're all394.3193.201
coming we'll we'll focus on the ones396.03.039
coming from the bridge397.524.88
oh my god it's grabbed me now oh no399.0394.88
e i don't know what i got to do i got402.42.88
you i got you i got you we're gonna take403.9193.521
you down there you go [ __ ]405.283.6
oh i want to help you guys tech yeah i407.442.96
do something that's okay408.883.28
i've been knocked off the bridge i've410.42.96
been waiting for that i thought things412.162.56
were good413.365.11
they weren't [ __ ] okay [ __ ] okay414.724.8
oh my god419.529.64
oh big boy432.563.56
i don't know what's going on441.443.72
yeah i'd say so dude we can't start on450.6395.201
this level because we ran452.885.039
so we are doing the same thing but it's455.845.359
uneasy now okay do they keep coming no457.9195.521
matter what i don't know probably can we461.1994.56
hold up on a roof and clear them out463.444.08
let's hold up on that one roof this time465.7593.761
yeah yeah i feel like we've got a jeep467.523.84
yep i thought that you went really far469.524.0
and really good last time we did go far471.364.16
but like it just caught up to haunt us473.523.679
yeah we just ran there lots of big boys475.524.799
got spawned bringing that in yeah477.1995.12
those first two times were480.3193.761
god-awful garbage they were pretty bad482.3193.361
yeah they were really bad except this484.084.0
time we're gonna hole up on that roof485.684.0
and hopefully it'll work out better489.684.079
copy that all right491.684.32
i have really so little faith in this493.7594.481
place i do it's all right496.03.919
it seems like it's let's go over there498.243.92
here we go all ready let's go come on499.9194.641
shout out about the mama [ __ ] oh god502.164.8
all right we're going to the roof oh507.844.88
[ __ ] holding up on the roof509.1993.521
you guys are really in a hurry to get to513.5193.2
that room all right we are on the roof514.84.08
we need to blow up the stuff they are516.7193.76
i'm gonna watch our backs because we're518.883.039
gonna need i will watch facts as well we520.4793.201
will i mean they're gonna come from uh521.9193.441
you never know it's random523.683.599
all right so let's wait to blow the525.363.68
thing maybe okay until we finish527.2793.281
clearing out the first i'll blow it when529.042.56
you're ready530.565.279
all right you guys ready ready ready531.64.239
all right535.922.16
mama's got you oh mama oh quit going in560.9593.921
front of me if you're in front of563.762.56
someone go ahead and try to crouch try564.884.959
to remember to you know puppy566.323.519
okay they can't they can the big ones571.764.4
can get us from the bottom but the rest574.164.48
all right come on this pike watch your576.165.6
health and stuff578.643.12
tell me when we should maybe move well582.3994.081
you know i think they're gonna keep on584.723.679
coming they are but the worst thing that586.483.039
we could have done yeah we don't588.3992.721
actually know if they'll ever stop i589.5192.88
don't think they're gonna feel like591.123.04
they're gonna stop i think the explosion592.3993.201
triggered them and once we kill the594.164.32
horde we'll be able to move on okay good595.65.04
plan yeah that that seems about right598.484.4
that's that's how the other games work600.644.24
all right602.884.8
everybody calm down all right i'm calm604.883.76
not you607.684.56
zombie mama's relaxed it's okay608.643.6
they do still keep coming don't they615.2794.321
look it's not slowing down yet617.5193.76
it's not yet i mean i assume eventually619.63.679
we'll run out of ammo well that's the621.2793.601
thing that's what i'm thinking might623.2793.12
because you know626.3993.361
we can't we can't resupply let's find627.8395.201
out at least we bought some629.763.28
i got644.562.32
thank you652.723.04
watch out i'm gonna get i'm gonna hit653.764.4
people from down here i guess burn oops655.764.319
sorry wrong person big big boy658.163.119
i'm downstairs because i had to be climb661.2794.401
back up simon over here look at him663.2795.441
stop and climb up this uh tower can i665.685.04
yep i just jumped in the water for some668.724.119
[ __ ] reason it looked nice it looked670.725.359
refreshing what the [ __ ] we wanted to do672.8394.761
like damn it where'd you guys go677.64.799
you're up on a higher roof oh no there's679.8394.56
a lot on you yeah there sure is i'll682.3994.241
help from above oh looks like684.3994.0
they're easing up686.643.12
no it doesn't688.3993.041
big boy here big boy689.764.56
all right it's really jasmine lord guys691.444.32
yeah i don't think it's ever gonna stop694.324.8
okay look i stand corrected695.764.88
oh lord i just saw as techie get700.643.759
okay girl yeah i got this whole day holy704.3994.081
[ __ ] that that bat you're telling me you706.83.2
can last down there no problem with the708.483.52
bat that's pretty good wow that's pretty710.05.48
good [ __ ]712.03.48
there's another big boy downstairs724.566.92
she's still swinging down there727.24.28
they're everywhere736.3995.38
oh my god744.483.919
we need to just run yeah you we have to746.483.76
we gotta [ __ ] run748.3993.521
gather around all right750.244.159
let's do it751.922.479
stay on each other all right close754.563.839
follow me follow me all right close this756.563.2
is the sprint run right just going758.3993.281
through kind of yeah making it happen oh759.764.16
and there's stamina that's right761.684.0
all right we got to be careful yep yep763.923.12
yep we don't need these are stamina765.682.719
until we're gonna767.044.16
[ __ ] go yep768.3994.56
you know we're gonna do it again but771.25.52
better you ready yeah on me yeah772.9595.68
all right776.723.84
i think you got to shoot it more778.6396.281
oh here we go there it goes780.564.36
i mean come on now all right yeah no i799.043.2
hear you especially some tougher ones800.562.64
there's some tougher ones all right802.242.96
simon's taking the point i don't i don't803.24.0
want to be but i'm here all right right805.22.879
behind you807.22.16
there's nobody up it's pretty clear up808.0792.801
here there's an amazon809.363.84
area go right into the door810.884.8
what door this one yep follow me i'm on813.24.4
point all right good all right815.683.12
we're in the boat we've made it further817.63.12
than ever before further than ever818.84.96
before grabbing those coins ascending820.724.799
all right almost come on823.764.319
the ferry we're on and i think we gotta825.5194.401
jump off the pack828.0793.841
come on baby guys come on we gotta829.923.68
gather the team come on follow me yeah831.924.159
yeah i'm on a cute little house i've got833.65.359
zeros oh i see the military we're going836.0794.481
to the military guys come on come on838.9593.201
come on let's do this all right we can840.564.399
grab stuff like i'm gonna grab this842.165.119
did you grab that oh i did here no no844.9594.081
you you keep it i shouldn't even have it847.2793.281
two of us want to go on there oh look at850.562.8
all this i just wanted we didn't even852.242.599
use anything853.362.56
yeah i don't know if you're gonna shoot854.8393.161
anything so we gotta go get that bomb855.922.88
i gotta play someone wanna grab one of859.63.28
these explosions the explosives are here861.5193.44
oh [ __ ] i got a big man ready to run862.883.68
anthony let's do it you guys stay back864.9593.44
and cover us well866.563.839
i got my little smg let's do it868.3993.601
all right you want to do it let me870.3993.12
reload and let's do it872.02.72
take out the big ones take out the big873.5193.521
oh there's a turret here if anyone wants877.443.199
to just go ahead and hop on this to878.883.44
defend us please dude880.6393.121
all right we're moving it all right882.323.04
ready here we go here we go here we go883.763.92
we go go go go go all right oh my god oh885.363.68
my god887.683.519
okay simple easy we're in i'll go ahead889.044.96
with the bat going in all right891.1995.121
am i who am i here with894.04.959
the explosives do you go to that one911.122.56
i'll go to the other one door i got you912.3992.56
planting explosive we got to get right914.9593.601
the [ __ ] off all right there's a second916.724.0
one why aren't you there i'm going right918.564.079
now why would you watch me do it we have920.725.28
time to we just split up here we go oh922.6395.281
[ __ ] anthony planting i'm going to get926.03.12
back up927.924.0
get back up up the stairs929.126.24
60 seconds one minute oh my god okay931.926.4
okay okay get off my [ __ ] ass you get935.364.24
out of here zombie you don't know about938.323.519
you guys are my heroes942.0795.361
oh i i expect a good welcome party945.1993.361
yes yes oh [ __ ] come on oh god simon948.566.48
simon he's952.242.8
what the hell is happening i am covered957.684.48
in some sort of bad goo it's okay959.445.44
oh yeah962.162.72
24 seconds 24.966.164.16
come on baby968.0795.68
come on baby hop it on the minigun970.325.6
who's left973.7594.161
yeah come on oh that was a gun i could975.925.719
have been using yes977.923.719
we're a really good team we are such a994.724.32
good team996.724.28
[ __ ] me999.046.039
gotcha jesus1001.04.079

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