LAST MAN STANDING WINS - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.1

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
LAST MAN STANDING WINS - 7 Days To Die:  Alone-ish  Pt.1
LAST MAN STANDING WINS - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.1

LAST MAN STANDING WINS - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.1

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Last Man Standing Wins! Today, we're playing 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish, and let me tell you, it's gonna be intense!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, this is definitely one of my favorite videos. I mean, watching you try to survive on your own is just too hilarious!

appsro: Ha! Don't count me out just yet, Simon. I may be alone-ish, but I've got some serious skills up my sleeve. Just wait and see who comes out on top!

neebs: Oh, it's on, Appsro! I'm ready to take you down and claim that victory for myself. Let the games begin!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel? It's a real nail-biter, I tell you. Three teams of two facing off in a battle where death means elimination. The last team or man standing takes home the win. It's as simple as that, but trust me, the action is anything but simple.

In this episode titled "LAST MAN STANDING WINS - 7D2D: Alone-ish Pt.1," the intensity is through the roof. The stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. If you haven't already subscribed to Neebs Gaming, now's the perfect time to hit that subscribe button and join in on the fun. Plus, if you want to show your support, you can become a Patreon and get access to even more exclusive content.

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let's get up here7.123.56
simon yeah you look a little different30.725.44
my nubian queen do i okay what am i i'm33.26.24
okay i'm a black lady yeah okay you like36.165.52
really black okay like blacker than39.444.08
wesley snipes black well that's fine41.683.199
with me but you're beautiful we got43.524.0
stuff to do we do work we got work to do44.8795.441
i'm not i'm not having fun yet47.525.12
i have not touched this alpha you've50.324.079
been practicing i haven't touched it52.645.52
because i want a challenge right54.3996.64
bedroll done58.164.64
i think we may be the luckiest players61.0393.76
alive that's the truth that is a trait62.84.56
we spawn right next to a goddamn traitor64.7994.161
i'm sure others will spawn pretty close67.362.88
i mean we don't this doesn't guarantee68.962.8
our victory yet no it doesn't guarantee70.242.96
our victory but it's nice that we know71.763.28
where the trader is already that's true73.23.279
and we're right on the right on the edge75.042.88
of a town all right what's first goal76.4793.28
you know make yourself some cloth uh77.923.92
clothes we'll get some stones79.7593.761
yeah just yeah prep a little bit punch81.844.0
some trees it's eight o'clock right now83.523.919
let's uh let's get back together around85.842.88
ten deal87.4393.521
me right back here yes punch get the88.723.96
gonna say craft a bed roll but that95.282.96
doesn't really matter does it96.7994.441
hey buddy hey there's a trainer right101.4394.401
over there man it's a blue skies green103.284.4
ground crater right there it's a good105.843.52
start yeah couldn't be better let's107.683.28
knock out these uh these stupid little109.364.799
sturdy things okay and then uh we'll110.964.96
take it from there right yes sir you114.1595.28
know what's up this is ours in the bag115.926.479
i wouldn't say that119.4392.96
let's just go see what this trader123.4393.841
i know one of them has a thai boy127.286.08
oh i am so glad to see your face i am so130.165.76
glad to see your tits face i mean you133.364.48
are very very pretty135.923.36
and we're sorry that we're being137.843.68
stereotypically i know i'm sorry we're139.284.24
sexist we're old though yeah and we can141.523.92
get away with something that's right yep143.524.719
we're confused yeah all right trader jen145.445.36
tier one fetch we can go play fetch go148.2394.241
retrieve the shipment and return it to150.83.68
me listen is it the closest i was told152.483.92
by a very smart man that we should go to154.483.97
the closest ones156.45.18
i'll buy a boiled egg from you all right166.723.12
hey thank you you and i are going to do168.3193.441
a lot of business together go ahead and169.844.08
get used to seeing me171.763.759
love you buddy let's slam this door as173.923.84
hard as i can boom so you know i mean175.5193.601
all right hey anthony hmm ready to179.125.0
travel a little bit180.643.48
oh whoa pipe shotgun number two already184.485.36
shut your dumb mouth and some aloe cream187.046.0
a number two yes wow that's pretty good189.844.64
you ready to talk to trader194.483.64
i don't want to make things weird well206.082.879
you already did so what do you want to207.5993.601
do doraleous uh do should we do a job208.9593.601
off the bat before or should we find a211.23.119
place i think find a place i think212.562.8
you're right let's go ahead and prep214.3192.801
like it's almost nighttime yeah prepped215.363.04
like mick jagger just wanted217.123.119
introductions i'm knees my friend218.44.96
rallies oh i'm sorry doraleous yeah all220.2394.401
right lady223.364.48
i met a nate once224.643.2
hold up is that a water tower it's a229.122.96
tower that holds something there'll be230.723.04
water that's so close to the trade or232.083.439
two traders still right over there yeah233.764.479
oh oh oh i hear zombies where at oh it's235.5194.321
a lois i got her i got her you got her238.2393.521
all you got to do is pop in whack there239.843.119
you go if you go for the head the head's241.763.199
the best part yeah that's it and then242.9594.081
next time little heavy one244.9593.441
and then she's going to get back up i'm247.042.479
going to let my stamina climb a little248.43.759
bit do it again and she's down it's very249.5194.0
nice yeah i want to check yeah if252.1592.961
there's water in this thing how [ __ ]253.5192.641
awesome would you when there's a box255.124.48
regardless there's a box upstairs256.163.44
we need a team name260.2393.841
should we like mix our names or do262.0793.921
something just random i think random's264.084.24
the way to go yeah oh chicken get down266.03.52
you'll never get that chicken what are268.323.76
you talking about i got one he's running269.523.679
i can make some zombs on this structure273.1994.401
to our left what are you guys doing up276.04.16
here always be gathering yeah i know but277.66.0
also be looking for zombs280.166.24
we go into this place right right right283.64.64
clear the [ __ ] out all of it we clear286.45.2
it but we lure zombies out okay well288.244.88
that's fine there's a zombie over here291.63.12
that's close enough that might be part293.123.359
of the issue there's a gentleman right294.722.96
here right on the other side of this296.4793.28
fence i mean he's probably one that we297.683.92
need to take care of oh my god this is299.7593.601
going to take forever uninstall301.64.08
uninstall simon i mean we could abort303.363.92
this mission and realize that it's going305.683.84
to take a lot of time to go play warzone307.285.199
what oh no you don't he's gonna help out309.525.28
okay get my club ready all right i feel312.4793.601
like we should go take care of zombie314.83.44
pig 44 though all right do that i'll316.084.399
stay here no no like we well they're318.243.84
already out and one of them is a crawler320.4794.0
what the heck how did he die natural322.084.72
causes hey pal i'm gonna do one arrow oh324.4795.361
did i just shoot you god damn it326.85.28
oh bad news anthony bad news oh i fell332.4795.041
in hey there's some food in here hey why335.363.679
would people put food in their water i337.523.04
don't know i was really hoping for water339.0392.801
oh there's a zombie at the bottom of340.564.079
nerd pole okay341.845.44
a few shots344.6392.641
i'm kevin it's all right349.63.96
he's done he's out he's ragdolling354.43.44
beautiful it's all right you know what356.42.88
let's mosey this way see if we can find357.844.96
a water source mosey mosey mosey359.283.52
oh simon what got a pipe gun ooh yeah363.445.36
pipe gun367.443.759
door's unlocked anybody i'm book368.84.48
zom-zom all right come on that one ran373.285.039
just one oh [ __ ] no there's two of them375.64.56
she's weird check this lady out she's on378.3194.0
her back she's doing some weird [ __ ]380.164.4
backstroke that's not a lady oh she hit382.3195.44
me you [ __ ]384.563.199
oh hit me389.9192.801
too oh another strike392.846.52
no heads up all right i like that ah395.9195.201
listen i feel like it's getting dark is399.363.2
it getting dark i'm scared that we don't401.123.919
have anywhere to go you know man i love402.564.56
it i don't know what you love you're not405.0395.44
even talking to me i'm not407.123.359
oh [ __ ] another zombie [ __ ] i'm in my410.6393.521
damn it simon i'm already at 70. take414.164.64
him out417.285.359
this one's a little faster huh he is418.83.839
i didn't shoot you that's why i wanted434.963.76
to get you out oh behind you simon oh436.724.319
[ __ ]438.722.319
he's been infected he needs to go442.884.319
looking for some uh yeah some stumps444.6394.241
find the stash i'm gonna kill this guy447.1992.961
take a swing i'm going to help i'm going448.883.12
to help out450.164.24
oh indy how the [ __ ] did he get me after452.03.68
i hit him454.43.359
did you hit me did you [ __ ] shoot me455.683.68
with an arrow no i didn't i've got my457.7594.081
club out i hit you like you did you459.365.04
[ __ ] got the stash let's go back461.845.12
what is important right now is maybe to464.46.0
just get safe for the night466.963.44
so this would not be a good base i doubt470.8795.361
i heard a snake oh i heard a snake oh i473.684.16
see him right behind this tree that i'm476.244.0
looking at okay see him yeah i know i do477.843.84
what are you doing you little snakey480.243.12
snake he's like481.684.639
he's hiding perfectly behind the tree483.364.959
little piece of [ __ ] oh boy he jumped he486.3194.32
jumped as snakes too488.3195.041
oh boy i do not want to get bit by that490.6394.161
is it dead yeah493.363.44
all right494.84.0
yeah yeah yeah496.84.88
yeah yeah498.82.88
corn oh the water yes yes all right oh505.286.24
oh god that is a [ __ ] snake508.724.72
distance play distance i gotta arrow all511.523.759
right yep yep513.443.039
oh missed515.2792.64
keep your distance get out to the roads516.4792.48
get out to the road517.9192.721
i'm out of arrows all right i got arrows518.9592.801
you take this snake all right there he520.643.199
is there he is521.764.32
oh there i got a shot i hit him one oh523.8394.0
oh i think we got him you got him we got526.083.199
him we got him okay527.8393.201
double tap529.2795.12
that's a little bit of meat531.045.2
look how wide open this is over here534.3993.521
just to the right yeah it's nice but536.243.039
what if we're like look at it's like537.923.039
chickenville hey look man we got to get539.2793.601
moving i know here540.9593.121
why don't we do it like right here at542.882.88
the corner not far from anything maybe544.083.439
just go out here a little bit okay but545.763.44
not much and we're close enough to the547.5193.841
trade or right here i'll start building549.24.319
something you started i'll get you wood551.364.479
okay i'm encumbered553.5194.401
yeah let's be smart about this we're not555.8394.321
let's be smart oh yeah that's not a bad557.923.84
idea yeah i was thinking maybe we'd go560.163.52
the smart route whoa561.762.72
i'm building fireplaces crap stop what564.485.6
stop i just built like 10 fireplaces you567.444.079
remember that smart angle we were gonna570.086.12
take yeah all that started right now571.5194.681
we gotta call it uh let's do this gas584.243.92
station gas station this gas station is586.083.68
gonna be our home anthony and it's open588.163.92
let's take care of this stupid beach all589.765.36
right give her a smack592.083.04
i got it i got it ground smack crowd596.324.16
smack around smack there you go give it598.324.32
one more lap there she goes600.486.32
okay how do we get into this gas station602.644.16
i got her down i'm uh catching my my609.044.0
breath maybe i'll come to you just to be611.2793.601
honest do it do it oh it's running at613.046.72
you oh she hit me i'm not infected614.886.88
she really wants me oh she changed her619.764.0
mind she likes you better now well she621.764.16
saw me for the first time623.763.92
i wish we had a team name i would scream625.923.44
it oh team627.683.839
nipples team nipples we both have629.364.159
nipples don't we let's put that yeah631.5195.961
mystery we have a lot of stuff633.5193.961
oh anthony yeah come over here651.685.52
oh it's oh what's that where's that go i654.484.32
don't know i'm gonna be real careful657.23.92
okay i found a potato seed okay cool658.83.76
that's good for our farm we should make661.122.88
oh dude there's a whole [ __ ] bunker662.563.36
down here oh my god can we just live in664.04.64
that maybe can i come down uh yes i'm665.924.96
opening the bunker okay668.643.36
dude this670.882.88
maybe this gas station guy was like oh672.03.68
weird survivalist got a got a girl in673.763.519
here she's standing up maybe it was her675.684.56
and it didn't go well677.2792.961
all right i got her all right681.043.44
nice good job all right684.566.0
maybe not okay got some good boxes in688.483.44
here bunker690.563.68
oh [ __ ] oh oh691.923.919
couple i'm in there i'm backing out nope694.243.279
i'm right behind him695.8393.201
all right back out back out so i can697.5193.601
arrow the other guys there we go699.045.2
go smack smack him yep smack it again i701.125.12
got hit once704.243.36
oh [ __ ]706.243.599
you got that guy707.63.84
whale on his head whale on his head all709.8393.281
right i'm hitting when he's down711.443.839
down almost there there he is713.123.44
all right oh what's it dropping yellow715.2793.12
bag you got it look for it hey we got716.564.32
some food we got some ammo yeah718.3995.041
anthony this is a cool spot this is home720.884.399
this man we got a cool [ __ ] spot723.444.24
absolutely i'm gonna shut this door725.2794.0
and never open it again i think we're727.683.12
going to win we just wait out can we729.2792.961
sleep together on the bed hell yeah we730.83.92
can all right732.244.88
hey doraleous neebs maybe we just for734.724.64
food we should like you know737.125.279
chickens go huh get chickens an easy739.365.44
home let's go find an easy home yeah742.3994.801
that's the thing let's put our um claim744.84.4
block in here oh yeah put a claim block747.22.96
oh we should have put that under the750.164.479
under the fire maybe751.443.199
wow i didn't think you had the dukes ooh757.043.84
shotgun ammo don't take your time in758.9593.601
here thick we need to find shelter for760.883.04
the evening all right all right all762.563.68
right okay i've suffered a concussion763.924.24
i'm sure you have should we see about766.244.56
fortifying a small place in here yes we768.164.799
should can we get up770.84.479
god no that's stupid right god it's772.9596.241
getting dark this is insane775.2793.921
which one uh right here right here all780.483.12
right that's it782.242.599
see a783.63.84
zombie i got some poops what did you784.8394.521
drink uh you drink dirty water i ate a787.444.079
sham sandwich oh i just want to let you789.364.64
know i got boops791.5195.281
you [ __ ] ow oh794.05.12
there we go all right796.84.96
hit a man with poopy butt799.124.24
i need to make some spikes and i see a801.763.6
chicken right now803.364.159
i got the chicken807.5192.56
oh what was that810.0794.081
man let me look at my menus for a second811.925.28
okay behind the house814.164.96
i'm coming817.23.84
i appreciate you taking a second off of821.044.0
chicken duty823.045.88
we're starting with this [ __ ]825.043.88
oh i swear it just looks it just looks829.125.2
okay get ya looked everywhere but where832.324.879
he was how's your health uh i'm like834.324.72
half oh [ __ ]837.1993.601
steve do you need that you need to abort839.043.68
this being stubborn we just got to loot840.83.68
this one house and get back to our base842.722.88
i don't think we're gonna finish that844.483.359
house ah hit me again845.64.72
holy moly847.8394.0
how about this little this little thing850.324.319
right here this little851.8392.8
there might be hot in here it's like a855.2793.601
oh it's just look at that there's a food856.6394.241
here yeah there's zombies behind it be858.883.84
careful okay860.883.04
get all the food i'll watch you back i862.723.84
didn't i didn't uh i aborted purse right863.925.279
here uh-huh is zombie coming at me866.564.959
oh he's running after him oh crap that869.1994.88
was stupid i know don't judge me i871.5196.161
didn't not you everybody874.0793.601
we got him all right877.923.12
we find as much food as we can on the879.62.239
go back to the base881.8393.521
i got wood in the apple box that makes883.443.759
is this a can of pringles nothing i887.1994.08
opened a can of pringles and got water889.364.32
nope oh this is the worst no wonder891.2794.961
they're out of business893.684.56
there's a guy here of course there is896.243.839
god i wish i had freaking oh god you898.244.56
have a pipe guard yeah of course you do900.0793.681
hold on902.82.56
all right903.762.879
oh vehicle909.683.2
hopefully it comes after me913.1996.391
i like it yeah this could turn into our919.764.24
tomb i think we should be up here but922.04.079
how do we keep them from coming up here924.03.76
well they can't climb of course they can926.0793.68
climb they can't climb ladders yeah they927.764.24
can what they can climb ladders they929.7594.64
just can't climb like ladders that don't932.04.639
have the bottom two there where we can934.3994.401
jump up they won't think to that's why936.6394.721
we need to have spikes i can make four938.84.88
time went by too fast you think i wonder941.363.52
if we can just go on the roof of the943.683.68
police station nerd pull up i can craft944.884.959
17 and you're saying on the roof okay947.363.07
it's nighttime949.8393.68
today has gone swimmingly so far953.5193.361
appstore knows what he's doing so i'm955.7592.64
listening to him following him and956.882.959
apparently his instincts are doing well958.3992.961
because we're in a prepper bunker959.8392.881
underground and we're probably in a961.363.44
better condition than a lot of the other962.723.28
right now i have high hopes for us being966.03.519
able to win this because i know the968.02.8
other guys they're sloppy thick969.5192.721
especially you see thick's reckless i970.82.719
know effect's gonna run out he's just972.242.88
gonna like try to start getting kills973.5192.801
and he's gonna get murdered doing975.122.8
something stupid i think our biggest976.325.8
threat is gonna be neebs and doraleous977.924.2
oh you're way down there neebs i know983.363.68
i'm getting some corn what is that what985.123.6
is that what's up987.044.4
it's a pig okay i ran out of the988.725.119
freaking get that [ __ ]991.443.519
oh my god993.8393.521
he's chasing me i know can he mess up994.9594.081
this can you uh hit him with the arrows997.364.08
no i don't know999.045.12
oh boy i'm gonna die on day one you're1001.445.519
done no you are now1004.164.32
he's gone i'm running going home1008.486.479
i got a shot on the pig1011.8393.12
i got a second shot on the pig1015.044.0
he's trying to figure it out you1017.64.08
that was a1021.682.48
this can't be1035.283.559
we never even named our team1039.125.219
this is all my fault1042.644.399
hear a dog1047.0393.281
i thought you said i'm a dog no i hear a1048.243.36
dog oh1050.322.96
it sounds really bad out there i'm glad1051.63.36
we're not just hanging out there in the1053.283.759
middle of the night right1054.965.04
why would anybody do that1057.0392.961
i see you running i don't remember where1061.364.64
the police station is1063.0392.961
i don't feel like they can i hope you're1076.164.08
right i really do they're not gonna1077.9195.201
weigh at it you know1080.242.88
they're up they're up they're up yeah1083.6795.36
yeah of course they're up1086.885.2
jesus did you go down yeah i did okay1089.0396.0
because they went up all right1092.085.52
oh god1095.0395.76
maybe i'm safe up here1097.63.199
did i see something go through the door1104.643.44
it's where i just saw something poke1106.7992.481
through the door1108.083.44
am i crazy i mean it sounds bad up there1109.283.6
but god i don't want to even go out1111.522.8
there until four o'clock here right1112.882.88
let's ignore it where do you want the1114.323.2
fire maybe in the spot that this bed1115.765.44
let's destroy this table and that i am1117.525.2
god something is making a bunch of damn1121.24.16
noise i hate it1122.723.68
that's where i just saw another thing1125.363.84
poking through that door1126.42.8
put it1133.444.0
down are you kidding what can't you put1134.845.56
down another block to nerd pole oh no1137.444.72
going back to that place where i was all1140.45.36
right i saw you running oh god stamina1142.165.2
can't wait to die can't wait to leave1145.764.0
this [ __ ] series hey listen don't say1147.364.8
that i need you i should be the one1149.764.24
saying god i'm stuck oh god they are all1152.164.16
over you1154.04.32
anymore okay good oh god there's a1156.324.96
ladder over here oh god oh no1158.324.8
what nothing1161.283.12
[ __ ]1163.123.6
[ __ ] this game okay come on buddy you1164.44.399
got this please please please pal can1166.724.48
this guy jump up here he jumps up here i1168.7995.361
swear to god uninstall1171.26.0
oh god this is good if i add something1174.165.84
to the fire will will i uh attract1177.25.52
anybody i don't know let's find out but1180.04.799
i'm up here and i don't think they're1182.724.0
gonna be able to get to me okay i see1184.7994.641
you yep you're good yep um as of right1186.724.959
now i think tomorrow we need to focus on1189.443.76
the base1191.6793.841
i don't know why1193.23.839
i thought i would be in a better1195.522.64
with thick i don't think these1198.165.04
developers have any idea how time works1200.484.8
in this game but i feel like night time1203.24.56
right now it's lasting an eternity i now1205.285.44
i think tomorrow i'm i know i need to be1207.765.76
a lot more alert1210.724.72
with thick simon's probably frustrated1213.523.84
with me right now because he he said1215.443.359
some things he was like hey maybe we1217.363.52
should do this and i didn't listen1218.7993.521
lessons were learned we've got some1220.883.6
opportunities to improve and we'll1222.324.479
probably die so we won't1224.484.64
oh you know what but land claim block1229.444.16
yeah super important i'm gonna put one1231.844.079
of these down okay right1233.63.92
boom so it's at that down where the1235.9194.0
bathtub is okay i'm tempted to smack our1237.524.0
door once and see if it's weak because1239.9192.721
you have to smack it to know if it's1241.523.84
damaged right uh oh yeah1242.643.919
so they're outside oh yeah they're1245.363.52
outside oh okay did we make ourselves a1246.5594.24
death trap i mean1248.883.84
we'll lay this bike in front of the door1250.7994.561
at four o'clock we open the door right1252.724.0
here tell me the door all right the1255.362.96
door's at three thousand five hundred1256.723.199
and seven thousand oh dory you're doing1258.323.359
great i mean door's doing fine pit up1259.9193.201
door's doing fine you know it's probably1261.6792.401
like [ __ ] two of them or some1263.122.64
[ __ ] out there playing a safe though1264.083.52
oh yeah no playing playing is super safe1265.765.12
trying to win a game here yeah1267.64.88
don't even think i deserve to win even1270.883.12
if i went well if i win i guess i win1272.484.079
for both of us but horrible day i feel1274.04.24
like it's over it's over for team1276.5592.641
get my cash and i can go exchange it for1279.26.32
duke coins and maybe buy some peas1281.364.16
all right it's four o'clock you ready1286.083.28
and i'm gonna open the door in three two1287.444.16
one oh1289.365.199
yeah three on three1291.62.959
oh they're smacking ooh they're smacking1296.7993.76
okay it's working it's working1300.7996.161
all dead beautiful1303.6793.281
oh they destroyed our thing up top oh1308.03.52
one's about to fall in one's falling in1309.63.33
on me1311.524.469
help no you know just needed to smack1317.285.68
when times come all right step back1320.45.44
go there we go guys [ __ ]1322.964.24
so yeah we'll go upstairs and start1325.842.88
trying to fortify what we can we're1327.23.04
gonna need more wood more stone all that1328.723.199
good stuff all the things all the things1330.244.319
all the things oh god oh god that is a1331.9195.601
goddamn wolf up there oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh1334.5595.041
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] can wolf go1337.525.519
in cube [ __ ] that's a big goddamn wolf1339.64.72
what if you just stay like right at the1343.0392.88
bottom like right at the bottom of the1344.322.8
hole and hit him with arrows try to1345.9192.801
arrow him as much as you can all right1347.123.12
oh okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all1348.723.199
right yeah you back set up a [ __ ] come1350.244.0
here yep get them1351.9193.841
all right yeah get hit gotta hit here we1354.244.0
go boy there we go there we go yeah yeah1355.765.279
yeah yeah1358.242.799
yeah right here hang right here1373.283.68
i think we found a loophole in the1375.6794.0
system ah i'm out of arrows1376.964.48
keep smacking what is going on you want1379.6793.921
me to try it no no god damn it level1381.444.4
five club though1383.66.24
i got it there we go there we go1385.844.0
simon we made it through the night1392.084.079
officially all these guys are still1394.1594.081
coming after me why don't i do this why1396.1593.681
don't i help you oh1398.244.799
what just found a pipe machine gun oh1399.845.36
good man now let's see if we can keep1403.0397.0
you alive long enough to use it you [ __ ]1405.24.839
oh [ __ ] anthony what there's a bear to1422.245.2
our west okay go around [ __ ] me okay1425.0394.24
it's northwest now just got climbed over1427.444.32
a fence that way okay god damn man this1429.2794.721
game is just throwing animals at us1431.764.159
yeah plug that hole follow that hole1434.03.039
yeah yeah yeah yeah you know what i'm1435.9193.041
gonna have yeah pretty good first day1437.0393.921
anthony and i yes the game threw a wolf1438.962.959
at us1440.962.64
but we worked through it and we managed1441.9193.841
to survive and uh my health looks good1443.63.6
the biggest the biggest downside is that1445.764.56
[ __ ] bear back there1447.23.12
so we can we can actually like build a1455.363.52
place right here in the street if we1457.63.12
want to why not and then we're close to1458.883.76
water we're on like the borderline of1460.724.0
like a shitty place and a good place but1462.644.32
you know what it's home so simon overall1464.724.64
not a bad day yeah listen if we can1466.964.959
survive that we could survive another1469.365.679
night yeah1471.9193.12
hey they're open okay1479.125.2
all right hey lady i was here yesterday1484.323.839
i forgot to talk to you it's one of my1486.723.28
uh journey1488.1594.961
oh it's getting bad out there um1490.06.72
lamb rations for 180 i have eight1493.126.48
you see a man who just lost his partner1496.725.04
uh starving to death1499.64.0
and you can't meet me in the middle1501.764.24
so uh i almost have enough to buy lamb1507.524.48
rations i'm1510.03.36
really starving to death i think i can1512.03.12
just gather a couple more things1513.362.72
come on1516.084.0
that's on me entirely i had spikes i had1522.7996.0
i respect the pig1527.363.52
respect grumpy pig is gonna do what a1528.7996.0
grumpy pig does nothing but respect1530.883.919
you lost1535.763.399
next time1555.122.72
if there's even a next time1558.06.559
you can show the world1561.127.28
you're not so lame1564.5593.841
there's still in the shot dora oh my bad1568.7995.721
thank you1571.363.16

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