Another One Bites the Dust - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's a intense battle royale-style game ...
Another One Bites the Dust - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.2
Another One Bites the Dust - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.2

Another One Bites the Dust - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.2

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen the latest video, 'Another One Bites the Dust - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.2'? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video is pure gold. I love watching us fail miserably in the game.

neebs: And the description cracks me up every time. 'Death= Elimination. Last team or man standing, wins. Simple as that.' I mean, who needs complicated rules, right?

appsro: Exactly! And don't forget about the music list. 'On the Run', 'Mysteries', 'Hot Swing'... It's like a party for our ears while we struggle in the game.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's a intense battle royale-style game with 3 teams of 2 facing off against each other. The rules are simple - death equals elimination, and the last team or man standing wins it all. It's an action-packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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uh this is it for me1.4394.721
no and i'm out of arrows oh no3.364.8
[ __ ]6.165.72
this is it for me8.163.72
thick yeah i'm trying to get some murky44.963.68
water do you have any cans or jars47.22.8
because we need to get water because i48.643.599
didn't just realize i didn't have any ah50.05.12
i think i have cans can cans work for52.2395.761
they don't do they don't [ __ ] [ __ ]55.124.8
i thought that the cans worked i'm58.03.76
hungry yeah i'm sure you are and i'm59.924.48
thirsty they're dogs looking at us simon61.766.32
do you have jars no i i don't have jars64.46.64
but we need to get away follow me oh god68.084.64
there's a zombie right here too yeah all71.043.119
right that's fun72.722.8
where am i following you too because now74.1593.041
i'm slow cause i'm thirsty there's some75.523.52
water in here oh and also cause i'm77.24.08
crouching there we go yeah i got four79.044.24
bottles of water come here okay follow81.285.479
me follow me83.283.479
come on anthony day two is it morning oh86.7994.64
yeah it's eight o'clock uh 8 30 actually89.1194.0
and let me double check nothing out here91.4393.921
wolves this time no wolves no wolves uh93.1194.081
i guess that bear might still be out95.363.6
there so keep your eyes out should we97.23.68
here let's go to the observation roof i98.963.36
like it i like it i like it i like it100.883.199
what was it the same location we left it102.323.759
oh god man we really should figure out104.0793.921
how to get rid of him um106.0795.201
we can make bows and stone arrows oh god108.04.72
yeah that's our biggest threat i have111.283.519
bow i don't have many arrows okay yeah112.723.759
we need more arrows oh do you have a bow114.7994.64
um i do i do have bow i only have three116.4794.721
arrows so that's that's not going to119.4393.04
take down a bear it's not enough for a121.23.04
bear it's not enough for a bear anthony122.4793.28
all right well what do we do what's our124.244.239
goal to get more arrows and things well125.7594.56
i think we want to lose because we want128.4794.081
to find food and stuff so where's that130.3194.961
trader was it it's over there okay so my132.565.6
proposal is we go over to the trader um135.284.48
and then we do like a trader mission138.163.84
sure easy trader mission level one139.763.68
trader mission oh yeah yeah yeah level142.03.2
one trainer mission so that'll take us143.443.6
inside uh you know inside of a house145.22.96
where we can yeah147.043.919
we can loot yeah and then it'll also148.164.88
allow us to do missions150.9595.841
bunny rabbit right to your right okay153.043.76
yeah all right i got my ball knife keep168.04.08
an eye that bear is over that way we get169.764.0
to eat today yeah we do still have some172.083.28
meat in the fridge so worst case we can173.764.08
make some like nasty gross meat but i'd175.363.76
really love to find a cooking pot so we177.843.039
can make some boiled eggs and [ __ ] okay179.125.33
be great also find a grill180.8794.881
day two look at all that crap 33 health185.765.199
i got a jacket189.285.76
icon a achy head umbrella umbrella okay190.9594.961
i'm gonna try that vending machine that195.923.92
vending machine might have cheaper food198.084.4
in it is there an egg yes199.844.399
i don't know how to cook it but hey come202.483.839
back for y'all later i'm coming back204.2394.481
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] dog dog i'm dead209.446.0
thick i'm dead there's a [ __ ] dog212.486.0
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] no and i'm out215.444.879
of arrows oh no218.484.479
this is it for me this is it for me oh i220.3194.48
see you oh my god this is it for me i'm222.9594.321
running i'm running i have no idea how224.7994.561
i'm still running i see it nope now i'm227.284.0
not running still chasing you oh my god229.363.12
it turned around231.283.679
oh god oh my god232.485.28
did it go after you no but234.9595.2
i see it it stopped and i need to get237.764.64
away it turned around and my health is240.1595.921
at seven i'm right behind you holy [ __ ]242.46.72
thick oh god i'm so [ __ ] close to246.085.92
death and i can't even give myself249.127.759
anything to help myself holy [ __ ]252.04.879
now hey sometimes around these traders259.444.319
you can find good [ __ ] like just laying261.63.92
around out here just hanging out yeah263.7592.801
just hanging out actually like a265.522.56
birthday this bird's nest is there an266.563.919
egg no but six feathers make arrows yes268.084.08
i have three feathers all right who we270.4794.881
got here hey trader hugh hello yeah all272.164.16
i'm gonna see if he has any jobs276.324.879
uh buried supplies clear zombies i guess278.84.399
we'll do this is only 158 meters away to281.1994.401
clear the zombies it seems easy i am283.1994.241
going to well first i'll invite you to285.63.92
the party thank you i want to enjoy the287.443.759
party i want to hang out and then i am289.524.0
going to go to quest and i am going to291.1995.041
share this quest which i think i hit yep293.524.56
oop share quest so you should be able to296.243.76
go to your little quest bar or in i'm in298.084.24
all right so you're going with me all300.04.56
let's try this i bought some of your305.363.44
vending food listen your stuff's a306.884.319
ripoff in there you know what give me a308.85.36
mission what you got i am so glad to see311.1995.44
your face i get lonely sitting by myself314.164.479
all day well girl you gotta get some316.6393.601
friends um318.6394.321
tier one what you got buried supplies320.244.88
that sounds safer than clearing zombies322.964.799
let's do that325.122.639
man i cannot believe there's no [ __ ]328.6393.601
no place to get water around here330.42.96
there's got to be water in some of these332.242.799
houses you think murky water you think333.363.36
you'd at least be finding it in toilets335.0393.681
so believe it or not number one priority336.724.56
toilets maybe i mean like if you or or338.724.479
also i mean when it comes down to food341.283.68
how much do you have like can you cook343.1994.481
anything right now uh i can if you can i344.965.12
think you should hold on this guy's347.683.92
a businessman i think we need to kill350.083.28
him i think we need to maybe go into can351.65.12
you make a campfire real quick uh yeah353.366.24
mom oh boy oh no what's happening i356.723.84
don't know359.62.879
all right where do you want the uh you360.563.359
want to kill this guy let's kill this362.4793.521
guy yeah he's already good363.9193.601
you want a campfire just anywhere just366.03.84
anywhere all right here boom367.524.399
right there [ __ ] balls man [ __ ]369.844.96
balls cover me covering you i can cook371.9194.56
two meats two meat is fine you're gonna374.83.04
give me one you're gonna have one we're376.4793.121
gonna drink some water let me cook377.843.6
charred meat yes charred meat's good379.63.84
there charred meat's good all right so381.443.52
we're each gonna get a charred meat and383.443.12
then and then we're gonna find some384.963.519
[ __ ] murky water and then we're gonna386.563.44
cook it in this fire right here and then388.4793.601
we're gonna get on top of what or what390.04.96
building what roof something ah392.083.839
maybe that394.962.799
roof straight ahead that flat one yeah395.9193.521
maybe or like there's a there's a flat397.7593.521
one right here too that that's smaller399.443.199
to clear out we could probably get on401.282.88
this roof pretty easily because this is402.6393.041
a big ass building right here simon404.162.879
clear out what come over here and take a405.683.76
meat okay all right all right all right407.0394.72
i'm exhausted i'm exhausted409.444.319
and i'm also by the way infected so if411.7593.84
you find anything in fact do i have413.7593.84
anything for your infection i don't you415.5995.361
had honey that wouldn't suck but i'm 6.8417.5994.641
all right so422.242.959
i want to clear out this building right423.683.12
this little guy i like this little guy425.1993.361
if we can somehow get on the roof but i426.83.2
don't know if we can get on the roof all428.563.28
right actually we can with just blocks430.03.28
beware dog433.284.16
oh and it also says pig pig man snack437.445.039
snack pig man440.963.519
um nope different direction then442.4794.961
different direction444.4792.961
all right we're starting all right449.1995.201
first room clear451.7594.801
second room not clear not clear all454.44.32
right back out back out back out okay uh456.563.919
uh all right you engage this one all458.723.44
right we're one of us at a time we're460.4792.881
engaged we don't want to hit each other462.163.36
like idiots oh we're engaged there we go463.362.959
oh oh oh that poor hooker is just for466.3194.961
extra no468.562.72
hey this is actually good concrete was471.363.6
that the whole mission no it wasn't the473.682.48
whole damage we probably got to clear474.962.799
the whole house houses let's see these476.162.719
blue things right here you hit these477.7592.88
with a shovel you get concrete478.8793.6
or was it not is it not concrete it's oh480.6393.601
i'm sorry cobblestone yeah we can482.4795.28
upgrade our walls exactly exactly484.245.04
uh i hope so487.7593.28
okay let's go to the house okay there's489.283.599
a door here maybe we can go in the back491.0393.44
door of the house oh is that what it's492.8792.88
up maybe that is that what is that it494.4792.641
seems like game design what does that495.7592.72
seem like497.123.12
okay in the trailer498.4793.521
i got this one you get that one fight500.244.079
him yeah and then a little what that502.04.4
smacker she getting up oh she getting up504.3193.761
what you going to do oh man i'm about to506.44.4
go boom508.082.72
all right i would like this tree to be513.2793.12
starving man i was hoping there'd be516.3993.841
like something for me to loot and if i518.4793.36
could find this quick520.243.76
come on tree i'm probably wasting my521.8394.56
time but524.05.6
okay right here uh e to start quest526.3994.321
what's this just dig530.724.4
just dig i guess hmm532.3995.281
come on baby don't be deep535.124.56
am i doing this right537.684.0
i see a zombie already539.683.92
i'm about to take him out he's going to541.683.44
man there's another one543.62.96
yep i hear you i'm going to uh be546.564.16
careful here because549.122.48
you know550.722.64
ah good thing i did that he's got his551.62.88
is he dead he's dead okay you could have554.483.919
dropped some food557.123.839
all right back to shoveling558.3995.44
man look at my stomach560.9595.521
it's empty the peas and miso are gone563.8393.68
this is horrible567.5192.88
team nipples569.122.13
really ruined it570.3993.44
i'm heading upstairs following you573.8394.0
upstairs ooh i bet there's gonna be a575.445.12
zombie in this cupboard all right you577.8394.161
you hang back and you keep an eye on580.563.6
these two doors here staring at doors582.04.64
anything it oh surprisingly not doors584.164.4
are still clear okay586.644.08
noise what588.563.52
oh yeah okay no590.722.559
this room in here is kind of falling592.083.199
apart okay careful593.2793.68
oh get that get that all right jump it595.2793.201
over all right you want to go in this596.9593.921
one all right598.484.799
oh yeah yeah this floor is not stable at600.884.48
all i hear zombie yep one came out two603.2793.361
came out of the closet in there all605.362.88
right i'm backing up all right watch out606.643.68
there's a hole all right right at you608.243.36
all right you got her you got it another610.323.28
one i got hurt oh611.64.799
ow again god damn it all right so let's613.64.479
make a decision who's hitting you said i616.3993.361
was hit i was waiting for you to hit you618.0792.88
weren't going for it oh god all right619.762.88
exit the house exit the house where's620.9594.161
the exit here it is okay all right i'm622.644.4
hitting all right you hit you oh god625.123.2
they're gonna uh come at us from the627.042.96
side all right yeah i'm hitting all628.322.959
right well let me bring him bring him630.03.68
out bring him out bring him out631.2794.881
okay get my stamina up pop i'm gonna633.684.24
make another little pop636.164.4
all right he's gonna get up come on637.923.68
killing him640.563.04
all right one more good pop nope missed641.63.12
all right644.723.52
all right that was two you see there's a646.883.6
third one upstairs i believe there was a648.244.48
third out of all of them650.483.2
oh wait no we did it oh yeah the653.683.2
mission's done says talk to the trader655.364.64
hooray hey hey we got stuff in here yeah656.885.12
i wanted to get in this bookshelf660.04.0
oh yes reading this item we'll teach you662.04.48
how to craft grilled meat664.04.48
we're going to eat we eat food we need666.484.479
grilled meat668.482.479
buried food673.442.72
what nah674.3993.841
food stash hold up676.165.28
white river supplies what is this coffee678.246.24
red tea and okay can't be looking can't681.446.0
be looking too long zombies all right uh684.485.12
fine oh they're coming now687.443.76
find berries689.62.88
return to traitor talk to trader gotta692.484.08
go folks694.485.359
we might not be dead today696.563.279
so we just go in we talk to him yeah i701.23.12
think we're we each can turn in the702.884.48
quest so i'm gonna go first let's see704.325.6
trader hugh oh what could i get a grave707.365.44
digger mod 15 damaged against dirt i'm709.924.96
gonna get the grave digger mod let's see712.83.599
if he has anything in his inventory that714.882.8
we could really716.3993.44
really use i have molotov cocktails717.684.48
that's good ranger's guide to archery uh719.8394.481
get the cocktails i feel like i can blow722.163.679
myself up with those really easy okay724.323.199
well then get the other one725.8392.641
uh let's see that's 240. you know what728.484.08
i'm gonna buy uh an extra jar of honey730.484.4
okay because you know in case one of us732.564.719
gets infected that's a good quick cure734.883.92
and then let's see maybe a couple of737.2793.521
more eggs i had a yucca juice i'll be738.83.839
good for the night we can live yeah we740.83.839
don't even have a cooking pot damn it742.6394.88
nope all right744.6392.88
simon i'm i'm gonna clear this house749.043.919
well wait for me i should probably go in750.9594.32
by myself because i have a shotgun okie752.9595.201
dokie artichoke thank you for using that755.2795.521
term yeah i do like it i'm not watching758.164.72
you because i'm searching a vehicle you760.83.839
don't want me to watch your back oh i762.883.6
got a repair kit what are the repair764.6394.0
kits good for getting into sledgehammer766.484.08
you got a sledgehammer that is such a768.6394.401
sham sandwich oh my god in the [ __ ]770.564.079
car and a shovel773.044.4
so these are good things search cars774.6394.64
search cars i mean i just searched this777.443.6
car and i got a sledgehammer and a sham779.2793.921
sandwich that i'm gonna eat this is781.044.479
[ __ ] like i can't be breaking into783.24.72
houses because like i gotta find a house785.5194.161
that's [ __ ] open i'm gonna search a787.924.0
dumpster [ __ ] nothing789.685.12
uh glue oil and ain't doing it for me oh791.924.96
you got that dumpster okay all right794.83.76
well oh look this place already has796.883.759
spikes it does but you can't pick them798.565.04
up can you no if you okay i'm checking800.6394.961
out the upstairs oh so you're thinking803.63.679
about you meaning grabbing this one and805.64.88
using this as a base i mean it's not bad807.2795.68
no no i like that810.484.64
you okay there's a dog house812.9594.801
oh [ __ ] there's a dog ass out here damn815.124.64
it i'm searching this car [ __ ] dog817.763.759
house is gonna eat my ass819.764.639
bone oh please i just fell you fell to a821.5195.12
pit so you're down below oh i see you824.3994.321
not anymore all right good good good826.6393.921
good [ __ ] man it's getting dark my828.722.64
so we need to pick a roof yep831.364.08
will this thing kill me837.5193.76
will it fight me or will it run839.1994.401
don't fight me because i'm very weak841.2793.601
holy moly i got it844.885.68
okay i don't even have a bone shift do i847.8394.161
i might just have to chop you up with an850.562.56
man if i could get some853.124.8
yes oh wait now i can make a shiv855.045.28
shiv nope how about bone i know how to857.923.599
spell that860.323.36
bone knife oh it's knife i was getting861.5194.961
all fancy all right um863.685.519
use that instead of a shovel bone shiv866.484.24
there we go869.1993.361
i'll just eat some charred meat some red870.723.28
tea and some water872.562.639
heck yeah874.05.23
i hear you belly i'm working on it875.1998.2
oh [ __ ]883.443.44
zombie on the roof885.1993.681
because of my damn886.883.519
zombie on the roof zombie on the roof890.3994.24
[ __ ] hitting me893.045.599
damn you [ __ ] we were on yes894.6396.241
because i guess because i made the wait898.6393.921
what i did i'm coming around and the900.883.759
[ __ ] is rolling down the roof do me a902.562.959
[ __ ] i [ __ ] up because what i used to905.5197.481
nerd pull uh-huh she can get up at907.8395.161
we're doing great yeah we're living in913.924.56
our own little house yeah so i think our916.04.16
biggest thing right now is the bear bear918.482.88
which we don't know where it is we don't920.162.32
know where it is but we need to make921.362.479
more arrows and kill that bear that'd be922.483.359
a lot of meat also yeah food we need923.8394.321
food if we could find a cooking pot or a925.8393.841
grill we would be able to make much928.163.44
better food right and fill our bellies929.683.2
right now i'm not picky though i'll eat931.63.039
whatever yeah well we got enough meat to932.882.879
make some chard meat which i think we're934.6393.2
just gonna have to do so i'm gonna go do935.7594.241
that now but yeah this is solid yeah937.8393.68
we're doing all right yeah you want to940.03.36
make out um yeah actually you know what941.5193.181
let's do it943.365.599
all right stop before i get uh before i948.9593.44
fall in love now i'm going downstairs950.9593.361
you can follow me if you want to going952.3993.971
up as high as i can954.3212.56
all right time to go loot the house next966.884.079
to us i think that's a great idea for968.563.199
but to tell you the truth though i would971.7594.241
be much better off to have you with me973.8394.481
as a partner so maybe you shouldn't976.03.6
that's very978.324.24
confusing and yeah that's yeah well what979.64.32
i'm trying to say is get away from the982.563.839
edge i love you yeah and i want you to983.924.96
go and do things and have fun but i986.3994.641
think that there's a high probability of988.884.0
you dying unless you are very very991.044.08
careful and you agree to just come out992.884.079
of this window at the sign of two995.123.839
zombies once you see two996.9594.32
you lure them to the window and then we998.9594.24
take shots okay1001.2794.321
kill the crawly boy i hate those they1003.1994.801
have a reach that is ridiculous thick1005.64.56
i've warned you oh watch out watch out1008.03.68
right there where where where there's1010.163.28
one right there running out on the roof1011.683.36
running out of the roof you see it run1013.443.04
run if you don't see it get over here1015.044.64
right now get over here over to my side1016.485.359
okay simon [ __ ] i can't shoot because i1019.685.279
might shoot you oh no did you fall i did1021.8395.6
oh no that's not good damn it i wish we1024.9594.561
never did that thick try it again i'm1027.4393.201
coming up coming up good all right you1030.644.48
got that you got that one out1032.5595.841
yeah okay okay okay oh my goodness watch1035.124.4
out watch out you got a crawler right1038.42.24
behind you1039.524.159
[ __ ] i don't know but they came up1040.644.159
oh no1043.6794.801
no no no no no no no no no1044.7995.521
no no no no1048.483.92
this is not happening you're gonna have1050.325.2
to jump off the roof jump off the roof1052.45.36
jump off did you jump off the roof did1055.524.32
ya cause i hope you did1057.762.96
[ __ ]1059.841.92
damn it1060.724.12
damn it to all hell damn it to1061.765.52
all hell1064.845.4
you won't be mystic1067.285.2
man i i knew i knew i knew it was a bad1070.244.48
idea but it would have been exciting and1072.483.92
i could have gotten food because hell1074.723.36
who doesn't want food but this is this1076.43.04
is really bad1078.083.44
like this is or it might be good maybe1079.443.28
it's good1081.523.039
maybe it's good maybe i can now1082.723.52
concentrate on building a base i don't1084.5594.0
know but i'm scared and i do not want to1086.243.92
go play pool i'll tell you that right1088.5592.48
rest in peace thick1091.0393.721
morning okay uh1097.364.8
i'm gonna grab my torch because i might1100.242.96
need that1102.162.48
put that down here1103.23.12
let's do it you know what getting away1104.644.32
from the city today okay watch you step1106.324.0
there are1108.963.28
still kind of dark out all right you1110.324.719
know what i'm just gonna head east1112.245.439
see what happens come on baby wish me1115.0395.64
morning anthony ah beautiful morning1122.164.72
yeah you wanna go over to that uh house1124.44.08
yes let me dump some things and we're1126.883.44
over do it do it do it1128.484.079
let's see i'm still a little hungry but1130.324.719
it could be worse oh yeah thirsty could1132.5594.641
be dead was that thunder are you closing1135.0393.921
that it was a heads one1137.23.52
hatch god damn i mean that hatch is so1138.965.12
damn noisy fine truly okay four arrows1140.727.199
house right across leap off the roof1144.083.839
not a big leap though you don't want to1148.962.719
break a leg or something stupid that1150.162.96
could be good luck though1151.6793.681
no no it could be be an idiot breaking1153.123.2
his leg1155.362.559
let's see1156.322.96
yeah we haven't touched any of this1157.9193.201
stuff all right see if there's anything1159.283.92
good we need a cooking pot and a grill1161.124.16
cookie pot grill it's a spring here in1163.24.08
the garage there's a spring1165.284.24
and a candle stick oh [ __ ] i found a1167.284.8
grill what that is awesome we're done1169.523.6
for the day1172.082.959
that's all we need oh we can cook our1173.124.32
meat we can grill our meat maybe we can1175.0394.481
grill our meat well other things meat1177.443.28
yeah and i learned how to make grilled1179.523.36
meat early that's awesome okay oh wait1180.723.92
is it anybody in there yeah hold on hold1182.883.12
on i'm about to snipe you right in your1184.643.44
does sniping1188.085.76
apply to the oh1189.6794.161
i don't see any others come on now1203.284.96
baby should we check back in this door1206.643.68
uh yeah it can't hurt oh there's a1208.243.84
bathroom hey look anthony well it's1210.323.28
secret's over here1212.082.88
see sometimes these little things are1213.63.12
kind of bowed out yeah1214.964.88
and then there's like there's trash1216.724.64
13 pieces of wood1219.843.12
we can use it that's not trash at all1221.363.28
that's not it's a plant we can make the1222.965.28
place look nice yeah grab it1224.643.6
what is by that fence i wonder1229.844.16
probably a pig in there waiting to kill1232.43.44
me i'm gonna get on top of this rock1234.03.2
take a look1235.842.4
this does not look like food1239.0393.601
what is that is that a box right there1242.643.2
all right1244.963.12
i'll check it out a little bit but i do1245.845.44
not like the looks of this1248.083.2
stick's body down here i really wish i1253.365.52
could see his body on my map right now1255.845.839
he was right there when he died1258.884.64
where's your body thick1261.6793.281
oh wait what do i have like a bad1263.523.92
headache yeah i do and i'm really hungry1264.964.56
sure i'm hungry okay1267.444.4
and then there's you guys1269.523.76
all right let's take care of you just1271.842.88
because i want to1273.284.16
one for you hopefully only one needed1274.724.079
hey mister1277.443.28
hey did you see my buddy1278.7995.041
my buddy uh thick's body around here1280.724.4
have you1283.843.839
no you're just gonna ignore me good1285.124.64
i like it when they ignore me i really1287.6796.081
he looks a little bit like you oh maybe1289.766.08
oh you're still good1293.763.36
i don't know why you're trying to go1295.843.6
into that maybe fix bodies there1297.124.4
is that your way of telling me1299.443.68
three shots1301.524.56
you're done are you please1303.125.039
oh thank you you turned you changed your1306.084.959
mind appreciate it1308.1592.88
okay well it looks like i'm going to1312.324.08
make it through today1314.7993.521
hopefully cause i'm gonna stay right1316.44.48
here and then i need to get some food1318.324.88
and i love eggs now i could just live on1320.883.2
and i need to somehow find a i guess a1324.086.4
a trader how do i find traders [ __ ] i'm1327.9193.841
gonna need help1330.482.3
i need help1331.763.44
place it1338.082.8
place it1339.63.92
come on up folks oh really y'all gonna1340.884.08
sit there and chop with that thing oh1343.524.24
here she comes here she come1344.964.4
let's do it1347.763.84
seriously day's burning1349.364.16
it's gonna be night time again1351.62.8
what did she do what did you do1354.44.24
now block myself out of here1356.645.039
oh there she is haha surprise1358.644.64
come on baby1361.6792.641
i'm just gonna wait wouldn't that be1364.322.8
cool if that was all the zombies in1365.62.959
there and then i just went in there and1367.123.439
there was like a buffet1368.5593.521
come on sir1370.5594.0
please work with me all right i'm just1372.084.0
gonna wait for you1374.5594.24
no i can't i'm getting too bored okay1376.083.92
i'm coming1378.7992.721
i'm coming around1380.02.64
oh man1381.523.36
here's oh there he goes1382.644.48
into the spikes there you go perfect1384.884.96
this has worked out i'm starving again1387.124.32
hey that's my arrow i'm gonna need that1389.844.0
back sir both of them1391.444.88
is that it why don't i get the credit1393.845.76
for these kills i built the thing hi1396.327.52
give me those back there we go1399.64.24
empty shipping crate in here okay ah1404.724.0
come on stamina they have this back here1406.883.039
they did they did it's got to be1408.722.88
something good yes or they hid1409.9193.521
level two pipe pistol oh my god1413.446.719
anthony now we're ready tomorrow we're1417.764.799
getting into a mansion1420.1593.681
don't waste those i'm not i'm not i'm1422.5594.081
gonna reload again yeah1423.844.319
all right that house was really good for1426.643.919
us we found a pipe pistol and we found a1428.1593.52
cooking grill that's going to allow us1430.5593.36
to cook better food a hamburger we got a1431.6793.681
hammer you can upgrade our stuff pretty1433.9193.601
quickly yeah hey we're doing damn good1435.364.4
yeah i got i got a good feeling going1437.524.88
into day three and we're killing it yeah1439.765.88
kiss me1442.43.24
take my gun away so i get closer i'm1446.5594.081
keeping the hammer out i really like it1448.325.359
the metal in the wood together1450.647.72
it hits things it upgrades me1453.6794.681
yeah day1459.23.599
three i'm on day three uh i can't1460.7993.601
believe i'm still alive i still gotta1462.7994.161
find food if i don't get food i'm gonna1464.44.08
starve to death1466.966.12
neebs ain't out yet team nipples1468.484.6
you know what out of all of us i didn't1474.323.28
before we started filming everybody1477.64.4
wanted to get good i was like hey you1479.764.56
know what let's start off with a clean1482.05.039
slate and you know what just go with it1484.324.88
could i have done some research1487.0393.201
maybe i should have listened to simon1490.242.799
fair enough1493.0393.681
i can't believe that i should have1494.885.399
listened to simon1496.723.559
wait what what's this1501.6794.721
oh this is what i'm supposed to sing1504.322.959
are you kidding me1507.2794.081
sounds like i'm at a drug spa1508.646.0
what type of [ __ ] are you selling here1511.365.6
oh this is weird i feel uncomfortable i1514.643.6
can't sing over this1518.243.6
maybe i can1521.842.8
this [ __ ] game1526.966.0
the devs have no idea how physics and1529.845.839
everything works that's it oh and you1532.966.52
cut me off [ __ ] you1535.6793.801

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