Horde Night Prep - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.6

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel? It's a thrilling battle between 3 teams of 2, w...
Horde Night Prep - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.6
Horde Night Prep - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.6

Horde Night Prep - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish Pt.6

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to our channel! Today we're talking about why this Horde Night Prep video is our favorite. And let me tell you, it's because I get to show off my zombie-killing skills!

simon: Haha, oh Neebs, you and your zombie-killing skills. You know this video is my favorite because I get to watch you panic every time a zombie sneaks up on you.

appsro: I have to agree with Simon on this one. Seeing Neebs scream like a little girl is definitely the highlight of this video for me. But hey, at least he keeps us entertained, right?

neebs: Hey, watch it you two! I may scream, but I always come through in the end. And that's why this video is the best - because it's full of suspense, action, and of course, my epic zombie kills.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel? It's a thrilling battle between 3 teams of 2, where death equals elimination. The last team or man standing is the ultimate winner, and let me tell you, the competition is fierce!

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there you go uh shut the door that's a2.083.6
good strategy here4.03.44
it is5.683.44
oh my god what a great strategy holy7.443.279
[ __ ] oh wow there's way more of them in9.124.599
hey anthony hey man we have a decent49.125.36
chunk of 762 ammo ooh for like rifles51.365.359
yeah wait can we make a pipe rifle i54.483.84
have never made a pipe rifle how do we56.7193.761
make a pipe rifle yeah short iron pipe58.323.759
glue and wood we have glue i just put60.484.24
glue in there we make a pipe machine gun62.0794.001
pipe glue and wood how much glue do we64.724.16
got uh single glue we have a glue a glue66.084.0
let me let me look at that because i68.883.04
think i also have a glue yeah i have a70.083.76
glue how many glue do we need i think71.923.28
hold on73.842.88
we only need two glue so then i just75.23.36
need some short iron pipe come on baby76.724.0
just the right amount of balloon baby78.564.32
and then if i do the little boo and then80.724.64
crafty crafty electric boogaloo hey you82.884.559
want my pipe pistol i have the shotgun85.363.68
um a pistol87.4393.521
you know you can carry nine mil around89.044.16
i'll do that if you if you want to take90.964.24
the others you know what i'm upgrading i93.24.879
am going to be using this bad boy right95.25.2
bam and uh yep your pipe pistols on the98.0794.4
ground oh pick up and then here i'll100.43.84
give you what uh what little102.4793.441
nine millimeter i have we need to find104.243.76
more than that that's fine wisely thank105.922.72
i'll use this we got oh baby baby baby108.647.519
baby baby that's pretty112.243.919
holy moly116.886.559
dog is right there what's that dog doing118.7994.64
you know what i need the food123.7594.311
can i get back to my base126.1593.281
oh boy let's see129.444.4
this is dumb but131.685.04
nope did i miss him i think i missed him133.843.84
hold up136.722.08
don't go anywhere dawg138.83.68
i have to use my rifle for this140.3194.161
come on baby yes142.483.839
all right and have some charred meat144.482.88
come on148.163.439
yes okay149.364.8
whoa exactly what i need151.5995.121
more food sorry bud it's part of154.163.92
man i am not ready for the horde158.083.439
yeah now we pop in here hopefully find162.43.44
some good stuff to learn but that's the164.2393.28
thing it's like learning this [ __ ] it's165.843.52
cool but man without that workbench167.5193.681
maybe we can get lucky god maybe we169.363.68
should go into the working stiffs let's171.23.28
do both these are our this is our goal173.042.8
today you know what yeah we can do that174.482.56
do that because we go into the working175.842.399
steps a good chance we might find a177.043.279
hammer okay if we get that uh extra178.2393.36
hammer i don't want to use your hammer180.3192.481
you know you got a good damn hammer i181.5992.72
appreciate it what if we find a hammer182.83.68
in here if184.3194.321
then that would be just making no damn186.484.0
sense but hey i'm i'm here for it i'm188.642.959
here for they had to build the building190.483.839
somehow okay well hey oh back it up back191.5994.56
it up bag it up i don't see any other194.3193.441
zombies activated yet should i blast196.1593.36
them through the window can you i think197.763.199
it's a yes wow199.5192.881
damn yeah there's another one to the200.9592.64
left though202.43.44
yeah we're bringing them out now203.5995.521
come on baby nothing around us it seems205.844.959
all right i'm gonna bring out the old209.123.839
i've never been this far into the city220.03.36
there's a lot i want this truck has222.03.2
something good in it hmm what you got223.363.68
baby come on225.24.8
how about more food or cooking hey227.045.52
another pipe shotgun iron arrows and230.05.68
some soup i'll take that chicken soup232.565.84
i really gotta focus on235.685.199
man a cooking pot just donuts they would238.44.88
have a cooking pot right240.8794.161
just a cooking pot here243.283.2
anything gonna drop out of the ceiling245.042.8
on me what's this246.483.6
oh man that's some like energy drink247.844.08
okay i'll take that250.082.76
on pot252.843.959
sink is a perfect place for a cooking254.7992.72
okay gotta go nope257.5194.56
i was just looking just browsing thank259.683.76
all right i gotta stay focused i gotta263.442.88
work on my264.964.679
base tonight266.323.319
oh find the cafe counter okay you got271.684.079
something at the cafe there's a little274.084.32
starbucks yes um i would like a blonde275.7595.121
iced vanilla latte excuse me278.44.16
all right you take care of her ice280.883.44
blonde vanilla hey shoot her in the damn282.563.12
hand would you she's taking my order284.322.96
look she's putting the buttons in she's285.683.28
trying to do the thing287.283.359
that's just another customer why did you288.963.6
hey oh i missed it290.6393.84
where's my mocha mocha hockey hook292.563.44
burning love that's not a drink you have294.4793.201
to ask for its size see i don't know296.03.68
coffee drinks i know what coffee is but297.684.16
i don't know anything else i know like299.683.6
one of them but i know you got to call301.843.76
them tall and grande and303.284.479
vlark okay305.63.52
grande that's the big one i would307.7593.44
imagine yep yep yeah i want it no it's309.124.24
not no that grande is a medium what yeah311.1994.161
well what's the big one venti yeah313.364.32
that's just stupid fenty it's 20. yeah i315.363.839
think that's 20. the hell does venti317.684.4
made at the 20 20. like 20 ounce maybe319.1994.321
maybe that's what they're going for man322.083.6
say the the coffee industry is so323.523.84
goddamn pompous i hate it and then the325.683.28
tall one is the shortest cup you can get327.363.6
hey i just found some black strap coffee328.963.679
sweet give me a little bit of water a330.963.36
little bit of stamina region cold332.6393.361
resistance oh we're not gonna add a few334.323.12
espresso shots to it and maybe some336.02.88
steamed milk oh look one of the337.442.88
employees has been hiding some [ __ ] up338.884.24
here in this great i bet oh my god oh340.325.04
what's in the box343.124.72
hey 42 pieces of wood and 30 cement now345.364.24
why would a starbucks employee hide347.844.079
wooden cement and a great probably349.63.92
because they were hopped up on double351.9194.4
maca cafe grandes oh god oh zombie noise353.524.399
you okay back there yep there was a356.3193.521
zombie actually outside357.9194.0
so i shut the door and now we're safe he359.844.799
shot the door and now we're safe the361.9196.4
door one how do you want to play this uh364.6395.041
gunzele funds out can i shoot through368.3192.961
that hole uh you can't which is really369.682.799
stupid all right well then let's do this371.283.28
right here i'll shoot real quick372.4794.401
i'm gonna shut the door again gotcha374.563.919
all right now you reload now reload all376.882.96
right it's all the strategy huh i like378.4792.72
this that door's about to break soon379.843.199
though uh well how long you think381.1993.361
you got a minute now open and power383.0393.121
there you go all right check the door384.563.6
that's a good strategy here386.164.24
it is388.164.08
what a great strategy holy [ __ ] oh wow390.43.519
there's way more of them in here oh that392.243.36
hooker's after you oh my god oh don't393.9193.441
shoot me all right it's all right all395.63.36
right all right397.362.88
all right how are we looking how are we398.963.92
looking hooker's dead anybody oh there's400.244.16
more we got a couple back here i'll402.882.8
shoot him this way you shoot him that404.42.239
all right this guy's dead that guy's406.6394.4
dead there's one more in the back uh-huh408.885.12
boom bam411.0392.961
what's this up here417.282.319
right here oh there you are okay it's a419.5995.681
box up there of some sort okay422.565.28
come here baby425.284.72
all right come on here we go427.843.12
one more430.962.799
whoop that was a mess432.243.44
oh i'm out of stamina433.7593.121
got some breath435.683.68
here we go and boom436.883.84
that was it439.364.559
okay what is a what is that440.724.8
is that uh443.9193.28
i need food how do i get in here okay i448.4795.521
can do this451.442.56
hmm how do i get out of there454.3194.641
gotta make more of these boxes456.3195.44
there's three of them458.962.799
oh boy i'm getting ready to mess this up463.126.799
bam bam466.8793.04
whoa boy look he jumped up top that was471.686.16
dumb you really got some legs on you sir474.4794.481
i just wanted that food up there you're478.963.44
not using it480.43.84
all right one more482.42.96
i can do this all day485.363.36
i'm just like captain america and that487.0395.0
one has lines488.723.319
there we go i got one of them okay come492.44.799
in with a club to clean up there we go494.3195.201
it's suspicious up here i'll tell you500.243.92
that hmm501.844.799
oh yeah over here to the west504.165.039
oh suspicious joe just looks like a roof506.6394.4
point all right i'm gonna finish him do509.1992.96
all right yeah here they come oh yep one513.0396.0
of that all right and i will516.087.439
bam it's working it is and and519.0396.321
oh god i missed somehow it's pointless525.364.8
oh god oh wow man oh [ __ ] he hit me a527.64.64
few times oh no are you okay i am okay530.163.52
you infected532.243.279
not infected so glad none of us have533.683.279
gotten in fact that was my biggest fear535.5193.041
this whole time who's getting infected536.9593.361
yeah and we've been fine uh yeah we've538.563.68
been doing pretty good good teamwork uh540.323.36
also we got a good amount of honey at542.242.96
the house oh thank god so even if we do543.682.64
get infected i think we'd be able to545.22.319
drink something if not we could put it546.323.04
in our tea yeah there's nothing up here547.5193.601
worth the [ __ ] is that these vents549.363.28
nothing what about the other side oh551.123.279
there's a hole to get into a room that552.643.52
we may have already oh wait no this is554.3993.601
the back this is the secret way in want556.163.04
me to go558.04.24
oh boy okay okay i hear noises559.24.16
all right yep right below you and563.365.039
switch to your pistol thank you for that566.244.4
oh my goodness i'm glad i'm up here wow568.3994.081
yeah there's a bunch of them suck this570.643.36
thing under me just broke right now572.484.0
there's a purse what's in the oh nine574.05.6
dollars nine dollars the old money576.487.039
okay how you doing um one more left579.65.44
she's done we keep looking around and oh585.044.4
there's one more in the back should i go587.924.56
and smack it uh589.443.04
i feel like you're wasting a lot of ammo593.23.92
is that it oh he's done cool are we good594.725.119
yeah okay i think so go down597.125.12
oh man one night602.564.08
pick this lock604.484.4
good books come back we know that baby606.644.72
come on baby five608.883.36
three come on two612.244.24
damn it okay615.2794.0
one oh okay god damn it broke oh [ __ ] i616.484.88
think i'm out i have one we got one try619.2794.401
it 14 13. oh it's starting from the621.364.159
beginning damn it no way there's no way623.683.2
you don't know that there's no way you625.5192.481
don't know there's no way maybe i626.882.399
installed some hacks you don't know628.05.2
watch this check this out absorb easy629.2795.841
done did it do it yeah i did it no lucky633.23.759
son of a [ __ ] [ __ ] what are you doing635.123.44
that son of a [ __ ] god damn right you636.9593.041
want to open it you do it i'll open it638.563.04
yeah take the honor640.03.839
oh a level four pipe baton hey some more641.65.28
762 bandages what is that what are you643.8395.281
needle and thread lick okay yeah yeah646.883.76
yeah yeah this is this isn't bad and649.125.279
there's books this is in bed good haul650.643.759
boy i've spent too much time running657.125.04
around someone's following me658.9594.641
all right you know what662.162.799
i gotta take one of those i'm gonna663.64.64
drink one of these uh energy juices664.9595.841
there we go i think that gives me like668.244.56
speed and stamina doesn't it like i'm670.83.52
moving pretty fast all right i gotta get672.83.84
home and work on that base674.324.72
i have i don't know why i did that why'd676.644.16
i go all the way out there is this i679.043.2
can't get through there680.83.2
wait i'm out of stamina without moving682.242.719
does this drink even work684.9594.0
i could really use that rabbit687.044.88
oh still688.9592.961
oh got it okay692.564.24
ignore that sound zombies all right i'm694.724.16
just getting some food696.85.96
i'm hungry like you are698.883.88
i just found a level three704.564.56
[ __ ] axe cool fire axe do you you706.884.639
have a fire accident level one okay so709.124.48
take that three yeah you want to place711.5193.601
the uh the one i got i'm just gonna713.62.96
scrap that [ __ ] probably could715.122.88
have sold it but yeah may as well just716.563.04
use the parts that's fine where did they718.03.36
keep like the best axe in the parking719.63.2
lot yeah all right we need to do this721.362.64
quick we don't need to lose everything722.82.719
we're just here for the good stuff good724.03.519
stuff and go hmm wonder where the good725.5194.721
stuff is here hello hello hello oh yeah727.5195.12
there's a guy oh okay picked up a little730.244.88
762 so don't mind using a little bit you732.6393.681
oh oh god there's oh i got you guys736.324.0
there's one zombie down the hall oh yeah738.9593.601
i see a [ __ ] [ __ ] in the beach open740.323.04
another one742.563.68
right next to you uh743.362.88
there he is746.722.96
he's still up748.04.399
all right he's down um let's maybe check749.684.719
the back room yeah this the good stuff's752.3993.761
gonna be in the back i think are you754.3993.521
about these doors locked lock door over756.162.799
here all right yeah we go around the757.922.719
side go around the side i'll let you758.9592.961
take point with your shotgun through the760.6393.841
home and garden section oh yeah maybe761.924.8
right oh plans all right this back764.484.56
door's open back here back door oh i see766.724.16
with a good [ __ ] tent too i see a zombie769.044.56
oh yeah i see a zombie two hey buddy770.884.399
yep that was right in your nose come up773.64.96
behind that zombie don't shoot me okay775.2795.041
i will finish her i'll finish her i'll778.564.48
finish him you got her got her and he's780.324.8
down all right good good show good show783.044.799
dude yes of course british boy damn do i785.124.08
have any food you don't have any food on787.8392.481
you dude i forgot to bring anything i789.22.8
got some honey that's kind of a food790.323.68
that's not food damn it i need to get792.04.639
back food okay yeah damn it my hunger is794.04.72
almost all the way down man you find a796.6394.401
cat or798.722.32
oh boy i want to back up into the home802.163.6
garden section after come hang out near803.8393.68
the concrete can i get it yeah get it805.764.8
get it shoot me and807.5194.241
there you go810.564.16
nicely done yes i like all this stuff811.764.4
out back because we can definitely use814.723.76
this to fortify the base oh wait oh i816.164.32
got some duke tokens can i can i use818.484.96
this vending machine yes here i got 905820.484.96
oh a can of miso boom823.444.24
a yuca juice smoothie yeah you could825.443.519
juice smoothie would actually be awesome827.683.279
right into your heart's content going to828.9593.68
spread yeah it's gonna save my hunger oh830.9594.56
i love you man oh i love you too oh yeah832.6395.361
look at that this has got like 22 food835.5195.041
it's uh yeah 78 water838.05.839
[ __ ] i love a yuca smoothie840.563.279
starting to be a lot of zombies crap845.924.56
i wanted that cobblestone848.6393.76
man why are there so many850.483.599
18 o'clock all right i might be able to852.3992.44
this ooh one hit baby854.8394.761
all right you're next then i want that857.1994.64
lay down862.9593.041
let's shoot hey we're working through864.484.0
this pretty good man there's still more866.05.04
and they just keep oh stamina really868.484.799
thought i was doing better than that871.043.68
all right873.2793.281
break the spikes out874.723.2
all right876.563.76
into the spikes folks whoa whoa what's877.925.2
going on why so fast880.324.56
why'd you get so fast883.124.32
okay okay got this ah that was a bad884.884.959
swing but somehow that landed887.445.04
man homes right there889.8395.041
all right gotta finish this892.484.479
i hear more coming894.884.93
watch your stamina names896.9594.081
okay that one's done901.044.4
there we go got a head popper905.444.399
stamina oh boy breathe catch a breath909.8396.791
catch your breath913.926.24
all right here for the good stuff here920.162.88
for the good stuff anthony it's already921.5194.961
getting late today good stuff and god923.044.72
we're here but yeah yeah yeah yeah926.483.44
anthony what there's a hole over here i927.763.759
found sand quit digging through [ __ ]929.923.599
we're here for the good stuff sand it's931.5194.801
sand okay cool there we go did we jump933.5195.201
this is the whole way that we gotta go936.323.84
all right all right you did it last time938.723.2
i'll do it this time it would only fail940.163.76
to get down here941.923.359
it seems clear943.922.96
i'm going for it945.2793.92
it's clear dang hell yeah it's unlike946.884.879
this game okay what's in here come on uh949.1994.32
to get out like you said before oh damn953.5194.24
it okay so yeah uh we will hit that955.5193.201
all right these tool boxes this is where958.723.359
we're hoping to find a hammer let's get960.563.68
them some good [ __ ] come on962.0794.0
come on give us something good game964.242.8
we got [ __ ] yeah i got a hammer yes got967.043.919
a claw it's a level two what is yours969.2793.281
level one [ __ ] yeah all right you'll970.9592.961
give we'll get back to the base you can972.562.639
give me that one i can use that to make973.923.2
a workbench sounds like a good plan yes975.1995.121
jesus we're doing great oh my god977.123.2
oh oh what's this motor tool parts980.566.079
oh [ __ ] that's an anvil too anvil yeah983.925.919
we could use that in the forge986.6393.2
pretty damn good day today we went to990.03.36
the bookshop learned a lot we were able991.8394.961
to craft a workbench um it is day six so993.365.599
uh 24 hours from now we will be996.84.479
preparing for our first horde night998.9593.921
anthony's over there right now i know1001.2793.201
you're doing a great job and so i mean1002.883.36
so am i i'm getting clay putting the1004.483.68
forge thank you so i mean hopefully we1006.243.839
can make some extra bullets not out of1008.163.679
clay that's ridiculous but that's1010.0794.161
so this is my last full day before horde1015.1993.76
night my intentions were to get a lot of1017.043.52
materials to build with because i've got1018.9595.281
to fortify this so yeah now i'm gonna1020.564.96
spend the night building and i and i1024.243.439
made this hole right here i might spend1025.524.48
my night digging that way i can level up1027.6793.681
with xp1030.03.919
as well as uh you know get rock1031.363.839
at least i'll be busy during the night1035.1994.12
what is that what is happening outside1049.285.12
trying to work on my tunnel who goes1051.844.8
there that's a bear1054.43.68
is that a bear1056.642.88
is that what i'm hearing1058.083.28
could use some bear meat1059.523.2
hey bear1061.365.12
keep it down it's no time it is1062.724.959
there we go1066.483.36
the base is a little stronger so1067.6793.281
be careful1069.842.48
oh where'd he go1070.963.76
you're not the first bear a fault but i1072.324.719
can't get cocky you know1074.723.6
can't mine1077.0392.64
i don't want to shoot my gun right now1078.322.719
because yeah1079.6794.721
there we go neebs the bear slayer okay i1081.0396.841
need that meat1084.43.48
morning time anthony oh good morning all1096.885.039
right we need to go out for wood yeah1099.763.76
sure tell you what why don't there's1101.9193.601
lots of woods to the southwest it also1103.524.08
goes by the traitor uh-huh can we do1105.523.68
that this early yeah we can't do that1107.62.959
this year but all right whatever you1109.22.479
know we'll just head out and start1110.5593.521
gathering wood okay just fixed up my axe1111.6794.161
it's feeling good1114.085.599
right behind you hello hi1115.843.839
how much wood to fill up a whole base i1121.283.04
mean that's1123.22.88
get as much as you can most of the1124.323.52
outside wall is stone so we really just1126.083.44
need it for our stuff up top yeah well1127.843.44
we also needed to make spikes that's1129.523.2
true because yeah i want to i want to1131.283.36
wrap that whole base in a layer of1132.723.92
spikes yes two layers of spikes if we1134.643.44
can manage it how will we get in you1136.643.44
have like a little little path yeah1138.083.28
we're gonna need yeah we're gonna need a1140.082.959
way in [ __ ] maybe we could just close1141.363.04
ourselves in on horde night that's1143.0392.721
probably yeah you know what right at1144.42.88
that back door yep you know we need to1145.763.6
fortify that door in the back1147.283.759
and then yeah we'll create a little line1149.362.72
we'll just yeah we'll load up with1151.0392.481
spikes and then if we survive the night1152.083.52
we'll just you know knock the spikes1153.523.68
down that's a good call on fortifying1155.63.52
too i'm gonna go ahead and build a whole1157.24.0
like back room hey as you're chopping1159.123.36
this stuff down go ahead and start1161.23.359
making spikes in your pocket1162.484.559
okay so i spent all night uh1169.6794.88
digging this hole1172.485.12
so i've been getting xp and rocks and1174.5595.36
making a ladder so i can get out1177.63.6
come on1179.9194.081
okay can't quite do that but1181.25.04
i can place a block1184.04.0
jump jump1186.242.96
come on1188.02.08
here we go1190.083.52
okay so we got a little rock1191.443.359
here we go1193.63.36
morning time got a bunch of rock i need1194.7993.601
to put a door over that someone's gonna1196.963.44
fall or rail or something1198.45.6
okay so here's the plan i need to1200.45.84
more spikes reinforce this wood here to1204.04.4
cobblestone everything cobblestone more1206.243.6
and let's start there let's just start1209.844.88
there okay i gotta get some1212.1593.441
i'm going digging1215.63.4
oh yeah1221.6793.441
i'm thinking yeah one layer around the1223.443.52
whole thing it'll it'll help yo yeah1225.123.52
we'll start with one layer at least and1226.963.68
then build it up as much as we can until1228.643.919
what time does horde die uh horde night1230.645.039
uh it starts at 2200 hours i believe1232.5595.761
okay we got time tomorrow uh yeah no we1235.6794.321
have time to go out and get resources uh1238.323.52
yeah up top we should really fortify a1240.04.08
lot of those unfortified blocks yeah you1241.844.4
know it could just be wood1244.083.599
but uh yeah i don't want to accidentally1246.243.04
pick one of them up you know what i mean1247.6793.36
that could happen i know exactly what1249.282.879
you mean1251.0392.721
let's see damn it should we take this1252.1594.161
dumpster out of here the one in the back1253.764.08
maybe yeah you know what maybe not you1256.322.96
know that's that that that that's good1257.843.04
[ __ ] i'll leave it dumpster i'm worried1259.282.879
about them climbing up here but then i1260.882.159
guess they wouldn't have any you know1262.1592.561
what i'll just wrap it in spikes1263.0393.12
[ __ ] them what are you talking about oh1264.722.4
this this1266.1592.961
that metal piece right there here let me1267.123.51
try it great1269.123.52
almost ow oh god1272.644.48
i put the spikes down anthony wouldn't1275.123.36
have that been like a funny out that1277.122.559
would have been a horrible out yeah but1278.482.64
it would have been fun dumb way to go1279.6793.441
how's your health uh 70. you're gonna1281.123.84
get yourself killed doing something dumb1283.124.559
yep probably1284.962.719
there we go okay everything's gonna be1288.323.599
and uh more spikes and i may even have1291.9196.24
like a another wall around this1295.446.08
and hopefully some sort of escape route1298.1594.561
because they're probably gonna break1301.523.2
through this would be nice to have1302.724.48
doraleous here you know just i mean just1304.724.24
gathering stuff watching my back when1307.24.32
i'm digging or me watching his1308.964.0
hopefully i can get to this horde night1312.964.32
um anthony another solid day yeah like1317.284.639
uh i mean it wasn't that exciting but we1320.1593.841
got stuff done yeah that's not what1321.9193.681
matters but matters is living yeah1324.02.799
surviving because you and i are gonna1325.62.559
get the prize which i think might be a1326.7993.601
trip to myrtle beach something like that1328.1593.841
yeah i mean as the series goes on i1330.43.2
think the prize should get better oh1332.02.96
yeah maybe well i mean we don't know how1333.62.559
long it's gonna go on i don't know how1334.962.56
yeah how it's however long the other1336.1592.88
teams can survive yeah cause we're1337.523.36
killing it like if we get 50 episodes in1339.0393.361
we should go to like oh my god can you1340.883.12
imagine getting 50 episodes into this1342.43.2
all that ad revenue we could go anywhere1344.03.28
we go to the moon yeah that's true we're1345.64.48
going to the moon hey elon elon we won a1347.284.56
game of seven days can we go to the1350.083.599
music send us up we got all of that1351.846.22
youtube ad honey jeff jeff1353.67910.761

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