KEVIN!!! Golem vs Skeletons! - (Minecraft Ep 12)

Hey there fellow gamers! If you're a fan of Minecraft and love epic battles, then you definitely need to check out the latest video from Nee...
KEVIN!!! Golem vs Skeletons! - (Minecraft Ep 12)
KEVIN!!! Golem vs Skeletons! - (Minecraft Ep 12)

KEVIN!!! Golem vs Skeletons! - (Minecraft Ep 12)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that epic video of Golem vs Skeletons on Minecraft Ep 12?

simon: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at those boneheads trying to take down the mighty Golem.

appsro: I gotta say, that battle was intense! But let's be real, the Golem was obviously gonna crush those Skeletons.

neebs: Of course, the Golem had all that iron power on its side. Poor Skeletons didn't stand a chance.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow gamers! If you're a fan of Minecraft and love epic battles, then you definitely need to check out the latest video from Neebs Gaming. It's all about the showdown between Golems and Skeletons - iron versus bone, who do you think will come out on top?

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would you look at that I don't like it I1.4295.291
love it I think it's a big improvement5.134.56
you don't see the trees I say trees6.727.709
hardly I can't see the forest of the9.698.97
trees you know right in a silhouette of14.4297.051
your monster no I don't think it's a18.665.1
monster I'm just saying that you21.484.41
overstepped and we're gonna have to23.763.12
correct some things25.892.79
what do you mean overstepped I don't go26.883.36
into your house and start putting stuff28.683.78
all over the place do what we just did30.243.6
there's a sky bridge over the whole32.464.47
skyline that's not in your house even go33.844.62
anywhere else36.933.78
it's in my eyeline you know in New York38.464.74
they sell space above buildings it's a40.714.41
thing I don't care if it's a good amount43.23.57
of air above a building you and your45.123.9
Yankee ways you're the hey you're the46.774.17
northerner here how you are Simon I know49.024.949
I am but I don't I don't abide by Yankee50.945.52
selling no noobs never has once had a53.9698.601
Yankee way like education yes dogs then56.4610.979
let's move on okay guys just to make62.576.82
everyone feel a little bit better go67.4394.321
ahead and help yourself how this I cook69.395.33
even baking all night mean a cookie oh71.764.14
yeah you want to bencher help me what75.97.37
yep oh yeah let's go79.084.19
okay this is looking pretty good cut99.3294.57
down some of those trees you know what102.343.959
you might see if the other guys want to103.8993.691
build little houses out here but not106.2993.261
like crazy house is like Simon's thing107.594.5
you know nice houses maybe I'll build it109.564.479
well I'll let them move into it112.094.8
stuffs ridiculous okay mr. man we got to114.0395.281
start clearing you out gonna happen116.894.89
let's see I'm thinking a nice big boy119.325.82
yay basement oh god I got a lot of work121.787.05
to do what work to do the addiction is125.144.349
I got dick chin I'm so addicted129.4895.821
Minecrafts addictive give me that egg132.485.17
wait why is it you're digging here is135.315.97
there a chicken in here out of my house137.6512.21
you know what new Simon do I hit them141.2811.22
with it now you right-click on two adult149.866.51
cows and then see they kiss yep and then152.55.67
make a baby cow perfect there you go you156.373.089
got experience and then you just do that158.172.819
to all the cows around here okay so159.4594.711
again and again now these two will they160.9895.941
get tired well the day was I just did it164.174.77
they can't we'll only one all right cuz166.933.869
two just did they they got to recover168.943.6
all right be jumping right back into it170.7993.541
well they can if they if they just take172.544.529
some some medication here hold on let's174.346.51
get one here huh one Hey177.0696.031
they already spent all right over the180.854.02
way yeah I go over the way there where183.14.469
bunch of them which way look around okay184.874.769
I'm gonna run over here okay hey guys187.5694.361
feel like making189.6395.08
sweet low so it's kind of unfortunate191.934.919
because the reason we need so many cows194.7194.02
til we got to make books and we need196.8495.22
leather for books look at you like a198.7395.22
matchmaker that's right202.0694.89
I like it alright so anymore over here203.9594.92
hey you know be nice if we could do the206.9593.661
horse in the cow you know that'd be208.8793.69
that'd be beautiful that is how they210.623.69
make mules or is that how do you make a212.5694.17
mule I think it's with a horse and a cow214.314.379
okay we'll do it216.7394.62
well yeah do it okay pretty sure it's218.6894.14
not gonna work though no of course it's221.3593.481
not it's ridiculous222.8294.351
yeah so if there's a ton of cows we can224.843.479
make books without feeling too bad227.183.119
because there's plenty of them yeah oh228.3193.271
hey Simon230.2994.02
yes what is up with there I'm making bet231.595.67
oh this yeah that's an abomination234.3196.0
at the bridge oh I like that vine thing237.264.319
find things find the bridge thing looks240.3193.331
awful the point you would eat that is a241.5794.05
way for me to get to my buddy's house243.654.44
just just take the ground yeah but245.6294.801
that's a much safer way it's not safe248.093.75
it's gonna be even safe about that250.433.0
there's not even rails on that it's251.844.139
gonna be a tunnel it's gonna be few253.434.38
animals or tunnels are underground right255.9794.771
it's good to be is right a tube an257.814.77
above-ground tunnel tube I think you260.753.36
should do a tunnel like an underground262.583.63
tunnel not a scotch like Hill oh you264.114.619
don't say easy hey I'm in the market for266.215.42
bamboo bamboo is that Kevin over there268.7296.031
Kevin knew it an ear who's Kevin lookin271.634.18
all over for you274.764.26
okay you got stuck in here somehow who's275.814.919
Kevin he's our Gollum279.023.3
oh you guys got a Gollum ah man imma280.7293.78
gonna wait for too long Kevin get out282.324.2
there and kill mobs what are you doing284.5094.351
thinks it's a holiday you can live here286.524.94
but look you gonna get out sometimes288.865.399
alright feel safer already and he's291.464.239
worried about building a sky tunnel yeah294.2595.16
cool bamboo oh yeah okay well someone's295.6995.761
got some growing on his vine fortress299.4193.99
and I have some behind my house so yeah301.463.48
help yourself them grows like weeds303.4093.301
yeah vine fortress is actually a really304.943.9
good name for this thing in there no you306.712.699
know what308.842.91
actually beautiful the thing is my house309.4094.29
and it's not just something that311.754.32
everyone can just mess with we just got313.6994.111
a second opinion you were wrong that's316.073.779
the verdict so in other words I can do317.813.96
whatever I want to your house and then319.8494.62
get a second opinion that it's okay then321.773.05
it's got to be legitimate though what do324.823.81
you mean we didn't pray discuss this who326.713.9
do you love it who defines what's328.634.49
legitimate who nature o330.615.01
nature does alright and what does nature333.124.63
say about this nature loves the vines335.625.28
okay so we can do vines wherever we want337.755.7
cuz that's nature right you're trying to340.94.76
start a war aren't ya343.455.73
maybe okay that's what you want345.669.58
hey that's my place man okay that's fine349.1811.16
lose the tude it's my place I can have355.2417.79
two and hit me watch it you're both360.3424.21
grownups Oh rainin yeah zombies because373.0314.01
of the rain and that's um you just jump384.557.44
over there I kind of did yeah well okay387.049.95
here we go goes nothing nope nope okay391.995.0
skeleton I just hide in this tree398.497.99
well zombies coming on boy hey I think I402.826.42
have a spot where we can hide okay you406.483.3
see where I am409.243.87
Oh see me come here yep I'm here409.785.48
Oh what happened I can't see now okay416.333.57
I'm an warriors what my horse girl came421.3131.56
into your house can I get these and I449.874.94
get these skeletons to fight each other452.8715.18
yep okay all right boy BAM s because of454.8116.449
these vines yeah she's like a dumb all468.056.48
right I'm making scaffolding how many471.2596.87
can I make six is that it six no no I474.535.97
can make more oh I get six per oh there478.1293.54
we go there we go480.53.27
yeah whole bunch of scaffold oh that's481.6694.11
what I'm after all right soon as the483.774.799
rains done um Eddie back home oh hey um485.7796.42
oh hi neebs listen someone had a spider488.5695.761
spawner in there didn't didn't Bradley's492.1993.06
have one yes494.332.19
doraleous and think have a spider495.2593.21
spawner down in the the old shaft they496.523.72
go in there just kill spiders all day498.4694.56
and get a lot of string yeah yeah just500.244.679
get it from your box um I don't have503.0294.771
much so I didn't take much okay better504.9194.021
than what I didn't use I'll put back507.82.94
there see you still got 24508.943.93
that's plenty of string okay I'm just510.743.69
gonna lay down for a minute okay512.874.2
probably a good idea yeah cuz you're514.434.529
diagnol well my stuff's out I should get517.072.7
my stuff though518.9592.791
yeah of course you should just rest my519.773.269
eyes for a minute the rain hopefully521.752.07
won't last long523.0395.251
yeah oh you were cute ooh sleepy sleepy523.828.75
diddle needs like that math you got on528.294.28
looking good Simon yeah keep it up598.784.3
you're doing great601.823.39
well you know I think that I'm doing603.084.14
good cuz I was I was trimming on my605.213.63
place a little bit you didn't bring a607.224.05
shovel did you know I know what you608.843.03
could do though611.273.63
I got sheers what's up uh you take some611.876.36
wheat and just kind of corral them over614.95.94
here you know okay yeah let me see if I618.235.73
have my wheat on me bring your wheat you620.846.09
got a F today is that still a score high623.965.85
score kids today who knows all right so626.935.52
get get the brigham on over right yeah629.814.86
all right come on hey buddy you see him632.453.84
you got to walk slow man well I got one634.675.07
no I'm gonna get one right now well okay636.294.56
who do you want me to get a whole bunch639.743.6
at once you do it have you okay look at640.855.52
you whoo yeah I know I don't I don't643.343.78
mess around646.372.37
yeah how you doing hey you know what you647.123.45
could do you come in here you guys the648.743.9
little family free down here you know650.574.23
what Kevin can be the he could be the652.644.76
the herd herdsmen who's which ones Kevin654.84.8
I'll let you think about that for a657.43.91
minute he's been part of the family for659.65.1
a couple weeks now yeah is it is it a is661.315.82
it a cow have we had a cow in the family664.74.2
for a couple of weeks I don't know I667.134.98
don't feel like we have okay yeah are668.95.58
you having fun digging oh yeah all right672.114.26
so I got these guys let's let's bring674.483.75
them all over I'll get a whole bunch of676.374.53
them together hello guys how are you678.234.28
you're gonna give up on who Kevin is680.96.36
yeah yeah you think I'm gonna sit here682.517.21
and act a fool I know the name of your687.263.3
family members689.723.15
whoa this is a one-sided friendship what690.564.53
family members do you know mine hi your692.876.75
daughter's wife yeah and your kids and695.097.05
you got Kevin yeah all right I wonder699.624.71
which one of your family members is702.144.59
Kevin is Kevin a duck that you saw when704.334.14
you were walking your dog can we not706.734.26
just just free he's not even free look708.474.92
at him I was glass here710.994.59
oh that's Kevin there you go Kevin you713.394.8
watch the cows it's the Simon hey cat715.584.89
I'm in Kevin how you doing yeah I'll718.194.12
forget about Kevin in like 10720.474.03
I know you will alright so I've got a722.314.35
bunch of cows right here you know it'd724.54.59
be nice is if I if I threw down the726.663.93
wheat and they just sat around it hey729.093.42
guys come on come on down let them go to730.593.3
go to town on it is that what they're732.513.0
gonna do they're gonna gobble it up like733.893.24
a bunch of chickens all right735.513.66
I don't know I'm gonna throw it like737.135.22
boom I go like this and then I'll take739.175.25
the wheat I don't want to take all the742.353.45
wheat though right I don't want to drop744.423.84
all the wheat feeding frenzy hold on745.86.93
alright boom boom boom boom hey come on748.266.45
wheat wheat it up guys752.733.69
didn't do nothing working like a charm754.713.54
in it yeah it is but you know what I got756.424.14
a lot of cows I mean I did do my job758.253.72
didn't I sure did760.564.35
you got a see today I got a C+ that's761.974.02
what I am baby764.915.1
Mike a 75 to 79 it's the way they used765.995.789
to grade back in the 30s when I was a770.018.82
kid there we go yeah I know what that is771.7799.781
let's check it out okay we can go in778.836.03
different places you wanna go left I go781.565.82
right all right you go left784.864.83
oh yeah may I sticking together seems787.384.86
okay because you got all the you get all789.694.5
the stuff that last caber in you got all792.243.51
the iron oh I'll iron794.193.78
I got nothing you got nothing that's795.754.13
what happens when you stick together797.975.45
speaking of sticking together799.883.54
cactus jokes right oh okay I'm gonna get804.358.89
off of this horse I have not named okay808.986.6
skeleton hey good luck in there yeah I813.244.5
think I may have thrown away all my815.584.83
torches so did you get all the iron817.744.99
already No820.414.83
yeah it looked like anything just yet Oh822.7310.8
what are you little karate zombie what825.2412.01
the hell doraleous crowded zombies no he833.538.3
was wearing a game no yes he was tiny837.2515.63
I'm in the dark I'm in the dark okay man841.8314.65
I'm a building machine if you know what852.886.9
I mean I do there yeah where are you I'm856.485.52
over by my place in my body of water859.784.02
which is we're gonna it's gonna be where862.05.82
I put my my duckies oh hey hey you're863.85.4
gonna have old duck pond I'm gonna have867.823.15
a duck pond why not I don't know why not869.24.71
or chicken pond there's chickens right870.975.31
what chickens would want ponds or ducks873.914.95
I don't know you ever seen a chicken in876.285.67
the water like just floating about don't878.865.43
do that Simon we could we could start a881.953.66
thing you could throw them in there I884.292.55
just don't think they're gonna like it885.613.3
as much as you think they will okay well886.843.39
can't wait to see it though we're gonna888.914.1
find out dude okay what I took it back890.235.55
this is not a monster this is this is893.014.69
glorious isn't it right and you know why895.784.02
it's glorious because I've finned it out897.73.57
oh you did you give her a little trim899.83.96
ski yeah because it needed it and I901.274.14
tried to keep most of the stuff still903.763.72
hanging on neebs place cuz that's my905.414.05
favorite part of it the fact that his907.483.54
place is covered oh I love it - you're909.463.66
the kudzu of minecraft that's right911.024.56
kudzu for those who doesn't but don't913.124.44
know what kudzu is it's an invasive like915.584.86
plant vine in the mountains and that's917.565.82
why we come here to learn from you yeah920.445.4
you've seen it right I've heard of it923.384.29
looks kind of like that right it's925.844.05
beautiful really but it's good zoo it927.676.2
chokes out the rest of the forest and oh929.896.78
it could zoo chokes out the rest of the933.875.47
force like ninjas right hey when are you936.674.32
gonna throw chickens in your pond let's939.343.69
go get him wait it's getting dark no940.994.8
yeah all of a sudden that happened yeah943.036.81
I I died way far away and there's no way945.796.21
I'm getting back nor could I find it uh949.844.23
so let's hang out with each other and952.03.81
play a game I made a fun you have a954.072.34
fishing rod955.813.42
yes follow-on let me go I have it in my956.415.13
thing get it out of your thing and I'll959.234.29
meet you on the bridge to my place love961.546.42
it well got all the stuff in a chest and963.527.17
he is probably on his way back over here967.965.52
maybe he stole the horse that needs970.694.77
stole from me to get here973.486.06
I could probably yeah just go to sleep975.467.44
just go to sleep here we go979.547.83
there's monsters around okay away from982.99.33
the nasty noises up here up here alright987.376.65
alright alright alright alright alright992.238.45
no monsters sleepy time night doraleous994.0212.58
wherever you are is my bird1000.688.59
oh that's your bird son yeah that's my1006.64.68
bird why is it well I guess your beds1009.274.59
here yeah let's hear I came here are you1011.284.44
gonna move your bed that's your home you1013.863.87
can let claim I know but I mean I like1015.724.8
staying here with you but okay1017.735.61
alright I like it okay check this out1020.523.36
this is my man cave okay oh yeah I did1023.887.949
see this light from under the water and1029.613.78
you're like what is that light and this1031.8294.431
is a direct tunnel to neebs1033.395.819
backyard side yard alright but then come1036.267.27
here I'm so impressed already this is1039.2098.61
for safe fishing safe fishing yeah1043.536.69
nighttime fishing safe nighttime fishing1047.8194.131
I love it is there is there anything1050.225.37
what well we're this is glass we're1051.956.04
covered the whole thing is just the1055.596.21
front so we can cast okay yeah alright1057.996.21
okay what can we catch here can we catch1061.84.83
some like some armor and stuff maybe I1064.24.26
don't even see my I know that's a1066.633.54
problem in it my thing out there I'll1068.463.78
put some more torque no now it is now it1070.173.99
is I could have swore I casted it or1072.244.47
cast it it's cast right cast you don't1074.163.93
say casted uh-uh1076.713.0
nobody would say that1078.096.3
bam fish nice uh-huh back again we're1079.717.32
like the fishing brothers yeah me and1084.395.7
you mm-hmm when we fish yep it's like1087.034.89
we're related mm-hmm1090.094.77
like brothers like our mom yeah same to1091.9210.58
stop a kid oh boy Kevin coming in I1094.8610.23
brought you a bed it's yellow you're1102.54.36
gonna love it okay there you are1105.093.87
Kevin listen we are there's a creeper1106.864.29
why do you keep letting those in all1108.963.93
right we're gonna have to get out comes1111.153.63
a bunch of creepers this is not good all1112.892.58
right Kevin1114.783.05
I got until you bed in a minute whoa1115.474.41
that's a wrong button1117.833.79
come on out you can pump yep there is1119.883.99
none bass Kevin I didn't realize to be1121.625.96
somebody creepers here I gotta eat1123.878.49
please don't blow up okay Kevin you do1127.587.48
anything because if you're not no okay1132.367.76
keep moving I'm I can't do the shimmy1135.065.06
you know what I love about it out of1141.832.26
here Simon1143.642.85
what's that sometimes you just it's like1144.095.19
you miss you hear things all right could1146.495.13
have swore I just heard neebs died right1149.284.58
but it's usually just like you know1151.625.34
lingering in the air things like that1153.865.23
just stuff you ever hear things yeah I1156.964.31
just heard needs to die so oh did he1159.095.52
that was him he actually died I like to1161.275.62
pretend that it's just like this spooky1164.6111.19
you know voice in the air like that's1166.8911.25
chilling to me yeah that's that is some1175.87.76
scary voice yeah especially out here1178.145.42
Kevin Kevin I'm back I got a bone in an1184.385.73
arrow give it1188.4295.641
you guys seen Kevin big metal guy not a1190.117.59
cow anyone okay I'm gonna need this1194.0710.14
there we go okay of course Kevin we1197.710.17
didn't go anywhere where would he go huh1204.216.929
Kevin do we seriously not have a Kevin I1207.876.0
don't see any holes the creepers didn't1211.1397.38
blow up what's going on here okay cows1213.879.5
don't know does this happen that Kevin1218.5199.63
five crap you only get five man we're1223.376.759
gonna need more Kevin's no in the world1228.1493.9
are you go down he's made of iron all1230.1295.221
right I gotta find my stuff yeah come on1232.0495.401
out I can't beat him in my farm all1235.353.659
right grab my stuff1237.453.959
call it a night see you Cal's in the1239.0093.66
morning oh there it is see you know1241.4093.531
you'll be miss Kevin1248.063.66
I know it's night everywhere and I don't1254.294.65
understand why people aren't going to1257.114.98
sleep guys go to sleep if you can hear1258.9415.42
me go to sleep good night like right1262.0914.55
there Simon it's almost as if I felt1274.364.05
someone said go to sleep but that's just1276.642.43
right it's perfect for fishing right now1279.077.07
exactly all night fish1281.344.8

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I seriously can't get enough of their Minecraft series. From the zany characters to the cinematic editing to the crazy adventures, Neebs Gaming makes Minecraft an absolute joy to watch. If you're even remotely interested in Minecraft, you owe it to yourself to check out Neebs' videos. They're the perfect way to live out the very best Minecraft has to offer!

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