Attacked By Space Bandits - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel? It's a wild ride from start to f...
Attacked By Space Bandits  - Pulsar: Lost Colony
Attacked By Space Bandits - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Attacked By Space Bandits - Pulsar: Lost Colony

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video where we get attacked by space bandits in Pulsar: Lost Colony? It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! We couldn't catch a break or our breath, just jumping from one pickle to another. Classic Neebs Gaming chaos!

appsro: I still can't believe Neebs tried to perform surgery in the middle of all that. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!

neebs: Hey, I thought I did a pretty good job with that surgery! And let's not forget about the new chair we found. That thing was a game-changer.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel? It's a wild ride from start to finish - we can't seem to catch a break or even catch our breath with all the crazy situations we keep getting ourselves into!

In this episode, Neebs and the gang jump from one pickle to the next, facing unplanned battles, hilarious moments, and unexpected challenges. And let me tell you, it's a rollercoaster of emotions that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you're a fan of Pulsar: Lost Colony or just love watching Neebs Gaming tackle new adventures, this playlist is a must-watch. From the epic battles to the crazy shenanigans, you won't want to miss a single moment of the action-packed gameplay.

And hey, don't forget to grab yourself some Neebs Gaming Coffee while you watch - it'll make the experience even more enjoyable. Plus, check out their Patreon, Twitch, and social media channels to stay connected with all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes content.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the chaos that is Pulsar: Lost Colony with Neebs Gaming. You won't be disappointed!

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all right coming out of warp into an5.123.92
uncharted system in 10 seconds captain7.23.76
look alive people all right look alive9.043.84
but don't move right yeah don't be just10.963.52
driving around like crazy robot okay12.884.239
well don't move or move yeah just don't14.484.639
move okay17.1193.601
looking for change looking for pain19.1193.681
pulling a mob pushing a train i'll never20.723.92
stop stick to a lane pick up the pieces22.84.559
and go rearrange uh scans24.645.6
oh we do have bogies27.3594.641
and a bandit ripper you want to fight or30.243.76
head out take a vote we can't take these32.03.52
guys these guys are [ __ ] i'm looking34.03.52
at their hull and shield though all35.523.6
right let's take a man yeah we can use a37.523.76
scrap i mean scraps good [ __ ] all right39.123.599
just kill no discretion your mind is a41.283.76
this one number a let's go for a go47.524.8
first all right49.842.48
power into the weapons i don't have a56.0794.8
shot nose down nose down goes down for58.2396.161
me which is up to me this60.8796.401
is down now it is down now all right now64.45.36
let's go after b now we're waiting did a67.284.56
blow up and no one just just no one saw69.764.24
it i didn't see it blow up71.843.68
all right we got the scrap that's going74.02.799
after people75.523.68
go after your feet76.7995.68
hey listen target their weapons oh boy79.25.919
our hole just took a hit there oh do we82.4794.721
want to try to board me maybe gotta85.1194.161
knock his shields down first his shields87.24.4
are down it looks like we're at 878 out89.284.24
of 1500 cap all right forget the91.64.32
boarding plan i'll help you shoot target93.524.559
their weapons take them out oh god we95.924.879
just took another hand it's like you98.0794.801
lived a few lifetimes100.7993.68
from a break off from the weak minds102.882.96
they could stay soft you could change104.4793.041
lives you create thoughts never waste105.843.44
time you got one shot you got one life107.522.559
what do you like make a dream job no not110.0794.961
five no mean112.242.8
oh boy that's not good it's not rolling127.25.679
my rule is down oh boy hold on hey down129.6794.241
down yeah all right because132.8792.72
engineering's gone [ __ ] up hold on i'm133.923.12
trying to repair it captain i'm not135.5992.64
recommending it out of here that's all137.045.48
ready to go up we got fires138.2394.281
has been unlocked i love it151.444.12
ten seconds until we come out of warp185.284.0
cap should be a friendly depot187.283.52
someone gonna need you to pull us into189.284.239
the repair depot you got that do we want190.84.32
to try to replace the hole before we193.5193.44
repair the hole save some money you know195.123.52
we can do it in the same spot right now196.9593.521
i think i think we can replace it here198.643.44
we just have to be at a depot to do the200.483.2
replace yeah i'm saying we can repair202.083.12
and replace and we don't need to repair203.683.119
for replacing what i'm saying save the205.23.599
money for the repairs okay just [ __ ]206.7996.08
replace it all right do that208.7995.52
i'm gonna need you to take it down a212.8792.401
yeah damn it that's right hey listen215.283.36
he's your captain i mean i still got217.22.959
this suit on i don't know what to tell218.643.44
you still got that suit on okay well i220.1593.601
forget it's comfortable222.085.439
not chase i swear might because you're223.765.039
your thighs227.5192.64
how do you feel about that fat thighs228.7993.921
your alien thighs that's fat big alien230.1595.041
fat thighs okay fit not fat let's open232.724.56
transmission with the uh the shop all235.24.72
right with the uh general shop or the237.284.879
repair depot hmm239.924.319
i don't know this is where i was such a242.1594.72
good captain244.2392.64
what do we do247.23.28
i don't know248.3194.0
i would look into the inventory and see250.483.2
if we could replace that hole like we252.3192.961
were trying to do earlier yeah that's253.683.119
what we're doing ship we're going to255.283.28
take the hole we're going to move to256.7993.601
cargo oh258.563.6
oh what's going on oh we don't have a260.43.44
hull our hole's completely down because262.164.08
captain just yanked it okay we got fires263.844.72
we got a lot of put these fires out hold266.243.519
on okay268.562.8
there's ours out okay i'm gonna go ahead269.7592.961
and put the other one in yeah put the271.363.04
other one in please okay where are the272.723.36
other fires downstairs i don't see274.42.56
how about that hole captain so we don't276.963.84
want the light hole we we want the good278.4794.72
hole ccg hole yeah put it in that should280.84.72
give us an integrity of 1760. all right283.1994.801
do it see what happens equipped yep it's285.524.399
up we got yeah our hole's fully uh fully288.05.04
repaired oh yeah 1760. nice got a289.9194.641
stronger hole all right and we can293.043.04
upgrade it with our scrap that's right294.562.88
if we wanted to do that but i mean hey296.082.72
since we're at a depot you could also297.443.12
look at the shop maybe they have an even298.83.92
better hull you got options cap all300.563.84
right i'm still hurt from that battle302.722.8
i'll be back304.44.16
is atrium on no it was you turned it off305.524.08
i did308.562.639
can we turn it back on309.62.8
she apologized to me for yelling at me312.44.16
you yelled at me i don't think so what's314.723.84
going on why are we starting jump prep316.564.079
we're not leaving i'd like to always318.564.479
initiate even though320.6395.381
all right thank you for the heels323.03910.94
hey i might get myself a new chair too334.563.76
huh a chair yeah you want to spend money336.324.159
on a chair i'm the captain and i said338.323.68
you know it's a big part of my job i340.4793.681
don't even have a chair nor do i can i342.04.4
have your chair yeah buy us chairs but344.163.599
you guys don't even have chair slots in346.42.88
the shop what do you want a chair i've347.7593.201
already bought it sorry well that's kind349.285.199
of a [ __ ] you know what hey listen350.965.519
that's a lot of money for a chair it's354.4794.72
gonna give us shield upgrades oh oh okay356.4794.881
what the chair yeah oh well then yeah by359.1993.761
the chair yeah yeah yeah okay i don't361.364.88
understand that good idea okay and equip362.965.359
ah crap no room you gotta unequip the366.243.28
old one there's already a chair there368.3193.281
see oops hold up i couldn't even tell369.524.0
there was something there boom oh yep371.63.599
old chair is gone oh is it going yeah373.523.76
yeah i could we could can we drive the375.1994.081
ship this way well probably you don't377.283.68
need a damn chair but if it gives us a379.283.52
shield boost put in the chair okay see380.965.6
the new chair please bam oh oh oh wow382.84.72
very similar to the old chair but it's388.883.36
got a red uh390.884.4
red yeah it to me it looks fancier you392.245.12
look good slightly fancier good deal395.283.28
can't wait for you to give fuzzy397.363.679
directions in this chair okay so listen398.564.16
up crew we've got a stronger hole we've401.0392.481
got a402.722.64
chair that re generates our shield403.522.959
and uh we're way behind on selling406.4793.361
biscuits so yeah i think we're last408.083.44
place again actually409.843.199
i'm gonna set a course and we're gonna411.523.119
sell some biscuits413.0394.6
so there's some kidnappers they think426.4794.72
the kidnappies are428.6393.84
no longer431.1992.56
so we got an eighth down just say a432.4793.041
sentence they you there are kidnappers433.7593.44
you think the kidnappies are no longer435.522.799
yeah what part of that don't you437.1992.56
understand all of it what the hell did438.3192.88
you just say and what does it mean439.7592.801
anybody else in the room know what that441.1994.321
means it means that the the kidnappees442.565.039
are the people who are kidnapped or dead445.525.36
right and there's a reward 8 000 credits447.5996.401
if we uh bring down the kidnappers okay450.885.12
so english all right all right i454.03.199
understood that let's kill some456.05.44
kidnappers and get 8 000 credits right457.1994.241
all right science officer scan for the461.7594.641
uh kidnappers all right464.43.6
i'm on the move captain as long as466.43.199
that's okay unless you don't want me to468.03.84
move i mean might as well sit still469.5993.361
right we don't know where we're going471.842.479
i'm gonna go ahead and charge the warp472.963.2
drives just in case we need to uh book474.3193.681
it i might wait is this not where the476.163.68
kidnappers are no we're in the right478.04.16
sector 1736 they're hiding probably in479.844.32
this asteroid field somewhere i see482.164.56
something in the distance blank we got484.164.159
the jump bottom cap we don't need to486.723.919
warp do we not now but just in case the488.3193.841
[ __ ] goes down you know what i'm saying490.6393.68
don't we need that uh power for shields492.163.36
and turrets and stuff like that yeah494.3192.241
that's what i'm saying they haven't495.523.2
detected us yet i don't think i see496.563.84
something in the distance that looks498.724.4
like it's it's in some sort of uh500.44.96
like it's got two it's got four points503.124.479
of white around it okay that doesn't505.363.679
sound helpful right captain looks like507.5993.921
you have some dialogue options here unit509.0395.041
10 division 40 wait that's it isn't it511.524.879
division 44.514.083.839
eight point yeah that's what i was just516.3994.0
talking about cool so what do i do517.9195.04
go towards them yes you got them there520.3994.401
science well yeah i just scanned it522.9594.081
let's see what we got here um combat524.84.64
level 54. master ship potentially527.044.799
hostile arm can't detect you has been529.444.48
flagged they can't detect us not right531.8393.44
now outside533.923.52
keeps cranking him engines okay so uh535.2794.56
what do you want me to do can't537.443.839
watch you listen to the captain who's539.8393.041
just bumbling around well he's just541.2794.24
rambling on isn't he okay so here's what542.884.88
we're gonna do folks first of all what545.5194.081
does this do547.763.199
anyone know549.64.239
it says dialogue is that with 44 yes550.9594.801
that actually yeah you you are talking553.8393.761
to unit 10 division 44. if you hit555.763.92
dialogue you will speak to them man i557.64.239
kind of want to tell them talk to them559.683.92
okay listen be ready to fight if we need561.8393.921
to yeah i'm waiting for you to tell me563.63.919
what to do captain sit tight buddy565.764.32
you're doing great dialogue here we go567.5194.32
um is this what they say570.083.68
wait please don't attack us we aren't571.8393.68
kid oh man look this is getting thick573.764.72
uh-oh we aren't kidnappers the silvassi575.5195.841
workers are safe okay578.484.56
it smells like [ __ ] cap it does581.363.68
smell like [ __ ] but we don't you583.044.239
think they're moving too by the way i'm585.043.68
looking at them yeah we're about to see587.2792.881
if they're going to make a move on us588.722.64
let me know if they get further away590.163.84
there dorales they are getting closer591.364.56
yeah okay that's captain you got some594.03.12
options there you could either agree595.923.44
with them or you can demand compensation597.123.2
if they pay us a little bit we could600.323.519
forget this ever happened you know what601.763.04
i mean603.8393.12
man i wish there was a more noble one604.84.32
right like yeah well i guess nobody606.9593.681
would be agree they're telling us that609.123.44
about it they didn't kidnap people what610.644.4
prove it that'd be the good one prove it612.564.719
let's see some of those uh sucker how615.043.76
about refuse what does that mean that617.2793.201
probably means like no we're gonna we618.83.68
want to kill you all right let's do a620.485.52
vote okay um who wants to what yeah okay622.486.64
let's vote okay agree all who want to626.04.16
say agree629.123.2
agree to what again agree with what yeah630.164.239
there's no there's no kidnappies they're632.323.28
they're fine leave them i'm saying634.3993.12
believe them i'm not gonna say i don't635.64.16
believe them okay demand compensation637.5194.0
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let's get639.763.519
some money641.5193.121
out here is that what you want right643.2792.721
come on644.643.759
yeah i want compensation646.04.0
what they say648.3993.761
corporations lying i mean it's wordy we650.04.0
shouldn't we just what followed them no652.163.44
it's the bottom part's not worth it good654.03.519
god can you just not read we don't have655.63.76
mark they say we don't have much money657.5193.521
but we can offer one thousand credits659.362.64
probably nowhere near the price of the661.043.28
bounty on us but it's uh all we have662.03.519
right now will that be enough and now664.322.88
you have an option for yes or no no why665.5193.76
does it take so long it's not enough do667.24.48
you see all these words yes read them669.2794.24
jesus christ you didn't read them you671.683.279
didn't read it i did read them the673.5194.961
middle ones yes i wrote that one674.9595.281
you read that not out loud but yes i678.483.2
read it jesus christ it isn't hard to680.243.68
read and make a [ __ ] decision captain681.684.8
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] easy now this is why683.924.159
you're the captain because you know what686.483.84
captain this guy's a lunatic he wouldn't688.0794.081
be good at this he's a lunatic we have690.324.24
another vote yes or no yeah no let's692.164.16
make a thousand credits and then then694.563.12
let's go back to that696.323.68
let's upgrade no i would say i say no697.684.48
doraleous i say let's take the thousand700.04.24
and run we're doing it702.164.88
mission failed son of them [ __ ] did we704.245.599
fall for some [ __ ] no just because we no707.044.0
we filled the mission because we didn't709.8392.881
do the bounty but hey we made a thousand711.043.28
credits thank you for sparing us we know712.723.04
we aren't in a position to ask for much714.323.36
blah blah so yeah we did good today good715.764.48
job captain717.682.56
i don't think you mean that720.3993.041
all right we're coming out of warp in725.5192.961
three two726.9593.361
boom very nice how we looking what do we730.324.88
see whoa that's a big old thing up above732.3996.0
us wow yeah what the hell is that735.26.319
it's a it's a big it's a big thing it738.3995.361
looks like a space pyramid huh almost741.5193.681
pyramid yeah a little743.763.28
big a big long one should we do what we745.24.4
got here some scrap looking for let's do747.044.88
a lap simon okay anything else around749.64.72
here see door is there any uh any other751.924.8
ships out there yeah i just scanned it754.324.319
it's the the idabel756.724.0
combat level i just saw lasers is758.6394.32
currently hostile and armed760.725.28
okay yep are we fighting let's see762.9594.481
i think yeah we can take this thing we766.03.839
can take this thing all right uh whoever767.445.36
oh we got another ship769.8392.961
how many ships773.043.599
uh let's see the balance what is774.564.399
disabled what gentleman's welcome oh god776.6393.921
yeah they're hitting us with viruses oh778.9593.281
[ __ ] all right780.562.48
all right782.244.48
i'm gonna help antivirus783.043.68
oh yeah our shields are completely down792.243.44
oh completely different completely down794.242.719
i think they've uh taken our shield795.682.56
simon if you can put it somewhere where796.9594.0
out they can't hit798.242.719
hold on oh [ __ ] is it possible right804.0795.281
here oh boy i'm taking damage806.84.159
maybe boosted oh you're gonna hit809.363.36
something i know whoa810.9593.841
hold on right in the middle simon hey812.723.76
listen trying to make it so that they814.83.44
can't hit us right yeah get in there816.485.039
baby come on try out him trying trying818.244.8
oh you're doing great simon my god821.5193.76
you're so sexy823.043.52
robot ass825.2793.761
all right come on baby how we looking uh826.564.56
engineer uh the shields are not829.043.359
oh no832.3993.841
what just something like blew up in here833.764.56
really i didn't see anything yeah we've836.243.279
been hit with a virus what kind of838.323.199
viruses we got here i'm just moving the839.5194.081
move people so yeah you see this little841.5193.281
like yeah you can hit oh man they're843.63.44
hitting us with two flanks viruses ah844.84.0
okay hitting these where do i hit it uh847.043.12
that little red you see a little red848.83.44
icon on the end oh yeah yeah i do god850.163.44
they keep hitting us with viruses these852.243.36
are virus shouldn't we get out of here853.65.599
baby oh god the core is getting real hot855.65.679
let's aim at the thing that to get us859.1994.0
out of here well look we got to get our861.2793.281
[ __ ] back together we don't have a863.1992.481
can't we just go to the next safe place865.684.64
reactor is getting hot i know but you868.3993.601
can't zoom right now if you wanted to we870.323.92
couldn't like warp or whatever the hell872.04.56
nope orb is not ready [ __ ] i can charge874.244.48
the warp charge the warp right should i876.564.079
shut down the system it's based on the878.723.76
captain's calls all right hey i'm gonna880.6393.601
try the shutdown system anyone oppose882.482.96
that oh you want to reboot the whole884.243.76
damn system anyone oppose that885.444.24
i guess not i guess not i can help you888.03.04
with that just keep us in here and keep889.683.519
us safe zombies891.043.52
all right right back here we've never893.1993.121
done this this is great do it yeah look894.563.279
at this oh god all right our shield's896.322.879
already down all right yeah we're gonna897.8393.041
reboot everything okay so we're gonna899.1994.241
try you're coming900.883.92
all right all right we're gonna wait903.443.28
power's back up [ __ ] yeah booting the904.83.52
operating system there you go this906.723.44
should get rid of our viruses908.324.72
all right priming the warp core910.163.919
you're doing it all right there's some913.042.88
interfaces coming up914.0795.361
generator now is it is it coming is it915.924.8
shield generator is not going on what's919.443.68
going on primer here huh oh yeah boom920.724.32
there we go and now bam shields are up923.123.519
okay sit okay that should have cleared925.043.28
us with the viruses yep how are we926.6393.681
looking uh inside this i don't have any928.324.56
signals on most of my [ __ ] virus is gone930.324.879
well i don't have anything to see oh god932.884.0
oh wow i thought we rebooted the935.1993.121
operating system computer's just gone936.883.28
aren't they oh wait here it is control938.323.28
the ship systems has been automatically940.163.039
manual there boom we're back look at941.63.28
that you are man you're crushing it all943.1993.2
right okay944.883.36
all right yeah shields are recharging946.3993.761
uh-huh can we can we get out of here is948.244.24
it charged up so we can run like [ __ ]950.164.08
the course is already set simon so why952.482.88
don't you uh954.243.279
let's start is it happening955.364.56
yes 1504 is it next destination we're957.5194.0
lined up and well and i should be able959.922.8
to go right through this thing so it961.5192.961
shouldn't matter where i'm at captain962.723.52
engineer let's uh let's get that warp964.483.919
primer ready to go all right966.243.92
man i really don't like warping through968.3994.481
this well i mean i you should be able to970.164.64
do it through planet so this should be972.884.0
no different right really it ruins the974.84.08
immersion for me okay do you want me to976.884.319
move it captain i mean don't978.884.079
i will okay981.1993.921
yeah all right moving it how's the warp982.9594.56
coming oh we're charging and i'm ready985.125.279
cat okay see what i do for you anything987.5195.44
for you yeah i love it so we're out of990.3996.24
the hole mm-hmm wait no992.9593.68
viruses on that one1000.05.7
which one did you just buy the instant1032.723.199
antivirus we already had one of those1034.483.439
actually well why the hell do i buy it1035.9193.441
he seemed very excited about it well1037.9193.201
yeah because i think you could do it1039.363.52
well it's because you guys only asked1041.123.76
you were hit with a bunch of viruses why1042.884.0
didn't the viruses that antivirus work1044.883.679
when you get hit with viruses i have to1046.882.72
hit it1048.5594.081
i did hit it oh you can do a compare1049.65.04
right yes can we all agree that you1052.643.68
shouldn't have to hit the anti-virus1054.643.2
button it should just be on always it1056.323.359
should be instant automatic yeah like1057.844.079
norton yeah we're in the norton galaxy1059.6794.24
then what's drows going to do yeah well1061.9193.12
i mean1063.9193.12
other other buttons maintain it we could1065.0393.841
all just get bots and just sit back i1067.0393.281
love that let them do the whole thing1068.884.32
sell biscuits all of it hell yeah okay1070.325.12
great plan we are good and listen are we1073.24.56
all done now or does it always like is1075.443.92
shooting these blue things makes me look1077.763.68
like it's doing something to the ship no1079.363.92
it's not doing anything but all right we1081.443.92
are we are all done we're done captain1083.283.68
where are we going next yep let's roll1085.363.76
out of here i'll set a course okay cap i1086.963.68
think the way this works anytime we see1089.123.04
one of these systems pop up that means1090.643.12
that like that system's interested in1092.163.44
buying biscuits okay now i saw a pink1093.763.68
one a couple days ago is that is that1095.64.24
just a biscuit factory yes probably so1097.444.08
yeah the color is based on the faction1099.843.28
like right now we're at 1504 there's1101.523.279
1205 they're interesting blue it's1103.123.76
colonial union yeah they won't business1104.7993.441
yeah we can go over there and try to1106.883.52
sell them biscuits okay so yeah that1108.244.559
looks close too yeah 1205 yeah this is1110.44.24
this is all within our warp range okay1112.7994.641
let me let me do 1205.1114.645.6
that was right there okay all right1117.445.52
charging up i've said of course pilot oh1120.244.88
baby i'm already there1122.966.32
let's hit it let's sell some biscuits1125.124.16
what happened to always initiate jump1130.725.44
what happened to always initiate jobs1133.9194.721
you got replaced with always suck my ass1136.163.519
you asked for that last night and i will1139.6795.761
again tonight you sexy metal [ __ ]1142.45.2
so happy i don't have a tongue we could1145.443.44
upgrade you1147.64.0
oh i'm gonna1148.884.799
simon do you need an antivirus we got1151.63.68
they're instant1155.285.24
just delete me1156.7993.721

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