I've Got Your Back!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Are you ready for some robot hunting action? Because it's Robot Hunting season on the channel an...
I've Got Your Back!!! - Generation Zero
I've Got Your Back!!! - Generation Zero

I've Got Your Back!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video 'I've Got Your Back!!! - Generation Zero'? It's like our theme song for robot hunting season!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is epic! It's where we show those robots who's boss with our mad skills.

appsro: Guys, that video is pure gold! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us take down robots like pros?

neebs: Exactly! It's like a masterclass in robot hunting. We should probably start charging for our expertise.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Are you ready for some robot hunting action? Because it's Robot Hunting season on the channel and you do not want to miss out on the fun. The latest video is all about taking down those pesky robots, so grab your gear and get ready for some intense gameplay.

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So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Robot Hunting adventure with Neebs Gaming. And don't forget to groove to the awesome music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio that sets the perfect tone for all the action. Happy hunting, Neebs fans!

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all right boys we've fast traveled back1.523.759
over to the archipelago region uh we're3.124.719
hunting robots today oh we need to level5.2794.561
up a little bit yeah we keep doing these7.8393.601
missions we're uh we're getting our9.844.879
butts kicked too much we are11.443.279
we're going to hunt down this robot the17.64.48
let's go hunting yeah22.724.16
your day's a number beast24.8810.839
boys i see him you see him yeah looks54.484.879
like he's got a drone with him but it's57.1994.401
one of those uh hunter robots that's the59.3594.321
beast uh yep61.65.28
okay the beast of stead nuttin i'm about63.684.96
to step nutting him in the face and66.883.44
beast are you ain't nothing all right68.643.44
how do we want to approach this is that70.324.56
a trap we could say yeah oh trapping72.084.88
sandwich trapping sandwich trap and74.883.76
sandwich okay so let's go up in the76.964.64
hills in the woods there78.642.96
yeah i can do that yeah82.884.32
sure neebs okay why don't you dictate84.7994.081
say well how do you do this do that i87.22.959
didn't realize i was the leader asking88.882.72
all the damn i'm never the leader i'm90.1593.521
going over here i'm in the woods what's91.63.68
wrong with you people hey wait i was i93.684.16
was going over here95.285.12
yep all three of us all right i'll be97.843.919
here on the road i'll lay the trap100.42.96
that's a new tactic i like it we'll see101.7594.64
if it works call his ass in with a radio103.365.119
then we'll try to blow him up you guys106.3993.68
got eyes on me i'm on the road yeah i108.4794.64
see you yeah i came110.0793.68
all right i'm unprepared113.1192.64
pretty close here113.7593.04
all right i'm going to start laying115.7593.601
these traps116.7992.561
there's a big tree in the way yeah it's121.7593.921
not good all right you guys ready for me123.7595.36
to drop the radio i think so125.685.84
here we go129.1194.001
all right131.523.92
oh yeah136.42.96
that's him oh there's a bunch of stuff137.5993.841
from the field you see that oh damn139.364.56
there's a lot of stuff in the field141.444.56
oh wow oh143.923.76
okay are they are they around the trap146.02.959
everybody yeah147.683.919
shoot the trap148.9592.64
there we go152.82.159
all right154.083.92
i'm not gonna last long154.9593.041
i just got someone hit the trap i don't161.283.12
have a shot162.8793.681
i got knocked down to ten health so i164.46.119
think i got sniped by166.563.959
this is really hard i'm running181.5993.36
how can i find you guys on the map i ran224.1594.64
so far away226.082.719
oh [ __ ] i think i found you229.363.04
come here baby come here come here come232.45.039
here stay still you son of a [ __ ]233.843.599
yeah you did239.362.879
are my traps still on the road it242.2393.041
doesn't matter man we brought the wolf243.763.199
down all right looks like there's a new245.285.039
leader though what where is he at246.9595.681
yeah we've cleared this region though250.3195.521
we're coming for you robots252.643.2
hey abstra258.883.28
yeah you getting an establishing shot260.45.04
yeah you're in it i'm it okay so262.164.96
i'll go over here there you go just give265.444.4
it a second okay267.122.72
all right we got a side mission here in271.523.92
this house273.1994.481
fun fun so we're supposed to be looking275.443.44
for papers aren't you guys talking i277.683.44
forgot already papers yeah aren't you278.883.84
looking for things in here281.124.72
the side mission here yeah hold on okay282.724.96
this is where we listen to stuff285.843.919
yep there are more of us we're holed up287.684.32
in a safe house at a farm near289.7593.681
the pier for now292.03.28
it's easy to barricade we have a few293.445.039
guns and some food but not much295.285.28
maybe it's isolated enough so those298.4794.481
things won't find us right away300.564.0
we're not sticking around long though302.963.28
we're looking for a way out of here by304.562.639
this emergency broadcast is brought to307.1994.321
you by uncle fig309.283.919
okay guys this side mission is actually311.523.44
going to take us right near those other313.1993.601
three robots we want to kill oh man314.963.679
that's bad for them it is we're going to316.84.64
fast travel to the uh south of thumbin318.6393.921
we'll set out from there to kill robots322.564.0
and see if there's any survivors but we324.4795.681
no they're not we're not a bee we326.563.6
know should work on our whistles we336.845.48
should talk with whistles339.283.04
hey it's pretty345.7593.201
oh wow347.523.28
yes it's very pretty348.964.799
are we there yet almost almost there350.83.92
it's so354.724.56
i'll get out of my way356.163.12
all right you guys want to maybe play361.682.72
this one more aggressive i feel like362.883.12
we're always trying to be sneaky can i364.44.4
use my shotgun like shotgun yeah just we366.04.88
go nuts snakey never works for us anyway368.83.519
yeah exactly that's why i'm starting to370.883.92
think sneaky is is dumb yeah all right372.3194.401
so we're gonna go loud doesn't matter i374.84.48
see a dog over there376.725.28
i i'll flank a little wide left here379.284.639
because oh hey here's a here's an idea382.03.84
what you got what if i just go run in383.9194.161
the barn and you guys stay here and then385.844.16
they all like try to get me and then we388.084.32
come sabotage them from the back okay390.04.479
all right i like it i do too that's fun392.44.16
and crazy yeah394.4795.84
one two three don't even go in396.565.359
yeah they've already spotted me you're400.3192.72
looking good401.9192.961
you bring them up i'm going403.0393.041
to see404.882.64
is there a door there might not be a406.083.519
door open there's going to be a door407.524.48
come on door nope409.5994.081
not have a door i'm not seeing a door412.03.44
it's a barn hold on413.683.919
all right we already got a dog out here415.443.84
okay am i shooting will be doing it417.5993.281
let's see look419.283.68
oh wow that goes high jesus christ427.683.919
is this plan working should i come out433.9193.28
or stay in here stay in there good435.443.84
question yeah stay in bud you're killing437.1992.72
what's happening439.9192.56
what's happening444.3192.401
hey i'm looking oh447.364.279
damn sticky flare but hey i think we did461.9194.56
it man we need to start utilizing cars463.7594.641
agreed because good god i got blown up466.4793.761
by one earlier it sent me half a mile468.42.96
down the road470.243.2
you couldn't open the doors471.363.839
no i didn't see a thing yeah i didn't473.442.879
see a thing475.1992.72
i think our objectives in here so you476.3192.72
got to be able to do it yeah you just477.9193.28
come up here just hold e oh yeah okay479.0394.081
that's very good481.1994.56
right you're exactly right yep okay got483.125.96
it next time485.7593.321
hey guys it's uncle thicke i'm in494.6393.921
trouble with the log and never mind hey496.244.959
needs university that's us yep we have498.564.639
our own university it's different from501.1994.321
other universities because we don't have503.1995.521
books pencils paper teachers we have a505.525.6
janitor oh and i almost forgot we have508.724.239
merch go to the link in the description511.124.08
and get your neebs university shirt our512.9594.241
shirts are way cheaper than a college515.24.079
education and you can't put a price on517.24.639
that neems university we can't read but519.2795.841
you're not perfect either521.8393.281
hey guys hello christmas trees530.3997.361
really yeah534.563.2
look at these543.64.239
oh man we should pick one for the bunker544.885.68
yeah i wish we could pick one just to547.8394.801
have one i think they're pretty yeah a550.564.08
lot of these are small this one might be552.643.759
all right i like the ugliest one554.643.52
personally i'm i'm always a fan of the556.3993.761
ugliest one no one will pick let's see558.163.84
which one's the ugliest well this one560.164.32
this one's in the running hell yeah562.04.48
let's see anything in this building door564.485.2
yeah oh holy [ __ ] this is ammo uh it's a566.485.359
found a gun found some ammo hey yeah571.8394.241
guys get in here hey573.684.0
good supplies here576.083.84
did y'all look in this farmhouse yet577.683.52
looks like there's an enemy in there579.924.8
maybe i'll kill it i'm looking581.25.12
over here584.723.84
it's a radio or there's a bag586.324.4
maybe he's in this oh that's boarded up588.563.839
stairs maybe590.723.36
they're messing with me oh yeah we'll592.3993.281
come down to the christmas village it's594.084.0
a holiday miracle down here595.684.56
a summer guy i think there's a weapon598.084.56
here yeah weapon zero out of one it's a600.244.8
christmas miracle602.644.96
[ __ ] now i have a machine gun605.044.96
i'll be right there oh wait okay607.65.44
oh that's the room that was boarded up610.04.079
here we go613.042.72
oh there he is614.0794.32
right there615.764.55
got him oh boy618.3997.95
i think these things would explode627.64.88
what are you shooting there's little red630.484.0
gas cans no632.483.52
flame on the top of them but they don't634.484.24
want to try this let me try this636.05.36
come on yeah it's gonna638.727.72
oh fire came up looks like it's gonna641.365.08
every one of the cars blew up again yeah651.923.28
again that's why we got to start654.0793.521
utilizing cars one explosion sets off655.25.4
oh i see a big god big dude over there674.566.64
yep big guy right behind that house yep678.245.68
[ __ ] hey is there anything explosive by681.25.36
the house cars tanks whatever i do see a683.924.96
car i see a car yep dude someone want to686.563.519
hit it with a rocket launcher and then688.882.639
we just get crazy aggressive with that690.0793.521
one bows you wanna you down i don't have691.5194.401
any rockets i wish i had rockets i have693.64.799
rockets neves hit that car with a rocket695.924.4
hit the car with the rocket that's a far698.3994.321
shot now this may sound like a dumb700.324.24
question but where's the car right by702.723.92
the house there uh yeah704.565.36
well it's to the left and behind the red706.645.6
house you see the red horse thing yep oh709.923.68
yeah right there behind the tree right712.243.12
yeah can you get it okay uh let's see we713.64.32
need to get closer get closer hold on715.364.24
if if you feel like you got a shot go717.923.52
ahead hey guys719.62.88
that did some damage all right let's722.485.44
look this guy's ass let's go open up723.924.0
all right oh there's the drone728.567.2
nice okay oh what's that coming yep731.684.08
i'll come for you736.0792.721
oh my god that was beautiful what just739.124.88
happened i don't know but a lot of742.3993.361
got that sticky grenade buddy how do you745.763.12
like that i don't know what the point of747.5193.361
these sticky grenades are i think they748.883.44
caused the other robots to attack the750.883.36
ones with the sticky on it752.323.6
all right there's this conqueror of a754.245.399
vessel he's going down755.923.719
oh my god i think he just farted on me769.8395.68
i'm gonna keep running around775.5193.361
oh god782.6393.681
okay well i was kind of hoping i could784.0794.241
shoot but damn it786.325.28
hey neebs how you doing good788.323.28
oh boy you guys all right there are795.364.8
sliding depth tree797.5195.12
come on you [ __ ]800.166.239
[ __ ] come on i'm almost dead802.6393.76
oh what was that806.884.0
what was that why didn't do anything oh808.86.44
is he dead no he's not dead810.884.36
all right816.483.159
our next victims are right up the road841.5196.12
the sentinel of the archipelago843.5194.12
should be right on the road but i don't860.484.0
see it yet but it's gross here's on the862.883.36
map it's like it's right in front of us864.483.2
yeah you'd think we'd hear it they're866.244.159
pretty see it is this a little thing867.683.599
i'm looking i got a good scope i don't871.2793.601
see anything i don't see anything on the873.1993.521
road either874.884.8
wanting the flip-flops what's going on876.724.88
is this a ghost the signal of the879.684.159
archipelago yeah should be right here i881.64.16
don't see what883.8392.961
all right i'm going to press for a885.763.92
little bit here if you want yeah886.84.88
this is spoopy let's go right to where889.683.92
the map says we are right where the map891.683.44
says oh we're here already yeah you893.63.2
think he's in the church i'm looking at895.124.56
it above us we're right on it896.84.479
something's something god [ __ ] he's899.683.44
hiding in the trunk of this car yeah i901.2794.641
better yes simon open the truck903.124.719
hold on oh we'll count down ready ready905.925.039
three two907.8395.041
[ __ ] he one in there that would have910.9593.281
been hilarious we should probably go for912.882.399
the other one914.243.44
uh the other car no the other robot oh915.2794.841
yeah another robot let's do it917.685.599
i wonder i'm gonna try something oh [ __ ]923.2794.321
no he's looking right here in me i'm926.02.959
going to fight this guy right here yeah927.62.72
we're going to fight this guy right here928.9594.32
oh let him go around930.322.959
do these small mps work on this guy934.483.919
uh i would imagine once you give it a936.886.0
shot okay hello is that too far938.3997.44
got him all right all right942.882.959
here we go946.82.479
that's how it's done oh that emp was950.6393.921
sweet oh crouch neebs oh god is that the952.564.399
big guy yep the implacable's coming in954.564.0
the tank who's the tank956.9594.24
he's running use the tank use the tank958.564.399
use the tank you just for coverage all961.1994.88
right can i shoot now962.9597.361
did you shoot i'm shooting oh okay966.0795.921
yeah i know i missed completely like an970.323.759
idiot oh boy all right you got another972.05.48
emp nebs974.0793.401
we are so good all right we need more of992.724.32
those emps those things work like a995.365.08
charm yeah997.043.4

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Wow, I am loving the new robot hunting game Neebs Gaming is playing lately! The gameplay looks so intense and action-packed. I like how it has a bit of a sci-fi vibe with the robots and futuristic weapons. The graphics are fantastic too - the environments look beautiful and detailed.

The gameplay itself seems really fun. I like the mix of strategy with fast-paced shooting action when taking down those crazy robots. Some of the robot designs are wild! That huge spider robot in the last video was insane. The way the robots move and attack seems very realistic with the AI. I also appreciate that you can approach battles from different angles, like stealthily sneaking up or going in guns blazing. Lots of options for tactics!

And the cinematic scenes are awesome. The production value Neebs puts into the story and cutscenes is really impressive. It feels like you're watching a Hollywood sci-fi movie at times! I love how they immerse you into the world and make you connect with the characters. The acting is top-notch. It's cool seeing the gameplay seamlessly blend with cinematic moments too.

Overall, this is one of the most engaging and fun action games I've seen in a while. Neebs Gaming is hands-down the best way to experience it outside of playing yourself. Their entertaining commentary combined with the cinematic edits makes it super enjoyable to watch. I always look forward to their new videos because they make you feel like you're right there hunting robots with them! Definitely check out Neebs' playthrough if you want an awesome gameplay experience.

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