He Built an EVIL CATHEDRAL - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 27, and let me tell you, ...
He Built an EVIL CATHEDRAL - Conan Exiles
He Built an EVIL CATHEDRAL - Conan Exiles

He Built an EVIL CATHEDRAL - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen this video where he built an EVIL CATHEDRAL in Conan Exiles? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that's one of my favorites! I mean, who doesn't want an evil cathedral as their house, right?

neebs: I know, right? It's like the ultimate home decor statement. Forget fancy curtains, give me evil spires any day!

appsro: Exactly! And did you see the part where they pretty up the Friendcamp Resort? It's like a makeover show, but with more butt stuff.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 27, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride! Appsro is busy building a cathedral for a house, while Anthony and Dora are hanging out with a tree monster. And of course, Neebs and Wak are working their magic on the Friendcamp Resort, making it look even prettier.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll want to grab some Resort Merch to show your support for the gang. Check out the link in the description to get your hands on some awesome gear!

And speaking of gear, did you know that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs? Those machines are top-notch, just like the content they create. If you're in need of a new gaming rig, definitely give Xidax a look.

The video is packed with hilarious moments and epic adventures. From fighting the BEST BOY to discovering Appsro's new door, there's never a dull moment. And let's not forget about the catchy tunes that always accompany Neebs Gaming videos. It's the perfect soundtrack to all the chaos and laughter.

So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the latest Conan Exiles episode. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for even more exclusive content. And if you're feeling generous, join their Folding@Home team to contribute to a good cause while supporting your favorite creators.

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, thank you for being a part of the Neebs Gaming community.

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Anthony yes Dora so in the previous0.5996.68
season of Conan ah yes Exiles classic3.765.4
Simon and I fought this particular boss7.2793.521
that's on This Island right behind us so9.162.88
that's why you've called me here yeah10.83.4
cuz I figured we just need a boss fight12.043.759
right yeah I mean I like fighting things14.23.12
I'll help when we did it last time I15.7994.56
made like this giant wall around it oo17.324.879
it was excessive around the whole island20.3594.08
or just him around kind of him but it22.1994.0
was essentially the whole island okay24.4393.281
how you feeling you want to build a wall26.1992.881
no oh we're just going to fight this27.723.08
time yeah I don't think we we need to I29.083.44
don't think we need the wall okay all30.83.2
right let's do this and then I need some32.523.039
thick leather while we're out here so34.03.12
yeah we are okay we're kind of in that35.5593.84
territory all right it's a sleepy37.124.439
peaceful being oh I don't want to kill39.3994.561
it then I know what does it give us I41.5594.52
don't remember so why are we doing this43.964.64
boss cred I do like having some cred who46.0794.721
doesn't like the some boss cred oh is it48.64.279
oh is it this thing yeah wait I think I50.83.48
got chased by one of those in the52.8793.121
mountains with me you may well have I54.282.88
mean how would you appro you know what56.02.8
should I start with a spider ball oh57.165.32
yeah I can't think of any other oh58.83.68
God hting right for you I know all right64.284.92
yep there's a spider ball let's let's go67.642.72
ahead it doesn't care about the spider69.24.0
ball does it oh oh goodness that hit me70.364.24
that that hit me oh God it's three73.23.959
skulls yeah all right I'm going to smack74.64.76
it and then yeah please be smack it uh77.1594.0
ow oh my God I got hit once and I'm79.363.079
almost dead wow okay Anthony I'm going81.1593.64
to need you to be better wow hang on we82.4394.0
don't want to make a wall do we no no84.7993.081
walls we don't need walls that's last86.4394.841
seon that's season one content yeah yeah87.886.08
yeah all right yeah91.285.76
um all right you can step out I'll93.966.6
I'll oh God was that was that a death97.047.359
sound I think that was a death100.563.839
all right well that went better than I122.244.08
expected honestly what' you expect I123.7995.32
expected it to be more deaths by whack126.324.919
I'm surprised we only had one okay yeah129.1194.401
well I expected Simon to kill this guy131.2394.481
so I'm really proud I don't know where133.525.16
he got to likes to wander he just like135.725.239
kind of disappeared ghosted us yeah138.684.16
he'll he'll find his way back oh we hope140.9593.521
so at least so what's next we just going142.843.28
take this guy home put him on the wheel144.483.08
yeah we got to take that guy home get146.122.8
him on the wheel then he's going to147.563.36
train up our next guys it's going to148.924.08
make it faster and better will they be150.924.319
stronger or just they tame faster no no153.03.959
we'll just get them faster okay well155.2394.08
that's good too yeah I got a like a star156.9594.36
pickaxe or something out of that chest159.3193.721
ooh that's nice that's going to get us161.3193.441
lots of extra resources is that for163.043.32
Harvest or for fighting if it's a164.764.0
pickaxe then it's for harvesting okay166.364.159
well but that'll be good because that's168.763.92
a that's a big upgrade good deal let's170.5194.921
get this guy home yes172.687.24
sir okay and I'm thinking boom Oh no now175.446.6
look at that see that is a front door179.924.72
meant for a sorcerer Queen like myself182.044.44
I'm sick of living like damn dirt people184.644.159
around here look at all this squalor186.485.2
everyone's house is made of rocks wood188.7995.0
now we're upgrading we've been getting191.683.72
metal we've been doing good stuff we're193.7993.961
rich we're Conan rich now everybody well195.44.759
I am all of you are still Conan poor197.763.8
except for that guy over there who seems200.1593.761
to be guarding our money chest sir that201.563.72
money chest is probably going to live at203.923.319
the top of my castle you know the one205.283.8
looks like it would belong what's your207.2394.161
name anyway way I can't walk fast so I'm209.084.32
going to walk real intimidating like up211.44.44
to you so you're our bookkeeper huh I'm213.45.0
going to call you bookie mcart face all215.844.0
right bookie what's our what's our218.43.32
wealth at so if I look at this what do219.845.479
we got oh we got221.723.599
13717 Conan money that's that's all225.4395.041
right hey look see yeah we deserve some228.4393.64
upgrades we deserve to treat ourselves230.483.679
something nice these Windchimes getting232.0794.401
out of hand though these drums yeah I234.1593.36
got to clean up this front yard this236.482.759
looks like a yard sale threw up out here237.5192.8
I hate it239.2393.321
back to work back to work bookie MC fart240.3196.041
face get [ __ ] done242.567.0
Turtle oh I'm still here Anthony I put a249.564.519
bed roll down you see I'm glad welcome252.2393.761
back so did I I might need it I'm going254.0794.801
to die don't don't256.05.44
die I thought we were so much stronger258.884.4
than previous season are you dead261.444.92
Anthony [ __ ] all right buddy oh that's263.286.919
not mine oh yeah all right we got this I266.366.48
also had a bed bed roll good call yeah270.1994.481
your spider ain't doing [ __ ] and now it272.843.6
just died yeah that's what they do yeah274.684.48
but it never did anything yeah I know276.448.56
well where's your spider um right up he279.165.84
really really all286.7596.841
right okay I'm going to fight it with uh290.07.0
okay easy oh my God how did he even that293.66.08
reach is insane I know right not cool297.04.72
good idea right yeah great idea I need299.686.2
you to distract it okay [ __ ] monster301.726.84
where there it is oh yeah I hear you305.885.12
dude I'm sorry we are let Downs I wish I308.564.4
had my star metal sword that was fun but311.04.52
it broke oh and you can't fix it without312.964.239
star metal bits yeah it fell from the315.524.2
sky it's like a magical tool got you all317.1995.161
right oh no I'm good fun is this though319.725.28
oh this is uh great I I really love322.363.88
whatever's going on here I didn't think325.02.8
it was going to go like this dude no I326.243.92
mean oh wow we've done nothing not one327.84.28
thing I mean a little I wouldn't call it330.164.039
a success all right I'm healing up332.084.32
talking to cream pie who's a good cream334.1995.0
pie just doing swings and I'm probably336.44.6
going to die any second now so expect a339.1994.12
noise that wasn't that344.7593.521
loud look at that almost back that's348.884.2
right finally so we can get this guy on351.562.84
the wheel all these hyenas are going to353.083.239
be chasing us you want to deal with them354.43.6
all right I'll I'll deal with the hyenas356.3194.0
you get that guy all right secure I want358.04.4
to get this looking better stop stop360.3194.841
chasing Mees they chasing me oh man you362.44.48
got to run them in a circle oh this guy365.163.479
doesn't know what my dangling meat well366.883.56
you look tasty I think is what's going368.6393.081
on all right I'm going to get this guy370.442.44
on the wheel we're going to need some371.723.28
good food uh-oh did it just break I372.883.68
think it just broke Oh no I got another375.03.68
one that's cool I brought two I'm376.564.0
prepared man here at friend camp resort378.684.28
we're prepared friend Camp Resort here380.564.8
we come so we need to get some walls in382.965.4
this place so goth rad the oath breaker385.364.839
he's in there you you got any good meat388.363.72
or no it doesn't matter we we got some390.1993.681
steak in there already we'll just start392.084.16
him running you want to do the honors uh393.884.24
yep here we go make him go it's going to396.243.88
do him right or do all three it'll just398.124.6
do whoever's not been cooked yeah okay400.124.079
oh we got two people cooked already we402.722.72
go he's pretty good at that he's doing404.1993.201
it all by himself that's pretty big deal405.444.36
yeah he's got a hole in his butt flap407.44.04
yeah well that happens probably from409.83.839
dragging him across a desert yeah well411.443.64
wouldn't you have a hole in your butt413.6393.601
flap if you got drug across the desert415.084.04
depends on which side was up yeah that's417.243.6
fair you flip over the other way it's419.123.68
like a plow you know what I'm saying420.844.4
yeah I'm excited about this guy though422.86.0
look at the muscles on him I know well425.247.56
lost connection same here we'll be428.84.0
back yeah let's see now how's this look434.8795.44
like Oh I'm a visitor from another land437.8794.921
visiting the sorcerer440.3195.0
Queen oh man I should build a like right442.84.399
up there build a throne that I can sit445.3194.72
in oh I'm thinking bottom floor bottom447.1996.201
floor might be my th/ dungeon and then I450.0395.401
live up top dude this place is going to453.45.4
be sick sick as me I'm going to love it455.444.8
all right I got a lot more building to458.83.679
do oh all this stuff laying around look460.244.359
at this it's but it's moving day or it's462.4794.041
altering day it's it's upgrade day464.5993.081
sometime you got to move your furniture466.523.0
over here do the stuff then you got to467.683.359
move it back then make some new469.524.0
furniture want more of a Gothic style471.0394.84
like stuff like this is kind of okay and473.524.359
this uh this CH I need to ask whack475.8794.121
about this chest I made this chest of477.8794.16
like oh look it's a chest I can use480.04.159
something about a blood Crystal and then482.0393.84
you you can't put anything in it there's484.1593.16
not one thing you can put into this485.8793.28
chest I guess except blood crystals but487.3193.88
what the hell are blood crystals I don't489.1595.04
know hey Anthony yeah just stay over491.1995.521
there for a moment please okay I I'm494.1994.241
laying down I wasn't planning on moving496.723.319
yeah I'm taking advantage of this uh498.443.52
moment across from the island from that500.0394.401
thing just to I'm I'm getting in the501.966.359
resort game dude oh yeah uh really this504.445.24
is going to be my first amend it's it's508.3193.56
a chain but uh just keep it down cuz I'm509.683.88
going to start my commercial now okay511.8793.121
well you shooting you have commercials513.562.88
yeah I'm going to do a commercial where515.04.039
do they air right with the hustle and516.444.88
bustle of this hostile land maybe it's519.0394.56
time to unwind with some peace of mind521.324.16
relax in a resort setting without those523.5994.601
pesky Resort prices and amenities people525.484.2
like that when you keep the prices low528.23.48
sh the [ __ ] up Anthony mine's affordable529.684.599
and people like it it's just advice just531.685.04
bring a bed roll and rest your soul also534.2794.201
anything else you might need or want at536.724.2
Dora's free Resorts they're completely538.486.32
free rest540.923.88
assured wait they have to bring their545.2793.361
own bed yeah I don't have anything at547.03.88
these it's uh they're free zorts it548.644.04
better be free you ain't getting nothing550.884.56
yeah huh it's not how I'd run mine so552.684.88
run yours oh I am very well and555.443.959
successfully actually we just got a sign557.563.2
recently it's pretty nice oh this is my559.3992.921
commercial shut560.764.48
up you getting a562.325.68
sign not bad yeah this place is really565.245.159
coming along yeah so the so Sandstone is568.04.16
going to be temporary yeah but we have570.3994.241
this big we a lot of height height means572.165.0
fancy right height definitely means574.645.24
fancy and our sign your sign is amazing577.165.0
sign looks fantastic we picked these up579.884.079
and we grabbed what's his face over582.164.359
there little fire bowls oh those are583.9594.601
cool yep so yeah we want this to be long586.5193.401
I'm thinking this is like a long588.563.8
entryway long entryway we need a we589.923.88
we'll need carpet if we're going to have592.363.68
a long entryway I think carpet means593.85.32
Posh Posh carpet and then also like just596.044.56
plants all along it like every plant599.123.8
from around the land I like it I can see600.65.28
the vision coming together yeah this is602.925.44
great still need walls so some walls605.884.68
yeah want to be open open concept you608.363.68
down with that I'm down with it let's610.563.48
get to work your clothes look recycled I612.043.96
like that well they kind of are they614.044.16
threw this together out of spare parts616.04.04
man that looks great love it I bet618.23.319
Anthony doesn't have a sign like that620.045.44
yeah I bet he doesn't you better621.5193.961
oh horsey no horsey don't you kill cream634.486.4
pie oh my God oh my God oh my God it's637.64.919
right here where's cream pie came after640.884.199
us he came after us no door run where's642.5195.12
cream pie he's floating in midair why645.0796.281
cre pie he's cre pie he I don't remember647.6396.0
what I got to get away from cream pie651.363.84
come here come on all right we run653.6392.961
around the whole island you you take him655.23.0
I'm going to get cream pie okay I got to656.63.56
get my stuff man man this thing's so658.24.6
much tougher than I remember not reach660.166.08
Mount not reach Mount okay I'm coming662.84.8
I'm coming I don't well you're not that666.244.32
much taller than me build something667.65.12
can't reach it can't reach Green P670.565.2
Where's My Dead Body how okay take off672.724.72
hang on I have an idea I have an idea675.763.759
okay watch out but he's coming you know677.444.32
he is I know I know oh here I am and679.5195.56
then come on okay oh kind of all right681.764.759
hop off all right hop off I think it's685.0793.361
fully I think it's stuck again though oh686.5194.88
go go creep pie be688.446.68
free later rot691.3993.721
face oh now you see this this is a696.27.04
bedroom fit for a sorcerer queen that699.485.56
I'm I'm kind of in love but I got more703.244.0
decorating to do cuz let's see still got705.045.2
this writing desk I'm thinking the desk707.245.44
here yeah against this wall that would710.245.399
be nice right there that look good then712.685.32
a oh a place to sit kind of a place to715.6394.241
sit maybe over in the the corner right718.04.2
here I can read a book like that and719.885.04
then I can oh yeah sometimes I just want722.25.199
to sit down and look at my bedroom oh it724.924.44
looks so good we need some more727.3994.401
carpeting in here this metal gets cold729.364.0
wasn't expecting that but it does make731.83.44
sense damn this is a Palpatine looking733.364.32
[ __ ] I'm like Palpatine I came back for735.245.44
no reason look at this this is great737.686.68
don't feel too good though I'm sure I'm740.687.2
fine oh my vanity table oh vanity table744.364.96
could probably oh yeah it's got to be a747.885.04
nice bedside table on the other side too749.326.6
right here boom yep put my cocoa at752.924.8
night on that sleep oh I need to make755.923.56
more pillows when I destroyed the bed it757.723.64
destroyed my pillows at least I think it759.484.12
did might have them in my inventory yeah761.364.68
a dragon I do love a dragon put my763.64.76
dragon over here on my desk all right766.044.44
the best thing about this place is if I768.364.2
go downstairs into the basement I got my770.484.08
torture stuff down here now bend over772.563.76
Bobby what do you think of this I mean774.563.36
it's not done I want to add more stuff776.323.24
in here but I'm I mean this is going to777.923.44
be great I'm going to be able to go to779.563.6
sleep and listen to people squirm and781.364.4
scream oh I'm in heaven bendover Bobby783.164.52
this is absolute heaven for me oh and785.763.16
you're you know what you're guarding787.683.519
something cool it's my secret bookcase788.925.719
I'll talk I'll talk about that791.1993.44
later holy crap abro holy crap hey hey794.726.32
what's up fellas are you building a799.65.919
cathedral no it's my new dungeon slous801.046.72
for my you know dark sorcery stuff okay805.5194.361
yeah you'll need more room for that you807.764.56
it it it'd be nice to have you contained809.884.48
wow yeah hold on let me come down to you812.324.12
this is like watching a city or a town814.364.0
become a city are we entering their our816.444.32
city era no the era of cities yeah I818.363.64
don't think it's that I want to build I820.762.879
want to build some cities I think it's822.04.399
the era of darkness evil well that's how823.6394.32
most cities get built I mean you build a826.3993.641
big church and then everything Sprouts827.9594.12
up around comes in yeah hold on let me830.045.28
get down to you yeah please do here we832.0796.361
go you could take the stairs now I like835.324.72
taking the the bat you don't need to838.444.12
take the bat but it's a bat honestly if840.044.0
you had sorcery Powers you would use842.563.199
them for everything oh wow this thing844.043.12
does look cool from the air it's First845.7593.601
time seen it from up here nice yeah no847.163.64
it looks like we're building a cathedral849.364.0
in the center of town yeah oh yeah it's850.84.159
coming along quite nicely I'm going to853.363.76
start building sidewalks and we can have854.9593.961
you know what what what else the city857.124.56
have probably sewage like a water system858.924.32
yeah we need to build up for that though861.683.599
aquad Ducks we can do that we can build863.244.0
up yeah I have a whole sewage system865.2793.0
look how many drums we have we're867.243.959
basically a a major city now no yeah now868.2794.56
we're just Asheville North Carolina with871.1994.361
their damn drum circles oh snap they're872.8394.36
pretty fun though actually one second875.563.04
they're not just a bunch of damn hippies877.1993.32
making noise you don't play drums hey878.65.72
you look like [ __ ] yeah I know okay yeah880.5195.68
can you still move or what's going on oh884.323.319
yeah no I I feel better than I've ever886.1992.88
felt before do you cuz the only part of887.6393.521
you moving is your uh zumas yeah your889.0793.88
legs aren't moving so you just hover now891.165.359
you just float across hey n what you say892.9596.081
uh I say I want that horse wax freaking896.5195.521
riding on yeah wait wack yeah how's it899.045.719
going this is wack he's a friend Camp902.043.64
consultant manager hey wack nice zumas905.685.44
damn ah thanks yeah I like your hair too908.923.599
it kind of looks like Dora a few years911.123.959
ago all right first time I've seen this912.5195.201
outfit and I love it yeah yeah looks915.0794.88
like a rave outfit we partying we we917.724.64
dance we party we get down all right919.9594.88
cool okay how do I get a ghost horse not922.364.599
that not bean I love you but I want a924.8393.601
ghost horse look at that thing that does926.9593.24
matter well well I mean technically you928.443.839
could just have mine you know like we're930.1994.281
in the clan so if you want to take it932.2796.081
for a spin go for it check it out man uh934.486.919
where's bad dad he was just oh the horse938.365.52
Bad Dad nebs where are you nebs why941.3993.92
don't I see bad dad come over here with943.882.879
me NS come over here come on we have to945.3193.161
have a talk oh oh yeah yeah yeah what946.7593.801
did you do come here is this bad dad's948.484.08
grave right here may as well be mine as950.564.959
well be yeah um actually I think what's952.564.719
left of bad dad is being crushed over at955.5194.56
abro place and to find dust all right957.2795.761
listen I know how to handle960.0796.081
this ah the ritual dance to honor our963.046.359
fallen comrade neebs the horse died okay966.165.28
I went off a tiny cliff and the horse969.3994.601
just collapsed and died uhuh all right971.444.839
went off a cliff yeah I took took a974.04.16
horse off a cliff did we I took a horse976.2794.0
off of a small drop that's probably as978.164.56
high as you said Cliff you didn't say a980.2794.081
cliff it was a cliff it was not a cliff982.723.359
I'll show you how tall it was and and984.363.76
you want to describe it as a cliff okay986.0794.2
it's a I think you know what you done no988.124.159
more horses for you sir well no I got990.2793.401
him another horse it's this one back992.2793.36
here I think yeah it's called what was993.684.24
it oh this is creamie where's your horse995.6394.961
this one is oh don't jump me off a cliff997.924.12
horse that's the name of the horse don't1000.63.359
jump me off a cliff all right dris go1002.043.88
ahead and put another grave here I'm not1003.9593.36
going to do that guys here every time I1005.923.359
hit I need that grave for making zombies1007.3193.921
don't youall ruin it for me I kept that1009.2793.841
horse alive for quite a while mistakes1011.244.599
happen quite a while yep yeah I mean in1013.125.68
horse years he was at least 18 yep that1015.8395.36
perfect hey it's good to see you bud1018.83.959
every time I hit my inner thighs I fart1021.1993.201
a little did you notice that that1022.7594.961
happens godamn1024.43.32

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Man, I have been loving watching Neebs Gaming play through Conan Exiles lately! Their cinematic style really makes you feel immersed in the brutal and beautiful world of the Exiled Lands.

In this latest episode, Appsro decides to build an epic cathedral as his new home base. The attention to detail he puts into the architecture and decor is amazing, it really looks like a medieval church straight out of history! Meanwhile, Anthony and Dora have quite the encounter with one of the game's massive tree monsters. The way Neebs films their struggle makes it feel like you're right there battling the beast alongside them.

And you can't forget the comedy - Neebs and Wak had me cracking up as they tried to pretty up their little Friendcamp resort. Their banter and jokes add so much fun to the gameplay. Overall, Neebs Gaming finds a perfect balance between cinematic storytelling, epic action, and hilarious comedy.

I've played a bit of Conan Exiles myself, but watching Neebs and the gang play it makes me appreciate the game so much more. Their creative base-building and adventures reveal all the cool things you can do in the game. And their custom mods and server settings make it way more light-hearted and goofy.

Bottom line -.

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