If I Can't Craft a Bow I'm DEAD. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel yet? Appsro is in a bit of a tricky si...
If I Can't Craft a Bow I'm DEAD. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
If I Can't Craft a Bow I'm DEAD. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

If I Can't Craft a Bow I'm DEAD. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today we're playing The Long Dark and if I can't craft a bow, I'm DEAD. It's gonna be intense!

simon: Oh man, I can't wait to see you fail at crafting that bow, Neebs. It's gonna be hilarious!

appsro: I'm all out of bullets, guys. This is gonna be a disaster. But hey, at least we'll have a good laugh, right?

neebs: That's right, Appsro! And don't forget to subscribe and support us on Patreon so we can keep making these ridiculous videos for you all!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel yet? Appsro is in a bit of a tricky situation in this one - he's all out of bullets! Can you believe it? I know, it's not like him to run out of ammo, but hey, even the best gamers have their off days, right?

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I can make a survival bow needs that's1.85.22
pretty sweet let's see fine okay it's4.7994.201
going to take five hours with the knife7.024.32
anything else okay yeah five hours here9.04.7
we go11.342.36
I have a hard time killing something14.2994.541
with a revolver yeah I can't believe I16.1994.321
killed a damn moose with a revolver18.844.68
that's pretty epic um it was epic but20.525.16
now I only have three bullets left and23.524.38
I'm in I'm in trouble25.684.38
that might be the end of you it very27.94.679
well could be so I gotta craft the boat30.064.32
and then I have to make arrows for the32.5793.541
bow and I need these green these Birch34.383.9
saplings to cure before I can even make36.123.3
the arrows38.282.58
it's just five until that point you know39.423.54
well I wish you all the luck don't die40.864.26
man yo what are you up to I'm loaded42.963.72
down right now but there's that Ranger45.124.32
Station up on the mountain oh yeah46.684.62
everyone yeah maybe I'll drop this stuff49.444.58
off and see if I can't find where it was51.37.16
I haven't found ammo in a long time54.024.44
I got 10 for My Revolver and for my59.5796.121
rifle uh four yeah62.6994.621
you never completely searched that damn65.73.3
either did you on my quick look through67.323.119
I didn't see any food and bullets but69.04.26
maybe maybe there is some okay yeah a70.4393.901
big place73.264.08
okay so let's see what do I have to74.344.139
okay so I do still have a little bit of78.4795.401
venison meat that might get me through81.1195.64
until I can make an arrow but I gotta be83.884.559
really conservative with these three86.7593.5
oh here we go90.25917.43
all right107.96.78
back to Cambridge I just heard a wolf110.73.98
no but I'm on a bridge I don't I don't115.045.88
think you can sneak up on me117.843.08
where is he coming from it's probably on122.464.88
this side124.9792.361
you know what I'm not gonna shoot I133.643.23
better save my bullets135.843.479
I should have done139.3194.14
it's uh yeah this moves hide's probably140.644.319
gonna get me killed143.4594.561
um let's see I should probably man I'm144.9594.86
so scared to go out because I don't want148.023.84
to waste these bullets but149.8194.5
I'm worried about my food reserves I151.864.5
almost thought about okay yeah you know154.3193.241
what let me peek out what's the weather156.363.98
look like out here157.562.78
which might work in my benefit I thought162.123.0
about going out and trying to grab some163.862.76
and I should get some fish too I got a166.625.399
fishing line look at the map169.26.42
uh I'm here fishing holes down there but172.0196.421
man I really can't afford to run into175.626.86
any wolves I got three flares178.444.04
thank you184.226.34
oh man yeah God this is feels desperate186.94.21
I was really enjoying it not feeling so192.56.06
desperate you know195.9592.601
oh I doubt it not unless maybe in the201.364.799
trunk of some cars I haven't pry barred203.944.14
open but206.1593.541
unless there's something up in the hills208.084.5
oh wait there was that plane crash I got209.74.98
to one time now that another word is212.584.079
about cold as much I could go back to214.683.559
that plane crash216.6594.14
no I feel like I didn't218.2395.441
uh I want to come out here though to the220.7994.921
barn I know I put rabbit traps out here223.683.72
a long time ago225.723.9
and I want to see if I actually caught227.44.68
any rabbits229.624.679
where is that little guard I thought it232.085.46
was uh down here there you are my rabbit234.2995.281
traps even still out here oh yeah yeah237.543.3
they are239.584.4
no rabbit in it though240.843.14
I want to put it where I see his246.6592.94
Footprints that's where I know he hangs247.982.339
we're getting Footprints boy wedding250.3194.021
footprint well I know I've seen you up252.93.959
here walking dead in footrest so if I254.344.22
put you here256.8596.261
yeah baby I'm gonna get a rabbit258.564.56
yeah baby283.863.119
gotta do some rabbit yeah I'll be some287.724.83
rabbits back to the basics sorry buddy289.864.2
two rabbits sorry buddy310.684.519
all right now I'm gonna go inside and316.9793.921
we'll start a fire there's a frozen deer325.563.18
maybe there's a little meat on it I can328.743.06
pull off330.34.1
all right it is thawing out and I've got335.346.359
an hour maybe I'll just poke my head in339.126.62
the the dam building real quick341.6994.041
I think there'll be a break room349.683.54
somewhere in here351.124.74
with some candy bars353.223.84
yeah I mean that's what I was thinking355.862.64
initially like a big place like that357.063.9
empty like everything's empty360.965.36
feels like363.4792.841
come on man366.4193.081
this one's locked375.33.6
oh do you not have a pry bar with you377.12.819
did I drop it off maybe I left it at the379.9193.84
other container do you think there's381.783.0
something good in there because it's383.7593.541
locked is that usually the case384.785.34
can be but I mean it's a gamble all387.34.56
right I mean it's just across the street390.123.24
so I'm doing it yeah go grab your pry391.863.66
let's see395.523.66
I got an extra revolver here that's nice396.4796.121
um man I need wood I'm gonna break this399.185.78
yep and it got dark I guess I'm gonna be406.84.739
going to bed soon because I can't see409.2596.361
Jack be nimble Jack be quick I can't see411.5397.141
[ __ ] in this damn candlestick415.626.6
my dear's at 26 percent I'm back almost418.686.84
to my little Hut I'm hoping my pry bar422.226.259
is on the floor somewhere425.522.959
up I think it's here yep there it is got432.126.9
it baby435.363.66
wind's picking up oh yeah it's getting445.9193.72
cold that's gonna blow my fire out my447.843.299
deer's not gonna fall449.6394.021
yeah that's probably exactly what's451.1394.921
gonna happen let me check453.664.8
please be thawed456.065.479
ah it's blowing458.463.079
come on dear462.1393.941
16 percent464.345.419
what if I can cut it at 16 percent466.083.679
okay let's just try that's uh 58 minutes474.367.16
all right let's try it478.443.08
uh uh pretty good I think485.165.7
all right I got some meat488.165.099
fires out which is crazy because I had490.864.02
four hours in there493.2593.981
did I lose that wood or to give it back494.884.2
you know what it's a very good question497.244.299
names okay I'm going back into the499.086.559
Carter Hydro Energy building nice501.5394.1
hey I'm back to that Locker here it goes514.267.04
yep now it's working517.4593.841
a flare and some gloves522.265.98
you can break apart the gloves and526.923.0
repair the gloves you got so yeah but528.245.719
why lock a flare and gloves man529.924.039
painkillers all right now we're talking541.147.379
oh James you know how much I would have545.546.299
lost my mind months ago548.5193.32
another Locker open gloves again oh555.545.46
ragged ski jacket558.425.58
too bad already got a wolf jacket561.06.3
oh and a sweater564.06.62
Forever 21 in there567.33.32
come over here see if there's a rabbit573.124.399
in my trap and if not575.044.859
weather doesn't look too good today I577.5193.94
would love to get up to the fishing spot579.8994.081
but it looks like I could turn to a581.4594.261
blizzard at any moment and I don't want583.984.94
to be caught out in a blizzard585.723.2
come on trap589.55.12
man nothing again591.33.32
I feel like I need to make 10 of these594.724.16
uh yes I have um I don't think in this601.445.04
playthrough but in previous playthroughs604.265.759
I have when I played at home606.485.64
man and I think I think the one I just610.0194.141
picked up is completely busted I like612.123.96
picked it up but I can't put it down614.164.799
again is it in my inventory anyway oh616.085.46
yeah there it is ruined actions can I618.9596.201
repair it nope I could just Harvest it621.543.62
oh hey wow what a gorgeous morning okay630.424.8
see a wolf way out there but man635.645.1
fishing spot let's see I'm here at the641.8396.24
I'm going for it going fishing today653.166.419
neebs that's probably what I should do655.686.779
it got another soda I guess I'm living659.5795.661
on soda what is this662.4596.5
revolver cartridge on the desk665.243.719
yeah I'll take671.222.96
oh God books a cassette tape674.5194.921
that is a bear I can't go that way676.684.94
crap crap crap crap679.445.899
you know what let's do a little681.627.779
navigation over here at the river685.3395.801
oh great be greater there's a fishing689.3994.341
hole right here691.142.6
oh my God I got so much charcoal to drop693.9594.581
damn it are you serious okay702.0794.901
I'm here707.823.32
I think I can uh I think I can get712.23.24
around the bear713.74.319
oh wait yeah715.444.5
it's fun I'm back to uh this is exactly718.0195.94
where I started neebs oh really yeah719.946.6
the person came into this game yeah723.9594.741
was it that little uh little cabin right726.543.78
over there728.74.28
feels pretty good732.986.4
so how's that damn damn uh well I mean736.265.819
got some sodas got some beef jerky739.385.76
um I definitely got some stuff I've742.0794.561
already checked that that's right it745.142.759
came out of there746.642.879
man I just don't know I don't know what747.8995.341
I want I was happier in Milton749.5196.56
maybe I will753.242.839
from Dave759.364.02
um man you know what I really need to763.384.8
navigate my way back in case I need to764.885.04
like make a good set of markers in case768.184.459
I get lost769.922.719
all right empty drawers there's nothing777.9595.401
in here okay ice fishing hole Let's uh780.124.8
oh wait you know I should check my783.362.779
she's at 55 okay we're gonna use the786.1395.681
hatchet break some ice we're warming up789.485.0
this is good this is good this is good791.825.699
hypothermia risk is healed oh boy I'm794.484.479
still surviving797.5194.221
probably don't need to read that man I806.823.42
just finished for an hour didn't catch808.983.44
fish all day oh no babes yeah this game823.166.3
is being cruel828.124.86
you have the man a fish832.983.32
I came all the way out here838.2796.461
got nothing842.045.16
let me go one more hour I just wasted844.744.08
the whole day847.25.46
no game come on now848.826.12
come on all right one more hour come on852.665.479
game just give me a fish854.946.72
oh thank God okay at least I got858.1394.541
God it sucks862.684.33
all right now I gotta get home868.265.16
jeez all that for one fish it wasn't870.385.139
even worth it it wasn't even worth it to873.424.26
come all the way out here875.5194.32
should have shot the deer I'll do that879.8395.521
tomorrow uh-oh what burned one of my882.125.1
steaks because I was making reishi uh885.364.279
yep burned both of them nope just one of889.744.08
that's all right I'll get more let's see893.825.16
can I make some got 33 minutes on this896.5194.081
tell you what can I cook yeah I'll cook900.63.84
my peaches903.124.579
man I love peaches904.446.36
all right that's cooking 13 minutes yeah907.6994.361
it's gonna work out fine I'm gonna cook910.83.2
that I'm gonna head out of here912.063.3
I might as well I mean I'd like to I was915.365.539
much happier there918.122.779
yeah man I probably won't do it today921.244.039
but what I want to do first is go check925.324.079
out that ranger station927.7794.821
oh yeah it's right yeah go do that929.3993.201
oh man I got an opportunity to shoot a936.54.959
oh boy all right I cannot waste bullets941.4595.88
this has to be clean this has to be945.064.5
super clean947.3396.141
this has to be super clean949.563.92
stop moving965.3996.12
come on stop moving for me967.865.339
stop moving for me971.5194.521
you're gonna look down973.1992.841
don't come to me977.046.32
oh damn it okay979.83.56
all right I hit him983.5793.181
I have to track him damn it986.764.56
let's hope he just drop let's open for a989.5193.721
clean head shot what was it991.324.019
a deer993.245.539
I'm gonna grab those995.3393.44
actually I'm gonna eat those because I'm1001.2793.98
food I got a couple of cattails1005.2594.621
warm me up man nice1013.164.38
tell you what I'm gonna do real quick1016.164.619
I'm gonna drop my fish off here so I1017.545.52
don't stink1020.7797.461
I'm gonna eat one of these Renaissance1023.065.18
and fish where you at where are you at1029.364.74
there you are drop you I'm gonna cook1031.284.88
you later you delicious looking [ __ ]1034.14.979
all right let's go find this deer1036.166.34
come on dear I don't need you to run far1039.0795.1
or your tracks where are your tracks1042.53.36
gotta be around here somewhere you ran1044.1793.78
this way there they are there they are1045.863.48
oh yeah1047.9593.72
tracking neebs1049.346.54
real Hunter on the hunt yes I am My1051.6797.441
worry is that a wolf is in between me1055.886.86
and Mr deer but we'll see1059.123.62
if I can wear two pair of jeans at the1064.94.44
same time1067.12.24
yeah no you have two slots for pants I1069.585.26
believe okay yeah I'm wearing two pants1072.984.02
now you're warmer damn it I don't like1074.844.74
this oh wait is that the is that the1077.04.76
see the deer there's a wolf on his body1083.2995.521
okay crap crap you're not getting that1085.16.26
meat buddy1088.822.54
I got a flare1092.242.9
hey that's my kill buddy I'm gonna need1097.76.66
you to [ __ ] right oh no yep get out of1100.946.5
here go go don't get1104.365.699
don't get1107.444.84
no you don't like this flare1110.0595.541
oh man Neves he's uh1112.283.32
he's challenging me1115.966.42
yeah throw the flare at him1118.43.98
he's got money1123.643.48
doesn't sound good over there1149.023.779
all right good deal good deal1157.223.44
about this deal okay I ran the Wolves1163.764.14
start a fire1167.94.2
thanks to the deer1169.466.48
can I use the flare them1172.15.72
yeah excellent1175.944.2
do you think using a flare would be a1177.824.66
higher chance of success than damn there1180.145.82
you go come on use this flared start a1182.485.6
you guys are flares1188.722.9
I'm not sure how far I gotta go before I1195.24.26
head inland1197.64.939
and walk up that way1199.463.079
there you go1203.05.4
that's the way I like to do it1205.225.0
yes yes1208.46.779
okay take the quarter quarter hide guts1210.227.5
I need it all1215.1792.541
oh yes yes a little bit survive a little1218.484.38
bit longer names1221.722.94
and a boy okay now I just gotta get back1222.864.14
to The Farmhouse take your torch pin the1224.665.519
Wolves off yeah yeah1227.05.28
successful day turned into a not1230.1794.62
successful day but then turned into one1232.286.38
what did I just say words are tough1234.7993.861
it's built on top of these rocks man1245.1796.561
it's just up there1248.2993.441
yeah maybe I'd go because I saw a bridge1251.844.92
on one side of it so maybe I go around1253.525.96
that way1256.762.72
maybe before I do that I will try to1259.765.94
equip do I have any rocks yeah1262.646.2
oh see a wolf1265.73.14
we're gonna fight a wolf right now I1269.244.22
want to get to that ranger station1270.323.14
gun out just in case1273.743.08
stay where you are sir1281.2995.421
nobody gets hurt1283.643.08
ah he's barking at me1289.643.56
he's barking1295.1593.38
ah we're fighting yep oh I think I1298.825.82
fought him pretty good1302.964.02
yeah he's running nice he's ruined the1304.643.96
way I want to go you're a lot tougher1306.984.26
now with that coat yeah also I really1308.65.72
gave him the knife you know1311.243.08
[ __ ] you all this meat I got oh I'm a1315.144.919
happy boy1318.863.179
all right but I gotta get inside and go1320.0594.5
to bed I am sleep deprived I'm going to1322.0394.02
get up in the morning oh wait you know1324.5593.36
what I'm I think I had a cabin fever1326.0594.62
risk yeah oh well maybe not okay maybe1327.9194.981
because I got out for most of the day1330.6794.141
maybe I'll go sleep in that car out1332.92.759
I could use a good car sleep1335.6595.52
ing back at me1338.484.439
I think I mean the tracks look like the1341.1795.24
same one oh [ __ ]1342.9193.5
I'm fighting again you fighting again1346.583.5
nope oh I got some blood loss you know1350.243.179
was that the same wolf1352.0393.601
hear me twice yep if you got blood loss1353.4194.88
you got a bandage1355.642.659
bastard I got a wolf hanging out right1358.844.66
outside my house go away1361.44.63
trying to go sleep in a car you nut1363.53.36
let's see where am I did I just do a1374.267.5
loop I think I did a loop1377.0594.701
tell me about it I guess I'm I'm not1383.96.56
sure that I did a loop but hmm1386.726.959
nope wait this is new stuff I've never1390.465.88
seen this before1393.6792.661
now it's kind of foggy a little bit1397.585.64
but there are some trailers here oh nice1400.45.399
it's a logging cam1403.223.97
all right I'll check this out1405.7994.49
you see the new trailer for that Dracula1411.983.84
Renfield oh wait yeah yeah1415.826.56
that looks fun it does look fun1418.463.92
I broke down a shelf that was a1430.124.299
magnifying lens behind it1432.384.32
yeah God that makes me want to break1434.4193.841
down every shelf in the house see if1436.72.94
there's a rifle behind one of them how1438.262.58
great would that be yeah I didn't1439.643.18
realize that was a thing man I should1440.843.78
take that magnifying lens can start1442.825.03
fires hmm1444.626.55
now so hold on let me go downstairs and1452.1794.38
check my1454.524.32
see where are we at can I make arrows1458.844.04
they're only at 50 a little over1464.9195.801
no it's fine1469.1594.26
um I got I got the meat I got water1470.724.92
I just don't need to get cabin fever so1473.4193.601
I need to get out a little bit and do1475.644.32
some stuff I think I'll be okay1477.025.84
I hope I'll be okay1479.962.9
all right how's this looking there's the1485.6594.561
man is this gonna take me up there I1490.223.959
just don't see how this is possible1491.94.68
this is looking steep up here1494.1796.141
it does not look inviting at all1496.583.74
around yeah it's Gotta Be gotta be1501.7995.581
this is some steep stuff then it's not1504.56.659
that way going around yeah man1507.385.52
I'm gonna spend all day walking around1511.1593.481
this thing1512.93.24
turning back I already came from One1514.643.18
Direction so go the other well I gotta1516.144.919
do the 360 don't I yeah so what you said1517.825.78
sounded weird1521.0592.541
I've not gone all the way around the1524.0593.781
mountain yeah1525.863.36
I gotta continue1527.843.6
Walk The Other Side yep is that weird1529.224.74
yeah well you said it it sounded like1531.443.96
you went that far turn around and go1533.963.18
back that's what it sounded like oh you1535.44.159
said goodbye1537.142.419
all right shelf I'm gonna break you down1542.363.84
there's gonna be a rifle behind you yeah1544.345.24
yeah yeah I'm thirsty yeah1546.26.02
damn it no rifle1549.585.56
[ __ ] names I hear you a lot of that1552.225.52
going around today1555.142.6
I feel like I'm close to the area where1558.024.34
I killed a wolf a long time ago remember1559.945.78
tracked him down1562.363.36
like yep seeing power lines1567.143.86
I didn't see a road1577.0395.361
I mean this thing is steep1578.963.44
all right Shelf come on come on you're1583.15.16
gonna have a rifle behind you and Boom1586.2794.26
come on come on rifle rifle rifle rifle1588.268.96
rifle ah damn it no rifle no damn rifle1590.5396.681
I'm leaving in a sprained ankle1602.5395.401
okay not as steep right here oh I see1605.485.04
some railing1607.944.08
I don't know if I came in the right way1610.522.399
I'm at railing right now1612.9194.981
oh come on come on here we go here we go1617.94.8
breaking it down what do we got what do1620.365.1
we got roll the dice1622.75.16
damn it1625.465.699
nothing no no no not a damn thing1627.866.299
rifle I never won it was a rifle mommy1631.1594.5
and daddy never loved me but a rifle1634.1593.181
sure would I think I'm on the path now1635.6594.921
there's railing yes I'm going up I still1637.344.319
didn't see a good way to get to the1640.583.0
railing but I'm at the railing well when1641.6593.961
you go down I guess follow the follow1643.583.719
the railing then you'll right where you1645.623.0
messed up I don't think the railing goes1647.2992.581
all the way down1648.623.84
like I just got lucky1649.885.46
17 pieces of reclaimed wood I'm gonna1652.465.579
drop all of you oh yeah that's gonna1655.345.28
keep the fires burning for a minute1658.0395.401
let's see what am I now am I hungry1660.624.62
venison oh that was like a nothing1663.444.26
nothing Burger I just ate1665.244.679
only 82 calories in that I'm gonna be1667.73.32
more on this1669.9193.721
oh military grade ration I want to save1671.026.759
you for when I absolutely need you1673.647.019
here we go almost to the top1677.7795.121
oh these These are nice steps right here1680.6594.341
oh yeah1682.94.259
your birds1687.1594.0
they're just passing through all right1691.1593.061
there's a bridge I'll make sure I don't1692.963.68
miss anything1694.222.42
now I'm getting to work1700.885.52
it is Arrow time it absolutely is let's1703.2996.161
move this stuff I think I will1706.45.46
do three I'll just take it all for now1709.464.319
yeah I'll just take them all just take1711.863.299
them all give them give them all to me1713.7793.301
all right I'm here I'm here at the foot1715.1595.4
of the uh Ranger Station man I hope1717.087.82
see anything at the base going up1720.5594.341
food pretty low1725.63.559
I have three Arrow shafts yes1730.0396.5
three arrows huh1733.463.079
simple arrow craft one any kind of crap1740.5394.26
just one1743.7794.701
crafting one simple arrow1744.7993.681
oh I need more Crow feathers [ __ ] oh man1751.365.919
look at my food it's so low all right1755.365.4
I'll tell you what drink this soda1757.2797.28
and then I eat my jerky I guess1760.763.799
I've got the granola bar that'll buy me1766.943.839
some minutes hold on I'm at the I'm at1768.983.799
the ranger station door1770.7795.221
gotta be food in here right Rangers are1772.7795.941
always prepared1776.02.72
condensed milk1779.1792.72
yeah oh here's a book on handguns1783.24.14
hell yeah I get better at shooting a1785.64.02
handgun I guess1787.344.86
um sewing kit okay oh there's a stove1789.625.36
all right I can cook wait here we go1792.26.18
revolver ammunition I got plenty of that1794.987.059
now this oh this is a rifle cartridge oh1798.385.64
there we go got a box here so that's1802.0394.401
just a carton1804.022.42
um well if I pull my gun out1807.9194.62
one two three four is it just a1810.384.44
um pull your gun out again and hit r1814.823.02
oh yeah1819.443.18
I heard it okay1820.765.84
so yeah I got five bullets now nice nice1822.623.98
I wonder if I go over to that oh wait no1831.325.4
I harvested that entire deer1833.1796.0
throw feathers I need to go find crows1836.725.4
but if I go to my weapons now wait how1839.1794.5
do I pull out1842.124.2
because my bow still on me isn't it1843.6795.161
is it1846.323.9
can you tell me there's more than1848.843.3
condensed milk in an energy bar in here1850.223.959
yeah I mean I got the revolvers actually1854.1794.681
the revolver cartridges1857.0592.691
that's good1858.862.16
I think this these people would be1861.024.22
prepared up here1862.342.9
if there's nothing else up here I'm1867.6794.681
leaving okay so oh I'm not done with my1869.1795.581
bow it says in progress that's why I1872.364.26
can't do it yet that's right1874.764.32
okay so oh I still gotta finish the bow1876.624.679
so I need more cured gut1879.084.74
did the maple sapling so yeah I still1881.2995.0
gotta work1883.822.479
I started oh did I get rid of okay1886.344.38
because I use that other gut1888.743.9
I got some gut here damn it but none of1890.723.42
it's cured all right I'm not there yet1892.643.5
babes okay1894.145.519
crap I know yeah I was I'm so close I'm1896.145.32
so close well at least I can go out and1899.6593.361
see if I can maybe find some Crow1901.463.12
let's see what's out here well I'm1904.584.14
leaving this ranger station I guess I1906.385.96
guess it wasn't a complete loss1908.723.62
fine game do you wanna you wanna treat1918.9194.62
me like this I'm gonna treat you like1921.983.6
not having to treat you like1925.583.25
like a beef1927.54.609
oh guess who I'm hanging out with1935.1794.22
hey Barbara Ann Barbara Ann huh Barbara1939.625.64
Ann's back oh she's looking better than1943.523.12
he's hanging out waiting for this gut to1946.644.919
cure oh my man I need you to Speed it1948.25.76
along baby I forgot all about Whitney1951.5593.661
oh well she'll be fine1955.223.199
all right wolf carcass is thawed I am1960.5595.641
going to quarter it it's going to take1964.3993.78
an hour1966.26.02
with Hatchet or knife doesn't matter1968.1794.041
oh crap1974.1795.421
oh let's sleep I can do without sleep1975.444.16
that's all things turning red1979.763.08
come on be something good behind you1985.763.44
thing back there maybe maybe it's under1994.5194.441
it maybe the rifle's under the crate1996.443.07
come on1998.963.639
that's good you cured now2002.6799.86
97 damn come on just want to make my bow2005.387.159
well it's gotten dark2014.6793.6
I'm back to my old2018.2794.26
mystery Lake cabin oh you went back to2020.323.66
the cabin I mean it was right by the2022.5393.12
wolf body not far from the ranger2023.983.24
station so2025.6593.781
oh you know yeah you can cook there yep2027.224.98
I can sleep here I can cook here2029.445.219
oh it's dark okay running my way around2032.23.719
to the right2037.8992.541
see while I wait for that gut to cure2041.0195.16
it's it's so close but it's not there2043.5394.921
yet I'm gonna run out and see if I can't2046.1794.68
find a rabbit Maybe2048.464.86
yeah it's been a blizzard all day but it2050.8595.581
looks like it may be finally clearing up2053.324.79
at least a brief moment of respite2056.444.779
the rabbits are just going from over2061.4193.0
I don't like that one bit2068.825.74
no I do not oh you know what I guess2071.74.419
what I could do while I'm out is just2074.564.079
look around to see if I see any deer2076.1195.461
because hopefully once I make this uh2078.6395.22
bow and arrow2081.585.18
deer hunting2083.8592.901
say what I just don't see it don't see2090.284.44
what happened me killing a deer I mean2092.8594.221
is the arrow2094.722.36
um I mean I guess I'll have to shoot it2098.8594.921
and then track it I don't know man all2100.664.86
right all right so wow yeah I need to2103.783.48
think about that you're right so if I2105.524.86
run chase a deer I need to have stuff to2107.265.88
make uh fire with2110.385.58
hopefully I won't have to track him far2113.145.479
yeah got it I'm gonna miss bullets2115.966.44
bullets were really nice2118.6193.781
oh I miss bullets already2123.164.199
I'm starting to feel like my days are2127.3593.781
numbered you know what I mean I feel2129.46.02
like your day's a number yeah like2131.144.28
there is a region way out there I2138.284.799
haven't explored but man2140.56.36
oh there's a deer though yeah okay2143.0795.341
all right here by the barn Farmhouse is2148.425.58
right oh yeah I can kind of see the top2151.665.1
of The Silo at The Farmhouse and yeah2154.04.74
right across the river there's a deer2156.764.4
hanging out2158.742.42
got a plan2162.642.84
no that's where that one deer goes2166.023.94
there's [ __ ] in the gone there because2168.74.22
now I know it's here2169.962.96
please please please yes we got some2176.55.82
cured good baby oh2179.384.979
now we can finish working on this bow I2182.323.98
let's see I know I put like an hour or2186.35.559
so into it earlier yeah let's see three2188.685.399
and a half hours I'm gonna at least man2191.8595.041
I'm gonna do I Want It All let's do it2194.0795.28
[ __ ] around yeah yeah just doing the2196.93.959
right thing oh crap I probably should2199.3593.121
have drank before I started but that's2200.8594.141
okay boom got it2202.486.0
and it's dark got the bow all right let2205.04.8
me have some water2208.484.5
and one arrow and one Arrow I need more2209.85.4
Crow feathers2212.984.7
darker so yeah it's night time man I'm2221.8594.561
not even that tired I am going to pass2224.684.14
time until morning and then I'm gonna2226.424.38
try to get out and hunt a deer and this2228.824.14
it happened at just the right time2230.85.64
because I only have two pieces of deer2232.965.879
meat left in my pocket okay okay this is2236.443.54
I'm getting ready to go to sleep too I'm2239.983.119
just waiting for this meat to cook and2241.5993.661
I'm off the bed what you doing tomorrow2243.0993.961
make a fishing2245.263.78
I might just need to poured food so I2247.063.48
can get back to Milton2249.044.28
settle down2250.542.78
that bear thinks I forgot about him2256.95.28
you have it no and we know what type of2259.93.959
uh you got a Vengeance with animals I2262.183.48
got a Vengeance with anything don't2263.8594.581
cross neebs2265.662.78
I got food I got water I'm gonna take a2270.947.56
coffee might take a soda2275.26.84
okay where's this bow2278.55.16
oh man so one Arrow that's all I got2283.667.06
see if we can get a deer2288.75.26
yep no meat left2294.5797.02
there's no wolves no wolves today2297.765.76
oh God it's cold but it's okay I got2301.5993.661
stuff to make a fire2303.523.42
hey Crow he's gonna drop some feathers2305.265.06
for me that'd be real sweet2306.943.38
here we go early in the field he's not2311.164.9
even gonna expect2314.744.56
wolves out there of course there are2316.065.22
all right I hope this deer is still over2319.34.7
here somewhere2321.282.72
okay all right2333.3594.26
who are you little bastard I need you to2341.445.1
stop running yeah okay out here on the2343.95.84
lake this is where you want to do this2346.543.2
I got a deer2352.184.98
okay I got my bow and arrow made2354.0994.74
I've never done this before2357.163.78
why is he running usually they let me2358.8394.76
get crazy close2360.942.659
if you stink you got too much steak2369.0994.561
today shouldn't be stinky okay there are2370.5995.541
your tracks2373.662.48
there you are2376.323.36
you going dummy2379.723.02
I need this I need this real bad2391.424.88
I've never I've never even shot a damn2398.384.62
bow in this game neeb so this is gonna2400.1194.381
be interesting2403.04.44
how well2404.56.3
okay okay get still2407.446.08
get still2410.82.72
how do I draw2414.164.14
how do I draw2415.95.28
I don't even know how to draw2418.36.0
pull it out will it tell me2421.185.82
draw hold left click relax2424.34.2
oh wait can I not do it while I'm2427.03.48
crouched do I gotta stand oh you gotta2428.53.66
be standing up2430.484.379
okay and then right okay right click2432.164.98
relax left click draw you have to be2434.8594.201
standing up2437.144.26
[ __ ] that's you shouldn't have to be2439.064.559
standing up to draw a damn bow right2441.43.06
I think you could probably do that2443.6193.0
crouched yeah that's really dumb unless2444.463.659
it's like a really tall though and it's2446.6193.96
hitting the ground you know right2448.1196.48
do it sideways okay2450.5794.02
let's get as close as I can come on dear2458.6194.101
stand up2470.0794.921
oh I got him I got him I got him I got2472.724.92
him I got him running he's running track2475.03.839
oh I hope I can get that Arrow back holy2478.8394.5
[ __ ] I hope I can get that Arrow back2481.247.14
oh yeah he's bleeding oh he's bleeding2483.3399.421
oh that's awesome okay okay2488.386.3
all right I gotta find him but I gotta2492.763.42
build a fire2494.683.3
he's still running all right I need you2496.183.84
to die soon buddy2497.984.2
he's running up there die right in front2500.023.18
of the farmhouse2502.182.82
just run right through my front door and2503.23.6
pass out you idiot was it a good hit2505.05.4
like drop him it was a hit2506.86.74
so happy I hit him2510.46.42
like yeah this sucks2513.545.559
um man remember when I could just shoot2516.824.68
him in the head with a revolver2519.0995.541
those were the days2521.53.14
oh boy2525.466.0
or the wolf I'm in the fishing house oh2527.8595.881
here he is I read one hour of My2531.464.08
Revolver book2533.743.26
I wonder2535.543.42
you know what I'm a little went back2537.05.8
this way come on Wolf come on2538.966.24
back to my place I want to carry you too2542.84.58
and this is absurd I mean I think I hit2547.8393.24
him in the [ __ ] that's why it's2549.942.46
taking him this long to bleed out but2551.0792.28
you see2552.43.06
stuff no I don't have eyes on him but I2553.3595.401
do I have eyes on his tracks yeah2555.465.7
oh I'm tracking well I'm getting hungry2558.764.38
though man and I'm getting cold2561.166.54
I gotta find him and build a fire right2563.147.88
oh he's doing a run he's coming to run2567.77.98
boom boom oh whoa okay2571.027.78
oh he's stuck nope2575.685.939
where you going where you going2578.86.6
oh we got a deer yeah nice yeah I hear2581.6196.421
the ice oh and there's my arrow thank2585.45.66
God congratulations2588.043.02
follow his tracks2594.3395.641
sucker where did you go man it was like2595.87.24
how did he disappear that quickly2599.984.379
all right2603.043.059
awesome first kill with the boat you2604.3593.421
said you got the arrow back or no yes I2606.0994.02
did get the arrow back that is great oh2607.783.72
that is wonderful but now I gotta get2610.1195.041
this [ __ ] get home okay warm up quarter2611.55.64
of the wolf I brought plenty of wood out2615.164.38
oh that's all right that's gonna keep me2617.144.62
going for at least uh a little bit2619.544.86
longer but man I need Crow feathers God2621.764.44
I'm tempted to like leave part of him2624.43.48
out here so the birds will circle circle2626.24.28
you know what I mean2627.882.6
wood okay here oh I just need your meat2633.0995.76
I don't need them actually I'll take the2637.424.74
gut too but all right let's see hunting2638.8597.341
knife yes we are gonna get2642.164.04
19 pounds near me hey2646.926.939
holy [ __ ] I killed a deer with a bow and2651.424.76
arrow way to go buddy2653.8595.961

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