I Destroyed My Friend's Home (Minecraft Ep 13)

Hey everyone, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss their latest Minecraft video! In this episode, they build a ...
I Destroyed My Friend's Home (Minecraft Ep 13)
I Destroyed My Friend's Home (Minecraft Ep 13)

I Destroyed My Friend's Home (Minecraft Ep 13)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today we have a special treat for you - I destroyed my friend's home in Minecraft! It was totally an accident, I swear.

simon: Oh come on, Neebs, we all know you did it on purpose just to mess with me. But hey, it makes for great content, right?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. I can't believe you're actually proud of destroying someone's hard work in Minecraft. But hey, it's all in good fun, right?

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! Plus, it's not like we can't rebuild it bigger and better. Maybe with a few more traps this time, eh Simon?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey everyone, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss their latest Minecraft video! In this episode, they build a portal and venture into the Nether, but things take a chaotic turn when someone's house gets destroyed. It's all hands on deck as they try to fix the damage and navigate through the dangerous Nether realm.

If you're curious about the mods they're using in this video, they've provided a link in the description where you can copy their setup. And if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more hilarious Minecraft adventures like this one.

I love how Neebs Gaming is always powered by Xidax PCs, they really know how to make their gameplay run smoothly. And if you want to chat with fellow fans, don't forget to join their Discord server - it's a great way to connect with other Neebs enthusiasts.

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Overall, this Minecraft video is a wild ride filled with laughter, chaos, and epic moments. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the adventure with your favorite gaming crew. Thanks for watching!

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all right you boys ready to have some0.1793.78
fun let's do it absolutely follow me1.4696.301
okay I figured out how to make pumpkin3.9595.461
seeds you got to do it in the worktable7.775.01
oh did you build this9.425.639
I like five minutes ago I'm still not12.783.78
done cuz he's had to turn green before I15.0593.39
could make them into a path turn green16.565.52
yeah hold on here Oh Pat shovel got you18.44910.861
I need to dig wait that's wrong that's22.089.42
wrong hold on I'm screwing this all up I29.313.54
was screwing this off yeah this is31.54.5
believed that this is a to snare oh wait32.854.56
how did this work you gotta build a36.03.27
square right you dozen of interpretor37.413.329
over oh yeah you don't have to let cover39.272.73
in certain square all the way yeah I40.7392.611
know what I did wrong so yeah this is42.05.719
fine this is probably gotta be this this43.354.369
oh hey hey welcome to hell huh yeah75.325.439
welcome all the guys are in here they're79.143.0
over there I think they were I hate80.7594.561
games I want to remember where this is82.144.86
there's a thing over here85.323.18
don't tell thick he'll raid it before we87.03.96
get a chance to these guys these guys88.55.009
over here pig men right they uh they're90.963.96
not friendly I think they're friendly93.5093.0
unless you mess with them that's right94.923.119
used to be but I don't know a lots96.5094.53
changed hello big man I've names are you98.0395.64
friendly still no mushrooms there's101.0394.621
mushrooms in here yeah we see them hey103.6795.071
seems uh he's got a gold sword so yeah105.664.56
let's leave alone names what are you108.753.03
gonna do down here if we follow it up110.224.08
sir down here oh yeah I'm experimenting111.784.619
with something what is that I told you114.33.48
I'm gonna build another nether portal in116.3993.121
here and see if it pops me out somewhere117.783.24
near my castle oh I mean that's the119.523.51
experiment okay yeah I knew that121.023.78
guys I don't know if you can hear me but123.034.11
I made a path down to the fortress are124.84.799
you going down there I'd like to not go127.1410.86
along Webster I can with I bet you will129.5999.241
shall we138.05.819
we shall oh oh you go oh wow careful138.845.82
it's terrible here143.8193.121
watch your step break up to the left and144.663.24
then off to the right146.946.009
take some fire this dick is on fire what153.456.34
a fight everybody157.964.14
shields up let's move in thick come on159.7912.53
in guys my heroes shootin move in yeah162.110.22
Oh fly I've got something for bad you172.3813.21
got him185.145.25
yeah he's he's gone forever noobs show185.598.6
this needs to go one higher uh-huh190.397.08
wait or needed to go one low oh yeah no194.194.75
okay matter you can do either one197.473.18
although may as well go one higher cuz198.944.17
we took that off right so I need to put200.653.06
that there203.114.89
and then the next one would be why is my203.715.4
brain not working today208.03.39
listen you gotta go one above that one209.114.44
right so wait do I need to I need three211.394.14
inej so I need to put another obsidian213.554.32
here yes and then do the same exact215.533.99
thing just taller now do the little217.875.16
diagonal out right okay so now like do219.525.04
the same thing that you're standing on223.034.38
OOP on the top and then oh god I need224.565.25
one more I thought I had enough hold on227.414.41
do you have it do you I did I somehow229.815.1
grab one no do I not have another231.826.21
thought I have one more I think I ended234.914.77
up with a piece of app source obsidian238.033.99
oh cool it'll be a keepsake hey somebody239.684.26
somebody let me up here down here one242.023.72
second that's about all I can do light243.946.0
it up Oh boom boom lights BAM well now245.746.24
let's not get bossy about this light249.944.14
medicine is this a chest down here I251.984.53
hope so keep lighting it keep I don't254.084.98
think there's any danger so terrible hey256.515.09
golden sword oh diamond horse armor oh259.064.77
all right I'm just gonna grab it we can261.63.67
split stuff up later okay another263.836.21
another chest over here huh check it out265.276.99
iron horse armor saddle and you guys270.043.19
have that272.264.57
I hear so yeah I keep hearing like a273.235.94
like a baby is that one of those octopus276.835.76
cloud things you know I'm saying I can279.176.03
explain yeah yeah well this isn't really282.595.04
uh not enough Headroom in here anything285.24.26
up there like a box or something oh not287.634.29
yet but it opens up yep there's a chest289.465.13
I'm gonna grab that okay diamond horse291.925.25
armor two saddles tons of that stuff huh294.595.15
yeah man this place is great297.175.49
where are they Simon I don't know299.746.31
see Oh what is this Oh Oh God302.664.89
well the other way oh the other way go306.054.14
the other way hey whoa whoa oh [ __ ]307.555.46
Simon groaning groaning I'm caught fire310.196.48
oh thank god what is that oh god I313.014.86
forgot what those things are called I316.672.85
don't know please does a blaze that's a317.873.9
blaze spawner over there all right yeah319.523.33
let's go this way baby321.773.78
all right where are the guys I just want322.856.05
to see if any of them have obsidian325.553.35
Papageno dream on Oh336.587.24
Portland or something Oh teamwork that's343.825.34
what happened there that was really good347.722.7
enough you know that good work that349.165.16
point Eames you're still poison Oh gasps350.425.24
oh my heart stroke where does it mean355.6610.42
we're out I could die now Simon help359.7510.68
help me okay oh god no no no no what the366.085.55
world's happening right now370.433.69
okay about a bangs do I even try to371.637.74
fight Wow no man this is not good374.127.32
what in the world it looks like I have379.377.5
like no hearts you what turn something381.448.04
happen what in the world is happening386.879.81
right now okay eat eat eat eat man there389.489.69
is no way I'm gonna make it out of here396.685.88
alive after the next fire think we move399.176.77
yeah come on402.563.38
I don't care those blades always stop407.3213.4
now just dead we could417.2510.14
doraleous is dead oh I really don't want420.728.02
to lose my stuff man all right I'm at427.392.73
the portal okay five hundred all428.742.97
godson's hit me come on get in there get430.122.34
in there get in there431.717.32
oh it's followed me through there's a432.4629.82
gas you can't reach me from there you're439.0324.93
a loser462.285.49
a terrible noise it was geez463.965.97
what hit me oh yeah the skeleton right467.775.76
you take that skeleton down thick I have469.936.57
you followed us in here was his last473.537.62
mistake see watch you gotta yeah okay is476.58.13
that gas down nope oh he's running away481.1511.85
good no so much stuff was clear I think484.6311.78
I just lost all my stuff all right493.06.12
that's it you're coming down with me496.419.66
you're going with me all right that's it499.1210.22
now get him506.073.27
but you get for taking my stuff509.8497.721
turtle helmet in there okay so doraleous512.746.179
died you got his stuff you begin his517.575.37
obsidian looks like I put it in a chest518.9196.901
back where noobs died okay back where522.943.51
noobs die525.822.519
Elias by the way oh man and I don't526.453.42
think Simon dad I think Simon's still528.3393.24
stuck in the castle somewhere we got to529.873.48
go find him okay here let's get down531.5794.44
there okay getting out the sward533.354.56
I think neebs is in there so I was in536.0193.63
here somewhere I'm coming for you buddy537.914.56
I'm just following him I honestly don't539.6495.25
care what happens to any of you oh I see542.473.96
somebody's named Eve is that you yeah544.8993.901
it's names a man I found a chest with546.433.87
somebody stuff in it is there any548.83.029
obsidian in there yep550.34.05
I need that that's all I need oh there551.8294.411
you go where's that chest I got it right554.352.25
oh I picked it all up hmm pop that's the556.65.91
piece I needed should we get out of here560.054.56
after oh well Simon still in here562.512.519
he is hello565.02911.031
Oh hold on this is something right hello568.3912.389
what oh sure that's not that was not576.068.98
good but interesting though interesting580.7796.191
enough to say585.048.05
hey well cool that's not that no no no586.9710.8
no made a mistake sorry backtracking all593.096.54
right maybe I'll just stay here that's a597.779.39
good idea guys I'll stay here that's a599.639.63
bad idea man you know but this is my607.163.81
torch path follow it609.265.37
maybe I can find my stuff Simon you610.976.57
think your stuff is gone probably is but614.634.5
I mean hurt to try617.543.6
okay I remember going here this was a619.133.6
dead end that's right so then we came621.1410.02
down here I just went that way that's622.7310.53
not where we were I think we were this631.163.75
way I haven't movin I've been moving633.263.18
around okay well I'm glad I found you634.913.36
hey any of my stuff did you get any of a636.442.79
nice sword638.273.48
I've got a thing dude I tried I got639.234.59
barely anything probably Flint steel641.753.96
flank Steel's what I really need I got643.822.82
flint and steel645.715.37
yes here hold on just a mine yes yeah so646.646.81
good and Li I tried all right you didn't651.084.35
get my diamond sword by no no I that's653.455.55
what I wanted and your pickaxe it's not655.436.39
like shears who can shake it I got659.05.49
cursed nether quartz well I got Flint661.824.56
steel and I got a piece of obsidian I664.495.07
can finish the nether portal let's do it666.3820.82
that's what I'm gonna do oh boy he's669.5620.01
dead Simon yes come towards me I don't687.23.5
know where you are689.573.51
take a left this way it's go that way690.74.21
run run I think I could see your name693.084.02
bro just run past that guy come on down694.916.53
Simon just did yes holy moley697.14.34
yeah I'm coming in okay come on in hey702.886.37
hey some of your stuff is in this box706.885.16
here bless your face yeah I tried to get709.253.98
as much as I can712.044.86
there's more down in the nether which I713.235.32
go there right now I'm716.96.18
I'm good yeah I do need food do you food718.556.48
but none here really hungry723.083.99
what do plays rods do again I don't know725.033.66
man but they do something like you727.073.33
connect enough and you can do something728.694.35
I'm sure yeah I'm sure the local730.45.01
minecraft nerd what's his name733.0411.4
apps ro will be like whole blaze what a735.4110.72
the final piece Simon yep do it and then750.18.32
all right moment of truth let's see755.893.28
where this takes us758.424.86
yeah together yeah why not all right759.176.77
come on763.282.66
okay you're in a cave yeah you're in a768.886.24
cave - I'm still here do I gotta just772.9594.231
push out is that it I think you went775.127.32
back then I go back this is very dark777.196.75
here yeah tell you what here we're gonna782.443.629
have to dig ourselves here come back783.944.41
come back to the portal I'm gonna dig a786.0694.2
stairwell up this is not a very788.353.78
convenient place we did not know I was790.2693.3
hoping for something a lot more792.132.79
convenient I was hoping to be you know793.5693.091
above ground well I guess it's exciting794.924.5
again right cuz now we might look at796.664.289
this dirt right here I bet you were799.423.149
pretty close to the surface you think800.9493.45
this is dirt do you what time of day is802.5693.991
this dirt nope nope okay well it kind of804.3993.69
looks like there doesn't it nope nope806.563.93
doesn't nope what colours dirt dirt is808.0894.261
brown yeah this is like it's got like a810.493.209
pink do you think this is pink812.353.78
yeah it's pink nuts like a peach there's813.6995.041
no peach it is the light brown light816.135.519
brown you are a crazy man what color is818.745.339
this that you're hacking on great yeah821.6494.56
it's great yeah - easy how you your824.0794.111
brain can see that color but some reason826.2094.351
it is a light pink light brown it's828.195.22
tight you're an absolute fool good god830.565.55
wheat I don't know god oh water perfect833.415.82
date I'm having a good time without hold836.119.979
on come on you got it don't drown me now839.236.859
okay okay that's the back of my castle852.9812.039
right there yeah yeah yeah I think so860.06910.08
let me check I think that's it I'll865.0195.971
please be it870.1493.87
why huh what what is that okay well870.996.24
submit me so I'm gonna kill me in the874.0196.271
water oh god oh god what is that I don't877.235.19
know I'm not turning around I might turn880.293.959
around either Oh God come on surviving882.423.75
survives come on oh god the true hearts884.2495.851
we got oh I'm so glad it went after you886.1717.509
what was that what was that okay what890.119.049
what the what the Bell God okay just903.6798.001
we're gonna run is that scary909.1494.5
alright it is time to turn this day913.6495.8
around um I don't need that many I just916.725.669
want one of these pumpkin seeds there we919.4494.68
go should have started with this I don't922.3893.12
even go to the nether hate bad names924.1293.39
what's happening how much did you get925.5094.111
here my stuff by chance I die I did I927.5195.37
got it oh but then I lost it and then Oh929.625.069
yep got killed twice932.8893.601
it's a weird delivery you want to go934.6893.9
with me to the shores of pumpkins I got936.493.839
nothing else I'm turning this day around938.5894.081
yeah it didn't go so well for me either940.3294.411
or yesterday rather so instead of942.675.389
growing watermelon here mm-hmm I'm gonna944.745.909
get that back I'm switching the pumpkins948.0593.25
because it's getting cold outside and951.3094.411
stuff no I don't eat pumpkin the Malayan953.685.04
season hunts up I'm going to uh make955.725.25
golems kevin costner died I don't know958.723.659
if you heard that oh I didn't hear that960.974.26
that's the golem that's so sad962.3795.46
no yeah I'd love to have a golem965.234.169
floating around what could I do to967.8393.06
convince you to make a golem by my place969.3994.021
well if you make a bunch of metal970.8995.67
we got the pumpkins so yeah yeah yeah I973.425.07
know thing I lose everything I get all976.5693.27
the time I'll plant another one978.493.269
more pumpkins we have pumpkins a metal979.8393.151
man we just have golems everywhere981.7595.13
pumpkins and metal feel like I remember982.995.699
Simon complaining about all these vines986.8895.82
and stuff I can just do that like you're988.68911.76
rid of it yeah that doesn't oh wow see992.7099.12
him getting rid of all these vines man1000.4492.73
that's cool1001.8293.87
that's magic right there I like the1003.1796.14
vines personally but that looks like fun1005.6997.351
oops that's not how that should work no1009.3196.25
boy what if I just let myself on the1013.054.86
fire really no you don't do that no I1015.5695.26
like I know enough to know to not1017.916.73
it's awesome to watch this very much1020.82913.75
yeah oh yeah it looks great we can see1024.6419.38
the sky again seemed to like it yeah1034.5799.441
nothing is it's burning it's crazy how1045.2547.77
could you stop this place is and the one1087.357.94
part I hate the most is not flammable1093.026.24
fart the sky bridge I don't get it1095.296.36
though because1099.262.39
but fire should catch yeah did you hear1102.4299.73
what you just said did you hear what you1109.947.409
just said I wish I had no part of this I1112.15910.531
feel really bad hey hey oh my god Simon1117.3496.99
you're not gonna believe what happened1122.697.589
I lightning I don't know there was a bug1124.3397.92
in the game where lightning hits now ah1130.2794.71
I wish spectator camera wasn't in front1132.2594.32
of me when everything just how are you1134.9893.9
sighs let's try together I heard you1136.5793.84
complaining about the vines and I was1138.8893.301
trying to get rid of them you know right1140.4195.88
now I don't even know what to say I've1142.196.119
never worked so hard on anything before1146.2996.23
and now this is pretty much useless1148.3098.84
Simon yeah I'll I'll help rebuild Oh1152.5298.7
help - yeah thinking I got you yeah just1157.1497.281
what you need some some dirt1161.2298.931

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