How to Turn off the Gas!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about stopping the gas, and Neebs is on a mission to do just that! If y...
How to Turn off the Gas!!! - Grounded
How to Turn off the Gas!!! - Grounded

How to Turn off the Gas!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! And today we're talking about our favorite video, 'How to Turn off the Gas!!! - Grounded.'

simon: Oh man, that video cracks me up every time! I mean, who knew turning off gas could be so hilarious?

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget the epic moment when I saved the day by turning off the gas like a boss.

appsro: Oh come on, Neebs. We all know that was just luck! But hey, it made for some great entertainment.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about stopping the gas, and Neebs is on a mission to do just that! If you're a fan of their channel, you know they always bring the laughs and epic gameplay, and this video is no different.

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So grab some snacks, sit back, and get ready to watch Neebs take on the gas in their latest video. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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come out6.53.18
there we go how much you cooking I'm19.884.479
done oh you already cooked yours yeah22.564.82
I'm cooked okay let me uh24.3595.641
you want to cook meat with me there we27.384.36
go I quite like them30.03.48
you like them yeah at first I didn't31.742.999
like how they tasted I like them now33.483.8
shut up yeah hold on oh my God I'm so40.284.779
what was that that's the dinner Bale45.0594.68
that's a dinner bell I like that when do47.284.38
we get a dinner bell is that new I don't49.7392.941
remember overhearing it52.683.14
out and then this and then hopefully we56.5397.961
got enough yeah to make that oh yo yeah61.145.519
yeah let me give it here yeah yeah there64.55.52
you go cool there there and there oh66.6594.981
[ __ ] thank you so much yeah you're70.023.18
welcome so all right we all should have71.643.96
level two armor now all right oh we73.23.66
should be able to kick a little a little75.64.559
bit more butt and oh oh wow that looks76.864.52
cool look at this80.1594.621
oh yeah look at that you like Goku and81.385.559
uh I just use a mutation to make me84.785.4
faster got the Avid slippers I am Speedy86.9395.161
nice well I don't think you can wear the90.185.66
aphid slippers you can't wear the Apes92.16.9
but all right you combine that with the95.844.54
aphids listener yeah you're a fast99.04.02
little boy oh man I'm gonna put the bath100.384.44
all right I'm Andrew I was heading back103.024.08
over to the ant Place yeah you104.826.54
I have got other plans going on is he107.17.26
just running around the house yeah111.365.28
he's probably gonna get there first114.364.56
I'll see you there andreless I'm already116.644.5
there neebs yep118.924.34
save me a spot121.145.579
oh Simon check this out ah we got three126.7196.66
Mega milk molars and you do you know131.0394.2
what the mega milk molars do no I don't133.3793.541
even know what the milk molars do what135.2394.201
okay well the milk molars allow you to136.925.16
upgrade yourself the mega milk molars139.445.46
allow us to upgrade everybody oh so142.084.08
check this out you're like you know what144.93.839
let's increase man resource is always146.164.74
good what would you want to increase our148.7394.441
consumable stack size our resource stack150.96.919
size or our Arrow stack size hmm oh153.187.199
consumable consumable and what was the157.8193.881
other one and then and then the160.3794.461
consumable resource or Arrow I would say161.75.7
resource all right research yeah we can164.844.179
carry more stuff and yes yeah you know167.43.419
what I like that let's do it yeah I'm169.0193.961
infusing the group hell yeah170.8194.741
and you know what we got one more we may172.984.5
as well do a consumable yeah let's do175.563.42
our stack size one more time we can make177.483.6
carry more confused yeah178.984.92
so now we you double stacked it is that181.083.96
what you did you made it so that we can183.92.699
carry twice as much [ __ ] now twice as185.043.72
much consumables yeah oh twice as much186.5994.321
consumables and twice as much materials188.764.02
yeah materials too oh wait all right I190.923.179
know the spiders might be out but uh192.782.94
yeah let's uh yeah follow me let's go194.0993.06
check this out real fast oh that's fun195.722.82
and you know what go for it because I197.1592.761
think I know where you're going I went198.543.419
and saw those spiders and there's a sap199.924.38
thing in there I'm not going there but201.9594.621
okay I'm going back home to base all204.33.96
right follow me follow me I'm following206.583.68
you baby208.265.16
all right come on in come on in so now210.266.22
if I did this right so if I go into say213.426.06
our bug parts yeah and now I hit sort216.485.28
storage oh man yeah look at all that219.484.56
they stacked we can hold 20 in one stack221.764.44
now what was it before I mean I think it224.045.04
was originally 10 or 15 now it's 20. now226.24.74
here look at this organization yeah oh229.083.96
yeah it was 15. so then let's also now230.944.14
do some sides over here oh yeah you got233.043.839
science oh well I mean like you said235.083.12
that we should be able to carry more236.8793.181
[ __ ] right yeah no I don't think it's238.23.72
like carry way no I thought it was240.064.259
consumables and materials I thought now241.924.44
consumables and resources and well I'm244.3193.961
sorry resources resources made me think246.363.42
I can carry more research it's just248.283.599
stack more yeah stack them all right249.784.26
sorry sorry to disappoint that's okay I251.8794.14
was hoping I'd carry like 10 pieces of254.044.74
grass hey I can make you a drink to make256.0195.34
that happen oh well I think that I'm258.785.34
thirsty we'll get you a sweet ass in261.3595.241
here yeah264.122.48
Yeah we actually know how to do the uh269.223.12
dandelion now I think it's in the right270.543.84
spot I think yes okay hoes right there272.345.16
I'm right behind you oh yeah274.385.46
yeah we we277.54.86
dropping in like Navy Seals yeah just279.845.639
like they did with dandelions yep here282.367.02
we go oh yes okay okay all right285.4795.461
um You need some lights are you doing289.385.539
light I'll be loud yeah you do like290.943.979
oh wow is that a sword would you get a306.4795.401
sword you had that no I just made it you309.244.92
just made it let somebody know you got a311.883.96
sword all right you want me to hit one314.164.08
with uh with everything oh with your315.846.24
bows is that a soldier yeah let's do318.246.26
this okay322.086.8
here we go all right324.54.38
okay there's one down345.863.96
go ahead353.222.66
yeah whatever they're open yeah is that356.35.02
where they swing their arm around is359.7593.241
that I don't know probably not because361.323.14
it's like a good move363.03.479
wait right behind you too there's364.464.38
another one366.4792.361
oh you're adorable371.36.339
there you go you can run now if you want374.95.62
little buddy he's not giving up he's got377.6394.801
a heart attack guy yeah a lot of heart380.524.92
also it's just kind of wired that way is382.444.5
there more I don't know will that be385.444.4
good to explore a little bit more386.942.9
come on get him oh man this is getting390.4797.021
ugly now whoa that was right by me oh394.686.54
yeah great job oh my God I'm so good wow397.57.28
yeah it's no big deal401.223.56
ah check this out this is called a406.345.5
grinder I think we got the parts409.386.3
yeah boom nice let's see with this we411.846.84
can make slurries and I think they're415.684.98
gonna come in real Handy later I'll go418.683.66
ahead and make a mushroom oh yeah we420.663.659
need to scan these for for stuff we'll422.343.54
make a mushroom slurry we'll make a424.3193.72
spoiled meat slurry oh nice I can't425.883.78
slurry I got a lot of mushrooms here we428.0393.66
go yeah look at it yeah it was grinding429.664.08
this stuff up in here yeah it's making a431.6994.141
big bowl of slurry and it looks really433.744.679
weird yeah because yeah what's up yeah435.844.62
well I got something for you oh thank438.4192.881
this is the workers comp that's the441.34.92
workers comp that's gonna make you real444.065.1
strong really yeah like Hulk Hogan or446.226.66
the rock can you can you smell that is449.165.46
that what he said yeah you can smell452.884.86
what The Rock is cooking oh that's what454.625.639
he said okay so so drink this now boom457.744.32
right let's go see how many uh oh wait460.2593.66
you know what let's compound this so you462.064.079
drink that come up here okay throw on463.9195.481
your uh red ant armor real quick466.1397.261
yes yes yes I do holding e all right469.45.32
let's go see how many pieces of grass473.45.0
you can carry oh all right yes474.723.68
you know what's around here I mean I'm480.864.54
seeing her legs peeking through this483.664.02
ain't gonna bother us he's scared all485.45.34
right so now how much grass can I carry487.686.68
yeah all right490.743.62
let's do this499.8793.641
there's probably friends but okay I'll501.664.92
focus on the grass one yeah come on wait503.524.859
did you talk about it did you chop506.583.839
enough grass that I can that's gonna die508.3793.301
you might have to chop our grass salad510.4193.12
come on now hey you want a piece of this511.684.62
I'm a strong independent little black513.5394.141
woman and I ain't gonna put up with your516.34.02
spot of [ __ ] yeah no you're not there it517.684.7
[ __ ] oh all right might be poisoned522.744.659
here I guess I could have picked up like525.9593.361
already all the grass that I've never527.3994.341
that's really good very good that's a551.126.36
lot I'm so happy554.043.44
I have so many options to narrow down558.985.44
what do you want to do narrow them down561.865.28
can't get up in that hole can't get up567.54.54
in the hole I think we go deeper like570.34.92
this this is doable right I bet they put572.045.239
it just Out Of Reach yeah575.224.86
get it to activate yeah yeah I577.2794.18
understand yeah yeah let's just go580.084.08
deeper we need more amp Parts okay581.4594.82
there's more answers down here because586.562.24
you're so fast so oh we should grab this588.85.62
stuff right sure yeah more ants would be591.8394.44
great that was kind of the initial goal594.424.02
wasn't it yeah stay with the lights this596.2794.62
whole wired route seems like other way598.445.1
here we go we got one you want a good oh600.8997.581
right there here we go okay603.544.94
come on come on this is like the movie610.044.54
where that is like you know there's like612.8394.861
a hero and like a child sidekick and614.586.12
which who's what I'll tell you what like617.74.56
Indiana Jones you know when there was a620.72.819
kid and the kid was fighting the other622.263.42
kid Andy was fighting the the other guy623.5193.961
what is it what is oh this little guy625.684.099
here oh yep yep yep they do that627.486.14
stay out of a kid yep on your business629.7796.881
can you call me Dr Jones Doctor Jones633.626.04
can I be uh get him kid yeah that's who636.666.54
that was another one on me oh my gosh639.665.52
oh my God I'm getting cornered getting643.23.48
Corner Dave's gotta gotta run a little645.185.279
bit yeah I had to pull back dude yep I'm646.685.82
gonna try to take one of my smoothies oh650.4595.12
boy watch out652.53.079
oh that one looks hurt655.84.44
the one that's running turd okay yeah I657.685.88
know I got this one about halfway660.243.32
double block someone got one oh good666.8396.12
okay they were down hit me hit me yep we669.9596.06
can take out these last two man yep672.9596.06
oh boy just as I dropped it time that676.0193.961
oh it's another one behind me a little679.984.039
[ __ ] oh I'm on him I'm doing it right681.425.039
yeah all right we got two down over here684.0194.121
you okay686.4595.221
oh God you get him yeah and this was on688.146.72
the ropes take him down yeah there we go691.685.24
that should be plenty huh694.864.8
yeah I think we're good man okay you696.924.539
don't want to go any further699.664.619
yeah go home yeah we don't want to die701.4594.081
down here yeah let's keep our eye on the704.2792.581
prize I gotta get some water and stuff705.545.299
hey good fight yeah cheers706.867.38
hey Simon come upstairs oh you're710.8395.261
upstairs I was looking for you714.243.599
we gotta do is look around I was716.14.14
somewhere but I know but the the name717.8394.56
because you were above me wasn't showing720.245.159
up unless I looked up I believe gotcha I722.3994.801
made you if you want to put your koi725.3994.68
armor back out I do I have made you a727.24.92
bubble head and some fins because you730.0793.721
and I are going on a water adventure732.124.44
that's it I knew it I knew we were doing733.85.52
a water adventure today we did no I had736.565.24
no idea739.322.48
thank you747.064.64
oh boy I am sizzling yep the Omega buddy751.948.62
there you go yeah oh really okay really756.685.32
hurt though yeah I thought I would make760.563.779
it across but that sizzle's no joke nope762.05.76
okay no joke now we just point it swim764.3395.581
it to the back of the trouble yeah yeah767.764.62
we passed the treasure chest yeah yeah769.925.58
hey I looked up rope-a-dope okay it's uh772.384.5
like when you kind of pretend to be775.53.42
tired on the ropes to tire out your776.883.36
opponent you know that's what a778.923.06
rope-a-dope is yeah let them throw the780.243.18
punches and you block them and they they781.983.96
get tired huh yeah I would have never783.425.3
guessed that yep it's good to know785.948.04
there it is Simon that's the pipe we're793.985.82
going in uh yeah so that's a PVC pipe796.564.86
it's probably four inch even though799.83.18
we're small just in case you're801.424.38
wondering uh I was yeah I brought you802.984.74
along yeah that's that's probably what805.83.18
oh you know what though wait a second807.723.54
we're really small that would be way too808.984.38
big if it's a if this is a sprinkler811.263.78
system that's probably a two inch pipe I813.363.96
trade I changed changed my mind okay two815.043.66
inch pipe I don't know I saw it from the817.324.079
picnic table when we were up there818.75.699
huh this was less water than I thought824.4594.44
there would be uh less water and also827.044.02
wait is that filled in or is that open828.8993.721
over there it looks like it's oh it831.062.94
looks like yeah I don't know wait no832.623.36
it's not it's just filled in oh and hey834.04.16
there's a thing down here835.985.039
okay hey there's a little passage tell838.164.0
you what though let's get this stuff841.0193.5
this is good stuff what is it oh it's a842.166.739
brittle quartzite we can use this gotcha844.5198.741
I'll go over here and see now okay so848.8996.101
that's the same thing so both ends are853.263.78
blocked off and we're going down low is855.04.68
that the deal uh yeah you ready I'm857.045.88
ready right behind am I going uh okay859.684.92
I'll go that way862.925.219
nope wrong way I'm going this way864.66.6
anything down here uh oh I need a knife868.1395.101
oh wait I got a knife good this is like871.24.92
really good oh wait what's that that873.244.039
looks like876.125.339
no it's not that's the key a Minotaur877.2796.941
maze keep Simon that Treasure Chest at881.4594.981
the top of the picnic table yes all884.224.2
right back to the shovel back to the886.444.699
all right into the castle into the896.064.3
castle all right baby into the castle898.264.5
all right now where was this uh where900.365.599
was this thing uh902.765.699
that's a mantis905.9594.661
this way feels pretty good maybe I think908.4594.38
if I designed the maze towards the910.622.94
oh yeah913.565.639
I mean uh-huh this is looking good all916.5795.681
right we got bees above us I'm gonna919.1995.281
come in and I'm gonna open it dude it's922.264.079
our maze key watch out oh they're coming924.483.599
for you oh no all right into the chest926.3393.5
what am I grabbing928.0794.76
running running oh God no okay I will I935.8996.841
will I will they're not after me yet940.326.84
hold on hold on oh God they're after me942.746.7
I'm doing it anyway I'm helping with oh947.165.78
there it is help me somehow949.443.5
oh that's not good that's that's you961.944.66
that's you dying to get me that I'm964.743.779
gonna try to help you you're a little966.64.2
you're a little [ __ ] I can get you I968.5194.641
need help970.82.36
look at this it worked out973.2794.321
all right oh [ __ ] I was down to nothing982.3995.321
I didn't realize I know you knew985.1994.621
you knew well no I didn't okay I'm987.723.419
looking at your health bar right now I'm989.823.24
glad I have bandages yeah I was just I991.1393.301
had a sliver993.064.079
okay all right let's cower let's cower994.445.94
in this corner I'm a big fan thanks for997.1396.0
hitting me you're welcome who's stupid1000.385.94
now you oh yeah what's up though well I1003.1394.981
I can't be with games1006.324.8
okay enough1014.0610.719
I'm here you there here okay I'm coming1025.667.84
my little slow legs okay oh there it is1030.047.0
with the brain okay sir1033.56.9
what's up new shovel yeah what number is1037.046.299
that did I equip it yep number six okay1040.45.1
you ready I'm so ready I'm gonna jump1043.3395.181
no okay1050.444.599
I'm gonna get on my back okay1052.345.4
uh how's that going not too good it's1055.0394.38
because you're digging when you land I'm1057.746.9
dig jump oh I got one ass big jump there1059.4198.76
we go yeah dig jump that's up Gun Works1064.644.82
big jump1068.1794.441
uh-huh wow let me how many is this gonna1069.467.24
take big jump three more big jump there1072.626.14
we go all right1076.75.82
gum nugget gum nug wow what a is this1078.765.38
one was there something down there I saw1082.523.36
I grabbed one on the ground but let's1084.143.84
make sure none just rolled okay there's1085.884.56
any gum nuggets all right so now we go1087.985.46
to uh yeah the top up top here yeah up1090.444.979
to the gas thing1093.444.94
thank you1095.4192.961
here we go release you ready for some1101.6795.921
fresh air oh I can't wait we're doing a1105.144.02
really good thing here1107.64.74
we're environmentalists that we are all1109.165.46
right the cracks right over here1112.346.0
save the day here we go and plug1114.626.12
oh sweet1118.346.12
yeah baby yeah that's better1120.745.299
appreciate it1126.0395.201
go ahead and take a bow you ready thank1128.144.08
oh thank you oh thank you1132.227.959
thank you no no thank you thank you1135.766.36
thank you1140.1794.941
oh my god thank you1142.127.9
thank you thank you we thank you we are1145.128.46
so thankful to you thank you1150.026.92
thank you1153.583.36
thank you1158.8618.959

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