Homebird Bound - An Incredible Minecraft Journey (Minecraft Ep 9)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is all about Chico, or should I say Slowpoke McGee, as he embarks on a journey to be reuni...
Homebird Bound - An Incredible Minecraft Journey (Minecraft Ep 9)
Homebird Bound - An Incredible Minecraft Journey (Minecraft Ep 9)

Homebird Bound - An Incredible Minecraft Journey (Minecraft Ep 9)

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of Homebird Bound? Slowpoke McGee really outdid himself this time!

simon: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I can't believe he got lost for the tenth time trying to find the man with the pink afro. Classic Slowpoke McGee!

neebs: And the music choices in that episode were on point! I mean, who doesn't love a good 'March of the Spoons' while watching a Minecraft journey?

simon: Totally! And let's not forget the epic hoedown at the end. Slowpoke McGee really knows how to entertain his viewers with those dance moves!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is all about Chico, or should I say Slowpoke McGee, as he embarks on a journey to be reunited with the "nice" man with the pink afro. It's going to be one epic adventure filled with laughs, surprises, and maybe even a few tears along the way.

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so what's the deal brother well we're1.8794.301
heading south5.193.06
looking at the map right now yeah head6.183.69
south then yeah we're gonna fill out8.254.59
this edge okay oh look at this hey9.875.07
spider webs down here Oh careful salmon12.844.019
swell spider webs cook well we don't get14.943.54
strength from spider webs doing oh yeah16.8592.851
if you smack him with a sword you get18.482.91
string all day okay this is what I'm19.713.72
looking for here hold on yeah well here21.393.479
let me let me break some this for you Oh23.433.15
get in there man get in there get that24.8693.841
string and I love me some string get in26.582.55
whoa hold on hold on that sword Bubba29.134.83
that's why oh yeah hold on one smack to31.923.93
smile just keep just holding well it33.964.29
doesn't that not work oh you got string35.854.44
okay but I thought that you weren't38.254.17
supposed to spam the should I go down40.294.769
yes what's a spam in combat okay should42.425.52
I go down here yeah go for it go for it45.0594.201
right behind you all right oh wait47.942.58
there's a spawner right there there's a49.263.119
spider spawner okay well then let me50.523.809
just do my thing all right like a52.3794.32
chicken way yeah you do you think I can54.3293.151
chicken wing I'm gonna get to this56.6992.461
spawner see if I can kill it but it's a57.483.3
mineshaft right here well wait a second59.163.36
the string that I'm that I'm mining is60.783.18
just down there and I need to get it62.525.099
yeah all right got the spawner so we're63.966.75
good okay man I'm a pro you are pro I67.6194.711
didn't even realize you were a pro until70.714.769
just now somebody give me a contract oh72.338.55
sport all day hold on it's mate smacking75.4796.75
it God wait I'm caught in a spider web80.883.18
all right if you get caught in a spider82.2293.691
web yeah he's gotta cut you cut your way84.064.559
out slow you down look there's a lot of85.924.44
webs down here I know yeah that well88.6193.721
there was a spider spawner okay luckily90.363.869
there's not any spiders good92.343.389
your buddy apps don't took care of it94.2293.631
you're welcome hold on now let me look95.7294.201
at my twenty fourth string look at you97.864.799
man you can make bows all day oh I love99.934.77
bows now the only the trick is to get102.6595.131
the arrows right right that's feathers104.74.559
so you honestly if you need a lot of107.792.369
feathers you gotta start breeding109.2593.301
chickens like a lot of chicken you know110.1594.291
what I wouldn't mind breeding a lot of112.563.9
chickens maybe that could be one of my114.453.989
things I could I could have like what116.464.74
it's a treasure chest here what chest118.4394.89
you know what am i Carnival know where121.24.14
okay what's in the mine my inventory is123.3294.11
full so I'm done all right we got125.345.97
lapis lazuli take that whoa wait I'm127.4395.411
full too oh really131.313.85
got a lot of gold gold ingot well I got132.854.17
gold I can take the gold an activator135.166.0
rail activate yeah a man huh okay yeah137.025.91
we go we got to remember this place well141.163.06
there's no problem because it's on the142.931.74
hold on oh here's your birds back Elias144.6732.22
you ready to go Homer I am neebs has174.225.82
apparently taken residency here oh hey176.895.07
see there is what are you doing noobs180.045.55
Hey oh wow noobs village house yeah so181.967.08
welcome well did they they cool with185.594.89
that of course they're cool with it189.043.96
details village yeah but it's their190.484.02
village you ever heard the expression it193.02.43
takes a village194.51.95
yeah what does it have to do with this195.432.37
you can put that in front of anything196.454.5
you can't not this you keep you in this197.84.86
case you took the village it's kind of200.953.24
like that fortune cookie thing you know202.664.35
you like ad in bed hmm no I'm saying no204.195.07
like hey let's uh let's go to the store207.015.31
takes a village doesn't work that209.264.32
doesn't work about to everywhere this212.325.01
horse was I wouldn't have feel like I213.585.16
don't know whose it was it was either217.334.08
that's your horse that's yours mine oh218.746.0
yeah we put our horses in this fit from221.415.16
one-call someone else out224.745.82
Hey takes a village see I told you yeah226.575.76
did you guys want to go back to the230.563.78
other place I do I wanted there's232.333.54
something I want to do I just kind of234.343.75
want to do some housework and I need235.874.5
some Nautilus shells so I've got one if238.093.72
you'd like what do you need it for I've240.373.0
got something called the heart of the241.813.6
sea and apparently I can make something243.374.47
that allows me to do underwater stuff so245.414.68
okay I wanna make that hey well we'll247.844.38
talk back there huh conduit yeah250.094.2
making a conduit alright but uh yeah252.223.489
let's head back all right254.2912.49
takes village stuck okay come on man255.70913.591
bad twice as fast if it was twice as266.784.919
fast he still be really really slow269.33.869
think I don't get is he like spit like271.6992.821
he's following you yet he's over there273.1692.37
just spinning in circles274.523.63
yeah like honestly if he wasn't so cute275.5393.871
I'd kill him278.153.329
yeah what was his name again I don't279.413.66
think I gave it a name in a fight you'll281.4793.0
absolutely dude you gave him an the283.072.37
other one I don't know what the other284.4793.991
one I'm gonna rename this one and then285.443.9
we're gonna call him288.474.08
slowpoke the games that's what I call289.344.919
the cars around when I'm not trying to292.553.239
say I don't want to say like a bad word294.2594.081
I'll call the people slowpoke McGee295.7895.431
that's the thing come on slowpoke what298.344.35
are you doing yeah go over there get by301.222.789
him see because we need to get on a boat302.693.659
now because we've hit this water okay so304.0094.201
slowly man he's on you alright so when I306.3494.051
go up the block she stays on me right no308.213.63
he just got off you there so in other310.43.06
words when I just it's not even when I311.842.16
it's just when he when you walk off a314.04.139
block that's what's the point what is315.53.18
the point318.1392.31
I don't know here alright well I'm in318.683.299
the boat let's anyway you hop in the320.4492.97
boat and see if he lands on you okay321.9794.201
hold on come on man we get in the boat323.4195.43
come on get on me Bubba slowpoke326.184.979
yeah well that's SP action come on knees328.8494.471
McGee on my come on McGee come on come331.1593.57
on come on slowcoach333.323.629
come on guy this bird sucks oh you burn334.7294.141
really sucks man and you can suck it336.9493.72
come on alright come on get it on land338.876.68
on him yeah this oh you can land right340.6694.881
you know get out dance there let him346.754.3
land on you and then right-click on the349.223.81
boat hold on hold on hold on how do I351.058.1
get out this know this let's see Hey all353.037.56
right buddy you're getting me angry359.153.03
alright right just be staying close to360.593.15
the bone me right right-click on the362.185.94
boat yes slam him huh you got to be363.745.19
kidding man368.124.65
please just come on get up my shoulder368.936.63
are you suck your stupid bear you suck372.775.07
maybe I'll catch up with us yeah375.565.07
not who cares baby he'll die it will be377.845.88
happy on you that's just rude380.638.009
I know that uh383.726.66
Simon's tower actually turned out pretty388.6394.141
useful didn't it yeah good land I like390.384.349
yeah yeah you see that and you're like392.783.3
okay almost home394.7295.521
so we are uh oh wait donkey that's a396.086.96
donkey oh I haven't seen a donkey yet in400.254.56
this map no nor bye403.044.349
so is this the same as a horse yet to404.814.2
feed it I don't remember407.3896.961
hmm anything can I just oh wow he's409.016.84
gonna buck yeah they're stubborn aren't414.351.92
you see with me yeah you're on pick me416.275.64
off now you're awful stubborn though I419.513.659
don't know if you feed it or if he just421.914.319
drought on it you walk hey what come423.1695.551
down oh I'll grow you food I'll feed you426.2293.241
please potatoes seems to be going well I429.473.9
don't know you think donkeys eat431.873.81
anything wouldn't you yeah that's kind433.374.38
of pigs pigs do that is he uh does435.685.16
anyone have a lead up kick me off I437.756.66
don't think I do no nor do i oh i see440.845.31
hearts made best friends forever444.414.259
advancement made Wow can I make a lead446.154.53
now that donkeys got low standards I448.6694.651
want this I want this donkey can someone450.684.109
watch him or run home and craft me a453.323.99
lead oh I'll watch him you watch him454.7893.511
sure all right457.313.15
my horse real quick right I'll be quick458.33.75
you just watch the donkey I may have a460.463.51
lead at my place okay where's my horse462.053.119
thanks guys463.974.29
take the village I need a horse it's465.1696.411
there look for it takes a village468.266.74
doesn't work there471.583.42
yeah we we just crossed a pretty big476.794.03
body of water what are the chances that479.357.55
bird makes it over here oh I forgot just480.828.659
because it's as good as dead to me486.95.29
that's for real I really don't care489.4794.421
anymore so let's just see what happens492.193.449
all right wait you we just want to keep493.92.22
yes all right we'll keep going we need496.125.28
to travel this way some deep dark woods497.9197.951
salmon yeah deep and dark Oh spooky501.46.96
woods maybe a little bit moist moist505.875.31
Buki bothered by that word whoa careful508.366.54
Simon what Oh big ravine here oh yeah511.185.94
you ain't kidding man hold on hold on514.95.43
let's see I got some of this Terra Terra517.128.58
Cotta huh right across you're my hero520.339.3
that's my southern voice is it why thank525.77.17
you young young man or you're welcome529.635.79
world no you're actually not so young532.877.2
you've got a white beard holding all my535.427.08
fears I could see your fish I didn't540.079.15
realize you were a fish farmer maybe you542.58.61
could provide for me and my six children549.225.55
I had from a previous relationship I551.118.25
would oh you are my hero as long as554.7710.5
you're rich and you should die soon so559.3610.38
that'll be good team sewer anyway sure565.277.59
so looks like we've got an interesting569.744.41
tree over there looks like kind of like572.864.349
the Space Needle yeah tall with the uh574.155.55
now okay you probably can't see no I see577.2093.871
what your target I think I see what you579.73.42
targets an interesting tree mushroom Oh581.083.84
another ravine here good lord this is583.124.26
ravine land here man here I really wish584.924.56
I could pick and choose the trees that I587.384.38
couldn't plant on my work of art you589.485.19
know like I want that tree the mushrooms591.764.53
or the mushroom tree yeah like that594.672.28
would be nice596.292.7
yeah I don't I don't know if you can596.953.96
grow those but you think we can do the598.994.08
mushrooms though right that's a thing I600.914.02
should be able to plant them ie you603.072.85
would have to research it604.934.529
but baby go baby all right we gotta do605.924.26
some climbing here609.4593.601
climbing fluid Sun is going down salmon610.185.43
that is that scares me because things613.063.48
get really hairy615.613.15
yeah all right very quickly I'm gonna616.546.919
follow you because you are still my hero618.764.699
well I mean you don't think we could627.0894.331
rush it maybe we should just go as far629.294.44
as we can and then under pressure will631.425.93
build a house of dirt really quickly633.736.57
let's do it let's do it man let's try to637.355.26
make it back to the village Oh for jet640.36.289
crash in the village for the night okay642.613.979
hey guys hey hey I got a new strategy658.815.05
what's that built like a little cactus663.865.1
rail to back up against so they can't665.995.94
sneak up on me oh they won't attack me668.964.56
from the back how do you like my little671.934.35
top box I like the top yeah I can watch673.525.22
all these idiots fly around and can't676.284.26
get hurt up here oh this is great it'd678.744.26
be nice yeah can you fight over he just680.544.32
watch I'll just watch him fight you it's683.05.34
like an aquarium yes but yes without684.865.64
water or any of the things that make an688.345.04
aquarium well you got the glass I see690.54.89
okay yep they're not even attacking me693.383.63
they're afraid of this strategy I think695.393.24
I think it's because they're they're697.013.84
locked on to us oh yeah they want to698.635.22
feed the aquarium people yeah charge700.856.63
money for that 25 cents you get some who703.856.69
do we charge the Phantoms how do you do707.485.7
that I don't know that what stopped you710.545.97
from pursuing things no it's it's the713.185.76
talking to animals thing yeah and716.513.87
thinking they have change in their718.944.41
pockets okay that they don't have you're720.384.92
really out there today neebs you okay723.353.63
bud I was hoping something would attack725.34.2
me I guess I'm upset about that really726.985.25
yeah so listen if they're not going to729.55.39
eject me732.232.66
I'm are what are y'all doing oh you sure736.157.02
to me okay well hey maybe a bit can I738.497.14
get out of their sight they'll come to743.175.07
you we're gonna go back down okay try745.634.68
that I'll get their attention you're748.242.49
hi phantoms Table five 25 cents come on750.739.02
are they uh no they're still over us756.186.43
why'd they pick us tonight because we're759.753.58
yeah we just go to bed yeah I'm gonna go763.334.68
to bed all right766.753.12
stay the night if you don't mind you768.013.57
know I'll try that too769.874.11
okay good plan takes a village to go to771.5810.92
bed or just five of us all right Sam it773.9811.39
looks like Sun's up that's right782.55.19
nope phantoms are still up there though785.375.05
oh okay787.694.32
no big deal no all right there we go790.426.24
they're on fire are they all right come792.017.86
on buddy I'm right behind you too this796.667.25
is not safe yet oh come on799.876.96
there we go now they're burning they're803.915.98
burning burn so let's get on the move806.834.83
yeah let's go809.894.699
this way all right yeah towards sunrise811.665.07
look at that big old mountain over there814.5893.971
this is the home stretch though man816.734.08
we're almost back like almost back can818.563.63
mean so many different things depending820.813.42
on who you talk to it won't be long822.192.97
examine yeah824.232.82
won't be long it'd mean so many things825.163.96
crazy looking zombie are you talk to him827.054.14
hey what's he dressed all different I829.125.01
don't know hoping you'd give me831.194.56
something special all right let's just834.134.29
get home man I'm very homesick I'm very835.754.829
ready it's been very nice to be with you838.423.779
yeah no I'm with you man but I'm done840.5794.651
let's see we should probably boat842.1994.861
through the swamp all right hop in the845.233.75
boat do this and you know what you know847.063.6
would have been nice I didn't even think848.983.12
of this morning to see if the freaking850.662.82
bird was there even though I don't care852.15.219
anymore oh yeah yeah but you never know853.486.21
now I kind of want him back in my life857.3194.591
again well you can always go back and859.692.73
find him861.916.65
yeah that would so never happen862.426.14
guess what poor dreams I have a nautilus908.56.64
shell really yeah had it in my storage912.713.42
oh wow915.143.6
probably from fishing can I have it yeah916.135.16
how many do you need total uh you said918.745.43
eight right oh eight total well I have921.296.72
one so in total I love six total if you924.177.65
give me yours okay um you'll need six I928.016.57
need six if you give me yours okay931.824.92
you said it weird six total is what you934.583.93
need yep gotcha936.744.62
hey you see a broke that is a bro some938.517.83
bros look at this you're scaring the941.367.29
fish away you are oh sorry946.344.77
hoots or you can have them what are you948.655.75
guys for Charlotte shells seashells do951.116.27
y'all have any Nautilus shells no get a954.43.97
whole bunch of other stuff957.382.85
I would I would happen I'd be happy to958.374.02
go fishing it's kind of the best I might960.233.99
do this the rest of the episode Simon962.393.42
yeah I gotta go do a little inventory964.223.03
management and then you and me got a965.814.02
date I'll be back all right guys I'll967.254.35
see you later I got some bamboo to plant969.833.69
plant away my friend971.64.62
good luck proud of you don't get973.526.6
bamboozled good one takes a village976.228.63
oh shut up hey ever happened to this980.126.57
building I'm getting ready to work on984.856.61
that right now okay Duncan box on what986.696.45
what dunkey box i don't have no idea991.462.85
what you talk what do you want donkey993.144.8
box do I jump off of him and hit him994.318.64
with the box okay donkey box oh okay997.946.09
saddle bags1002.953.15
oh there you go yeah a little bit of1004.033.41
better word the donkey box1006.14.38
what's the donkey's name sheeps out well1007.446.19
let him go you got plenty okay I mean1010.485.94
remember add mr. t face yeah can this1013.636.57
just be jr. maybe t fake jr. tfj okay1016.425.82
sure do you do what you want Simon had a1020.23.22
bird and abandon it1022.244.45
pick it up Simon yes sir you are you1023.426.24
ready to learn this trick what trick so1026.694.769
you can fall from whatever height up1029.664.56
there and always live oh yeah that was1031.4596.571
the thing yeah now you stay up there I'm1034.229.38
gonna come up to you all right tip-top1038.038.94
tippy-top perfect all right all right no1043.65.8
shoving each other you are me oh we're1046.975.07
doing a roll for no revenge yeah all1049.43.87
right I'm gonna show you how to survive1052.043.66
okay but I didn't ask you for that yeah1053.273.48
but listen you're gonna love this1055.72.37
instead of having to climb down if1056.752.4
you're up here just want to get down1058.073.3
quick this is gonna be the thing where1059.154.92
is the puddle man I've lost the puddle1061.374.32
oh let me find the puddle you know I had1064.073.78
a pool I have like a pool of water that1065.694.17
I was gonna be like I knew that if you1067.854.32
jumped in water would be good so are you1069.864.08
Sam this is bad news you have blocked1072.173.99
your puddle a blocked punt oh yeah like1073.943.81
if I fall from here I kids no way I can1076.162.94
land in the puddle is a tree in my way1077.753.93
well where is my where's my body of1079.14.8
water that is by my place that's what1081.683.54
I'm talking about the puddle but that's1083.93.18
not a puddle that's a body of water1085.224.2
isn't it like more like yeah it's a1087.084.05
little body of water I wouldn't call it1089.424.86
a body of water okay I would call it a1091.134.74
puddle it's okay when I think of a1094.284.02
puddle I think of two blocks okay okay1095.874.62
well I might be able to get into it hold1098.34.5
on let's see so you're just teaching me1100.493.48
to jump in water1102.85.07
yes but effectively oh okay all right so1103.975.43
this should be good all right so Simon1107.873.56
here's the trick now when you look down1109.44.17
notice the spot where you just can't1111.435.14
look down anymore right well I notice a1113.574.8
point yeah exactly there's a point where1116.573.72
you just the mouse says no you can't go1118.372.58
further than that1120.293.09
right right all right so once you hit1120.954.14
that point if you put your crosshair1123.384.01
right where you want to lay it1125.094.04
uh-huh that's where you're gonna land I1127.395.22
think interesting so let me test it all1129.133.87
cuz Blanche Wow alright alright what did1136.8214.579
you say guaranteed I'm doing it hey that1141.88911.221
was a good jump that's it that was a1151.3993.24
good tip there you go1153.113.449
on a present guaranteed you'll never die1154.6393.811
when you come down again just aim for1156.5593.96
the puddle alright I love you baby I1158.453.03
love you too1160.5196.27
I need some drowns heard that they have1161.489.09
Nautilus shells or and/or Trident which1166.78910.62
would be cool okay does this hmm see a1170.579.719
theme just look at this it's a full1177.4096.72
sunken ship can I repair it ha let's1180.28911.781
check you out oh just right okay got me1184.1297.941
I need to come back up for air1193.366.49
I can't nice alright that was a kind of1195.716.36
some good stuff trying to kinda about1199.856.35
over here another chest1202.074.13
okay let's just take a minute1230.988.94
figure out how to deal with this ship1236.063.86
this is why I hate Minecraft it's for1240.2811.35
children that know how to swim alright1244.112.63
one stick two diamonds and boom got me a1251.637.23
diamond sword now I'm gonna use one of1256.734.77
these and chantings I think fortune to1258.864.35
go fun an enchanting table over1261.55.19
doraleous is house man I need a good1263.215.67
name for my sword like like in Lord of1266.693.33
the Rings I feel like they always had1268.883.45
named for their sword like Galadriel or1270.023.96
Gandalf it's and you know something1272.334.83
stupid stupid name for my sword like1273.9823.01
Gollum or Liv Tyler man we need to put1277.1621.99
some books around this it's kind of1296.9912.93
useless man whatever perfect look at him1299.1514.34
genius okay a little bit of lesson table1309.925.85
a little bit of so wait no how does this1313.494.38
work so wait instead of the lapis do I1315.775.37
just put the fortune book oh god I don't1317.876.81
even know how to do this I put that okay1321.146.15
nope nope I'm stupid I have no idea how1324.683.68
this works1327.293.93
hmm hey what's up Simon hey how are you1328.364.45
I'm good I'm trying to figure out how to1331.223.33
enchant hey guys just make yourself at1332.811.92
okay thanks to Elias okay well my bet is1334.735.31
he or so yeah I know but like a little1337.165.07
lapis lazuli I was trying to a chant Liv1340.043.72
Tyler I made a sword I'm gonna name it1342.233.69
Liv Tyler uh-huh and I don't know how to1343.764.23
use the enchanting book on the sword ah1345.928.61
it happened so now what about I got1347.9911.58
fortune and I also got quick charge okay1354.536.33
so apparently I can't use either these1359.5713.37
on my sword so my plan is pointless okay1360.8612.08
at the moment I got something to give1378.645.65
you I'm working though well you take a1381.324.86
break take a coffee break come with me1384.294.44
what's getting dark man there you are1386.185.22
yeah follow me in toothpaste jr. okay1388.736.48
okay so here we go what's this gonna be1391.47.62
that's like a trap no cactus trap yeah1395.216.99
like people can come in here or what you1399.024.98
call them mobs Bob's yeah they're mops1402.23.87
oh wow look how close I can do these1404.06.27
whew I might I hear phantoms oh really1406.075.91
thought I heard a phantom I think on top1410.273.51
of my house for those if I need okay1411.983.15
yeah maybe I might be bucking up with1413.783.09
you tonight okay but here real quick I1415.133.45
want to give you something okay yeah1416.873.18
here you go catch it1418.583.24
I made a duplicate of it what's that map1420.054.71
it is a map whatever and I did you1421.826.48
duplicated it yeah so yeah we should1424.764.77
have more than one of that map in case1428.33.0
it gets lost or you know someone falls1429.534.17
in a lava pit cool thanks1431.33.6
I should throw the rest of these down1433.72.73
real quick and then uh yeah here comes1434.94.83
oh crap ah he's already too early sir1436.434.92
we're not open what can you follow me1439.733.03
over here let's go on this side Hey1441.353.18
follow me I know he's in here1442.763.419
he's clever little maybe you'll fall1444.534.23
though huh maybe but I but I doubt it no1446.1794.171
he's just gonna walk around around I'll1448.7611.64
just I'll knock him in there I know how1450.3511.459
this goes oh yeah I've seen this happen1460.44.259
too much all in my pit no I'm not going1461.8094.681
to your stupid pit it's not ready I know1464.6594.471
it's not ready okay1466.495.49
zombie don't oh you're quick I can take1469.137.289
you though I don't learn yeah wait to1471.988.61
the pits done okay oh wait to place here1476.4197.89
we go what's happening what's that oh it1480.595.85
looks like you got onto your horse when1484.3093.841
you're under a block yep you're you're1486.443.75
an idiot what happened to neebs1488.153.96
he tried to get out he tried to squeeze1490.194.44
himself under a block and a horse and1492.114.77
squished himself to death oh that's1494.632.82
yeah takes a village it really does it1497.459.42
just takes an idiot hey Simon hey fun up1501.4097.711
here innit it is yeah I don't have to do1506.872.76
no no hey love it I'm uh yeah I'm1509.634.86
working on something1513.592.94
that might be fun for all of us just1514.494.53
kind of I don't know how I'm gonna try1516.534.23
to stay positive about it but inside you1519.022.639
know what I'm doing1520.766.27
pooping a little bit it's really bad1521.6598.331
when you poop inside your body I had I'm1527.036.12
I'm just thinking about that yeah I mean1529.996.85
you are we're constantly pooping inside1533.156.18
our body not inside not inside of us1536.843.93
unimportant I'm talking about a1539.333.3
perforated intestines and he doesn't1540.774.05
seem to think it's a problem I think1542.633.9
that was what he was talking about I1544.824.05
looked at it differently but she did1546.534.019
okay that phantoms I'm going in okay1548.876.12
good night wow that was a coordinated1550.5496.12
strike a four of them that was like some1554.996.419
Blue Angels stuff okay where did I go oh1556.6697.89
that's right okay you okay I had no idea1561.4095.281
where I was gonna spawn that's always1564.5593.451
exciting didn't it I remember the last1566.692.969
place I slip that's how it works right1568.012.82
all right I'm gonna go wait a mr. t face1570.833.88
back out of there yeah1572.969.02
look at all this look at all this need1574.7111.77
other the spider okay chasing me I slept1581.987.11
last night okay let's see what happens1586.485.1
I'm just curious somebody following my1589.094.559
trip oh it's just stairs in it it's not1591.584.5
gonna work camp stairs in a trap okay1593.6495.4
well this is bad grab bad apps Road yeah1596.085.67
I know I'm looking at it yeah so just1599.0495.6
didn't know if you knew was bad or not I1601.758.19
don't think so what would you do you1604.6496.88
know what just gonna run to the river1609.944.469
jump in a boat and spend my evening in1611.5293.481
the water1614.4092.821
dumb idea don't you go to my beautiful1615.014.5
house they they can still get you in the1617.238.22
boat neebs go to the house we're safe1619.5111.039
we're fine yeah but there was things on1625.456.51
my tail you're welcome1630.5494.401
we don't care doesn't make sense1631.965.91
question mark I think we implied that1634.957.14
with our tones right takes a village1637.876.99
does it we can't keep doing that I'm1642.095.86
sorry no no I I know trust me you don't1644.864.799
know you went with him earlier I didn't1647.954.16
say it once1649.6592.451

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