Ark Crystal Isles Supercut - Part 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for a Merry Christmas Weekend with our favorite YouTube channel? If you haven't already, ...
Ark Crystal Isles Supercut - Part 2
Ark Crystal Isles Supercut - Part 2

Ark Crystal Isles Supercut - Part 2

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today we're talking about why Ark Crystal Isles Supercut - Part 2 is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's because we're just that good at playing games!

simon: Oh come on, Neebs. You know the real reason this video is our favorite is because of my incredible commentary skills. I mean, who else can make dying in a game sound so entertaining?

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget the real star of the show here - me. I bring the comedic relief, the charm, the wit. That's why this video is our favorite, because I make it so darn enjoyable to watch!

neebs: Alright, alright, settle down you two. But seriously, this video is a blast to watch because we're all just having a great time goofing around in Ark. And what better way to spend the Christmas weekend than with some good ol' gaming fun?

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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o 104 104 C4 good buddy anybody out1.925.2
there an Old Radio land this is this is5.123.76
abro this is AB over here at the green7.125.2
Obelisk hello ASO oh hey I got everybody8.884.839
all right we just got back to the green12.323.319
Obelisk base nobody's here but I feel13.7193.601
like half of our dinosaurs are what's15.6394.201
going on I got vanished um I'm in the17.323.92
middle of the19.844.0
Wilderness you dumb stupid Advertiser21.245.039
friendly person that's not dumb is it no23.843.88
it is you got banished what' you do yeah26.2794.08
what you does I borrowed someone so Min27.724.039
Dragon borrow sounds like an interesting30.3594.401
word for stole something okay well if31.7595.441
you borrow something the the time that34.764.6
says if you stole it it has to be you37.23.32
don't have to justify it you don't have39.363.48
to justify it you're Thief all right40.524.64
well what are you doing where you at I'm42.845.039
at the green Obelisk and uh am I getting45.164.64
all of our animals back to our main base47.8794.0
what's what's yeah what's going on uh49.84.16
you know what we could probably leave51.8793.961
some there I mean these are Outpost we53.963.52
can have different animals of different55.845.519
outposts why don't I come pick you up M57.485.96
oh man you know what no don't pick me up61.3593.88
thick I I I got an idea I got something63.443.16
I've been wanting to work on and I think65.2393.161
I'm going to get started on that today66.63.92
so you you do whatever you want to do68.45.28
okay okay okay yeah I guess you guys70.525.04
just work out your differences and I'll73.684.6
talk to you later byebye by bye75.568.199
bye all right ladybug stay put we're83.7594.32
going to get you out of here as soon as86.644.72
we can um hold up I'll just uh think you88.0796.08
still there hello hey um what's your91.364.68
plan are we going to come pick me up put94.1594.0
me back in the tribe or what's the plan96.044.48
I don't know how can we trust you moving98.1596.0
forward needs D are you on here yeah I'm100.525.04
here he can he can hear you he's right104.1593.401
next to me are you hearing this just105.563.48
listening you're hearing this though107.563.519
right yeah I hear you that coming out of109.044.719
thick sounds funny doesn't it maybe but111.0795.0
you know um maybe just apologize that'd113.7594.64
be a good start oh for borrowing the uh116.0796.881
for stealing for not yeah stealing oh118.3997.04
like let's say you uh you're getting122.964.759
groceries right and you get a c okay so125.4395.681
no apology all right so you I mean127.7195.041
you've had that cart for 30 minutes and131.123.6
you're like well I'm still shopping I'm132.764.04
going to take it back eventually oh my134.726.08
god wow wow that's a rock solid case136.88.6
it's breaking up hey here you I got to140.88.04
go let's get out of145.46.44
yeah right there you're kind of creepy153.5994.561
when you talk to yourself like that W156.483.479
I'm making plans Simon and you know what158.163.32
I think this might be the hat like I put159.9593.081
this hat on all of a sudden I feel like161.483.08
you know feel like a feel like a rich163.043.96
man rich man usually wear shirts but164.564.44
okay yeah but they also got me thinking167.04.08
like we need a road like from our our169.04.12
big base way over there all the way to171.084.28
this Obelisk we need a road we need a173.125.039
path we need like a safe place to walk175.364.48
we can take all of our dinosaurs we can178.1593.281
move them all quickly like especially179.843.24
when we fight the um you know the thing181.442.84
we're going to need to all come back183.083.799
here yes we need a path so I'm going to184.284.8
be I'm going to be like a railroad baron186.8795.08
oh or can you be like the Pathfinder189.084.68
yeah one of those but I'm going to build191.9595.56
like the great railroad or path of Ark193.765.759
okay I mean and what would I do would I197.5194.041
just be here with you or would I be like199.5194.561
your slave for that you I'm thinking you201.565.0
might be my master of foundation really204.083.92
meaning you constantly need to be206.563.84
chopping trees making Foundation hooking208.04.159
me up foundations so we can just keep on210.44.08
trucking you and me Simon you and me212.1593.481
together we going to build a road look214.482.56
at that I can see the excitement in your215.644.159
eyes oh man look look deep in my eyes217.046.119
can you see how how excited I am yeah oo219.7995.36
that looks so much like inside my eyes223.1594.601
probably looks a lot like similar to me225.1594.881
crying when I'm crying inside227.765.28
probably dras I think it's time to233.44.919
explore these floating islands I think235.8794.44
you are absolutely right f I don't see238.3194.48
why we would not all the while these240.3194.681
yeah these look I would like to build242.7994.401
something up here and I don't see why we245.04.56
would not I know plenty of resources247.25.16
look at look at this that's like a ice I249.564.399
want to make an ice cream cone on top of252.363.28
that like put a little ice cream a253.9594.361
little sugar cone of Earth yeah oh look255.644.48
at there's a bunch of those sugar cones258.324.08
let's head towards that big Crystal yeah260.123.92
yeah yeah yeah that's got to be it's got262.44.28
to be good stuff huh or just a big264.044.439
Crystal cuz um I don't really see266.683.6
anything dangerous around around here268.4793.841
right no I haven't noticed anything yet270.284.199
that'd be uh be really something to be272.323.719
surprised something just274.4794.481
like you276.0395.121
imagine and we'd be like oh all right278.965.239
hey hold on hold on hey nebs come in281.166.08
hello thick this ISS nees we found the284.1996.321
most beautiful place you would love it287.246.679
oh yeah yeah I love most places like the290.525.08
place I'm at beautiful this one's293.9194.521
particularly beautiful cuz I I know if I295.65.039
took you to the snow you would love that298.444.36
oh that's right yep you know me there's300.6396.321
a rainbow here sweet take a picture okay302.86.679
uh I don't have a camera maybe a little306.964.4
later depending on how I feel I might309.4793.881
come grab you and bring you here nees311.364.0
yeah you know what we're kind of over it313.363.679
this place just kind of makes you forget315.364.16
everything you were mad about it it does317.0394.121
they're gone like I'm all about319.523.399
friendship right now let's go get them321.164.28
let's go get let's get let's getes we're322.9196.12
coming to getes we're coming to get you325.445.8
we're coming to get329.0394.761
you man I'm really busy I didn't expect331.245.84
to cut me today ladybug uh clean up they333.86.04
might be showing up337.082.76
later all right we're have to go up an352.445.599
elevation right there yeah good God this354.445.479
is wait you know what I can't can't358.0393.121
can't do that it's going to drive me359.9193.481
nuts got to be it's got to match that361.164.28
you know what I mean dookie boom there363.44.519
you go that look good doie I'm talking365.445.4
to dookie all right well I'm here so you367.9196.241
can talk to me if you want oh wait where370.845.84
you're not here you're way back there oh374.164.56
I oh we not376.684.6
together sorry I thought I heard I378.725.0
thought we were oopsie all right you381.283.52
know what I'm coming to you I want to383.723.28
see what what's your progress like well384.84.2
a lot of wood and a lot of well not a387.03.8
lot of found found but it takes a while389.04.199
to make the foundations doesn't it oh390.84.799
yeah I I've been making them as I go y I393.1996.0
got 39 made and um I got it just got395.5997.0
some Fiber so hopefully yeah I'm just399.1994.84
going back and forth cuz I'm getting402.5994.561
overloaded very quickly um hm you know404.0395.88
what let's utilize uh we got cute futes407.165.68
here and we got karus we can absolutely409.9194.56
put a lot of the Foundations at those412.843.799
guys and uh cuz yeah we can load up all414.4794.681
the foundations into this cute do416.6397.24
it and she's not a horse she just enjoys419.164.719
sex okay right about here just a little425.3196.28
bit away from the430.0395.44
wall hello nees there hey431.5996.28
hey hey what you doing there what you435.4795.521
got going on this is my new place okay437.8796.04
okay that's very nice hey you got to441.05.28
come with us nees you ready I I don't443.9194.201
have a way of uh I don't have anything446.287.16
except ladybug who you do now hey okay448.129.639
where'd you go Dro me already what mm-453.446.159
back where I was yeah he's exactly right457.7594.28
where he was Let's uh okay here we go459.5995.201
here's the swell the big the Music462.0395.241
big am I heavy you're a little heavy she471.04.879
didn't know we were going somewhere474.0394.28
going oh man you are going to love it475.8794.88
you're going to love it478.3194.041
uh's figure out where I'm going yeah480.7593.28
yeah I know exactly where I'm going J it482.365.679
it just wipes away negativity yeah all484.0396.201
gone oh why would there have been488.0395.201
negativity we you stole the never mind490.245.679
it's gone a thief you're a but it's it's493.245.44
the P borrow anything oh borrow well you495.9195.481
got to ask to that's that's permission498.685.88
is involved in that yeah consent mhm501.44.6
yeah I hate to see how other things go504.562.8
down with you but just being a good506.03.599
person that's it's in the past it's all507.365.6
the past509.5993.361
oh neebs what do you think it's513.7195.88
beautiful man love it land of friendship516.84.64
yeah there's nothing but friends here519.5993.68
and look even though you're you're a521.444.8
cheating Thief uh we forgive you and we523.2795.721
do want you back in the tribe you do526.243.84
but you're going to have to earn it530.085.68
because you did break trust and the best533.165.2
way to do it is for you to build just a535.765.079
fantastic place out here something538.364.8
something you know it can be quaint it's540.8394.721
an outpost you know okay you're not543.165.16
going to get judged on it so you let me545.565.24
know where where to put you down I don't548.324.4
care man just drop me near the water550.83.92
I'll get to building that's what I do552.724.6
hey I know hey I know how you like to554.725.0
jump in the water okay well we don't557.324.84
know what's all right go for it yeah I559.724.88
might need some backup uh hope I don't562.165.16
need backup it's it's beautiful down564.64.44
there you're going to be fine looks567.324.44
clear of course it does this is Paradise569.044.919
you're going to be absolutely571.766.68
fine freaking two for on it okay so573.9597.481
going good so hold on hold on yep nope578.446.56
back off good oh okay back off hold on581.445.519
get out of here that's my friend hey585.04.399
what's behind you uh oh one of those586.9594.801
guys what what what was that it was one589.3994.56
of those uh Pelican things can you just591.764.56
take my parachutes I'll get him there593.9597.361
you go there you go appreciate it yep596.325.0
abro where you at604.326.079
Bubba AB throw did you build this I606.66.04
don't see610.3994.841
okay and to the right there615.246.76
abso oh there's the618.3999.281
road hey abro Saed hey that's great I've622.07.36
been running along here saying your627.683.48
name for a couple of minutes629.364.96
what's going on I'm just working on uh I631.165.679
guess clearing a path right now oh okay634.324.6
well look it looks nice I've got another636.8395.44
40 or so foundations maybe 39 or638.925.599
something but not on me of course yeah642.2794.481
back at the place hey that's great yeah644.5193.401
oh you know you know what else I was646.763.4
thinking this road might need what647.926.0
torches oh lots of them lots of standing650.165.72
torches I think that's a great idea653.923.719
maybe we'll do like four standing655.883.84
torches every or two at least two657.6394.241
standing torches every Foundation what659.724.799
do you think that's a little much H I661.884.44
think it's perfect I'm thinking a664.5193.921
standing torch just every I don't know666.324.44
30 ft just so you can see your way at668.443.88
night yeah I won't be able to see I'm670.763.92
blind at night well it's just I then672.324.28
it's easier right just follow the light674.684.159
oh we'll see we'll see you do you I'll676.64.08
just keep on making foundations yep I'm678.8392.841
going to head back there shortly with680.682.36
cutes PES I want to look forward a681.682.959
little bit and just kind of see what the683.043.239
terrain looks like all right I guess684.6394.081
I'll just keep on doing my really boring686.2794.601
job by the water Hey listen that boring688.723.6
job's going to get us a road that's690.883.199
going to be bad ass Simon hey that's692.323.639
fine I'll go and build that and do694.0793.801
nothing while you guys do will you do695.9595.361
this I I'll see you697.883.44
later Ras y cave yep yep I see it I see705.0798.241
it check it out yeah we know what to do710.8395.601
what a spot for a damn cave this place713.327.959
is awesome wow unless goes back bad716.447.0
what what what wait wait wait wait wait723.445.92
wait wait wait what we got what ah these726.3995.68
guys what guys what guys ah not the729.365.479
snail but this what guy are these the732.0795.88
guys that sleep they're like noal no734.8395.161
those are the Sleepy guys but this is737.9594.281
friendly I don't know how cool we look740.05.04
in the dark though see okay okay I'm742.245.92
holding hi uh-oh uh-oh okay what Angry745.046.239
Angry no he does not he is not a friend748.165.679
idiots okay well all right from wh burs751.2794.881
you nobody all right let's keep going753.8394.8
press on press on crap what is that what756.164.76
is that is that a what is that what is758.6394.361
that statue of in the middle let me see760.925.52
if I can get through here the statue oh763.05.639
what didn't mean to land WN oh was that766.445.04
a no no no no is it what yes yes yes768.6395.961
what it is it's an artifact oh are you771.484.64
kidding careful careful careful we're774.66.52
landing on these idiots I know holy crap776.125.0
you all right you you got me covered785.5194.081
yeah yeah yeah yeah uh let me uh787.725.919
probably is ey it is thick thick 44 and789.66.84
durus and and I here to take the793.6394.56
artifact let's see which artifact this796.444.399
is let's see if this thing comes to life798.1996.481
and attacks us don't come to life do not800.8396.36
did I get it really something I did yeah804.684.44
oh it's still here yeah I'm going to807.1995.401
don't come to life yep you are thank you809.126.399
for your kindness and kindness kind812.65.32
Kinder kind things the land of815.5195.241
friendship yep you think we should pry817.925.08
that gem out of its chest that'd be820.765.519
awesome um God I want it yeah I kind of823.06.839
want the gem too shoot it you got a gun826.2796.081
I do uh yeah I do I do I'm much shoot829.8394.161
that thing yeah shoot that's a good way832.363.56
to that's a way to834.05.56
tell yep it's fine good835.925.8
well not so much we got an artifact two839.565.24
artifacts two of them yes yeah hey and841.724.28
uh if we wanted to we could even take844.84.2
the stairs over here846.06.16
sure dookie this is great I think we'll849.05.68
be able to utilize this natural path at852.164.679
least for a ways and then they have854.683.719
these big mountains up here that's what856.8393.041
we got to figure out I'm thinking we go858.3993.44
to the left of them we cannot what's859.884.079
happening did you take a poop is that is861.8394.281
that what you did why did you stop863.9593.44
that's all right that's all right it's866.123.88
okay to poop hey Everybody Poops all867.3994.201
right so this is going to be the end of870.03.959
the path and then yep we're going to871.66.12
have to turn left into the swamp yeah873.9596.281
all right he what stay right here and877.725.6
I'll grab one of those and okay I880.246.399
need so I think from here cute and883.326.84
dookie we886.6393.521
go that way all right the road picks890.725.559
back up then I may as well drop off what894.043.76
I got here keep going it's going it's896.2792.8
going it's going it's going it's going897.84.2
going it's good so cool hey cute wow899.0795.88
your lipstick is W that is I mean it's902.05.0
normally rough at night it's even904.9594.56
rougher you look like you've been beaten907.04.639
before all right let's let's head back909.5193.68
to Simon see what Simon's doing he's911.6393.64
been killing it on these foundations913.1994.681
helpful as hell helpful as hell how915.2795.24
helpful what a helpful917.885.8
boy well this isn't good it doesn't look920.5194.921
good to me but you know what that might923.684.24
have been a long long long time ago you925.444.879
know what do you think killed it it927.925.08
might have just been old age could have930.3194.32
been old age just trying to make its way933.04.519
up the steps and like you know or the934.6394.68
spears that are in it oh yeah there937.5193.961
Spears that that might have been a part939.3195.64
of it yeah okay is this like a like this941.485.159
makes me think of like Fountain a youth944.9594.88
type let's check it out uh let's946.6394.961
yeah let's check the waters I'm going949.8393.48
into the waters and this is yeah these951.64.359
are like those nice like Spa oh what953.3195.32
this what is what are you what is what955.9593.961
is that just like a oh it's like a959.925.44
little clam never mind um oh that's uh961.1996.481
the the Pearl oh the Pearl things okay965.364.08
okay the other side here another we're967.684.079
looking good feels fantastic so969.444.839
refreshing so refreshing we needed this971.7595.841
we needed a good fast oh my God that's974.2796.841
good you know I do I do and we might977.66.12
live forever981.122.6
now all right Forge is ready um this is983.7595.64
a pretty good start got a way to cook987.2796.201
stuff store stuff and boom and turn it989.3997.481
and Bam got a forge all right you know993.486.96
what kind of want to see what is around996.885.68
I see we got stos haven't seen what's1000.444.839
beyond here though haven't seen too1002.565.16
dangerous hey what's up I'm your new1005.2795.281
neighbor neees um if you need if like to1007.724.599
borrow stuff I like to borrow stuff I1010.564.48
don't accuse you of crimes so just come1012.3196.64
over salt milk whatever stego it's it's1015.046.2
all stos isn't it heyy nee's your new1018.9594.521
neighbor um probably just temporary1021.244.799
though so don't get attached to me look1023.487.4
at this more stos hey all right1026.0396.961
hopefully there's some other is this uh1030.884.0
is this more Stone I can grab that's1033.05.079
good been pretty lucky on resources so1034.885.76
far uh I don't want to fall down here1038.0794.96
cuz there might not be a way back uh oh1040.644.36
H ruins what do you guys do for fun1043.0394.241
around here doesn't seem to be much I1045.03.88
mean unless you're looking for step1047.283.639
there goes all right I'm going to get1048.883.46
back to1050.9194.671
it dras yes thck we are going to do1058.446.44
something that we have never done in1062.365.199
this game oh that is actually possible1064.884.919
now what what is that thing well we have1067.5595.921
a male and a female wyvern here1069.7995.441
so uh Behavior enable mating here let me1075.246.64
let me go ahead and take care of my side1079.5594.841
you know yep yep seems like what am I1081.885.919
doing right there go to behavior oh I1084.45.6
know I know how this goes yeah I know1087.7993.441
how to get them1090.03.76
excited so you guys have uh known each1091.245.439
other a minute yeah mating already is1093.765.72
happening yeah of course it is I mean1096.6795.281
talk about the tension the last uh day1099.485.72
or so you know I know I know since we uh1101.964.92
since we shoved Crystal up their ass and1105.24.0
made them become our friends yeah1106.886.4
they're not alone I shov a little up1109.26.599
myself really is that why you've been1113.286.2
kind of walking a little no no I CAD1115.7996.161
let's see how it's looking wait all1119.484.72
right 95%1121.967.199
96 oh let's see what happens oh oh the1124.27.88
egg it's too cold of course it is of1129.1594.121
course it is it's an egg I'm going to1132.083.88
pick it up uhhuh and uh we should store1133.285.08
it we can store it let's store it yep1135.963.76
and we'll get it all ready that's going1138.364.0
to be a good time good job guys good job1139.725.04
efficient work guys take a break have a1142.365.6
cigarette and take a nap yep good job1144.767.039
hey should we tell neebs who's1147.967.64
neebs all right dras let's make a1151.7996.961
baby okay hey light the fires bippy get1155.64.72
theu oh God I1158.764.44
fell okay I'll tell you how it goes1160.327.0
you're so excited you're so excited oh1163.26.88
um come on come on you're going to have1167.324.68
to take care of that Dres yeah I got I1170.083.68
got this covered let's see let's see1172.05.28
let's see too cold can I pick this1173.765.72
back up I'm going to pick this one up1177.284.24
again thck I'd like you if you were here1179.484.24
for this I'm I'm coming up I'm in the1181.524.96
water sure thing hold on dras come1183.724.24
coming back I've got three extra1186.483.6
campfires on me oh beautiful as you1187.964.599
always do well I was prepared for this1190.085.32
because uh this game could be stupid1192.5594.48
sometimes no I know ooh is that three1195.43.84
campfires in your pocket or1197.0395.12
there three it actually is yeah yeah1199.244.64
legit to see me all right all right all1202.1593.481
right hold on one second please fill in1203.886.12
the Gap M inating oh yeah oh it's like1205.646.76
30 minutes oh all right let's go do1210.04.21
jeez Simon never noticed how dirty my1259.724.68
fingernails were oh yeah they're filthy1261.884.88
man you really need to clean your hands1264.44.24
much more often especially after you go1266.763.6
to the bathroom yeah they're like1268.644.24
cracked yeah yeah yeah they're gross1270.364.12
they're really really gross they are1272.882.84
gross but you know what you're a1274.482.799
hardworking man you don't want to have1275.723.88
soft hands right no that's true yeah and1277.2793.76
I have been doing a lot of hard work on1279.63.72
this uh Road um I think it's pretty1281.0394.801
obvious here you go up the hill yeah at1283.323.8
the top of the hill you're going to put1285.843.04
another thing I like you like kind of1287.124.28
baby stepping it for even people like me1288.884.72
that won't get confused that's the whole1291.44.639
point yeah and uh oh see now this1293.64.0
Region's going to be interesting to cut1296.0394.281
our way through we have to go kind of to1297.65.64
the right here oh yeah there's going to1300.324.76
be going to be a little bit of a1303.244.2
challenge what's the best way I don't1305.084.0
know all right follow me Simon cuz yeah1307.443.04
right now we got to figure out the best1309.083.599
way to go I I'd be happy to take down1310.484.079
some trees if you'd like you know oh1312.6794.521
yeah this is pretty this is very oh look1314.5594.641
at that it looks like uh it's an upside1317.25.64
down penis doesn't it or just or just1319.24.92
one that's just you know just kind of1322.843.4
flaccid well yeah but like the testicles1324.123.52
you would think would be on the on the1326.243.08
bottom but they're on the top see what1327.643.72
I'm saying s you think there's something1329.325.4
behind this waterfall uh yeah because I1331.365.0
heard that there was something recently1334.725.079
behind the waterfall so go check come on1336.366.6
game Ark why do you constantly1339.7995.12
disappoint me I know dookie I'm1342.964.8
disappointed too nothing just pretend1344.9194.201
just pretend we didn't didn't look and1347.763.159
then this way you won't you you'll still1349.124.56
think it might happen1350.9194.161
later oh no come1355.086.4
on this place was pretty safe up until1358.5595.6
now I did see some crabs in the water1361.485.4
too all right need more Stone I got to1364.1595.481
be ready for this pick up some more1366.885.039
Stone should be able to make some more1369.645.08
walls okay all you know what I'll make1371.9195.12
those while I'm1374.725.4
running walls give my D walls there we1377.0397.161
go okay going to run slow now but if I1380.126.48
have some defenses I should be able to1384.25.24
hold these things off maybe or tame them1386.64.48
I don't1389.444.359
know hey uh1391.085.92
abso U oh boy I got Birds on me I was1393.7995.801
almost dead I got issues going on okay1397.05.0
well get get on cute get on cutes PES1399.64.559
well I can do that but I got off because1402.04.24
I was almost dead so hold on a second1404.1594.88
booah come on there we go can't we can't1406.244.64
use uh cutes yeah those birds right1409.0393.64
there oh God and now you've aggroed that1410.885.039
damn thing yep I did what have I done1412.6795.521
what have I done oh Simon all right1415.9193.721
yeah just back all right one Bird's dead1418.23.28
so that's good all right good and then1419.643.44
I'm shooting this guy cuz he's just1421.483.84
pissing me off now oh I'll shoot the guy1423.083.88
we need get on cutes somebody needs to1425.324.56
control cutes cutes is going to be just1426.966.12
fine all right I'm on cutes oh yeah1429.885.159
cutes is a little scratched up there's1433.083.719
God there a bird on cutes we got to kill1435.0394.361
that bird I know oh boy trust me we got1436.7994.201
to kill this little son of a too1439.43.879
I'm eating your ass come on all right1441.03.919
that's down now now back up straight1443.2793.0
back up straight and start chopping all1444.9193.561
right back it up straight okay there you1446.2793.88
go there you go all right good good good1448.484.4
oh Jesus all right now stop okay hold on1450.1594.481
cutes let me check cut' Health cutes1452.884.279
fine sweet little slimy baby with an1459.28.359
embryo bo bo your parents are over parus1463.27.28
which means they l eggs and here you lie1467.5596.961
before us ready to say hey to Crystal1470.488.319
ises and fill our hearts and souls with1474.527.159
yeah yeah that was dumb man I love it1481.6794.401
yeah we're going to burn to death if we1484.5593.321
just sit here we've got time to kill man1486.083.44
you want to go to the island of not1487.883.519
slaves but actually really1489.524.96
slaves to do what uh remember they were1491.3996.121
making uh stuff for us to make a tech1494.485.96
replicator oh yep I'm in okay let's do1497.524.8
that and what what's the time left on1500.444.2
this here oh get the out of the way1502.325.28
hey you stay here1504.646.96
you oh no I'm staying Vic you go you get1507.65.92
the stuff you check I'm staying well how1511.65.079
long 16 minutes man I'm staying I'm1513.525.56
going to sing okay you stay and sing1516.6795.201
I'll be right back I think you're super1519.085.88
super super dup's cute and then your1521.885.44
all right Salon I think we got to cut1533.1596.561
right through this damn swamp yeah we do1535.885.56
all right well this is where cutes patut1539.723.24
is going to come in handy cuz you see1541.443.44
these trees in front of me yep they got1542.965.56
to go start nipping oh yeah why do these1544.885.96
trees look so ugly they are very ugly1548.524.48
they're very thick down below very1550.844.959
girthy trees yeah my it seems like my1553.04.559
textures aren't really loading on them1555.7993.401
but whatever all right so let's see the1557.5595.561
base is there so we really need to go1559.27.199
this way so the next piece should be1563.126.039
yeah the road construction continues1566.3994.76
yeah I kind of like this cuz it's you1569.1593.921
know I could see myself wanting to do1571.1595.0
road construction in real life oh yeah1573.084.959
yeah you know it's like you know by the1576.1593.161
time you got they got like a long1578.0392.961
Interstate you're working on and by the1579.323.0
time you're done with it you got to go1581.03.039
back to the beginning and start fixing1582.323.92
it again yeah it seems like it's uh I1584.0394.081
don't know it could be satisfying to you1586.243.559
know start on the road watch out snake1588.124.2
snake snake snake oh that is a1589.7994.161
snake that is a1592.325.359
snake this is not a safe place and we1593.965.68
might need to have snake rails oh more1597.6794.441
Snake more Snake more Snak another1599.644.12
another snake coming in all right there1602.123.72
we go there we go all right I can't1603.765.08
really see from my point of view but1605.844.36
well yeah all you got to do is bite I1608.843.199
mean that's all I'm doing I can't even1610.23.719
see the snake though just saying it's1612.0393.601
dead now it's dead okay good see I1613.9193.24
couldn't even tell I'm eating a dead1615.646.08
snake I nobody wants to bite into a dead1617.1594.561
snake hello everybody I'm back now go1624.9198.081
ahead take a look at my ass you're1629.487.559
welcome hello who's here who I speak1633.08.64
with is that Zula yes sir hey I need the1637.0396.961
element stuff I need to make a tech1641.645.6
replicator we have 100 element for you1644.06.279
ooh a want it I want it so bad we also1647.244.4
have some additional on the way so you1650.2792.52
can make1651.644.279
things perfect you guys are the best and1652.7995.561
certainly not slaves if you want to1655.9195.161
bring land your wyvern up on top of our1658.364.679
storage area we'll transfer it over to1661.085.28
you okay W on the storage area got it I1663.0396.88
wonder where the storage area is let's1666.367.559
see storage area storage area1669.9197.88
uh is this is this the storage area yes1673.9196.281
it is sir oh thank God here is your1677.7994.921
under element I love you guys I love you1680.25.4
guys so much thick1682.724.64
away okay this is looking pretty good uh1691.65.52
yep yep yep yep and I might just make1695.243.48
these pillars all the way across as kind1697.123.76
of a Escape you know like run through1698.725.559
the the grill kind of thing can I place1700.885.24
these up here yeah you know what I'll1704.2796.441
come down with it just like this and yep1706.126.64
I have two towers and a little thing of1710.723.439
pillars in the middle that I can run1712.762.84
through if something Big's after me say1714.1593.281
a crab comes out in water right here in1715.65.04
the water I think let see yep there he1717.446.8
is what number is that seven1720.646.08
okay he is a level1724.245.679
135 of course of course you're a big1726.727.28
crab okay so if he came up here maybe he1729.9197.801
would get stuck behind this and vice1734.06.919
versa The Ruck Drake this is a sandwich1737.726.52
this is a death sandwich I live1740.9193.321
in okay oh you're so close so close and1746.0398.201
you get to see all this1752.084.839
stuff meet a bunch of really dumb people1754.244.559
you're around the the good ones though I1756.9195.161
can assure you that hey trus hey you're1758.7995.961
so close yeah 301762.086.319
seconds holy cow this is our first yeah1764.768.6
bread uh wver come on CAD docious yes1768.3997.76
yes now you stay here oh you're gorgeous1773.364.52
oh shut the fires off that's what I'm1776.1593.801
doing don't boss me around are we1777.883.72
already fighting I I didn't mean to I1779.964.48
didn't mean to parents do it kind man1781.67.04
okay oh my God whoops I didn't pun you1784.448.88
hit me it's okay it's a good hit oh wow1788.646.6
wonderful what we got to give us some1793.323.88
food yeah I got food I got food1795.243.08
I've got do you know you know what kind1797.23.56
of food uh oh yeah1798.325.8
crystals oh God I'm stuck do you have1800.767.44
Crystal no here come here um so heavy so1804.126.0
slow oh it's going to die it's going to1808.23.319
die it's not it's not give it here give1810.123.36
it drop it drop it drop it hold on get1811.5194.88
my inventory drop it drop there you go1813.485.319
oh God you threw it like a freaking pass1816.3994.76
you got a hell of an arm get in there1818.7995.041
get in take it take it why won't you eat1821.1594.601
crystals little fussy eater you little1823.843.839
fussy eater come on oh my God is this1825.764.399
thing to die oh it's not yeah I feel1827.6795.36
like it's fine you eat your crystals eat1830.1594.64
your crystals all right what does it1833.0397.12
want it once care in 8 Days oh this is a1834.7998.521
low maintenance yeah it's like a great1840.1596.88
you're the best you are the1843.323.719
best oh God you're early you're early1847.5196.64
you weren't supposed to be here yet okay1851.765.279
just got to finish that I don't want1854.1595.681
that there drop it okay why do I have my1857.0395.841
flare gun now okay there we go one more1859.845.36
one more there we go that ought to do it1862.884.639
okay uh hey grab oh man I should go up1865.26.92
here hold on hold on four nope I wanted1867.5197.961
the other one hey supposed to go to the1872.126.159
Trap not my house oh no he's taking out1875.485.76
foundations and stuff much is he1878.2796.041
breaking stop1881.246.08
breaking oh oh oh God s I'm being attack1884.325.599
oh I see it I see it tricky little Sun1887.325.0
oh boy oh boy that hurts that1889.9194.401
hurts sa it not about to die sa it not1892.323.599
about to die I'm1894.325.8
trying come on oh no did you eat my1895.9197.76
friend did you did didn't you you snuck1900.126.76
out of here you came from1903.6796.761
nowhere oh okay spawned on the war1906.886.039
rig is that a damn Dragon there's a1910.445.56
dragon here hey who's1912.9195.681
ohy what are you doing okay we have1916.05.44
dragons now we have dragons now yes mhm1918.64.6
like I knew that but maybe not we have a1921.443.64
baby dragon too baby that we just had a1923.24.8
baby b we got a little baby um ooh can I1925.085.28
borrow a kitty cat yeah you need yeah1928.04.76
you need some help uh no I don't think I1930.364.52
do I think oh if I plan this correctly I1932.763.68
shouldn't be too far away come on kitty1934.883.2
cat well we got nothing to do I'm just1936.444.0
going to yeah yeah we're not busy yeah1938.083.04
we'll just watch1940.442.599
you get my roof1943.0396.681
lovely don't break my stuff1945.5198.16
probably my storage my Forge okay are1949.725.28
you getting1953.6793.681
weaker good news is not coming after me1955.05.12
yet bad news I'm losing my house can1957.364.52
they break stone foundation I didn't1960.123.32
think a crab could do that maybe they1961.884.919
can is my deck you destroy almost the1963.445.52
nope still some deck there okay we're1966.7993.88
not going to lose everything you're1968.963.92
taking a lot of shots you think you'd go1970.6795.12
away there's nothing in there for you1972.886.36
what do you want some hi1975.7998.441
Stone it's everywhere go build your own1979.245.0
house so let's see if I plan this out1984.5197.561
correctly I should go down this beach oo1987.368.4
should be able to see it anytime oh s it1992.086.92
yes sir hey yes oh man we're right here1995.766.68
we are so close to base holy crap oh1999.06.559
okay oh well that's good hey holy jeez2002.446.079
there you go yeah holy jeez yeah I love2005.5596.12
holy Jee holy jeez okay what's going on2008.5195.841
here well we're bridging it oh yeah2011.6795.0
that's the road it's uh it goes It goes2014.363.799
for a ways it goes all the way back to2016.6795.0
the green Obelisk wowow nice that's2018.1595.4
something my my idea is you know once we2021.6793.801
kind of gather all the things we need to2023.5594.041
fight the boss now we have a big road2025.483.52
that leads us right to where we need to2027.64.079
be hell yeah that's awesome excellent2029.04.84
yeah well I still got some more work to2031.6794.161
do on it but yeah dumps out right there2033.844.0
so that's sweet Speaking of awesome2035.844.92
these dragons are awesome yeah they are2037.845.319
yeah they they're pretty I'm I'm unclear2040.764.12
on the rules again but I guess we'll2043.1595.72
figure it out as we go with fers yeah2044.887.92
hey nees huh what about him I just2048.8796.121
wanted to say the name I don't know yeah2052.84.319
yeah where's he at where is he at dick2055.04.159
like what is that called oh God where2057.1194.921
where did he say he was2059.1592.881
going it's oh stopped what is oh what2063.5996.881
you just uncomfortable stretching your2067.726.28
legs I swear I do not even no ammo left2070.484.679
in that2074.05.359
one okay uh moving2075.1599.121
in right used all of my rifle ammo what2079.3597.0
about here there we go this is the big2084.285.76
gun huh send a shotgun how you going to2086.3597.081
act there we go over right okay through2090.046.72
the stuff and what you got what you got2093.446.44
huh bam it worked okay oh how far does2096.767.359
he oh nope n no okay ah reload of course2099.888.68
in my moment okay yep yep there you go2104.1196.681
just yep you better turn oh I'm seeing2108.564.92
some blood seeing okay nope back through2110.85.039
the gates I bet you wish you to built2113.483.84
the place down the street little tiny2115.8396.081
home down the street oh no don't go2117.327.92
away bam skate shoot Keep It Coming keep2121.925.4
it coming don't you dare don't you dare2125.244.359
run away way after all this I'm2127.325.64
following this guy are you coming back2129.5996.121
can you reach me here this is scary up2132.965.52
got to reload GES a sticky note that2135.725.44
tells me to do2138.485.52
that it's a weird angle weird angles2141.165.28
freaking me out be still I wish you2144.04.32
would come back here that's my I meant2146.443.36
to put my other pants on these aren't my2148.326.36
fighting pants okay oh boy oh boy oh2149.89.279
okay Finish you off with the arrows2154.688.159
oh that's right baby oh of course you're2159.0795.881
going to land right on my place all2162.8396.601
right I'm chopping you up what you2164.964.48
Simon yes sir I feel like we're doing2197.3195.121
like a shady political deal oh yeah we2199.924.24
are actually what are you guys doing2202.444.04
yeah we're doing Shady political stuff2204.163.919
yeah see how we're sitting yep like2206.482.92
we're just talking to each other but2208.0792.881
we're not actually talking to each other2209.43.56
cuz if you you like the sound really2210.964.2
bounces in here but if somebody was far2212.964.6
away yeah I still want to pretend that2215.164.0
Shady you know like hey Simon we're2217.564.039
going to get that deal done on Tuesday2219.164.52
right yeah Tuesday what deal you got2221.5995.081
Tuesday after 11: you got trading some2223.684.72
GameStop we're going to we're going to2226.685.2
rob the GameStop on Tuesday that's it2228.45.6
perfect hey what's upbody you doing2231.886.08
today well I've been thinking you know2234.05.52
I'm getting kind of sick of hunting2237.963.68
dinosaurs and hunting this and hunting2239.524.319
that I kind of thought it would be fun2241.644.959
to hunt the most dangerous of games2243.8394.76
which is uh2246.5993.561
man oh it's just us on the it's just us2250.166.28
here right but his neebs is out of the2254.684.32
tribe right now right so oh neees I can2256.445.679
hunt neebs okay I'm kind of I feel like2259.05.359
we' punished him and but that sounds fun2262.1195.281
okay yeah yeah I want to hunt him okay I2264.3594.361
know but isn't that that's going to2267.43.48
cause some issues you know that right2268.723.52
yeah yeah but it's just going to be fun2270.882.68
I just want to have some fun thick will2272.243.079
you tell like uh take me in your wyvern2273.564.039
and just drop me off kind of in his area2275.3194.8
will do uh also I've got to get some2277.5995.0
metal today cuz by the end of the day we2280.1195.361
are going to have a tech replicator2282.5994.881
finally hey I'll help you with that2285.484.96
Simon I'll bring you to drop off with uh2287.484.56
Abs if you cuz I don't know what the2290.443.76
hell you would do right well I mean if2292.045.079
if it's a if it's between like building2294.25.919
and killing yep I'll kill oh think we2297.1194.441
should kick Simon out of the tribe and2300.1192.761
there'd be like three people against2301.563.48
okay guys all right think uh Happy2308.884.52
Hunting on the count of three let's drop2311.488.44
him D alas okay you got it 1 2 3 drop oh2313.49.36
yeah oh you guys look great looks like a2319.926.56
bra flying down let's see wow all right2322.765.52
hey thanks guys I guess we'll catch you2326.485.24
uh some other time good luck good luck2328.287.16
lat lat see oh wow look at this view2331.726.32
this is a nice view yeah this is is nice2335.445.04
I like this so so you're just going to2338.045.2
be murdering nees yeah we're hunting2340.485.4
hunting I know I know I mean like are2343.243.92
you just going to are you going to hunt2345.882.92
him over and over or just once you kill2347.164.199
him once you're good I mean I don't know2348.84.2
maybe maybe we can try to kidnap him and2351.3593.24
put him in a cage or something well I2353.04.2
wouldn't mind hunting him myself so2354.5994.361
maybe you can kill him once I can kill2357.23.96
him once everybody gets to kill leaves2358.964.2
yeah I mean you know I mean just cuz I'm2361.163.88
sure he would do the same for me and I2363.164.0
wouldn't blame him oh that's a hey2365.043.52
that's a Loot Crate I'm going to land on2367.163.76
that Loot Crate oo what's in that oh2368.564.12
dookie maybe something good something we2370.923.199
can get started with something we can2372.682.84
with yeah yeah yeah I'm going to I'm try2375.525.2
I'm going to land on it it looks like2378.643.0
right yes yes yes yes what's look at2381.644.76
this look at this Oh I thought I was2384.3594.441
going to get it a plant species Z fruit2386.45.08
it's a weapon luminescent what I've2388.84.559
never seen these I'm taking that2391.483.839
probably lose it but whatever is there2393.3595.0
any water down there anything uh just2395.3195.52
trying to peek oh God oh God o you okay2398.3596.0
dookie S I think we're screwed uh yeah2400.8398.121
we probably are um I mean maybe we could2404.3596.641
survive the fall God there's water right2408.964.04
there there's a river I mean you're2411.03.8
saying we can't run and jump oh god oh2413.04.88
well oh no no no I'm not going to2414.85.72
survive this come on please survive it2417.884.92
no you did not2420.525.799
survive and I will miss2422.86.519
Nate Nate that thing was still2430.87.36
following you oh my god hey I I didn't2433.447.48
know we could fly you had him following2438.165.159
you didn't you I I guess I thought I2440.924.24
stop okay okay all right we got we got2443.3194.081
to get him down here let's get him it's2445.164.76
it's awesome that he's flying though I'm2447.46.04
I feel like a proud proud papa me too2449.925.52
you coming you2453.445.6
coming look at you2455.445.32
coming come2459.047.2
on come on you're so2460.765.48
good Dam it damn it uh oh okay good you2467.726.0
guys are still here I died immediately2471.5993.961
can you take me back to my stuff anybody2473.724.52
somebody the hunter you know what go2475.564.6
ahead thick you we land it on a bad rock2478.243.68
it it wasn't it wasn't our fault you2480.163.64
seem quicker and have better stamina I2481.924.64
will get uh our little dumpling to to sh2483.86.64
down flying oh my God it's2486.566.2
somebody come on yeah that is full on2490.443.879
cute all right come on you going to take2492.764.319
me thick yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hold2494.3194.921
Tim Hit must hit that before few rocks2500.968.28
ah the simple life I love it out2505.3597.161
here okay here we go just keep building2509.245.879
always moving2512.522.599
forward woo2515.3196.201
ah my little humble abode so beautiful2518.286.12
so I got to fix that part of the roof2521.526.64
but getting my ammo built back up rocks2524.44.719
wood takes forever to make all this2529.1195.881
gunpowder there we go we're getting a2532.8393.881
charcoal yeah what's for dinner probably2536.725.639
cooked meat again and2540.05.48
riverwater my2542.3595.041
favorite right here right here right in2545.482.839
front of your face right in front of2547.42.88
your face bam all right down down one2548.3193.721
level down one level and oh there's2550.285.52
Simon hey Simon hey where I I hear you I2552.047.16
don't see you yeah hey I see you Simon2555.85.039
you look at me right above you right2559.24.8
above you here oh right oh look at you2560.8395.72
you handsome boy all right so stay right2564.06.4
there b man good jump I got something2566.5596.921
for you braon of course y that's okay2570.45.4
you guys good can I leave yeah yeah take2573.483.359
off thick I think we're I think we're2575.83.279
good now all right all right take take2576.8394.681
those Simon boom boom all right you got2579.0795.24
it all right let me make sure it's in my2581.525.52
slot all right so I'm just going to walk2584.3196.8
off here and this time boom here we go2587.047.12
again here we go again I'm hitting there2591.1196.681
we go I'm hitting it oh Jesus you okay2594.165.919
the the hell happened I don't know I'm2597.84.24
alive did you did you accidentally use2600.0793.441
one and then take it away and then use2602.044.44
the other I think so oh I'm right by2603.525.319
your dead body from before I know I'm2606.483.96
coming in I'm coming in so I can grab2608.8393.841
jeez all right well I'm glad I2610.444.96
didn't die yeah me neither what is that2612.685.08
that's a roll rat look I can't see the2615.45.4
roll rat but I believe you I mean it's2617.764.48
looking at it oh right there you go are2620.82.92
you just buried under the ground there2622.243.319
he is yeah remember don't take his2623.723.56
jewels they get pissed off when you take2625.5593.52
their Jewels I'm not going to touch the2627.283.319
jewels I'm just going to come over here2629.0794.0
and say hello to the roll rat with this2630.5997.041
really weird skin I mean just super ugly2633.0797.881
and yet I'm fascinated by2637.647.56
it tras yeah I think won't land no won't2640.967.2
land just a stubborn little okay2645.24.6
okay hold on let me see if I can fix2648.163.399
this all right let's see what you what2649.85.92
are you doing oops uh whistle land land2651.5596.401
oh there's a there's a land whistle yeah2655.725.08
if you hold t let me see if I I kind of2657.965.44
go away a little bit if he comes down2660.84.44
that's what it would do when you sto2663.44.52
having him follow you right2665.246.28
yeah so yeah you would think come on bad2667.927.679
boy bad bad boy you're so bad uh okay2671.525.96
play emote how about that am I going to2675.5994.321
throw a snowball at it okay L you know2677.485.079
what you stay here Dr show he's going to2679.924.24
be fine it's going to be fine I have to2682.5594.321
show you something oh uh before we2684.165.56
commence with the Gathering of more2686.884.56
metal which will give us our Tech2689.724.16
replicator right right I saw something2691.444.639
pretty alarming uh when I was going to2693.884.199
pick up the ank if you could just follow2696.0795.201
me um I I'll just show you that I I2698.0795.081
can't even describe it I just have to2701.283.92
show you what is something you couldn't2703.164.199
describe like I don't understand that2705.25.32
because I had never seen one before but2707.3595.72
then after having seen it would it be I2710.524.0
just need you to see it I don't want to2713.0793.801
even okay it's it's very much a surprise2714.524.92
are you behind me yeah I'm behind you I2716.884.88
that you see that right what like that2722.445.84
that bridge thing yeah yeah yeah I was2725.683.96
heading down to the water and then I2728.284.16
seen that I feel like our prey is nearby2729.644.679
okay I mean is that something that you2732.444.119
think he built he wouldn't have built2734.3194.321
that you don't think no I mean how2736.5593.641
long's he been well who would have who2738.643.04
would have been how long's he been out2740.23.0
of the tribe what do you think he's2741.684.399
making bridges yeah you've seen him work2743.24.6
he's a Workhorse he is kind of a2746.0794.161
Workhorse okay now that now it makes me2747.84.759
want to kill him even more all right2750.245.04
yeah yeah I smell him I smell his blood2752.5595.481
I do right so we kind of know the area2755.284.6
where he's at which is good for us we2758.045.84
can fall back and we can gather2759.884.0
supplies just keep on keep on laughing2768.166.32
yeah I we get2771.686.639
bushes that's not really funny2774.487.76
but we grab more2778.3197.201
bushes can't grab this one oh there it2782.244.92
goes all right all right all right all2785.523.839
right all right enough hey you came on2787.166.08
this trip with me I do what I want all2789.3593.881
right all right I'm I'll see you2794.646.49
later come on now you know you2809.645.8
definitely should have stopped by2812.0793.361
all right I'm2825.3595.641
done all right we're close to where I2831.05.68
was when I when I saw these things there2833.885.12
and yes there were multiple what like2836.685.159
just chilling together or oh2839.09.2
yeah right here yeses yeses woo why why2841.8399.961
are you why are you look at2848.25.399
that it's2851.86.36
hurt okay what do you think man2853.5998.48
oh look at that little tractor beam web2858.166.24
thing I think that I think it's2862.0794.201
really close to our base too you think2864.44.6
we can uh that base is dead to me think2866.284.279
we can tame one of2869.04.839
these I'd love to try because I love we2870.5595.641
need we need to know we need to know2873.8394.561
sure I mean of course we need of course2876.24.56
oh there a T-Rex yeah hey hey hey dude2878.45.08
hey dude T-Rex oh that thing's dead yeah2880.764.079
okay okay well at least we know where2883.484.16
these things spawn yeah you just messing2884.8396.681
okay oh hi oh you're too F me H oh you2887.646.959
know what I'm going to say You're Nobody2891.524.88
nobody good God yummy yum yum2896.45.8
yum all right we know where those things2900.0794.721
are at after we get our tech gear and2902.23.76
all that stuff we're going to come back2904.82.72
and tame one of these guys sounds good2905.964.08
to me I'm in I'm2907.526.44
in whoa okay didn't see you here2910.048.44
before hey there H could I could I do2913.967.56
the thing you know what got a fort lead2918.485.96
him back to my fort hey come here how2921.526.0
fast are you how fast wait oh I'm over2924.446.44
here yep he's faster than me I think yep2927.526.0
you're faster than me come2930.887.439
on oh I am man w wa what I'm stuck2933.526.92
inside of you now okay that's not what I2938.3193.76
want okay can2940.443.679
you wow he's really good at trapping me2942.0794.161
isn't he I can't have move you got me2944.1196.161
pinned okay I'm through wow he's a2946.248.119
climber okay you want there he is oh but2950.285.88
he's on the Run might be getting ready2954.3595.2
to go down come back uh we'll be buddies2956.166.76
I'll cook you some food you better not2959.5596.641
be a passive tame you a passive tame hey2962.926.28
oh yeah yeah okay now we find out is it2966.25.159
clear uh2969.25.0
unconscious doesn't say feed does it2971.3594.161
you're a passive2974.25.8
tame sorry sorry for the2975.527.559
inconvenience dras come to need's old2980.06.44
house nee's old house over by cter anus2983.0795.0
uhhuh okay yeah I didn't know whose2986.444.679
house was wa I knew it's not his house2988.0796.28
anymore okay excuse me me get up excuse2991.1197.321
me okay all right yep that took a long2994.3596.041
way yep stay there whoo wo back up back2998.443.8
up back up getting that back back3000.43.76
further back further okay okay okay we3002.244.839
are innovators we are inventors we're3004.166.04
Harvesters we Harvesters and we finally3007.0797.161
have boom good God that's huge okay I3010.27.639
didn't realize okay but I yep yep yep3014.247.119
yep what ah this is awesome we can make3017.8398.121
some good now all the good woo3021.3597.521
it's a good day alas yeah it is a good3025.966.359
day um if nebs is ever back in the tribe3028.886.88
uh it's going to be a little cozy in3032.3193.441
there they made the neighbors angry3036.3597.841
now suon oh hey how you doing deeps3039.047.4
good what's up you found my new place3044.25.96
abro take him down is hunting time what3046.444.76
do you mean hunting time yeah we're3050.162.639
hunting the most dangerous game man3051.24.32
that's you oh I am the most nuh I've got3052.7994.961
a fort you'll never get past my fort3055.525.24
come on where you at go get him s i I3057.765.48
already lost him did he turn left or go3060.765.599
straight I don't know go get him I'm3063.247.559
trying oh God bad thing bad Rock Drake3066.3597.081
invisible thing going to kill me chasing3070.7995.361
me right now hurting me very bad oh no3073.445.8
and I'm bringing about oh boy okay3076.164.679
that's what you get someon for trying to3079.246.359
take down neees who R Drake R Drake oh3080.8396.921
boy he's out there there can he stop he3085.5995.24
can't jump these stone walls can3087.767.48
he okay yeah he's right there all3090.8399.841
right he catch me if I over3095.248.76
here hey knock it3100.686.879
off all right oh yeah I'll see you now I3104.05.079
see you3107.5596.56
yep okay woo all right3109.0797.961
uh this thing is huge3114.1195.841
and dangerous ah is he hurt no he hurt3117.046.16
me yeah crap yeah you're no match for3119.966.599
the knes for hey nees I could start3123.25.599
shooting this guy oh are you going to3126.5594.56
help me now I mean just for fun I'm just3128.7995.0
going to shoot this guy yeah like the W3131.1195.281
The Rock Drake right yeah the rock Drake3133.7994.8
okay shoot the rock Drake all right3136.46.24
shooting him yeah what with uh rightful3138.5996.841
yeah a boy yeah now this is too3142.644.56
dangerous to have around here got him oh3145.445.56
there you are son you can't do that you3147.28.04
got to be on this side wo no okay that3151.07.2
hurt me mhm oh boy I'm going to have to3155.244.44
break out the shotgun I didn't want to3158.25.04
use my ammo for this take that oh yeah3159.685.84
that hurt didn't it bring it in I got to3163.244.119
oh you're bleeding you're bleeding too3165.525.4
woo don't want to waste these shots bam3167.3596.76
did I just kill a rock Drake name just3170.926.28
kill a rock Drake I am the most3174.1195.281
dangerous thing3177.23.87
alive for3179.45.04
now here we go oh Simmon you're back3184.446.159
yeah what are you doing3187.925.199
what I thought we were what are you are3190.5994.641
we still hunting no we're not still3193.1194.72
oh come on3198.923.48
man all right take this with me3203.05.44
all right there you are okay so I didn't3229.45.679
realize you dropped gems in this this is3232.644.8
great so3235.0794.561
drop a3237.447.96
gem oh yep Bo okay just any time3239.648.52
man drop a gem I got some stuff I want3245.45.04
to build with them you know like uh3248.166.88
there oh here we go here we go okay3250.447.56
and oh yep pardon all right did you3255.046.2
leave me something did you ah don't see3258.06.2
any don't see oh there's okay listen I'm3261.246.24
going to take this so don't be mad but I3264.25.72
got it I got it that's my3267.487.56
gem yep no sir look it's fine it's fine3269.927.399
we work together I give you3275.045.16
entertainment and Company you give me3277.3196.561
gems it's a great system there you go3280.26.96
all right see wasn't so bad don't be3283.886.76
mad don't be3287.163.48
mad hello island of not3293.048.279
W how's everyone doing oh oh hey there3297.646.28
yeah that is beautiful let me put this3301.3196.28
over here let me set up um H I guess3303.925.439
anywhere is just I'll do it right here3307.5994.441
I'll do it right here so okay I'm going3309.3594.881
put this here oops and I'll probably3312.043.68
punch it real3314.245.68
quick just patience guys patience um3315.726.72
this looking great already here we go3319.929.399
get this here MH and here we go3322.4410.399
okay uh let's see I gu I'll put I'll set3329.3198.161
this here um patience3332.8394.641
everyone so we got a blood drive going3337.884.28
guys we got a blood3340.524.839
drive the blood bank is no no get your3342.165.08
asses back here I'm going to need all3345.3594.361
your blood and it's going to good things3347.245.24
okay we're saving lives um if anyone3349.726.8
gets woozy that a little bed here do I3352.485.96
do I not have a bed oh I can't put it on3356.523.48
just the floor hey you get wozy lay on3358.444.599
the ground you know it works3360.05.64
so I'm going to grab a bunch of these3363.0394.161
you know what you know what I'm going to3365.643.439
delegate Authority who's my nurse zulaf3367.23.919
fase you're my nurse I'm the nurse I3369.0793.681
thought I was the first victim NOP nope3371.1193.0
NOP come over here if you could just go3372.763.48
into the oh you can't get into my dragon3374.1195.44
can you I cannot damn it you guys are3376.245.0
worthless all right no you're the best3379.5593.881
cuz we need the blood let's see all3381.243.52
right one3383.444.52
second oh I'm going put a bunch in here3384.766.039
let's go ahead and load them up and3387.964.24
don't load them up too much you know3390.7995.24
watch your health cuz you could die okay3392.25.52
let's go ahead and get to stabbing and3396.0393.161
you you grab them from the big one and3397.722.8
you and you fill them up you put them in3399.24.24
the little one go to3400.522.92
town salmon hello hello what a beautiful3405.7996.121
day we have today it's actually is3409.8395.321
really hot out this Orange Sky yep I3411.926.28
like I like hot days is yeah hey we need3415.167.0
obsidian yeah okay I could do that okay3418.26.52
we also need metal if I'm going to uh3422.165.28
you know execute my master3424.725.28
plan wow okay well how about this I'll3427.444.8
just wander around just so that I can3430.04.0
have something to do and if I see3432.243.96
anything black and shiny I'm going to3434.04.88
hit it with the the pickaxe you gave me3436.24.52
yeah maybe uh maybe towards those big3438.884.479
crystals maybe up up in those Hills okay3440.724.52
but I don't really see I mean I see3443.3593.401
those big crystals right there you're3445.244.92
saying just walk that way uh maybe maybe3446.765.76
Simon it's a big maybe it's a big old3450.163.84
fat maybe all right I got to get more3452.523.079
metal you right you do your thing I'll3454.04.799
going to go have my own little3455.5993.2
Adventure okay there looks like there3461.05.96
might be good stuff down there maybe got3463.25.639
to figure out a way to get up and down3466.965.04
there easily though so my plan is is3468.8395.28
this going to be too crowded yeah let's3472.06.44
just uh right here bam okay and then a3474.1197.121
little bit of stairs going up and since3478.446.119
there are Bandits out here now um got to3481.245.96
protect it with some of that and then3484.5596.201
one of these nope here there you go all3487.25.919
right I got to put more walls we'll get3490.768.559
more walls but here can I just like that3493.11910.161
and then yep oh don't have a big enough3499.3197.401
ladder be careful here we go easy NES3503.286.319
easy easy don't fall don't fall don't3506.725.48
fall all right here we go this will be3509.5996.961
like our little elevator we're going3512.28.68
down all guys are doing great seeing a3520.885.159
lot of bodies go down more than I expect3523.524.279
but it's okay to the naked eye this3526.0395.161
looks Jonestown but that's okay too yeah3527.7995.881
just keep giving me that blood oh there3531.25.2
another one went down okay let great I3533.685.04
didn't expect this much commitment but I3536.45.24
do appreciate it and I did find out as3538.724.76
you told me that I only had to make like3541.643.84
a few syringes not several hundred cuz3543.484.079
you can use them over and over my bad3545.483.8
that's my bad don't step on the needles3547.5593.76
out there okay guys oh and by the way3549.284.079
thank you for the uh preserving bin I3551.3193.841
didn't know that the blood went so bad3553.3593.081
quick I'm a gamer obviously this is your3556.445.08
first time being a vampire obviously3559.764.4
it's your first time saying whatever3561.523.519
um maybe I want to end3570.685.04
abro is that you3575.726.879
abro oh salmon oh there you easy there3577.8397.401
what's going on hey no no listen hold on3582.5994.921
hold on hold on let's do I come I come3585.245.76
in peace okay and I'm just uh I was3587.527.599
looking for abro and yeah was he looking3591.05.88
for me is he trying trying to kill me3595.1193.401
are you trying to kill me I'm not trying3596.884.36
listen oh I'm just looking for my stuff3598.524.72
actually I think I think you killed me3601.244.44
didn't you by accident well no you were3603.245.119
shooting at me no it was an accident it3605.685.159
was all an accident right just say just3608.3594.321
say it was ancient seem like it come on3610.8393.76
seemed like you were what come on just3612.683.639
say it was an accident and we can move3614.5995.52
on okay just um you want your stuff back3616.3196.121
huh yeah yeah yeah just give me my stuff3620.1194.44
back it'll be great well how I know3622.444.0
you're going to shoot me with it because3624.5594.081
you could trust me look at me look at my3626.443.84
face does this look like somebody who3628.645.919
would kill you yeah do I I know I'm not3630.285.799
someone who can kill you you need3634.5594.361
glasses I look I'm I'm going to give you3636.0795.76
your stuff um it's it's over here okay3638.924.72
so I'm going to follow you yeah but if3641.8394.121
you try to shoot me again like that's it3643.644.76
trust broken trust3645.964.639
broken even now I feel like I got to run3648.44.76
backwards I wouldn't why why even why3650.5995.081
even live in fear go ahead you could3653.164.76
walk straightforward knowing that if I3655.684.919
do anything uhhuh it'll be it'll be3657.925.84
trust broken okay okay I'm just kidding3660.5995.281
buddy come on it's okay it's okay you3663.763.76
know what we're good just in case3665.883.28
fighting pants are coming on just in3667.525.279
case oh okay um right over here I'll3669.165.12
I'll run like this cuz I know you'll3672.7993.121
never hit me if I'm moving right3674.283.759
Serpentine exactly why would you even be3675.923.679
nervous you know that you're so much3678.0393.681
better than I am I can't do anything to3679.5995.76
you well just okay um there's a box in3681.725.079
there oh3685.3595.76
your stuff's in there you're trapped3686.79910.481
ah um you trapped me in here yeah oh I'm3691.1199.2
just kidding I'm a kider did you get3697.284.68
your stuff no I didn't get my stuff yet3700.3193.641
I was in shock from being trapped are3701.963.44
you sure you're not going to tra me3703.964.599
again no look I let you out I'm a good3705.45.24
guy you guys are Bandits I'm not a3708.5594.601
bandit well it seems hold on I got to I3710.644.8
got to reload this real quick hold on3713.165.159
uh-huh all right you ready yeah you're3715.446.639
not going to shoot me no okay well I3718.3196.641
can't move now cuz I'm too3722.0796.121
heavy what are you what are you caring3724.965.839
you just lost everything I don't know oh3728.26.48
I picked up one piece of metal I got 393730.7996.721
Stone what the hell is 30 wood in here I3734.685.76
don't want that what this is all good3737.525.48
stuff I'm taking this you can take it3740.443.96
right mm-3744.44.8
I thought about it for a second there I3747.45.399
said up stuff but no go back to from3749.26.2
whence you came all right all right I'll3752.7994.52
see you later buddy thank you for giving3755.43.52
me back the murder weapon that's going3757.3196.201
to eventually kill you yep you're3758.924.6
welcome okay wow you guys are doing oh3764.5995.52
excuse me I just want to check out the3768.3195.04
okay hey maybe just a few3770.1195.68
more uh and I'll be on my way and this3773.3594.081
this is all going to a good cause we're3775.7994.121
saving a lot of people today who need3777.447.28
blood apparently who gives blood we3779.927.679
do I don't have another that was good3784.725.76
though good job um okay just a little3787.5994.041
bit more if we could just get a little3790.483.44
bit more and you know what I might give3791.645.639
one more too just for come on let's see3793.925.76
let me get that syringe I'm donating all3797.2794.56
these syringes to this island uh that3799.684.72
are in here they're yours now you should3801.8395.321
you need a syringe yeah all right thank3804.45.959
you so excuse MEC oh bodies all right oh3807.164.32
me m the body you know what it's like a3811.484.839
fun it's like a it's like a a ball pit3814.05.64
almost but it's Limbs and flesh cool hey3816.3196.48
thanks who gives blood3819.644.86
thanks okay this is the dangerous part3830.487.559
can I do it come on no stick stick down3834.486.879
lower please oh there we go now can I do3838.0396.56
this while I'm on the ladder on the3841.3596.521
ladder oh that's working that's working3844.5996.68
okay there we go keep it going baby and3847.885.399
if we could go all the way down do I3851.2794.121
have enough am I going to hit that ledge3853.2794.121
I might hit that ledge hopefully it'll3855.43.879
just go straight all the way without3857.45.04
having to do any kind of intersections3859.2796.641
that's we got 18 left I got some more up3862.447.44
upop this is great floating islands not3865.924.84
problem ah that was a waste okay nine3870.768.599
left got do it again3875.43.959
dokie man this is not good to be lost at3882.648.439
night I know it's around I think back3887.0397.56
towards that way and black shiny rock is3891.0795.24
hard to see when it's3894.5994.68
dark at night come on what do we oh good3896.3196.52
good good I can use some AWA always or3899.2796.161
not always but now I can though all3902.8394.76
right AA3905.447.52
AUA um oh God I'm going to die oh God3907.5997.321
that's a whole other Crystal right there3912.965.72
where the hell am I there's one there oh3914.925.28
no that's the same one I just turned3918.683.2
around in a complete circle okay I think3920.26.84
we're okay maybe oh boy3921.886.76
this ought to do it uh we'll just finish3928.646.28
that last few feet and then we are3931.45.24
hopefully going to find some great3934.925.119
resources in those caves like metal more3936.645.88
metal is good although there stones in3940.0396.961
the river oh okay oh good I can reach it3942.529.319
um here we go that's that's good enough3947.08.319
okay is any danger and my fighting pants3951.8398.48
are on on so I'm ready okay3955.3199.321
uh there we go please be something cool3960.3198.04
right not just bunch of rock walls okay3964.646.56
this is cool this oh look at this little3968.3596.841
guy well hello there little guy wild3971.27.119
male glow tail what does he need is he a3975.27.399
berry you a berry guy hold up be cool if3978.3198.561
you're Berry mhm nope meat you meat3982.5996.321
eater be great to have a friend around3986.884.64
here that's not trying to kill me you're3988.925.04
like a mushroom guy you know what I3991.524.079
don't have any crystals something's3993.962.8
around here eat3995.5993.68
crystals all right uh you don't go3996.764.039
anywhere if I see some crystals I'm3999.2793.481
going to get you one let's take a look4000.7993.361
here this might just be ruins and4004.165.56
nothing good oh what is that what are4007.2795.401
you're a spider aren't you you a4009.726.359
spider wait you're not a spider are you4012.684.76
you're one of those uh what do you call4016.0794.96
it oh a oil jug4017.447.56
thing yeah take4021.0393.961
oil that is perfect I didn't even know I4025.165.08
was looking for you but that is perfect4028.0393.881
now I can make a4030.244.48
fabricator okay this was already worth4031.925.199
the trip down4034.726.04
here come on man that's hard enough to4037.1196.68
do this during the day I can't see a4040.765.839
damn thing at night4043.7996.601
abso oh what's that well that looks like4046.5996.68
a mole rat or something4050.45.879
ABS what's going on4053.2798.481
abso yep he's not here okay hello little4056.27910.881
one so happy so far friendly little guys4061.766.72
I've been4067.163.119
abso please somebody oh we got a little4070.2797.32
glowing guy over here here yep you are4074.1196.16
not obsidian that's what I'm looking for4077.5995.76
obsidian at least I think that's what it4080.2797.601
is uhuh oh oh hey hey hey I didn't do4083.3597.801
nothing what are you doing I had no I4087.886.719
did not to oh boy what the hell is that4091.167.48
that looked like it was a oh is4094.5994.041
okay okay okay time is of the essence4107.2396.881
these blood bags are going down oh God4110.46.2
so key I would4114.125.52
imagine would be putting you greeny MC4116.67.119
beanie in a safe place passive flea I go4119.646.599
in on foot and let it do its thing to me4123.7196.281
all freak nasty like show your nasty ass4126.2398.281
self please where we got yep yep yep yep4130.06.6
yep we got you so so I need to have you4134.525.159
in a saish place come on just be safe4136.66.04
and you run your little ass off you run4139.6795.16
we're fine I got to go I got to go in I4142.644.559
got to go in I got to do this I just got4144.8396.801
to do it where'd you go oh there4147.1996.6
you go come on go ahead go ahead get me4151.645.679
go ahead take me take me take me can you4153.7994.96
just take me do I have to run away a4157.3193.561
little like like you going to get me4158.7594.881
like ah don't kill me don't kill me take4160.885.56
me take me4163.647.199
no no4166.444.399
no look at that look at that beautiful4174.3597.761
metal now we're talking this can't carry4178.924.6
it right now it's too it's going to be4182.124.84
too heavy but that is going to be4183.526.679
useful look there's so much of it this4186.965.64
looks like something4190.1996.201
uhhuh help de's here4192.68.72
uh I come for adventure and good tidings4196.47.279
this place is Big we get lost in here4201.328.12
okay so the light is this water moth4203.6799.441
a look at that should I just jump down4209.446.239
I'll find my way out right I think so4213.125.88
okay going for it I'm coming watch out4215.6795.801
dangerous things because I'm dangerous4219.08.32
too aha Look At You Dragon4221.485.84
here all right now we're talking4227.366.92
artifact yes please artifact of the pack4229.87.04
there we go look at that nee's on his4234.285.56
own I'm on my own I'm making it in the4236.847.16
world okay now I don't see much else for4239.847.6
resources so uh yeah we'll get out of4244.06.4
here we'll get that metal take it back4247.446.799
to the house thanks a lot4250.46.839
what did I do wrong what4258.846.64
to get out of here okay there's greeny4261.965.92
greeny greeny greeny greeny grey alone4265.486.04
RG where is this thing oh my God4267.885.4
son of a son of a oh my God it's4271.524.679
right by what are4273.282.919
you is it coming to me why are they4276.487.199
coming to me how do they see me what4279.6798.52
what no no this is a horror movie4283.6796.801
you holy4288.1995.601
no this is a4293.84.879
godamn no no no no this is the I'm4301.929.2
done with this game I'm done I can't do4308.45.839
it I can't do it4311.126.119
no where' greeny4317.5610.72
go greeny I love your face me holy4320.889.88
oh I guess we got another blood drive4330.7610.399
coming okay I think messing with the4341.1593.681
server settings is getting out of4343.562.32
I would say so yes uh okay I'm going to4345.888.279
land see what happens okay hey hey buddy4349.66.84
really I am um think 44 well the T-Rex4354.1596.281
is coming oh but they seem fine okay4356.446.68
yeah hi uh let me just let me just get4360.444.92
out of here real quick before Oh the4363.124.28
rexus gets oh they're they're different4365.364.359
colors I want one I feel like they're a4367.44.36
problem I'm going to land by all three4369.7194.201
of these and see look at this this is a4371.764.439
really good test but uh certain things4373.925.96
won't attack up up get out what4376.1995.681
what why were they mad there I don't4379.884.68
know you guys are not God you don't make4381.885.04
sense none of you makes sense I need to4384.564.96
I need to take care of this T-Rex you're4386.925.239
an idiot T-Rex you have little arms and4389.525.52
you don't have a job that makes you a4392.1596.641
loser just L job say those things they4395.047.599
drool lava yeah why was this one cool4398.87.359
why are you so cool I oh are you huffing4402.6399.0
up ow ow okay all right all right that H4406.1598.08
that got us hey let me see if I can kill4411.6397.52
it yeah cool you down coolo oh getting4414.23910.48
hot stay away oh get get get all right4419.15910.241
take that yes oh yeah okay well there's4424.7197.321
one down of the 40 man I just leveled up4429.45.0
like three levels killing that thing4432.043.92
good job hey we need to go start another4434.43.6
blood drive I'll explain later I'm I'm4435.964.08
sorry blood4438.05.04
okay nees you home yeah okay you're on4444.366.52
the the in the house in the water or4448.6394.281
yeah I'm in my house oh there you are I4450.884.04
just saw you go by the window oh are you4452.926.64
still there hey um d uh not Dora uh ABS4454.927.759
is gone today okay and uh and and when I4459.565.84
got in a rock Drake killed me4462.6795.601
immediately and then when I came back in4465.46.48
it had just eaten abro as well so I'm4468.286.0
lonely maybe we could hang out and be4471.883.88
friends you can open your door for me4474.283.12
leave your door open so I can come and4475.764.28
go as I please and we can do things4477.45.239
together no probably not I mean I can do4480.043.96
stuff with you but I don't trust you in4482.6393.841
here cuz you tried to kill me like three4484.04.639
times right but I mean but when was that4486.484.08
that wasn't today well doesn't matter4488.6394.361
does it it's a new day hey did you kill4490.566.24
me in self-defense did and and have I4493.06.4
even thought about trying to get you4496.84.68
back well let's see how today today goes4499.44.319
um tell you what I'll come out and then4501.485.4
uh keep all that locked up um I was4503.7194.841
answer yes though I have thought about4506.884.6
it just just kidding see I wanted to let4508.565.639
you know that I trust you and you trust4511.485.64
me and we're all going to be friends4514.1994.361
yeah all right listen this is going to4517.124.88
be a touchy day um yeah just put your4518.564.72
weapon away how about that what do you4522.02.56
think I'm not going to do any damage4523.282.8
with this I could shoot you in the leg4524.563.04
right now and and it wouldn't be a4526.082.84
problem would it yeah but you're going4527.63.2
to damage my armor and I got to repair4528.924.56
it with a little arrow it's not a big4530.84.68
deal okay fine I'm sorry here how about4533.484.04
this how about I hold the friendly axe4535.485.08
all right um I'm going to go try to tame4537.524.719
this little glow lizard you want to go4540.564.24
with me sure and I promise when you turn4542.2395.321
around you could trust me I will not4544.85.6
stab you in the back with my axe hello4547.565.8
friend hello all right you're coming4550.46.319
with me yes sir I'm running Serpentine4553.366.359
just in case don't worry I can um I'll4556.7196.721
do when I do it you'll be standing4559.7193.721
still ah hello4568.86.04
lman all right man it's that time of4571.86.2
year again blood drive again blood drive4574.845.12
time again apparently I I don't know4578.04.28
what happened but it is blood drive time4579.964.36
again well we're saving children thick4582.283.879
we're we're saving saving children so4584.323.12
let's go ahead and gather everyone up4586.1592.56
gather them all over here they know what4587.443.84
to do oh they they said they have 4004588.7195.44
blood in the fridge already holy crap4591.285.32
well we need another 400 be beyond that4594.1595.08
400 we each need 400 because lots of4596.65.72
kids this time need saving okay okay we4599.2395.681
we need a lot so we we need an an4602.325.48
additional 400 as well y they should get4604.925.04
to jabbing well then I'll put this I'll4607.84.12
put this in the fridge and we'll blood4609.963.16
drive and then just give it to you all4611.923.84
at once okay all right H slider is going4613.126.92
to direct me to where yep okay here we4615.764.28
go after you summon after me can I bowly4621.08.44
you I forget uh let's say no okay I mean4625.446.68
but am I okay let's just pretend like4629.444.759
it's no all no Bandits allowed usually4632.124.16
but you're with me so yeah there's a4634.1994.681
ladder you just want to uh Crouch down4636.284.919
there and hit e on the ladder okay hold4638.884.96
on and then hit e on the ladder it4641.1994.761
should yeah just like climb oh did you4643.845.64
get it yeah you got it yes I didy ooh4645.965.56
that is trippy right there hey could you4649.484.239
go back well I mean this the angle right4651.524.719
here looks very cool cuz it's raining4653.7194.201
and then there's your butt coming down4656.2393.601
I'm a little closer to you I like this4657.924.36
shot all right cool uh all the way to4659.846.64
the bottom um maybe let's see yep rain's4662.285.439
kind of pretty with the sunlight isn't4666.483.48
it it is it's beautiful so these little4667.7193.801
little lizards I found down here I think4669.963.56
they eat seeds and I've got a bunch of4671.524.96
seeds we're going those in the zero slot4673.525.84
see if I can grab one all right now4676.485.44
should I now can I baa it since I have4679.365.68
my baa out well it's a passive tame oh4681.925.84
too bad then let's try these seeds there4685.047.52
we go and uh H I think I saw one back in4687.766.32
here oh I think I see him right in front4692.563.599
of me uh I'll meet you in here all right4694.085.159
I'm following I'm following oh oh look4696.1595.241
at that little cutie glow tail it's4699.2396.081
called Uh I've got okay Emer Berry seeds4701.47.72
y yep okay so now I guess we wait a4705.326.359
minute all right that thing's pretty so4709.124.84
that's full sized right obviously you4711.6794.401
can't you couldn't get a baby if you4713.963.52
yeah all right so I'm hoping it's a4716.082.92
shoulder Mount and I'm hoping that it4717.483.64
like lights up the caves and stuff that4719.04.48
would be cool shoulder Mount oh wow if4721.123.519
there's another one around here I4723.482.64
wouldn't mind having one but I'll4724.6393.641
probably get it killed very soon hey4726.124.32
pick some bushes grab some more all4728.285.32
right okay I'll be your I'll pick your4730.446.08
stuff for you this is imp pickable helps4733.65.76
me gain trust with you yes oh listen4736.524.6
before you know it like I'm not going to4739.365.44
kill you until you totally like you4741.126.039
totally trust me okay well I'm just kind4744.84.04
of watching you today since abser is4747.1593.601
away oh by the end of the day I'll I'll4748.844.24
have you4750.762.32
dead oh god oh Jesus oh god oh boy what4754.86.12
uhoh someone get someone get a sugar4758.6795.241
cookie or orange yeah maybe like a yeah4760.925.96
a spr I don't know how to treat okay all4763.925.52
right she's good okay woo much better4766.884.44
all right oh actually she's not di buug4769.443.88
just died okay right but that's like4771.323.879
real that's she's one of the real ones4773.324.0
you know that's how you know well it4775.1994.361
it's just what the price you pay for4777.324.28
saving lives you got to take lives to4779.564.48
make lives yeah and to save them throw4781.64.119
that on a4784.044.44
shirt or not yeah I don't I don't know4785.7193.681
about that4788.483.44
one oh there you go who was that who was4789.45.799
that let me see no snake no oh snake a4791.926.0
snake you guys are doing great you're4795.1994.201
you're making a big difference in the4797.924.0
yep Simon this is not working like I4802.564.52
just keep feeding it it feels like it's4805.7194.881
not going up at all okay so lost cause4807.086.159
yeah it's it's not its preferred food I4810.65.96
think so um you don't have to keep your4813.2395.601
gun out like all the time I know well4816.564.679
it's about it's for protection I'm right4818.844.96
now constantly trying to protect myself4821.2394.521
and you because you know I was just4823.83.8
kidding I'm not going to really try to4825.765.68
do anything to you okay uh since we're4827.68.52
down here um H you see those roll rats4831.447.36
uh no I mean I have been seeing them but4836.124.44
I don't see any right now I'd like to4838.83.8
find one down here and grab some gems4840.564.44
real quick oh see you're going to I'm4842.64.4
not going to steal any gems I'll watch4845.04.76
you do it oh he's on the wall what he's4847.06.56
way up there on the wall oh yeah that's4849.765.36
not a good place I can't can't get up4853.564.84
there uh boy this walls I mean I could I4855.124.76
don't want to waste a grapple on this4858.45.16
really okay but do you see oh grapple4859.885.319
gotcha I thought you were talking about4863.564.36
like uh what oh there he goes there he4865.1995.48
goes now he's back is he just going to4867.926.719
stay up there I guess so this is no good4870.6796.841
yeah he didn't drop them oh there's a I4874.6395.361
don't want a red one I want blue ones oh4877.524.36
crap oh wow so you're going to be picky4880.03.76
like that yeah tell you what let's just4881.885.08
take it you ready ready to run oh I got4883.765.399
it let's go all right well you you can4886.964.88
run it's chasing you I'm watching you4889.1594.56
yeah he is oh my God I almost backed4891.844.08
right up a cliff careful I'm going to be4893.7193.841
careful now I'm just going to watch4895.924.719
watch this guy go after you oh boy here4897.565.0
he comes is he going to chew up my4900.6394.761
ladders I don't know maybe all right4902.565.0
Simon I'll meet you back up top all4905.45.16
right I'll see you4907.563.0
oh right there th right below us oh okay4915.884.6
Co pull up th pull up pull up pull up4918.04.08
pull up pull4920.484.159
up yeah baby is it just one there just4922.085.2
one all right droping when you want but4924.6393.841
actually it's busy that one's not going4927.283.68
to see me it's busy okay well it's4928.483.8
eating right I wonder if they're all4930.964.199
busy eating uh who knows okay it's done4932.286.12
drop me drop me drop me here we4935.1596.881
go you got this4938.46.88
kid nice that's busy4942.046.48
again oh God now I'm just I can pick you4945.285.56
up where okay okay okay I only have one4948.524.24
more parachute oh my God those things4950.843.799
are busy busy let's just try this one4952.764.08
more with my one more parachute okay4954.6393.56
okay okay where where's that where's4956.843.879
that boy at you were going away from it4958.1995.281
there yeah pull up pull up pull up and4960.7195.041
drop pull up hard you ready for the drop4963.484.719
ready drop it droping drop it let the4965.765.84
beat drop okay come on come on dude got4968.1995.241
another snack floating4971.65.44
in on delivery oh yeah it is rubhub4973.445.68
Grubhub got a clear shot to me over here4977.045.159
buds clear shot just go ahead and get me4979.125.76
go ahead and take me oh goad go ahead4982.1993.721
and latch4984.884.04
Aus hey4990.6794.601
nees yeah there's a rock Drake in front4992.524.36
of me I'm very scared and I just4995.284.76
happened to knock out a quetzel oh boy4996.884.799
uh there was a quetzel stuck in a tree5000.043.48
and I thought it'd be nice and I'd free5001.6793.921
it and then it flew into the wall and I5003.524.84
said ah now I'm going to shoot it ah God5005.66.36
no oh no I'm going to die run towards me5008.366.279
I'm running towards you oh boy you see5011.964.64
me rock Drake is probably right on me5014.6395.52
yep uh no he lost interest really yeah5016.66.36
oh no no he didn't oh well you see him5020.1595.121
moving right yeah what's he doing okay I5022.965.199
guess he did lose some interest oh boy5025.284.72
oh boy I saw him jump what's he going5028.1594.48
after I don't know maybe you nope not me5030.04.159
I would know if it was me hey do you5032.6393.08
think you could you use a quetzel you5034.1593.321
want to get that you want to I put nro5035.7193.0
berries in the quetzel but it didn't5037.483.92
seem to do anything I took an oath of no5038.7195.681
flying and being we're not going to fly5041.45.239
I'm just saying it might be a good Ally5044.44.56
to have and I knocked one out I don't5046.6395.761
see it oh no did The Rock Drake eat it5048.965.199
no it's over here right here it's stuck5052.44.319
in the wall oh really it's pretty too5054.1594.04
would you please just do you mind would5056.7194.041
you hook me up hook further up please uh5058.1994.241
yeah I can do a couple of those and I5060.763.16
can put whatever meat I got in there5062.443.52
they meat meat right is they meat yep5063.924.799
he's eating it okay good he eats meat5065.964.759
nice I mean why not we'll just have one5068.7193.44
even if we set it free I mean it's5070.7192.841
better it's better than doing nothing5072.1593.801
all right uh yeah I tell you what you5073.564.48
stay here and I'm going to go back5075.965.0
behind my fort okay yeah I'll scream for5078.045.28
you when I when I feel like I need help5080.966.279
all right I'll keep an eye on you thank5083.323.919
you all right dris same thing yeah yeah5087.7197.041
let's uh I'm going to drop you here we5092.07.92
go okay okay just me just me here where5094.767.12
is can can you kind of go towards it I5099.924.12
lost oh there yeah yeah right here yep5101.885.359
come on come on get me you see me get me5104.045.52
no not that thing get me I'm right here5107.2394.561
right in the tree right by the tree you5109.564.44
can just get me oh you're right below me5111.83.919
you're right below me how do you not get5114.05.4
me get me get me guys get me yeah not5115.7198.081
that way not that no oh yes oh God yes5119.47.0
did it do it me is it doing eat me oh5123.84.879
come on come on come on yep it's eating5126.45.759
my blood and it tickles it tickles there5128.6796.641
yes little Tickle Monster is he oh thank5132.1595.361
you for oh thank you that's actually5135.324.799
really nice Okay I accept it I'm just5137.525.36
going to get on it oh get on get on it5140.1195.481
get on it no get on it no get on it I5142.886.52
got to go woo we got5145.67.639
it you got one I did thank you thank you5149.45.64
we should get you one huh sure I don't5153.2394.161
know how to use it for5155.045.88
crap God oh God yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm5157.45.279
really not a you need to see what this5160.924.52
looks like I know but I want to be safer5162.6795.201
no let's get out of here dude huh let's5165.444.56
take it to a safe spot okay we get5167.884.44
attacked anywhere here right I guess so5170.06.6
I I mean we do have a wyvern5172.324.28
yeah hey nees yeah we're at5177.47.319
83.6% on the this female quitzel listen5181.444.84
you know I'm not going to get any sort5184.7192.92
of saddle for this thing it's going to5186.283.64
be more just like a buddy yeah it'll5187.6394.48
follow us around that'd be cool yeah why5189.926.12
not right oh yeah so man and it's a5192.1198.161
female any name suggestions um h i who5196.045.8
want to go with ailis but that's not5200.284.24
very exciting yeah it's a quetzel it's a5201.847.08
bird it flies female purple very pretty5204.526.88
it's a pretty princess maybe a pretty5208.924.48
pretty princess yep you're going to call5211.43.48
it that maybe5213.43.239
a lot of thought went into that well I5214.883.839
mean I'm just saying I said maybe go5216.6393.321
ahead what's the thought that you're5218.7193.841
putting into it um maybe something to5219.964.88
help remember this day like uh Rock5222.567.0
Drake or uh maybe pretty pretty princess5224.847.08
y that you seem married to that today5229.564.44
was the day that I thought the name5231.924.08
should be pretty pretty princess doesn't5234.05.199
that kind of a reminder of today uh5236.06.88
yeah that's right yes baby and you know5239.1995.52
what it is going to be5242.883.4
princess congratulations thank you it's5247.965.32
my first5250.926.319
princess looking oh I think I see one oh5257.2396.92
an argentavis there's two oh this is5260.6795.361
this is going to be hairy while one's5264.1593.52
eating you the other one shouldn't mess5266.044.36
with you should okay okay I could have5267.6794.361
swore there were kind of two by when I5270.43.96
was being taken oh they just took5272.046.199
something down together uhhuh oh it's5274.366.92
got me I got you yeah oh beautiful what5278.2395.201
do I do all right uh just let it take5281.284.16
you and and and it's taking your blood5283.445.52
down right now level 55 I5285.446.36
think yep tickles do it okay it tickles5288.9610.719
a little okay yeah oh man oh okay okay5291.811.72
yeah yeah okay come on I'm uh right5299.6795.841
behind you you see see me oh yeah this5303.527.56
is awesome yes and disgusting W water5305.527.92
look at5311.082.36
this you can like dive and go super fast5314.565.4
underwater can look how fast how'd you5317.565.92
die I don't remember okay I'm stuck let5319.965.44
go let go let5323.485.8
go let go yes5325.49.13
woo holy crap did you die I can't you5329.286.959
can Simon we got to take that rock Drake5336.2394.761
down I know I'm trying to get my baby5338.84.359
away all right let's get bab baby come5341.04.719
over here sweetie pie oh oh crap no I5343.1594.241
can't why can't I all right you sit5345.7194.601
still I just laid a couple spikes down5347.45.279
okay uh boy it's going to get dark do5350.324.52
you see him uh no I don't I do not see5352.6794.921
the invisible thing all right all right5354.844.76
coming out he was just outside the gate5357.65.76
yes he was I know and that's now it's5359.65.72
always got at least that little shine5363.363.96
that you could see right right I see5365.324.919
them yep yep yep yep I see them that5367.324.28
might be a different one they're5370.2393.281
everywhere man well we're going to try5371.63.4
to take care of one of them you want me5373.523.639
to shoot this guy and then like come5375.05.92
back to the house uh yeah do it let's5377.1596.801
see what happens hold on Boom run Simon5380.924.319
I'm running I'm running I'm running I'm5383.964.759
running got him well I it was red oh he5385.2396.44
mad he mad he mad okay now what come on5388.7195.44
you still out boy he definitely mad5391.6794.96
through the spikes through the spikes oh5394.1594.881
he's on the spikes Booyah he's on them5396.6395.0
all right yeah yeah oh he hit me5399.045.04
he hit me crap I'm shooting him oh that5401.6394.161
hurt too okay come on you little5404.083.92
give it to him right there oh5405.84.399
yeah right there right in the face5408.04.56
spikes man he's got the spikes on him I5410.1993.761
that's got to be helping this is going5412.563.639
to be oh wow okay what's he doing now5413.965.04
he's out of the spikes out of the spikes5416.1994.361
okay where'd he go make sure he might5419.03.48
try to come around back in the spikes5420.564.32
yep just keep shooting man my primitive5422.484.759
long neck shot oh it broke I thought I5424.884.92
died for a second there ah did we get5427.2394.721
him no I think we got him on the spikes5429.84.04
didn't we no but he's not oh he's still5431.963.44
I thought he was playing dead for a5433.843.24
second no he's he's trying to come5435.43.719
around he's trying to come around that's5437.085.079
a problem where'd he go where'd he go5439.1196.281
did he uh is he in our place no he's up5442.1595.281
there on the on the ridge oh I see him5445.43.319
I'm shooting at the little son of a5447.443.52
come on you get over here5448.7194.841
it's him right there right yeah it's him5450.963.64
ah okay leading towards the spikes come5454.63.519
and get me5456.883.239
sweey damn this thing was a threat5460.1194.401
before now it's running from us yeah cuz5462.324.24
it knows that we got big dicks and we5464.524.719
know how to use them let me look on this5466.565.8
side yeah I'm staying by the5469.2396.0
spikes oh it's back back in the back in5472.366.04
the wood back in the wood baby yep okay5475.2395.081
oh I got a shot right here take that5478.43.4
he's bloody shooting him right in the5480.323.839
face come on baby come on baby what are5481.85.76
you thinking huh yeah5484.1596.401
yeah all right I need some materials5487.566.24
anyway this is perfect oh look at all5490.566.079
this look at all of this look at all5493.85.839
this I've been you okay tranquilized oh5496.6394.681
you're trying to tranquilize me what I'm5499.6393.52
just kidding I was just you were trying5501.324.72
to tranquilize me it was a joke it was5503.1594.361
you were kidding there's two arrows in5506.044.679
there it was a joke joke my two arrows5507.526.679
in the back listen I was just kidding5510.7196.801
I'm going let that slide thank you I did5514.1995.601
run out of arrows though I was trying to5517.523.679
you what happened what I dookie dookie I5521.1997.321
leave for one day and the house gets5526.763.359
destroyed is that how we're starting5528.522.96
this oh man talking about taking the5530.1192.721
wind out of my5531.483.48
sails I you want to hunt I you want to5532.844.24
hunt now dookie I was hunting EBS I was5534.963.56
having a good time your face makes me5537.085.159
happy though look at you you're so cute5538.526.48
okay hous is destroyed by was g off yeah5542.2395.121
that's Ark for you oh I logged out and5545.04.719
my house got destroyed guess I was5547.363.98
Ark who's a pretty girl who's a pretty5566.08.56
girl you are sumon you're a pretty girl5570.046.119
hey what are you doing why you still5574.563.639
here I'm looking at look at this pretty5576.1593.801
little girl look how she's such a good5578.1995.761
girl uh-huh look how sweet she is okay I5579.966.64
am in love I have I don't know if I like5583.964.719
cuz you know cuz they're generally these5586.65.639
are ugly ugly things but it's so ugly5588.6797.201
it's adorable wow what you got a quetzel5592.2397.601
yeah oh we abso hey what's up baby how5595.885.92
are you yeah got stuck on a wall I shot5599.844.399
it with shrs and now we are you know5601.87.16
family what yeah oh man this one's ugly5604.2398.281
what this's real ugly you exactly so5608.965.52
ugly it's adorable what are you doing5612.524.119
nebs I don't trust anybody anymore I5614.483.199
don't have any I don't have any I don't5616.6393.281
have any damn weapons yeah sounds like5617.6793.921
something you'd say I don't have any5619.923.92
weapons I what you want for me I don't5621.64.88
know just you're sneaky sometimes not5623.844.64
trying to be yeah I'm not sneaky look I5626.483.52
don't have any weapons my house got5628.483.84
destroyed okay not logged out you have5630.04.159
any weapons in here what do you got uh5632.322.68
nothing nothing listen are you GNA are5635.04.36
you GNA try to hurt him are we still5637.364.6
playing this game or what no I'm not no5639.364.24
I'm done playing that game all right5641.964.36
y'all been trying to kill me and we're5643.65.16
done playing that game sounds like5646.325.48
something you would say all right yeah5648.765.08
well Simon I'm done playing the game did5651.84.359
your head just pop up over there yeah5653.845.76
had your head pop up one more time hello5656.1596.201
oh see I'm not playing that game that's5659.65.28
not me that's Simon oh I'm not playing5662.366.2
the game either oh all right he's come5664.886.64
out quit being like that he shot first5668.564.84
oh I know he did that was welld deserved5671.525.0
but I I have no weapons okay yeah look5673.47.0
at that look at that Simon did5676.523.88
that whoa dalas looking good yeah yeah5689.847.879
my brother in arms and many many arms5694.525.92
arms All These Arms yeah yeah all of5697.7196.761
them hey what uh I saw uh who who just5700.446.12
died on my screen was it Simon neebs5704.484.12
killed Simon Simon should we be mad at5706.564.52
that nope oh okay nope I'm not going to5708.64.599
let it affect my date hey who likes5711.085.48
turtles I love Turtles giant turtles5713.1995.281
that is love I love the giant turtles5716.563.92
the best Turtles we should go looking5718.484.88
for giant turtles oh they got giant5720.483.679
giant turtles lead the way I gu I guess5724.1595.161
we just start start this way do we take5726.765.52
the spiders or the dragons man we just5729.323.879
spiders the the the easy thing would be5733.1995.52
the wyns but excuse me excuse me double5735.6396.281
jump go5738.7193.201
woo you got to come out it sometime NES5743.44.839
I don't have to what's your food5746.564.2
situation in there uh pretty good I5748.2395.641
think yeah tons of meat tons of berries5750.766.8
now tons of water Hey listen neebs I'm5753.885.6
back by the way I'd appreciate it if you5757.564.28
didn't if you didn't kill me you see if5759.484.199
I were to even shoot you in the head5761.845.2
that I I can't kill you okay but but you5763.6795.121
kill me with one shot was your last5767.044.04
warning and then you shot at me5768.84.919
again how do we move forward from this I5771.083.88
don't know what do you want to do I'm5773.7192.841
going to get off this island cuz thick5774.964.6
andus AB Bandon me and I got a woolly5776.564.88
woolly Rhino to get back to oh I5779.563.4
remember the woolly Rhino what was his5781.443.96
name bubble gun ladybug ladybug how can5782.964.48
I forget okay so what you just want to5785.45.56
get back to Ladybug yep all right well5787.444.84
can can I go with you cuz I don't want5790.962.279
to be here5792.283.439
anymore yeah but how do I trust you5793.2394.601
again uh wait I can accept you back into5795.7194.721
the tribe how about you join my tribe5797.845.12
done okay what what about and I that I5800.444.32
stay in a different tribe yeah you can5802.963.48
join the tribe too you join too if you5804.763.919
want I just got pooped on okay I'll join5806.444.04
your tribe if it makes things easier for5808.6794.081
me sure all right no weapons put your5810.485.96
weapons away come on out weapons away5812.765.64
don't mind those uh traps that Simon put5816.444.32
down I did not put those traps down yes5818.43.839
you did don't you around yes you5820.764.0
did on you know I don't even know how to5822.2395.761
do anything with traps much less work5824.765.16
there you go all right who's joining5828.04.159
first me oh see you got that big hat5829.925.08
you're like the chief okay uh recruit to5832.1595.921
to tribe uhuh accept invitation to trap5835.08.159
of KN boom okay uh uh I yeah hold on5838.088.72
uh-huh accept invitation here we go all5843.1595.121
right so how do these work now that5846.84.52
Simon lay them down if I ow oh yeah work5848.285.399
like a jarm they don't discriminate no5851.324.919
guess not how we get home uh I don't5853.6794.281
know what's your plan well there's a5856.2394.801
couple options um we're a no flyer tribe5857.965.52
so V I feel like we've gotten rid of5861.044.36
that we have a damn look at this thing5863.483.719
yeah but are we going to ride it we5865.43.4
could build a boat we can build glider5867.1993.281
suits if we can find enough roll rats5868.84.24
glider suits okay glider suits I want I5870.484.08
want to do the glider suits you said5873.043.04
that and I want to do that we need blue5874.563.52
gems all right so we need what roll rats5876.083.559
roll rats have the gems yeah so we got5878.083.559
to take gems from Roll rats and then we5879.6393.48
make glider suits that's how we get out5881.6394.96
of here that's5883.1193.48
it I don't see any Turtles I haven't5888.525.56
seen big ones yeah you'd think they'd be5891.365.319
very uh obvious enough other down5894.084.159
here that's for sure yeah all right5896.6793.121
let's see how deep we can go these5898.2393.721
things are fast let's go yeah I'm going5899.84.399
stra down I'm going ah5901.966.159
oh wow yeah i' like these things are5904.1996.96
insane this is really deep how dangerous5908.1196.56
is this uh well uh there's a good chance5911.1595.401
that we could run out of air that's how5914.6794.241
dangerous oh there's the air thing mhm5916.566.48
yep and I'm about to Boom up going up5918.926.799
going up going up oh come on up oh boy5923.045.28
oh God it's a long ways oh boy oh boy5925.7194.761
why why got watch thatas you got to5928.325.68
watch it why thick no thick oh God5930.486.84
electric he okay how dumb is this okay5934.07.0
come on air I was hoping you'd yeah you5937.326.24
got it watch out hey go to short quickly5941.04.119
wherever you see5943.564.84
short oh he shocked me okay oh I'm going5945.1197.681
to die probably no thck holy crap5948.47.239
mama I think I'm good yeah yeah unless5955.6397.08
all that all that we just did was just5959.965.759
so dumb that was really stupid stuff5962.7197.92
yes yes but uh we didn't die yet hold on5965.7198.52
or or find a or find a turtle yeah oh my5970.6396.08
God yeah I I oh this is a nice little5974.2394.0
place Little Island here this is a nice5976.7193.52
little place sure M probably r this out5978.2394.601
to somebody uh hey uh I I need to5980.2395.88
recover yeah and um yeah let's let's5982.845.24
just recover take a minute I wouldn't5986.1193.361
mind seeing those other guys you know5988.084.68
what I mean yeah oh wait do I might do I5989.484.52
let me see something5992.763.32
okay oh I don't have my uh I don't have5994.03.76
my walkie-talkie do you have a walkie5996.083.84
talkie I don't have a walkie talkie5997.764.04
walkie talkie why don't we just go there5999.924.0
thick oh yeah we can climb up with these6001.85.64
things exactly oh my God we're stupid or6003.926.0
you're smart I'm stupid lead it away6007.447.159
yeah uh hold on lead it away dras uh you6009.928.44
lead it away lead it away there is this6014.5996.441
okay oh no we said don't use the6022.327.52
front door that's6026.287.319
Jed Simon it uh what just meet us6029.845.92
out there yeah just meet us out there6033.5993.161
whatever I don't even know where you're6035.762.76
going I'll just stay here just go6036.762.8
through the wall we're going to be6038.523.04
looking for roll rats yeah I'm on you6039.563.76
NES you got a6041.565.0
light they're usually everywhere ABS the6043.325.52
RO yeah I've seen them and The Rock DRS6046.565.32
yep and we want blue gems not red not6048.846.52
green blue here one oh yeah you're right6051.886.12
hey Bub boo now when uh we steal his6055.364.0
gyms he's going to get mad oh yeah he6058.02.52
gets all pissy what do you got built6059.362.72
behind him over there oh that's my6060.523.599
little uh elevator down to the next6062.083.84
level oh oh yeah come on poop me a blue6065.925.319
gy oh wait let me switch to my6068.764.879
trink what you got for me baby you got6071.2394.601
me something blue something shiny shiny6073.6394.641
something shiny shoe oh we got a blue6075.844.04
one we got a blue one all right you6078.285.8
going to grab it yeah you ready yep and6079.885.2
got it got it I'm going to get all of6084.082.24
them I got all of them all right he's6085.083.159
after you I know he6086.324.6
is let's trank him so he'll fall asleep6088.2394.521
not be mad I forg I forgot to load my6090.924.279
damn God a he's on me he's on me good6092.764.439
all right give me a second oh he's right6095.1995.281
on me is he whoa crap really fast I6097.1994.561
could run back to the Fort but then6100.482.88
he'll die on the spikes well that'll be6101.763.64
fine right uh yeah I guess I was just6103.363.799
hoping we could use him again for more6105.44.199
uh you know gyms yeah yeah yeah I get6107.1594.48
the word yeah I'm just going to do it I6109.5993.321
don't want to die well maybe I can6111.6392.641
distract maybe we can pull him back and6112.923.759
forth you on him uh yeah put some Tran6114.284.68
arrows in him he's on me hey guys how6116.6795.44
you doing go help Tran this thing I well6118.964.639
I okay if you're going to bring him6122.1193.52
close cuz I'm still stuck yeah you're6123.5995.64
off the thing who you okay n he's cling6125.6396.6
he is oh he's he's in your face now I'm6129.2395.36
shooting him hey get away from my baby6132.2394.561
girl I don't think he's bothering her6134.5993.921
okay good I'm shooting and I'm stuck on6136.83.319
a thing that's probably not smart for me6138.524.92
to do but I'm doing it here we go we got6140.1194.761
oh is he trying to run yeah there's no6143.444.44
running now Bubba boo uh-uh oh knocked6144.886.48
out boom he down knocked out all right6147.885.799
perfect now you take a nap you get some6151.364.879
more gems and uh we'll see you in the6153.6793.92
baby back the door what was that come on6157.5996.681
nothing okay hey we're done hunting S I6161.1195.56
but use the back door6171.323.799
and here we6178.444.48
go yeah whoa whoa whoa whoa what these6179.845.64
nasty boys right here these bad things6182.925.56
oh you nasty boy oh my God magma magma6185.485.719
boys things here we go big jump6188.485.08
big jump double jump big jump big big6191.1995.561
jumps big jump which way we going oh God6193.565.88
red OB dude yeah something's horribly6196.765.68
wrong yeah horribly wrong with those6199.444.64
they're like they've taken over the6202.444.64
world what is that oh that dude this uh6204.085.519
Spider vision's pretty handy isn't it it6207.086.44
is get see everything that's wrong H6209.5996.481
terror bird you're a loser what a loser6213.526.96
they are okay okay stuck stuck yeah I6216.086.119
lose you real quick cuz that was a rock6220.484.8
monster thing hey hey don't you come6222.1995.881
back over here oh H you talking to okay6225.285.399
hey nope that's you I see you looking at6228.085.559
me I have a spider yeah get back in your6230.6795.801
is it just me or does it seem6237.1994.881
like I've been in here a lot longer than6240.2394.36
what abso was yeah I managed to wiggle6242.084.68
out of it oh I mean ain't no wiggling6244.5994.841
for me you're cold you should find yeah6246.765.32
okay whatever but oh here and I'm not6249.445.56
that heavy cuz I shouldn't have much6252.085.32
stuff there you go what is that it's a6255.05.56
torch you Tred jumping wiggling and yeah6257.46.44
jumping I mean jumping should all I need6260.565.32
to try to do I mean I'm trying that's6263.843.44
what I did I felt like I just jumped and6265.883.2
wiggled and eventually I bounced out of6267.284.56
it yeah no I ain't wiggling I don't even6269.084.96
doesn't even look like I'm in a trap6271.843.799
it's like the trap's right in front of6274.044.04
me oh I can demolish it well that would6275.6394.841
be nice yeah but it's it's only got five6278.084.639
out of it's about to break anyway five6280.485.159
out of what five out of 100 so and when6282.7194.681
I was looking at it it had three give a6285.6393.921
good wiggle yeah give a Wile give a good6287.43.44
bounce give a good wiggle I don't want6289.562.92
to give too much of a wiggle cuz I don't6290.842.799
want to get stuck stucking the one6292.486.0
that's right next to me understandable6293.6394.841
okay looky looky all right listen stop6299.325.64
shooting me I didn't shoot you what are6302.364.359
you talking about well then how why did6304.964.08
they get knocked out now that was me6306.7196.841
what the hell are you doing that for for6309.044.52
fun I love this place at least we got6315.087.159
some water here I know yeah gorgeous6318.486.239
water is it water like look at it it's6322.2395.761
it's waterish what is it tropical like6324.7195.44
uh the blue Hawaiian Punch yeah this is6328.05.119
Hawaiian Punch oh boy these guys okay6330.1594.56
okay yeah yeah I probably already lost6333.1193.12
you thick no I see where you're at stay6334.7193.241
where you're at stay there okay I see6336.2393.92
you oh God that is that I can't believe6337.965.759
I didn't even okay what dick what he6340.1597.48
just Blended in oh goodness oh one of6343.7196.281
those things the thingy things oh here6347.6395.56
he come hey buddy we're getting close6350.05.239
trus we we should have probably flown6353.1993.681
but this is cool this will be fun yeah6355.2394.721
it's much better it6356.885.08
is n I'm starting to think it been6359.963.639
easier to kill this thing and then hunt6361.963.4
a different one yeah well you know6363.5994.04
there's probably more around um we could6365.364.799
send a Twan search party out there to6367.6393.96
find another one yeah you know what you6370.1593.321
guys go do that I'll keep an eye on this6371.5994.56
okay are you right okay good I wasn't I6376.2395.801
didn't want to be right on top of you no6379.7194.48
we're good uh uh there's a roll rat6382.045.36
right here so we're good and I wasn't6384.1994.641
honestly when you you know I wasn't6387.43.04
really paying attention when we were6388.844.319
back there so you know when you said6390.445.08
come on Simon let's go I just ran I was6393.1593.681
like oh what what are we doing I don't6395.522.639
really know what we're doing except for6396.843.399
I guess the roll rat okay what's going6398.1596.201
to be my role in the roll rat situation6400.2396.761
nice one so I think uh we just want to6404.365.04
grab the gems and you know what we could6407.05.28
just run straight back to the ladder and6409.44.759
maybe he'll forget about us well do I6412.284.16
have to grab Gems or do am I just here6414.1595.241
to watch just just one of us uh okay you6416.446.199
can grab the gems then go for it uh oh6419.44.4
is he going to keep his butt up like6422.6393.401
that maybe was that a full dig are there6423.84.439
any gems here I don't know I've never6426.043.72
even grabbed a gem at least I don't6428.2393.561
remember yeah he digs a hole he leaves6429.764.879
gems behind all right well let's see6431.85.16
think he left any keep an eye on him I'm6434.6393.56
keep my eye on them I'm going to look6436.962.679
for these blue gems you know what I'm6438.1992.721
going to do I'm going to take my light6439.6392.96
out so I can see them they'll probably6440.924.799
GL listen in the in the fire stick light6442.5995.401
yep light helps you see that's usually6445.7196.121
the case yep dig dig Bubba dig no red no6448.06.48
green we want blue blue there we go come6451.844.319
on you digging down what are you doing6454.484.04
that's a lazy dig that that's a lazy dig6456.1594.801
very lazy dig I don't even see anything6458.524.4
your sphincter can't even handle a blue6460.964.52
stone can it tell him do more of that6462.924.6
come on sphincter why don't you work6465.484.88
like a real mole huh why' you poop some6467.527.079
real freaking gems huh real BL like the6470.366.56
sky work him out yeah you going to let6474.5993.801
him talk to you like that you're6476.924.679
worthless your sphincter is a piece of6478.45.48
worthlessness that's not a sphincter6481.5994.321
Simon show them what a sphincter is look6483.884.64
at my sphincter look at his sphincter6485.926.12
look at that look at it look at my blue6488.525.84
JS you can put in there oh God you don't6492.044.92
even know what oh come on prove to me6494.364.879
prove to me show us show us what you got6496.965.44
show us that damn sphincter oh did he6499.2395.641
bring it did you did he bring it did he6502.45.799
bring it red and green just to piss us6504.889.359
off you're sphin is stupid worthless6508.1996.04
strer uh oh nope nope oh almost got it6521.487.639
therei this is the best it's pretty6526.446.44
great yep come keep missing that come on6529.1197.0
keep missing I just keep oh oh boy oh6532.886.279
boy oh I imagine this is super relaxing6536.1196.281
like for for my thing here yeah get up6539.1596.881
come there we go6542.46.48
hey oh this is nice it's like a it's6548.885.44
like a hammock yeah it is it's really6551.6395.441
nice woo did you how do you go up and6554.324.2
down did you figure that out the6557.083.48
clickers which clicker with the with the6558.524.0
both of them both the buttons on the on6560.564.039
the meow6562.524.0
yeah oh wa all right good bye6566.528.119
Spidey land in the6571.1593.48
water oh I'll be right back6578.489.28
okay see anything nope no oh hey whoa6583.046.72
whoa right here right here look at this6587.764.56
freaking pink one a pink one look at6589.765.76
that a big massive pink stripe on its6592.325.76
back okay that one looks actually pretty6595.526.159
cool y okay so I don't see any threads6598.085.32
let's Fe let's see if this one has a6601.6796.48
good sphin okay come on baby here we go6603.47.799
what do we doing oh blue yes now we got6608.1595.761
to be able to run so and it looks like6611.1994.561
get out of the way man sorry all right6613.923.92
you ready ready wait wait wait wait wait6615.764.08
wait uh okay yeah follow they're going6617.843.879
to disappear you ready follow follow me6619.844.92
okay bam bam B bam bam bam bam bam bam6621.7195.361
bam bam okay we're running we're running6624.764.72
sumon all right I'm running I'm behind6627.085.4
you hello hello Mo how are you hey I6629.485.96
wonder if if he uh why why what are you6632.484.199
doing I was hoping the moth would slow6635.443.12
him down with the stuff he sprays you6636.6794.321
ready follow me I'm trying to then you6638.564.159
started to do weird things I'm on your6641.03.719
butt he's not even angry at you I don't6642.7194.321
think nope I don't why would he be we're6644.7195.281
friends at this point right so you do6647.044.88
your thing and then I'll just watch6650.04.36
going yep still on you I'll go jump in6651.924.319
this little Hut then well you think6654.363.44
that's going to help you jumping in the6656.2393.041
Hut isn't it going to want to attack the6657.83.839
Hut well then I'll go down the ladder6659.284.08
and then I'll shut the door and then6661.6393.6
we'll see how that goes okay or I'll6663.364.04
follow you and then or I'll just go6665.2393.36
ahead if he's not worried about you6667.42.96
don't I just just stay there there we go6668.5993.681
okay all right oh and look at that6670.364.2
what's he doing now he's turning around6672.283.839
he's acting a little bit weird pretty6674.565.72
annoyed oh yep yep too bad fell don't6676.1196.641
bite my ladders wo wo don't bite my6680.285.0
ladder it's fighting it's exactly what6682.765.359
it's doing I'm shooting him I'm shooting6685.285.52
him yeah give it to him okay uh that was6688.1196.52
probably a bad idea bad idea run away6690.86.12
okay going to run away but I'm hurting6694.6395.321
and I can't run very good right now oh6696.927.4
no please no I apologize Mr R rat sir6699.966.679
you have a6704.322.319
parachute are you6706.7196.561
dead ah no sir roll rats6708.63910.281
no sir y who okay yeah you come me that6713.287.48
ah you were cool looking6722.363.96
too son of a okay hello oh boy hey6729.8410.12
hey I I died oh boy well hey the the the6735.486.4
mole woke up where'd he go oh I just had6739.964.279
my eye on him there he is I don't know6741.884.799
there he is okay yeah these guys man6744.2394.161
they obviously don't like it when you6746.6794.601
take their crap one of them killed me no6748.46.04
hey hey got like tons of blue stone6751.284.56
we're I mean we're good on blue blue6754.443.32
gems right now oh that's good I'll throw6755.844.319
them in the Smithy sweet there we go6757.764.359
just waiting a little metal to cook and6760.1595.121
we are good to go three glid suits heck6762.1196.641
yeah baby yeah I like all that I'm going6765.285.879
to hang W good God6768.765.8
God oh my what the hell oh6771.1595.641
Jesus that legit scared the hell out of6774.564.639
me what the we being raed shut down the6776.86.319
hatches B hatches no it's Dora hi guys6779.1997.04
oh my God look at this6783.1197.841
thing look how I'm riding this6786.2397.48
home okay I love everything about oh you6790.965.759
got my gauntlets huh my gauntlets yep I6793.7196.081
sure do sweet yeah missing those been6796.7194.801
saving them yeah it's good to see you6799.85.439
guys a wearing a Baby Bjorn oh oh yeah6801.526.079
pretty much man they don't even they6805.2394.201
they don't even look like spiders man6807.5994.12
they are fre spiders yeah y'all got a6809.444.6
quetzel huh yep that's mine yeah it6811.7193.841
looks like it and then we it looks like6814.043.4
we have a mole but that's not our mole6815.564.32
hey actually we don't have a quetzel uh6817.445.159
we're a new tribe I think that quitzel6819.887.359
probably belongs to the old tribe no oh6822.5994.64
terus got a6827.283.28
qu hey you have to take care of my6831.444.6
pretty pretty princess I'll probably6833.925.199
lose it any second oh fun all right6836.044.559
we'll take it6839.1196.681
then I'm very sad that's that's not good6840.5997.56
bye I will miss you can't thank you6845.84.12
enough for the quel yeah thank you so6848.1593.681
much guys we'll catch you later it6849.925.64
wasn't a gift it wasn't a gift Wooh wow6851.845.96
all right yeah those things are amazing6855.565.079
one it was never a gift and that is mine6857.85.96
still and haha6860.6396.161
there we go o man you like a look like a6863.765.24
damn superhero or something yes sir this6866.84.08
is our ticket out of here all right well6869.03.4
that's one ticket out of here you got6870.882.759
two more of those tickets yeah we got it6872.43.56
all in here so uh tomorrow morning we6873.6394.08
set sale tomorrow6875.964.119
morning yeah that's probably a good idea6877.7194.88
all right good day folks day I'm just6880.0795.6
happy to be invited6882.5995.64
mhm hey6885.6794.761
hey I knew you were going to try to push6888.2394.521
me back into that thing you6890.446.32
piece of dog you're a piece of6892.766.439
all right we got everything we need6896.764.2
uh yep we're locked up everybody got to6899.1994.601
come back we're good okay let's set off6900.966.639
all right okay see you found a a peak uh6903.85.04
well I didn't I didn't actually get up6907.5993.161
to it but I'm going to yeah I think we6908.844.2
can get up this way yeah follow me yep6910.763.28
but I don't know what we're going to run6913.043.079
into on the way so you know just be6914.044.559
careful baby now do these take a lot of6916.1194.56
material to make I mean should we even6918.5994.6
be wearing them right now now no it's6920.6793.881
fine to wear I don't think they'll wear6923.1993.201
down as long as we're not uh well that6924.563.8
then again if we get hit man yeah if we6926.44.52
get hit right now I feel like maybe I6928.364.319
should yeah you know what let let's all6930.923.52
do that let's all do that take them off6932.6794.321
take them off blast blast your boys okay6934.444.279
looky looky how do you how do you6937.03.32
separate them I just took mine off I'll6938.7194.081
just do this spam exactly yeah it feels6940.324.96
feels nice out here it is nice I get6942.83.799
attacked by a rock drag or something6945.284.08
though I can take him yeah that'll be6946.5994.64
duras hopefully this is the day that we6963.525.199
have our first tech suit you know what I6966.7194.241
really hope so too thick all we need is6968.7195.161
100 yeah element6970.966.52
okay all right6973.883.6
let's hello everyone hello is is any6978.1197.201
here I see John jacobe hold I've got him6982.565.119
in my in my web no don't press X to let6985.324.64
him go okay yeah you'll kill hey John6987.6794.681
that was a cast that was a spider6989.965.96
cast hey hey uh do you guys happen to6992.365.799
have any more element here we could use6995.925.319
a 100 yeah and we really got to go we've6998.1597.801
got uh people to save with more7001.2397.88
yeah let's see all right spiders allowed7005.965.44
in here look at all these TR look at all7009.1194.761
this what no no it's ridiculous like7011.44.839
it's like they to play the oh there's7013.885.719
hair in here this is crazy oh my God all7016.2394.96
the spark powder these they're so7019.5993.841
efficient can these guys hear me might7021.1994.48
just have to take it yeah it's probably7023.444.48
what they want make it take it us to do7025.6794.56
that's the whole thing they should label7027.925.679
these huh lots of scuba gear God I love7030.2396.761
it love this whole place yeah me too me7033.5994.761
too a little jealous and I might move7037.04.04
here I don't7038.362.68
are we high enough is there someone we7043.04.4
can parachute to and then try to work7045.6394.641
our way up from there I mean you guys7047.44.52
don't think this is high enough how high7050.283.839
do you want to go I mean yeah I want to7051.924.48
be up there where I'm looking okay right7054.1193.881
there though that's that's how high we7056.43.52
want to go right up to that one point oh7058.03.119
yeah we could yeah if we could get to7059.922.96
like one of these islands like up here7061.1194.921
that'd be so sweet neb I got an idea7062.885.799
okay all right just uh you don't do it7066.044.119
only I'm going to do it only you going7068.6793.92
to do it yeah cuz this may be stupid um7070.1593.761
and I may have to get back up to you7072.5994.321
here I go okay you really committed to7073.925.679
that yeah I did yeah sometimes you just7076.925.0
got to go baby sometimes it makes it7079.5994.0
worse though yeah yeah no this this7081.923.4
could be7083.5994.441
bad see is it worth landing on that okay7085.324.72
hold on hold on hold on I'm going see if7088.044.8
I can land on this big big Branch o man7090.044.119
this is going to be cutting close you7092.843.759
better get your grapple ready no I got7094.1593.881
this I'm going to be good and I'll get7096.5993.681
it out just in case man that I surprised7098.043.76
you it doesn't look like it's that far7100.284.879
away uh okay okay okay all right I've7101.86.08
made it over7105.1592.721
here think what happened what was that7108.1995.52
thing shot at no no you stay7111.045.72
here no no no no no no no no no oh my7113.7196.761
God holy it went up there you idiot7116.765.12
what are you doing what are you going7120.483.28
they're all going into the water7121.885.12
they one of those things shot at it7123.764.72
where's cus all right what do we what do7127.06.56
we ah I'm so confused Dr get that7128.4812.0
T-Rex yeah okay oh no going in hard7133.5612.48
hot heavy leave our Wyn alone cerinus do7140.4810.119
what you do best there we go there we go7146.049.72
cus out nice man cerinus has to be7150.5997.0
the strongest thing that we7155.766.6
have ah reuben reuben what the hell what7157.5996.64
do you think you were going to do uh all7162.363.44
right let me jump down there and see if7164.2393.041
I can get him out uh all right let's7165.83.279
land some stuff and make him sick yeah7167.285.16
land it land it all land it7169.0793.361
all oh I just really want to get up on7174.483.84
that lip damn it yeah everything is just7176.7194.601
way too high uh-huh like you're lower7178.325.2
than when you started I know yep that's7181.324.399
why I think that over here see that's7183.524.36
where I guess the penalty that you have7185.7193.601
but we're going to have to like nees7187.882.96
shouldn't we just jump from over here7189.324.04
this is so freaking High over here I7190.844.239
don't even know why we were down over7193.364.239
there this is much better over here we7195.0795.241
could do that I mean we could ab's down7197.5994.201
there though all right well I mean7200.322.839
listen what do you want to do do you7201.84.839
want to go farther or do oh I did it did7203.1595.401
you fall7206.6395.0
yep how did you fall good God did he7208.566.119
just die yeah he died what he had7211.6396.0
parachutes and a wingsuit oh no he had7214.6795.841
two things okay so now he's got to get7217.6395.401
back here to us oh and it's getting dark7220.524.28
nees where you at you still on that I'm7223.043.599
on top of the big one I'm going to go7224.83.799
out to the very Tippy tip oh yeah you're7226.6394.121
still on the bridge yeah so now we're7228.5994.681
faced with the uh the decision either we7230.766.479
jump and fly and abandon Simon not a bad7233.287.959
idea or we go down and get his stuck7237.2395.84
then we got to climb back up here I'm7241.2393.92
not a fan of it no want to climb back up7243.0793.52
here I want to climb back up here either7245.1593.841
but it is gorgeous tell you what you go7246.5994.721
get his stuff I'll go get Simon okay I7249.04.719
don't know where he stuff is okay well7251.323.839
I'll get him and then if you don't find7253.7193.48
it he'll he'll be able to tell us where7255.1593.96
his green thing is okay did he he did he7257.1993.841
fall off that log you're on yeah I think7259.1194.241
at the tip of it I see you good luck7261.045.52
thank you great day so far loving it our7263.365.839
plans have been7266.562.639
ruined uh thck yeah we should probably7270.86.6
um make a little rescue now huh well we7274.6395.281
have two things to rescue dalius what's7277.45.199
what well this idiot and and all you7279.926.52
stay here shut up okay so this idiot and7282.5995.681
where's the7286.444.84
baby oh where's the baby wyvern we7288.284.959
haven't even named it that's how much we7291.285.16
oh boy that's how much we owe well let's7293.2394.521
let's this is priority one thing at a7296.443.6
time this is priority uh one of us7297.764.12
should drive one of us should be on the7300.044.44
back uh I'm driving I'm going to be on7301.886.12
the back in case we have to shoot7304.486.84
something come on get in come on get in7308.05.92
boy all right all right we got to go7311.324.399
under the bridge right we can't go under7313.924.92
the bridge are you sure not positive but7315.7195.321
hey try this because the other way is7318.844.08
forever and then it goes up a waterfall7321.046.44
trust me I over it okay this seems uh7322.927.319
Stupid seems ambitious yeah we might7327.485.119
have to take some out though like for7330.2396.761
real this is the safest way oh Christ uh7332.5996.721
it just submerged its head into water7337.06.599
uhhuh that that didn't work oh boy7339.326.279
did you get through yeah oh I I should7343.5993.441
have stayed out hold up hold up let me7345.5994.08
get back on all right come on I was uh7347.045.72
getting okay oh God and you'll have to7349.6794.92
yeah obviously wrap7352.764.6
left there we7354.5996.0
go looks like we're going to encounter7357.365.839
bit of an up here oh yeah well7360.5994.921
I'm ready for that unless I can uh oh7363.1994.161
yeah we're going to have to drop down7365.525.92
yep yep yep okay two two yep7367.366.52
those what's this thing's name7371.444.52
is this Reuben I don't know watch out7373.884.799
for the spikes yep yep I see them stop7375.965.719
real quick stop just stop but we don't7378.6795.04
we shouldn't take a shot oh never mind I7381.6793.841
missed anyway all right yeah don't take7383.7193.081
a shot7385.524.199
until they attack us okay but then you7386.85.04
have to stay still Yes you just let me7389.7194.52
know I think we're good man this could7391.845.04
have been so much worse lot worse but7394.2396.281
yeah uh now we have search for a baby7396.887.44
all right yeah that's true and then7400.523.8
Tech do you see your green uh light no7406.1995.601
it's there I do see a green light I'm7410.03.32
just oh there's your body there's my7411.84.64
body Perfection oh all right let's just7413.325.64
try to make it up here there we7416.446.719
goo yeah we're down here um do you see7418.968.0
where we are oh boy ah not right off7423.1596.4
hand I hear you hold on one second uh7426.965.36
shooting a flare directly up7429.5594.16
right there oh okay yeah you're right7432.322.799
across from me all right I see where7433.7193.721
you're at I'm like right across from you7435.1193.881
I mean I'm pretty tiny I'm looking at7437.444.719
you oh wait yep there you are okay I see7439.04.84
you now should we come to you or what's7442.1594.0
the deal what'd you find out this yeah7443.843.719
you know what this might be crazy you7446.1593.281
know what I this is a decent spot to7447.5594.841
jump over here I'm sure it is let's just7449.444.159
I don't know what the hell you're all7452.42.799
thinking let's just get together and7453.5993.881
jump you need thatch or no no don't7455.1993.801
bring the that the thatch all right7457.483.96
come on Simon that thatch you7459.04.28
all right right here we go okay we're7461.445.679
doing it you behind me I am but you are7463.286.2
definitely higher than me yeah I feel7467.1193.641
like you guys should have climbed back7469.484.599
up on that Branch maybe oh boy oh Simon7470.767.56
get your grapple oh boy grapple Simon7474.0797.681
grapple T grapple did you grapple I did7478.326.399
not grapple he's stuck in the wall what7481.765.319
I don't know this is wild this is wild7484.7194.48
looking all right hold on I'm trying to7487.0795.761
hit the get this okay oh I guess I did7489.1996.52
do it I guess I did okay oh and you're7492.844.359
still under parachute because yeah you7495.7193.761
got the grapple oh boy can we build a7497.1994.44
platform down to him is that crazy yeah7499.485.04
man this is this has been a day I7501.6394.641
thought we were leaving today I know7504.523.44
that was our plan we're like hey we'll7506.283.2
quickly go over there we'll jump we'll7507.963.32
get out of here this will be easy this7509.484.719
has been a cluster7511.287.52
oh I see it oh waa oh no waa7514.1997.601
there's a wa just get it to follow right7518.85.08
hold on yeah yeah yeah let me come on7521.84.16
come on let me see if I can help out how7523.884.679
is there a T-Rex down there oh he's his7525.965.08
attention's on me come on come on this7528.5595.68
way come here oh such a bad kid7531.044.76
yeah ready all right okay we're good7534.2393.92
we're good we're good Jesus oh I7535.85.279
fell go thick what I'm I'm good I'm7538.1594.96
still good okay okay I'm getting close7541.0794.961
oh yeah fight me what what I am thick 447543.1194.0
I'm going to shoot you right in the7546.044.039
teeth that T-Rex doesn't care who you7547.1195.841
are well I have to say7550.0795.52
ammo yell at me okay I'm a little bit a7555.5995.241
little stuck okay you know what got come7558.6793.88
pick all right I got you holy you7560.843.12
know what I'll do the points7562.5593.881
later yeah how about7563.965.08
that that7566.444.119
God oh God oh he knocked me off I'm in7570.5595.52
the water I get you I get you oh am I7574.05.88
off I'm off bad oh God I'm off bad boy7576.0796.04
get on Bad Boy my God you're bad boy7579.885.44
t-rexx is coming T-Rex is coming for me7582.1194.881
too bad you have stupid little arms and7585.325.759
you can't swim you're such an7587.04.079
idiot you see this now I see it I see a7592.447.799
thing hold on can you reach it uh no I I7596.925.48
don't believe I can uh maybe I could7600.2394.081
swing a little bit you were actually7602.43.96
swinging quite a bit there yeah it looks7604.324.48
like there's a way to I don't know if I7606.365.0
could figure out how to actually do it7608.84.319
is any way we can pull him7611.364.04
neees I mean if we can knock him out7613.1193.841
might be able to Grapple him up here is7615.43.279
knocking him out an option I don't think7616.964.4
so okay probably just kill him um Simon7618.6794.321
if you could pull yourself all the way7621.364.239
up and then release your grapple but7623.04.36
then shoot the platform that's holding7625.5993.6
the ladder you could grapple yourself7627.364.0
closer to the ladder what you're asking7629.1995.0
I know I'm just look I can't uh you know7631.364.48
what I could try to do I could just try7634.1993.601
to shoot closer to the ladder is all I7635.844.2
can try to do how do I how do I release7637.85.16
the uh the grapple think it's control7640.044.039
it's probably the last time we'll see7642.963.679
him AB Sure hold on he's he's got this7644.0794.08
look at it all right so it's going to be7646.6393.48
control and then I'm going to shoot7648.1595.04
again right right try it you sure it's7650.1195.44
control it's not C uh could be C could7653.1995.4
be C try control but be ready to shoot7655.5597.201
okay no it's not control I think it's c7658.5996.56
yeah it's probably C and shoot7662.767.28
immediately oh oh did you do it y well7665.1597.681
you got hooked back on all right come on7670.044.28
reach the ladder come on you're so close7672.842.96
to that ladder oh I want you to get that7674.324.839
ladder so bad come on I see promp but7675.85.279
it's not saying climb it's saying pick7679.1594.92
up ladder just keep spamming e but it's7681.0795.921
saying pick up wood ladder with e damn7684.0794.361
it okay yeah he can't grab it because7687.04.28
he's grappled can you quickly let go of7688.445.159
the grapple and grab the7691.286.839
ladder you're right that'd be7693.5998.0
amazing good try you got to be facing it7698.1196.12
you got to hit C and then just Spam the7701.5996.681
out of e all right so hit C oh God7704.2397.561
I'm going to hit C and spam me i c e7708.285.439
like crazy okay hold on I could7711.85.2
technically be okay and7713.7196.801
C did he die again sounded like it he's7722.1196.091
got two things that7725.6794.761
all right7734.766.08
dalas yes it is about time my friend yes7735.7197.36
all right you guys hear that it's about7740.845.48
time what a pretty nice craft one craft7743.0796.681
one ooh we need we need just a little7746.325.319
bit more Metal Ingot but I think I think7749.763.399
we're good I think we're good no no we7751.6394.92
we've got some of the stuff here dras7753.1595.92
yes you've been such a good friend that7756.5595.52
I want you to have all the7759.0795.441
and put them on what about you at the7762.0794.16
stuff we'll we'll get me some soon7764.523.639
enough I don't I'm I don't I'm not7766.2393.48
worthy of we everyone knows I'm not7768.1593.4
worth okay I'll put it on you're the7769.7193.84
best feel like we have everybody knows7771.5594.241
that's not I feel like we have more7773.5596.241
Metal Ingot oh my God yeah looking good7775.87.319
oh my God yes7779.83.319
yeah and if you want I've got some uh7784.0794.361
got some yellow and red paint if you7786.883.88
want to color yourself to look like Iron7788.445.0
Man I need uh I need element to function7790.765.16
the things don't I yeah there's some in7793.445.48
here so hold on this makes me feel like7795.925.759
I should talk like a superhero all right7798.926.0
here we go all right you are a superhero7801.6796.121
oh btom of the stairs thank you citizen7804.927.4
oh I'm a citizen now well no I'm excited7807.88.04
that that makes me feel good um I got to7812.326.56
um I'll learn how to use my suit soon7815.845.04
yeah you will the do I do with this7818.885.679
all right I'm watching you yeah it says7820.886.52
I still need it um7824.5595.56
um do it dur7827.47.56
alas thank you do it to Alas okay7830.1197.0
thank you you're7834.965.84
welcome goodbye7837.1193.681
citizen I don't know what the I'm7842.043.72
doing you just walk away7844.045.72
now a look at him go look at him go he's7845.767.479
a superhero7849.763.479
haa here he is hey zon okay7853.847.319
hello all right we're officially out of7858.7194.321
resources over here pretty much yeah I7861.1593.56
had to use the thatch from that previous7863.043.32
ladder I built to build the bed there's7864.7193.88
plenty of stone and fiber just no wooden7866.364.12
thatch yeah which there is down below7868.5992.841
how are we going to do this we got to7870.482.56
get his stuff back yeah which is right7871.444.199
below down below there's a big glowing7873.044.36
green thing right here so it's right7875.6395.841
below my feet okay should maybe I try to7877.47.719
go down there and build back up yeah oh7881.486.28
man listen guys you know what I I'd be7885.1195.281
okay with you just you can go on without7887.766.359
me if you want to you know I understand7890.45.719
that it might not work for me and then7894.1194.321
you build a bed somewhere I don't I feel7896.1193.681
bad that you guys have to do all this7898.444.719
work just for me I wonder if we could7899.86.839
knock him out and grab him and then7903.1597.0
Glide suit oh that would be wonderful if7906.6395.48
you did that because you know what7910.1593.92
everything that I have there exide aside7912.1194.161
from the of course the wing suit I don't7914.0794.64
know if it's worth all the work you know7916.284.24
so is that the plan in the morning in7918.7193.96
the morning we fly or we knock him out7920.524.159
we try to grab his body and we fly I7922.6795.88
like it all right well take naap might7924.6796.681
as well enjoy the campfire mhm it's nice7928.5596.481
out here I'm going to get some7931.363.68
photos oo7935.2397.32
hey looking good yeah yeah yeah7937.848.16
looking I love7942.5593.441
it right thick I think I figured it out7947.04.36
man it was the element not the dust so I7949.444.0
drug that over and uh yeah man it uses a7951.365.12
bunch well look I made you the boots oh7953.445.6
sweet I'm going to need those boots7956.485.079
boots for the suits suits boots citizen7959.045.44
f44 here to assist thank you citizen for7961.5597.64
the boots all right let's try this ready7964.488.639
yeah go7969.1993.92
wow I am flying nice what else can I do7973.7197.641
well I have to put I don't put I didn't7979.844.759
put Tech on or that stuff element yeah7981.365.64
we need more element wow man you look7984.5994.721
great game changer feel great I feel7987.06.96
great is this do this I'm running oh7989.326.08
that's the same spe yeah I'm run them7993.964.44
with you citizen citizen thick citizen7995.45.759
you're very fast as well wow all right7998.44.53
we'll figure this out let's do it again8001.1594.96
go nice hey check out this I just8006.5997.921
learned this what'd you learn8010.1194.401
yeah I'm very sleepy citizen oh okay8018.2397.681
well I'll just watch you look at him go8022.445.23
shh look at him8025.924.12
all right Simon we're going to knock you8034.1595.44
out you ready yes oh well that was quick8035.365.68
and tell you what I'll feed him one of8039.5992.921
these as well that's a good idea I'll8041.043.96
put another may as well do that consume8042.524.159
that we want him to be nice and knocked8045.05.88
out yeah let's the timer's going you're8046.6797.56
right okay so here I go all right uh8050.885.92
drag body okay this ain't going to work8054.2395.44
oh God all right and I guess I'm going8056.84.919
to be right behind you all right here we8059.6795.88
go okay come on S fly with me is he with8061.7196.4
me no he stay damn it all right that's8065.5595.801
okay oh crap have a8068.1195.921
nice I'm going to try the that didn't8071.364.799
work are you coming Dave I was trying to8074.044.24
just leaving him I was thinking you'd be8076.1593.361
kind of close behind so you can see8078.284.24
where the I'm going yep I'm going8079.525.88
hey where are we going I don't know man8082.525.039
all I know is I'm happy to be off those8085.45.73
stupid floating islands them8087.55911.54
oh I think we're right near we're right8100.84.759
near an outpost yeah I think8102.845.48
Outpost is around here yeah there's The8105.5596.761
Outpost I see it you want to keep8108.324.0
going yes yes let's keep going to the8112.965.279
left yeah stay left got it well yeah8115.884.0
we'll kind of come down here into the8118.2393.48
desert yeah you remember these an yep8119.883.6
they were paying to climb up yeah they8121.7193.241
were although Simon could have8123.483.28
spawned at that Outpost oh he's not in8124.963.679
that tribe anymore oh that's right8126.764.24
that's not our Outpost holy we got8128.6394.92
to get back on the other tribe okay uh8131.04.679
we're getting close to Landing I think8133.5594.721
yep I think this is about it for me okay8135.6794.801
yep and I'm right behind you I'll go8138.284.359
ahead and kind of bring her down8140.485.04
too and8142.6396.48
slam woo good job man that was awesome8145.525.679
woo good Lord we made it a good ways all8149.1195.0
right now uh follow me because if I8151.1994.561
think we're in the right spot if I I8154.1193.0
think if we go around here and turn8155.763.12
right uhhuh we might be able to find a8157.1193.12
river and if we find that River that'll8158.883.92
lead us home well where's home for you8160.2394.161
uh I guess back at the base where all8162.83.24
the stuff is like Reuben and all those8164.43.799
guys oh like the by the green thing I8166.043.72
thought we were going to Ladybug well we8168.1993.201
can go there first I mean well ladybug's8169.764.0
right near home uhuh so we get kind of8171.45.46
in that area we're good8173.766.16
it's the way to travel yeah it is man8184.46.36
yes it is okay there we go oh God that's8187.5596.681
a lot of ants oh run yep yep yep yep8190.766.28
okay running oh yeah okay yep that's a8194.245.119
lot of ants want to fight mine oh God8197.046.319
yeah yeah come on oh God run yep oh8199.3595.521
oh God all right kill mine yeah you got8203.3593.24
a sword that sword is super effective8204.884.96
over here oh you got it you got it okay8206.5996.8
woo come all this W there's more keep8209.845.759
going holy that is a ton of many8213.3994.761
all right where we going oh god let's uh8215.5994.76
this way this way follow me follow me y8218.163.519
God damn that's a ton of ants that's a8220.3594.441
lot of ant is ridiculous W here let's go8221.6794.361
up the hill let's go up the hill we can8224.83.639
wing suit away from this8226.045.0
yeah I've never seen so damn many ants8228.4394.361
at once somebody probably left some8231.043.95
peanut butter out or8232.85.36
something citizen oh do my ears here a8238.167.519
superhero uh I have applied the red gift8242.6794.521
pain you have given8245.6794.081
me yeah Iron8247.26.479
Man I'm a big fan wow a big fan yeah8249.767.24
let's not Fanboy on me oh yes yes yes8253.6796.241
sir yes Mr St I mean thck it's it's me8257.06.24
dalius if you forgot no yeah dalus8259.925.519
it's me get out look at this look at8263.244.84
this real quick look at this I'm8265.4395.721
looking it is you yeah it was me the8268.086.0
whole time okay um all right I'm going8271.165.439
to put that back on okay um I'm going to8274.083.96
go yeah right right now what do you want8278.044.2
to do uh maybe hero things maybe I don't8280.046.24
know okay yeah do hero things all wa8282.247.119
hero things citizen front gate looks8286.285.96
clear citizen thank you thank you for8289.3596.0
all you do you're8292.245.399
welcome this little Peninsula right8295.3594.36
there didn't we live on that uh yeah you8297.6393.521
might be right damn you think we can fly8299.7193.64
there yeah I think so man I think that's8301.163.68
yeah that's where ladybug is should we8303.3593.16
give it a shot get get up high come on8304.843.24
come on come come on okay all right8306.5193.241
ready oh boy you're just going for it8308.083.2
huh yeah probably why not right yeah8309.763.16
whatever we're8311.285.76
survivors okay woo why am I diving well8312.926.32
n why did I dive why did you dive it8317.045.0
just went down all of a sudden ooh NES8319.244.76
it's not good that's oh why why am I8322.044.04
diving that's yeah that's what happened8324.03.519
oh you know what maybe it's cuz you you8326.083.16
might have looked up or down oh God8327.5193.92
that's a that is an insane them out of8329.244.64
like dragons where did you go I I'm8331.4395.2
still flying okay I'm uh I'm flying8333.884.439
towards the beach that is now apparently8336.6394.68
littered with lava dragons okay I'm8338.3194.801
flying some more I'm going towards the8341.3194.0
beach when did these lava dragons get8343.125.279
there's so many lava dragons do not feed8345.3195.961
the lava dragons I'm trying not to God I8348.3995.521
think they're shooting at me oh no this8351.285.359
is bad oh God can I get back to base oh8353.924.559
I just got to land and run I just got to8356.6394.401
land and run we got to get together AB8358.4794.601
oh man I don't know if we can I went so8361.045.8
much further than you oh okay oh8363.085.96
God y I'm getting shot at by oh that's a8366.846.08
raptor oh God run oh God come on oh no8369.046.359
no no run oh I've survived this8372.925.24
long oh God I'm going to die I'm going8375.3995.601
to no8378.167.479
no no damn it I'm coming to the beach8381.05.8
are you on the8385.6393.321
beach I was getting attacked why am I8386.84.08
not get oh God the Raptors got off me do8388.964.96
you see a red drop yeah I see a red drop8390.885.519
I'm on the beach near it oh there's Red8393.924.76
Dragons everywhere I know I saw the Red8396.3995.841
Dragons Keep flying nees keep flying oh8398.686.48
boy keep running I got to run8402.248.36
Serpentine what is that Dam it oh8405.1610.6
Fire w okay I'm on fire stop burning8410.68.36
does it ever stop burning you okay okay8415.766.16
yeah oh there a T-Rex too good Lord I8418.966.08
think I'm safe do you have a flare yes8421.925.28
sir shoot the flare off so I can see8425.044.8
where you're at stand by oh God I feel8427.24.44
like should we build a I I should build8429.846.0
a bed right yeah or I can flare going up8431.646.6
well not yet okay God damn it where is8435.846.0
he where is he flare shoot another8438.246.88
flare I see you oh there's two them I8441.846.04
know I'm helping load8445.125.52
load woo beses all right take a right8447.885.12
take a right there's another freaking8450.645.759
Raptor D okay yeah take a right right up8453.05.88
the hill right up the hill okay I got to8456.3995.401
reload got to reload man okay hey8458.884.2
quickly let's let's tear down some of8461.82.639
these trees let's build a foundation and8463.084.13
a bed yes sir holy8464.43911.2
citizens ah Dora it yes kind8478.888.64
of who oh my God yeah yeah that's me now8483.4397.441
that is me now what what yeah dude that8487.525.4
is sick it's pretty damn sick how you8490.883.8
guys doing can I help you in any way8492.924.96
great uh we need to make a bed okay well8494.684.719
I'll just get out of your way and8497.884.24
protect you while you are um did you8499.3994.361
have enough hide to make the bed oh wow8502.123.4
Jesus that um I just need a bit of8503.763.559
thatch one second man I want to wear8505.524.839
that thing that's how high can you go uh8507.3195.08
I I don't know I just started learning8510.3594.161
how to do it and like uh just all the8512.3994.521
things you know like can you hey oh hey8514.524.2
can can you can you kill that T-Rex Iron8516.923.479
Man where is it where is it where is it8518.723.16
Iron Man n put that bit down8521.887.28
quick kill this thing uhoh oh boy I got8525.125.48
I just got hit back okay it's almost8529.163.199
down it's almost down kill it uhoh uhoh8530.64.36
uhoh uhoh did you get it all right I I8532.3595.12
flew away a little too far right on our8534.964.56
platform I know don't wor you're not a8537.4794.201
very good Iron Man I hit it twice and8539.524.47
that probably helped a lot8541.684.6
citizen uh which way do we go to the8546.284.6
base well do we want to get to the base8549.3193.281
you want to get the ladybug well ladybug8550.883.439
but ladybug's just passed the base well8552.63.64
the base is over there ladybug's down8554.3193.16
here on the beach if I remember follow8556.243.48
me follow me I think it's I don't think8557.4793.96
she's where you think she is maybe are8559.724.88
you sure be nice to Should I fly ahead8561.4396.641
yeah scour the beach uh iron Dora for uh8564.66.2
a little Hut stay safe behind me okay8568.084.44
thank you yeah we left her down here on8570.84.24
the beach right neebs um yeah but this8572.524.44
is a peninsula like there's a beach all8575.043.8
the way down this side and then to a8576.963.32
point and then all the way up the other8578.843.479
side yeah but our base is right over8580.283.44
there because I think that's the wolf8582.3193.681
then if that's the wolf then guys can8583.723.599
you see me in the8586.03.68
sky not yet hold on let me clear the8587.3195.721
trees I wish this flew faster but NOP8589.684.92
I'm looking for you I don't see you8593.045.04
don't see you oh W where'd that come8594.66.0
from I don't know there's fire oh jeez8598.084.319
Iron Man we're getting shot at here by a8600.63.6
fire dragon we really could use your8602.3995.361
help n he's in the trees uh where to AB8604.26.0
oh down Beach where oh God oh God down8607.764.16
on the beach right yeah I kind of don't8610.23.079
want to go to Ladybug right now for8611.924.479
being attacked oh God that's more a yeah8613.2797.561
look I wish I had lost you all right woo8616.3997.08
good Lord Lees where'd you go I just I'm8620.844.72
by the palm tree I see you yeah there's8623.4794.481
caros crap there things everywhere Iron8625.563.759
Man we really could use your help right8627.964.04
now yeah yeah I'm trying to find you I'm8629.3195.04
not a real good Iron Man I'm going to8632.04.08
the bronos oh there's hey there's8634.3593.801
there's big bronos near us oh God what8636.083.8
is behind me was that a damn just kill8638.163.64
it you're good good god there trees8639.885.92
going down oh no what was that freaking8641.87.96
oh ants ants got him then we got a bed8645.88.4
down you doing great Iron Man son of a8649.7610.24
oh my God come here no no well8654.27.159
they're coming all right I got to leave8660.02.76
your body8661.3597.12
there oh my God oh my God8662.765.719
noo I'm turning8669.045.92
again oh8671.643.32
crap H there's no safe place to go NES8682.3195.921
where are you NES dris I'm going to run8685.645.32
towards your base oh hey8688.246.239
here we go I I I really wish what what I8690.965.96
wish I could fly faster I'm just saying8694.4795.601
okay hey yeah we made it after I died8696.924.24
back there I know I couldn't find8700.082.72
anybody that didn't work out well at all8701.163.08
that was dumb and ladybug's dead and I'm8702.82.479
so damn8704.243.32
sorry what ladybug's dead I watched8705.2795.961
ladybug die just now yeah I just a few8707.567.2
minutes ago yep H did you go to her no8711.245.6
what do you mean go to her like did you8714.765.04
take all those threats to her no I saw8716.845.2
her from a distance and uh then I saw8719.83.88
that she8722.045.52
died listen I don't I I am sorry I'm so8723.686.92
sorry it's not your fault we just got to8727.564.24
got there sooner probably shouldn't have8730.65.36
stole those dragons huh yeah borrowed oh8731.86.92
Iron Man yeah I'm coming to the bridge I8735.965.96
need help what what what oh hey oh hey8738.724.92
hey hey oh god there was a there was a8741.923.84
dragon right behind me oh yep there he8743.644.0
is okay I guess he buggered off yeah8745.763.719
finally all right hey welcome back buddy8747.644.6
what's all this you thanks hey abro hey8749.4795.241
what's up thick hey look good well he8752.244.76
look the same well yeah I look the same8754.723.639
you look the same too Dora is the only8757.02.76
one that looks crazy different yeah it8758.3594.481
looks great uh yeah worst Iron Man8759.766.32
though yeah yeah like not a very can you8762.844.72
imagine the scene in like the end of The8766.083.56
Avengers and Iron Man just got lost a8767.564.0
minute in yeah but he he'd been using8769.644.719
that suit for a minute and I just got8771.567.96
mine what happened to my house oh yeah8774.3596.601
what's the sign say8779.524.44
he yeah worst day8780.966.08
ever B open this door I steps inside8787.925.439
okay can you can you like unlock the8791.3993.88
doors your tribe leader or should we8793.3593.12
what are we doing we getting back into8795.2793.04
the tribe I don't know I don't know we8796.4793.161
should probably have a meeting about8798.3194.08
that I will unlock this door however8799.644.679
okay a meeting I don't want a meeting8802.3994.481
hold back into the tribe um think you8804.3194.601
let me back into the tribe here all calm8806.885.24
down oh watch out for Iron Man calm down8808.925.359
yeah calm down all right I just want to8812.123.84
be back in the tribe certainly who just8814.2793.681
shot me with a with a dart probably the8815.963.399
one who was what DART I didn't see a8817.964.16
dart oh yeah you let me back into the8819.3595.08
tribe baby that's pretty funny though8822.124.72
that's pretty8824.4392.401
funny keep him there keep him8827.3196.321
there it's really hot I'm near hot right8830.086.96
now long time8833.643.4
ago oh I found a spot Bo th's getting8837.125.44
really weird yeah yeah yeah keep him8840.85.76
keep him weird he's a blob oh wow yeah8842.567.36
he not looking good is he all right8846.563.36
come all right NES you put down a bed so8850.3595.0
Simon can spawn back yet uh no I got to8853.164.92
go over here I can't spawn I can't place8855.3595.12
anything around here excuse me spiders8858.085.48
here we go there you go a this weather8860.4795.96
this weather's awful o I know it's hot8863.565.12
there we8866.4396.601
go that's fun hey neebs off huh I feel8868.686.88
really bad about ladybug I'm going to8873.043.88
I'm going to have these two mate and8875.563.0
you're going to get a spider okay I'm so8876.923.12
sorry I'm going to just be giving you8878.563.16
things cuz I feel bad you know you know8880.043.239
to feel I know it wasn't your fault man8881.723.96
those freaking lava dragons did it I8883.2794.281
watched it and I couldn't fly faster it8885.683.599
felt like my fault and I can't change8887.563.68
that so you're not a good Iron Man I8889.2793.721
didn't expect you to save8891.244.48
her I miss her though yeah I miss I miss8893.04.52
her too she was a cutie all right I8895.723.44
don't know what you're doing take oh I8897.523.12
got to get some water8899.162.88
all right let me back in the Trap pick8900.643.88
oh Jesus oh my God no we don't need8902.044.88
these over there you have any idea who8904.524.36
just you just mess with stop it8906.923.84
everybody stop this looks like I mess8908.883.599
with an idiot and had all his animals on8910.764.48
passive oh my god did you learn your8912.4794.681
lesson abro I don't know what the lesson8915.243.32
was I want to get back in the tribe so I8917.164.44
can open my door there we go oh what8918.566.64
just oh God there we8921.65.52
go that's pretty fun good luck getting8925.25.32
into the tribe now you dumb dick I'm the8927.125.159
King well let's calm8932.2794.2
down hey there he is hey Simon welcome8941.247.4
back all right yeah welcome back look at8944.4797.521
this there he is oh I get my stuff back8948.645.48
oh oh good luck with that man what what8952.03.8
do you mean good luck I mean you8954.124.279
just made a enemy thick escalated as he8955.84.0
always does I just knocked him out and8958.3993.361
that that doesn't deserve death well I8959.83.559
just gave him good drugs it's like my8961.762.96
friend gave me good drugs so I killed8963.3593.201
him okay he may have interpreted that8964.723.639
different yeah but you wait a second so8966.564.919
thick killed you because you drugged him8968.3594.881
yes well you see drugging is8971.4794.081
disrespectful I can understand why8973.244.6
disrespectful but does it deserve murder8975.563.6
yeah but you left out the part you put8977.843.04
him in a cage in a cage does that8979.165.04
deserve murder yes no no it doesn't oh8980.885.04
well there's plenty of times that I have8984.24.159
not murdered you and your retaliation to8985.925.04
me was murder I don't remember any of8988.3598.641
that yeah fancy that short guy name one8990.966.04
time see can't do it all right shut up8998.06.319
we've got video we've got video9001.25.4
proof I don't see any video proof okay9004.3194.921
we need whatever whatever not right now9006.64.759
I think he's just hoping it's out there9009.243.6
out there you killed me for asking a9011.3594.241
question one time yeah see see right9012.845.2
there right there I don't remember this9015.63.679
remember I have a good memory you were9018.042.439
putting lights down in the middle of the9019.2792.441
daytime and I'm like what are you doing9020.4793.041
you're like shut up knees bang wait now9021.723.8
did he deserve that did he deserve I9023.523.08
don't recall that well just cuz you9025.522.839
don't recall it what if what if it was9026.64.0
me what if I was the one that that he's9028.3593.641
saying was you so why don't you change9030.63.36
the story and now it's me is that okay9032.04.08
that I did that no I don't recall this9033.964.8
no no how about what what if one time I9036.084.319
would act like I was the one that did it9038.764.32
neeps go ahead um what did you do well9040.3994.88
what he did what did he do oh yeah one9043.084.399
time Sim you were building lights and9045.2793.521
then Simon said what are you doing and9047.4793.321
you shot Simon oh is that is that the9048.84.16
right thing for me to do I don't9050.83.44
remember this well you don't have to9052.963.479
remember that's not the question I'm9054.245.6
asking you if if if that was me would9056.4396.681
you think it's okay I don't recollect oh9059.847.0
what a you dick just deny he using9063.127.76
the deny it strategy yeah yep it9066.844.04
works I don't want to touch it you guys9072.129.8
I'll touch it let's get wait how9076.65.32
you going to get it wait do it I don't9082.084.359
think we can grab it do we have to bring9083.885.16
fires to it are you kidding we have to9086.4396.161
bring fires to it oh oh boy oh boy9089.045.64
oh boy well let me move you better start9092.64.36
on some fires I don't I need to givee9094.684.759
this so I'm on I'll get on Fires okay9096.965.04
part of that uh attack on US ah maybe9099.4393.92
but it was9102.04.279
funny I didn't find it funny yeah of9103.3594.481
course you didn't if I it was hilarious9106.2793.16
if I see either one of them again I'm9107.843.92
I'm going to eat them okay fair enough9109.4394.121
uh one thing that I do want to do this9111.764.76
uh pretty pretty princess uhhuh let's go9113.565.6
ahead and do this little big for the9116.524.68
base so I'm going to give it to the9119.164.239
tribe of slaves cuz I said I'd give them9121.24.52
something special and uh that thing9123.3995.04
means nothing to me so yeah okay that9125.724.2
great what am I seeing here do anybody9129.924.32
else see this green circle no what the9132.3993.641
hell is this green circle or a green9134.244.039
outline I don't see it I've yeah I've9136.044.319
never seen anything like that thick oh9138.2794.521
hello hey welcome back son of a9140.3593.96
what are you doing here I don't know9142.83.479
where's my stuff I don't care where your9144.3193.761
stuff is I don't know I wasn't a charge9146.2793.521
of it why is all this stuff green what's9148.083.239
happening I have no idea what you're9149.83.559
talking about have I hit a button what9151.3194.601
is this what is this I'm looking at hey9153.3595.08
Dora stay away from our weird9155.925.12
egg uh guys be careful where you step9158.4393.84
okay God that thing looks like a9161.045.439
prolapsed anus what is this uh an anus y9162.2796.401
it's a spider egg it's a spider egg it's9166.4793.361
going to be nebes nebes is going to9168.682.799
going to be neebs it's going to be for9169.843.92
neebs what's it uh your little spider9171.4796.281
egg is it's uh what we got here9173.766.639
ow oh it's too hot sorry sorry I9177.764.559
didn't mean to do that that that was an9180.3993.241
click stop stop e me I don't know how to9183.645.0
it it's good hold on let me I'll let you9188.647.2
go okay uhoh W now they're after me your9191.567.2
St they're after me nowes what' you do I9195.845.84
didn't do anything it was9198.764.76
Association quit hanging around with9201.683.0
like oh that's hilarious all right keep9204.685.24
it down we got a baby okay guys at ease9207.3992.901
ease abso come here I'll get your stuff9212.165.239
out for you if you'd like ooh man I want9214.924.04
this cat so are we going back into the9217.3993.401
tribe you know I I can't ride any of9218.964.04
this stuff not after that you got9220.84.599
to earn your keep oh God so what do you9223.03.84
want me to do what have I got to do to9225.3993.08
get back in so I can ride this stuff I9226.844.24
don't know I got to think about that uh9228.4795.0
let's see hold on this is a fun game9231.084.56
what what game is that uh catch the9233.4794.081
coming out of the oh right right9235.644.44
that is a fun game oh if the comes9237.564.64
out of the that's the wrong hole9240.085.279
MH tubes are not in the right spot right9242.25.4
thick I can go back to you like I I just9245.3594.321
joined them because you know I was just9247.63.759
doing what was going on I would didn't9249.683.24
have anything to do with what was going9251.3593.96
on here with the negativity oh okay yeah9252.924.24
I just invited you to the tribe oh9255.3193.96
welcome there you go welcome here I'll9257.164.56
do it again just to yep what nebes isn't9259.2794.561
our tribe nice our tribe is great man9261.723.639
it's really nice in our tribe isn't it9263.843.599
your your tribe is your tribe is fine9265.3594.401
but this I was not supposed to be you9267.4394.081
have a loose cannon in your tribe though9269.763.24
you're right your tribe doesn't have a9271.523.6
top hat baby ah it's true he has a top9273.05.52
hat thick a top hat touche touche well9275.125.12
so what now we got to do something for9278.524.64
you to get back into the tribe what what9280.246.159
uh like what's your tribe name tribe of9283.165.72
the wyvern King driving yeah driv9286.3995.441
Dragon something like that oh9288.885.96
that was s oh9291.846.36
boy we go wow I didn't know they were9294.847.88
going to attack you guys keep keep it a9298.27.8
boy oh boy I guess I I I made the right9302.725.28
choice you made the right choice my man9306.04.0
hey look at him hey there's a bag in9308.03.84
here with over here with a bunch of9310.03.88
in it you can have yeah keep keep an eye9311.844.72
on their stuff yeah9313.884.32
yeah all my are broken except my boots9318.25.4
some nice boots hey this thing's only9321.3593.521
got a minute left then we're going to9323.63.52
see some little freaky freaky little9324.884.72
thing come out man what are you going to9327.124.8
name it9329.62.32
roid so is this tension over between you9334.084.64
two cuz I feel like well look I mean9336.83.559
thick obviously wants us to do something9338.723.84
before we get back whoa whoa sorry about9340.3594.441
that it's accidental Iron9342.565.52
Man okay well I'll tell you what I know9344.85.32
for a fact that there are there's a9348.085.08
giant turtle on this on this map a9350.125.72
turtle I want that giant turtle the one9353.165.92
that you can build on what a turtle oh9355.846.08
you know they have a shell little head9359.084.8
okay little sea turtle challenge9361.923.479
accepted nebes we got to go find a9363.883.36
turtle all right got keep keep it down9365.3995.841
we got 10 10 seconds oh and come on9367.248.039
baby God9371.244.039
gross that9375.565.6
yes let me put some meeting you don't9378.04.8
they eat blood I thought spiders ate9381.163.48
blood oh yeah blood blood's what it is9382.83.44
here we go there's some blood buddy all9384.643.759
right nees yeah you and me we got to go9386.244.88
hunt a giant turtle apparently okay how9388.3994.161
we going to do that well we're going to9391.123.8
need a base so need a base let's go9392.565.08
build a base but like a little base we9394.923.6
should probably figure out where this9397.642.799
giant turtle is and head that way yeah9398.524.08
how about a floating base floating base9400.4394.721
a boat boat Bas boat base boat base I9402.64.04
like where your head's at all right9405.163.199
don't get me killed again I'll try not9406.643.92
to Simon hey hey you ever noticed that9408.3594.201
the back tail of this Dragon looks like9410.564.52
it has watermelon slices hanging off of9412.566.28
it hey you're right neat all right see9415.087.76
you later my job here is9418.844.0
done this is big enough not bad Lees9428.3196.641
yeah what you doing down here you making9433.05.52
the raft uh I went a little bigger is9434.966.24
this a motorboat motorboat oh this is a9438.524.839
motorboat where'd you get all the stuff9441.24.44
I stole it from thick and Dres oh good9443.3593.841
that's I've been up there making stuff9445.643.32
from stolen materials too so this is9447.23.239
working I love that we can still open9448.963.439
chest and boxes yeah hey look in that9450.4394.321
storage bin I took more9452.3995.92
stuff oh my oh my go okay yep yep yep9454.765.2
yep yep I like all that see the9458.3193.641
artifacts I did see the artifacts that's9459.964.56
Plan B that's Plan B okay this seems9461.964.439
like a stupid plan why we're putting the9464.523.879
artifacts on a boat yeah look at this9466.3994.281
boat look at the boat but it's a boat9468.3994.361
I've been on boats that have been9470.684.599
attacked by so it's a metal boat9472.764.16
you're right you're right and it's Plan9475.2793.881
B might not be able to get a turtle oh9476.924.12
it's our leverage okay well you look at9479.163.52
it from that way would they just come9481.043.359
kill us and take the artifacts back man9482.683.679
once this boat is built nothing's going9484.3993.88
to kill us ever again they got three9486.3594.401
dragons we're going to have a boat they9488.2794.321
got three dragons we going to have a9490.763.519
dragon killing boat they got three9492.63.799
dragons three spiders this boat will9494.2794.761
kill every they got a kitty cat Yep this9496.3995.0
seems like a dumb idea but love it I'm9499.044.92
on board yeah actually I'm going to go9501.3994.08
steal some more their9503.965.12
dras yeah what happened to the baby9505.4798.041
spider I think it died pck ah yeah9509.086.359
babies are hard to take care of9513.523.6
everybody take a knee take a knee take a9515.4393.96
knee all right um one second come on9517.125.04
down oh that's a you launched that's9519.3994.281
like that's the opposite of taking a9522.164.08
knee there you go I don't really take9523.684.759
knees but yeah we know that the9526.245.159
sentiments are there do do not there you9528.4397.201
go all right hey we got to go give ah9531.3998.201
yeah nice we got to go give a gift to9535.646.12
the island of not slaves oh I've got a9539.64.56
gift for him I I have one too oh you9541.765.599
have a do you actual one yeah yeah so9544.165.0
additionally look those knuckleheads9547.3593.0
aren't going to be able to tackle that9549.164.279
Turtle right I think today we get some9550.3594.92
water creatures it's an underwater9553.4394.121
adventure oh boy everybody ready for an9555.2796.761
underwater Adventure yeah yeah yeah yeah9557.568.48
hold on I'm going to wave9562.044.0
yeah thing's moving neebs yep you know9573.845.599
what I named it no what'd you name it uh9577.084.8
USS ladybug oh after ladybug are you9579.4394.441
going to paint it red and white red9581.884.559
black white all of it oh man yeah9583.884.68
ladybug yeah that was a dumb way to die9586.4394.161
yeah I'm going to plan a uh one of those9588.563.56
species plants where you're sitting9590.63.799
right now oh is that you just load the9592.123.92
top up with species plants be like a9594.3994.521
horn be like the ladybug's horn yeah oh9596.044.88
I get okay I see what you're doing you9598.923.68
going to put more species plants on this9600.923.479
yeah this is going to be a deadly boat9602.65.16
just like ladybug where we going well uh9604.3995.0
I see yeah I guess I'm kind of helping9607.763.36
take take a right let's go down uh let's9609.3993.561
go down this River a right yeah cuz I9611.122.8
think if we're going to find one of9612.962.6
these big turtles we got to go out into9613.924.12
the open oh we doing that yeah I didn't9615.564.0
think we were doing that what did you9618.042.56
think we were doing I thought we were9619.562.2
just going and have to do our own thing9620.63.12
be fun I want to get back into the tribe9621.763.4
so I can ride dragons well you're9623.725.16
already in a tribe damn your dbe9625.163.72
sucks ah uhhuh tribe of Nots slaves9631.245.239
let's land right here all right let's do9634.524.0
this just be polite wipe your feet take9636.4794.0
a deuce if you can all right I'll hover9638.525.08
in like a y here I am yep look at that9640.4796.121
hello everyone hey Tech suit turned out9643.64.759
great we've got a superhero here Jenny9646.63.44
Fleck in his Pres if you must hello9648.3595.0
citizens hello yep uh and I yeah nice9650.044.84
thank you thank you so much H Simon you9653.3593.201
didn't have to do that I've made right9654.885.68
by my deal and giv you a gift hold on oh9656.568.96
hold on and what is that oh yeah oh9660.566.799
right there that's my pretty little9665.524.839
princess not anymore what do you mean9667.3595.321
not anymore we got to give away it was9670.3595.561
part of the deal but that was mine man9672.684.56
sometimes those deals come through and9675.923.559
you can't do much about it Simon yeah9677.244.079
okay well at least they will take care9679.4794.0
of tell them that they have to take care9681.3194.241
of my pretty little princess please9683.4794.041
Simon wants you to take care of pretty9685.564.44
little princess if if you be responsible9687.524.56
we're going to be close by uh doing a9690.04.479
little underwater Adventure if you if9692.084.399
you will listen scuba gear would be9694.4794.681
fantastic so yeah yeah let's get some9696.4794.721
scuba gear I don't need it scar cuz this9699.163.64
works as scuba gear but you guys go9701.25.08
ahead I do I'd like one of Dora's suits9702.85.44
go dookie go Debs this looks great yeah9710.25.36
come on dookie you can do it it looks9713.084.199
like he's swimming he's uh he's like9715.563.24
he's he needs a walk he's got a lot of9717.2793.16
yeah look at him it's a force9720.4393.681
perspective thing too it looks like he's9722.722.96
down in the water he's not like stop the9724.124.12
boat yep y look he's actually yeah he's9725.684.08
actually like right here with me there9728.243.199
he goes yeah it's weird all right go9729.763.599
again go again where we going I got to9731.4393.88
work on this boat some more yeah start9733.3596.441
swimming diey oh look oh oh that's what9735.3196.241
we're looking for no I wasn't looking9739.85.36
for that holy uh Turtle got six9741.567.08
legs looking the left thing are they9745.165.88
friendly I'm about to find out dookie9748.643.6
you want to go see if this turtle's9751.042.48
friendly hold on I'm going to keep the9752.242.8
boat running yeah keep the boat running9753.523.08
and keep it uh yeah right there I'm9755.043.64
going to swim I'm swimming for it coming9756.63.759
NES you can stay there I'm going to stay9758.682.719
here in case we got to get to do a9760.3592.841
getaway cool what the hell's going on9761.3993.601
with that Crystal whatever dude this9763.23.84
these crates knocking down trees they're9765.04.0
snakes be careful snakes I ain't worried9767.046.0
about no damn snakes uhhuh wow oh man9769.07.16
whoa look at his face D this guy looks9773.047.56
awesome Yep hey you friendly oh you got9776.167.64
a snake incoming where where where where9780.64.16
I'm just9783.83.28
shooting my friend neebs will kill you9784.765.4
from the boat bam boom oh wow no this is9787.085.96
a tough snake ow oh I'm bit there you go9790.166.04
nice like your guardian angel yeah so9793.045.239
neees if I understand it correctly if we9796.24.239
can actually tame this guy we can build9798.2794.2
a house on top of him we already have a9800.4394.0
house right here lady yeah but that is9802.4794.161
not a house on a sea turtle well it's9804.4394.441
the same thing really all right but I9806.643.839
think the way we tame this guy is pretty9808.883.439
dumb we got to find these school of fish9810.4793.241
and we got to piss them off and then we9812.3194.201
got to lead them to us okay wow God he's9813.725.24
so cool9816.522.44
looking you going to kill that Turtle9820.3594.96
yeah yeah yeah hold on I'm going to9823.04.279
maybe I should go right in its face and9825.3194.16
make it really murder to it either way9827.2793.481
okay well here I'm going to try to get9829.4795.481
him now oh yeah am I not oh you're doing9830.768.92
it yeah nice yeah good job yes hey you9834.968.359
stay here you stay here please just land9839.685.84
buddy oh that that's that's handy right9843.3195.481
there yeah I would agree nice ah all9845.526.6
right so hey scuba gear on I already got9848.85.88
my scuba gear on no mask though huh well9852.124.44
not the mask mask I don't think it's9854.683.92
necessary okay well but uh but that's9856.563.96
all I need right just this chest piece9858.64.24
thing right yeah I've got some flippers9860.525.28
but uh let's yeah let's go in the water9862.845.92
right set this way uh which way uh the9865.85.84
way that I'm facing sure over here eh9868.767.639
ooh I check this out wow what that is9871.647.759
fast we all need to have that how9876.3994.361
difficult is it going to be for all of9879.3992.561
us to have9880.764.12
that uh what sort of creatures do we9881.965.519
want I don't know I see has a dolphin9884.885.16
those are passive oh is that what we're9887.4794.721
doing a9890.047.72
whale oh God oh God beses what hey hey9892.27.04
are you shooting the turtle no I'm9897.762.96
shooting the sharks that are biting the9899.243.88
turtle's ass oh okay I thought you were9900.724.36
shooting the turtle for a second no why9903.123.72
would I shoot the turtle yeah I was9905.084.04
wondering usually you make sense um hold9906.844.16
on yeah these sharks are on it I don't9909.123.52
know if we need to protect this guy or9911.06.0
what I've got a h oh okay oh can I get9912.649.12
on him I'm right the turtle man you're a9917.07.08
cowboy all right I got you bubba I'll9921.765.519
protect you give us a ye y I'm Turtle R9924.084.8
all right d you might want9927.2793.16
to chase me with a boat because if this9928.884.12
guy like Dives I am okay is the9930.4394.92
shark down he's down right oh maybe9933.04.319
maybe not no we still got sharks on him9935.3594.801
hey leave my turtle friend alone uh I9937.3195.241
don't see the shark behind the turtle9940.164.64
right behind watch Turtle oh God can I9942.565.4
oh can I jump back on go for it oh9944.85.0
there he is oh God oh God oh God I fell9947.965.24
I fell okay uh thought you turn backoo9949.84.639
see the shark anywhere uh he was9953.22.56
probably going after me the son of a9954.4395.0
okay uhhuh lant ra down there too9955.765.76
oh yeah no we're not going in there J I9959.4394.281
just rode a turtle saw that how awesome9961.523.799
was that yeah you should get a like a9963.724.24
belt like a wrestler9965.3196.321
belt oh there you go there you go thick9967.966.76
yeah shall I lure these sons of9971.645.56
away or at least attempt to absolutely9974.724.679
please here we go please cuz this is a9977.24.56
tame works oh yeah they're all chasing9982.4395.601
you oh yeah I'm going to I'm going to9985.646.08
start the taming hey bud follow me9988.046.64
level 130 all right follow me9991.725.88
did it just ink or poop all9994.684.16
right well I'm not sure I'm going to9997.64.52
look at you uh thick yeah get my back9998.845.68
though dude okay I'm watching your back10002.125.0
but I'm also slow as because I have10004.526.16
no flippers uh this thing is a female so10007.125.239
just go ahead and keep that in mind for10010.685.44
female names oh okay like Susan or like10012.3598.361
Suzanne or uh like suszie guys uh just10016.126.319
keep your eyes open they're dispersing I10020.723.599
don't know if they're going back yeah10022.4393.84
how many do you see are there a lot on10024.3194.441
you d uh no they're just they kind of10026.2795.281
dispersed there's about 8 9 10 maybe10028.764.559
still around you or you don't even see10031.565.64
them any they're General10033.3193.881
okay NE turn right oh right yeah turn10039.4795.081
right head head in a little bit okay I10042.084.92
think it was around here somewhere what10044.565.16
kind of fish uh well parakeet fish is10047.05.0
what we're after all right this might be10049.724.4
a good place to stop here yeah now this10052.04.52
is eel infested water so be careful oh10054.123.96
no I'm not going in there yeah I'm going10056.523.16
in there eel you should wait till I get10058.084.239
the boat done you get the boat done10059.684.0
what's what else needs doing well10062.3192.721
there's going to be weapons on it and10063.683.04
then they'll take the eels out you got10065.043.2
to wait for the plants to grow it ain't10066.723.52
going to happen today I mean I just let10068.244.8
me check let me let me try let me check10070.245.96
all right going in all right good luck10073.045.48
good luck10076.22.32
dookie take the boat a little bit more10079.24.8
uh left to the left okay y I'll wait no10081.3194.561
no let me on let me on let me on he10084.04.6
coming in he coming in there you go yeah10085.884.68
this is insane like uh if we could shoot10088.63.36
them here that'd be the way to go shoot10090.562.56
them before you get in the water yeah10091.962.28
all right how how long will it take you10093.123.199
to make this uh plant species X thing10094.244.36
well it's got to grow okay got plet it's10096.3194.281
got rain or we got to make irrigation10098.65.04
it's going to take a minute okay yeah so10100.64.52
jeez I want to do too much I want I want10103.643.12
to get this Turtle I want to get this10105.123.44
artifact all right my brain's scattered10106.763.8
you're in charge now okay we're we're10108.565.24
planting plants10110.566.12
perfect I see some possible prime meat10113.85.519
there's a Megalodon in front of us oh10116.684.599
dras can you go kill that Megalodon over10119.3194.841
there and get some prime meat can I get10121.2795.521
that prime meat do it I'll try to shoot10124.166.0
it with my with with my gun nope doesn't10126.85.88
work under here no but it's not a gun10130.164.239
you know what I'm saying yeah yeah like10132.684.44
I like I just shot him in the face Dora10134.3994.561
help me it's going to come and kill me I10137.124.239
know I got it oh boy you're biting me10138.965.0
now I don't like that y you're biting me10141.3594.761
I'm very slow I had this covered buddy I10143.966.96
know but I said he Simon oh Simon oh no10146.128.68
oh boy we've got another problem manay10150.925.359
is close I don't know if it's going to10154.82.599
me I'm good boy manay leave me alone oh10157.3996.321
manay seems to be fine with me good10161.3194.561
hello manay I am friend of10163.725.2
you oh oh what what what what are10165.884.84
you doing I'm not going to do anything10168.923.84
to you no the the Mantis are attacking10170.723.32
me oh10172.763.96
oh no thick what did these little10174.043.84
what happened it was the10176.723.28
Dolphin's fault they got them all pissed10177.886.32
you little get away huh okay10180.08.04
well I guess I'll ow damn it10184.26.44
worse so how long these things going to10192.844.399
take to grow depends on the rain I saw10195.04.8
it rained a bit they were like10197.2395.04
65% okay is there anything we can do to10199.85.32
water them a little easier to stay here10202.2794.441
I can build irrigation that that10205.123.239
irrigates them from the water yeah I'll10206.723.48
stay here you know what I forgot I made10208.3595.12
this Harpoon yeah yeah I might be able10210.25.119
to kill an ill or two with this where10213.4794.0
are you going in the water is it here or10215.3194.401
further out I could go in here yeah if10217.4794.8
you lower the E eels to the shore I can10219.724.32
shoot them from the ground yeah hold on10222.2794.16
this might work okay here I go diving10224.044.76
again okay I'll just peek in with you10226.4393.681
right just get them come this way we'll10228.83.439
we'll lure them into our our little trap10230.125.04
see sharks see a Megalodon yep there's10232.2397.0
two meganon turtles eels here I go I'm10235.165.96
I'm I'm I'm hugging the bottom I'm a10239.2394.961
bottom feeder like you're coming aren't10241.126.319
you Megalodon Megalodon come back to me10244.27.159
I'll help see so far away I think they10247.4397.761
smell they smell you oh10251.3597.0
come oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God10255.23.88
one come on baby oh I'm fing from out10259.086.0
here oh he don't like it a shallows Bo10262.24.8
oh I got you bloody I got your friend10265.085.279
bloody oh I'm chasing magod Dees okay10267.05.239
come on I got a scuba oh there's one10270.3594.281
right beside me what oh wait he's all10272.2394.04
freaked out by the shallow though what's10274.643.32
going on here oh he's yeah I'm right10276.2793.401
under him geez should we tame a couple10277.963.56
of these guys I mean if you want to go10279.683.559
faster under water it'll probably just10281.524.759
get killed by eels10283.2393.04
though ah damn it I know I know hey but10286.726.04
but I have the spider should be able to10290.924.72
get our stuff quick yeah okay just uh10292.765.0
hang tight let me go find my stuff and10295.645.48
then we'll trade off okay okay Simon10297.766.2
yeah I know hey so you had a tech suit I10301.125.64
did it's out there um that's important10303.964.84
it became chaotic I didn't really see my10306.763.479
Health going down like I did and I10308.83.4
didn't see the Mana that got me so you10310.2393.321
know things happen well I don't even10312.23.0
know what happened to you but I died and10313.563.24
I thought that you were going to protect10315.23.6
you like oh I'm coming I'm coming but10316.84.04
then you didn't seem to come I think I10318.85.32
think the plan was my spider go what oh10320.847.28
I don't know oh come on get to the10324.126.84
surface get to the10328.124.359
almost oh my God you come over here time10332.4795.041
hey NES yeah other than one Megalodon10339.3596.201
looks pretty clear okay oo do I dare10341.886.72
going for it come on10345.563.04
dookie yeah you're going to see me10349.3993.321
you're going to see me aren't you yeah10351.22.88
of course you're going to see me so10352.724.84
wacky you see from so far away smell10354.085.56
clever ass shark all right you know what10357.563.679
I'm going to take you down I'm going10359.643.839
take you down and see how you like it10361.2394.521
come on bring your stupid ass in here10363.4794.041
yeah I know you don't like the shallows10365.764.08
yeah try to keep up10367.524.24
yeah you about to be a bloody10369.844.32
bam all right one more shot10371.766.519
one more shot I bet hey two more shots10374.166.119
oh you're you're luring me oh you're10378.2793.321
yes okay got him okay yeah I'm going for10381.66.2
it okay go to the bottom sneak along the10384.684.799
okay okay I caught it on this10389.4794.8
Dophin okay10394.3994.601
yes what are you10397.084.44
what are you what are you what are you10399.05.6
angler fish okay don't touch me10401.526.28
angler what are you jellyfish oh10404.66.759
jellyfish D oh God oh God no no no no no10407.85.2
where'd you come from come back to me10411.3593.641
you son of a come back to me I'm10413.06.88
coming oh no no no no no no no I'm10415.07.88
swimming I'm doing my10419.883.0
damnest crap10426.643.799
all right thing's about to tame but10432.3194.241
another Mana Ray came around can you get10434.963.08
that out of here where is it where's the10436.563.759
Mana it's on his it's on his ass oh yeah10438.044.16
it is yeah it is okay yep yep of course10440.3196.361
I can yeah hey you douche follow me we10442.27.96
busy it didn't it didn't do it oh man10446.685.24
it's like it's like in it it's like10450.166.96
inside it I'm punching um yep yep yep10451.927.12
come on mana come on10457.124.92
there you go get out ofas yeah going10459.046.319
going going I don't want to no yeah ow10462.046.08
uh-oh oh God damn it this was almost10465.3595.12
tamed why the H is it back down this is10468.126.76
stupid oh no oh no no no no no no10470.4798.561
no no hold on dalus10474.888.8
coming no dalius ah10479.047.399
oh come on come on don't you want10483.685.08
to be mine it's like damn Deja all over10486.4395.201
again there's my stuff guarded10488.765.599
by oh yeah follow me oh come on come on10491.646.28
don't you want some come on10494.3597.0
yes DOL boy10497.927.8
DOL DOL boy pitch okay10501.3596.401
okay come on follow me come on come on10505.724.96
time to go time to go D yeah I got to10507.765.679
make a dolphin saddle quick uh I got to10510.685.16
build a Smithy yeah we need a Smithy on10513.4394.121
this boat that's easy to do I know we10515.843.16
got the materials we we stole a bunch of10517.563.799
okay get that Smithy rocking hold10519.04.56
on okay wait do you have do you need a10521.3593.88
Smithy to make the saddle you would10523.564.24
think what are these things called10525.2394.521
Dick what are you I want to look up10527.83.8
dolphin but that's stupid isn't it just10529.765.08
call it dolphin Arc honest to10531.66.839
God guys oh thck oh what's going on bud10534.845.599
I'm going to need a crossbow to get to10538.4394.361
get this thing out of here oh jeez I all10540.4394.761
my tech gears broke oh I've got10542.84.76
arrows I got you here you go okay here10545.24.119
here here here give me a crossbow give10547.564.52
me a crossbow all right oh wait I got a10549.3194.481
crossbow okay you're good though we're10552.083.76
good no worries no worries I got to get10553.84.16
back in there and tame that thing godp10555.846.639
speed Sim need the god Simon what I just10557.966.359
want to tell you something uh when10562.4793.681
you're a superhero it it kind of goes to10564.3194.441
your head and now I feel mortal again10566.166.4
and oh what a oh what a thing that is10568.766.8
huh yeah that's sad for you now now you10572.565.44
can't do all the things that you no no I10575.565.12
can't wait to get it fixed so I can be10578.05.12
far superior once again yeah I can't10580.684.12
wait for that10583.126.68
too I'm insecure life lessons me too10584.88.84
damn are you going to get10589.85.2
metal and flippers you probably10593.642.4
shouldn't do that all right you know10595.02.399
what I got I got to risk it cuz my10596.043.04
stuff's going to despawn yeah I stole10597.3993.84
your flippers sorry that's okay okay10599.085.319
come on I just God my stuff's going to10601.2395.0
go away isn't it I'll look for10604.3994.04
metal uh please please look for metal10606.2394.361
okay oh man if I can just find some10608.4394.521
metal just tin metal all I need maybe10610.63.6
you can get it from yeah just normal10612.963.76
rocks up there yeah I'm looking okay I'm10614.23.64
going to go for it I'm going to go for10616.724.36
it all salt rocks no there's Els all10617.844.72
right deep breath deep breath deep10621.084.279
breath deep breath10622.562.799
go damn it of course of course you're10627.883.88
right there right there in my way right10630.523.839
where I need to go and now10631.765.4
you're coming for me10634.3594.841
okay I'm going to lure you10637.163.4
away that's what I'm going to do I'm10639.22.72
going to lure you away then I'm going to10640.564.32
sneak around you stupid ass all right10641.924.96
on yeah you're not going to come in the10646.883.519
shallows are you are you you stupid10648.724.88
di okay he might have come in10650.3996.441
shallows God damn it nees I'm10653.65.799
coming get oh no dolphin don't attack10656.845.12
him leave him alone oh nees kill this10659.3994.84
I'm not there yet he's right here10661.964.08
he's he's attacking my new dolphin I'm10664.2393.961
coming I was looking for metal oh10666.044.239
dolphin boy stop attacking10668.24.68
the eel that other's like oh God damn it10670.2795.801
dolphin boy10672.883.2
dead I quit I'm logging out I'm pulling10676.125.359
a Simon today this you got a prep10678.845.12
you're going in10681.4795.8
hastily this10683.963.319
sucks what do you think Simon what do10688.045.319
you think the results are I think we10690.3596.481
know what the results are yeah yeah10693.3595.321
right I don't know I'm10696.845.08
still well I mean he's not dead yet yeah10698.685.04
we haven't seen the yeah you're right10701.924.559
you're right we're fine Life's good I10703.725.639
mean like hey10706.4796.201
guys I'm bloody I'm broken but guess10709.35910.201
what oh yes yeah oh yeah well10712.688.679
done well10719.567.879
done well done well done my gosh this10721.3597.241
ugly as10727.4395.121
stupid ugly thing you stay here as10728.67.6
wellous well all right guys we got a10732.567.52
whale say hello to wh Berry huh what's10736.25.96
that wh10740.087.199
Berry that's a yay whale Berry10742.168.159
yeah that one's that's a Reacher wh10747.2796.04
yay uh needs an abro needs an abro this10754.046.88
is thck 44 come in uh hello nees yeah10756.67.639
good to hear from you hey look I tamed a10760.925.88
basilosaurus okay it's like it's a whale10764.2393.921
yeah is that one of those whales that's10766.84.72
immune to electricity I think so oh10768.165.36
bring them to us because I hate electric10771.523.6
kills and that well could help me out a10773.523.0
whole bunch of STI yeah just tell me10775.122.56
what your coordinates are and I'll head10776.522.839
over to you you got those coordinates10777.683.12
don't you uh yeah it's right here on my10779.3598.481
radio yeah uh 82x 26 82x 26 okay okay10780.89.479
well will come to10787.846.72
you oh hey losers I got my tech gear all10790.2797.241
fixed hey dras welcome back thank you10794.564.759
going to go see neees and abso help him10797.524.1
out with that Turtle tame right let's do10799.3195.45
it oh yeah oh yeah I'm going to be a10805.565.719
Dodo daddy oh yeah oh yeah I'm going to10808.884.24
be a Dodo daddy n what you doing with10811.2793.561
all these Doos just breeding them I'm10813.123.64
making a little little do a little dodo10814.844.2
baby okay come down here here a little10816.764.12
egg check out the egg dookie what you10819.044.16
think are you going to keep these or no10820.884.24
I'll probably kill them for food oh10823.23.44
really yeah okay I mean you're building10825.123.08
this boat I'm bored I don't know what10826.643.4
else to do I don't have my hey10828.23.32
there's a drop over there go get that10830.043.56
drop right there it's a white one might10831.524.52
not be good you you need some Adventure10833.64.24
come with me just the one yep just the10836.042.88
one the other one's got to sit on the10837.843.8
egg the other one's a Mama oh Mama10838.924.08
Mama come on you slow damn Doo I don't10843.04.479
even know why I'm going for this job10846.3192.761
it's going to be something stupid there10847.4792.92
always something stupid it's like yeah10849.083.52
you get into the drop and it's like food10850.3995.321
no it's not even food food would be good10852.65.679
shoes okay what color I don't even know10855.724.519
what color this one is this white I10858.2794.321
guess white drop come on something good10860.2395.761
something good oh boy a pig saddle10862.66.36
fiomia saddle and then a blueprint for a10866.05.399
better fiomia10868.964.92
saddle God I hate these things10871.3996.121
dookie oh oh now you're here now you're10873.888.84
here God you suck suck so much here nope10877.527.919
you're too stupid to live sorry yep it's10882.723.759
not going to feel good it's going to10885.4394.88
hurt come here come out there we10886.4797.721
go eating dodo tonight10890.3193.881
dookie it's so pretty here yeah it is10895.26.4
very very nice yeah I like it we could10898.924.24
just stay here and never talk to the10901.64.0
other guys again just saying it's an10903.165.119
option it's always tempting it's always10905.65.679
we always talk about yeah no we're good10908.2795.921
I feel like we have the turtle live here10911.2796.281
but have like a water park oh oh no10914.25.32
wow what are you doing that's that's a10917.564.919
that's a a biggy a big a big a big b10919.525.28
that's a that's an alpha megadon it's10922.4794.121
all right you're getting away oh no it10924.84.84
absolutely is okay I think I can outrun10926.64.6
it I think you can too it looks like10929.644.599
you're to faster oh thank God thank God10931.26.44
for TAS okay yeah screw up oh another10934.2396.561
one holy okay we're not going to10937.645.4
not going to make it we're not going to10940.84.4
make it we make it we have to make it it10943.044.92
away from me I'm big 44 there I I10945.24.8
sprayed his but through the water oh you10947.964.24
did I'm like a flying Beday oh the10950.04.16
water's about to get really shallow guys10952.24.76
got a bate with the10954.165.4
devil oh my God this water is so shallow10956.967.04
here oh god oh boy wow F you are that is10959.566.719
not a good place nothing about God10964.04.64
there's two of these oh no10966.2796.281
God no dick what is it's a10968.647.52
frenzy me listen I wish I could do10972.567.36
something I'm fight are you in this I'm10976.166.48
in this come on if this thing survives10979.925.519
this come on it's not going to it's10982.646.32
going to it's not you believe in it10985.4395.641
can't believe in it ah just accidentally10988.964.96
killed the dolphin wow wow the10991.088.319
dolphins save myself no no oh God yeah10993.928.519
it's going to die oh it's going to10999.3994.561
no you mother11003.964.08
hey Mama dodo your husband11011.4795.88
fought bravely but uh he didn't make it11013.86.559
here's your letter I'm sorry you don't11017.3595.361
even care you don't even know English11020.3596.12
how's this how's this guy doing o little11022.728.08
doo baby little doo baby hey nees one11026.4795.641
minute we're going to have a little doo11030.84.559
baby all right can't wait till you get a11032.125.08
hobby when are you got to be done with11035.3594.841
your boat never it's an ongoing thing11037.24.68
forever all right well keep working on11040.23.6
the boat I got to have something to do11041.883.88
uh-huh so I'm breeding Doos we should11043.83.76
get out of here uh well we got to wait11045.764.12
for thick I'm getting that damn11047.564.64
artifact oh hey this thing poop don't11049.885.519
you need poop uh I'm good on poop okay11052.26.119
well I will eventually Mama step out the11055.3995.161
way come over here come over here mama11058.3196.04
yeah let's see it oh my God look at this11060.566.32
little guy dookie you see this little11064.3599.321
little Doo ooh man I'm having chicken11066.886.8
wings you're a monster shut up having11073.927.319
fun that's what a monster would say oh11078.2395.841
oh wait that's thick hello hello oh is11081.2394.761
it we're over here at the boat hey we11084.086.12
see you guys oh that hey hey bad news11086.08.399
bad news Alpha Megalodon got us oh no11090.26.76
got the whale got the whale yeah damn it11094.3994.401
I really wanted that whale yeah it was11096.963.96
high level too oh I got an idea though11098.84.96
same plan as before abro you swim down11100.925.24
to the thing but they all follow you and11103.765.08
now there's more of you oh or can I11106.164.76
borrow the tech suit why oh the tech11108.844.28
suit to to swim down and get an artifact11110.923.6
or do you want to go get it I can go get11113.122.84
it if you want I'll show you where it's11114.523.28
at God I really I wanted to get it but11115.963.76
okay well you're not you're not in our11117.84.32
tribe uh really so that's oh that's true11119.723.719
that's true doesn't matter with clothes11122.122.48
you just hand the clothes over yeah but11123.4393.241
it's more of a matter like principle11124.63.719
okay well hey look Thor it's it's right11126.683.719
out here right out here okay okay where11128.3193.241
is it all right yeah but you you're11130.3992.601
going to have to watch out for eels and11131.563.719
all this stuff how's this thing oh wow11133.04.6
okay so there's a big deep ass hole11135.2794.361
straight ahead and artifact's at the11137.64.28
bottom of that hole okay okay Straight11139.644.08
Ahead uh a little bit further over there11141.884.12
okay yeah like over here yeah yeah that11143.724.4
way maybe go a little right not really a11146.04.64
hole well I mean it's a drop off maybe11148.124.279
yeah maybe not a hole a drop off but11150.643.719
should be the bottom of the drop off am11152.3993.801
I at the bottom of the drop off I don't11154.3594.0
know I can't see you you're far away11156.25.44
from me now what the hell am I the11158.3595.841
wrong no there's one it's no it's down11161.644.599
there it's the right place all right11164.23.44
well maybe I'll come back up and give11166.2394.321
you the suit oo that's exciting Meb I've11167.644.32
never worn one of these suits hey that11170.564.719
is ACI hey um once you get the suit we11171.966.2
could just run off or but say you're11175.2794.761
borrowing it I feel bad about doing that11178.164.76
also the radio is still on yeah guys I11180.045.04
can hear every bit of that hello oh is11182.924.76
this thing still on hello it's on every11185.085.68
channel can hear it uh yeah this Line's11187.686.44
closed please stay off this line11190.766.479
Channel he can't be trusted yep hey if11194.124.76
they run off with the suit we murder11197.2393.681
them yeah yeah and we murder their11198.885.76
entire families so let's just cooperate11200.925.399
all right cool door bring me the suit11204.644.1
that's what I'm doing11206.3196.181
ooh how do I look baby like a robot yeah11215.3995.641
I'm not going to yeah let's see you11218.4394.321
really oh11221.044.8
yeah this thing sick it is go get them11222.766.08
Iron Man woo and that thing floats11225.846.519
behind you it's fun okay now we're going11228.846.08
deep diving want to see where you saw11232.3597.401
it yeah oh excuse me Pardon Me11234.928.519
Jesus all right going in Good11239.766.16
Luck oh my God look at this this is11243.4395.721
amazing this is11245.923.24
amazing artifact oh man I've been after11252.886.399
you for so long b boom artifact of the11256.2797.481
cunning I'm so damn cunning in this11259.2794.481
suit you got it yep I got it baby had a11264.06.04
boy oh man this was much I should have11267.883.84
just done this in the beginning that was11270.044.12
much easier all right can I fly right11271.725.52
out of the water like a badass11274.164.88
woo oh yeah here we go comeing to you11279.048.12
needes w yeah there it is all right here11282.686.36
I'll give it it back Dora okay thanks11287.163.96
yeah thanks for Lending it my pleasure11289.044.04
there's another uh deep sea artifact I11291.123.279
believe too might as well get that one11293.082.96
out of the way oh do you want me to go11294.3992.88
get it or you going to get it I'll go11296.043.76
get it that one okay here we go there11297.2794.561
you go there you go there you go all11299.83.8
right n when can we get the hell out of11301.845.439
here uh moonto hop on let's push off yep11303.65.2
let's go find a turtle actually now we11307.2793.2
need to find those F God that that suit11308.83.8
would be good for finding those fish too11310.4793.521
uh go get that artifact door and then11312.64.4
come back to us all11314.03.0
right don't be scared dookie that's just11326.4395.281
a dragon he's a good Dragon though look11328.965.08
at him providing shade what's his name11331.724.719
uh this one's name a greeny MC11334.045.56
beanie this is D's oh cool I like it11336.4395.081
yeah duris is everything how how the11339.63.56
hell this happen he's got a dragon he's11341.523.64
got a tech suit I ain't got you got11343.164.36
a boat you have a boat I got dookie11345.163.92
dookie is all I need in this world this11347.524.04
was our boat is it ours I mean you kind11349.083.92
of the one in charge of it yeah but you11351.563.28
get to use it uh oh actually stop yes I11353.04.96
do see metal yeah yeah there yeah let's11354.844.88
grab it doing it doing it doing it doing11357.964.08
it so yeah nebes we need to tame11359.724.36
something to find what are they parakeet11362.044.56
fish uh if that's still what you want to11364.084.48
do I oh yeah we got to find the parakeet11366.64.36
fish and then we got to take them to the11368.565.08
turtle okay and then they a let us back11370.964.519
in the tribe and I can get a dragon and11373.643.32
also we have a turtle why you want to be11375.4793.281
in that tribe because they have dragons11376.963.439
he bosses you around yeah but he has a11378.763.8
dragon dragon I don't boss anybody11380.3995.641
around yep you're pretty bossy neees11382.566.28
yeah you are the most boss person ever11386.044.68
too heavy yeah all right got too heavy y11388.844.0
yep yeah I got to drop some throw11390.723.759
that out Pig saddle I don't want a11392.843.76
pig saddle what is it now is11394.4794.481
that all metal yeah oh yeah it's all11396.64.36
metal car you yeah you know what here11398.963.439
let let me uh let me stick some of this11400.964.24
metal oh top on the wing move that way I11402.3994.0
think I'm stuck on your wing already11405.23.0
yeah I can I can walk you over there all11406.3994.0
right see if you can get me too go oh I11408.25.6
go oh god oh wait I think this is kind11410.3994.681
of working this is kind of working I'm11413.83.679
on ah Phil I'll meet you there take take11415.083.56
me over to the boat take me over to the11417.4792.161
boat take me over to the boat all right11418.643.0
now drop me off drop me off oh perfect11419.643.96
perfect thing wow all right going to get11421.645.839
needs damn that work like a11423.63.879
charm all right Simon yeah I wanted to11428.045.08
be honest with you about something oh11431.24.52
wow every time I play this game I'm11433.124.92
afraid I'm going to mess up hugely every11435.724.559
time really you feel the same way11438.045.52
sometimes no no no oh me neither11440.2795.721
actually every single time that you play11443.564.0
this game you think you're going to mess11446.04.16
up hug I was just I was clowning hey I'm11447.564.44
going to go get this thing okay yeah go11450.164.36
for the yeah that's fine but it sounds11452.06.12
like you're in some sort ofir ofial no11454.526.48
no no no well I okay why would you say11458.124.88
that just messing but that's not funny11461.04.479
though nah is it I don't know you think11463.03.439
funny okay I'll let that one go for11466.4394.641
now hey go yep yep yep you're right in11476.085.0
between them nebs perfect got it yep got11478.564.52
lots M hey you know what I thought back11481.083.48
one of those outposts we have a11483.083.72
Megalodon I thought you killed that one11484.565.759
hey no I didn't kill hey turtle turtle11486.87.0
turtle yeah wow oh I'm11490.3198.481
so oh man that is great hi is this11493.87.12
the one we should try to get do we know11498.83.32
where those fish are have we seen the11500.923.0
fish yet no we haden't seen the fish yet11502.123.319
but that's the other thing it's like uh11503.922.96
I think we may have to tame something to11505.4393.521
go deep to see the fish oh and speaking11506.884.399
of taming something oh look at this guy11508.964.12
Megalodon right below we should tame11511.2794.641
Megalodon okay you want to uh yeah and I11513.085.08
actually made some of these should be11515.925.2
able to tame them a bit quicker all K11518.164.8
come on bubba you get the electric darts11521.125.359
or whatever no the uh TR darts TR darts11522.966.12
Harpoon darts hey oh yeah there's lots11526.4794.76
of Megalodons under here let's get them11529.083.72
oh got you come on shark army come on11531.2393.561
come come come on oh you running already11532.84.599
yep wait I'm being targeted by a micro11534.84.24
swarm what does that mean oh that11537.3993.601
doesn't sound good when you say it it11539.044.76
sounds bad it does sound bad I don't see11541.05.04
anything micro would be that'd be small11543.83.639
though we wouldn't see it would we wait11546.043.359
hold on I do see some oh God are they11547.4393.96
coming after me are they going to eat me11549.3994.0
are they going to eat me oh God oh God11551.3994.561
oh God better run but also tame that11553.3994.88
shark I was this is the a that the thing11555.964.08
we need to bring to the turtle the micro11558.2794.12
swarm Turtle yeah Turtle I thought we11560.044.0
were looking for parakeet fish or11562.3993.721
something I think the I think these are11564.043.96
it these are the paret eat fish we take11566.124.52
it over there oh I'm being targeted too11568.04.399
okay how do we get this turtle in the11570.643.839
water let's go to the turtle oh hold on11572.3994.441
I'll get his attention hey bucko what11574.4795.081
the turtle yeah come here hey there's a11576.844.84
drop up there go check that drop thick11579.563.879
all right checking the drop probably11581.684.2
something stupid boots and oh I should11583.4394.84
probably put on some scuba gear I should11585.883.84
probably put that on and I should11588.2793.281
probably put this on and this thing's11589.724.639
coming at me Micro swarm's right here11591.565.28
hey hey big boy yeah come in come get me11594.3594.401
come get get me got to this micros swarm11596.843.479
come on come get me come get me look11598.763.28
micros swarm ow ow ow ow ow ow they're11600.3193.521
nipping me they're nipping me now get11602.043.84
him get him he's the one you want is11603.844.399
that turtle attacking the the boat the11605.883.96
boat no he's not attacking the boat11608.2393.281
that'd be silly right are you sure this11609.844.04
is how this works yeah apparently you're11611.524.919
supposed to bring that to the turtle11613.884.96
okay I'm hurting at least that's how I11616.4394.241
read it doesn't seem to be working yeah11618.843.2
it doesn't seem to be taming now this11620.683.08
turtle's just like getting all jacked up11622.043.56
he's trying to H your boat man don't get11623.763.479
in my boat tried to have sex with with11625.64.16
your boat it's11627.2395.641
true Simon yes sir I think we're in a11629.766.16
we're in a good spot now uh you know Pro11632.885.399
tip our walkie-talkies they double as11635.925.92
GPS yes I I knew that oh got you um it11638.2795.241
should be out here it should be just out11641.844.68
here all right all right bear with me11643.525.48
bear with me out here I got nothing11646.524.36
better to do I'll tell you that all11649.03.239
right it's going to be a little ways out11650.883.76
here and I'm going to here we go oops I11652.2393.801
didn't want to do that all right well I11654.643.36
you know what I kind of wanted do then11656.044.92
what since I since I can fly is go come11658.04.72
out there with you oh yeah you could11660.963.16
you're going to go straight down right I11662.722.96
can just I'm going to go straight down11664.124.56
244 I'm getting a little off here11665.6810.0
160 H 159 we need 138 15 24 4 15 yeah11668.6811.84
155 do we have 154 take 155 15 got11675.688.44
1595 I'll take 159 1599 take11680.529.919
a hey buddy 247 2 4 4 1511684.128.84
138 let's you know what can you keep11690.4395.081
those numbers in your head so maybe we11692.964.92
can have some sort of a conversation 13811695.527.32
244 13 we're so close Sim we're so11697.884.96
close come on NES you straight ahead of11703.05.239
me straight yeah just go straight okay11705.565.24
he's he's to our right there is a an eel11708.2394.641
in the water see this is dumb there's no11710.85.479
micros swarms right I don't know let's11712.886.439
see uh I don't see any see a manay maybe11716.2794.561
we should tame oh wait there's a11719.3193.04
Megalodon over here let's tame this11720.843.519
Megalodon nees all right I'll switch the11722.3594.401
TRS there we go got the Megalodons off11724.3593.84
the guy drink11726.764.639
elicious here we go dick where'd you go11728.1996.08
uh trying to T Megalodon oh I see you11731.3995.96
out there uh coming to you thick there's11734.2796.401
two of them one's running away I see11737.3595.641
going to go down he's going to go down I11740.684.599
know he's going to go down cuz I just11743.04.8
put a lot of TRS in his but11745.2794.401
hole all right I'm working on his11747.83.399
too he's got he's got a he's got a11751.1995.681
friend yep I know I see both of them11754.045.279
they they may be Running Scared oh yep11756.884.28
one down one down working on the other11759.3193.88
one come on I want you to go down just11761.164.039
go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep all11763.1993.28
right got number two all right I'm going11765.1992.601
to throw some meat in the first one that11766.4793.72
you got I'm throwing some fish meat and11767.86.12
I'm throwing some narcotics in this11770.1993.721
okay okay Simon yeah this just seems11778.166.0
like this would be the spot it's like11782.085.96
the most obvious spot Simon Okay well I11784.166.84
can't tell cuz I'm by a fire and I can't11788.047.96
see you I know oh hey yes yes yes Simon11791.07.56
you finally got it come on can I11796.04.439
pick it up pick it up I want to pick it11798.563.36
up I don't want to get attacked I want11800.4393.441
to pick it up I can't place the wood11801.924.76
fence that's great can I pick it up why11803.884.84
it's you can't pick up the artifact you11806.683.799
see an artifact but you cannot pick it11808.724.0
up all right I'm hitting the art I what11810.4795.0
am I doing what am I doing I don't know11812.725.16
it it should prompt you to to pick it up11815.4794.0
right how am I not getting attacked yeah11817.883.04
you'd think it would prompt you does11819.4792.76
anyone know what the happening11820.925.479
here oh here we go here we go got it we11822.2398.721
got it yeah we did something today yeah11826.3998.211
I built a fire and you got an artifact11830.964.88
get my wings wet get a little speed yeah11837.86.12
there we go nice nice nice nice11839.966.2
what what the11843.926.92
hell what what are you doing here are11846.167.0
you are you11850.844.479
alive you11853.168.6
are hello hello uh hi I'm uh think 4411855.3199.521
what the going on with this11861.763.08
server oh no no no no no no what's11865.3194.641
fighting you no no no no no no11867.724.32
I just got this what is11869.965.439
that what is God11872.043.359
damn uh-oh uh-oh can I get over there b11876.3197.16
back on me11880.562.919
abro can you drop this thing get over11884.083.319
there the other Megalodon's getting11886.2393.881
attacked I'm trying God I just tamed11887.3995.441
these guys eel snuck up on me11890.124.6
horse you ready God damn I hate these11892.843.559
can we delete those from11894.724.0
the no one likes the eels no yeah the11896.3994.601
eels suck ruin everything eels and11898.724.28
Jellyfish them is that your shark11901.04.479
right there probably okay oh good the me11903.03.96
he killed it all right well at least we11905.4793.96
got one all right going in where is he11906.964.04
where is he hey hey there's you all11909.4393.721
right there's my stuff okay there's the11911.04.52
dead eel where's the Megalodon is that11913.164.44
him hey is that you is that you down11915.523.719
there dead e is he attack is he11917.64.52
attacking the fish the turtle um where11919.2394.641
the did he go you're big on can you11922.123.76
whistle all to follow or something I'm11923.883.84
doing it uh I don't think I'm close11925.885.0
enough to get him Jesus get the eels go11927.724.88
to the server find the file that says11930.884.72
eels and delete those Jesus11932.65.04
Christ can't get done well I'm11935.63.599
going to harvest this thing there's11937.643.92
probably some good stuff in here ah fish11939.1993.721
me I don't want that where's the good11941.563.44
stuff is there like a oh got to breathe11942.923.88
here's the good stuff what your mag11945.04.52
level 82 was killed by electri oh good11946.84.88
all good both the megod dead by11949.525.16
an heel oh happy11951.685.32
day all right I'm done for the day log11954.685.65
it off oh yeah yep one of those Arc11957.015.76
days man I want a dragon okay feel like11972.765.12
I got ripped off I don't have a dragon I11975.923.72
don't have a tech suit you've got a11977.883.24
thief on your boat you might be able to11979.643.759
get you one yeah just do like thick and11981.124.159
have some strangers do all your work for11983.3993.96
you that sounds awesome actually11985.2794.12
yep yeah you ever read 4our work week11987.3593.401
kind of the whole concept is it Tim11989.3994.521
Ferris look at this right here what is11990.766.719
that a dead Dragon nope this is a squid11993.926.08
oh neebs let's not get too close to its11997.4795.201
mouth right neebs uh oh Jesus you w on a12000.05.479
boat yeah but still and he's not in his12002.685.12
element either is he not really coming12005.4794.0
up thick have you gotten into the water12007.83.72
with this thing a little bit but I can12009.4794.321
try let me should I go to his mouth what12011.524.08
what should I have on me give him some12013.83.88
fish I think you just feed him fish is12015.63.759
that is that all you you feed these guys12017.685.599
fish yeah sure okay so walk into his12019.3596.92
mouth yeah pass a tame this seems crazy12023.2796.841
this is nuts uh oh uh does not want to12026.2796.761
be tamed right now probably cuz he's12030.125.52
beached yeah I don't know what to do12033.044.96
about this should we try to unbeat him12035.644.759
how would we do that nudge him with the12038.05.88
boat Turn it yeah come on hang12040.3996.401
on and boom get back in the water what12043.885.92
the hell yep didn't work I think we may12046.85.0
have turned him did we turn him did he12049.85.32
move I I didn't see him move okay you12051.85.88
want to try again give him a little can12055.124.319
I I get some speed12057.683.84
up yeah I feel like this isn't going to12059.4393.641
work dookie what do you think where are12061.523.64
you dookie why are you hiding from me oh12063.083.199
wait we're on a boat you're surfing12065.163.96
aren't you yeah12066.2792.841
dookie love it love it every time we're12069.1996.681
coming in hot Nick I see you race for12072.684.519
oo all right I'm jumping12077.1995.761
off come on12079.66.639
there didn't move that thing my itch hey12082.964.96
I'm on top of this thing hey there's a12086.2394.521
squid my boat look to its eye beses look12087.928.279
at me loot it I am needes you will be my12090.768.88
friend to make friends how does squid12096.1996.441
sound is that how squid sound yes I'm12099.644.719
sure of12102.644.639
it I'm a squid12104.3596.0
they even say that they are a squid too12107.2796.431
in yeah and ink sometimes I say12110.3594.761
ink citizen Simon please step closer how12115.126.4
much like this like get come come right12119.164.319
up here like okay right up to you yeah12121.525.44
come here hello citizen Simon hello did12123.4795.96
you make the the painting supplies I12126.965.519
told you to I did except for I just12129.4395.441
realized I didn't I didn't get a brush12132.4794.8
it's okay you don't need you just okay12134.884.16
hey uh go ahead and kneel that could12137.2794.561
look cool all right perfect wow wow I12139.046.6
like this okay hey we just because the12141.846.2
other guys aren't here we are the heroes12145.644.28
nobody wants and that we don't deserve12148.045.68
to be right that said take that uh-huh12149.927.8
take that take that uh-huh take that and12153.727.24
take that also take that okay and paint12157.725.36
them appropriately citizen Simon so you12160.968.399
can be super Simon ah a you are my12163.0811.52
father no no I'm not no oh you know I I12169.3597.241
thought maybe you were my dad I'm not12174.65.0
your dad I'm looking for my dad I hope12176.65.32
not that would make me like 340 years12179.67.16
old yes Father paint paint my son okay12181.928.08
okay sorry yeah I knew you were my dad12186.767.0
got me now I got to pay12190.03.76
all right so server wide these eels12199.3993.481
shouldn't reproduce but there are still12201.2393.641
some left so we need to eliminate this12202.885.0
damn species okay make sure it's set to12204.887.08
uh yeah medium no high high wake it up12207.886.399
high range wake up uhhuh change12211.964.68
targeting from only survivors what only12214.2794.641
wild creatures only wild creatures boom12216.643.759
yeah I've never done this before this is12218.923.8
this is cool oh oh it's Y is it shooting12220.3994.321
yeah it's hitting some damn Rays right12222.725.36
now Ray yep D get the Mana Ray I can see12224.725.559
it oh man12228.085.04
Ito it's messing up that Ray is that Ray12230.2796.241
dead it's it's running12233.123.4
array on that's dead nice nice nice nice12237.4795.361
what if I uh what if I lure the eels to12241.163.239
the top should I jump in should I oh12242.842.72
there an eel right behind us I was12244.3992.88
trying to get you on the boat it ain't12245.564.52
going to not getting hit by the plants12247.2795.521
and no not right now oh I can move the12250.085.08
boat oh yeah move the boat absolutely12252.84.679
move the boat which way forward okay bit12255.164.88
forward yeah yeah see if he comes after12257.4795.521
us oh yeah there you are Dum D abro ask12260.045.159
him how he's going to handle it abro how12263.04.0
are you going to handle it why did I say12265.1993.801
my own name yeah I don't know oh there12267.03.279
we go there we12269.05.239
go boom yeah take12270.2797.441
that one last eel now only a million to12274.2395.96
go yeah that's what you get eels for12277.724.599
ruin in our damnn fun oh there's one12280.1993.801
underneath you yeah I didn't want to12282.3193.481
have to commit eel genocide but I guess12284.04.08
I did it's on you you did this to12285.85.519
yourself eels how does it feel eel how12288.084.84
does it12291.3196.721
eel a fire today we mean you lots of ill12292.925.12
will I will warn you Simon when you're a12301.646.52
hero you can sense shitty puns and word12304.765.639
Play From Afar and I just I just sensed12308.165.199
a bunch of that really yeah wow12310.3994.84
well you are a magic my friend all right12313.3593.641
I did I put one on each one am I12315.2393.2
supposed to put a lot more than one drag12317.03.08
it no you got to bring it to 100% each12318.4393.121
one you see the percentage underneath12320.083.52
each piece of armor come on here they12321.563.879
all say 100% right now well there you go12323.63.52
so that was more than one I have to12325.4393.681
maybe it is just one I don't know hey12327.124.64
try it give it a shot buddy well I don't12329.124.119
know what to like what's what's trying12331.764.84
do it space bar oh12333.2397.24
yeah yeah oh he's holding it yeah look12336.66.4
at this yeah look at that look at this12340.4794.8
all right I'm scared I don't want to go12343.04.12
too far cuz I'll lose myself well you12345.2793.801
can always hit shift on the way down and12347.124.48
it'll kind of like you know stop you12349.084.68
right before you can hold down shift and12351.64.04
fly any direction you want hold down12353.763.479
shift like you're sprinting in the area12355.643.96
that's what I'm doing oh boy I just shot12357.2395.681
my load yes careful with that careful12359.64.48
that's what happened that's what made me12362.923.319
your father okay come over here real12364.085.359
quick uh you can hold down right trigger12366.2394.921
right button and then yeah you'll get a12369.4394.04
Target if there's an enemy and you just12371.164.48
let go okay and then I'll go go like my12373.4794.081
enemy is that12375.644.16
yep you're a superhero you're a12377.564.16
superhero oh look at12379.85.679
you you missed me oh where have you been12381.728.08
all my life let's go have fun12385.4794.321
okay oh hey guys you see it I see the12391.4396.88
turtle come towards me12395.086.199
okay man power looks crazy in the boat12398.3197.441
doesn't it neebs love it like a rocket12401.2798.681
like an an anime star titties12405.767.0
W okay I'm on the back of the12409.965.72
boat looking for the turtle he's right12412.765.559
here to the left of the boat ah there's12415.684.639
the big boy all right now we got to find12418.3194.441
these parakeet fish we got to get him to12420.3195.521
go into the water okay so throw some12422.765.519
fins on and get in there okay fins to12425.845.24
the left don't you dare you dare as much12428.2796.08
you talk about old Jimmy12431.085.76
Buffett oh my God look at Simon this12434.3595.361
thing's gorgeous I know pretty pretty we12436.845.32
can get uh what the the tech stuff from12439.724.599
that we should probably take it down huh12442.165.079
oh is that how it works yeah this is uh12444.3194.201
what is this called again what are these12447.2394.96
called This is a stego but it's an evil12448.525.48
one Simon what are you going to do you12452.1993.361
see as how you're a12454.05.04
superhero I'm going to take out my12455.566.36
sickle and I'm going to we just did the12459.044.279
punch thing remember the punch thing12461.923.08
that we were doing you know what I mean12463.3193.561
hold on the bugs get the bug coming oh12465.04.56
yeah yeah but oh I got this oh so the12466.886.479
the EV bugs yeah like this thing ready12469.568.759
yeah yeah yeah no I missed too sometimes12473.3598.201
Heroes Miss come on you little sugar oh12478.3195.201
this is it doesn't doesn't seem to be12481.563.6
really we're doing we're not doing12483.523.48
really good at all real damage I think12485.163.88
I'll be better off with the sickle there12487.03.8
you go you bastard I thought this would12489.043.96
do so much more damage I get you with12490.83.12
sickle you bust out that hero sickle12493.924.559
yeah oh my stuff is breaking12496.84.16
already this is not good you're bre oh12498.4794.441
I'm going to look at my stuff my12500.964.2
percentages okay they're looking pretty12502.925.6
good sickle Time come on back to the12505.165.119
sickle I don't know why you're doing the12508.523.719
sickle we got the punch thing get the12510.2796.2
final punch final blow hero Simon and go12512.2397.401
I missed him get him Simon okay he's12516.4796.481
coming to get me S yeah12519.647.32
yeah who's a hero it's Simon di is the12522.965.6
hero of the12526.964.319
day that took way too long let's face it12528.566.759
of course but that's what editing's12531.2794.04
for this thing keeps going further12545.684.759
Inland thick yeah all right here's what12547.843.68
I'm going to do I'm going to shoot it in12550.4392.88
the head and I'm going to lure it back12551.525.08
to the beach and back to the ocean ready12553.3196.721
okay boom all right yep yep I heard him12556.64.28
he just12560.044.199
went you coming for me got my doo friend12560.886.64
oh yeah oh yeah here comes big boy here12564.2395.12
he comes12567.524.959
woo hey off yeah just keep hitting12569.3596.08
them into some trees oh I see neees hey12572.4794.601
all right neees I think I got this thing12575.4395.84
pissed at me no no no no this way this12577.086.159
yeah come on dummy come on we got we got12583.2394.601
to get you into the ocean looks like12586.164.72
Mitch McConnell little bit bro I'm going12587.845.0
to hold up the12590.884.68
S oh neb where'd you go you were my12592.845.0
Escape okay I'm coming back what the12595.564.36
hell's hitting me hey oh God theasaurus12597.844.28
dick go away leave me alone leave me12599.924.16
alone there you go thank di all right12602.124.119
come on this way come out to the ocean12604.083.56
boy what you think dookie he's a lot12607.644.36
bigger than you are you better watch out12610.2393.08
he'll step on12612.03.239
you how's this water is this water12613.3194.281
pretty shallow thing ah n looks good12615.2394.12
nebs I'm going to need a pick up baby12617.64.08
I'm coming you see me yeah I'm luring12619.3595.04
him down the beach I see you come on Big12621.686.08
Boy oo nees you're looking good oh easy12624.3996.401
easy nees easy kns now you got me stuck12627.765.08
all right go go nees go yep but not too12630.83.8
fast we got a lure we got a lure I'm12632.843.399
beached you're be oh God you can't be12634.63.48
beached oh there we go okay you're off12636.2393.24
oh God I'm going to need a pickup though12638.082.88
cuz I hopped off cuz you you said we12639.4793.121
were beat I was I was getting attacked12640.964.2
by a big turtle come get me oh God come12642.63.839
get me D12645.164.48
this J by all right stop stop stop stop12646.4394.281
coming I'm coming I'm coming all right12649.642.639
we're luring his ass we're luring his12650.725.12
ass man over here all right now slowly12652.2795.881
NE slowly let's lure him lure him out to12655.843.48
the water all12658.163.52
right oh man hero life huh I mean12661.686.639
already I could see that I used to think12665.4795.081
it'd be like that's not really much work12668.3195.801
mhm and now I realize it's a real burden12670.565.639
it beats you down it's a it's a curse C12674.124.199
that comes along with it for sure yeah12676.1994.961
yeah I I mean it's a curse that I I I I12678.3195.601
take with open arms but I people need to12681.165.36
realize how difficult it is to be this12683.924.04
they don't they just want everything12686.524.64
saved you know yeah save me please let12687.965.92
me let me not12691.165.8
die please please punch this thing cuz12693.884.92
you're so powerful but also keep don't12696.963.6
let this get to your head Simon and and12698.83.639
speaking of that go ahead and let's12700.563.759
let's go ahead12702.4395.521
and oh oh take the helmet off go ahead12704.3195.361
yeah hold on okay show the world who you12707.963.6
are it's like that it's like that scene12709.684.32
in uh Mandalorian where he took his12711.564.08
helmet off and they were like 3 ft away12714.03.239
on the other side of the glass like a12715.643.96
idiot remember that is that was12717.2394.881
that uh no yeah they were like right12719.66.16
yeah I I was I was concentrating on yeah12722.125.159
I wasn't really listening to you but12725.763.679
yeah yeah maybe we should be heroes and12727.2794.681
go to the island of Nots slaves and get12729.4394.0
a bunch of stuff for the rest of the12731.963.2
guys I don't know oh you know what if we12733.4393.561
were to go there we could show off our12735.163.68
I mean in a good way cuz you know12737.03.479
they're so we'll put on a show for them12738.843.08
we'll be like the Blue12740.4794.0
Angels that'll be it we'll that'll12741.923.92
that'll make them happy and then they'll12744.4795.88
work just like harder for us helmets on12745.848.08
helmets on W I did that quicker than I12750.3596.88
thought I would but all right now okay12753.925.24
oops now what now we're going to go to12757.2394.2
the eye we're going there all right I12759.165.48
took off let's12761.4393.201
all right I see a man toay in the water12770.124.279
looks like we got some eels but yeah12772.723.84
Turtles right over there those eels are12774.3994.0
close y'all might want to hop on a boat12776.562.96
all right are you going to be on eel12778.3992.92
Duty uh yeah but I don't want to turn12779.524.0
the plants on until the turtles clear oh12781.3193.361
he's coming towards us he's coming12783.522.879
towards us you think the plants will12784.683.88
shoot that deep could could you put him12786.3993.681
like medium he coming in heels are12788.565.639
coming in oh God oh God oh God God y y12790.087.0
oh God oh God oh God get out water it12794.1996.401
stop it stop it I'm coming thck stay12797.086.44
alive I'm good I'm good I'm good clear12800.64.36
oh I see an eel down there I think it's12803.524.24
dead yeah it looks like they're dead oo12804.965.519
okay okay okay looking around looking12807.765.28
around we okay we look clear all right12810.4794.88
NE you see me um one second I'm in the12813.043.8
water you're in the water yep and I'm12815.3594.04
moving towards the turtle okay any uh12816.844.24
any parakeet fish we know they're out12819.3993.8
here I think that little turtle has12821.084.159
parakeet fish around it see him way12823.1993.961
behind the boat let's guy over here12825.2393.681
there's a bunch of things following it12827.162.96
is this the turtle you're talking about12828.923.0
I'm going toward little turtle oh yep12830.124.88
okay I'm being targeted by a micro swarm12831.925.64
oh God please leave me alone yep please12835.04.84
leave me alone Stingray and now come on12837.565.6
micro swarm come get the turtle I see it12839.845.479
come get the turtle they're close to thi12843.164.199
oh where's he at where's he at oh God oh12845.3194.241
God manta ray manta ray leave me alone12847.3593.681
you can swim to the boat if you need to12849.562.56
where's the boat Where's the boat is it12851.042.359
right above me where's the boat I lost12852.122.48
the boat I'm going to try to get the12853.3994.0
manor wait you're pretty close Okay okay12854.64.639
yep all right he's nipping at me oh God12857.3993.08
leave me alone leave me alone leave me12859.2394.12
alone just leave me the alone God12860.4795.241
damn it no no no no no almost almost12863.3594.04
there come to the boat come on come on12865.723.8
come on come on okay God if it's not12867.3995.601
eels it's Mana Rays is't it all right12869.524.759
yeah he's you going to leave me alone12873.02.84
yeah he's leaving you alone I'll go12874.2794.96
after him now o I want him so bad okay12875.845.04
that swarm get around that oh the12879.2394.24
swarm's over there so then is he taming12880.884.28
cuz that's what we need to do yeah I12883.4792.72
don't know12885.162.68
oh wait all right there's the Swarm hey12886.1993.961
swarm oh I'm I'm being targeted by a12887.844.399
micro swarm okay well then you take him12890.163.76
uh you take him behind the turtle wait12892.2393.04
what's that what's going after that is12893.923.2
that like a barracuda oh no that's a12895.2794.241
that's one of those sa- two trouts or or12897.124.92
salmon has someone been attacked oh oh12899.524.04
wow hey I think that Turtle just ate12902.044.239
that Mana Ray oh it's taming yeah get12903.564.48
the boat out of here well Thick's12906.2794.2
taming it that was okay whatever12908.044.239
whatever it takes if you get it you got12910.4794.8
to give it to us well if I get it then12912.2796.441
we we become at least an alliance okay12915.2795.12
since it's taming will the boat Target12918.723.679
it I mean I'm staying away from it12920.3995.681
probably okay come on no heels leaveing12922.3997.641
60% come on come on I want that Turtle12926.089.239
70% oh come on 73% 73%12930.047.12
76% sa two sammon get the away 81%12937.167.52
82 oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh we're12941.3594.92
going to be the best of friends friends12944.683.08
and I'm I'm going to I'm going to build12946.2793.641
a theme park on you man I'm Turtle12947.766.479
surfing again baby yeah hey Nave hey oh12949.928.0
Bo here we go going down yeah we got12954.2398.2
Turtles SP got him yeah yes woohoo O12957.925.68
Let's Get Him to the beach have him12962.4392.561
follow you thick go to the beach oh12963.67.01
let's go baby let's go oh yes so12965.07.04
happy oh hello everybody hello hello we12972.0410.88
are about to start a12977.565.36
show flying I'm12987.3594.201
flying remember12992.2393.761
thing o look at12996.123.84
this hey all right hello citizens we are13000.168.6
here to not save you but to impress you13005.048.279
yes and to show you tricks of of Mastery13008.766.559
this F13015.3195.281
yeah and I could I could go like this13020.66.4
hello everyone swing to the left13023.67.0
yes and then power13027.06.439
yeah hey Simon Simon if you want to13030.64.56
steal anything now's the time while13033.4394.201
they're loud how do we steal I don't13035.164.88
know or we just leave and we feel like13037.644.2
we've given them what they want I don't13040.044.88
know oh they're right13041.843.08
here if we could kill you and take your13045.564.639
stuff we13047.85.519
would everyone have a great day and be13050.1996.641
good get us stuff and we will not kill13053.3196.521
yes here we go what what w13060.3598.04
y he shakes his little ball sack chin13066.4794.521
around and uh I've already named her oh13068.3994.84
it's a she what's her13071.05.319
name you're going to love this I want I13073.2395.96
want you guys to meet shellin13076.3195.241
Keller Shel13079.1995.881
shelbe and because she blind and diff no13081.565.48
but she makes noises like she is she's13085.083.92
like oh13087.045.12
God it's delightfully up oh yeah13089.04.84
people are going to hate me even more I13092.163.6
love you shell and Keller what you have13093.844.399
to say to13095.762.479
that so can we just build on top of this13099.4794.8
thing or you need a saddle well we can't13102.084.56
like it's no no hey we did this as a13104.2795.801
team so look I'm going to do you guys13106.646.28
want back well no let's let's just do13110.086.48
this here oh I I have to recruit you or13112.928.12
I can stab neees ah what no I have to13116.566.4
form an alliance with you guys right13121.045.12
sure okay can hey if we form an alliance13122.965.239
I can we can share each other's stuff I13126.164.72
never intended on uh joining the tribe13128.1994.601
again well I did they got dragons and13130.884.24
like and turtle we got killer see that13132.84.2
boat they got a turtle they got dragons13135.123.84
they got like superhero outfits not as13137.04.96
cool as this boat damn boat look at this13138.965.68
boat you see this boat I see the boat13141.964.399
it's not a damn superhero outfit we13144.644.36
still talking about this boat I'll join13146.3595.161
back thick all right here we go try to13149.04.359
oh except bam back in baby yeah all13153.3596.88
right tribe of one a but now I got a I13156.885.399
got an abandoned Stucky oh yeah this is13160.2393.841
a dodo he's following me and he's full13162.2793.361
of metal but I guess he's not following13164.085.319
me anymore oh I was going neees now my13165.646.92
dodo now he's full of metal throw throw13169.3994.721
him in the ocean it's probably too heavy13172.564.16
see if he sinks no this is a this is a13174.124.8
good tribe I'm on the good tribe really13176.725.559
you're a thief you drown Doos My Tribe13178.924.88
doesn't do that all right I do have some13182.2793.681
stuff in here I do do still like the13183.84.32
boat I don't hate the boat I just want13185.964.04
access to superhero outfits and you13188.123.199
don't have to be in their tribe to get13190.03.439
that you just you go over to the island13191.3194.361
you go hey can I have a suit I need a13193.4394.0
suit no they already got the stuff I13195.683.16
want to go back to the fabricator I want13197.4393.401
to make stuff I want a griffin okay13198.843.68
Griffin would be fun let's see if I got13200.843.639
all my out of13202.524.56
here all right sad doesn't it you're13204.4795.121
moving out it's been fun no hey this was13207.084.08
a good time you and I had a good time13209.64.36
together yep and Nees hey doors always13211.164.84
open as long as you13213.964.08
we'll have to put like a ankle bracelet13216.04.04
on you to keep track of you though my13218.044.8
door might be open check back whenever13220.044.279
uh you want13222.844.8
to with that yeah that's what he left13224.3195.481
sorry didn't uh didn't mean to do that13227.644.96
but um sorry all right it's been fun13229.84.399
though thanks for coming by yeah we'll13232.63.36
see each other again don't worry all13234.1994.401
right all right I am building a house on13235.963.92
Turtle oh boy here we go w super afro13239.888.64
baby ow God oh no oh no you don't oh no13245.3595.201
you don't oh yes you do oh there's the13248.525.44
boat NES turn your plants on huh turn13250.565.94
your plants on what have you13253.968.9
done here we go you got to mark it you13265.645.04
got to let people know you're out there13268.724.44
H could put the boat on there they're13270.684.84
not going to they'll know just get the13273.165.239
out there right like this there was one13275.525.719
of you now there's two did you mark it13278.3994.96
should hire you guys you do my PR people13281.2394.561
PR squids PR squids that's our company13283.3595.761
name all right I get 10% all right back13285.85.559
to the boat we got to keep building got13289.123.76
to make this tribe more attractive for13291.3594.601
people big13292.883.08
plans it's like he has hair I love it13298.85.439
yeah am man dreadlocks13301.3994.601
it's great oh look at her I'm sorry sh13306.06.84
K yeah what up give me a joint baby I13309.1596.16
can't hear see or talk all right hey13312.844.04
thick let me show you like uh my13315.3193.201
favorite thing with this thing so far13316.884.279
this this this girl's a pathmaker oh13318.524.2
okay oh yeah just what like watch this13321.1592.521
I'm just going to I'm just going to walk13322.722.679
into the woods and have her follow me13323.684.32
this is great oh yeah come on big yeah13325.3993.601
you you should be able to see it good13328.02.159
from the sky well I guess you're not13329.02.96
your dragon anymore no no I'm on my I'm13330.1593.841
on my spider oh yeah knock them all down13331.964.399
girl knock them all down girl which13334.03.72
there's already kind of a path here but13336.3592.8
yeah if we ever have any thick Woods we13337.723.04
need to get through and not like your13339.1594.361
Woods just thick thick Woods yeah yeah I13340.764.719
don't I don't have my own woods yet you13343.523.52
just bring this big in here and13345.4794.68
let her knock it all down yeah all right13347.045.56
hold on I need to make a call real quick13350.1594.761
this is ABS Road super Dora super Simon13352.64.4
abro super door super come here comeing13354.923.64
baby come13357.05.04
baby this is uh this is uh super dor and13358.565.719
super Simon yep hey I'm going to need13362.043.68
you guys a superow13364.2792.721
because I need to make a saddle for a13365.723.24
giant turtle and in order to do that I13367.05.04
actually need to kill a giant turtle oh13368.965.0
well then we would be more than happy to13372.045.8
help cuz we are yeah capable for higher13373.965.6
for higher all right well then get your13377.843.96
asses down here I will be waiting for13379.564.799
you guys I'm at uh13381.84.32
7333 we will be right there with hero13386.124.64
things all right we're waiting on the13388.843.92
beach woo we just carved a path thick13390.764.96
look at it hell yeah ow I bet one of13392.765.36
them's going to lose their Tech suit13395.725.16
just saying okay what makes you say that13398.125.159
well you you you heard them talking they13400.883.8
sound so they they don't sound very13403.2792.721
they're this is oh yeah yeah know very13406.04.56
very mumbly very bumbly yeah they're13408.64.36
going to lose13410.562.4
them what's that I see scorpions all13413.925.84
right uh what are you shooting at wait13417.843.8
till we get to the Scorpions right up13419.764.599
here to the beach here we go we right in13421.646.759
tight okay and I'm out hold on13424.3598.12
ladders all right where they at hey hey13428.3996.401
scorpions are you shooting are yall13432.4794.401
shooting oh you're shooting down there13434.83.88
what about you oh you're not set too13436.886.399
short huh bam coming in boom aha tag13438.687.559
team lady boat ladybug boat lady boat13443.2796.08
huh sounds pretty good okay let's uh13446.2396.561
kitan is oh what is no not the dolphins13449.3597.92
not the Dolphins ah CRA oh boy13452.89.8
nope ah stop it okay hold on hold on13457.2799.721
stop shooting stop shooting go to sleep13462.66.52
is it just you jeez did you kill a13467.05.319
couple sorry but don't get near the boat13469.126.92
put a sign up dangerous now is kitan13472.3197.88
Kit's this right catch it yep kiten13476.046.56
there we go that is a ton of cementing13480.1996.28
paste and I'll take the arrow and then13482.66.08
we're building the fabricator give it to13486.4795.321
me baby all right sorry Dolphins13488.687.0
fabricator coming though if that means13491.83.88
anything hey oh yeah there you guys go13503.2397.641
all right guys we are here Simon put13507.3995.641
your helmet on Simon uh I have my helmet13510.885.279
on it's just hidden oh you oh man he's13513.044.68
like he's a professional hero that's a13516.1592.721
damn it I didn't even think of that13517.723.84
you're so good I know yeah I don't13518.884.8
need to worry about hiding my identity13521.564.759
how can we help you this is when you go13523.684.36
ahead Simon and address them as13526.3193.92
civilians that usually works wait I13528.045.159
addressed Mr civilian said sure okay hey13530.2396.321
Bubba how you doing yeah good you can13533.1996.801
look at me I I am looking at you right13536.565.44
I'm looking at you are you like right no13540.03.56
I'm down here I'm down here on the beach13542.04.279
oh that's thick sorry I'm thick yeah I'm13543.565.799
thick 44 down on the beach toet down on13546.2797.04
the beach that's our first mission13549.3593.96
yeah keep going guys are the best best13554.3598.12
superheroes where is he do you see13557.3995.08
him all right what you got all right all13568.045.56
right well you see this giant turtle13571.844.319
obviously this is ours that's awesome13573.64.599
that is badass it's got four eyes two13576.1594.16
eyes on each side very nice yeah watch13578.1993.761
it out hold on I'll level it up check13580.3193.561
this out oh God six13581.966.08
yeah give it to me yeah just a13583.884.16
big watch out behind you13590.4796.68
oh oh ow he bit yeah he bit me save me13593.528.52
oh our our heroes are an go hi oh yeah13597.1599.681
no uh-oh hi13602.044.8
help me help me baby listen we did help13607.64.559
you you didn't get eaten okay and we we13609.726.28
punched that thing I punched him13612.1593.841
dead okay I don't know what you're13616.2393.441
shooting at but it better not be13618.124.96
Dolphins um think I saw yep here we go13619.686.44
we got a mantis I think they have uh13623.085.96
organic polymer better not see dolphins13626.126.119
when I turn around those are dolphins oh13629.046.0
nope you're asleep uh who's shooting13632.2395.641
who's shooting is it you hold on here we13635.046.6
go to sleep put to sleep sleep right13637.886.279
who's shooting is it the front guy what13641.644.36
shoot everybody13644.1597.24
shoot shoot okay okay oh yeah13646.09.08
no Dolphins help me I didn't okay13651.3996.201
they're mad at me I'm sure all right13655.086.079
here we go is it front guy is front guy13657.66.24
shooting front guy knock it13661.1596.16
off thank13663.843.479
you we got a Meg on don't you think oh13669.1595.561
yeah now he's on you oh okay hey hey hey13672.125.239
hey hey hey leave me alone oh boy ow13674.725.559
come on get off get off help help me13677.3596.281
help me good job hit me dead he dead hit13680.2796.841
me it's not not yet it's not boom now13683.645.36
he's dead all right yep all right13687.124.119
there's our victim you see him yep13689.04.319
that's what we're killing where're uh of13691.2394.401
course of course I don't see him but is13693.3194.481
it to my left or right I'm walking13695.644.0
towards him so if he can see me look at13697.83.639
that oh got you okay it looks like a big13699.645.679
rock all right I'm uh got a snake on you13701.4396.361
yeah oh hey now snake's on me God damn13705.3196.721
it hey where my heroes Hey listen hero13707.85.96
baby there you go there you go oh give13713.766.04
me oh13717.3195.04
no oh you knocked out he's knocked out13719.84.28
okay while you're knocked out uh I'm13722.3593.84
going to go with fight this thing should13724.085.0
I that's what I'm that's what I'm we're13726.1995.481
fighting where are you Dora I'm flying13729.084.72
on the dragon okay well I'm just going13731.684.32
to punch I guess yeah yeah I mean I13733.85.639
figured we'd keep it like this uh13736.04.96
woohoo yep yep yep yep you better run13740.965.399
Turtle a13746.3595.361
good I'm just going to keep on shooting13751.723.679
him right in the ass13754.04.04
yeah I don't know why we wouldn't oops13755.3996.0
oh sorry careful with that other dragon13758.046.239
all right I'm back up I'm coming hey hey13761.3994.521
do you guys know a sensitive area like13764.2792.641
where should I be hitting him I'm13765.923.08
hitting him in the ass part of the shell13766.924.0
maybe I should concentrate on the legs I13769.02.96
don't know I'm just kind of hitting13770.923.239
anywhere man I don't know okay I know13771.964.08
I'm I'm bringing our our big boy in he's13774.1594.16
going to help fight I got to rest got to13776.045.0
rest it's getting a little bloody oh13778.3196.0
yeah boom here we go baby oh here you go13781.047.0
oh boy what hyah yeah hyah that's what13784.3197.601
you say oh crap my gun broke oh oh yeah13788.045.76
oh yeah he's looking bad he's looking13791.924.76
real bad hey get in here fight you big13793.85.399
boy fight that big boy oh13796.685.759
boy hurting he's dead oh perfect all13799.1996.28
right nice job Super S13802.4396.72
ah I saved the day along with Tor I'm13805.4795.241
getting all sorts of shelf how many13809.1594.641
shell fragment do you need abro oh how13810.726.439
many did you get 260 oh that's more than13813.85.8
enough hell yeah give it to me baby tell13817.1594.16
you what if somebody wouldn't mind13819.63.719
babysit this turtle real quick and uh13821.3193.92
someone fly me back to base so I can uh13823.3194.281
get to a Schmitty de I'll uh fly you13825.2393.96
back to base Simon you got this under13827.63.52
control I'm sure I like the babyit cuz13829.1996.481
it involves usually negligence13831.124.56
all right well uh o i see a nest I see a13850.048.72
nest already oh please be an egg there's13855.1995.881
an egg oh13858.766.599
and I got my whip any of then any13861.087.68
around give me that give me that13865.3595.521
let me just pick it up got it got it got13868.767.28
it got it ride let's go and he after us13870.887.0
oh here they13876.044.399
come here they come just get to the13877.887.399
water woo W oh don't land in the Griffin13880.4397.04
trench whatever you do don't land in the13885.2794.841
Griffin trench oh my God oh my God I13887.4795.401
don't know if it's behind me or not woo13890.126.119
did I did I do it did I do it did I do13892.886.439
it oh hey13896.2397.401
Dolphins ah I did it I did it I didn't13899.3197.08
die uh I did ship my13903.646.839
pants but uh let me go find the13906.3994.08
okay yeah come on up come on up I love13920.1594.561
this I just love it it's like an13923.1594.521
aircraft carrier man look at this I can13924.725.759
I can like shoot from it man you know13927.684.2
what but here's what I'm thinking with13930.4793.0
this thing because this thing's awesome13931.883.599
man I'm kind of inspired by needes need13933.4794.201
because he has a boat that's basically a13935.4794.68
holocaust on water uhhuh so I'm going to13937.685.04
make this thing a holocaust but on land13940.1595.24
hell yes can you use a different word13942.724.439
yeah don't use that word that's there's13945.3995.8
no reason to use that word okay a 91113947.1596.761
okay no just just a like like a walking13951.1997.521
911 a war machine it's a oh what turtle13953.927.239
turtle oh hey guys oh another one oh13958.723.92
let's fight let's fight it with this13961.1594.361
turt let's fight it shoot at get13962.644.88
attention okay hold on tell to come over13965.524.759
here tell it to M us hold on hold on13967.524.879
don't don't kill it don't kill it I want13970.2793.88
turtle to kill that Turtle it's super13972.3994.8
bloody yeah okay hey I don't think it's13974.1595.04
going to come back around oh no if we if13977.1994.08
we anger it it'll come to us a bit you13979.1996.08
think get him me S Simon Simon come13981.2795.88
under me come under our turtle and don't13985.2793.681
don't shoot it anymore13987.1593.881
okay yeah you're getting like it's13988.965.64
almost dead so can't be well that would13991.045.359
been much of a fight if a simple fre I13994.64.639
have tiny little ammo here killing it13996.3994.88
guys oh God I got some news I got some13999.2395.16
news hey what's your news I didn't die14001.2798.04
and I got an ember Crystal wyvern egg oh14004.3998.561
oh that's the those B the daddies sweet14009.3196.441
daddies cool yeah okay so sounds good14012.964.08
tell you what real quick thing I need to14015.763.08
make a phone call nees this is abss is14017.043.76
AB you mind coming in for a second uh14018.843.8
thanks for calling neebs tribe we're14020.83.399
recruiting if you're looking for a14022.643.679
better tribe with a better boat or your14024.1994.16
tribe yeah yeah yeah we'll see hey uh I14026.3194.721
got a giant turtle can I build those14028.3594.561
plants on top of this thing or is it14031.042.76
going to be like one of those things14032.922.519
where this game says no you can't do14033.86.88
that uh in my experience I think you can14035.4396.96
what can't you build it might not well I14040.683.2
don't know I feel like we tried to build14042.3993.161
something on a Pariser once yeah and it14043.883.04
didn't let us but will it let us build14045.563.839
the plants the plant species on a turtle14046.925.0
well uh try lay down a crop plot see if14049.3994.0
that works all right I'm working on it14051.922.68
thanks thanks for your help didn't know14053.3993.161
if you knew right away over now yep have14054.64.639
fun thanks for calling de's tribe you14056.565.52
you act like he's had a turtle before he14059.2394.281
has more experienced building and what14062.084.48
was it going to do ask14063.523.04
you hey bird pretty good unless you mess14069.2796.641
with was that oh don't mess with my boat14072.965.56
don't mess with it uh fly yeah fly this14075.924.2
way is he mad at me now because of my14078.523.919
boat you getting me in a lot of trouble14080.126.039
today h following me are you following14082.4396.121
me man look at the range on that thing14086.1594.961
that is incredible okay oh we're good14088.563.76
right so brave going out in the desert14097.1996.08
by ourselves hey bugs you're just King14100.526.36
to me oh I don't want to use my shotgun14103.2796.96
yet if I have to sword fight yeah two14106.885.08
strikes all right you're next you just14110.2394.08
saw what I did to him you just saw what14111.965.319
it took me two hits14114.3196.241
okay okay see you're the last one you're14117.2796.641
the last student learn do the hatchet do14120.565.44
the hatchet okay I don't really want to14123.924.6
carry a lot of stuff cuz uh yeah I'll14126.04.399
just leave it at that I'm not here to14128.524.639
carry stuff grab water when you can hey14130.3995.161
water bug look at me I'm like survivor14133.1595.401
man is that a thing survivor man that's14135.566.24
what I am now is there anything really14138.566.16
good out here what could I do My Tribe14141.86.359
needs something big oh boy I see a14144.726.24
mantis out there My Tribe has something14148.1595.32
like a draw you know oh the ne's tribe14150.964.239
it's got that thing it's so big I want14153.4794.161
to be a part of that tribe I could just14155.1994.401
start recruiting animals that might14157.645.32
bring some attention to us not taming a14159.65.759
snake though snakes are you're you're14162.967.6
hard to tame easy to kill though this14165.3595.201
shotgun hey thick how that coming uh14172.1996.721
about 24 minutes ah nice all right now14175.3995.76
what's so what's so special about this14178.924.439
type of dragon now this is the one that14181.1594.641
you can't tame these are are pretty14183.3594.641
badass I'm tempted to eat this egg14185.84.28
because it's only a level 30 but it14188.05.04
might be that much better than like you14190.084.44
know one of these other ones that we14193.043.399
have the passive tame ones I mean I'll14194.523.679
take it I haven't had a flyer yet all14196.4394.641
right this thing's yours when it hatches14198.1996.08
sweet hey um this might be a long shot14201.085.399
none of you have plant species X in your14204.2795.92
pocket do you like the seeds doubt no14206.4795.561
are they easy enough to get from like uh14210.1993.761
from these because if not I know neebs14212.043.199
probably has a bunch I could borrow14213.964.12
Simon suit I could run out and bu neebs14215.2394.841
you could yeah you know what yeah I'll14218.083.88
take your suit Simon okay hold on here14220.083.88
we go I'll go on an adventure find my14221.964.239
buddy knes wait wait wait I got to watch14223.966.96
Simon undress oh H H it is I mean he14226.1996.96
you're like a cotton candy14239.963.04
Adonis can hook a brother up with I'll14244.1994.401
hook you up with some element too14246.84.2
man oh the reverse with14251.764.16
you you know what I'm not putting the14256.523.52
helmet on but I am putting that on oh14258.3594.92
yeah all right rock and roll all right I14260.045.439
am go find14263.2796.441
knes hang on to your hat see you see you14265.4796.281
wow faster than a speeding bullet I14269.723.559
tried to shoot him you're probably never14271.763.84
going to see that again yeah he could14273.2794.281
have called14275.65.0
him man I'm not seeing anywhere to get14277.566.799
up here uh can I grapple if I could14280.69.2
grapple to that right there H oh crap14284.35910.12
did that hit oh God oh God what is that14289.88.04
uh abro oh D I'm being Chas you14294.4795.601
bringing wyverns over here what you14297.843.92
bringing wyverns oh I didn't realize I14300.084.64
was bringing WS to you wait what you14301.764.96
that that thing I don't know I came to14304.724.8
find you do you have any plant species14306.725.2
okay what are you done I don't know14309.524.759
let's see H how do I fight I'm not good14311.923.76
at using this I've never done this14314.2793.681
before oh no he's sucking blood out of14315.685.799
me I'm right you kill14317.967.08
me my bad oh oh he's coming after me14321.4795.96
here I go all right NE where's your poke14325.045.76
hey Dragon he's chasing me oh I don't14327.4396.281
like that at all oh I got to run faster14330.86.92
oh wow he is like oh he's catching me oh14333.725.559
man I'm might have to do a Canyon Run14337.724.0
where's need boat oh he's got the he's14339.2794.801
got the things yeah wonder how that14341.724.2
thing holds up against a dragon come on14344.085.96
follow me oh boy here we14345.928.279
go super AF thr baby ow God oh no oh no14350.046.52
you don't oh no you don't oh yes you do14354.1994.841
oh no you don't oh no you don't oh14356.565.679
there's the boat NES turn your plants on14359.046.279
huh turn your plants on oh they are on14362.2395.401
there's a dragon oh14365.3195.721
God did you14367.643.4
die oh what's going on up there oh he's14371.123.8
on the14374.123.6
boat oh14374.926.359
crap okay got to14377.723.559
recover the worst superhero hey than14381.4795.0
yeah which one of us is going to lose14384.963.03
the Tech suit14386.4793.96
thick two14390.4394.121
beds ah I got to get two of those plants14392.2394.681
on uh you didn't have anything anyway oh14394.564.759
boy get them plants come on I turned a14396.923.6
couple of them off got to get the other14399.3193.361
ones on any chance that two of you can14400.525.719
kill him uh stand by I'm going up you14402.688.16
buddy you buddy uh wild which one's wild14406.2397.16
wild creatures only there's one oh boy14410.845.479
get back down get below get below woo14413.3995.641
come on guys take him14416.3196.761
down oh see the wings how's it looking14419.045.439
you getting bloody14423.083.76
yet all right I got to go back up there14424.4794.641
and turn two more on CRA I wish I14426.844.08
remember I should be able to access them14429.125.239
here that'd be cool oh I'm so14430.928.6
hurt what happened just got14434.3595.161
quiet just14439.684.25
woo look at that blood wyvern versus14445.125.279
boat where is my wait a minute abro died14450.39911.201
right around here where is Abo's body14455.1998.641
anybody there a14461.64.92
bag this is that sort of stuff I'm14463.843.02
woo these tribe got a text14471.4394.481
civilian yes uh well yeah yeah you kind14486.685.759
of are again huh I hate to call you that14490.2394.561
but it's just how it goes really I hate14492.4394.04
going back to this right now where the14494.83.88
hell is abro I don't remember what went14496.4794.641
down but I was thinking while we wait14498.684.479
for this little nugget to get bigger got14501.124.6
to wait for him yeah we do but thick is14503.1595.481
gone thick right here well all right so14505.724.32
you know what maybe I should do in the14508.643.08
meantime since I I don't have any14510.044.239
clothes I'll just see what th thick has14511.725.679
since cili that's exactly what I would14514.2795.721
have done ooh ascended pop action14517.3994.84
shotgun it's all yours it's all yours14520.05.56
buddy y okay uh I don't like his clothes14522.2396.841
but okay uh get some cooked steak that's14525.566.919
good yeah all right and a radio yeah14529.085.199
grab that grab it all it's yours we14532.4794.321
could be talkie Brothers yeah uh Roger14534.2795.681
Roger D door door Roger Roger I'm right14536.85.72
I'm right here civilian Roger door right14539.967.319
here civilian just say Roger Roger there14542.527.12
go oh he's got to be somewhere around14553.564.56
here where's that damn boat it's got to14556.084.399
be here on the coast sign what's this14558.123.68
say want to join the nebs tribe we have14561.85.16
a te Su yeah you do you cute little14564.3994.721
bastard so he's he can't he's got a boat14566.964.319
so he's got to be on the coast o it's14569.123.92
fun flying this thing especially low in14571.2793.04
the water what's up14573.045.64
scorpions oh hey neees Oho matey there14574.3197.12
you are what's up not much you want me14578.684.639
to stop uh yeah yeah yeah pull it over14581.4393.441
here to the shore pull it over oh God14583.3193.08
did I get hit by one of your plants I14584.882.96
don't think so yeah I got hit by one of14586.3992.721
your damn PL they're hitting me turn14587.842.479
your plants off they should be14589.124.199
set to Wild are you sure am I wild I14590.3195.0
mean I'm Wild Man baby but hold on I'll14593.3194.201
check easy easy with them things watch14595.3194.601
out for maned oh I can take care of a14597.524.2
maned I got a dragon I stole one from14599.925.319
Bas yeah so they good you good uh hold14601.726.92
on um nope not yet man that thing's14605.2395.281
complicated isn't it yep think that14608.643.44
thing could take down a giga I mean14610.523.44
took down a blood dragon didn't it oh14612.083.399
and I'm sorry about that by the way did14613.963.519
not intend to get a blood dragon on me14615.4794.72
hey no worries it worked out for me yeah14617.4794.281
no you got a tech suit but uh hey14620.1993.04
do you have like dookie and all my other14621.763.84
stuff yeah I got all your uh all your14623.2394.12
things in hold on I'll throw them in a14625.64.36
box for you one second can I come in can14627.3594.401
I come into the boat I don't know it's14629.963.6
for tribe members do you want to join my14631.764.24
tribe I mean I could but then I got this14633.564.12
dragon how do could I give you the14636.03.239
dragon could I unclaim the dragon then14637.683.2
you claim the dragon I'll join your14639.2393.481
tribe holy crap we got a dragon in a14640.883.84
tech suit right I think you're right14642.723.88
hold on but then I lose the turtle but14644.723.759
then again you know what the turtle14646.62.839
what do you want what do you want a14648.4792.96
turtle for I think slow it is it's fat14649.4393.321
slow I was going to build a house on it14651.4393.161
but now I'm kind of in like bucket mode14652.764.08
all right look if you want to fly that's14654.64.96
your thing I'm a no flyer guy but if you14656.845.08
want to unclaim the wyvern and you you14659.564.679
take care of it that's I guess yeah you14661.923.64
know what sometimes you got to make14664.2393.681
compromises right yeah okay yeah I I'll14665.565.839
keep the wyvern why not it's a nice14667.923.479
wyvern I tell you I I'm I'm liking14674.845.04
having this shotgun I think it's I feel14677.684.559
powerful right but just not as powerful14679.884.8
as you were right not nearly as powerful14682.2395.401
as I was so hold on does abro have his14684.685.4
radio on him you think I have no idea I14687.645.48
really don't know abro abro where you at14690.086.96
my brother oh abro oh is that Simon hey14693.125.64
hey Simon I don't have a radio on me but14697.044.159
I can hear you I'm I'm with neebs oh oh14698.764.08
okay good oh you guys you found each14701.1993.881
other yeah uh all right when are you14702.845.639
coming back I don't think I'm going to14705.085.52
what what what are you talking about14708.4794.281
well I we had a whole incident blood14710.63.92
dragon killed us and then I got back14712.763.36
with a dragon we had a dragon we had a14714.524.839
tech suit so a Jo NE tribe again so I'm14716.125.159
here again you guys want to join so the14719.3594.12
turtles ours huh you get the turtle I14721.2793.641
was yeah I was excited about the turtle14723.4793.161
but after driving it it's slow it's big14724.923.239
I don't really give a anymore hey14726.643.28
congrats you got a turtle yeah you got a14728.1593.801
turtle you can build a house on it Simon14729.923.68
yeah no I know but where's my tech suit14731.963.479
you said something about tech suit I14733.64.799
need my tech suit backe's got it deeps I14735.4395.081
need my I need the I need the tech suit14738.3993.481
no I don't have I don't have your Tech I14740.524.719
have my tech suit oh oh what did yours14741.886.24
look like what color is green and black14745.2395.321
mine was pink did you paint my suit you14748.124.239
have my suit now you're just taking it14750.563.08
and you're going to pretend like that's14752.3593.641
okay well I didn't take it from you it14753.644.32
was in the ocean when I got it yeah it14756.04.76
was on Abo's dead body abro you're14757.964.56
responsible for that well I mean you14760.763.439
guys got a tech suit we got a tech suit14762.523.0
I guess if you really want it you can14764.1995.481
come get it from us there you go oh oh14765.526.16
oh oh that's kind of a that's uh that's14769.685.0
an invitation to uh War it's like a duel14771.685.36
a duel oh Dora give Simon your Tech suit14774.684.96
and then Simon can fight no I know what14777.044.239
happens to Tech suits when Simon has14779.645.08
them hey I lent it to a friend and now14781.2795.321
that schmuck thinks it's okay that he14784.723.599
found it hey I'm not in the middle of14786.63.28
this it's not my problem what have I14788.3192.88
done with tech suits I've done nothing14789.882.68
but good things except for Lending them14791.1993.721
to friends that's it that's it goodbye14792.564.599
I'm done with you all right bye Simon14794.924.12
I'll see you later he sounds man ah he14797.1593.0
hung up I was going to see if he wanted14799.042.279
to join the14800.1593.12
tribe what are what are you thinking now14801.3194.0
son what am I thinking I'm thinking he14803.2794.601
just invited us to murder him somehow14805.3193.88
well again you're putting me in the14807.883.24
middle and I'm not I'm not well you14809.1994.561
don't have to be maybe I could just no14811.124.44
how am I going to do this so only one of14813.763.32
them is going to be wearing them and14815.562.759
let's face it I'm not going to be able14817.083.399
to find anybody so hey Simon I'll I'll14818.3194.401
you I love him I love him yeah dook back14825.1996.2
oh yeah hey can I uh found I found these14828.924.2
uh pants and these these gauntlets14831.3993.201
they're like right here can I keep them14833.124.92
yeah hey I was thinking like uh maybe we14834.66.12
share the the tech suit o what do you14838.045.159
mean like you have the jetpack I got the14840.725.84
fast legs o like we're a a tech team hey14843.1995.721
I like that so I'll give you the jetpack14846.563.919
dude I'll take the jetpack that's sweet14848.923.88
you got some element for me too14850.4796.68
um yes I do what else you want like uh14852.86.96
if you got a jetpack you might need the14857.1595.0
shoes uh what do the shoes do they stop14859.764.08
you from getting hurt when you fall oh14862.1593.601
yeah that makes most sense yeah I get14863.843.519
jetpack and shoes you get gauntlets and14865.764.8
leggings yep uh did that go out yeah I14867.3595.641
got out yeah hell yeah and I'll keep the14870.565.96
helmet and the legs and yeah there we go14873.07.159
now we're like a like a Duo hell14876.526.0
yeah all right Simon you remember the14880.1595.521
plan no well we don't really have one14882.524.879
that but oh good cuz I was going to say14885.684.16
how the hell did I forget it already um14887.3994.681
but you kind of remember the plan well I14889.844.04
kind of remember that we need to find14892.083.6
them and talk to them and apparently14893.884.68
they have plants that might kill us yeah14895.684.799
yeah so we just have to make sure they14898.564.32
shut those off what the hell makes you14900.4794.561
think that we can get them to do that14902.884.559
because we're friends oh we're friends14905.045.0
but not really cuz they stole my tech14907.4396.241
suit no I know Simon but we're going in14910.045.84
Friendly yes all right so friendly so14913.684.719
putting away the shotgun yeah friendly14915.884.519
friendly cuz we're deceiving them this14918.3995.401
is all deception correct yep or is oh14920.3997.72
here we go we see him okay okay oh nees14923.87.399
I see a dragon oh yeah yeah hey guys hey14928.1195.24
what's up guys not much could you turn14931.1996.04
up the plants please no why Stay Stay14933.3596.8
your purpose hey my purpose is to try to14937.2395.441
talk to you nicely and get my tech suit14940.1594.681
back man you smell that in EES14942.685.12
oh stinky isn't it some stinky14944.846.359
I'm sniffing on listen I I don't want to14947.86.2
fight I just want to be fair and the14951.1995.12
fair thing is to give me back my suit14954.04.96
that I lent to abro you can get it when14956.3196.441
you pry it off our cold dead hands14958.965.96
oh wow hey can you just turn off the14962.764.24
plants what was that did he shoot you I14964.924.279
got hit yeah can you just turn off the14967.03.92
plant we can come down and talk we're14969.1994.401
talking yeah I can hear you from here14970.924.64
yeah but it hurts my throat I mean are14973.63.44
you uh are you just going to stay on the14975.563.24
boat now is that going to be your thing14977.043.64
yeah it's our little modat this is14978.85.12
where we okay see it even say L be14980.684.679
on the flag yeah little little14983.923.76
boat okay so you be the little14985.3594.321
boat and what we'll do is we'll14987.684.0
follow the little boat why are you14989.685.32
firing at us because he's an14991.684.84
that's why we're just going to have to14995.05.239
stalk you so fine we'll stalk you you14996.525.679
know what play that way you play that15000.2395.0
way losers yeah we'll play with your15002.1997.521
balls in our mouth you dumb no we will15005.2397.0
not okay maybe that didn't come out15009.724.99
right but I'll I'll going to hurt your15012.23913.761
balls oh check this out River Cruise yes15026.05.8
this is a nice little river cruise uh if15029.3594.04
we take it right takes us into kind of15031.83.88
the swampy region if we go straight15033.3993.72
it'll take us like to the red volcano15035.683.2
region if we go left we stay in the15037.1194.24
desert okay what do you15038.884.84
prefer Let's uh let's let's go to the15041.3593.92
The Volcano let's go straight straight15043.723.12
straight straight straight man this is15045.2793.92
exciting is neat I'd love to find like a15046.844.68
really good drop get some more like uh15049.1994.92
you know what do you call it ascended oh15051.524.24
Ascend gear yeah ascendant gear would be15054.1193.841
nice so we're looking for drops eh drops15055.764.16
I mean anything anything of Interest all15057.963.08
right and I won't go get it with the15059.922.96
dragon I know you're uh yeah you're a15061.044.88
purist yep and uh oh that is a spino15062.885.84
that is a spino up ahead on our right oh15065.924.96
boy just be aware be careful we should15068.724.12
be able the plants will probably say15070.883.359
these plants took down a damn blood15072.845.599
dragon I'm not I I'm not worried about a15074.2394.2
spinal hello tribe of certainly not15082.046.84
slaves no definitely not slaves and15085.924.88
there's only two of you yeah where's15088.883.92
else oh okay okay top secret missions15092.84.479
are cool well you're going to have to15095.524.4
extend this to them yes go ahead Simon15097.2795.401
go ahead Simon okay all right uh today15099.926.479
we are are on a mission M for justice15102.686.599
yeah it's all about Justice this is15106.3995.321
everything about Justice and Justice has15109.2796.801
been eaten by neebs and abro on15111.726.399
just on the Justice on15116.084.92
all out all out they just you15118.1195.641
can stand thank you yeah so so what we15121.05.04
need to do is we need to attack them15123.765.28
they stole my tech shoot and they seem15126.045.399
to think it's perfectly okay yeah it's15129.044.84
not though15131.4393.92
we're going to have to you have to tell15133.883.2
the other guys we're going to we're15135.3593.481
going to do an attack they're on the15137.083.76
southern coast along the desert and15138.844.08
they're on a WFT that has those spitty15140.844.439
plants on it yeah we need to form up you15142.924.399
and we definitely are going to have a15145.2794.12
water attack so prepare for that along15147.3195.08
with air along with on landever think15149.3994.8
all yeah I I warned you and then we'll15152.3994.08
have a plan we'll have a plan right they15154.1994.2
have we have a plan they have a dragon15156.4794.601
and uh spitty plants15158.3995.601
yeah as soon as possible yeah maybe do15161.084.56
you think it could happen today can we15164.04.6
get people here what's going15165.646.96
on yeah what we here yeah can we make15168.66.32
that happen like 1015172.66.12
minutes oh see we could do it today hey15174.925.559
we'll meet you out front here whenever15178.723.8
you guys are ready you guys are the best15180.4797.081
and and this is what Justice wanted15182.525.04
yes oo I see a moth oh yeah yeah huh I15188.966.439
like those you know little dive bomb15193.563.4
them they were cool especially early15195.3994.8
game like yeah yeah sorry there there15196.965.239
you go oh he pooped I think did he make15200.1994.92
it oh I think he'll be fine spino up15202.1995.0
ahead on the right oh boy and hey15205.1194.521
kangaroo Dees kangaroo still kind of15207.1994.521
want one but uh I don't know it seems15209.643.599
like a dangerous place to get out oh15211.723.24
yeah no this is a stupid place get try15213.2393.561
to whiz by this guy real quick yeah just15214.964.519
whiz by him don't start nothing spino15216.85.12
you can't handle us that's right go15219.4795.96
on off is this nope this just goes okay15221.925.08
it doesn't go to the right does it yeah15225.4393.8
go no it doesn't go right go left go15227.03.88
left o NE you remember we were flying15229.2394.2
back from that uh um those those floaty15230.885.0
Islands yep feel like we saw a cave but15233.4393.96
we never went into it do you know where15235.883.479
it is I do we're actually heading right15237.3994.621
for it okay yeah we should do15239.3594.76
that this is going great yeah I mean15244.1198.441
people are productive they have ideas15248.3997.601
that are are and stuff and and they're15252.566.719
eager to do it as if they're slaves I15256.05.56
know but they're not but they're not15259.2794.321
they're not it's weird I know but it's15261.565.759
like they are yeah we will reward them15263.66.96
greatly yes by making them do more15267.3196.761
things for us in the future yes for free15270.564.919
cuz you know just like when you have a15274.083.199
pet they just want to do something they15275.4794.081
just want to help wow wow so you'd15277.2794.88
rather call them like dogs I'm not going15279.567.639
to call sles you said like a what what15282.1596.04
my oh15288.1996.601
my yes that's a15290.528.799
thing a BL I almost feel bad for them15294.86.319
but of course I15299.3194.721
don't there go left a little bit okay15301.1194.32
there you go I know it's probably hard15304.043.64
to see little bit I got this Dragon kind15305.4394.8
of in the way yep my bad take us out15307.684.4
into like a little uh yeah kind of like15310.2394.96
a little swamp speed Lake Area okay and15312.085.8
then and then I think we're going to15315.1996.601
want to go left left wait I probably15317.886.519
can't see I'm trying I'm good15321.85.479
though I think going left oh boy hang on15324.3996.0
okay bushes brace for bushes Sapp in my15327.2795.96
mouth yep yeah once you set it down here15330.3994.681
like park it here yeah over here15333.2393.321
somewhere these look like headstones15335.083.56
almost shut the oh they're not it's salt15336.563.52
it's just a bunch of salt just a bunch15338.643.88
of salt huh yeah all right but if we15340.083.96
stop here here we can get up to that15342.523.44
cave sounds good man but uh this is a15344.044.0
dangerous area I did see a spino over15345.964.6
there so uh yeah we want to bring some15348.044.159
protection which I got the dragon I will15350.563.78
not fly though I'll be a nippy15352.19916.501
dragon close uh yeah oh there is a spino15371.926.04
in our way okay if I'm not mistaken it's15375.4395.321
right up this hill up this ramp oh yeah15377.964.72
yeah we got a spino to deal with oh15380.763.76
really yeah are you behind me uh yeah15382.685.519
I'm just over here to your left okay15384.525.679
kangaroos okay I can't decide if I want15388.1993.761
it or not you know what the spino or the15390.1994.24
kangaroo kangaroo cuz I like uh I like15391.963.88
them but I don't want to have to you15394.4394.76
know take care of it right hey buddy my15395.845.72
wony we got to fight that spino and then15399.1994.881
go up that hill uh yeah yeah pretty much15401.564.799
okay uh hold on let me see what level it15404.086.0
is it is a 25 shouldn't be a problem for15406.3595.521
us man little boy you want me to15410.084.0
peg him one time and get him over here15411.884.399
um yeah what are we doing with the Wyn15414.084.199
is the Wyn going to fight or is it yeah15416.2793.16
well once he gets over here I'll hop on15418.2793.441
the wyver and I'll fight all right boom15419.4395.481
he's hit he should be pretty pissed off15421.725.719
here we go I'll move in okay yeah be15424.923.8
careful he's coming around left side15427.4394.88
left side y there he is okay he here you15428.727.04
stay there I'll get him hey findo is he15432.3196.12
running is he he might be he probably15435.765.04
heard of our tribe we have a reputation15438.4394.241
yep oh and he's already bloody I think15440.84.439
is he yeah it looks like it huh I think15442.684.88
I saw him off in the distance but I I15445.2394.641
have I've lost sight I've lost sight oh15447.564.48
I see him stand by oh yeah there he is15449.883.399
oh wait is he a threat anymore should we15452.043.64
just go on uh yeah I don't know he seems15453.2793.84
uh I I can't tell if he's trying to get15455.683.36
to us or oh I killed him he's dead oh he15457.1195.16
bloody yep okay crack shot ABS R I was15459.045.439
wanting to use my15462.2795.361
run oh crap I just ran over a15464.4796.201
gamus sorry poor thing I Don't Know My15467.647.12
Own Strength all right let's do it15470.684.08
okay all right guys Simon you going to15478.2394.521
hop on a boat or what yeah yeah getting15480.844.399
on the greeny get on that greeny okay15482.765.28
everybody just want you to know that if15485.2395.521
it's not Simon or ey it is an enemy and15488.045.56
probably should die right except for you15490.765.359
know the uh the animals are of course if15493.65.12
they're attacking they they can die but15496.1194.441
let's just not kill animals to kill you15498.724.8
know head out the uh River breaks off to15500.566.719
the right up here and you'll see me15503.526.48
there we go and then it comes back15507.2795.641
around to the left and they should be15510.04.359
straight ahead I did a little Scout I15512.923.92
saw the r what I'm off the boat off the15514.3595.201
cing nees yep I got some Stakes health15523.765.359
is up right behind you all right I15526.844.04
expect there to be bugs just seems like15529.1193.921
a buggy place oh we should have made a15530.884.399
bug repell it yeah yeah maybe you know15533.043.76
if it if it gets too buggy if it gets15535.2794.241
too shitty we can get out okay wait if15536.84.16
this I swear to God if this is just a15539.524.56
little cave with nothing in15540.963.12
it is this it this is your cave this is15545.566.4
it so we saw this cave a while back and15549.843.24
you're like man I can't can't wait to15551.962.64
come back here I know I mean well look15553.082.72
at I mean you look at it from the15554.62.839
outside it's like oh that's got to be15555.83.96
something what is that is that metal uh15557.4393.641
N I don't think so I think it's one of15559.763.76
those desert rocks oh God what a waste15561.085.119
of time we finally made it what15563.526.12
a waste of damn time the great cave H15566.1996.521
all right back to the boat wow okay why15569.645.0
even put this here you know what I mean15572.723.88
uh I guess to hide in shelter it's like15574.645.11
a big old AR dick teas15576.65.04
all right guys straight ahead and on the15585.1195.12
left side is where I saw the raft15587.764.439
there's the raft there it is and it's15590.2394.2
moving they're moving the raft oh15592.1993.96
they're on the raft off to the left off15594.4395.201
to the left oh I see a dragon oh hey15596.1597.2
hello guys hey what's up what's up guys15599.645.559
uh not much just curious if we get that15603.3593.84
TCH suit yeah but just going to grab the15605.1994.441
tech suit real quick what is that ra is15607.1994.321
that cool with you all right go ahead15609.645.519
and uh go ahead lay down guys boy who15611.525.799
there you go I'm moving out okay yeah15615.1595.481
move out move out moving out oh boy go15617.3196.601
ahead oh what are you doing15620.648.0
guys what are you doing guys oh Bo where15623.926.96
are you going listen we just need the15628.644.719
tech suit AB I got a bed on the boat15630.884.519
whenever you can15633.3594.721
spawn oh man I made a mistake and I15635.3996.241
shouldn't have oh I messed up my15638.085.319
what's the matter listen do you know15643.3993.401
where our Tech suit is I just needed to15644.883.239
pick it up yeah we were just we were15646.82.72
trying to get a tech suit yeah it's here15648.1194.2
in the boat come get it I don't even see15649.525.719
you by the way I'm just shouting oh well15652.3194.681
I spawned on the bed but I'm in the15655.2394.281
water oh wa that was fun oh now I'm back15657.03.72
in the bed but now I'm back back in the15659.523.719
water that was neat well who's that did15660.723.8
you guys have help or something is that15663.2393.481
you Dora oh it's shooting at me I got15664.526.2
baranas on me yeah come on get get get15666.727.12
get get get get get15670.727.12
nip hey knock it off I'm not your enemy15673.846.519
well give us maybe just give us the suit15677.844.479
I think the suit was on ab's body15680.3595.92
wherever he died oh what I I feel wait15682.3195.641
what is that that to the right oh is15686.2793.521
that a grave I think I see a grave you15687.964.439
see that okay that's great uh Tech suit15689.85.319
you don't have it uh no I thought you15692.3994.521
were the one wearing it though no we15695.1193.841
shared we're a sharing15696.925.12
tribe oh I'm sure I'll bet you got it15698.964.92
yep keep taking that uh keep taking that15702.044.359
ship out good job well I'm back I see15703.885.279
you nees well hey I'm on the bed what's15706.3994.401
up how we doing oh you're on the bed we15709.1593.641
got a spino on top of us and he won't15710.84.439
stop oh okay we got anything to deal15712.84.88
with a spino in here uh15715.2394.801
maybe I don't really see anything can15717.684.96
the spino hear us or15720.045.88
no oh okay hey how you doing spino15722.646.0
person why would you side with15725.925.96
them oh do you think they don't hey how15728.645.28
about you don't don't s with them and15731.885.359
you uh let them do their own man's work15733.925.559
well you guys stole something this is15737.2395.2
all about Justice uh-huh yeah I'm I got15739.4795.64
my radio out here and that's it15742.4395.641
you you broke the Justice you ate the15745.1195.08
justice and it out and now we're15748.085.68
taking our suit back uh-huh okay uhhuh15750.1995.96
you you can't even begin to think that15753.764.559
it's okay for you to take that suit I15756.1594.601
lent it to abro so he can get some what15758.3195.561
the hell what the hell wait oh yeah wait15760.764.84
do you guys have machine guns is that is15763.883.439
that what's pecking me I'm moving they15765.63.28
don't do the wrong fight you should15767.3193.441
probably just give us the suit we you15768.884.72
guys took the way out you did God15770.765.96
did damn right we did you damn right we15773.65.92
did I always wish I was there to see you15776.724.8
never get the suit it was on my body and15779.522.839
died oh there we go probably should have15782.3595.92
shut your mouth yeah Simon I'm going15785.1195.0
back to get this suit I bet it's on15788.2793.96
Abo's body that's what needs was saying15790.1196.28
yes stora and justice has been served oh15792.2399.0
it tastes good tastes like spaghetti and15796.3994.84
meatballs looking pretty good abro got15810.845.519
everything replanted yeah uh I got a new15813.3996.281
uh compost bin wait yep we're getting a15816.3595.401
lot of metal I know that yep we need to15819.684.24
make a gun turrets on this thing oh boy15821.764.28
here I am I'm heavy again got my stuff15823.924.08
back on wonder where my wings suit ended15826.045.04
up you died in the water didn't you suit15828.05.08
yeah that was the the tech suit oh I got15831.084.039
a ton of blue blue gems we probably just15833.083.039
make you a new one yeah I would love15835.1193.721
another another Wings suit yeah so uh15836.1194.521
make you a wing suit I want to make cry15838.844.16
Pi a day too okay for storing things15840.644.28
yeah I was thinking I you know we're15843.03.6
we're we're on the move all the time15844.923.72
right I don't want to be like you know15846.63.759
worried about where the animals are15848.644.4
right so uh you know cry carry them15850.3595.04
around that way that's a good idea yeah15853.046.399
yeah I made a gun that's a cool gun bang15855.3996.161
bang you're not going to ask me about my15859.4394.361
pants am I oh God those are Tech pants I15861.564.96
didn't even notice wow they didn't get15863.85.599
them how I I mean they they didn't take15866.524.24
it off our bodies they thought you had15869.3993.8
the whole suit oh they're idiots yeah so15870.763.76
when I died I just went and got my stuff15873.1993.481
back oh that's great all right I'm15874.525.679
getting this metal in slowly slowly look15876.684.639
me that's how fast you go oh15881.3195.0
hey thick yes come on up here15887.3196.201
buddy but to okay hold15890.4796.281
on hey hey man you missed out on a lot15893.526.0
of uh a lot of things happening yeah you15896.764.84
got a new hat well this is this is15899.524.599
abra's hat looks pretty dumb do it yeah15901.64.92
and here's Simon Simon had a rough week15904.1195.441
last week so he's um well obviously15906.525.879
exhausted uh I'm going to give you this15909.564.639
let's see wait what did I did I give you15912.3993.201
the right no I wanted to give you this15914.1992.721
this is what I wanted to give you there15915.64.36
we go okay um his stuff was stolen abro15916.924.96
and and needs took it and then we went15919.963.6
to go get it and they had those plants15921.883.439
and we couldn't get it so we we brought15923.563.839
the uh tribe of not slaves to help and15925.3194.641
then we got half of it back and man what15927.3995.96
a what a mess that was okay yeah I don't15929.965.08
know how else to say it but here we are15933.3593.96
now all right well we're we're here uh15935.044.72
little baby stinky down there still15937.3195.761
maturing so got to wait on that I had I15939.764.88
had a thought like I don't know what you15943.083.6
want to do today but you know one of our15944.643.639
community members brought up the roll15946.683.679
rat remember we did that roll rat jump15948.2794.641
oh that was so fun let's get a roll rat15950.3595.321
for some jumps for some jumps and and15952.925.76
also I want to test out I want a lasso15955.685.0
either you or maybe we just sneak up on15958.684.04
neebs or abro and we lasso them and then15960.684.759
we roll and see if that works oh first15962.724.679
things first I'm going to take off this15965.4394.441
dumbass hat oh I've got his dookie as15967.3998.481
well who's dookie abs looking is15969.886.0
poop hey NES yeah did you steal this C415977.85.8
there's that's not all that's in there I15982.1592.841
don't know if you looked I took15983.65.04
everything I could carry really yeah oo15985.05.68
what else can I steal what else can I th15988.643.599
put a lot of it in the fabricator yeah15990.683.12
some bullets hey that's sweet those15992.2393.761
Advanced rifle bullets yeah so there's a15993.84.599
lot of threats on the uh Island here and15996.04.279
our plants aren't working so I don't15998.3996.241
know if we want to uh clear m 4 uh sure16000.2796.481
yeah go for it all right I can get up16004.644.519
this damn ladder jeez oh it's cuz you16006.764.12
got the hatch down maybe why am I having16009.1593.721
a time with this hit it from the front16010.883.84
hit it directly on hold16012.884.96
on ridiculous here we go all right16014.724.679
you're going to try to blow these guys16017.845.16
up huh uh uh oh yeah okay got remember16019.3995.201
how it works I assume left click and16023.03.199
then right all right all right all right16024.63.759
well exploding is the same as shooting16026.1994.641
right click is16028.3592.481
oh god I've been trink l oh I'm how16035.63.28
do I hit the button I'm hitting the16037.923.199
button did it blow up hold on I'm on you16038.884.359
I'm helping oh God oh God oh God there's16041.1193.921
so much on you go to the16043.2396.08
water pistol pistol suck 10 Rounds16045.046.319
in that that's a tough16049.3195.08
Bird good Lord God damn it's a level 15016051.3595.201
why is he eating my ass so much has no16054.3994.521
ammo get in the water okay I'm going to16056.563.599
the water go into the water go into the16058.924.559
water Burge down honey badger I don't16060.1595.2
know what the is that where did he16063.4794.561
come from whoa something's get me with16065.3596.0
some butts on me come on okay okay16068.044.88
looking through the scope this is going16071.3593.681
poorly this is going poorly hold on I16072.924.279
got another little rifle here I can't16075.043.52
shoot the rifle cuz I'm in the water16077.1994.04
hold on I got my water pistol okay water16078.565.759
thingy there I think we got him is he16081.2396.641
dead is he just acing what is that snake16084.3195.16
good oh yeah this is all right I'm16087.883.04
shooting all right yep there we go16089.4793.441
snake's down God damn I need to get a16090.924.92
shotgun man thing's awesome a send it16092.925.8
baby yeah oh well all right cleared them16095.844.76
out kind of clear now what the16098.723.439
happened to the did it even did it even16100.64.599
blow I don't think so the hell happened16102.1596.24
I had to C4 I threw it down I hit the16105.1995.361
button test it going to blow up this16108.3994.201
tree what the did I do16112.64.92
wrong all right Gras we're in roll rat16117.524.839
country yeah we're yeah I haven't been16120.1194.04
here in a minute okay okay yeah maybe16122.3593.561
you can uh fly around a little bit I'm16124.1593.96
going to go straight ahead uhhuh and do16125.924.399
my little thing the little whip thing16128.1194.441
whet Slinger you're so good now you're16130.3196.08
really good at that yeah wow um let's16132.567.559
see roll rat roll rat come on Roll rat16136.3995.521
oh there's that what nee's built down16140.1193.28
there remember that there were some roll16141.923.6
rats down there right yeah there were16143.3994.361
let's see we'll take a good take a peek16145.524.0
we can grab what's that oh that is that16147.763.479
one where whereit where where it's right16149.524.2
there oh I see one of those uh invisible16151.2394.88
things up there too I see a roll16153.726.08
rat right in front of me okay uh so I16156.1195.881
believe it's honey that you need which I16159.87.0
brought really to tame it yeah okay he's16162.07.8
got a burrow so oh where you going buddy16166.84.679
where you going let's set up shop right16169.84.04
here okay yeah where is he going ah he16171.4793.88
went down into this little Nook but it16173.843.16
might make it even even easier he's got16175.3592.92
to burrow he's got to be in a place16177.03.0
where he burrows can you burrow down16178.2794.361
there you idiot you little nut sack he16180.05.0
can drown that's for sure sack when we16182.643.799
tame him I think that's what we named16185.03.8
the last one maybe oh no we named him16186.4396.04
Dave roll oh I I think he's stuck we're16188.84.84
we're going to have to find another one16192.4793.441
man okay or maybe we could call it16193.645.44
foreskin yeah rle forkin Rumple for skin16195.925.199
perfect let's find another one this is16199.085.52
easy oh there he is there's one aha16201.1196.28
hello R rat see I got to wait for him to16204.65.24
burrow and then I believe I need to hit16207.3995.161
my zero mhm go ahead just burrow you16209.844.92
know you want to go underground see what16212.564.639
kind of uh gems you can find by the way16214.764.24
don't touch his gems otherwise he's16217.1993.401
going to lose his I know how that16219.04.88
works come on oh we got an alpha Raptor16220.66.2
behind back here yeah yeah I'll just16223.885.239
keep an eye on that God you're16226.84.92
ugly kind of cute though those oh here16229.1194.481
go yeah yeah t him right away man you're16233.66.44
a you're actually it's a girl oh it's a16237.046.8
girl so Forin doesn't work all16240.046.359
right all right you stay here let's use16243.845.359
nee's place where is that right over to16246.3994.681
over here over here yeah yeah let's use16249.1994.361
this stuff we'll make a saddle I love it16251.086.72
and then we'll roll off this place roll16253.564.24
out hey NES yeah there's an angler fish16259.2395.841
over here he's just like hanging out in16262.65.48
the water uh he's a hangler16265.087.039
fish for y hey dolphin yeah I got some16268.086.239
food for you there you go oh God yeah16272.1195.881
okay here here there you go off you16274.3194.84
good are you what are you doing over16278.04.6
there have we ever had H we have it have16279.1595.721
it's been a long time ago I'm getting it16282.65.0
so are these just for making they're16284.885.0
just for making element aren't they what16287.64.2
those say I have no idea I was hoping I16289.884.08
can make a cryopod in here don't think16291.83.559
it's happening course this thing16293.964.159
swimming towards an eel eel huh yeah16295.3594.76
there's an eel in the water of course16298.1194.401
he's after me you plants aren't16300.1195.08
mature so don't do it you're going to16302.525.52
piss off that dolphin God damn it damn16305.1996.841
it damn it damn it ow ow damn it damn it16308.045.239
oh what am I stuck don't mess with the16312.043.079
eel stuck on a rock God damn it I back16313.2793.281
up to a rock don't mess with the eels16315.1193.801
try not to ow you get out of the16316.565.759
water here bab I don't even know where'd16318.925.239
you go oh God I'm stuck that gu the16322.3193.281
thing Jam me up against a rock16324.1593.921
hold on I'm out I'm getting out yeah get16325.65.44
out oh God those things ruin every bit16328.086.76
of fun I'm trying to have ooh soon as we16331.045.48
kill you guys though you're done you've16334.844.12
been deleted from the16336.527.44
server I lost my anger fish damn16338.965.0
it there's there's danger here thick you16344.63.92
got to be careful it's not far from you16346.964.159
at all I might have to just roll man16348.526.04
you're going to have to just roll man uh16351.1196.12
I think I I think I can do it right here16354.565.08
I mean do it can you see me can you see16357.2394.801
me can I can I can I can all right I16359.645.32
might die but it'll be worth it I guess16362.046.8
so all right here we go there he goes oh16364.965.399
there he16368.845.24
goes well well sh what this may have16370.3595.96
been too far oh god oh this thing's16374.085.279
going to die uh-oh unless I do this do16376.3196.96
it I just parachat I think we're16379.3597.641
good not sure where the roll crap but16383.2795.721
that looked good for a minute yeah I16387.04.199
wasn't going to die I don't see it I16389.04.359
don't either probably in the water16391.1995.561
probably we dead probably the important16393.3595.44
thing is that I didn't die that's so16396.764.801
true yeah all right that roll rat's16398.7995.16
going to be in the water so uh I'm just16401.5615.0
going to take the old parachute off take16403.9593.76
a look for16406.5614.279
him oh16407.7197.361
you know what what might have to16410.846.76
might have to chalk that one up uh we're16415.084.84
just going to chalk that up as a fun16417.67.56
loss okay what a day best16419.925.24
day got a centipede on me I saw that man16426.085.84
hey stop I wonder if I can run through16429.64.64
him oh yeah run him over do it uh line16431.925.641
it up come on about do it a you kill oh16434.246.44
I'm sorry sorry man he was in chasing me16437.5614.638
he was getting close I saw one of those16440.683.359
lobsters after you too yeah no16442.1993.641
everything was after me look this damn16444.0393.641
Lobster's floating you see that Lobster16445.844.279
I see him I'm shooting his ass come on16447.685.0
hey take it hey there you go I knocked16450.1195.442
him back yeah is he right here it looks16452.685.4
like you killed him yeah what is he just16455.5614.158
acting dead I don't know floating16458.083.32
lobsters are the worst yeah I was uh I16459.7193.0
was shooting a hold on let me see if16461.43.08
this thing's still here wait keep it ey16462.7195.0
on that vulture too okay I will damn I16464.485.2
killed like a squid and it at me and16467.7193.801
then everything started chasing me like16469.684.24
a big squid a little squid hey I know16471.523.64
you like dung beetles there's a dung16473.922.68
beetle here too yeah that's what I16475.163.76
wanted hold on where is he he's right16476.65.279
here stand by I got poop already this is16478.926.199
perfect now we'll have fertilizer for16481.8796.48
days there we go nice uh we'll call him16485.1195.561
fdie fdie Feddy the fertilizing dunk16488.3594.0
beetles all right baby come here you're16490.683.599
ours now this is like like I'm on a16492.3593.481
shopping spree do you see that vulture16494.2793.6
down there I want that vulture what for16495.843.279
cuz we don't have plants imagine we had16497.8793.16
a cloud of vultures fallowing us around16499.1195.961
ooh that could be both annoying and16501.0394.041
awesome dris oh hey come here okay um16505.47.2
give me a second come take a look at16510.524.8
this weird bird I found in this tree16512.65.0
straight what you doing tweet you doing16522.65.439
tweets can let me see uh time to go16528.0396.281
going to move oh there we go there you16531.926.879
go hey good job and he's got a level up16534.326.039
perfect it's a she I'm going to put that16538.7995.84
into oh she into speed there you go okay16540.3596.721
well what next with it well uh is that16544.6395.361
our initial plan yeah let's let me see16547.085.559
if I can effectively get I guess across16550.04.879
the map back to kind of the the desert16552.6394.761
area right what about your spider uh I16554.8794.521
will get the spider later luscious16557.46.92
delicious is fine completely safe we are16559.44.92
good vultures16565.7995.121
attack oh yeah look at them all right16568.324.76
these guys are protecting me oh God you16570.923.84
protect me from the Scorpion that's16573.084.559
coming in all right watch out watch16574.766.519
out go there we go there we go and you16577.6396.681
you might need some a little bit more16581.2793.041
Jes here we go all right you guys are16586.9595.041
doing great guys doing really good all16589.7193.681
right let's go get a couple more of your16592.04.561
brothers oh hey nees hey you good uh I16593.45.12
think so I got two of these16596.5614.199
already all right keep them coming I'm16598.523.96
trying to also trying to you know16600.763.24
survive out here in the desert cuz it is16602.485.04
a hole got got you ow what ow what16604.05.6
the you can't mess with their food16607.523.72
oh I didn't mess with their damn food16609.62.961
why are they chasing me what the hell's16611.244.719
happening comes the Mantis uh-oh mantis16612.5614.478
me all right I'm running I'm running16615.9592.602
into the water I don't understand why16617.0393.16
that would attack me I didn't miss I16618.5613.039
don't know which one's okay I'm out my16620.1993.121
vulture was killed by a mantis God damn16621.63.839
it I just got these16623.324.399
things all right these things I16625.4393.68
hate them I hate them16627.7193.601
nees you just got to know how to trade16629.1194.16
oh no crap don't touch their food NOP16633.2796.84
they're coming for me now great oh boy a16636.46.84
I wanted you guys to be my friends no16640.1195.041
crap all right you're going to get it16643.247.479
stop it stop it stop it yet there one16645.1611.24
see crap okay well we could have been16650.7195.681
Dres yep go inside of the Roll rat and16666.7996.521
get the grapples out we'll do grapples16670.524.96
out and then you are going to grapp16673.324.959
Grapple to me and I'm going to roll okay16675.484.2
it's going to get dark do you want this16678.2795.121
torch uh yes sure put it inside the rat16679.686.72
I am here we go a nice okay all right16683.47.479
grapple on yeah you ready shoot it the16686.46.36
okay you're attack hated I hope this16690.8795.361
works science time here we go16692.767.959
oh wo wo16696.249.119
W reverse yo-yo this is great woo I have16700.7197.201
no clue where I'm at at any16705.3594.52
given moment are are you are you are you16707.925.039
getting hurt oh we're going to go oh man16709.8794.961
we've been missing out this whole time16712.9594.08
he's going to go in a circle look at16714.845.599
this wish I could I wish I could look16717.0397.281
who there we go go here we go16720.4393.881
again yeah all right man all right I'm16724.845.279
going to head back to the water16729.1193.24
somewhere safe whoop sorry somewhere a16730.1195.041
little safer and boom right in front of16732.3595.641
the sign what is this propaganda want to16735.165.44
join the nebs tribe we have a tech suit16738.04.0
they don't have they have a half a tech16740.64.08
suit what a16742.02.68
oh yeah there's the Obelisk does this16763.44.44
keep going man I don't know yeah we can16765.4394.401
try I can move some uh trees and rocks16767.843.56
for you if you need H we might be able16769.844.0
to squeeze yeah sometimes the game just16771.44.36
says yeah it you can do it yeah oh16773.845.44
yeah look at that okay well we're close16775.764.878
don't want to get inct here this is16779.283.04
pretty I don't want to get attacked16780.6383.562
either like Saros and some of these16782.324.12
things have a pretty big bite radius16784.24.518
yeah oh yeah we're back in this like16786.445.438
volcano stuff yeah oh this is cool this16788.7185.482
is cool nees yep U there's the uh you16791.8783.882
going to back into it is that the plan I16794.22.72
was trying to go around some of these16795.763.36
trees okay could have just turned right16796.926.92
here or whatever yep boy careful knes16799.127.64
yep careful knes can you see the I see16803.845.52
it yeah we're circling it I've yet to16806.763.56
figure out why you're not just going16809.362.518
towards it all right we got16810.323.44
I can't see right hard right hard right16811.8784.162
hard right hard right yep harder right16813.764.878
harder right harder right harder right16816.045.08
okay oh my God hard right like I'm I'm16818.6384.122
turning right are you serious you16821.123.598
messing with me no not with you16822.764.198
it's right up here here oh yeah get out16824.7184.522
get out of this damn weeds it's right16826.9584.162
over there you see it right no I just16829.244.12
see trees in my face okay now you there16831.124.64
it is come on you see this right um take16833.364.438
a right oh my God holy crap it's right16835.767.4
there oh why didn't you say so16837.7988.482
all right uh ladder here we go this is16843.165.04
it baby oh yeah hey you like my mining16846.285.84
hat uh yeah I can look at you from me16848.28.24
ooh okay so bam so you can make cryopods16852.126.838
in here eh I think so is it a structure16856.445.278
or a weapon no clue man imagine it's not16858.9585.202
a weapon oh here we go um oh I got to16861.7185.24
transfer stuff okay oh so it acts like a16864.165.638
Smithy uh yeah got to put in it two16866.9584.522
cryopods we'll start wait hey we should16869.7983.08
just craft as many as we can right I16871.483.0
mean why not we're here yeah like you16872.8783.042
and I just we just have animals in our16874.482.84
pockets just ready to go like yeah16875.923.36
exactly uh I don't know is there a super16877.323.44
hero that does that no it's it's16879.282.56
probably more equivalent to like a16880.763.48
Pokemon right who was Ben 10 that was a16881.844.84
guy right I never watched that show Ben16884.244.44
10 alien Forest did he put in ball16886.683.56
this poke Pokemon's the easiest thing to16888.683.16
like equate this to oh yeah that's way16890.243.718
better exactly yeah you just you you16891.843.798
know put little slave animals in balls16893.9585.082
and to carry them around yeah16895.6383.402
here we go16902.323.52
yeah it was a lie face it was a lie hey16909.26.518
not only do they not have uh TCH suits16913.164.4
they also don't have signs who the hell16915.7183.962
was he advertising to here anyway I I16917.564.398
have no idea well maybe some of those uh16919.684.84
tribe us not slaves last thing last16921.9584.722
thing I want to do with this guy I think16924.525.358
I can outrun outmaneuver outwit the16926.685.0
nasty wyverns that are going to be16929.8783.92
straight ahead I want you off of this16931.684.64
though okay I'll all my all my important16933.7987.802
stuff is in uh the the Spider Guy so do16936.327.12
your thing man whatever you want to do16941.63.08
okay it's kind of one of those days you16943.442.92
know yeah why not let's see let's see16944.684.32
what happens here we16946.362.64
go got tell you I'm liking these uh16957.844.84
River tours yeah I kind of want to go16960.24.04
down every river in the G in this map16962.683.76
now yeah I could uh give you some16964.243.88
narration I'll be your I don't I don't16966.443.358
need any of that I just like I like16968.124.08
looking at it okay you see any vultures16969.7984.602
here oh I do see one yep yep yep yep16972.24.04
stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it16974.44.318
stop it stop it I'm stop you out boom16976.245.0
you got some meat uh yeah I got some16978.7184.042
meat in my pocket just a little bit oh16981.243.16
wait is this silk yeah we're getting16982.762.958
silk out of this let's grab some of that16984.42.28
I always feel like every now and then16985.7183.0
I'm like damn it I wish I had silk uhhuh16986.684.118
these purple flowers B this silk make16988.7183.882
you guys silk scarf or something right16990.7984.0
right right right you with me yeah where16992.63.92
did they where'd he go uh they're up16994.7985.042
here yeah there's a pile of them and16996.524.8
they're fighting uh looks like they're16999.843.878
fighting a snake and they're fighting a17001.324.04
scorpion so we don't need to touch that17003.7183.282
snake or that scorpion yeah don't touch17005.363.92
any their food don't hit any of them17007.05.04
don't do anything uh we'll unequip our17009.285.08
weapons and we'll put our meat in our17012.044.64
zero slot our spoiled meat spoiled17014.364.32
meat's in mazero slot I am approaching a17016.684.56
vulture hey pal not doing anything I17018.683.84
just want to give you a little bit of17021.244.08
something something hey oh I see one did17022.525.6
I get him boom got him oh I got one I'm17025.324.76
calling vulture for now okay I name m17028.124.4
vaulty okay where's the other ones I17030.083.6
don't know how many we uh how many are17032.522.438
we trying to get for now that's good for17033.683.56
now hey come here two yeah let's try17034.9583.92
cryopods out I mean this is a small17037.243.28
animal for a cryopod but say on a17038.8783.722
vulture you want something big in the17040.524.84
cryopod just been a while so you go up17042.66.52
and then you uh nope smell it it looks17045.367.08
like it was doing it smell it want this17049.124.758
it's doing something keep doing it it's17052.443.32
not doing anything looks like it's doing17053.8784.042
something he's his Feet's glowing oh17055.764.038
there he goes17057.926.24
hey sweet yeah good job Ash catchup bam17059.7987.442
P's back sweet good stuff man all right17064.164.638
now let's go get something worthy to put17067.244.88
in the cryopod you got17068.7983.322
it all right17073.243.44
wyvern why a stop why a stop oh now I'm17076.7987.962
hello oh I don't like this cuz there's17084.765.8
water okay maybe that's why I stopped17087.9583.602
anyone come17093.7183.962
on I'm a roll17095.46.92
rat oh hey Gator You're Nobody Gator17097.687.32
haven't said that today all right here17102.325.318
we go maybe there's one around the17105.08.44
corner ah just yeah oh oh yeah I see you17107.63810.522
I see you running out of17113.444.72
stamina try to catch me try to catch me17121.166.84
women your nobody's set it twice double17124.486.398
the nobody two nobody's equals two17128.05.36
nobody's that's17130.8787.042
it uh guys yeah yeah where did all our17137.925.68
artifacts go we only have two I was just17141.444.16
wondering did we get robbed Simon do you17143.64.0
have artifacts on you on accident hold17145.64.68
on a second I don't think so no no I I17147.64.358
looked in here we had so many more we17150.283.08
totally got robbed if we don't know17151.9582.642
where the hell they are nobody moved17153.364.2
them does anybody here know of a thief17154.65.24
on the island yeah actually I have heard17157.564.72
of a thief I have an idea we're going to17159.844.16
get some of the easy artifacts today the17162.285.72
ones that that we can get just without a17164.06.638
problem but if we happen to run a pawn17168.05.2
KNE E I want you to tear his boat apart17170.6384.602
until you find our artifacts what those17173.24.518
are our artifacts he stole again he has17175.244.16
to learn his lesson I didn't know that17177.7183.402
you knew that he okay well I didn't know17179.43.08
that you knew we got to get over this17181.122.8
stupid though we have to you17182.483.28
realize that right it's consequences17183.923.6
everybody has to learn consequences yeah17185.763.28
but like God we could be we could all17187.523.118
have Tech suits by now and be doing17189.043.4
really cool things together yeah this17190.6383.32
whole fighting each other thing I don't17192.443.0
like the whole destroying of the boat17193.9583.68
thing well then how about this we just17195.444.438
if if we see him we say hey do you have17197.6384.442
the artifacts we'd like to work together17199.8784.322
yes and if he says no Then tear his boat17202.083.718
apart then tear the boat apart make him17204.23.32
make him watch and then kill him rub my17205.7986.602
anus in his face sure yes yes oh okay oh17207.5210.4
watch that it's just like that a doop a17212.48.68
doop we think yeah that zaro's in the17217.925.44
water he's based off F I don't want him17221.083.68
near the boat oh there's two wait17223.363.4
there's one right below us below us huh17224.763.64
right behind us but that one over there17226.764.84
was like a 130 yeah I see this other one17228.44.6
you're talking about o I think I just17231.63.08
pooped what if we I don't want them to17233.03.92
destroy the plants cuz their bite radius17234.685.038
is so big what if we lock up and get on17236.924.32
those rocks and try to take them from17239.7184.642
the Rocks up here okay yeah I'm uh I'm17241.244.8
down with that idea can we turn the boat17244.363.56
off do it I'll meet you on the beach17246.044.918
okay oh boy swamp I love the swamp17247.924.56
swamp's my favorite17250.9583.802
place oh jeez what's going to kill me17252.485.2
today okay you over there yeah what's up17254.764.6
all right oh yeah I got to get that back17257.682.6
yeah we're going to get you well we're17259.362.518
going to build you one one so actually17260.282.8
we're faster than them on the land17261.8782.92
aren't we than a Sarco you think I feel17263.083.12
like those guys are pretty quick there's17264.7983.482
one going for the boat nebs is he17266.23.358
attacking the boat yep he's attacking17268.284.0
the boat what is is that the one uh no17269.5585.0
he's a 20 we can kill him okay switch17272.285.12
into murder mode ah already got him and17274.5584.922
the other one okay you see him right17277.43.84
across the beach right across the beach17279.484.88
okay uh yeah that's our 130 all right17281.244.36
that's all right so we should we start17284.363.88
pelting him can you get him from here17285.65.32
maybe oh yep I got him oh God oh God is17288.243.96
he com yeah he's coming he's definitely17290.923.2
coming yeah he's faster than me right17292.23.0
run wait till he gets on land you might17294.123.12
go run him okay I'm I'm running him I'm17295.24.24
running I'm running okay we'll split up17297.244.44
we'll take turns got him see how slow he17299.444.0
is yeah you're right he is slow on land17301.682.958
oh boy I'm going to try to run this way17303.442.438
boy he got you he he's on your knes yep17305.8784.482
I'm doing my best I'm hitting him come17308.8783.562
on go to sleep is he still chasing17310.364.24
me uh yes he is absolutely still chasing17312.444.24
you you have the scent okay I'm on the17314.64.118
Rocks yep he's going following you up17316.684.48
there okay there we go okay he's all17318.7184.362
yours now oh he's trying to run he's17321.164.44
trying to run uh-uh oh no you don't17323.084.28
Bubba oh actually yeah you do he's in17325.63.52
the water he's in the water all17327.362.84
right you stay on them I'll grab the17329.123.36
boat I can't swim as fast as he c d you17330.24.64
can do it baby oh god what the was17332.484.478
that I just got hit dilophosaur17334.845.56
get the kill the bosur okay is he passed17336.9586.242
out uh no but he's like stuck in the17340.44.36
sand is this like quick sand or some17343.23.12
I don't know man this ought to be17344.762.878
easy now right yeah this ought to be17346.323.88
real easy hey finally something went17347.6384.202
right for us now you go to sleep you're17350.23.24
going to be part of the nees tribe yeah17351.844.52
go to sleep I had level 130 Saro oh he's17353.444.198
going to be a Nipper he's going to be17356.363.0
great is he asleep I can't tell I'm17357.6383.442
getting oh he's unconscious yes he is17359.362.88
we're still shooting him in stuff oh my17361.084.878
God yeah this is great NE tr's growing17362.245.04
you cool with that name then to be17365.9584.202
called I don't give a all17367.286.16
right all right guys I think there is an17370.165.36
artifact down here artifact of the17373.444.96
massive now is it massive thick wise or17375.524.4
is it is it we don't know we don't know17378.43.08
yet I bet the artifact well I'm curious17379.923.038
to see what it looks like is it phallic17381.483.84
I'm really curious copper peaks in the17382.9585.362
river at the foot of a waterfall of a17385.325.6
waterfall and this is one waterfall17388.324.88
shall I go around the place to see if17390.925.52
there's another well it is at17393.27.32
5452 so we're not quite there H you said17396.448.0
54 52 yes okay all right I got my map17400.525.76
out am I going the right way Simon are17404.443.6
you yeah I think I I think you're going17406.283.88
in the right direction okay so you're17408.044.678
still no but you need to be going uh17410.165.04
it's hard to tell cuz of course it's me17412.7185.682
okay if I go this way yep keep on going17415.26.12
that's yep yep all right so right now17418.45.96
you're 51 uh or 5617421.325.6
51.7 it's got to be over here somewhere17424.364.32
yep so right around here there needs to17426.923.798
be like to your Straight Ahead or your17428.685.32
left maybe a two oh right here man this17430.7185.642
is the waterfall this right here yeah at17434.04.32
the base right here you think down here17436.363.76
at the very base let's take a look well17438.323.6
why not I mean I mean it could could be17440.123.438
we'll start here all right hold on hold17441.924.6
on I'm coming in right now okay so it it17443.5585.122
appears to be yeah this is17446.525.4
54.3 and 52 so it's somewhere it's17448.685.44
either at the base of this or the the17451.924.84
base of the uh what feeds this right17454.123.8
yeah I'm going to take care of any17456.764.6
threats down here carno's down you Simon17457.925.4
you want to jump in the water yes I can17461.364.438
jump in the17463.322.478
water there's some decent fish in here17467.164.6
I'm guessing it's down there guessing17470.122.838
it's way down there I don't see any17471.763.6
openings up it's at the base okay great17472.9584.082
that that that's a key word that's an17475.363.72
important word you would think right all17477.044.72
right so I'm at the uh I'm I'm not17479.084.68
seeing anything down here as of right17481.764.64
now and I'm at the very base I'm at the17483.766.4
taint of the waterfall are you cupping17486.46.238
the balls no well I'm cupping the ball17490.167.2
licking the taint and I cannot taste any17492.6386.682
artifacts hey names check out this17497.364.72
island yeah pretty cool oh see that'd be17499.325.76
a cool spot to just make a badass base17502.084.96
yeah I mean we're not going to but n17505.083.28
it's a cool spot it's kind of on the17507.043.838
edge of the world you you got to travel17508.365.198
a lot but uh it's beautiful yeah I want17510.8784.242
to go up in it I want to see what's in17513.5583.722
there okay man you see this this is17515.124.28
where like if I were designed a map I'd17517.284.04
put something super mysterious and super17519.44.2
cool but I've been I've been burned by17521.323.36
thinking there's going to be something17523.63.08
super mysterious and super cool here no17524.683.038
get that out of your mind it's not17526.682.72
happening oh yeah no it's probably just17527.7183.722
an island so so I don't know what kind17529.44.04
of wildlife we have are you going to17531.443.68
leave him there yeah I'll leave him here17533.443.92
he'll be fine we got the shotgun I got a17535.124.438
I got my pistol okay yeah let's do it17537.364.68
let's just check I broke like almost all17539.5584.562
the tech gear all of it really yeah and17542.044.72
we can repair it uh at a obelisk oh17544.124.518
how'd you break it well the Sarco just17546.764.76
broke the pants oh oh man that was quick17548.6384.92
gloves I broke a long time ago yeah this17551.524.0
is pretty cool come on give me something17553.5583.282
give me like a cave give me something17555.522.56
crazy what I saying get that out of your17556.843.038
hand I know but I don't I don't I don't17558.083.798
want to I want to be like surprised be17559.8783.882
like wow look there's something cool and17561.8784.282
then it leads you down like a path and17563.764.56
there's like stairs and M I don't know17566.163.68
monsters sounds like you want to be17568.323.76
disappointed with that attitude yeah17569.843.92
jump over this rock can we get to the17572.083.52
top we can but you know what not going17573.763.56
to be anything up there you're probably17575.64.198
right wait nebs hold on I see something17577.324.6
okay wait is this something what is this17579.7984.08
I hope for your sake it's something no17581.924.08
never mind just17583.8785.0
smudge a smudge it's the only thing on17586.04.12
this island that's impressed me so far17588.8783.202
is that smudge17590.125.28
yep Simon yeah I can see it it is down17592.086.52
here of course you can see it yeah go17595.46.318
figure where where at it's glowing it's17598.65.92
light blue glowing at the bottom oh oh17601.7185.522
my goodness it's right in front of yes I17604.525.52
see it man let me tell you yeah I suck17607.244.318
yeah no no no remember when I was like17610.043.32
you came with me and we got that one17611.5584.16
underwater I it took me forever Simon17613.365.16
I've been there okay well here we got uh17615.7185.322
access inventory sure17618.525.4
and then bam it looks like uh there's a17621.045.08
bit phallic I'd say and there's another17623.924.32
one still here so okay yeah I'm going to17626.123.838
grab I'll grab that one yep grab that17628.243.16
one just in case we're going to we're17629.9583.442
going to need to have like two different17631.45.398
locations for these so uh the old Arc17633.45.08
Thief doesn't pick them well it's too17636.7982.92
late you already got all those other17638.482.64
ones we're going to need those do you17639.7182.562
remember the names of the ones that we17641.124.08
already had17642.282.92
oh was one the artifact of the Destroyer17645.66.76
I don't remember that I do I remember17648.7986.962
thick and we had the Destroyer do you17652.366.598
know that for sure of course not but I17655.765.4
think it all right well we'll go get17658.9583.962
another one then all17661.165.718
right nees yeah uh God one of these17662.925.84
bionics that knocked me off hold on17666.8783.042
where are you I'm trying to close the17668.763.878
shore it's very yellow going to die soon17669.924.76
trying to hold on I'm trying to put the17672.6383.802
plants aren't on can't pull out my gun17674.683.16
there we go come on get back out get17676.442.76
back on the Saro Saro why aren't you17677.843.0
doing how do I send him to aggressive17679.23.598
I don't know where are you man I'm just17680.843.84
I'm like I'm in front of a land oh boy17682.7983.802
I'm coming there it goes there it goes17684.684.198
okay you all right no come on boat let17686.64.278
me drive leave my damn I just got this17688.8783.162
thing leave him alone leave him alone17690.8783.162
leave him alone leave him alone a come17692.043.96
on NES I'm coming where are you man17694.044.0
towards the Shore I'm going that17696.04.76
way oh boy this is look oh I finally see17698.044.36
you just keep heading straight going17700.763.32
straight I'm in the water okay I'm17702.43.8
coming I think the Saro looks okay with17704.084.16
this barox is being an am I17706.23.72
close yeah oh yeah you're coming up17708.243.8
right on it here am I close enough yep17709.923.84
where's the it's in the damn water right17712.043.64
by the SAR the sar's fighting it oh I17713.763.68
don't want to shoot our SAR I don't want17715.684.24
you to shoot it either am I getting him17717.444.92
yeah yep that's doing it keep at it17719.924.638
there we go there you go nice jez is17722.363.96
this plant even on should be on yeah I17724.5582.762
was about to say why don't your plants17726.322.478
do anything I mean all of them they're17727.323.318
all brand new we had to regrow them17728.7984.282
change tamed that's not what I said I17730.6385.92
said I wanted uh wild wild creatures are17733.085.76
you wild me no I'm not wild no you're17736.5584.482
not wild you're very civilized mhm watch17738.844.4
out for Barry Onyx okay I know man I hey17741.043.518
I didn't even see him he just came up on17743.242.84
me hey you Dr me into a swamp what do17744.5582.642
want okay guys right below us is the17747.25.438
artifact also there looks like a lot of17750.323.84
Gators and so we're going to have17752.6384.562
to clear those out somehow someway Simon17754.165.638
I'm going to drop you in a safe spot17757.25.358
thank you and do you have a safe word uh17759.7987.562
my safe word is uh NES quick NES Qui17762.5587.122
yeah that's a good one what is this17767.365.08
thing is what thing what's what thing17769.685.278
who is that a sar that's is that that's17772.444.6
not a Saro is it I don't know I don't17774.9584.282
know swing back around they might be17777.043.838
able to grab you off of that so be17779.243.88
careful there we go oh he's dead sit17780.8783.722
okay I can see you see it17784.65.24
absolutely do you guys mind if I get a17787.923.68
little closer I got a parachute I'm17789.844.118
going to land on you Dora yeah go ahead17791.63.72
um and you could fly that if you'd like17793.9583.042
should I go get it thick yeah Dora17795.325.0
you've got the suit exactly oo doggy17797.07.04
okay uh yeah hello oh boy guy's jumping17800.325.72
out bad for me to be here probably oh no17804.044.12
you don't oh he's got me in his mouth17806.043.518
there we go what are you fighting what17808.162.88
are you fighting ah it's one of those17809.5584.122
gators it's it's not a Saro let's call17811.046.598
it a uh dicko Dio how about that he was17813.686.56
beat a real dicko all right hey we're17817.6385.24
clear clear all right rapid fire we'll17820.244.52
go get the next one as long as I can get17822.8785.562
this guy to land mhm come on come on17824.767.4
land over here cutie17828.446.8
abro yo saw crab man where you dragging17832.165.558
me now uh you're not going to like it17835.243.52
you know what you want to be careful17837.7182.522
with that Sarco what can a what can a17838.763.68
crab do with a Saro h i mean they're17840.244.68
he's slower he might be all right but uh17842.444.48
he's tough yeah crabs are tough man all17844.923.638
right should I put the Saro in the uh in17846.923.4
the Pod you might want to cryopod it and17848.5583.842
we'll fight this thing okay hold on let17850.323.478
me come over here I need to find17852.43.52
something to stand on can I stand on one17853.7984.122
of these17855.925.24
glaciers oh God barely all right on the17857.926.6
glacier let me pull out to my copad and17861.165.44
all right Saro who I have not named17864.523.64
because you're probably dead meat let's17866.63.32
face it everything I love in this world17868.165.718
dies come on in all right we got a Saro17869.927.32
and a pod okay uh listen hey if we get17873.8784.76
some polymer out of this deal that' be17877.243.398
pretty good yeah polymer would be sweet17878.6384.522
oh I need a fire oh I need a fire neees17880.6384.282
oh yeah that's right we don't have fur17883.163.6
armor yeah no okay we do have a17884.923.638
fireplace though come in warm up we'll17886.763.36
look for this crab doing it doing it do17888.5583.24
doing it some crab you think this boat17890.123.12
can take a crab I hope it could take a17891.7982.882
crab we're going to see I think all the17893.243.478
plants are mature uh all right I've17894.683.878
warmed up for a minute so I'll keep uh17896.7182.84
I'll tell you what I'll keep an eye on17898.5582.682
my health and then boom I'll sit in the17899.5583.522
chair we'll fight the crab I'm okay17901.244.12
right now all right good deal here we go17903.084.12
pushing in pushing in you got the you17905.363.12
got all the plans set to what they need17907.24.24
to be I think so but I screw things up17908.484.76
sometimes okay okay there's something in17911.444.4
the water we'll see what happens oh see17913.244.24
the crab on the shore yep he's right17915.843.84
there on Shore and I thought I saw blue17917.484.078
crystal well now that blue crystals up17919.684.16
top okay yeah those crystals up17921.5583.922
there might be what we're looking for17923.845.28
okay well good all right we are close to17925.485.478
the crab all right you know what I'm17929.123.36
going to start popping this17930.9584.522
here you go pop him hey yeah baby how17932.485.44
you like it right your crabby ass face17935.483.84
oh he's confused he don't even know what17937.922.958
to think of all this what do I do I'm a17939.323.08
crab jump if he jumps I got to move I17942.44.64
want you to fall off the boat okay well17945.443.4
if I'm if I'm standing still if I don't17947.043.16
jump I'm fine you might want to move17948.843.0
then okay yeah start backing it up back17950.23.32
it up back it up this pistol is a piece17951.843.44
of by the way right we got to get17953.523.76
you a good gun it's fun to fire though17955.283.598
come on crab I feel like these plants17957.282.92
are shooting at everything but the oh17958.8782.522
wait no they're hitting the crab there17960.23.2
you go there you go just is he getting17961.43.398
bloody give it up yeah he's getting a17963.43.68
little bloody yeah he'll be dead soon17964.7985.0
he'll be dead soon ooh just go to that17967.085.0
big crab gate in the sky think crabs17969.7984.602
going to heaven needes uh yeah I think17972.084.08
all crabs go to heaven it's a movie I17974.45.44
watched it ah we got it all right get17976.166.398
that po me we're making all kinds of17979.846.36
cool stuff oh me in the ass me17982.5586.682
okay come on Plants wait come on no17986.25.758
switch to the thing oh being shot uh17989.245.0
which weapon do I want there I can't17991.9584.042
move where's the plants I don't know17994.243.558
what the plants are they're damn plants17996.03.558
come on stairs okay I think I may have17997.7983.722
killed it or somebody killed it come on17999.5583.842
get on the stairs get on the stairs you18001.523.48
okay I think it might be okay God damn18003.43.6
it I hate jellyfish I hate heels I know18005.04.52
it I know it bless your heart bless your18007.04.24
little fre and heart oh God him all18009.523.4
right sitting by the fire put the18011.244.478
organic polymer into this thing oh my18012.925.2
God we got a ton of it Dees we're rich18015.7184.442
it's a ton it's a18018.125.0
ton okay guys it's somewhere up on one18020.165.6
of these bulbous rocks on a bulbous rock18023.127.0
you say yeah so M so this one is18025.767.038
supposed to be pretty easy then yeah18030.124.88
looked like it yeah I mean if it's just18032.7983.84
sitting on a bulbous Rock there's only18035.03.92
so many threats on a bulbous rock man I18036.6384.122
already lost you sorry about that oh18038.924.36
that's okay we'll Circle up I mean it's18040.764.72
in this area Simon what do you have on18043.284.358
your GPS right now18045.487.28
7075 so you needed to be what 7177 7718047.6388.0
all right so you like so yep keep on18052.764.92
yeah go to your left a little bit more18055.6384.24
okay you're going now cuz we yeah I18057.684.32
think that's the right direction yep yep18059.8785.442
keep on going that way okay all right 7618062.05.04
71.1 now 71.0 turn a little bit to the18067.049.28
right little bit to the right okay and18072.26.598
we're looking at little bit to the left18076.326.16
now straight straight straight 7118078.7987.242
76.9 can't get 7177 exactly right here18082.487.96
okay 7177 wherever this is up it has to18086.049.758
be what SC is this it yes it is yes it18090.449.16
is wo Simon do your thing we're so good18095.7987.242
at yes yeah all right I'm in the anus of18099.66.48
the there we go all right uh uh neees18103.045.64
abro come in this is thck 44 NE come18106.085.32
in thick 44 yeah yeah what's up baby18108.684.64
what's up baby th how you be baby hey18111.43.88
I'd be pretty good hey we are missing18113.323.68
some artifacts we're out getting other18115.283.598
ones but we're missing some artifacts18117.03.878
from our base uh do either one of you18118.8783.84
guys know anything about that well we18120.8783.882
got a bunch of artifacts in this storage18122.7184.362
container that we have here oh I ask NES18124.763.6
he's getting back from the bathroom18127.083.478
right now n yeah those artif BS did you18128.363.72
did you gank those you ganked those18130.5583.482
didn't you uh a long time ago yeah so18132.084.2
we're going to need those back or I18134.044.48
guess once we have all the other ones we18136.284.278
just get together and we fight a boss18138.524.64
together oh I mean that sounds fun uh18140.5583.602
we're going to go get the other18143.162.88
artifacts okay but only get the ones we18144.163.52
need right only get the ones we need18146.042.88
because I think we yeah we're only going18147.683.84
to do the easy fight collect the whole18148.924.638
set though I tell you they're really fun18151.524.52
to get they are okay well then get get18153.5584.482
them all I don't give a damn all right18156.044.48
uh I love you good night18158.044.8
you're a liar thick yeah you said you18160.524.64
you are a liar man now remember that18162.845.118
Dora when he says I love you once a liar18165.167.28
once a liar always a thick18167.9588.202
mhm oh what's it car c up car up oh God18172.446.88
God God oh hold on got right okay18176.165.0
okay okay we got him we got him we got18179.323.92
him oh you know what other gun other gun18181.166.16
what shot gun okay you good oh jeez oh18183.246.318
my God he came out of nowhere what the18187.324.638
is that no he's trying to18189.5585.922
eat me eat me another thing I'm18191.9586.68
in his mouth okay okay we're good we're18195.485.2
good yeah I always got a rifle first for18198.6385.042
some reason Jesus Oh what is the what is18200.686.36
this guy never seen this guy um what's18203.686.038
this what is oh your bird ate it of18207.045.0
course it did or my bird stupid vulture18209.7184.722
capitalist you ready okay yeah I guess18212.044.918
I'm ready I'm warmed up enough you know18214.444.278
what I made a compound bow oh did18216.9583.722
bringing it out yeah well that polymer18218.7184.562
could finally make his arrows oh wow um18220.684.52
tell you what stay behind me wait18223.284.48
centipede centipede see it yep see it18225.24.28
take him out quick before he shoots our18227.764.08
armor there's another one uh just pass18229.484.158
that one you see it uh no I don't he's18231.843.56
right behind this tree right in front of18233.6384.0
me where'd he go oh he's sneaky even18235.43.6
with the visor helmet oh there he is18237.6383.16
there he is okay take him out quick18239.04.48
there we go nice yeah we cannot have18240.7984.642
those guys breaking our armor now these18243.483.76
blue crystals are yeah why are we doing18245.443.358
this in the dark this is dumb right I18247.243.36
think it's always dark here is it yeah18248.7983.562
it's just a weird nasty place these guys18250.63.4
right this what you're talking about try18252.363.16
that one but it's these smaller ones I18254.03.68
want to get an ank first but we can come18255.524.198
back I think these are what we want oh18257.684.76
these element sh okay element shards18259.7186.0
blue gems red gy oh yeah blue g red G18262.445.358
we're going to load up on this stuff and18265.7183.202
uh we're going to be a hit with the18267.7982.92
other tribes when we come home oh man no18268.923.718
okay I am encumbered I got to drop18270.7183.522
some of this kiten I'm carrying around18272.6383.482
like a nut all right well let's grab18274.244.04
some of this we'll get that ank and18276.125.0
we'll get to mining18278.285.16
you know what guys what I remember this18281.124.56
place this is this is the entrance from18283.445.8
what I understand oh oh this is where18285.687.76
Skittles died how uh Badger okay so you18289.246.24
could fly all the way in here apparently18293.444.72
we're going pretty far all right oh we18295.484.92
got we got some uh we got a brochacho18298.165.398
down below us one of those gigantus I18300.46.12
like I like them well hello brochacho I18303.5584.762
like Bros I too they're pretty they're18306.524.038
pretty cool Simon yeah I'm going to need18308.324.8
you to keep the old GPS out and let me18310.5584.522
know if we're getting I mean obviously18313.124.518
this is taking us it seems One One path18315.084.36
so far doesn't it yeah you're looking18317.6384.522
pretty good cuz look you're right now at18319.445.358
55.3 and you're at18322.165.88
30.6 yeah you're pretty far away oh man18324.7986.602
I went the wrong way guys so you know18328.045.12
I'm I now I'm off did you mean to drop18331.44.72
me nope all right hold on oh God18333.165.04
probably a mistake bringing these in18336.124.04
here because they are18338.24.28
oh okay you got me I got you I got you18340.163.88
I'm probably going to drop you oh there18342.484.92
you go dropped again oh up again all18344.045.08
right you just tell me what you just18347.44.64
tell I'm off again I know I dropped you18349.125.8
okay all right let's walk okay that's a18352.044.4
idea oh man these poor Dolphins I've18356.444.92
told them man I've told them Time After18359.245.2
Time Time After Time when you lo you can18361.365.92
look and you will find me oh nees yeah18364.445.8
wolves wolves wolvves yeah we need yeah18367.284.598
Jack oh I think this is Obsidian18370.245.318
too perfect oh man Pelt obsidian yeah18371.8785.722
just stop right here right here yeah18375.5585.16
there's like five of them okay18377.66.24
oh what are they doing oh the one of's18380.7186.562
hoing yeah oh you jackasses here they18383.845.118
come they're coming nope you're never18387.283.278
going to make it is he going to make it18388.9584.722
he's trying compound bow you got it18390.5585.642
respect that effort yeah oh he's coming18393.684.84
in quick uh this one to got a little18396.24.04
close come on come on come18398.525.48
on all right thing is a death trap I18400.246.88
love it now hide is what pickaxe uh that18404.05.04
got me 30 Pelt doing that so I'm using18407.124.598
the axe yeah axe that's the way to go18409.044.838
ooh I ain't worried about being cold no18411.7184.122
more no sir we're going to get a jacket18413.8784.562
and where was that obsidian oh yeah now18415.844.64
obsidian right is that uh yeah that's18418.443.438
probably that one's pickaxe pickaxe yeah18420.483.96
use a pickaxe on that one got it man all18421.8784.882
right we're killing it man okay Alpha18424.444.278
tribe right here yeah no we're uh18426.764.118
we're rocking and rolling18428.7186.042
hold Simon yep I think I see it hold on18430.8786.402
I'll try not to drop you it is dangerous18434.765.84
oh is it blue it's blue yeah that's it18437.286.84
come on drop me off baby woo doggy look18440.66.48
at you look at you you're pretty ain't18444.125.438
you got a pretty mouth18447.086.04
mhm all right this one is uh round and18449.5586.32
bumpy like if it was shoved up your bum18453.125.48
it wouldn't feel good or would it oh hey18455.8787.442
guys H you found it yeah right up here18458.67.16
okay awesome oh yeah I'm going to18463.324.2
grab one of those we done good today18465.764.4
boys we did this is like a death star18467.525.08
that's ribed for your pleasure good day18470.166.04
great day woohoo wo how the do we18472.66.64
get out of here who knows straight up18476.26.04
nope never18479.246.44
mind it's like a18482.243.44
mirage see it AB uh yeah holy now18486.5585.922
remember they can teleport oh yeah we18490.363.12
got to get the blueprints in one of18492.482.52
those things right so we can build it I18493.483.68
think if you harvest it I think it gives18495.03.92
you a blueprint all right so I need to18497.164.2
eat it with a T-Rex uhhuh and I'll eat a18498.924.798
blueprint I hope so that's the plan once18501.363.8
you start biting you might move he might18503.7183.322
tort we got to keep our head on a swivel18505.163.478
all right it's one of those bat things18507.043.8
he might be coming in at us oh boy yeah18508.6384.16
he's going to be a problem bam can I get18510.843.878
him can I kill it no you didn't kill it18512.7983.722
but oh wait what'd you go for the bat or18514.7183.802
seek the Seeker ah he's flying away oh18516.524.118
yeah bat's flying away all right good18518.524.198
here we go here we go okay come here18520.6384.802
yeah oh that was easy oh Jesus what you18522.7184.762
do to your head I don't know I get the18525.443.88
blueprint did you get it what's this you18527.483.398
dropped something what is that can be18529.324.398
crafted at Tech replicator yeah um18530.8784.92
but I did get what is this I got oil and18533.7184.84
electronics perfect and uh scrap metal18535.7984.402
oh and some element dust yeah ready18538.5583.24
to head back to the boat yep get back to18540.23.358
the boat get the hell out of here I'll18541.7984.0
race you oh you can you beat me easily18543.5585.16
woo that's one to the boat T-Rex yeah no18545.7985.562
gentlemen yeah hey that Turtle thing was18553.6384.92
unfortunate but honestly Helen sheller18556.24.72
took up way too much space she was slow18558.5584.08
I feel like we just learned a lot it's18560.924.0
cool in theory the thing was too18562.6384.08
slow what a waste of time right we learn18564.925.08
from failure failure is a good thing18566.7185.362
absolutely absolutely but you know what18570.04.718
today's all about is Success right I18572.085.798
know where they Rock Drake eggs ooh o we18574.7185.16
haven't had Rock Drake18577.8785.322
ever o we've had him kill us but yeah no18579.8785.282
Rock Dres today we're going to get one18583.25.04
and oh and Simon yeah you're the guy to18585.167.798
do it I know o o let's get to18588.244.718
prepping okay18594.0812.589
oh oh God Naes is it not letting us do18606.926.2
it it's not letting us do it come on I18610.684.84
mean we got all the stuff we got oh jeez18613.124.08
is it not going to let us do it here18615.523.68
that is heartbreaking it's what modding18617.24.16
does oh yeah cuz we mod it yeah I know I18619.23.438
get it enforcers aren't even supposed to18621.363.198
be here but come on we can't we're going18622.6383.08
to have to make this thing at a tech18624.5582.882
replicator so we got two options we18625.7183.522
either got to build a tech replicator18627.444.24
yep which or we can uh go to the other18629.244.36
guys and use their Tech replicator which18631.684.76
do both both require Journey yeah I18633.65.0
think we we just keep Gathering supplies18636.443.358
and then we show up we use their18638.63.0
replicator all right well now we got to18639.7983.76
we got to take all this out of here18641.64.44
I know it sucks oh God all right18643.5584.842
transfer it to the T-Rex come on T-Rex18646.043.72
oh we're going to be doing this all damn18648.43.96
night all night oh here he'll come18649.764.76
you all right guys The Rock Drake cave18654.686.52
is Straight Ahead oh dras we need a18657.8785.242
bit of a distraction I don't know if you18661.24.32
want to do that with your Tex suit uh I18663.123.758
think with the I'm much better at the18665.523.118
spider on the way here with the spider I18666.8783.642
got I got so much better with the whole18668.6383.92
let go if they can chase you if they can18670.523.72
give Chase to you I can get Simon in18672.5584.562
there okay he gets in gets an egg or two18674.244.88
if possible dude and gets out oh you're18677.124.2
going in already I'm just like I'm so18679.124.72
ready for this Hey listen you the18681.324.0
way you're looking you're like it's18683.842.958
right over there and I'm like where are18685.323.2
you looking but then you saw where I18686.7983.562
went nope didn't even see you at all18688.523.56
I've been just i' just been like18690.363.68
you know going around in circles try to18692.083.44
look at where the hell I'm supposed to18694.043.56
go okay you know what I'll just take you18695.524.88
over there take me please pleas here we18697.64.6
go ready I'm going to lure these guys18700.43.44
I'm not ready I don't know what I'm18702.26.32
looking for here we go hey hey I'm right18703.847.76
here okay here we go here we go give me18708.525.48
more details thick see these things18711.64.44
right here these sort of things in the18714.04.2
side of the walls Rock Drake eggs will18716.044.32
spawn there so we're looking for more of18718.25.758
those eggs will be there you get it and18720.367.0
then you find a way out and jump oh I18723.9586.282
don't even know what you're talking18727.367.12
about holy ttts they like yeah but I18730.246.04
never tried to steal rock bre eggs18734.484.36
they've never had we've never had Rock18736.285.76
Drake eggs I know orange are the are the18738.845.48
eggs the orange bulbous things that are18742.043.518
sticking out of the wall the18744.323.2
this eggs look like the regular eggs in18745.5585.0
the game well okay and is it on the18747.525.68
ground or is it sticking out of the wall18750.5585.24
we don't know we don't know how long18753.24.0
have you been playing this game18755.7983.16
gas you don't know I've never got a18757.23.56
around D egg either we're all in this18758.9583.6
first time for all of us dude I know but18760.763.36
I'm getting for it and I'm the one18762.5584.24
who has to do it explain it detailed18764.125.2
Simon what do you see these little light18766.7985.122
Coes or little little I don't know like18769.324.88
craters in the side of the cave here18771.924.28
what color are they Bubba listen the18774.24.8
eggs aren't there these are just18776.25.64
in I'm asking you a question18779.06.4
stop you use color as a descriptor put18781.846.6
me down put me down you tell me18785.45.318
craters and this and that and the other18788.445.358
come on man give me other descriptors18790.7185.402
egg do you know what an egg looks like18793.7984.482
what color is the egg they could18796.124.32
be any color they just look just like18798.284.56
the wyver eggs they could be any color18800.444.198
good and they're on the ground around18802.843.68
here so I'm running around trying to18804.6384.722
find an egg yeah I'm looking for one too18806.526.0
I am too now so running around looking18809.366.198
for an egg we all be looking for an egg18812.525.52
all be looking for an18815.5585.282
any Penguins on this Glacier man I could18820.843.84
use some organic polymer man that's what18822.684.08
crabs are for I ain't seen no crabs well18824.683.6
we've killed crabs just on the other18826.763.16
side of the island I know but I had seen18828.283.08
one today I was going to see if there's18829.923.56
any penguins get that sweet sweet18831.364.4
penguin butt that sweet sweet organic18833.483.76
penguin butt out your mind you kill a18835.762.84
crab you get like a thousand you kill a18837.243.638
penguin you get like one yeah but I just18838.64.16
want it hey angler gel is really cool18840.8784.442
for uh these Torches by the way uh-huh18842.765.36
they burn forever yeah I like it too18845.325.04
also a good fuel mhm and it looks dumb18848.123.92
though okay anything on this side of the18850.364.0
island we haven't seen not yet man all18852.044.08
right well let's see if we keep yeah18854.364.88
keep going around and we got a distance18856.125.438
to travel that's for sure cuz we're yeah18859.243.558
if we're going to where I think you're18861.5584.882
taking us the underwater caves18862.7986.802
uh-huh yep keep on trucking it's a fast18866.444.96
boat you can't get through these we've18869.63.92
established this well got to try you18871.44.318
miss every shot you don't18873.524.84
take guys yeah turn around turn around18875.7184.16
turn around18878.364.358
okay come here eggs eggs eggs uh at18879.8785.76
least two there's one up top here and18882.7186.202
there's one over here oh one purple this18885.6385.682
one's purple too oh and this one's yep18888.924.798
okay are we all grabbing them I can't18891.323.6
listen I don't even know where the hell18893.7183.482
you guys are how do I see you on the map18894.924.56
Oh I thought you were carrying oh sorry18897.24.24
do you know where Simon is thick I don't18899.484.0
but I want him to have this I want it so18901.443.96
bad we shouldn't pick these up until we18903.483.44
have Simon in your grasp then we can18905.43.96
carry three back yeah I told you was by18906.924.798
the purple mushies all right thick you18909.364.32
can find him I'll wait by this egg you18911.7184.482
guys come back we grab three eggs we out18913.685.76
okay sounds good let me find Simon18916.25.84
you're buy purple mushrooms I see purple18919.445.16
mushrooms and the exit well there are a18922.045.0
lot of exits over here I know it happens18924.65.4
to be purple mushrooms and an exit it's18927.045.598
a combo that's all I'm saying this has18930.06.08
got to be it Simon18932.6387.0
huh yes yes okay there you go up pick me18936.086.6
up so I got to be there I'd like for you18939.6385.122
to be there cuz we all have to get the18942.683.958
eggs it's better to have three so now18944.764.08
we're going to get three potentially18946.6385.32
three Rock Dres I I would just say two18948.846.118
why if we breed Rock Dres then we can18951.9585.242
tame basilisks you know what thick18954.9584.322
you're right though yep yeah because18957.24.04
let's just drop Simon off you pick him18959.284.92
up quick I grab this one we out oh boy I18961.245.0
I don't know how but I fell off the wver18964.25.358
and there are rock DRS here oh oh the18966.245.8
oh no oh I grabbed the I grabbed18969.5584.642
the thing by accident oh my god get un18972.044.88
freak nasty Simon's dead uh-huh I guess18974.24.72
I'll grab this one yeah grab it I got to18976.924.32
go I got to go I already grabbed one I18978.924.56
didn't mean to okay I'm trying to land18981.244.24
hey I'll see you uh I'll see you18983.483.92
somewhere see you on the other side my18985.484.8
friend sure thing uh actually probably18987.45.8
base base base makes sense okay good get18990.284.24
out of18993.26.438
here kns yep artifact aoy pull up here18994.527.8
uh yeah pull up there okay I'll just18999.6384.802
whip her in here right quick yeah it's19002.324.318
on top of that mountain over there oh19004.443.92
hey what are you what are you I think I19006.6384.642
see oh there's a T-Rex on the iceberg oh19008.364.72
yeah what a t they should hate this19011.283.438
place they should hate it what are you19013.083.6
even do it here you don't even have a19014.7183.962
coat on all right do we want to take any19016.683.92
animals in with us I see some wolves you19018.683.118
know what I'm going to lead these wolves19020.63.6
over to us hey come over here we19021.7984.202
got some plants we'd like you to meet19024.23.12
same thing with this T-Rex you still19026.04.32
over there hey get over here there19027.325.478
we go there we go taking care of all the19030.324.52
threats M we take all of our animals all19032.7983.362
the time that's what kind of tribe this19034.845.24
is AB hey stop yep yep yep yep yep yep19036.166.92
think we could just go uh man maybe19040.084.76
they're slow now aren't they man they19043.084.478
got close we got real close hey boys19044.844.718
sorry there's two still there hey knock19047.5584.0
it off we got stuff to do jeez this was19049.5584.16
a tough wolf too close for the plants19051.5584.32
yeah no kidding T-Rex is still coming19053.7185.802
hey Bubba yeah boom and him down w19055.8785.642
oh God I thought I all right jeez plant19059.524.118
got it T-Rex man I guess I guess we're19061.524.4
fighting this now yeah we're fighting a19063.6384.522
t-rex with a bow and arrow19065.923.24
come on19068.163.44
Boom easy peasy that was easy get your19069.164.478
arrows back right uh oh yeah I get my19071.64.72
arrows back get your19073.6385.402
arrows and I'm taking his arms just for19076.325.08
fun all right that little mountain huh19079.043.678
yeah do we want to do we want to bust19081.44.318
out our Rex yeah he's slow okay all19082.7184.402
right we'll do it on foot we'll do it on19085.7183.642
foot let's go uh o watch out for these19087.124.598
Argent Tavi ain't scared I mean look at19089.364.0
us everything should be scared of us19091.7184.442
that's right we look insane uh-oh yep he19093.365.84
wants us yep shotgun knees bam God I19096.165.84
love that thing I love it too jealous19099.24.598
I'm jealous one day maybe I'll have an19102.03.48
ascendant shotgun maybe today we can19103.7985.122
check some drops if we can find any see19105.485.12
this is adventurous you know what I mean19108.924.76
y like this this is fun okay pulling out19110.65.118
pics okay let's do it let's do it let's19113.684.0
do it we're doing it man hope we brought19115.7184.642
enough pics ah I got a few in my pocket19117.684.32
I'm going to put them all on hot bars so19120.363.12
I can get to them quick hot bar be good19122.03.36
name for a candy bar right hot bar hot19123.483.8
bar have yourself a hot bar feeling19125.365.0
angry eat a hot bar come come on how you19127.285.4
doing I'm doing real good man I feel19130.365.84
like I'm close to the top on one pick on19132.686.84
one pick great that'd be awesome oh yeah19136.26.598
I'm here yeah oh my goodness oh it's man19139.524.8
thick would like this it's pretty it's19142.7984.442
purple which one is it it is the19144.326.398
artifact of the devour19147.243.478
to consume is to become and to become is19150.924.958
to evolve what the does that even19153.684.198
mean that means we're awesome yeah it19155.8783.402
does and now we get to fly back to the19157.8783.202
boat now we get to fly back to the boat19159.283.32
hey hey19161.086.32
woo we got an artifact two artif effects19162.610.278
baby right Simon hello hello hello hello19167.49.68
guys excuse me oh hello sorry you died19172.8787.76
uh Simon sorry you died yeah I'm sorry19177.086.2
you died uh no no we didn't die nobody19180.6384.722
you guys just it was just me we got eggs19183.283.8
two eggs here's what I'm thinking real19185.363.76
quick yeah remember the last time we19187.084.6
fought a boss we just went in with a ton19189.124.758
of T-Rex yeah what if we just started19191.683.72
breathing the out of these things19193.8784.482
and go in with rock Drakes just biting19195.45.44
at whatever's ass we have to fight let's19198.364.88
get these going first and see what we19200.845.24
got cuz I cannot wait to taste it you19203.244.16
want you're not going to eat it right19206.083.2
you don't want to eat it no let's eat no19207.43.68
no I'm not going to eat the rock Dr but19209.283.358
like to see how it feels kind of a thing19211.083.68
it was just just a way to say things19212.6384.562
yeah let's just have them born and then19214.765.36
make them do it yes Simon let's go to19217.26.56
the birthing area the bir area do they19220.125.92
need fire cuz remember the spider thing19223.765.198
didn't need fire I don't know let's see19226.044.96
make sure not to eat it I'm not going to19228.9584.84
touch them it's too hot too hot take19231.05.798
that fire away th turn it off hot too19233.7985.442
hot I'm trying to uh my God it's it's a19236.7984.602
turn it off Jes off turn it off yeah get19239.243.84
the fire off then here if if it doesn't19241.43.96
need fire let's put it over here put it19243.084.84
anywhere yeah yeah I put it in my house19245.366.04
drop holy too hot too hot we have19247.925.878
to go to a place happy to do that let's19251.44.6
do it yeah pick me up thick I don't need19253.7984.362
to have anything really do I I'm just19256.04.12
naked and free well I'm I'm wearing19258.165.16
shorts oo naked and free we're going19260.126.16
north north it19263.326.8
is O I look silly nebes uh-huh do you I19266.285.358
think you look pretty cool this looks19270.123.04
cool to you yeah you look like an19271.6384.362
adventurer a man of many stories o like19273.165.398
a like a what is it uh Robinson Caruso19276.04.12
somethingone like that yep something19278.5582.802
that look who it19281.364.358
heyy wo wo wo wo wo being attacked stay19285.7185.322
yeah stay away from the boat stay away19289.363.198
from the boat oh wait which plant set19291.043.918
the people sorry we didn't know you were19292.5584.122
coming you got to tell us what are y'all19294.9584.042
doing hey we're good man how are you19296.684.6
guys doing did you turn these off uh no19299.03.958
we did not turn them off I don't know19301.283.08
which one's shooting at you most of them19302.9583.802
are set to wild animals so I you should19304.364.72
have called hey big news we got rock19306.765.36
Drake eggs but they need extreme cold to19309.085.6
uh to hatch oh well pop them down19312.124.16
to one of these glaciers now I'm going19314.683.4
to do that right here how about over19316.283.8
here thick oh you're up there yeah I'm19318.084.0
going to I'm going over here feel safe19320.084.68
right here little island all right all19322.087.16
right boom what too hot too hot H too19324.768.08
hot yeah it's like 8° C here this is19329.245.398
ridiculous I think we might have to19332.843.958
build something for these things like a19334.6384.362
air condition room guys have you turned19336.7984.202
off your plants I think we're good it19339.04.76
was just the one down below okay uh let19341.04.878
me get Simon yeah it's good seeing you19343.765.84
guys yeah what's up Spider-Man what's up19345.8785.08
boy if I could just get up here that'd19349.63.92
be great just want to get up19350.9585.282
here about to get up on that I like19353.523.88
watching you struggle in the water I19356.242.84
don't like it very much at all I forget19357.44.96
how to switch to the surface to H all19359.084.92
right what are you guys doing we're19362.363.24
getting ready to go for a dive there's a19364.03.52
cave below us oh yeah we think there19365.63.48
might be an artifact in there NES you19367.524.0
want to pull out the Saro yeah we well19369.084.44
you ready yeah whip out the Saro baby19371.524.52
let's do it bam straight down maybe can19373.524.76
you pull the Sarco out underwater here19376.045.4
we go bam yeah nice you going to ride19378.285.0
him all right you're riding him I'm on19381.444.48
him you going to grab on or something uh19383.285.76
oh wait yeah let's see if I can loading19385.926.08
the grapple I'm grappled sweet is it19389.044.598
straight down straight down yeah I see19392.04.2
it right below us okay okay you hanging19393.6384.962
on hanging on oxygen looks good flippers19396.24.8
are good yeah19398.64.64
o this might be dumb so if we need to19401.04.718
make a quick getaway yeah just hang on19403.244.96
tight yeah you know which way to go up19405.7187.122
oo I think wow this is terrifying uhhuh19408.26.08
but I think there's an artifact under19412.843.958
here somewhere I don't see any threats19414.284.4
so that's good no this is like19416.7984.602
abnormally peaceful I don't like it I'm19418.684.8
I'm expecting like a giant squid to like19421.43.76
come out of nowhere or eels probably19423.484.84
eels Mosasaur pleasur those are the19425.166.16
worst UNP Aur now it splits hopefully19428.325.12
it's a loop uh hopefully it's a loop19431.324.2
we'll try right hold on let me let me19433.443.84
bigger look how big it is over there I19435.523.0
should have brought man I didn't realize19437.282.598
this was this big I only brought one19438.522.92
scuba tank did you bring more than one19439.8784.482
scuba tank I have one and I mean they19441.445.08
last a minute right yeah okay I just got19444.363.48
to keep an eye on it that's it all right19446.522.88
keep we'll keep an eye on all right I'm19447.842.68
going to the19449.43.478
right so what are they they're they're19450.525.24
looking for an artifact yeah but it like19452.8784.322
been down there a long time I don't know19455.762.76
how long they could even breathe down19457.22.88
there come on this is going to be good19458.523.72
because when they come back up I have a19460.084.36
present for them and a present for us as19462.243.68
well yeah I've been waiting to run into19464.443.4
them to give it to him but Mr present19465.924.44
pants strikes again doesn't he the19467.844.76
present pants also is my ass crack19470.364.0
showing on this I was just looking at19472.63.958
your butt before you even said yeah a19474.364.08
little bit just a little bit of top19476.5583.08
crack I'm getting a little worried about19478.443.08
those guys a little bit oh yeah they're19479.6384.08
dead no we'd see that on the oh well19481.524.198
actually we wouldn't yeah they could be19483.7183.92
dead oh yeah right we wouldn't they19485.7185.402
are then we take their boat oh boat no19487.6385.24
well I mean we're not going to steal it19491.123.438
though right just borrow it just like19492.8783.482
neebs borrowed the wyvern yeah borrowing19494.5583.922
is fine right according to19496.365.0
neebs oh oh is that it that's it that's19498.484.96
it that's it oh get it get it get it get19501.363.92
it get it okay we should both get one19503.443.278
though right can't believe it we went19505.284.4
too far NES too far you got it okay I19506.7185.562
got one I'm getting it too yes yes yes19509.684.72
yes yes all right now get out of here we19512.284.0
both got one take a all right take a19514.43.64
left take a left yes sir yes sir take a19516.283.2
taking a19518.044.96
left yes I can't believe it we got it19519.485.72
how lucky are we we are take a19523.03.32
right take a right take a right take a19525.22.598
right take a right got it got it all19526.323.398
right how's my damn how's my thing woo19527.7984.16
yeah I'm good I'm19529.7184.602
boom yes Victory two of them hey guys19534.326.88
nice they are the uh they are19538.445.76
the artifact of the lost and we almost19541.25.08
got lost down there yeah that was19544.23.88
precarious but in a fun way I thought19546.283.84
precarious was always in a fun way is it19548.083.36
what precarious does that mean like19550.123.16
dangerous I've always heard it in a fun19551.443.56
thing like that Rel coaster was19553.284.2
precarious precarious precarious yeah am19555.03.718
I using that right no I don't think19557.483.76
precarious is a fun thing precarious is19558.7185.122
like you were hesitating a little bit19561.244.28
like the birthday party was precarious19563.843.118
right we all had a good time I think19565.523.32
anybody's ever used it like seem like19566.9583.76
the way to use it uhuh I'm looking it up19568.843.118
real quick while you're looking it up to19570.7183.402
celebrate your Victory I have a surprise19571.9583.442
for everyone I've been waiting to run19574.125.0
into you guys oh the flag I love it we19575.46.76
got two flags oh it gets better it's so19579.125.0
precarious is it precarious because I19582.163.398
don't no they you're using that right19584.124.0
precarious is not securely held or in19585.5584.722
position dangerously likely to fall or19588.124.0
collapse precarious I think I was pretty19590.283.64
close on that yeah depending on chance19592.123.56
uncertain so yeah it feel uncertain19593.923.32
maybe that's the way I was using it so19595.684.0
the birthday party was probably no fun19597.245.398
no if it was uncertain yeah okay well19599.684.84
now that we're through with that uh let19602.6385.042
me yeah I mean you don't want a19604.525.64
predictable birthday party do you uh no19607.684.0
do I look funny to you nees yeah you19610.163.398
look you look precarious and lovely I19611.684.118
feel very precarious right now oh God I19613.5584.682
just realized I took vultra capis down19615.7985.682
there Birds usually don't go under water19618.246.08
they don't find it precarious here we go19621.487.078
oh my lordy pants wow it's our new19624.326.84
emblem okay keep it coming keep it19628.5585.962
coming coming this is really yeah wow19631.166.558
yep that looks pretty sharp th yeah19634.526.358
tribe of the wver king our logo it Mees19637.7186.202
I didn't leave you out oh you didn't no19640.8786.122
he wouldn't do that I love you neebs so19643.924.52
here we19647.05.958
go we got Tech pants yeah wow that's19648.446.56
that is really pretty that's really19652.9583.6
something which tribe do you want to be19655.04.798
in yeah one with tech pants obviously I19656.5584.4
mean yeah the guy with the cowboy hat19659.7982.242
and the wings looks like he's having a19660.9582.442
good ass time doesn't he he does look19662.043.758
like he's having a good ass time he does19663.45.558
I hate to do this here but oh boy um for19665.7984.882
a limited time you could get either one19668.9585.0
of these designs on a19670.687.56
shirt don't miss out Link in the19673.9586.402
really I didn't know that hey at least I19680.364.278
didn't kill a bird and that19682.923.36
Turtle would have looked stupid I hope19684.6383.802
you s at least one thick is this looks19686.283.438
like it's going to go like hot cakes19688.443.278
over here if I were to put one on his19689.7184.562
shirt yeah left side for me baby okay19691.7185.562
contest the most sales uh gets a case of19694.285.08
beer gotcha D real quick just stay still19697.283.64
so I can take a look at how ridiculous19699.363.8
you look we've done this but sure all19700.923.958
right we'll catch you guys later you19703.163.398
guys go hatch those Rock DRS all right19704.8783.68
yep we got to make a hatchery we'll see19706.5584.882
you bye-bye yeah good good seeing you19708.5586.922
guys bye um by the way you you left me19711.448.438
but bye you're with us now Simon19715.486.96
dras yes thick I feel like we're the19719.8784.602
rich tribe well we are we we get all the19722.444.92
things we're definitely uh the 1% tribe19724.484.44
yeah but you know what there's a tribe19727.363.24
out there that's richer than us yeah I19728.926.48
know hello tribe of not slaves T iic 4419730.68.52
and a superhero named dur alas hello19735.46.52
citizens hello hey so look we've got19739.125.8
some eggs that they require extreme cold19741.924.76
to hatch and we don't we don't really19744.923.28
have all those resources right now we19746.683.038
could get them but we're really busy you19748.23.8
know just you know doing things hero19749.7186.16
things right yeah right yeah but can you19752.06.28
help with that possibly we do have a19755.8784.882
hatch house nice nice uh they have a19758.285.96
hatch house to Alas oh uh great oh wow19760.764.76
this is not something that we want you19764.244.28
to do for free I do have a gift for you19765.527.118
here you go ah what's that what what'd19768.527.0
you give him I gave him a wyvern egg oh19772.6385.842
hey a baby egg from from our uh our19775.525.6
babies our wyvern yeah baby boo boos19778.484.28
yeah they're jumping they're so excited19781.124.08
they listen the other thing while while19782.765.0
these eggs are hatching uh drus has19785.24.84
actually been appointed Chief Building19787.764.24
Inspector he does have to go around make19790.044.04
sure that everything's to code so you19792.03.558
might see him observing what you're19794.084.16
doing taking a look at the structures19795.5584.562
and you know making sure that they're up19798.244.718
to code don't mind me don't mind me19800.126.32
Jesus what the H gorilla with a bikini19802.9584.642
but I'm not even going to think twice19806.443.518
about it19807.62.358
see that abro yeah is it is that a drop19813.9583.802
just hanging out in the water but that's19816.163.798
not a that's not a drop it's a what do19817.764.198
you call that I'm sorry a a Loot Crate I19819.9583.802
guess would be more accurate Simon oh19821.9584.962
wow what hold up ascendant ascendant19823.766.52
something ascendant a rifle what oh19826.925.12
please let that be mine like a regular19830.284.72
long neck long neck rifle baby wow19832.045.28
that's that's a good find oh man finally19835.04.52
a drop this in this game there we19837.325.12
go yeah you want it abro I would love19839.525.16
it see Simon you hang out with us you19842.444.6
get the good stuff yeah well I don't19844.684.72
know man I'm still torn on even being19847.044.04
here I don't know why I was just dropped19849.43.76
off and I feel lost you can always radio19851.083.4
you could radio the other guys if you19853.162.718
want to go back with them but I thought19854.482.6
you might have I mean we haven't seen19855.8783.122
each other in a while no we haven't but19857.083.68
what are you guys doing today uh I think19859.03.6
we're going to try to go to an element19860.764.0
cave deep underwater he just took your19862.64.118
rifle I did I just took your rifle I19864.764.84
didn't know it was rle okay I'll give it19866.7184.722
back to you I always hit the wrong thing19869.65.24
all right so ascendant rifle here you go19871.446.198
there you go bam oh that's awesome thank19874.845.56
you nebs yep uh didn't see any sharks or19877.6385.842
any creatures still looking empty Waters19880.45.398
empty okay well crazy hop back on the19883.484.158
boat we'll keep on trucking towards uh19885.7983.202
where we know we need to go hopefully we19887.6383.682
can find some sharks on the19889.04.798
way there they go They're19891.325.52
incubating I love it awesome I do too19893.7986.322
okay 36 minutes for this one and uh okay19896.845.36
that'll give me just enough time to do a19900.124.838
full inspection as the inspector should19902.25.16
okay uh tribe of not slaves thank you19904.9583.76
we're going to we're going to check out19907.362.68
your place we're going to take a look19908.7183.402
around a little lookie and uh we'll just19910.043.64
leave these in here we're going to come19912.124.4
back in 36 minutes exactly and have a19913.684.92
celebration for the rock Drake hatching19916.525.96
you guys are doing so well all right19918.65.44
yeah take a look at this place yeah19922.483.28
let's see how much we can get okay well19924.043.48
I'm going to move over here cuz this19925.765.6
seems to be where a lot of stuff is oh19927.525.6
their vault they they might have PIN19931.363.8
codes on it don't be too don't be too19933.124.88
just just looked I know I know what I'm19935.164.96
doing I know look hey you're already19938.04.08
looking at stuff a little too quickly no19940.124.12
don't take anything like they notice do19942.084.638
we have the artifact of the depths by19944.244.92
the way uh we're going to get our own19946.7185.362
artifacts don't don't take that're yeah19949.164.92
we're the rich tribe except for that19952.083.84
maybe that artifact that artifact yeah19954.083.32
all right everything's checking out tell19955.923.48
them guys Dr says everything's checking19957.43.88
out everything's up to Cod over here so19959.44.2
far great job probably hurricane proof19961.284.24
is what we're thinking what is this is19963.67.24
this a bar what hey is this a bar jeers19965.528.84
cheers dude let's get19970.846.24
drunk H I would like I would like a a19974.365.56
beer a beverage anything I need a jar no19977.084.798
they don't have jars for alas Jesus the19979.924.12
hell kind of bar is this oh my God I'm19981.8783.562
about to leave yeah why don't you just19984.043.72
piss in my mouth I will not no ser19985.445.4
seriously pissing my mouth oh19987.765.32
not o see that shark right in front of19990.843.64
us Simon he just he's going down right19993.083.558
now yeah I see it but I'm freezing down19994.483.8
here yeah it is cold we might need to19996.6383.08
put on so but any that's a that's a19998.284.24
level 145 that's a big boy oh boy so we19999.7185.282
got a kill two got to kill that one out20002.524.24
there maybe yeah maybe unless we can20005.04.16
lure this one in but yeah we yeah you20006.763.52
know what we should do yeah we should20009.162.84
kill those two out there all right you20010.283.32
know what I need to put on some flippers20012.03.958
yeah flippers good idea I got flippers20013.64.84
too all right flipper up do this flip20015.9585.082
her up all right NES yeah you in the20018.444.198
boat follow yeah follow me come out this20021.043.0
way we got a little little20022.6384.0
level 25 guy here yeah stay where I can20024.045.28
see you uh okay can you see my head yeah20026.6383.762
let me know and I'll turn the front20029.322.84
plant on turn the front yeah turn it on20030.43.04
turn it on I'm going to lure him in oh20032.163.398
he's he's coming towards us already he's20033.444.198
coming turn that front plant on now on20035.5583.602
okay wake up oh I'm shooting him in the20037.6384.522
face I'm shooting him too plant plant20039.164.84
yep keep him out front don't let him get20042.163.478
too close to boat okay yeah no he's20044.02.84
getting close to the boat but we killed20045.6383.962
him he's dead one down yeah he level 2520046.844.6
that's easy that's easy now kill the20049.63.92
other or go for the tame um maybe go for20051.443.76
the tame hold on where' the tame go we20053.523.24
don't want to lose him is it this guy20055.24.358
nope there's a level 20 out there uhhuh20056.765.36
care uh yep that's the 145 this is the20059.5584.16
one the one right in front of us by the20062.123.598
boat you see where I'm at yeah swimming20063.7184.122
to me okay let's TR it oh yeah let's20065.7183.642
trink it all right he's turning around20067.843.878
hold on let me get my TR arrows equipped20069.364.438
I'm hitting him oh did I not I didn't of20071.7183.722
course I didn't equip Tran arrows God20073.7983.362
damn it all right hold on it's the guy20075.443.04
right in front of I got them I'm20077.163.398
shooting them baby I got the normal20078.484.52
arrows I'll uh protect you guys okay all20080.5584.202
right come on come back baby I want to20083.04.24
keep the boat close by you guys follow20084.764.36
him okay yeah you yeah go get the boat20087.243.12
nees always he's turning around watch20089.122.758
out Simon back to shore back back to20090.364.48
shore back to shore son of a oh20091.8784.802
boy he's coming at me still back to20094.845.24
shore I'm not swimming very fast oo20096.684.92
shallow water shallow water shallow20100.084.4
water okay oh boy oh boy oh he tried to20101.66.278
kiss me oh I'm coming up baby all right20104.485.318
he's running again Simon TR his ass you20107.8785.122
are using TRS yes uh yes I I 99 yes20109.7985.522
consume TRS oh I'm tring the out of20113.05.6
this guy I'm going in oh hit the plants20115.324.96
uh he may be running it seems like he's20118.63.198
running okay either that or he's trying20120.284.32
to bait us out into the open y might be20121.7985.16
it does seem like he's running got TR20124.67.198
Simon oh he's down he's down yeah he is20126.9586.362
all right but Simon you see we do have a20131.7983.402
big guy right below us I don't know if20133.323.96
that guy's unfriendly or not I'm20135.24.04
watching that big weird looking guy you20137.284.24
watch that guy I am going to put20139.245.2
narcotics and oh God do I have any raw F20141.525.72
names bring fish meat okay I'll swim to20144.445.68
the top there you are yeah right below20147.244.92
here that's where he's at okay heading20150.124.2
down there yeah you got fish meat on you20152.165.0
uh meat regular meat will he okay well20154.324.558
as long as it eat something he'll eat20157.163.638
man sharks eat license plates I know20158.8784.562
they dooo that went smooth boys yeah20160.7985.0
professionals couple of rounds on my20166.524.6
buddy snake over there tell you what20168.764.0
thick I've been to a lot of breweries20171.124.28
but not one where they are Brewing it by20172.764.24
the order you know what I mean like I20175.43.08
want a beer we're like wait we'll Brew20177.03.48
on real quick you know they they want to20178.483.92
do Rooftop Bar oh Roof they have a20180.485.478
rooftop wow okay I'm in oh reserve20182.46.08
seating for okay okay didn't even make20185.9584.162
reservations you don't even have to20188.483.158
climb the letter oh yeah I don't but I20190.125.08
like to yeah oh look at this schnazzy20191.6385.722
little look at these lovely plants all20195.23.92
right I think I'll yeah those will kill20197.363.4
you there we go I don't want to sit that20199.123.2
way no20200.765.28
MM sit that way no not that way I'm20202.325.0
going sit I'm going to sit down I'm20206.042.838
going to look this way I guess we'll20207.324.28
we'll do this thing in D's country it's20208.8784.76
customary to face the back of the table20211.64.68
so I I will do what's customary in20213.6384.722
normal places well played thick well20216.285.8
played I stole a scope what and some20218.366.72
Crystal to feed the wyverns I didn't20222.085.6
have any oh all right two beers TR let's20225.086.4
get that beer next to you okay okay okay20227.686.0
oh I think I just took your beer yeah I20231.484.238
don't have to whisper that so okay no20233.683.52
you don't uh split in half here we go20235.7183.92
I'm going to drop it for you thank you20237.24.4
okay all right hey let's go ahead and uh20239.6384.042
cheers let's let's Cheers Cheers20241.63.92
everybody cheers20243.685.48
everyone oh God that's garbage that is20245.526.4
garbage beer garbage beer that's the20249.165.68
worst beer this is snake's piss oh my20251.925.76
God it's bad completely oh that's bad20254.844.718
thank you so much God that20257.684.24
sucked hey can we all get blackout drunk20259.5583.842
can that happen yeah I might like up20261.923.12
more if there's20263.44.84
more hey nees yeah oh crap I better know20265.044.838
what's going on I can't see this thing's20268.244.04
taming meter right because Simon's the20269.8785.042
one who tamed it or who Tred it okay and20272.285.48
he's not in our tribe where sumon oh hey20274.925.2
right here down here it's so okay so I'm20277.764.16
coming down coming down coming down what20280.124.24
do I got going on here you're hot20281.927.038
Megalodon unconscious 71 % taming all20284.366.198
right so only you can see the taming so20288.9584.6
this will be your shark yay I like it20290.5584.32
what you going to name it you know what20293.5584.762
is a uh it's a male huh it's a mail man20294.8785.482
this is a good shark level 145 it's a20298.324.238
beast oh you should call him the mailman20300.365.76
ooh he's a male I like that I like that20302.5585.562
good thank you20306.124.48
mailman hey I'll go grab him a cryopod20308.124.12
one second I'll be right back oh yeah20310.63.48
absolutely cow pod be great you guys20312.245.36
catch up okay hey Simon hey this was fun20314.085.96
good underwater adventure t in a shark20317.64.68
times yeah it was it's actually very20320.044.12
nice to be back yeah see you hang out20322.283.278
with us we do adventurous stuff the20324.162.84
other guys are probably doing like20325.5582.642
they're probably being lazy sitting at a20327.03.92
bar somewhere probably so yeah but hey20328.24.92
we we we get out we do stuff catch you a20330.925.16
cryopod cryopod bring it down wow so20333.124.838
like I'm a part of a real team for the20336.084.398
first time ever special team special20337.9585.042
elite team oh this guy's cute soon as he20340.4783.762
tames though we got to feed him he's20343.03.4
beat up okay look like you just went in20344.245.0
his mouth do that again in oh yeah yeah20346.46.12
yeah ready uhhuh no don't eat me20349.245.96
no don't and then why don't you go out20352.524.64
the back see if he see if he could like20355.23.84
look like Po out let's do it let's do it20357.166.12
you ready nees yep Ready no don't eat20359.044.24
yeah I got pooped here the tribe doesn't20366.8784.802
have this does it sign no they frown on20369.445.6
poop humor yep20371.686.16
figures drus minute left20375.044.918
okay cool cool well at least on one of20377.844.28
them the other ones uh looks like it's20379.9585.6
too hot what the hell too hot okay well20382.125.678
what do they eat thick I don't know20385.5585.92
probably meat do you have meat uh no I20387.7984.962
don't's go get some meat go get some20391.4782.922
meat got spoiled meat all right I'm20392.763.56
going to get meat go steal some meat20394.43.52
let's see if you can do it within 2320396.324.558
seconds superheroes they're better than20397.924.878
people I'm not going to make it you do20400.8784.362
claim to be fastest man alive I don't20402.7984.522
remember where his stuff is that's all20405.244.238
cooked they don't want cooked meat20407.325.92
oh here comes baby rock Drake yes20409.4787.202
hello haha all right oh there's some20413.246.88
meat a looks so good shove it in shove20416.685.68
it in oh I grabbed the other egg okay20420.123.678
okay that's fine that's fine oh look at20422.363.358
you excuse me guys going make a20423.7984.202
hole all right let's see yeah it looks20425.7184.962
very festive like Carnival Dres move out20428.03.52
of the way we're going to put the other20430.684.32
egg down okay okay yeah all right a drop20431.527.118
in the other egg boom let's see it's too20435.05.798
hot too hot we got a hot one I'm going20438.6384.122
to get this thing to follow me come on20440.7984.122
come on baby rock Drake oh look at it20442.764.08
look at it moving look at him moving20444.924.48
duras come here a little guy yeah I like20446.844.958
that's a cutie you are a cutie cutie20449.46.398
Cutie wait wait yeah you stay here yeah20451.7987.92
hello I am th 44 uh you are my pet and20455.7986.802
you will K kill people with me we got 720459.7186.24
minutes 40 seconds with mine beautiful20462.65.038
now this one's like red and yellow like20465.9583.76
like your colors if that one comes out20467.6384.562
purple we trade even if it's a girl nope20469.7185.0
nope this is mine sorry just matches the20472.25.8
motif nope it's20474.7183.282
mine 5 4 3 2 one and what color are20478.689.798
you oh ah that's fine just tap it tap it20485.165.318
tap it yeah you got to imprint it yeah20488.4783.442
there we go imprint it we already had it20490.4783.48
but you know whatever okay you have a20491.924.12
name I mean it's temporary we'll we'll20493.9584.882
just baby Banky baby Binky uh I may I20496.044.758
named mine come here I think I spelled20498.844.08
it wrong did I spell Dwayne wrong how do20500.7984.122
you spell Dwayne there's many ways to20502.923.4
spell Dwayne it's one of those names you20504.923.84
can do it with a W you there's many ways20506.324.88
that's that's right for one of them okay20508.765.038
a uh tribe of not slaves these guys are20511.23.92
going to take a while to mature if you20513.7982.722
guys could just uh keep an eye on them20515.123.64
make sure they're fed and all taken care20516.523.72
of Dr and I are just going to go out and20518.764.56
party and and just probably go on a20520.245.04
bender quite honestly yeah I mean what20523.324.0
else he going to do thank you all right20525.284.678
Dres let's get the out of20527.326.28
here oh hold on guys what oh I've been20529.9586.562
poisoned I think I guess oh neebs20533.65.358
the uh the thing hit Simon Okay boat20536.523.84
plants are on is it taking care of it20538.9583.242
what are we dealing with sting rays I20540.364.118
think sting rays you got a shark yeah20542.24.24
fight back I'm I'm chewing but I can't20544.4783.962
see everything's green oh God there's a20546.443.84
lot of rays around this knees come on20548.445.358
Plants oh there PL get back to the boat20550.284.96
I'm on the boat I'm on the boat I'm20553.7984.0
running come on get on the boat okay do20555.244.398
you thing plants where Simon is you okay20557.7984.282
Simon how you doing I ran because I I I20559.6384.762
finally got out of the haze and I I am20562.085.28
running towards the uh what's that the20564.45.078
hell do you call that not an obelisk is20567.363.72
that an obelisk come to the boat come to20569.4782.842
the boat yeah come back to the boat the20571.083.6
boat was where all the bad things were20572.324.12
it's where the protection is too though20574.683.52
I know but I got away I was getting my20576.444.84
ass chewed you're safe now come back oh20578.25.08
there's a purple drop over there oh yeah20581.284.678
Simon you see us uh well yeah that's20583.284.12
what I was I was trying to run away away20585.9582.642
for some reason you guys want to stay20587.43.0
let's go to the purple drop yep follow20588.63.68
us we're moving out all right he's right20590.43.68
in front of us yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah20592.282.8
you're good you're good you're good20594.083.16
you're looking great on that shark s oh20595.083.718
great now where's this drop Straight20597.243.718
Ahead Straight Ahead straight ahead go20598.7983.68
left a little bit man I hope this is20600.9582.92
something good we only got one good20602.4783.042
thing today but oh purple is purple the20603.8784.08
best purple I think is the best maybe20605.524.278
does it have a ring around it too uh it20607.9583.6
looks like it does I think that's even20609.7983.602
better oh my God please I'll be20611.5583.24
something good I swear to God if I open20613.43.398
it and it's a sock I'm going to murder20614.7984.202
some body I bet it won't be a sock20616.7985.362
probably won't be ooh I'm going okay oh20619.05.958
nice now I'm going oh guys I'm20622.164.76
being attacked again just stay near the20624.9583.882
boat I'm right by the boat the the20626.923.958
plants are hitting him as well like if20628.843.76
he gets in between the like the thing20630.8783.722
that the plants are aiming at the plants20632.64.278
hit him I'm coming to help all right I'm20634.65.68
getting in the drop apris ooh what is20636.8786.562
that that is an ascendant Mammoth saddle20640.284.56
okay we're probably not getting a20643.443.118
mammoth are whoa don't get near me you20644.843.24
you might kill me20646.5584.602
also a silencer okay why don't you jump20648.084.44
off your shark and let it take care of20651.165.2
it okay uh try that I'm off the shark20652.525.84
drop was a little bit of a bust we got a20656.364.64
silencer yep let's move on Simon why20658.365.518
don't we cry that shark make things easy20661.06.0
oh I'll hook you up sure give me that20663.8784.68
cow pod nees actually I think I might20667.02.878
have one all right I don't think I've20668.5583.522
ever actually done it myself but I will20669.8784.642
figure it out try to at least yeah here20672.085.52
take that there we go boom now equip it20674.525.48
into a slot and I think you just um is20677.64.038
it hold right click nebs which was it20680.03.0
there's only two of them you'll figured20681.6384.0
out just you got to hold it at the shark20683.04.798
I'm holding right click and I'm hold oh20685.6383.84
there's the left click there it goes20687.7985.08
there it goes left click do something20689.4785.682
hey all right all right you got a shark20692.8784.6
and a cryopod All Aboard all right all20695.165.0
aboard uh open the back door please it20697.4785.962
is open okay I went to the wrong back20700.166.36
door productive day today durus I mean20703.445.08
semi productive but you know we needed a20706.523.6
little bit of break and we were waiting20708.523.4
for things we were waiting for a lot of20710.124.16
things yep and you know what you see the20711.924.84
flags hot Snap Dragons I see the flags20714.285.08
that sexy yeah and we've got The20716.765.878
Campaign going on for one more week one20719.365.438
more week get your shirts yeah get your20722.6384.442
shirts you know you know what I feel bad20724.7985.16
cuz why it's just our flag here you know20727.084.798
what I'm going to I have an idea give an20729.9584.52
example of the other come on little20731.8785.322
neeza I me it's clear which one looks20734.4785.362
better but it's also subjective but it's20737.25.0
also very clear you'll be surprised how20739.845.44
many people like dumb so you know20742.24.438
needes has a good chance of selling a20745.284.56
lot of these oh I just got an email uh20746.6386.802
it's from Jack uhhuh says Rock Drakes do20749.847.2
not eat meat nameless Venom what there's20753.445.4
no nameless in this server is that those20757.044.438
monkey things this monkey things20758.844.08
son of those things are going to20761.4783.562
die we got to go back we got to we got20762.923.48
to go come on all right we're going back20765.043.32
where's the we got to we got to tell20766.43.64
Anthony or somebody put nameless in the20768.363.32
server we got to go back we got to tell20770.044.32
them baby's going to die no not baby20771.685.56
Dwayne baby Binky but it'll help if you20774.365.16
get a shirt get a shirt please it'll20777.243.96
help the20779.525.16
babies that's20781.23.48
up come on tell your vter to stop he20784.8785.042
won't all I did was go in my box right20787.244.28
he stopped yeah we got yeah we got to be20789.922.878
careful because we're not in the same20791.523.038
tribe you know what I mean all it all it20792.7983.642
takes is an accidental punch yeah I20794.5584.0
guess so but I was in my yeah I guess I20796.444.0
did something I was in my box but get up20798.5583.722
on the roof I'm getting ahe again get up20800.444.84
on the roof get on the roof okay sorry20802.284.76
getting on the roof can you not access20805.284.278
the ladder uh no I've had access to it20807.044.8
yeah there he is yeah I have a broken20809.5584.202
bat I'm practically dead because of the20811.844.52
bird hey how you doing birdie stop20813.764.48
thanks a lot bird he won stop can you20816.363.72
tell you can you tell him to stop well20818.243.68
soon as I set him down and you know how20820.083.478
the whistles are in this oh I know yeah20821.923.2
they barely work yeah I can't believe20823.5583.802
I'm still alive it doesn't make any says20825.124.678
okay here you go coming after me again20827.363.76
we got to be care if he dies he can't20829.7983.362
spawn here on the boat listen I'm trying20831.123.64
everything I just hit whistle all20833.163.92
passive doesn't matter does it whistle20834.764.48
should we kill him passive we never use20837.084.478
him right let's go in the water in the20839.244.08
water does that help oh yeah he's in the20841.5583.762
water yeah Simon maybe swim towards land20843.323.2
instead of you know out in the middle of20845.322.72
the ocean yeah I was just trying to get20846.523.56
in the water nees yeah should we pull in20848.044.04
the Sarco and out here hold on this20850.084.0
is a mess I know it's a mess then let's20852.083.68
just let me regroup for a second all20854.083.718
right regroup for a second you nut All20855.764.118
Right Scoop up what's Simon doing I'm20857.7984.242
not ready for anything man I went to the20859.8783.882
shore what do you mean what is Simon20862.043.918
doing I just got killed practically by20863.765.16
your bird okay well we'll just20865.9584.162
give you a minute well you I'm going to20868.922.6
need a lot more than a minute I'm not20870.123.358
healing my bone is still broken and I20871.524.32
still appear to have about 2% health and20873.4784.202
it's not going up vulture's out of the20875.845.878
boat oh God Simon run Simon he may be20877.685.76
coming for you I thought it was I20881.7183.562
thought it was on passive I thought you20883.443.72
put it on passive I thought thought so20885.285.08
too he calm down oh okay here come at me20887.165.84
come at me bro is he coming yeah20890.365.04
you little just kill him shoot him20893.06.478
kill him shoot him a crap20895.48.88
crap stupid bird you stupid bird he was20899.4787.042
on kind of on our team yeah n you want a20904.285.04
shotgun that vulture in the face yes yes20906.524.76
do it I don't have it I took it off so I20909.324.0
could go diving oh you're lucky I took20911.284.24
that shotgun off cuz now I'm going to20913.325.08
cool down oh he just ate him yep you20915.524.8
did can't believe this20920.326.0
hilarious all right guys uh we need to20923.524.88
get the nameless yeah Simon just to20926.324.36
update you we need nameless Venom we had20928.44.12
to have these things spawned into the20930.684.52
game because we got rock drinks baby20932.525.0
yeah baby I forgot about that and and20935.24.72
you left me but that's okay well you you20937.524.64
you died something no we didn't actually20939.924.32
we we actually left him but it was for20942.164.718
you left me it was for his own good yeah20944.245.16
yeah I'm sure because he needed some20946.8785.08
nebs and abro time listen we're not20949.45.52
going in with the best animal to take20951.9585.162
care of this but we have some Firepower20954.923.798
we're going to get in and out and then20957.123.48
we're going to go make sure our babies20958.7185.562
are okay okay yeah I love it I love it20960.66.72
and uh yeah here we20964.289.4
go always always F always fun oh sorry20967.329.12
about okay you okay yeah everybody's20973.683.72
okay I was just making sure everybody20977.43.28
yeah that's how we're going to20978.8784.652
travel Shake It Out yeah shake it out20980.685.93
baby oh crap uh one of the plants is on20988.845.718
turn that plant off I got to get on the20992.9584.162
boat got Bo no no all right we almost20994.5584.802
got this guy down he seems confused all20997.123.96
right is he running now officially he's20999.363.56
a cheeky little you know he's21001.084.36
trying to lure me out here yep okay come21002.924.16
on just go to sleep just go go to sleep21005.444.118
baby boo we good I think so I didn't21007.084.52
want to be tring another shark yeah me21009.5584.482
neither oh come on you got my back KN21011.63.6
yeah all right it seems like he is21014.043.8
running this time so this is good okay21015.24.358
come on just go to sleep just go to21017.843.878
sleep little bubble boo just go to sleep21019.5583.602
just go to sleep is there any eels out21021.7184.602
here uh I don't see any ruin my damn day21023.164.6
oh where you going where you going why21026.323.04
are you going so deep I'll grab the boat21027.763.64
we're getting really far yeah we are hi21029.365.358
oh boy I'm already hurt oh God how far21031.44.92
out are you going to make me swim huh21034.7183.882
this is is already stupid what there's21036.325.558
of course yes of course you21038.67.08
you NES yeah e I'm bringing the a damn21041.8785.642
it damn it damn it damn it come on just21045.684.64
die just21047.522.8
die swear to God sorry move the boat no21052.65.24
it's okay it's fine I just need to get21056.044.598
oh heyo here we are hey welcome all21057.844.718
right hold on let me see where my shit's21060.6384.0
at it's so bright out here can't see I21062.5583.0
guess yeah you kind of knew the21064.6384.16
direction I was swim yeah yeah yeah yeah21065.5585.202
eels man every time we're going to find21068.7983.0
that shark we're going to kill those21070.762.878
eels going to be a great day yeah I'm21071.7982.92
I'm looking forward to this I don't know21073.6382.562
if I just can't see my stuff because I'm21074.7182.602
not oh there it is there it is take a21076.23.2
left hard left hard left hard left going21077.323.72
more more more more more more more more21079.42.478
more more left more left more left more21081.8784.642
left more left more left more left more21084.323.36
left all right right there straight on21086.523.438
stop stop stop all right right above it21087.684.24
oh yeah there's that eel get that eel21089.9584.0
are plants still on did you do it I21091.924.718
didn't touch man plants they don't21093.9584.322
want to be off no I'm glad they're on21096.6383.522
right now kill this son of a I see21098.285.48
our shark come man you get your stuff uh21100.165.638
no I was seeing if I can kill that eel21103.763.92
hold on let me put this plant back to21105.7983.722
sleep and all right I'm going for my21107.684.6
okay wait I either killed it or21109.526.358
knocked it out I knocked it out yeah and21112.287.48
I got my stuff back take all baby all21115.8786.162
right and the eel I believe is dead I'm21119.763.92
heading back to the boat where are you21122.044.758
where are you level 150 I'm right right21123.686.84
here woo all right coming to21126.7986.562
you hey guys yeah we've hit a place21130.524.76
where we need to we need to drop this is21133.364.32
the only way down so this this could be21135.284.278
bad just go for it well I was just going21137.683.278
to say when you were looking over this21139.5582.92
Edge man like it's pretty op look at21140.9583.6
look at ah head uh-huh what do you see21142.4785.602
what do you see I see a a kickass golf21144.5585.122
yes man I'm getting out for a second21149.684.32
hold on go ahead okay well we're getting21152.363.438
ready to jump off this I know you are21154.04.36
but now for this reason you did you did21155.7984.602
distract but I I wanted to see how far21158.364.68
up the water was and the water looks21160.44.2
like it's going to be fine it looks like21163.043.438
you're going to be fine all right yeah21164.63.878
we're fine all right okay okay oh am I21166.4783.4
in the wrong seat now doesn't matter21168.4783.282
there's no right seat Dr actually do you21169.8784.202
want to fly down there in case we die21171.763.718
you'll be the last one alive and you can21174.082.718
just kind of you know if you need to21175.4782.922
make some beds or yeah that makes21176.7982.882
perfect sense all right great good21178.42.92
thinking I really hope that we're not21179.683.64
going to kill this little fella well I21181.324.158
mean like he'll die before us won't he21183.324.638
guess we'll find out ready uh I guess21185.4786.16
here we go sa there you are there you21187.9586.52
are oh21191.6388.042
nice look at that yeah oh man that felt21194.4787.522
good that's refreshing yes it is I'm21199.685.24
hopping back on all right get back on bu21202.05.798
going to here stop right there woo yep21204.925.36
okay that's a good pose for okay I like21207.7985.602
to say off I like I like you have21210.287.358
an oldtime pistol with insane text21213.49.36
suit yeah all right here we go21217.6385.122
out this the way to travel baby it is I21223.526.4
love it you're just looting and shooting21226.7984.722
scooting God when's this thing going to21229.923.84
stop it keeps on going I know I don't21231.524.038
even know where I'm going right now I21233.765.84
don't want to stop okay don't keep it21235.5584.042
yeah I'm going to throw up yeah can we21242.285.12
stop for a minute please yes we can21245.364.88
absolutely stop I got to take a too21247.45.0
a oh neees I'm close you close yeah I'm21254.65.44
close what's it eat a fish just keep21257.924.16
feeding this thing fish Just Fish yeah21260.043.64
killed all the Mantis so this is working21262.083.558
out okay it's low level but it' be cool21263.683.878
to have one of those yeah why not we can21265.6386.32
beef him up the shark is uh 94% charlot21267.5585.962
looks like hell man soon as that thing's21271.9583.282
uh tame we better feed it oh look at his21273.525.038
health it's so we got a B little right21275.245.238
on man I'm going to name him Basel come21278.5583.962
on basil we'll take him into the uh the21280.4784.08
element cave with us oh man just a time21282.525.16
my scuba tank broke basil come on Baby W21284.5585.962
yeah I remember this thing woo take a21287.685.08
breath good all right and this guy come21290.524.278
on come on baby team you guys are going21292.764.4
to be best friends whale and the shark21294.7985.282
living together under the water having21297.164.68
good times who's going to jack each21300.085.24
other off they are yay this fall on21301.845.08
all right guys uh we're close yeah just21306.924.6
have to go down this Valley and across I21309.523.72
did see an alpha Raptor down here not21311.524.118
worried about it too much so let's try21313.244.238
this let's try this yeah that's hurt21315.6384.802
Boom come on come on come on come ah21317.4784.922
uh-huh okay where's it at where's it at21320.444.278
I don't see it but oh up there straight21322.44.68
ahead Straight Ahead oh just a little WP21324.7185.042
you little thing oh oh yeah you oh boy21327.084.478
can't see anything21329.765.56
wa yeah nice that's really fun that was21331.5586.482
nice spider cave up there is it I saw21335.325.2
that want me to take a peek yeah yeah do21338.044.598
that I'm I'm going to take a a quick21340.526.278
peek oh yeah get on your Su baby o yeah21342.6387.482
all right me see a snake hi snake uh21346.7985.242
snake yeah Titan bow coming that's all21350.123.4
you didn't go any further you I mean do21352.043.88
you want me to yeah kind of because it's21353.524.72
just a snake okay you've got a suit of21355.924.4
armor yeah I I'm aware of that but and21358.244.28
you could float two snakes two snakes21360.325.68
scorpion two snakes scorpion scorpion21362.524.76
just a bunch of I don't want to21366.03.84
deal with you know what I21367.286.24
mean I love how it's just yeah just21369.845.638
don't want to deal with I don't feel21373.523.4
like doing we have a different Mission21375.4783.842
today we have I had a spider web on my21376.924.68
face oh here comes the snake snake21379.325.158
snakes two snakes three snakes Jesus21381.64.24
this doesn't look good nobody wanted to21384.4782.802
deal with this right yeah I'm trying to21385.843.638
turn trying to turn I'm stuck yes you21387.285.84
are dalas oh all the things oh boy I21389.4786.08
can't turn I can't turn I can't do21393.124.32
anything right now do anything either21395.5584.202
okay hey Dora can you help us yeah I'm21397.444.48
I'm I am totally oh wait let me try to21399.764.68
shoot oh now we're getting hurt hey hold21401.924.44
on I have an idea okay do it do the21404.443.64
things I'm going shooting baby come on21406.364.438
come on oh boy there's a21408.085.44
scorpion down here got the Scorpion21410.7985.482
Titan BS down all right Titan B down I'm21413.524.88
getting this come on suck on my21416.284.96
balls sucking my balls listen to the man21418.45.44
all right that's down okay back woohoo21421.244.04
now how's the health on our on our21423.844.52
little baby than he's about 60% okay we21425.284.678
got a tough nugget you got a tough21428.363.32
little set of nuggets there Bubba yeah21429.9584.52
oh yeah yeah good21431.682.798
stuff boy NES is this it this is yeah21435.526.038
man this is deep yep all right I do have21439.4784.16
the Sarco in my pocket so if we need him21441.5584.08
we can bust him out yeah and I got the21443.6384.08
ank oh well good can we go a little21445.6384.202
faster how fast is that whale man it's21447.7183.962
fast well he he's Zippy but he runs out21449.843.638
of stamina quick are you keeping up with21451.684.24
me not really no shark's much faster oh21453.4786.802
yeah yeah this is pretty though yep so I21455.926.6
don't think we'll get lost we got enough21460.284.64
uh scuba tanks to last oh man look at21462.524.72
these crystals oh I think I see black21464.924.36
pearls if we uh want some of those too21467.244.04
yeah we can do that too oh wait is that21469.284.12
the stuff I think it's pretty deep we21471.284.12
have to go in a ways really well I'm21473.43.72
seeing some glowy stuff that's not it21475.43.72
huh are you seeing silica pearls no I'm21477.124.04
seeing like just Crystal yeah but it's21479.124.24
like it's like glowing wow see it and21481.165.0
then it goes away wow and then it goes21483.364.88
back away yeah that's not it that's not21486.163.718
it okay I'll Trust You what we're21488.243.12
looking for is on the ground I think21489.8784.042
it's kind of like a purplish color and I21491.364.598
believe it's pretty deep so we just need21493.924.36
to go God like oh yeah we're not deep21495.9584.322
enough it's a it's a good Way's in here21498.283.88
all right I'm hey I'm with you I'm with21500.283.92
you is that a drop I see a drop or loot21502.163.52
something okay well let's get that21504.23.4
where'd you go um right I'm on the21505.683.4
ground right below you yeah we need to21507.64.198
stay close uh no lobsters or anything21509.084.12
okay you with me all right I'm going to21511.7982.442
check it out I'm going to check it out21513.22.4
come on something good something good21514.244.238
something good that is an ascendant uh21515.65.52
something something saddle and an21518.4785.682
ascendant pothur platform saddle oh wow21521.124.64
if we had that man oh that's actually21524.163.0
kind of cool huh I don't know if I'm up21525.765.718
for a plesiosaur this series pleas theur21527.165.76
all right following you baby I got21531.4783.122
turned around is it this way yep it's21532.924.24
that way21534.62.56
cool hello bees don't touch the bees I21544.6385.32
don't want to that's why I'm afraid21548.8783.122
about the uh the flamethrower I'm going21549.9583.6
to I'm going to that's Last Resort Last21552.03.958
Resort okay no touching the bees I want21553.5584.562
to just give them kisses did they try to21555.9584.082
touch you though or do they just kind of21558.125.04
leave you be I don't know I'm I'm webbed21560.045.2
look at me got webbed yeah you got some21563.164.558
stuff on you yeah I stepped in this21565.244.638
all right so I'll try not to step in21567.7184.76
that can we just keep going through21569.8784.202
just little honey bath I heard they're21572.4784.522
great for you oh got it on me too21574.085.04
unavoidable really these guys are21577.03.92
awesome look how big and awesome they21579.124.56
are yeah they are pretty beautiful I21580.926.4
love bees so the Bears if we if we21583.685.958
accidentally hit a bee while we're21587.324.8
trying to survive from a bear that's a21589.6384.84
problem yeah then they I would back okay21592.124.28
let's do this follow me follow me yeah21594.4783.762
up to the right let's go little right21596.43.6
just let's hug right so we can remember21598.244.92
how to get back better hey I'll tell you21600.06.12
what what you guys stay up here uh-huh21603.164.718
stay up here I'm going to drop down I'm21606.124.16
going to be the guinea pig here okay I21607.8784.482
like that just hold tight I didn't21610.283.88
realize how intense this was going to be21612.363.04
there's a lot going on here there's a21614.163.36
lot going on and it hasn't even begun oh21615.44.68
no no what oh21617.526.08
bear ofar oh no I didn't do that I was21620.085.52
watching it and it and I saw it happen21623.63.84
to Dora why you turn around go the other21625.64.0
way no turn around and go the other21627.445.84
way oh son of a Dr get out of21629.66.64
there yeah I am I am son of a at21633.285.16
least he had a sleeping21636.245.2
bag NES yeah this looks like the ocean21638.445.038
doesn't it yeah no this is absolutely21641.443.64
open ocean did we no we didn't get21643.4783.522
turned around this isn't the same spot21645.084.878
oh God that's polies aaur run turn21647.04.84
around run back in the cave back in the21649.9583.882
C back in the cave they don't like21651.844.038
shallow do they should we have went up I21653.844.08
don't know I don't know is he chasing me21655.8785.562
uh kind of no go keep running run Basel21657.925.558
keep running oh Basil's stamina's21661.444.518
getting low oh come on Basel I just got21663.4783.962
got you okay basil come on get your21665.9582.722
stamina up let's go back here hide21667.442.88
behind these crystals okay well I don't21668.682.92
want to get too much turned around all21670.323.28
right oh he's still on me keep21671.64.76
moving I'm trying to move man basil21673.64.118
basil I just got you I'm not going to21676.363.56
feed you to a polies aaur if it comes to21677.7184.722
it you got to you got to sacrifice the21679.924.48
well we'll keep going though is he still21682.445.72
on me uh can't tell oh yeah there is one21684.44.88
still on21688.163.76
me you're going to have to sacrifice it21689.284.08
I don't want to sacrifice B you're going21691.923.558
to have to I just got Basel if it's on21693.364.0
your butt you're going to have to oh he21695.4784.442
has my extra extra oxygen thing in there21697.366.198
okay ooh go Basel okay leave me alone21699.926.038
leave me alone please you s oh I might21703.5583.962
have shook him did you lose him oh I21705.9584.84
might have shook him okay holy moly we21707.525.48
can't come back out this way there's no21710.7984.362
way oh god well where the are we21713.04.28
now I am turned around yep we're lost in21715.163.718
a cave is this the way we came in he's21717.284.198
still on you oh no keep running Battle21718.8785.242
Run Battle where is this stuff neees I21721.4784.602
don't know yet this feels like the way21724.124.08
we came in are you serious yes yes I'm21726.083.84
serious it feels like the way we came in21728.24.438
I could be wrong all right stamina21729.924.24
stamina's getting low all right I do not21732.6383.92
see the plesiosaur well he's now we know21734.163.88
he's in here oh yeah he's in here21736.5583.08
somewhere oh yeah no he's back there I21738.043.518
see him is he still coming for me he's21739.6383.962
still coming from me all right run we're21741.5583.442
going this way all right bring him to21743.63.038
the boat I don't even know if the boat's21745.04.12
this way I'm lost uh I think yeah this21746.6384.32
looks like the way we came in I'm not21749.124.598
100% it is okay but it feels like it cuz21750.9584.282
yeah we went into that big room bring21753.7182.882
him to the boat I'm bringing him to the21755.243.88
boat come on PES aaur oh yeah you son of21756.64.84
a you want to play this way oh you21759.124.4
want to go this way we're about to go21761.444.88
this way plesiosaur versus boat boy he's21763.524.76
slower than I thought I know where's the21766.323.88
boat I see the boat yes this was the21768.284.24
right exit okay keep swimming up beses21770.24.278
bring that polii andaur to the21772.523.64
boat he's on21774.4784.722
our come on you fat son of a man21776.164.76
it would be cool to tame it n he turned21779.25.12
back oh he turned back you chicken21780.925.4
I wonder if we could it we21784.324.72
got this ascended plesiosaur saddle man21786.324.52
we get a plesiosaur we can handle that21789.043.518
cave no problem he doesn't like this21790.843.32
altitude if we just hovered right here21792.5583.282
we might be able to take him all right21794.163.52
needes we're getting a Pia swur today21795.844.32
let's gear21797.682.48
up his beads are loud yes I find it21801.125.48
soothing though kind of I think yeah are21804.323.88
you regretting not having the roll rat21806.64.72
with for an escape from here yeah um21808.25.08
that could have been a a definite thing21811.324.76
this is a way he's in here oh oh21813.284.438
Straight Ahead straight ahead I can't21816.083.44
see I've got honey in my damn face21817.7183.962
Straight Ahead okay okay okay so then we21819.525.08
got to go go go go go flamethrower yes21821.687.198
flamethrower it oh God get away oh21824.67.038
oh my god oh this freaking21828.8784.84
honey dude there's a lot of these things21831.6386.32
and this is bad oh I'm on oh man I21833.7187.122
totally oh that was Simon in there21837.9585.202
this is horrible graas get out of here21840.843.638
couldn't fly because of the honey here21843.163.798
we go we're out I I have an idea I'm21844.4783.802
jumping in the water no way they're21846.9582.962
going to follow me in the water they are21848.283.358
following you zck now that's true but21849.923.16
they don't like it they're not swimming21851.6383.762
after me okay I'm uh I'm going to grab21853.084.44
what we need huh yeah get it see if you21855.44.238
can find anything oh you're right here21857.525.48
where's the oh reload21859.6386.08
reload can I oh God okay can I get21863.05.958
anything let's just hide what the21865.7184.76
what am I looking for jumping back in21868.9584.042
the water got him halfway to21870.4785.0
death sick what am I looking for you got21873.04.76
to get their venom yeah but how Harvest21875.4784.4
their bodies if you find a body or try21877.763.64
to kill them shoot them with a gun oh my21879.8784.0
God there's so many after me I asked one21881.44.96
I'm just getting hide and meat oh21883.8785.322
can I use an axe on it oh God I don't21886.365.118
guess I guess that's what I did last21889.25.24
time hide and R me great guys this isn't21891.4785.48
working got to get out of here okay okay21894.445.038
okay all right come21896.9585.282
on oh I see it he's out here by the Tall21899.4784.48
Grass okay all right you see where I'm21902.244.0
at oh yeah I see you okay yeah elasaur21903.9584.6
probably is behind me yep I see him can21906.244.478
you do shots oh yeah it's on can21908.5584.042
you hit him and run uh a little bit21910.7183.882
wonder how uh High he's willing to go in21912.63.6
the water yeah I don't know all right21914.64.52
I'm chasing there we21916.25.72
go the chase is own butt nut you can21919.124.28
catch him pretty easy right oh21921.923.28
absolutely let me grapple to you oh my21923.43.36
God I'm getting so deep hold on don't21925.22.758
want to lose this guy all right I'm21926.763.08
slowing up for you all right he's going21927.9583.92
he's going super deep super deep all21929.843.6
right let's pursue him all right are you21931.8784.282
with me not quite don't to L all right21933.444.038
he's turning around all right coming to21936.163.28
you all right gravel to me grav to me21937.4785.122
and Bam gra all right here we go okay21939.444.8
he's coming back up he want some I'm21942.64.038
switching to the trink there we go there21944.244.238
it is all right I'm using you as bait21946.6383.482
baby this is the system come and get me21948.4782.762
all right we're bringing him back up21950.122.92
we're bringing it back up I'm a tasty21951.244.478
little dangly worm I taste like21953.045.518
chicken come on you want this need's The21955.7185.16
Lure is he Chasing You yep oh he's right21958.5585.24
in my face who okay not too what21960.8783.882
happened what happened he just did like21963.7983.282
a bitey thing all right we're good okay21964.763.958
yep turning around all right I'm21967.084.0
pursuing oh he's turning21968.7185.602
who that hurt Hur s trying to get away21971.084.6
trying to get away trying to get away21974.322.76
okay we're good we're good all right21975.682.6
let's don't get that close though in21977.083.12
teacher all right we'll try not to all21978.284.16
right he turned he's turning okay I'm21980.24.12
turning back oh my God I do not like me21982.443.278
in this deep can't believe we're doing21984.323.36
this I know this I just said no more21985.7184.322
plesiosaurs I'm not up for it now look21987.684.798
at it come on Dum dub just sleep go to21990.044.88
sleep holy moly why are you so21992.4785.0
stubborn oh yeah there he goes all right21994.925.08
holy here we go holy moly all right21997.4784.642
gu I'll detach from you yes please22000.04.28
please detach we got an angle fish Angle22002.124.72
Fish coming in no no keep keep fighting22004.284.16
I'll keep fighting hold on let me put my22006.842.798
I'll put my weapon away and I can bite22008.443.84
him with the CCO oh yeah hold on I got22009.6385.442
to detach yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah how22012.285.04
do I see see there we go I'm going to go22015.085.0
to the plesio and uh do the thingy all22017.324.76
right good I think I scared the angler22020.084.24
fish away actually eat that fish we need22022.084.92
meat okay all right crap are you okay he22024.325.08
just bit me who bit you the anglerfish22027.04.2
oh oh God there's more of them take them22029.43.0
I'm I'm working on it I'm working on it22031.22.92
I'm working on it oh boy come on Saro22032.43.078
you're you're a Saro look at22034.122.598
your jaws these things should be dead22035.4782.922
already why are these things still alive22036.7183.722
I I have some fish in my pocket Lees and22038.43.84
boom all right we just got some angle22040.444.038
gel more raw fish yeah we're good man22042.244.84
woohoo we got a22044.4785.842
pusar oh man I bet those Rod TRS are22047.085.6
dead I didn't even get to see them we22050.324.12
didn't get attached to them well I mean22052.683.4
I want to get attached them yeah I'd22054.443.16
like to i' I'd super like to get22056.083.76
attached yeah oh you'd land it right on22057.63.72
okay just right there that's where22059.842.878
you're going to land yeah I mean why22061.323.36
wouldn't you right on top of me yep22062.7183.962
because it's another person's there oh22064.684.038
my god dude dude dude they're bigger22066.685.278
what how how are they not dead how hello22068.7185.92
everyone we tried to get nameless Venom22071.9584.402
and we we failed we figured these things22074.6383.92
would be dead what's going on well we22076.364.68
were lucky enough to have a pig and keep22078.5587.802
them alive Pig yes pig piggy piggy oh22081.0410.36
look at these yeah Binky hey booo boo22086.367.358
bab they're gorgeous they are and22091.44.478
they're twins they look great guys no22093.7184.802
thank you so much wow yes thank you22095.8784.802
thank you uh we are naked because well22098.524.76
Simon died but uh the nameless ate my22100.684.958
ate my clothes so that's where I'm at in22103.284.72
life which is it's fine we've all been22105.6384.282
there he's just insecure he had to tell22108.04.878
you that he didn't die that's22109.926.44
weird looking good Nees okay help me22112.8785.84
find this ah is this little purple stuff22116.364.118
it look at this little purple stuff that22118.7183.442
stuff right there on the ground see that22120.4783.202
yeah go over and hit that with a do you22122.163.68
have a pickaxe uh yeah I got a pickaxe22123.684.6
all right pull it out uh that is element22125.844.76
ore my friend that's what we want we22128.285.358
want element ore okay Stone metal22130.65.358
there's a situation with these cryopods22133.6384.642
what's what's the sitch I think H22135.9584.202
can you only do a couple wait don't22138.283.0
don't keep doing that I'm going a22140.163.318
cryopod right now okay where's the guy I22141.284.64
want the plesiosaur I want the ank22143.4783.882
because we want to maximize our22145.923.36
resourcing here oh you want to use the22147.364.56
ank in the middle of a damn underwater22149.284.92
cave so it's got to be quick you're mad22151.924.32
man okay you throw out the plesiosaur22154.23.88
I'm going to throw out the ank got it22156.244.6
all right plesiosaur I22158.086.12
choose plesiosaur is out there we go ank22160.844.92
want to get to work cuz his auction22164.23.16
ain't going to last long this poor damn22165.763.68
ank man he just came out of this ball22167.365.0
like what the I no there's water22169.445.16
where am I turn around all right need22172.364.92
the pleas store the way okay I'll try to22174.64.76
back him up come here Bubba I don't22177.283.48
think I can back him up but I can swim22179.363.76
over here and then back down come on get22180.764.118
it with your tail I mean he's not built22183.123.64
for this can he actually do that boom22184.8783.402
look at that oh he did it okay it's a22186.764.118
crazy amount of ore okay all right so22188.284.48
then now we're getting into the ank let22190.8783.482
me let me look in his butt oh God that22192.764.64
is a stupid amount of ore okay okay oh22194.364.4
damn it I can't move I think I have too22197.42.8
much ore in my pocket yeah we got to22198.763.198
bring the pleases over okay here we go22200.23.72
we got this all right Dro a little bit22201.9583.84
all right you got the plesiosaur yep22203.923.16
here we go I'm going to bring it right22205.7983.442
to you now is this ank going to drown uh22207.084.398
eventually yeah eventually okay here I'm22209.244.08
trying to come to you uhhuh we got to22211.4783.722
get everything in here just grab little22213.323.158
small amounts and throw it to the22215.23.08
plesiosaur uh-huh yeah listen yeah you22216.4783.602
got to get right beside yeah stop right22218.283.438
there stop right there I might be able22220.085.16
to do this man you can't get any closer22221.7186.402
ah he's really wonky I know uh his22225.247.0
Oxygen's at 8 6 4 3 1 boom health is22228.125.8
going down health is going down fast22232.244.558
what's the countdown can i h can I can22233.924.28
you what I don't know if I can cry him22236.7983.16
until the countdown's over hold on let22238.24.04
me try come on baby get back in there22239.9585.162
get him in there get back in there okay22242.245.84
I Frozen now is everything in this bag22245.124.88
probably it's all in this bag all this22248.083.398
for some element or all right how much22250.02.958
element are we be able to make with this22251.4784.842
stuff uh I don't know all I know is we22252.9585.642
got Tech pants is on our flag we got to22256.324.68
fix our Tech pants no you're not wrong22258.64.44
okay this is fun good times good times22261.04.84
mes yep great times Alpha TR22263.045.16
in the22265.842.36
house uh oh damn it no too shallow too22268.246.6
shallow Oh I I did all this work putting22271.9585.042
all the storage on the back of it yeah22274.844.28
oh no yeah he can't go down this River22277.03.92
nees yeah that's why I didn't want to22279.124.358
have an extra animal we couldn't pocket22280.924.08
okay yeah yeah you may be right oh you22283.4783.4
got a Saro on you may want to back up oh22285.03.76
boy what's that boat should get it right22286.8783.362
yeah boat should get it yeah you do have22288.764.16
a Sarco here Pia Thor can get it okay I22290.244.44
can't even see it I know yeah back up22292.923.638
back up back go I can't see it either22294.684.68
now where'd he go oh yeah there you are22296.5585.122
you good I got him yeah he did he did22299.364.278
okay you going to park that thing yeah I22301.684.118
don't I feel bad leaving him here okay22303.6383.84
but yeah the pesia swur is too fat and I22305.7983.722
put all this storage on here his name's22307.4785.0
pesia storage by the way that is22309.524.76
wonderful but I don't think it's going22312.4783.362
to work I think I have to break him down22314.283.678
Oh you mean to take all that off yeah22315.843.16
yeah you can't leave him out here can22317.9582.322
you can't leave him out of here hold on22319.03.2
you know what what happens okay what22320.283.88
happens if I take the saddle off while22322.24.32
all this stuff's on ready yeah take it22324.164.2
off can't unequip with structures oh do22326.524.56
I have to break it22328.362.72
all yeah at least you can get the you22331.284.56
know stuff back yeah oh God that's good22333.7983.642
but then now I have nowhere to put it22335.843.68
our whole problem is Storage storage is22337.444.08
out on that damn boat of yours and I was22339.524.16
trying to come up with a solution but22341.523.56
this ain't going to work now I got a22343.683.56
pocket full of stone and22345.085.62
wood let it out buddy let it22347.246.88
Salmon Run Run Salmon Run okay you22356.9586.042
better run saying that a22360.125.72
weird sorry about that Simon you better22363.04.958
run Simon all right I'm going to run I'm22365.843.718
oh Simon's way too Nimble he really is22369.5584.962
he had him by his afro though I like22372.7984.442
that get over here salmon so I was over22374.525.438
at the aisle of not slaves our Boo Boos22377.245.718
are only 35% of the way matured this is22379.9585.362
going to take forever but idea time it's22382.9584.802
a bad idea and a good idea at the same22385.324.72
time if that's possible look we go back22387.764.56
and get couple few maybe more rock Drake22390.047.72
eggs and find a basilisk to tame H we22392.327.2
not had one of those that sounds22397.764.6
impossible yet fun yep I'm I'm down for22399.524.16
dying for that you know what I'm going22402.365.358
to stay positive we're going to get us a22403.684.038
basisk Sarco dead okay I would like to22407.7985.962
have another one but not today sorry22411.284.678
guys I know this is your house but22413.765.118
passing through um Simon Slayer just22415.9584.52
hopped off the boat he's trying to kill22418.8784.322
the Sarco crap backing up what is wrong22420.4785.602
with this bird he's crazy man I know22423.25.04
he's insane n if he gets killed it's his22426.084.16
fault it is it is and he kind of22428.244.318
deserves it Simon Slayer yeah give him22430.244.318
to follow you time to go let's quit22432.5583.842
acting crazy yeah we're not stopping22434.5583.882
fighting alligators you nut yeah we're22436.44.558
trying to find gas balls right where are22438.443.96
these gas balls again they should be22440.9583.282
underwater take a look underwater or22442.43.398
don't go under there just keep an eye22444.243.44
out about to say man there's Saros and22445.7983.16
everything around here I'm not getting22447.683.278
in this water well we have this boat22448.9583.84
don't we I know we got the boat and we22450.9585.442
have that crazy bird yeah what is that22452.7985.68
just a log just a log I think they're22456.44.84
like pink little pink gassy balls on the22458.4783.922
ground or something hold on hold on I22461.243.52
might see something pink do you22462.44.64
wait Nee there's a piece of equipment22464.764.718
down here oh yeah yeah one of the other22467.045.16
tribes maybe maybe maybe the not slaves22469.4785.762
where'd you go it's a gas collector oh22472.25.56
try a thick this is Thick's gas thing oh22475.244.36
really yeah can we just oh look there22477.764.118
gas balls Galore how many thousands22479.64.92
we'll just take those okay yeah take all22481.8784.92
these don't forget you got to breathe22484.524.118
yep yep yep yep I'm keeping an eye on my22486.7983.802
oxygen all right I took what I can carry22488.6383.562
why don't you get some here we'll we'll22490.64.8
make a couple trips yeah22492.23.2
exactly hey yeah I have a different plan22496.364.32
for this because you know here we are22499.083.638
again Simon do you know how to pick me22500.684.52
up with uh wyvern I just tell me is a22502.7186.642
right click or left c c Okay C as in22505.28.758
choo choo c as in choo choo watch this22509.366.358
I'll do it from a standstill it's going22513.9586.122
to be so amazing oh yeah well done all22515.7186.042
right there we go all right there's a22520.083.84
cave yeah you're heading towards it oh22521.765.16
good below now down below or up go to22523.924.958
the right a bit and try not to run into22526.925.6
any rocks and go up and then go up all22528.8786.122
right I'll meet you up there all right22532.525.92
go to duras all right going to Dora mhm22535.07.878
oh yeah right here yeah yeah oh yeah22538.446.68
we're not going to land oh okay never22542.8785.122
mind sorry I just did okay I can pick22545.124.56
you up again if you need me to let's22548.03.718
take a little look what's the plan well22549.683.08
we're going to get a couple more of22551.7182.722
these eggs if we can find them well I22552.762.84
know that but I thought you had a22554.442.64
different plan that was already the plan22555.63.958
we already we Simon was going to fly me22557.085.12
through here but uh it's fine it's fine22559.5584.562
that's the different plan I see okay22562.23.92
hold on trying to turn around trying to22564.124.758
pick up thick oh yeah you can all right22566.124.8
yeah there we go there we go oh man22568.8784.442
you're a pro man Simon you were look at22570.925.2
you today I'm trying look at you today22573.325.0
I'm trying baby CC all right now you22576.124.24
tell me where to go and I'll be a22578.324.04
all right let's just fly through these22580.363.84
caves if we can I'm going to go a little22582.363.0
faster I'm going to go a little faster22584.22.88
we're dragging we're dragging this is22585.363.68
going to be tough for you Simon yes it22587.084.24
is I know it is but I know you're going22589.044.518
to get through it you tell me what to do22591.325.36
uh I feel like I possibly see an egg a22593.5586.682
little bit to the right okay I could be22596.685.56
wrong it just could be there's a lot of22600.245.2
orbs and glowies you know keep flying22602.246.318
Simon keep flying I I've got my peepers22605.445.97
out both of them peepers are22608.5585.921
out what's that bottom bit say he was an22615.07.798
awesome dung beetle dung beetle okay it22620.04.44
was an awesome dung beetle yeah I made a22622.7982.882
scope I was trying to read it with my22624.443.32
scope yeah that's pretty much what I got22625.684.56
to say I don't know how he died he uh he22627.763.76
fell out of the boat somehow man these22630.242.76
boats are finicky swear to God you got22631.523.358
to D if if you have anything inside of22633.03.6
the boat just expect it to fall out at22634.8783.522
some point and die y they need seat22636.62.878
belts I don't even know why they22638.43.0
released this game he made the best22639.4784.722
fertilizer he loved poop he was a little22641.44.88
gassy he was a dung beetle he was a dung22644.23.4
beetle hey speaking of gas how much more22646.283.32
of these gas balls you want to collect22647.63.72
uh we'll just grab uh I put two more22649.62.958
collectors there we'll just grab the22651.322.88
rest of it and head out uh did you want22652.5584.042
to put any poop poop in the Box show22654.24.4
your respect I don't I don't have to22656.64.16
poop right now so no no I'm not going to22658.64.56
poop in the Box okay maybe once a year22660.763.92
every year this time of year we come22663.164.478
back we put poop in the22664.682.958
Box maybe we're doing it all right uh22670.7185.682
Ferdie we miss you buddy let's grab22674.324.318
these gas balls and get okay grabbing22676.46.68
gas balls I do like it grabbing the22678.6384.442
right over here right over here guys22685.443.96
hey where is he where is he uh right22690.244.6
here they're up on this wall these walls22692.9583.562
there's like yep there's like one up22694.844.0
here okay I cannot get up there okay22696.525.6
dras you can how many eggs uh I saw two22698.845.48
for sure but how many do we need uh22702.124.32
let's get as many as we can how about22704.324.84
that I'm uh standing by one surely you22706.444.92
guys can get closer well let's see hey22709.164.0
thick I'll bring you up to this one oh22711.364.8
yeah bring me up22713.165.638
come up here yeah22716.165.12
baby I'm a little dizzy from that I like22718.7984.282
it sorry about that all right so you're22721.284.4
by this one dynamite dynamite you're by22723.084.96
this one and that's uh pop bang sticks22725.685.56
yep I'm up by this one I'm up by one22728.045.88
okay so there's that don't grab it yet22731.245.08
I'm not I don't even see it all right I22733.925.36
guess that's an egg there okay you22736.324.8
ready you got it ready to pick it up I'm22739.283.88
ready to pick it up pick count it down22741.126.56
three two one go picked up picked up get22743.167.76
back on your your me okay on the me I22747.685.48
don't even see him coming I don't either22750.924.958
huh so let's just Boogie and meet back22753.164.28
right well thick you got to get picked22755.8784.242
up right yeah yeah come on Simon hold on22757.446.8
hold on let's see if I can get you come22760.124.12
on oh yeah NES we just do an artifact22766.326.478
check yeah well that um don't you have22770.44.318
to use those gas balls or we have to22772.7983.68
make some element in one of those nodes22774.7183.482
uh cuz there's a node here too right oh22776.4785.282
we got to make batteries oh batteries oh22778.24.92
man look at this place it's been a22781.763.24
minute is that Reuben you see Reuben I22783.124.598
see Reuben where hey buddy I mean how22785.03.92
could you miss him look at all the22787.7183.962
he's got on him Reuben oh thought he was22788.925.958
a building what we shooting what is this22791.686.84
uh it's a hog hog hey hog you better run22794.8785.362
uh yeah don't let that plant shoot one22798.523.72
of uh thick creatures right oh there's a22800.243.6
spider here about to say that plant's22802.242.8
about to hit that spider we're about to22803.843.24
be like 50 sh the is that hog dead22805.045.64
it hit it uh-huh or wait maybe the hog22807.086.16
hit it uh did he what's he doing uh he's22810.684.278
pissed off now he's cool he's cool he22813.244.398
looks Co me is he okay doesn't seem to22814.9584.282
be no that would be something if we22817.6383.362
killed their spider they would think we22819.244.08
oh look they got our tribe flags up22821.07.638
here okay H you know which one to get22823.325.318
folks so over here um and then there22828.925.12
should be there's always another step I22831.843.32
know you're going to hate it it you got22834.042.438
to make batteries oh wait there's22835.163.44
batteries in here oh man it's our lucky22836.4783.562
day we're finding gas balls we're22838.63.038
finding Batteries Now do we make22840.044.438
batteries over there or here man you22841.6385.042
were asking the wrong guy okay you want22844.4783.882
to just check that real quick I'll see22846.683.16
what kind of artifacts we need yeah yeah22848.363.72
yeah yeah yeah artifacts and uh battery22849.843.68
building all right T well do you want to22852.082.718
go to the boat and look in our storage22853.523.0
container I can holler the artifacts see22854.7983.0
if we got them or not I'm doing it all22856.523.118
right do it do it do it do it okay oh22857.7984.042
what we got here baby all right I'm back22859.6384.362
to the boat okay look at our storage22861.843.718
thing okay hey do you want to tell me22864.03.32
what you need and what we got oo yeah22865.5582.722
you know what we're going to need more22867.323.08
than artifacts I'll do the artifacts22868.284.04
first we need an artifact of the brute22870.44.398
hold on my eyes are slow up seeing22872.324.04
things you might have noticed yeah I did22874.7982.802
maybe you should have been the one doing22876.363.0
this you said the brute yeah what's it22877.64.92
look like I don't know like a an egg I22879.365.08
think I think we don't have it okay so22882.523.24
we don't have the brute we should write22884.443.4
these down okay uh we can need an22885.764.36
artifact of the devious which looks like22887.843.84
that's a blue triangle blue triangle22890.123.32
artifact we got that one are you kidding22891.683.48
me are there two that we don't we don't22893.443.4
have that one either okay what about the22895.163.68
artifact of of the immune that's a red22896.844.56
egg don't see a red egg God damn it all22898.844.2
right an artifact of the massive which22901.43.88
is like a green triangle green triangle22903.044.0
thing are you kidding me no all right22905.283.56
what about the artifact of the skylord22907.043.438
how many artifacts are on this place22908.843.4
that's it that's it those are the ones22910.4784.042
we need I don't see one of them we don't22912.243.8
have we don't have one of the damn22914.523.118
artifacts we need we're going to be here22916.043.24
forever I know I thought we were at22917.6384.722
least halfway there holy God we got some22919.284.598
work to do well may you know maybe the22922.363.518
other guys have some of those skylords22923.8784.282
and blah blah BL all right I'm on my way22925.8785.76
back to you all right oh I'm22928.166.24
depressed so I see it thick I I guess22931.6384.722
I'm there's a catch 22 I'm concerned22934.44.64
about yeah if we're supposed to drop it22936.365.04
when it's out that means it's aggroed22939.044.16
because we aggroed it to come out well22941.43.478
if you can see it burrow in the ground22943.23.678
if it's done fighting you just kind of22944.8785.0
drop it within a vinity of it it'll come22946.8784.642
towards the egg I thought you said it22949.8784.162
eats the egg if it's aggro yeah yeah oh22951.524.8
it eats it not in a bad way okay it's22954.043.8
not breakfast it's right that's how you22956.324.04
tame it I see oh that's it it's doing a22957.844.48
weird little it's not going back undergr22960.363.0
I don't know what the hell's happening22962.322.478
with this guy you think you can get22963.363.4
close enough to it to drop the egg I22964.7983.642
could drop the egg and make it come to22966.763.798
me I suppose I'll try that there you go22968.444.0
yep egg dropped egg dropped you might22970.5584.362
get attacked but okay yeah let's not22972.444.48
distract let's not distract come here22974.923.28
come here come here come here you son of22976.923.92
a come here you son of a all22978.25.518
right shot me hit me hit me now I'm22980.844.36
trying to bring it back22983.7185.042
come here you yep yep that's okay22985.24.92
come here come here come here this what22988.764.44
you want this what you want22990.125.88
no come here come here eat this egg eat22993.25.64
the egg you just went past the I name it22996.07.52
yes we Ted it22998.844.68
yes so is this is this something I need23004.5584.122
to document nebes uh oh with the camera23006.683.08
I got the camera it's been a while it's23008.682.64
going to be a spotty documentary isn't23009.763.44
it uh yeah no it's it's going to have23011.323.36
giant leap sometimes like you can't see23013.24.438
my face uh hello neees here H we we23014.684.52
killed a Rex and got this it was an23017.6383.762
alpha was pretty awesome uh just visited23019.24.8
an Old Camp and some great stuff in23021.44.44
there blueprint for ascendant flag23024.04.24
helmet off of Reuben oh wait why does it23025.844.48
say is that a is that a helmet or a23028.244.398
blueprint it's a blueprint so do you23030.323.92
build it in the Smithy or the fabricator23032.6383.16
because you're in the Smithy was that a23034.243.558
fabricator one I don't know man I don't23035.7984.16
I didn't think it was is it it's not I23037.7983.282
don't know you're the one that wanted to23039.9582.562
build this I'm just documenting oh23041.082.718
you're documenting yeah I'm just23042.523.16
recording your stupidity I got a big pet23043.7984.562
by the way oh you do yeah I found them23045.684.16
in the uh you know one of the storage23048.363.0
containers back there at the green23049.843.718
Obelisk okay I've named him scorpion it23051.364.96
says repair wait no it doesn't what am I23053.5584.362
doing oh I don't know what the hell23056.323.12
you're doing sounds like the plants are23057.923.16
going nuts out there too they're great23059.444.438
aren't they they are hide there hide23061.087.68
there um yep more ah crap heavy do you23063.8786.882
need my help Can Am I done documenting23068.764.36
or yeah I just got to throw some stuff23070.764.16
out okay throw some stuff out keep23073.123.2
rolling all right I'm still rolling I'm23074.922.48
still rolling you're looking good you're23076.321.88
looking good I'm going to get a23077.44.158
different angle okay here we go hide yep23078.25.88
yeah ready uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah23081.5584.202
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I need to23084.082.92
take something else out I'll take some23085.763.76
angler gel out for a second I know23087.05.36
really I'm missing I got everything23089.524.88
metal fiber hide it usually tells you if23092.363.438
you can craft it at a Smithy or a23094.43.04
fabricator what what are you doing I23095.7983.442
thought it was Smithy it says it I'm23097.443.88
sure FL helmets are usually Smithy can23099.244.6
be crafted a Smithy yes then just go23101.324.04
back to the Smithy I'm going back to the23103.843.36
Smithy oh my God but why didn't it work23105.363.598
the first time I don't know what did I23107.24.0
do I don't know I did something dumb and23108.9583.802
everyone's judging me and they saw it23111.23.358
away okay not much room here we're going23114.5584.4
to try to just uh do a little bloopity23116.9583.6
bloop it's going to be fine with the BL23118.9584.042
blops I changed the name guys I I feel23120.5585.16
like it was a perfect omage to um well23123.04.52
you'll see okay yeah I've got him cryo23125.7184.722
potted right here let me uh do this all23127.525.64
right do we have something to make metal23130.446.16
ingot with here here wow we don't all23133.165.08
right so here's here's the plan I'm23136.63.84
going to make a smelter really wanted uh23138.244.52
you to reveal the name by now kind of23140.443.8
set that up earlier how about we reveal23142.763.36
the name when we reveal the the the23144.245.28
Basilisk with his saddle on no Simon23146.128.64
it's uh it's sassy Gary oh sassy Gary I23149.526.64
bet when you're walking out of movies23154.763.64
you tell people in line what the Vick23156.164.36
you're you're making things unnecessary23158.44.238
that's crazy when's the last time we've23160.524.278
revealed a name when we made a saddle23162.6384.682
yeah hey hey everybody in line Darth23164.7985.602
Vader's Luke Skywalker's father ass over23167.325.72
here and you shut it hey so thick what23170.44.36
do you what do you want me to do like23173.044.72
easy stuff how could I help fiber and23174.765.64
hide Simon you're in charge of fiber and23177.764.4
hide that's it give me the basilis give23180.44.0
me the Basilisk nope I'm going to go get23182.164.2
the stuff I'm going to go get the stuff23184.44.64
I'm going to work hard oh I'm23186.364.438
going to work hard you don't know what23189.044.0
hard work23190.7985.122
is hey NES yeah I think I see a Sarco23193.045.36
over this hill you do see a Saro oh he's23195.924.558
kind of bloody he is bloody o you know23198.43.44
what I found this cluster grenade a23200.4783.362
while back yeah we're on the boat so I'm23201.843.32
going to throw this cluster grenade23203.843.118
right up right up into him okay all23205.163.16
right never done this before this could23206.9584.202
go poorly ah he's already23208.329.08
bloody get him yeah oh my God holy23211.168.318
that was probably a waste but that was23217.44.2
absolutely all right I want to make more23219.4785.16
cluster grenade that thing was wonderful23221.65.76
okay woo all right I know we used a lot23224.6384.562
of hide so do we want to get more this23227.363.24
uh man I feel so much safer with this23229.23.278
helmet on yeah I just kind of wanted to23230.63.358
the whole point of me coming out was to23232.4783.842
show off our helmets and uh the grenade23233.9583.962
didn't really do that did it no not at23236.323.478
all let's see what's over this hill okay23237.925.12
fine making more grenades though woooo23239.7985.68
couple of raptors out here oh yeah yeah23243.045.24
three of them oh three three versus us23245.4785.642
can they still pin us down oh uh yeah23248.284.84
probably we'll have to be nimble like23251.124.72
minkes what's plan just run in I mean23253.124.28
yeah I got an ascended sword I got an23255.842.92
ascended helmet I'm ready to whoop some23257.43.8
ass now okay this could be dumb this23258.764.118
could be dumb should I document it or23261.22.96
you just going to go for it oh I know23262.8783.0
we're both I'm not fighting on my myself23264.163.16
okay all right I just just making sure23265.8783.202
if they pin us down we're done for hey23267.324.558
Raptors yeah that one's yours come at me23269.086.16
baby that one yours yep I'm helping y23271.8786.162
okay oh my God that's two oh23275.246.04
no okay you need help woo I think let me23278.043.88
it come on come on send his sword23281.927.2
huh you got knocked out man we mean23286.244.318
let's see what's my man I man they23289.123.24
didn't even get into my health yeah23290.5584.042
break your armor a little bit let's see23292.363.438
see not much but yeah God yeah these23295.7985.562
helmets are sweet man we're tough let's23298.9584.122
keep going it's tough there's a scorpion23301.364.04
and a Saro down there ready I'm getting23303.085.718
them we're coming for you s23305.46.2
scorpion I got the C you got the thing23308.7984.362
uh-oh that's right he's got poisonous23311.64.76
stuff oh wait oh God my guy's down I'm23313.165.2
coming I just had a mechar raptor sorry23316.363.8
I'm coming nope you're good hang in23318.364.68
there yeah yeah come23320.166.04
on come out oh oh you're tough you're23323.044.918
tough huh think you're somebody think23326.24.358
you're somebody gun to the face boom23327.9585.722
damn that's23330.5586.32
right anybody here mind making me a uh23333.685.038
just real quick cuz I'm like really busy23336.8783.242
I've been working hard on some other23338.7184.602
stuff just down the way and uh I I need23340.126.64
a Bassel saddle I would make it myself23343.325.96
but I've got like I'm swamped I'm23346.765.84
swamped with so much stuff it's it's23349.286.598
insane just working non-stop burning the23352.65.278
candles at both ends is that how they23355.8784.202
say it yes it is and we will definitely23357.8784.282
take care of that bass saddle for you23360.084.2
thank you so much you guys are working23362.164.558
hard just like I work hard Elsewhere on23364.286.84
the map working hard with work and23366.7188.602
such hello future new friend oh am I23371.126.4
encumbered I wonder why I think we all23375.325.0
know why it's because of is let me put23377.527.08
this down drop and then let me get on23380.326.68
you this is like you know you do it23384.65.44
enough you get really good at it I feel23387.05.638
like I've done it enough hey friend oh23390.044.4
where you going all right come on over23392.6384.08
this way okay great and then you just23394.445.6
come here yep you see me that's cool oh23396.7185.84
boy uh-oh oh no oh no is you coming from23400.044.918
me okay oh did you shoot at me23402.5583.962
why didn't you take that take it just23404.9584.162
take it okay let's try this again hey23406.523.958
now I am this23409.126.28
way hello hello just eat that please can23410.4786.682
you can you please eat this egg right23415.44.76
here come on it's an egg eat the egg23417.164.6
okay right over the egg right over the23420.166.36
egg yeah hello friend hello you're my23421.767.36
friend okay let's go back and get Simon23426.524.958
where you going I don't know what you're23429.126.12
doing o coming Ines right behind you23431.4786.24
buddy oh theur hey buddy I got something23435.246.158
for you oh completely missed completely23437.7186.562
missed oh you good yeah the boat's got23441.3984.24
him the boat's got him I'm going pick up23444.285.08
his body the boat got it I'm23445.6386.722
aaur idiot get off me stop stop stop23449.364.88
what you're doing going in deeper uh23452.363.16
yeah God I'm so confident with these23454.242.92
helmets on man I I feel like we can tank23455.523.878
on the world yeah uh imagine when we get23457.165.08
like pants and shoes and gauntlets23459.3985.762
shopping shopping all day day hold on23462.245.158
hold on I see something oh I hate these23465.165.88
guys old troons missed yeah the troons23467.3986.24
they're they poison you yeah just23471.045.678
one idiot come here come here dummy23473.6385.442
stick him in the face oh you got you23476.7185.16
yeah you got me I'm okay okay got me oh23479.084.24
God there's more of them oh I know oh23481.8783.562
God fly fly back to the boat back to the23483.324.88
boat fly back to the boat okay that went23485.444.92
downhill quick where did they come from23488.23.88
uh the the hills that's where they live23490.363.358
I think The Hills Have Eyes they also23492.084.318
have trodon I guess oh they're coming oh23493.7184.282
helmets don't help when you get knocked23496.3984.0
out do they no they don't yeah if I if23498.03.32
you were to get out there and get23500.3983.682
poisoned so still scorpions troons23501.325.0
there's things to look out for yeah uh23504.084.478
man they're not dying yeah they little23506.323.558
are tough aren't they we would23508.5583.682
have got killed up there I know now I'm23509.8784.282
scared again uh-huh I don't want to go23512.243.0
back out there I want to stay on the23514.162.76
boat are these things seriously not dead23515.243.36
where are they no they're under the boat23516.923.36
is that a dilophosaur they probably have23518.64.68
C4 on them keep run all right I'm going23520.285.04
back all and then I'm going to lure them23523.283.56
and and I'll take them out I'll take23525.323.84
them out watch this he still coming for23526.845.32
boom killing troons that's one Down Bam23532.766.52
all right he's down too and looks like23536.285.84
the other one's down easy easy yeah real23539.286.358
easy wasn't that easy super23542.128.278
easy hello oh hello look who's back from23545.6387.92
all their hard work yeah yeah pain in23550.3985.32
the ass yes I got to tell you oh I'm I'm23553.5585.682
sure hey wa you got another23555.7186.24
one yeah I did it's it's super easy if23559.244.76
you if you know what you're doing cool23561.9584.042
oh okay yeah yeah I'm going to park this23564.04.28
guy over here cuz there's no room23566.04.878
elsewhere uh-huh here we go what level23568.286.4
is that thing oh 200 200 no I'm kidding23570.8787.642
it's a 30 yeah I mean that's fine yeah23574.685.84
yeah right hey why you guys come over23578.523.358
here on the beach so we have a little23580.522.68
bit of room to see I thought you were23581.8782.402
making a smell23583.22.96
I I went you know what I went to a23584.285.438
smelter that I had and then I I mined23586.165.96
all the all the metal and then I got23589.7185.24
cementing past from the cement cement23592.124.92
place I I'm calling a bunch of23594.9583.562
you shouldn't lie to your friends but23597.044.56
okay thick wow wow you know what oh what23598.525.64
what yeah that that hurts that hurts as23601.65.118
much as my back from just Mining and23604.164.76
pulling fiber out of the ground with my23606.7184.362
Baron hands just do it dick all right23608.923.038
here we23611.083.68
go all righty23611.9585.84
yeah look at that piece of snake oh this23614.765.28
thing's this thing's uh hard to hard to23617.7984.442
control hold on coming around make sure23620.044.0
you bring it back over I'd like to see23622.244.558
the level up on this baby oh yeah that's23624.043.96
a great idea here you know I'm going to23626.7982.92
get off of it and level it up while23628.03.398
you're on it shoot spit and stuff come23629.7185.722
on hey now that's some spit did that23631.3986.122
hurt no I don't think I got hurt okay23635.443.72
good actually yeah it almost took me23637.523.878
down a third all right I'm going to23639.166.52
level this thing up oh speed and23641.3986.962
melee dance he didn't dance your money23645.686.278
maker baby sassy Gary hard work that's23648.365.4
what this gets you you worked real hard23651.9584.882
for that F real hard hard work you had23653.765.4
the least to do with uh the getting of23656.847.28
that hard work oh delusion23659.164.96
yeah this is great guys yeah it's pretty23664.24.56
cool I like following you from up here23666.9583.68
yeah riding these things is pretty cool23668.764.28
I mean I I I like them kind of but in23670.6384.682
like a tight area I could imagine being23673.044.518
very annoyed yeah yeah they turn wide23675.324.158
don't they we could stay on the dunes23677.5583.482
you look you look natural on the dunes23679.4783.282
this looks really nice W like going23681.044.32
through the dunes it's kind of trippy it23682.764.76
is trippy okay don't mess with the23685.364.518
vultures cuz all of them will come after23687.524.6
you we don't need that okay look at23689.8784.242
those little pleb snakes now little23692.124.678
snakes look like a little what a loser23694.125.12
yeah loser snakes yeah Simon how's your23696.7985.0
stamina uh it's actually darn good yeah23699.245.28
these things great yeah like I've been23701.7985.16
doing fast run the whole time and I'm23704.525.84
probably only down 35% so it's not bad23706.9586.52
at all I am so glad we got two of them23710.366.56
right oh wasn't that such a good idea23713.4786.16
let's hope that they both survive the23716.927.0
day yes now uh we are on our way to get23719.6386.122
something possibly even better which is23723.924.24
our Rock Dres so can't wait to see my23725.765.56
boo boos and Dwayne of course Dwayne I23728.164.798
don't remember that one I don't think23731.325.478
you were there good uh vomit projectile23732.9586.242
get it projectile make short work of23736.7983.992
done uh all right we should be able to23762.3984.802
see it any second there's the waterfalls23764.9584.202
yep yep yep yep yep yep which means that23767.26.16
base should pop in any second she is all23769.165.44
right all right we're just going to just23773.363.598
park just beyond the uh second Coast23774.64.24
there so we can just climb up H yeah23776.9582.962
that's right oh yeah we made the little23778.842.638
duck there that's right that's where23779.922.958
this boat Adventure started isn't it23781.4782.962
that's right man we've come full circle23782.8784.362
we sure have holy moly we're survivors23784.444.92
yeah made it all the way around now23787.244.08
let's see if we can get in here oh boy23789.364.64
we're starting fights already I mean he23791.324.04
but it's not starting fights with their23794.03.798
stuff is it uh no but let me just set23795.365.0
this to like medium there we go there23797.7984.76
you go there you go is he mad at us he's23800.364.118
probably mad who there's dinosaur up23802.5584.482
here yeah okay sorry stego you're going23804.4785.282
down yep just turn around and walk away23807.044.48
just take it just take it turn around23809.763.92
walk away bend over and take it or turn23811.525.24
around walk away it looks so sad like ow23813.686.798
ow ow shot a bunch of Point ow ow ow ow23816.768.0
the door ow ow ow ow hey down okay23820.4785.92
almost to the top right behind you23824.765.44
Bubble Boo okay there we go door is not23826.3986.24
open are they home23830.25.56
thck that bad s like anybody's home knes23832.6384.722
NOP all right so how do we get into this23835.763.84
dump I mean we can take the clipes over23837.363.76
there can we fly in there is there a23839.63.4
high enough spot to get to that we might23841.124.16
wing suit our way in I brought hooks but23843.03.718
I don't know if we hook the wall if it's23845.283.04
going to aggravate anything oh yeah you23846.7183.16
know you might be right can we go around23848.324.478
the corner uh maybe I built this wall23849.8785.322
and I'm pretty pretty stupid look oh23852.7985.0
perfect this looks easy yeah watch at23855.26.8
me here we go bam easy we're in yeah and23857.7986.68
then boom here's a tech replicator can23862.04.718
we use this if it's not ours oh hey the23864.4785.762
uterus War Machine oh man cerinus war23866.7185.962
machine I ain't seen you guys in a while23870.245.28
kitty cat whose name I forgot T-Rexes23872.686.038
whose name I forgot was it Tina uh maybe23875.524.52
yeah I forgot it's been a minute it's23878.7182.402
been it's really it's been a minute23880.042.48
we've had so much Adventure since we've23881.123.96
been here now we got all these shards oh23882.524.24
yeah baby there's shards in there plus23885.084.16
I'm going to add 2,000 more shards oh23886.765.56
beautiful yep and then turn it on turn23889.246.36
it on my goodness now we can create23892.325.2
element wait do I get a Tex suit today23895.63.878
is that happening I think so I get a Tex23897.523.32
suit today we got enough stuff in the23899.4785.042
boat oh my God I can build 38 element23900.845.558
awesome let's start there now let's see23904.524.16
if I'm going to repair my tech pants oh23906.3984.08
that's right your old Tech pants I just23908.683.118
need some metal oh we got plenty of23910.4782.762
metal in the boat yeah I'll go grab some23911.7983.362
metal want to get some metal too yeah23913.243.92
all right let's go grab supplies and23915.166.16
then uh come back big day for the KNE23917.164.16
trp wondering if we can get through this23921.524.84
water for a bit of a distance I mean23924.283.88
it's your call really why do you think23926.363.4
it's bad don't aren't these things23928.164.238
badass they are badass so if they're23929.765.0
badass I'm assuming that we could take23932.3985.442
down a shark pretty easily no yeah you'd23934.764.798
think so but maybe five sharks that23937.843.638
would be a little harder right a you're23939.5584.282
fine you're going to be fine seems good23941.4785.32
seems great uhhuh uh I love that when23943.844.878
you run over things with these things it23946.7983.6
kills them so it's just like an23948.7185.202
automobile okay but with fangs and no23950.3986.56
tires right zero concern for anything23953.926.878
around it yeah no no given none23956.9586.082
but I love the way it slithers on land23960.7984.202
it's slow in the water and this should23963.044.8
be much faster in the water much faster23965.04.52
it's weird you've seen snakes in the23967.843.28
water right oh it's it's a thing of23969.524.358
beauty it's a thing of beauty yeah yeah23971.125.08
yeah they are the water essentially23973.8784.0
right that's what I've been saying for23976.24.24
years I say snakes are the water well23977.8784.6
we're getting close we're getting super23980.444.358
close is it super close cuz I feel like23982.4783.882
I've been hearing that for a long ass23984.7983.362
time like oh we're close well that's23986.365.438
just what we say to you by default Simon23988.167.08
yeah here we go abro mhm there they are23991.7987.362
oh they're back Mr fast man now we got23995.246.638
te man I want I want Tech I want all of23999.165.238
it okay well get the building oh okay I24001.8784.52
got my gloves too and listen uh oh I24004.3983.762
turned it off it's raining there might24006.3983.16
be some stuff like I'm going to use the24008.163.96
helmet I probably won't use my shoes if24009.5584.442
you want my shoes you you got I can have24012.124.598
your Tech shoes yeah sweet all right I24014.05.04
definitely want some pants ohra you're24016.7183.08
not going to believe this we're going to24019.042.2
need more metal yeah we got tons of24019.7982.882
metal holy okay yeah we're going to need24021.243.2
more cuz yeah damn I just used it all to24022.683.718
build a pair of pants okay is there any24024.444.24
here we can steal metal I mean we can24026.3984.32
but we got tons of stuff oo look at his24028.684.4
neees boom I got Teck pants too baby24030.7185.802
yeah yep I me they need a paint job but24033.085.04
you got to grab fuel oh yeah that's24036.523.64
right I need element don't I yep oh yeah24038.123.24
and we can make element in this thing24040.162.6
too yeah yeah there is there's there's a24041.363.24
ton of element here now well then I24042.764.08
guess I'll just take a pinch oh yeah24044.63.878
I'll take a pinch I'll just take me a24046.843.958
pinch now I can run fast don't run any24048.4784.802
dinos oh yeah that's true do you hold24050.7984.68
control there you go ran right into the24053.283.678
side yeah I'll need a little bit more24055.4783.4
space but yeah this is sweet all right24056.9584.202
I'm grab more metal yep make more stuff24058.8785.202
do I fly funny by the way uh yep you do24061.164.798
fly funny hey look at this like that's24064.086.28
not right yeah n fix it it's weird I24065.9586.402
want to see you fly yep I'm going to fly24070.364.48
the bo fly the bo am I flying weird yep24072.364.118
you look stupid24074.844.73
okay at least we can look stupid24076.4784.48
together oh I see some24080.9586.92
grownups oh yeah bab they already have24084.6387.482
settled yeah hello tribe of not slaves24087.8787.6
hello and thank you so much for the care24092.127.358
hello wow that's beautiful thank you all24095.4789.202
so much oh Binky you're so cute woo24099.4788.282
Dwayne thank you so much for your hard24104.686.76
work and mine as well wo okay look at24107.765.52
that oh you just leveled up right there24111.443.48
that was a nice little happy dance did24113.287.0
yes happy dance for sure yes yes hey hey24114.927.84
where where' I go where am I at oh24120.285.16
where's IAS anybody see him I see him I24122.764.6
see him he's right here how do you see24125.444.08
him he's invisible you son of a yeah you24127.364.0
got me you got me I know I I mean I24129.523.08
couldn't see him but I should have24131.366.68
played along s oh where did he go where24132.65.44
don't these are great all right well you24138.325.92
know what guys I I think we need to call24141.844.558
the tribe of nebs and just it's time you24144.244.478
know maybe reach out and say hey why24146.3983.842
don't we why don't we work together why24148.7183.722
don't we all work together let's do it24150.245.2
uh NE an appsro 104 breaker breaker24152.446.76
Roger 24 breaker go for knees nees is24155.446.64
644 hey we what do you guys doing uh24159.24.678
we're just uh you know suiting up24162.083.478
Surviving hey do you guys want to get24163.8783.402
together get some of these artifacts and24165.5583.202
start prepping for one of these boss24167.284.198
fights yeah we've made a list yeah now24168.764.638
we're uh we are missing a few of the24171.4784.442
artifacts all of them but uh we I know24173.3984.24
the locations of them so yeah we could24175.923.36
absolutely start doing that do you guys24177.6383.962
want to meet up somewhere uh yeah we're24179.284.0
at the old base if you guys want to come24181.63.16
here yeah just come to your base we're24183.283.598
here oh it was our base it was all of24184.764.038
our base remember that's true yeah we're24186.8783.52
we're at our base well that seems24188.7984.482
fitting then okay all right well we will24190.3984.882
be on our way all right see you boys24193.284.118
when you get here about to give this24195.284.32
suit one hell of a paint job all right24197.3985.122
tribe of no slaves tribes of not slaves24199.64.4
we appreciate your service and we'll be24202.524.08
calling on you again until next time24204.05.32
until next time24206.62.72
hello welcome home make a hole oh my24217.26.518
look at this thing watch out watch out24220.7185.402
excuse me sorry it's a24223.7184.76
parade look at this24226.126.278
Bunch happy Carnival everybody oh yeah24228.4786.042
this is a good Bunch what's up Simon24232.3984.842
what's up I love it I got to check out24234.525.68
this basilisk wow he looks cool yeah it24237.244.88
is a little crowded let me just bury my24240.24.72
guy here real quick24242.124.598
all right hey first thing before anybody24244.923.878
touches anything we should uh jump back24246.7183.84
into the same tribe yeah yeah you're24248.7984.362
yeah for sure or Ally so we don't lose24250.5583.92
anything oh that's right I guess we need24253.164.84
to Ally right yep uh nebs where are you24254.4786.08
can make this official right here AB get24258.04.84
get out of the way weirdo oh I can only24260.5585.24
recruit what can Ally let me see in in24262.844.6
the in the menus you know the the24265.7984.0
audience is going nuts right now yeah oh24267.444.24
wait right here name your new alliance24269.7983.442
did you do that yet thick I just did24271.683.84
needs invited you to the gym okay hold24273.243.44
on cancel24275.524.0
this accept invitation to Alliance oh I24276.685.68
had it nees H yeah of course I got it24279.524.958
Alliance thck a kns there you go wait so24282.364.68
now can I hop on the T-Rex H there might24284.4785.122
be different privileges but they're kind24287.044.64
of a turquoise color now instead of red24289.65.24
see there we go yeah okay so we are24291.684.68
Allied but we can't ride each other's24294.843.718
well that's weird well yeah we24296.363.76
we'll work on that whatever at least24298.5583.882
we're Allied and and we won't kill each24300.123.72
other by24302.443.64
right good thing we can still do it okay24303.844.84
but you know well listen we got a plan24306.084.12
uh I say we have a meeting in the war24308.683.52
room here in a minute uh We've laid out24310.24.278
everything we need okay all right to the24312.24.358
wall room to the wall room I'm flying24314.4785.16
over there cuz I can do that now good to24316.5584.882
have everybody back yeah it's nice y24319.6384.042
glad to be here mhm all right our next24321.444.56
sequence of events is gathering all the24323.684.24
artifacts we need for a boss fight24326.03.52
that's right now digging through all of24327.923.4
our we've already obtained the24329.523.92
artifact of the brute and I believe the24331.325.478
artifact of the massive so that leaves24333.445.4
these three the artifact of the devious24336.7984.882
the immune and the skylord here here now24338.844.958
according to the map the immune is up in24341.685.48
the Redwood Forest Area sitting at about24343.7987.362
30 42 the skylord is under a waterfall24347.166.238
somewhere out in the plains but uh the24351.164.318
hardest one's probably going to be the24353.3984.122
devious which is smack in the middle of24355.4784.962
a dragon Hive ah yeah yeah yeah I want24357.524.72
to get the devious all right you look24360.444.438
devious you look like you ought to get24362.245.08
it so Amun and skylord I think they're24364.8783.84
out in the open they're not inside of24367.324.04
any kind of crazy cave so well I could24368.7184.68
fly so I could go for one or yeah we can24371.363.438
take dragons what do you want to do I24373.3983.282
mean are we trying to do this real quick24374.7984.282
or you know like it seems like you you24376.684.6
want to rush it well not rush it but you24379.083.6
know it's got to get done I think we24381.283.358
could either like do one all together or24382.683.76
we could split up in two teams and maybe24384.6383.802
grab two today why don't we leave the24386.444.4
last one being the devious because don't24388.443.958
you think if that's the hardest one24390.843.24
maybe we should have everyone there just24392.3983.362
for the hell of it that's a good idea24394.083.398
Simon so yeah why don't know we we we'll24395.763.84
split off into teams team a will take uh24397.4784.682
the immune in the red Woods Team B will24399.65.278
take the skylord over in the plains okay24402.164.36
now look at Simon now I think maybe24404.8783.402
that's not all just hair it's just a24406.523.32
little bit of hair like a/ inch and it's24408.284.598
all brain up there yeah wow that's true24409.845.0
big brain big brain time yep and the24412.8786.402
brain is outside of my my skull that's24414.845.718
disgusting yeah I don't know why you24419.283.88
went it's true though NY and the hair is24420.5585.802
out of my brain brain hair it's very24423.166.44
gross but like imagine how it feels okay24426.366.32
break are we break break all right NES I24429.65.24
guess you and I or team a oh is that the24432.683.16
team I didn't know I I don't know yeah24434.842.76
we didn't discuss the team okay well24435.843.24
they already broke I guess so we'll go24437.63.358
for the skylord you guys go for the one24439.085.16
in the Redwoods24440.9583.282
okay all right NE I it's pretty much at24450.524.6
the base of those big mountains over24453.764.118
there yeah I got it on the map here uh I24455.124.32
marked it I can maybe look at it when24457.8783.202
I'm flying I didn't build a whole Tech24459.443.0
suit so I'm going to try to use this to24461.083.318
get altitude then switch to Wings suit24462.443.76
GL yeah okay oh you're going to switch24464.3982.922
to Wings suit you're going to have to go24466.22.72
pretty high then huh uh yeah I'll just24467.323.158
go straight up and then we'll try to get24468.923.038
together and I'll wing suit out there24470.4784.442
you ready all right ready 1 2 3 jump24471.9586.402
space space space oh oh God oh God I got24474.925.28
to hold space I got a boost look at me24478.363.438
I'm way up here see if I can catch up to24480.24.56
you stay right there24481.7982.962
I'm pretty quick too man yeah you're24484.7983.882
super quick boom oh yeah here we are was24486.323.96
that a double is it a double how you do24488.683.038
that oh trying to like I'm trying to get24490.283.08
even with you yeah if you just tap tap24491.7184.08
boom okay so we're getting pretty high24493.364.198
and uh once we get as high as we can go24495.7983.482
we'll uh we'll switch to I'll switch to24497.5584.08
wing suit okay this ought to be fun bam24499.283.438
I should have brought my wing suit I'm24501.6382.08
going to fly with this thing though this24502.7182.722
thing's fun yeah well you got the whole24503.7183.202
suit so you have a better fly24505.443.24
maneuverability right not really cuz I24506.923.718
think what uh what makes you fly is the24508.683.32
and this sounds crazy but I think it's24510.6383.482
the legs have the legs so you should be24512.03.478
able to fly fast but you want her to do24514.123.438
the suit let's try it try what the suit24515.4784.442
to fly regular with the suit oh then24517.5584.08
yeah put your map up you want to try it24519.924.08
okay so keep holding space bar uhh you24521.6384.202
good yep and then I think if you start24524.03.718
like tap W we'll move forward okay24525.845.76
moving forward uh-huh now hit control24527.7186.562
we're going to hit control in24531.65.84
three W I was going to do wi suit we're24534.285.198
flying there's no need for a wing suit I24537.443.358
know there's no need for a I can't see24539.4783.4
the map though hold on don't worry about24540.7983.962
the map I kind of know where we're going24542.8783.84
I feel like I should look at the map oo24544.764.24
I see you we're like a blur oh you just24546.7184.642
stop you okay yeah I just we got to be I24549.04.2
was we're moving so fast I thought I24551.363.96
know you with me uh yeah I see you24553.24.04
you're behind me oh I'm behind you yeah24555.323.84
what the is oh that's scorpion yeah24557.244.28
you see me up here um I got my eye on24559.164.318
you baby nope I don't see you oh I think24561.523.52
I just hit the top of the world here24563.4783.202
I'll come to you I'll come to you stay24565.046.0
right there a minute yep and boom and24566.686.36
hold up try to get to you you're squirt24571.043.678
I don't not see you I'm right behind you24573.043.16
man oh you're behind me yep oh there you24574.7184.202
are now yeah okay uh with you so we24576.25.598
close I H I think so you know what you24578.925.038
ready to travel down yeah we got a24581.7984.282
little further to go this is cool though24583.9584.242
we're like superheroes or some yeah24586.084.12
we are never flown this high in a tech24588.24.04
suit we can get all over the map now man24590.23.64
we were isolated to the ocean for so24592.244.35
long this is24593.845.6
amazing Bar Le there's some24599.443.64
bloodstalkers down there should we go24601.164.68
invisible I suppose so just meet you on24603.085.16
the other side yeah hit hit c yeah I'll24605.844.6
see you later yeah I'm going to I'm24608.244.478
going to sneak down if I can okay yeah24610.444.278
we might as well see how effective so24612.7184.0
this is so where're both everyone here24614.7184.68
is uh invisible while we're on it huh24616.7184.402
we're all cloaked we cloaked I don't24619.3984.762
know how long said cloaking lasts looks24621.125.438
like it's doing the stamina thing like24624.165.718
ah okay so can you see that now thick uh24626.5585.762
yeah good okay so we're in good shape24629.8784.122
still look at that you can jump and24632.323.92
everything yep can you Glide while24634.04.52
you're while you're invisible as well y24636.244.398
wow right yeah they're pretty pretty24638.525.278
amazing yeah I think we have to just go24640.6386.08
uhoh I got off not good here we go no no24643.7985.962
no this way this way yeah I don't see24646.7185.16
any threats if you guys like I know you24649.763.76
talked about it but uh yeah I'm just24651.8783.282
going to get out of invisible so I can24653.524.08
save my stamina yeah there's a waterfall24655.163.96
over here did they say was it a24657.65.038
waterfall something about a big tree or24659.126.438
big tree log log or something all right24662.6384.562
maybe let's get a little little high24665.5584.84
ground here wow that was a good bow got24667.25.96
grab it grab it there go come oh NOP24670.3985.122
nope NOP come on back come on back thick24673.164.08
yeah yeah are you going to get out and24675.524.038
and check this out here or what cuz I'm24677.244.638
getting very nauseous back here just24679.5583.722
close your eyes buddy you know what you24681.8783.122
want to just look around get off look24683.282.96
around a little bit yeah if you don't24685.03.08
mind I'll do that yes I'm going to get24686.244.76
offo okay good thank24688.087.0
you woo woo that is so cool I'm going to24691.06.398
try switching my wing suit just for fun24695.084.84
yeah go for it all right here I go there24697.3984.4
we go I feel like I get around better24699.923.958
I'm so used to the wings suit oh yeah24701.7984.042
see you're still way up there yep this24703.8784.6
waterfall right here right I think so24705.844.118
yeah you see me I'm like I'm sitting on24708.4783.0
a rock you just you're like you're24709.9583.0
flying around right above me basically24711.4783.24
yeah oh you're right there okay yeah24712.9583.92
it's either this one or the one you know24714.7184.92
up River but it's it's crap damn dude I24716.8784.322
know that's too hard you shouldn't land24719.6384.362
that hard are you okay uh uh yeah I'm24721.24.358
good you sure you don't look good I'm24724.05.16
like 60% Health it's not too24725.5586.24
bad all right you want to jump or24729.165.2
something huh no I'm good okay you want24731.7984.0
to move around I want to see what24734.364.198
happens when you move jump I'm like a24735.7986.402
dolphin yeah dolphin24738.5586.24
Le so is this the uh waterfall right24742.25.12
here why are you doing this I do now24744.7984.882
that's just how I do okay fine this24747.323.92
might be the waterfall let me check the24749.683.6
bottom of this one okay24751.245.158
M okay it's like a bunch of metal I'm24753.285.16
coming to you apparently I'm not seeing24756.3984.282
it here it might be up River at the next24758.446.198
waterfall now you really look like a24760.683.958
dolphin uh I see a big tree that's down24766.167.04
okay Lish it's very Lish oh I see it I24769.925.76
see it okay and we are I'm going to get24773.25.4
off here almost exactly right here this24775.686.92
makes sense found it I got it sweet woo24778.68.76
easy easy peas lemon squeeze me are you24782.66.64
guys going to just try to grab one each24787.364.118
like all of us yeah might as well all24789.243.76
right somebody's going to have to find24791.4783.522
me cuz yeah I have no clue where you are24793.03.44
hide and seek that's what we do just24795.03.52
stay in one spot Simon you got it we'll24796.445.0
find you oh attack get attacked by24798.528.32
spider oh no oh boy running running24801.4410.0
doing things like jumping oh24806.848.57
God man poop on a stick with24811.446.118
that back on wings suit yeah all right24817.5585.522
I'm approaching the bottom of this uh24821.04.16
next waterfall okay well get your ass24823.084.44
down here I'm circling oh God just put24825.163.92
on your damn TCH suit and fly down here24827.523.958
like a normal person I'm a bird of prey24829.084.2
look out you're a bird of stupid all24831.4784.682
right we think this is the place huh24833.284.96
yeah maybe oh there you go I see you24836.164.68
right in here oh yeah oh wait I see24838.244.76
something glowing oh I bet that's it I24840.845.4
think we got it oh baby baby baby baby24843.06.558
baby baby baby that is an artifact of24846.246.2
the skyl Lord heck yeah man I'm grabbing24849.5586.642
it boom one for you one for me mission24852.446.16
accomplished hell yeah fly back to base24856.25.4
yes sir switching Suits come on baby24858.66.0
there he goes and here we go24861.67.44
W oh yeah you looking good nees you too24864.67.358
buddy this is fun flying around like a24869.044.35
bunch of24871.9585.722
ooh I got a big red D on this map you24879.843.68
guys want you know what that means oh24881.844.798
bloody ow disgusting oh sorry the24883.524.52
artifact of the devious the last24886.6383.16
artifact we got to get is apparently in24888.044.838
the middle of a big fat dragon Hive oh24889.7985.042
so uh I think nees is already on the way24892.8783.68
with the boat we're going to go out24894.843.48
there to the desert I think uh meet at24896.5583.362
The Outpost and we're going to try to24898.323.478
use the boat as uh you know kind of our24899.923.28
defense we're going to get the dragons24901.7982.442
we're going to lure them out we're going24903.22.88
to have the boat kick some butt just go24904.243.44
ahead and do it abster go ahead go ahead24906.083.638
and do what give the uh suit to Simon24907.684.6
yeah oh oh Simon oh Simon you you come24909.7184.442
over here come over here in this chest24912.283.64
right here all right this uh this one24914.163.84
right put it on baby put it on baby put24915.923.84
it on24918.04.478
okay question mark I liked I I know I24922.4786.962
know I appreciate it nonetheless nice oh24926.364.598
that looks great oh man look at look at24929.443.198
all of us look at this is like a24930.9584.242
superhero team oh yeah you know what I24932.6384.042
want to do man I want to take off to the24935.23.88
desert together guys follow me let's uh24936.684.68
let's go to the roof okay all right I24939.084.96
hid my hat roof time how do you roof it24941.364.598
double tap on the space bar Salon yep I24944.044.438
might not I didn't grab any element oh24945.9584.562
he grab he'll grab some element yeah24948.4784.0
that'll make it work better where's the24950.524.52
element it's in the tech the fabricator24952.4785.962
oh the fabricator rotable rable fa the24955.045.358
mashed potato and that's not that's not24958.443.278
even the tech fabric you're down there24960.3983.042
in the regular fabricator God damn it24961.7184.202
I'll go get your Tex Che thank you24963.444.518
oh thck you're going helmet on huh I24965.924.0
going helmet on just because you know24967.9584.802
now I'm I'm no longer a citizen you know24969.925.68
yeah yeah got an obligation there you go24972.764.52
oh okay so uh everyone face the24979.7985.282
direction I'm facing yep all right now24982.4784.602
we're going to do this in tandem so it's24985.084.68
going to be uh space bar to start flying24987.084.798
and then control to move forward all24989.764.36
right M and then you'll do that okay24991.8784.202
ready maybe so we're going to do that on24994.125.838
the count of three 1 2 3 jump tap wait a24996.086.638
minut Dr wait wait get down go back down24999.9585.6
okay TR why why sorry sorry just got25002.7185.0
excited it was supposed to be Unison man25005.5584.202
that was25007.7187.882
one 2 3 jump tap here we go no25009.767.52
Christ Christ Christ all right everyone25015.62.878
back down God we're going to pull this25017.284.96
off I swear to God one two three jump25018.4786.122
hold oh yeah that's looking good all25022.243.718
right now everybody get ready to hit25024.66.798
control and in 3 2 1 control here we go25025.9588.84
baby you guys behind me no uh long ways25031.3988.08
yeah no I didn't do it right so25034.7984.68
yeah all right I think that's it right25040.4786.24
ahead there should be a Rend Point me25043.7984.642
look at my map25046.7185.522
okay yep devious straight ahead I guess25048.446.48
just land right here at the coast right25052.245.84
oh yeah the WN are going to be bad here25054.925.44
oh centipedes take them out boat tell25058.083.96
you what we'll shoot up a flare give the25060.365.64
guys a call Bam there we go come in this25062.046.918
is neebs oh hey neebs I'm in place25066.04.44
pretty close yeah I see I'm right above25068.9583.6
you baby you see my flare oh yeah kind25070.443.92
of I mean flares work better at night25072.5583.722
you know yeah but they're still flares25074.366.72
aren't they hello nees hello delas25076.284.8
boom sweet all right welcome aboard25083.3984.642
everyone all right from here we will go25085.8784.402
into this this looks like the Wyn Hive I25088.047.24
believe okay where's Simon where is25090.285.0
Simon get a little25095.444.68
closer don't you25097.7986.642
cry get a little closer with Aid extra25100.127.838
dry well it's getting blood dark red out25104.445.958
here man I don't know how to drive this25107.9584.642
thing hey Simon come in this25110.3984.722
hey neees do you know where we are nah25112.63.48
all right I'm going to shoot another25115.123.758
flare take a look right okay all right25116.086.16
just shot a flare look around okay you25118.8786.042
see it I don't know hold on let me go up25122.244.2
I'm going to fly along the coast maybe25124.923.16
I'll see you stay on the coast Simon25126.444.64
okay hold on how do I just is it control25128.087.24
to go f I'm punching in the air the25131.088.96
it's control control Ser okay oh no25135.328.72
okay hold on hold on25140.044.0
a it's probably me I'm so good I just25144.7185.722
had a little kangaroo jump next to me25148.3984.282
and I'm in between two freaking Canyons25150.443.76
wait in between two Canyons I might know25152.684.0
where you're at oh the the the trench do25154.24.96
you see uh do you see Griffins uh I25156.684.08
don't think so but listen I'm going to25159.163.718
go is does me going straight up help25160.764.76
anybody see where the I am or no25162.8785.242
hold on Simon oh my God I see you oh25165.525.438
I think I see you I see you I see25168.125.358
you okay yeah yeah yeah yeah all right25170.9584.282
follow me follow me we're going to head25173.4783.722
towards the coast all right now this25175.243.8
problem is I have a problem following25177.23.96
you that's the problem are you holding25179.044.758
control yes controls punching controls25181.164.718
punching yeah do you have something in25183.7984.76
your hands I do I have a map in my hands25185.8784.162
oh well that wouldn't count apparently25188.5584.24
that was it it did it did Count I took25190.046.598
the get up here double space oh now25192.7984.882
you're running all right so hitting25196.6383.722
controls doing25197.682.68
something look at that see you you guys25200.5584.362
are running there you go you just pass25202.9583.962
you look like a human jet ski there we25204.924.558
go I love it all right glad you made it25206.926.6
hey hello Simon hey uh I'm not25209.4787.08
interested okay we're not selling you25213.524.56
anything well this was the hard part you25216.5583.202
see this area behind like right behind25218.084.24
you Simon that's where the dragons live25219.764.48
okay so we're going to get the dragons25222.323.12
nees you still want to lure them to the25224.243.158
boat uh yeah the boat's here if if you25225.443.8
get overrun you run back to the boat all25227.3983.442
right we run back to the boat do we want25229.244.44
to send in like a like a like a a team25230.844.798
first just to see what it's like send in25233.683.958
two three guys or four guys I can wait25235.6384.08
here either way who are the best Flyers25237.6384.602
uh probably probably me and abro all25239.7184.322
right thick you lead the way I'm behind25242.244.158
you all right we'll go in from the top25244.044.758
do you know exactly the coordinates abro25246.3983.882
uh for this devious thing I think it's25248.7984.242
7442 all right and it's supposedly in25250.284.72
this Dragon Hive25253.044.4
somewhere it's kind of quiet in here25255.04.84
little too quiet I know when I heard25257.444.518
like wyvern hiive I was expecting the25259.843.638
worse this is uh this is actually not25261.9583.84
too bad but they could just come out of25263.4784.282
nowhere you know that's true well if we25265.7983.322
do we know what boat to lead them back25267.763.6
to and I am puckering a little if you25269.124.518
know what I'm saying oh I know exactly25271.363.56
what you're saying I'm just expecting to25273.6383.722
turn a corner and just be mauled by Wyn25274.923.958
yeah but we do have to kill some of25277.363.598
these right we got to get some claws uh25278.8783.722
yeah no we are going to need to kill Wyn25280.9583.082
so even if we do get the artifact which25282.63.4
is what we're here for we are still25284.043.64
going to have to murder wyverns today25286.03.28
which I am all25287.684.44
about D you happy with your tribe we're25289.284.84
all kind of in the same tribe now aren't25292.123.92
we uh well you're in the wyvern King25294.123.438
tribe and I'm in the I mean I think you25296.044.04
know how I felt about that like the25297.5585.32
tribe of w like none of those wyns even25300.085.08
agree with it you know oh right yeah we25302.8784.52
have Tech pants yeah yeah I saw that but25305.163.798
now you've got a lot of other things you25307.3983.602
going to update the we have a boat have25308.9584.402
a boat hey Z hey I mean you only have25311.04.32
one chair the boat's not the most25313.363.64
welcoming thing I could put chairs on25315.323.92
the flag Hey listen I'm I'm trying to25317.03.718
get down to like right in between you25319.243.76
guys trying to like ouch she I missed25320.7184.402
that time damn it yeah I'm thinking25323.04.76
maybe I'll start like a tribe of the a25325.125.598
chair tribe woo or something like25327.767.56
that oo what do I see is that an egg oh25330.7185.722
God if you take that are they going to25335.322.8
come down hard on us I don't know hard25336.444.56
on oh God I don't want this so bad well25338.124.48
I mean we can take it and then run run25341.03.638
back to you know the boat mine oh I'm25342.64.118
encumbered oh that's a heavy egg25344.6383.682
huh well makes sense it's a big ass25346.7183.602
dragon egg yeah oh yeah that's coming25348.324.6
for us okay run run run run oh god oh25350.324.078
sucking my blood all right to the boat25352.924.6
to the boat I got to drop don't come on25354.3983.882
away there you go there you go oh my God25358.286.4
I had to drop everything you'll never25362.165.638
catch me wyvern wyvern oh damn it that's25364.686.038
a wyvern wyvern coming in blood wyvern25367.7986.68
Bo hit me again oh boy oh no oh no a25370.7186.68
bloody on me he's sucking my blood25374.4785.522
that's not good get away from me please25377.3985.642
get out get away get away come on oh oh25380.05.32
down hey hey we got a crystal Talon a25385.326.04
crystal Talon good we need one of those25389.4783.442
we need five of them actually I think we25391.365.64
only have one so wa now we have two all25392.927.28
right uh this is not an artifact no it's25397.05.798
not an artifact but we found an egg okay25400.24.08
well get back out there going back for25402.7983.722
the artifact yes yes yeah got it sick25404.284.72
you ready yeah I'm back I came back for25406.523.878
egg idiot25410.3983.32
okay yeah hey Wyn you stay over there uh25414.045.438
where is this damn thing oh God where25417.044.96
are you oh oh God is that it is that it25419.4785.362
holy thi I think think I found it25422.07.44
okay all right uh artif of the devious25424.847.4
yep I got it now I am getting the hell25429.445.48
out of this25432.242.68
caveo I got it neees oh yeah oh yeah25436.67.24
baby right on yeah nice SRO hey take a25440.65.278
load off if you want no I'm good we got25443.843.68
other stuff to do okay so that takes25445.8784.08
care of that artifact okay boom but now25447.524.64
we still need more Crystal Talent yep25449.9583.322
and that's what you got you got that25452.164.16
from a blood dragon huh we just got a25453.285.8
uh Crystal Talon plus I already got one25456.325.44
so we have two now okay so thick yeah go25459.084.44
lure why don't you come lure a dragon25461.763.958
back out here I'm almost dead maybe25463.525.4
durus wants to uh take part I'll lure a25465.7185.722
dragon out sure a put all these chairs25468.924.478
up but we don't need to mention that oh25471.443.92
yeah I think you do cuz I'm going to sit25473.3983.962
right here look at that yeah take a load25475.364.038
off all right let's do it all right yeah25477.363.598
go get go get that Dragon door see if25479.3983.842
you can get three one go which way do I25480.9584.6
go over there towards the dragon yeah25483.244.44
like that way the way I'm facing yeah25485.5583.4
Simon's going to show you where it's at25487.683.038
hey I'll show you I'll show you I'll25488.9583.68
even go with you how about that all25490.7184.042
right let me drop these I was encumbered25492.6383.282
so I got25494.763.68
to more chairs in there all right be25495.925.76
safe let's do this bring three back ooo25498.445.518
Di's getting better at flying25501.684.24
nees sure25503.9586.68
is oh boy that's a problem I've25505.926.28
spit off more than I could chew did you25510.6384.362
get a whn nope oh oh you know what oh25512.25.598
yep I got one on my ass right now25515.05.12
this isn't good is that what we want I25517.7985.962
know but I have to get away uh hopefully25520.126.04
guys I've got a lock on two25523.766.958
WS huh I'm going to go and anger them25526.166.76
that I hit them that I make them mad did25530.7184.522
that make you angry oh yep25532.926.28
yep ooh I see Dora and I see a wering25535.246.0
behind him come to the boat Dora going25539.23.8
to the boat you know where we are kind25541.243.68
of you s you're going the wrong way I25543.04.638
don't think that I25544.922.718
am look for your chairs I feel like I'm25547.925.12
going exactly to the boat all right25551.24.72
sting a flare up there's the boat oh now25553.044.678
that dragon's coming this way I mean25555.923.92
it's big how could you miss it come on25557.7184.282
oh there we go oh wait oh oh God that's25559.844.2
a whole different Dragon oh yeah holy25562.04.398
crap oh go in the25564.044.758
water oh no25566.3985.642
dragon oh boy take down has gotten hairy25568.7984.402
oh take him25572.045.08
down shotgun shotgun get him NES get25573.26.56
that shotgun okay I got to get in the25577.125.32
water oh boy man we are dying left and25579.764.718
right here oh jeez yeah that's Fire come25582.446.16
on Show Me Your Dragon25584.4784.122
why don't anybody neebs why don't you25593.083.398
spawn in the boat nebes where are you at25594.6384.402
oh my God what is happening out here did25596.4787.24
he die Did It Die hello uh okay are we25599.047.678
clear this guy hey come back here this25603.7184.602
boat wants to kick your ass oh God I'm25606.7184.08
getting the25608.322.478
thing okay there we go I'm back oh I got25613.046.56
here just in time to see it go oh25617.4783.842
there's my stuff hold on let me take a25619.62.44
oh there's a abro body okay there's my25622.0410.12
stuff aha hold on let me oh aha got it25625.9588.802
Crystal Talon one and there should be25632.165.08
another one over here ladybug boat25634.766.638
you're amazing you're uh MVP of the day25637.248.08
yeah hey what's up uh never bring uh25641.3985.762
well never not bring a wyvern to a Wyn25645.324.318
fight is what I'm saying that's crazy uh25647.164.558
you bring you bring boats to Wyn fight25649.6384.042
what are you talking about hey you sit25651.7186.24
down sit down crap sit down oh my God25653.685.878
what is this thing doing the thing's25657.9584.042
super well behaved oh God yeah look at25659.5584.442
the boat how perfectly behaved the boat25662.03.558
is you know what I'm just going to let25664.03.68
you you you stay here you stay here I25665.5584.442
got to get my stuff nebs okay got to get25667.684.278
my clothes I forgot my clothes I think25670.03.6
can someone kill this scorpion on my25671.9583.802
butt you got a scorpion on your butt ah25673.64.118
yeah well all right it's way back there25675.764.28
let me get my stuff think uh think we25677.7186.602
not eat it I hope so I got it man he is25680.046.08
rare form today you got to send that25684.323.8
thing to uh Wyn school right it's25686.124.278
expensive man if you price that out it's25688.124.48
nuts all right yeah it's gotten crazyer25690.3984.962
the last few years woo man so I'm25692.64.32
guessing you didn't see me bring in that25695.363.8
wyvern I didn't see anything except25696.924.16
death you just all seemed very surprised25699.163.52
when I got there well the red one came25701.083.28
and a yellow one like us surprised us25702.683.798
from the back so does your boat still25704.364.32
work neebs yeah of course it does just25706.4784.202
takes a minute all right let's regroup25708.685.4
and wait for the others oh25710.686.44
okay o Mees m i see a red drop over25714.084.36
there yeah all right tell you what I'm25717.122.518
going to do I'm going to go get that25718.443.038
drop hopefully something Good's in it25719.6383.962
and then I'll also try to lure a Wyn25721.4785.122
back to the boat just a Wyn not five AB25723.64.56
I'm just going to accompany you a bit25726.64.038
just from a distance okay and watch I'm25728.164.08
going to sit right here until you guys25730.6384.122
get closer we had more chairs but it was25732.245.398
just yep ne's trb we have at least one25734.764.92
chair oh come on please be something25737.6383.982
good please be something good probably a25739.683.24
ASC it's an ascended woolly Rhino saddle25742.925.6
all right garbage all right we need to25746.8783.882
get one of these wyverns uh back though25748.524.72
so I might have to pop him one give him25750.766.0
a good old poppy pop him one all right25753.247.8
all right which one's it going to be25756.768.638
H I think it's going to have to be you I25761.046.64
get you Maybe not maybe maybe not can't25765.3985.122
tell yet come on abso be that Sure Shot25767.685.0
we know you are he's at a distance oh25770.524.08
there's what I see now he's coming25772.684.038
here we go here we go25774.64.798
okay I'm flying right next to him hi in25776.7186.24
the sky see we yep that's the one coming25779.3985.682
in Over Look Alive boys all right Get25782.9583.52
Ready Get Ready Get ready I'm bring it25785.082.24
in he still behind me yep trying to hit25787.325.238
me oh yeah he's after thick he's after25790.763.52
thick now come to the25792.5586.16
boat the oo this is some superhero25794.288.04
I love it there we go here he comes oh25798.7186.322
there's two dragons huh yeah I'm on one25802.326.2
just the red one just the red one okay25805.045.838
what's the r things is it he's burning25808.524.878
me oh crap oh going in the water25810.8785.402
come and he's down25813.3986.16
nice fell right in front of me sweet all25816.286.358
right Talon knbs uh yes sir boom that's25819.5587.122
it we got five Crystal Talons baby ooh25822.6389.352
yeah Mission success boys yes25826.6824.52
hey that's a alpha female Megalodon25851.24.198
there we're looking for a w or though I25853.5583.722
know we need an alpha wver and I think25855.3983.682
this is going to be the best place to25857.283.76
find them so yeah NE just stop the boat25859.083.68
right here this a dead end man I know25861.043.32
it's a dead end but apparently this25862.764.198
region is full of Crystal wyvern okay25864.364.16
and we're hoping to find the alpha but25866.9583.162
we also need to build a trap because25868.523.198
we're going to need Primal crystals is25870.123.2
this shark dead yet oh my God these25871.7183.722
things are so loud yeah that big uh that25873.325.28
big Alpha Megalodon holy cow oh yeah25875.445.358
she's a fatty those are good eaten I'm25878.63.798
going to try I'm going to try what are25880.7983.122
you going to try well if it gets close25882.3983.16
I'm going to use the flamethrower but in25883.924.558
the water oh flamethrower of Megalodon25885.5585.282
yeah I want to see this I see jump in25888.4785.24
and lower we we close all right yeah hey25890.845.68
over here come on look door has got a25893.7184.68
flamethrower baby do it do it there you25896.524.0
go oh yeah there you go fly out there oh25898.3984.642
yeah hover hover and burn25900.525.08
W yeah25903.045.358
barue oh that's cool she did not like25905.64.72
that at all you got to finish the job D25908.3983.922
get back in there not really that was25910.324.96
the job I think okay so you did it yeah25912.325.92
it'll be back dras the floating flame of25915.285.92
Fury oh she went under she got scared25918.245.92
going to go under a die oh is that her25921.25.84
going up the L she she doing a dance25924.165.2
what does she do I like it let me see25927.044.24
let me see what I do you see her yeah25929.363.48
I'm I'm going to see if we can uh oh25931.285.72
yeah oh Chomp Chomp Chompy CHP what in25932.848.0
the hell is she doing is she uh she dead25937.05.958
no she's not dead she's just being25940.843.48
really dumb look at this this is the25942.9583.402
dumbest Alpha megadon I've ever seen25944.324.12
yeah pretty25946.365.598
dumb chick Fri tail fried tail chicken25948.445.518
fried Shar tail all right she's got her25951.9584.562
nose in the dirt man she just takes so25953.9585.402
much oh yeah25956.526.4
hey boom she's dead yay oh let's see25959.365.198
what's in there what are you off25962.924.12
dilophosaur hey look at that pickaxe and25964.5585.562
that ax oh so she must ate somebody good25967.046.04
mhm o ooh hey that's a nice pickaxe I'm25970.125.04
taking that and the axe all right and25973.083.68
that what is that a Megalodon tooth yeah25975.163.36
I can hold on to that I'm taking it all25976.763.718
put that on your necklace sweet all25978.523.68
right let's go go back to the boat start25980.4784.042
working on that trap for these Wy copy25982.26.08
that cuz we need 10 Primal25984.523.76
crystals hey neees what do you think25990.085.12
good you good on supplies or need more25992.924.878
uh no I am good on supplies thank you25995.24.92
what the hell oh here we go there It Is25997.7984.68
Well jeez which plan is it this one see26000.123.64
it's both it's all of them they're going26002.4783.522
after this poor trilobit uh what else26003.764.28
yeah run buddy run we could use the oil26006.03.84
could we though I don't think we could26008.043.438
I'll turn everything off yeah turn all26009.843.4
those off yeah we don't want this stuff26011.4784.48
uh hitting our uh our poor guy now it's26013.245.158
going after this poor guy knock off come26015.9585.122
on man we got to watch him die slowly26018.3984.882
now hey I don't know why you're slowly26021.083.84
walking towards it you might want to26023.284.0
turn away well it's a moss chops they're26024.924.2
they're not very smart God someone put26027.283.118
this guy out of his oh he is going26029.123.92
forward oh wow yeah again not so smart26030.3984.24
thick put him out of his misery there26033.043.72
you go Simon oh there you go Simon yeah26034.6383.482
but yeah just put a couple bullets in26036.762.718
the back of his head there you go there26038.122.758
you go couple more couple more bullets26039.4783.042
right in the back of his head I'll shoot26040.8784.0
him in the butt oh man this a turtle26042.523.72
could have swore I got that one there26044.8784.242
you go Simon a turtle now n we just get26046.245.36
this boat out of here tur yeah go go on26049.124.92
and this is the last one I love this26051.63.798
boat but this is way too much trouble26054.042.56
yeah but this is the last one is that26055.3983.522
the last one you should be put to sleep26056.65.24
here we go walk free Buddy Walk free26058.925.0
yeah all right thick you know the drill26061.844.08
I need you to go uh find a wyver and26063.924.2
bring him in we need one person on one26065.923.84
gate neebs you get on this front gate26068.123.438
I'll get on the end yes sir sir all26069.763.638
right I'll be ready to pounce in and26071.5585.24
shoot a pie me too let's trap us some26073.3985.512
boys okay I think I see one hello fellow26083.5586.84
wyvern uh hello well you can kiss your26087.844.24
little butt yeah come on follow me26090.3984.842
follow me I try you can't you can't do26092.085.318
that to me it doesn't work it doesn't26095.244.478
work but you can follow me you got to26097.3984.202
keep up though because you're with the26099.7185.362
best you're with the26101.63.48
besto all right coming in hot all right26105.844.558
there you go speed up I'm closing the26108.64.878
gate nees close the26110.3983.08
gate we got it oh we're tring shink him26113.525.198
boys down Budd watch out for his spray26118.7184.402
yeah he could take us out pretty quick26121.843.6
I'm sure yep I think I'm I'm almost dead26123.124.88
jeez Louise yep stay away from him yep26125.444.92
he's got a he's got a spray oh you26128.06.398
landed yeah oh my God now he's supposed26130.366.518
to have what Primal Crystal I think so26134.3984.56
someone open him up does he have a26136.8784.642
primal crystal in him uh let's see I can26138.9584.44
open him up he's not dead right no he's26141.523.48
not dead he's breathing I'm seeing him26143.3983.442
breathing unconscious oh yeah yeah26145.05.0
unconscious is this how you do26146.843.16
it all right it's wait is this a crystal26154.7985.0
wyvern it is right yeah I mean it seems26157.6383.76
like one all right put it him to sleep26159.7983.6
again all right he's down he's down26161.3984.602
maybe we should shoot him again Jesus26163.3984.16
what the hell was that neeb was being26166.06.0
slow UNC level 20 Crystal Wyn I can't26167.5585.882
access any inventory I can't access the26172.03.16
inventory what's going on crystal wyns26173.443.72
you don't access do you yeah I thought26175.163.88
you just got them I thought we got these26177.163.558
crystals from oh God hold on let me go26179.043.72
do some research what are we doing wrong26180.7183.882
maybe we this is this is a bad one go26182.763.4
get us another one thick it's not a bad26184.63.118
one can we name this one rhubarb though26186.164.44
please oh she's awake again heads up26187.7184.962
head up awake again it says it can be26190.63.878
gathered by knocking out Crystal wyverns26192.683.52
or their air counterpart and pressing26194.4785.08
the E key to harvest the crystals Simon26196.25.16
on their bodies while unconscious did26199.5584.0
someone get the crystals by accident no26201.365.32
no oh I got some crystals somehow I got26203.5585.282
some crystals oh so you did get them26206.685.4
yeah but yeah by accident weird Okay so26208.844.4
yeah you don't actually go into its26212.082.798
inventory and drag them over you just26213.244.04
hit e on this thing and uh that that you26214.8784.122
get them that way all right open the26217.283.72
doors this one's got to go no well I26219.03.718
mean we got to kill it I mean he's not26221.03.32
just going to run away you don't think26222.7183.402
no hell no close that door cuz if he26224.323.12
gets loose he's just going to murder us26226.125.88
all oh he's up he's up shoot him26227.447.6
shoot his ass on fire at least that's26232.05.08
pretty all right can we get him nope n26235.044.16
just lure them away all right thank you26237.084.04
rhubarb get some more crystals and come26239.26.32
back and see us names what a show26241.127.32
mhm Flawless execution I don't know why26245.527.16
anyone still watches us I'm not26248.446.56
let's see what is that that's a pterodon26252.685.08
okay okay we're hun oh yeah I see one26255.04.718
we're heading straight towards one oh26257.765.08
it's beautiful holy cow it looks like a26259.7185.24
package of Tropical Skittles oh this guy26262.842.878
here yeah it's pride month here in Ark26265.7186.202
yeah we love the gays bring me right by26268.924.36
them bring me right by them I'm going26271.923.958
toop yeah I got a hit all right oh yeah26273.286.48
all right go th go go go go there go go26275.8787.482
go come on bubba you going down26279.766.16
baby I can't see him where'd he go26283.364.32
I he's behind us he's behind us he's on26285.922.718
the ground he's on the ground he's on26287.682.84
the ground okay he's hiding in the woods26288.6384.962
like a like a coward oh boy oh man26290.524.0
thick you're making it really hard for26293.62.16
me to hit you need to get close get26294.523.64
close to him thick oh got another hit wo26295.764.198
he hit me though all right he's chasing26298.163.718
he's chasing oh and I'm burning oh God26299.9584.44
this might have been a26301.8782.52
stupid I'll bring him to the26306.7984.442
NES hey get the Trap ready oh making a26311.244.6
healing Brew okay get the Trap get the26313.7184.08
Trap ready okay I just open the door you26315.844.36
think he's uh bringing it uh yeah he's I26317.7984.0
hope he's bringing it cuz yeah I just26320.23.04
died that did not work at all all right26321.7983.122
yeah open that door I'll open this door26323.244.36
yep look alive folks all right all right26324.924.958
uh come on yep it's on you right behind26327.64.038
you go ahead all right come on in come26329.8783.882
on he com he's going through he going26331.6384.362
through he's through nope nope nope nope26333.765.28
nope nope got him trink him up you26336.04.44
thought you were getting through all26339.043.56
right keep your distance yep I'm going26340.444.038
to go I got bruise to work on you guys26342.63.84
good no nees I I have nothing I have no26344.4783.682
trinks yeah your trinks are valuable26346.443.24
right here so him26348.166.08
up S no I'm okay oh boy salmon you okay26349.686.76
hey I'm I'm I'm the closest to death26354.244.92
that you can be but I'm still shooting26356.444.88
I'm hitting him yeah keep your distance26359.164.638
there you go Simon they looking good26361.325.398
yeah we got it right in the face that26363.7984.76
first one went down so easy this one26366.7183.76
might be stronger yeah no going26368.5584.042
down soon though maybe we'll get more uh26370.4783.842
crystals from him since he's stronger26372.63.958
maybe that'd be nice we only need a few26374.325.398
more yeah oh down uh boom that's it get26376.5584.482
them thick all right now pay attention26379.7183.322
this time to see how the crystals work I26381.043.758
think I got them did you oh I got so26383.045.438
many crystals one two one 2 3 4 6 12 1326384.7986.482
14 15 crystals yeah wait wa no no hold26388.4784.842
on these are Primal crystals that's26391.284.64
Primal crystals 15 Primal crystals26393.324.8
that's it we got it we done good now26395.923.558
this guy's going to wake up you know26398.123.48
he's going to wake up yeah yeah yeah thi26399.4783.962
kill it kill it there you go yeah just26401.64.198
shoot him or neees where's your shotgun26403.445.08
ah shotgun him in the head there you go26405.7984.642
I know I know it's not fun needs to be26408.523.84
done though walk free buddy I would have26410.443.64
released him there you go perfect26412.363.598
perfect perfect okay thick thick where26414.083.92
you at take me back to my stuff okay26415.9583.042
tell you what yeah I'm going to go get26418.02.718
my stuff and then we'll meet back here26419.04.08
at the boat okay oh you moved I'm26420.7184.042
sorry I'll stay still look at me I'm26423.085.04
still boy boom expert love26424.767.32
it oh there's Jesus and and our Lord and26428.127.24
saor boom got my tech suit back baby all26432.084.718
right what needs to happen next we got26435.363.56
everything we need to fight the boss26436.7985.042
except one more item the alpha Crystal26438.925.6
Talon right mhm I guess neebs uh neebs26441.844.638
and I can go hunt for that thing okay26444.523.68
and I guess we can rate you guys when26446.4783.882
you find it one thing we haven't seen on26448.24.0
this map that I kind of want to see is26450.364.48
that uh top topang oh we've seen it we26452.24.438
just have not tamed one thick why don't26454.843.92
you guys go tame one okay we can do that26456.6384.402
is it a normal tame h yeah you might26458.763.84
want to look it up do your research all26461.043.438
that good stuff but uh yeah I heard it26462.64.278
saddle's pretty sweet yeah hey real26464.4784.4
quick I I do want to say to neees26466.8785.042
congratulations on selling more shirts26468.8787.162
than the tribe of the WN King oh nib oh26471.926.4
oh did did we sell more shirts you did I26476.044.72
didn't hear oh you didn't yeah you did I26478.324.8
I yeah you did it was an email thread26480.765.16
he's acting yeah he's a good actor yeah26483.124.358
he's really26485.925.478
good take that okay26487.4786.282
let's go get that dumb bird all righty26491.3985.08
yeah here we go all right I guess we're26493.764.878
following you oh man you guys you guys26496.4785.32
look awesome I'm it great that26498.6387.16
look great there we go oops I hit tab I26501.7986.68
guess tab turns everything off doesn't26505.7988.042
it oh jeez oh yeah that's what it26508.4789.4
does all right guys right here found one26513.846.48
over here okay big dumb snout yeah if26517.8784.962
you you guys uh just follow my nose or26520.325.638
this thing's nose oh that snout thing oh26522.849.2
boy oh boy okay yeah oh oh okay that is26525.9588.44
beautiful it really is I hit him it26532.044.12
looks really good in these trees you did26534.3983.48
okay all right so I guess this is what26536.163.92
we're doing we're just starting it okay26537.8784.722
oh he's moving fast now oh he he's not26540.085.478
happy nope not happy oh help out if you26542.65.0
can all right okay that's what we're26545.5584.4
doing triy to try to I don't even know26547.64.878
what level this is yeah doesn't matter26549.9585.162
wow it's so fast that's crazy am I in26552.4784.682
his mouth oh my God you're in his mouth26555.125.12
oh boy here we go wow that's that's26557.165.84
pretty awesome yeah now now I like him26560.245.8
even more let's try again get you son of26563.04.558
all right thank you're a you're a hero26566.044.758
buddy get Y come on am I out I26567.5586.802
can't be out of a keep keep eating me26570.7986.282
trying to get there this is uh yeah all26574.365.038
right level 45 whatever you're going26577.084.08
away you're going away26579.3984.4
does not want to be tamed right now oh26581.164.08
are we not taming this thing the26583.7983.442
right way probably not probably oh wait26585.243.84
isn't it just fall didn't it just fall26587.244.0
it did fall it's right here right in I'm26589.083.52
right in front of it y it looks like26591.243.68
it's unconscious sorry buddy we're dumb26592.63.718
and we don't know how to do this right26594.922.798
you gorgeous creature it's going to wake26596.3184.202
up pissed not if we're not here that's26597.7184.562
true all right we need to figure it out26600.523.48
back to the drawing board we'll find26602.283.56
another one higher level well but let's26604.03.558
know what we do first yeah yeah that26605.843.36
back back to the drawing board means26607.5582.682
yeah we figure out what we're going to26609.23.16
do right but we have one right here26610.243.558
though wouldn't we want to figure it out26612.363.88
like keep this one uh like unconscious26613.7984.802
until until like cuz 45 is fine I mean26616.243.88
look I'll shoot him in a butt he stays26618.63.798
unconscious a little longer we do some26620.124.198
research yeah I'm just getting somewhere26622.3983.722
safe so I can look this up all right26624.3184.24
look it up look it up do your thing kept26626.124.8
eating me yeah I can see why you have26628.5584.24
some traumatic experiences with this26630.924.038
little fella what's that thing called a26632.7987.202
Maka chakam spell that it's a Maka m u c26634.95811.282
k a chucka c h u c k a MAA m u c CA it's26640.010.12
actually a Tropic naus that's otherwise26646.246.318
known as Chucky Maka faka I hate you26650.125.72
Simon I was really looking up MAA Chaka26652.5585.142
Tua that's his language26655.845.36
setting I'm sure will see a like a red26661.24.358
drop oh yeah you got a grapple hook or26663.9583.68
something wait what I I got a tech suit26665.5585.32
IIT fly up there yeah26667.6384.522
having these things I'm going to get it26670.8783.672
first it's not why is mine doing26672.164.318
this I can't even go just you get it26676.4785.442
fine I am going to get it you couldn't26680.243.96
let me have this one thing could you uh26681.925.398
it is an ascendant fabricated pistol26684.25.32
okay oo I'm replacing that with my old26687.3183.882
piece of there you go hey that's26689.525.0
actually really good all right super26691.26.24
abro got a pistol that probably26694.524.798
sucks yeah26697.443.72
see what kind of sibling you were I want26701.164.36
the ice cream it's mine you took it you26703.125.0
want the pistol no I just wanted the26705.524.278
Journey of getting it yep hold on let me26708.125.16
take my old one and it Viking26709.7985.042
burial I don't think you ever even26713.283.198
killed anything with that did you no the26714.844.36
thing was a piece of26716.4785.282
Simon I feel like this is going to26719.23.758
do the26721.763.76
job yes I believe you're correct yes26722.9584.68
sorry I was choking oh no that's not26725.524.24
good that's never a good thing no it's26727.6384.84
not good to choke but it is good to see26729.764.48
that this thing is still unconscious I26732.4783.562
can't believe I guess I was shooting it26734.243.318
too much you don't have to be in there26736.043.04
anymore oh I know but I was having a26737.5583.4
good time with it you know yeah but then26739.083.318
we don't want to kill it so now we just26740.9583.562
like keep it um well here this is its26742.3983.962
new home for a minute I know I'm not I'm26744.523.72
not shooting it anymore okay here we go26746.364.24
so let's see what uh let's check in with26748.245.478
the uh thick apotamus okay ah thick come26750.66.16
on and it's uh your good pals Dora and26753.7185.322
Simon come on here uh dor and Simon it's26756.764.28
your good pal 44 I'm almost at the26759.043.56
island of slaves I'm going to see if26761.044.32
they have everything that we need for26762.64.56
taming the stuff or at least the hard26765.364.4
stuff a big solid copy roger dingdong on26767.164.88
that we're just uh watching we made a26769.765.52
quite a this yeah we're good we're good26772.045.758
we got the thing sounds good I will see26775.285.4
you guys shortly ETA I don't know copy26777.7984.68
that Simon what are you doing you want26780.683.198
to do this you want to play this game26782.4783.682
I'm giving you tast your own medicine is26783.8783.882
what I'm doing you want you want to play26786.164.718
this game right now God feels good26787.765.638
Sorry by the way you I hit C I tried to26790.8784.322
crouch I didn't realize it was in C I26793.3983.282
you're ow all right excuse me sorry time26796.686.84
to take a little nap it's time for you26801.3183.522
to take a little nap it's time for you26803.524.798
to take a nap take a na who's naing26804.846.36
right now nap first take a little nap26808.3187.0
timeon take a nap okay truce truce only26811.27.8
CU of oh you you son of a all right26815.3185.922
fine had to clear the26819.04.76
oh I just broke something sorry I26821.245.078
broke your chest plate broke our trust26823.764.0
no all right I'll let you get this one26827.763.718
thank you I'm going to do it the26830.284.438
oldfashioned way ready oh climbing picks26831.4785.682
yep still still look dumb when you fly26834.7184.322
oh yeah yeah ah they didn't fix that yet26837.164.12
no crap wish they would it sucks when26839.043.56
you get this thing I parked over here26841.283.0
just so we'd have some light uh-huh26842.62.64
we're not going to have any more light26844.281.96
well I'll take a look if it's something26845.242.52
dumb I won't get it that's a good idea26846.242.88
yeah just leave26847.765.08
it you suck26849.125.758
Ah that's26852.844.038
horrible um well maybe I can do26854.8783.402
something I got to try my gun on26856.8784.042
something yeah yeah let's see what's26858.284.678
around here I can murder oh one of these26860.924.52
big guys yeah oh yeah you mad about it26862.9585.322
oh he mad about26865.442.84
it yeah did you kill it man I didn't26871.4784.722
even have to reload the clip oh look at26874.523.92
his done26876.26.08
face a you killed one of these guys yeah26878.445.518
these guys are friendly all right yeah26882.283.8
let me find something unfriendly like uh26883.9584.84
dilophosaur bad dilophosaur Two Shots26886.084.84
two shots he's down this gun's awesome26888.7983.92
yeah not bad all right I'm going to go26890.922.92
color this thing and we'll wait till26892.7184.84
morning yeah right on make it uh orange26893.847.36
hell no make it blue26897.5583.642
baby Simon did you ice cube through the26902.046.12
night at all uh no I didn't did you oh26905.4784.122
you were comfortable in that in that26908.163.478
suit yeah kind of hate that you I'm not26909.63.4
going to rub it in your face but I got26911.6383.802
really chilly really super chilly I know26913.04.84
you did and I really really am sorry I26915.444.198
thought you picked out like a real gun26917.843.76
and shot me with a real bullet oh no I26919.6384.362
would never Hey listen never it's kind26921.65.08
of crazy how long this has pasted out26924.05.28
yeah it doesn't make any sense May and I26926.684.038
and I really I was like oh this thing's26929.283.56
probably dead but no it's not oh look at26930.7184.16
this hold on now I get to see the actual26932.844.52
color cuz I guess it was mostly blood26934.8785.362
before too yeah it was mostly blood yeah26937.364.88
yeah okay so that's a good sign it's not26940.243.6
yeah okay are you going to be able to26942.244.318
repair that uh that that chest piece26943.844.84
thing easily yeah eventually just not26946.5584.042
here yeah I mean we're good here we're26948.683.68
just we're just no it's okay it's okay26950.64.798
son so it was a stupid fight and uh fun26952.365.32
but stupid26955.3984.442
yep all right so somewhere in this26957.684.118
region huh I think so you want to go to26959.843.52
the top of this uh Hill right in front26961.7983.242
of us and see what we can see yeah all26963.364.038
right top of the hill going higher uh26965.045.04
top of the hill yeah you're looking good26967.3984.202
well you were looking good now you hit26970.082.76
the side of a mountain no I'm not good26971.62.84
at this clearly it's like flying a hot26972.844.68
air balloon for me you get used to it do26974.444.878
you yeah the physics of it I'm used to26977.524.84
it already Okay I fly like a champ like26979.3185.762
a champ wild you uh go and hide in the26982.364.64
rocks in the desert miss I miss champ26985.084.318
wild all right I'm up top there's a26987.04.958
giant tree here in one of these Hills26989.3983.882
I'm going to move a little past that you26991.9584.082
see me okay uh yep can I get on this26993.284.88
tree is that is that crazy try to land26996.044.518
up here hey I'm in the tree don't forget26998.165.238
where we parked oh I'm not I got this ah27000.5584.522
man I can't stay in the tree I was27003.3984.4
falling out yeah get up here there we go27005.084.318
there we go look at us monkeys at the27007.7984.882
top of the world yep what do you see uh27009.3985.882
right now not a whole damn lot let me27012.686.038
fly around just a little27015.283.438
bit Simon yeah I think we broke it you27018.846.118
would think right because there's no way27022.125.278
you know do you see the number like when27024.9584.402
you go up to it it doesn't change it27027.3984.042
doesn't change it stays27029.366.118
204 yeah it sure does H well is there27031.445.76
can we hit it I haven't tried to punch27035.4785.0
it yet yeah go okay give it one punch27037.26.96
okay hey move W up okay easy oh wait27040.4786.282
wait look okay so unconscious went down27044.164.718
oh that's but that's I think that's just27046.765.16
its overall health oh yeah so we're just27048.8784.76
killing it no I think that this might be27051.923.6
a lost cause I mean it was exciting I27053.6383.642
think you're right I think you're right27055.523.4
Ian we could see we could just wait and27057.282.92
see we'll leave it here who knows27058.925.32
what'll happen right okay to be27060.27.278
continued who who Nee oh I see a wing27064.246.12
yeah oh yeah is it a wyvern that's got27067.4784.602
to be a wyvern looks like he's caught in27070.364.24
the mountain though oh really yeah you H27072.085.12
the boat I got it inside all right I'm27074.65.44
doing it okay oh yeah he's coming he's27077.24.84
coming all right go27080.043.62
okay oh yeah he's following he's27085.684.6
following here we go superhero moment27088.084.44
right now baby okay all right water's27090.283.56
right down27092.524.438
thereo right dropping come on keep27093.845.718
following dummy keep following dummy oh27096.9584.36
yeah this is looking good this is27099.5583.76
looking real good I'm bringing him nees27101.3184.16
okay come on he following you I took a27103.3184.64
shot at him U making sure he's following27105.4784.362
I see him I see him awesome do you see27107.9585.162
me I know where you are okay yep he's27109.845.84
coming in hot coming in high ooh he's27113.125.8
hungry from me woohoo all right game his27115.686.24
own baby Jesus I'm I'm ducking below27118.926.44
whoa okay yep going back inside woo good27121.925.638
time to take my freaking Brewery things27125.363.48
all right I'm hitting him I'm hitting27127.5583.282
him hard okay oh man he's bloody already27128.843.958
this is looking really good yeah yeah27130.844.4
he's down27132.7986.52
oh we are proing our bab mes and27135.247.078
afro just killed a Alpha Crystal27139.3186.122
wyvern woo all right let me check his27142.3186.4
inventory oh my God that was awesome um27145.445.0
Alpha Crystal Tal27148.7184.442
real resource hell yeah that's what we27150.444.6
needed what else has he got in there uh27153.163.84
Primal crystal is that what we were just27155.043.16
getting earlier what the he's got27157.04.0
Primal crystals in him how many a ton 127158.24.88
2 3 why the did we kidnap all those27161.04.84
other dragons I don't know we're okay27163.087.2
Jesus stupid who's stupid we're dumb all27165.847.36
right turning this headset off well27170.284.92
never mind I'm tur it it black and white27173.23.64
oh this is night vision isn't it don't27175.23.96
need that that's stupid all right I need27176.845.28
some need some hide meat good job nees27179.164.88
good job abre man I'm going to make27182.125.198
those uh send leather gauntlets out of27184.048.08
this oh Simon hey hey we got us uh well27187.3188.282
that idiot is um awake yeah awake but we27192.125.16
need to get that stuff but the problem27195.63.76
is F's not with us today I think he's27197.284.72
teaching a whittling class somewhere or27199.365.8
something like that okay so I need to go27202.05.12
we didn't have any other animals here I27205.164.2
need to go back and get what he was27207.124.64
going to get which uh I'm going to need27209.364.598
your top for my friend okay what is it27211.764.038
that you're getting whatever we needed27213.9584.36
to tame this uh thing what what do we27215.7984.202
need to tame it I don't know I just know27218.3183.282
there was kibble involved and it was27220.04.16
like this complicated thing but we but27221.65.56
we can't get it well I think that I have27224.164.398
to go to that island but I'm going to27227.163.52
swing by our base first and well there's27228.5584.042
my top yeah I don't know what you're27230.683.84
going to do here I'm just going to sit27232.64.08
here and do nothing and watch this thing27234.524.6
like fly in midair maybe sing to it or27236.684.118
something that's an option yeah maybe27239.123.518
I'll sing it happy birthday well it's I27240.7982.962
don't know if you well whatever you want27242.6385.042
to sing it happy birthday why would you27243.766.6
you I don't know if you need to do that27247.685.56
happy birthday what is the name by the27250.365.72
way tropy of nais to27253.245.318
you happy27256.087.478
birthday dear TR of27258.5587.4
M happy27263.5586.202
birthday to you and then you could sing27265.9585.802
other songs too Simon I'll catch27269.764.68
you let's see it's been a while right27271.767.28
bye yep have fun Simon Okay Old McDonald27274.447.4
had a farm sing with27279.047.2
me and on the farm he had a27281.848.76
dip he had it it was his yep he's a27286.247.558
farmer all27290.63.198
right h n yeah a scorpion like inside me27296.925.958
and it's weird yeah that those things27300.7184.722
are always weird yeah we know that okay27302.8784.882
so uh I would like to get what are they27305.444.84
called tapata yeah so you want a flyer27307.763.6
like listen if we're going into this27310.282.598
boss fight I want something cool is that27311.363.76
a that's a spino over there to our left27312.8785.0
yeah it is it's all the plants on uh yep27315.124.88
front one is anyway we're probably good27317.8784.08
we'll just drive by it I looked at the27320.04.16
map we can go through this River but of27321.9583.92
course you see all this uh Bush and27324.163.52
trees in front of us yeah we need to27325.8783.322
take that out you uh you still got a27327.683.36
T-Rex in your pocket is that what you27329.23.84
want to do T-rex this stuff or what try27331.043.48
to drive right through it this will be a27333.043.48
mess I've got an axe too I can chop if27334.524.038
you get stuck T-Rex work so much better27336.523.92
than axe but okay look oh my God look at27338.5583.24
this I'm just I'll do T-rex if you27340.442.878
really want it well hold on I got to27341.7983.0
find a way through this this is27343.3183.32
land this is L yeah you're right all27344.7984.282
right can't go this way there's got to27346.6383.722
oh I think I see a way over there going27349.083.318
to get close to the spino okay the trees27350.363.4
aren't I thought they were going to be27352.3982.56
more of a physical object I didn't27353.762.4
realize you can kind of cut through them27354.9582.76
like this they're kind of clippy is that27356.163.96
an alpha T-Rex to on left okay wherever27357.7184.362
we're just going to go this way yeah27360.124.12
exactly we can take him a crap I got27362.084.12
caught a caught in what a tree that you27364.243.398
could could have been knocked down by27366.23.358
T-Rex do you really want the T-Rex I'll27367.6383.282
pull them out I don't really want the I27369.5582.482
don't really want to have to go through27370.922.92
all this buty all you got to do is27372.043.838
say nees let's do the T-Rex and I'll do27373.843.958
it NES pull out the T-Rex and cut me27375.8784.44
away through this damn Bush yes sir27377.7984.282
what's his name I forgot his name uh did27380.3184.722
we name him probably but again gone his27382.085.36
name is Rex level 255 well then I guess27385.044.0
we didn't name him all right toss him27387.443.878
out here we go go T-Rex you're27389.044.678
up all right all right so so you got27391.3183.842
kind of a bird's eye view up there much27393.7182.642
better than mine you can kind of also27395.163.638
Point me which way to go okay uh follow27396.365.038
me follow the Rex oh see yeah look at27398.7984.76
this now we're cutting through this easy27401.3985.122
yeah see see clearing a path ah it's27403.5584.962
worked much better me and a T-Rex27406.524.76
cleared a path for my friend abro good27408.526.24
song NES thanks it's a family classic oh27411.285.358
whoo whoa whoo whoa whoo is that a giga27414.764.52
hold up yep hold up that's a giga that's27416.6384.642
we backing up we're backing up we're27419.284.32
backing up back it up oh boy should we27421.285.16
get a giga are you kidding me no yeah we27423.64.56
should kill a we should kill that Giga27426.443.64
all right just but back it up back it up27428.163.158
back it up didn't realize we were going27430.084.04
to run into that27431.3185.602
woo all right hey everybody shut the27434.125.198
door quick okay who will I be bringing27436.924.28
with me because flying this thing sucks27439.3185.202
all the balls H let's see here not going27441.25.0
to take you not going to obviously I'm27444.524.358
going to fly you guys are fun you guys27446.24.358
are fun too but27448.8785.202
like let's see for I'll probably be27450.5585.642
taking is this which one are you is this27454.085.0
bad boy is this bad boy yes you're a bad27456.26.24
who's your bad boy um God I miss all you27459.085.52
like sorry that we got you and then we27462.443.84
don't use you and you just kind of sit27464.64.44
here you look bored you do we'll do27466.283.96
something special for you all we'll have27469.042.88
a little party or something we'll have a27470.243.398
we got like a pizza party coming or27471.924.398
something I promise um I got to fix some27473.6384.642
gear I'm going to take bad boy and we're27476.3183.802
going to do a few things but it's great27478.285.64
to see you guys enjoy your afternoon and27480.126.16
maybe walk around a bit you know stretch27483.926.2
it out okay love27486.283.84
you okay NE think we can pull this off I27490.24.92
think we can I'm just yeah we haven't27492.9584.122
taken a giga we took an alpha Rex before27495.123.438
yeah now the gig is going to take is27497.083.558
might take a while okay well I got this27498.5584.0
badass gun that gun it's not going to27500.6383.362
hurt that I mean it'll get us attention27502.5582.4
yeah well that's what I'm going to do27504.01.958
I'm going to go kind of same thing we27504.9582.082
did with the alpha W I'm going to get27505.9582.722
his attention we'll lure him to the boat27507.042.918
we're going to let the boat do most of27508.684.36
the work yep got it okay well wish me27509.9584.84
luck good luck let's let's make sure my27513.044.56
Flags don't get broke okay where is he27514.7984.242
at where is he at where's he at where's27517.64.038
he at I know you're in here somewhere27519.045.48
I'm going to take the path we made uhhuh27521.6386.0
uhhuh uhhuh where you at I know you're27524.527.24
in here oh there you are big boy27527.6387.442
O pop that gets your attention did that27531.764.52
get your attention I can't tell if he's27535.083.878
coming or not hello oh get distracted27536.284.24
huh perfect well I'm just going to keep27538.9584.402
popping you with this weaken you down27540.524.878
yeah how you going to handle it how you27543.364.198
going to handle it oh man you are you27545.3986.08
are an idiot okay uh-huh hey can you not27547.5585.442
get around these trees should have had a27551.4783.92
T-Rex like we did knock them down for27553.06.478
you oh oh yeah now you're coming woo oh27555.3986.722
yeah that's it B yeah he's coming we're27559.4785.122
ready I'm in the driver's seat oh27562.125.72
Bo oh I see him okay perfect I'm coming27564.65.16
you see me yeah I see you baby is he27567.843.24
still coming for me yeah he's still27569.763.558
coming but he's biting Something In The27571.083.318
now does he see us uh yeah he's coming27574.3985.122
all right do we need to move uh yeah hop27577.685.36
on I'm on I'm on I'm on I'm on oh boy oh27579.525.4
boy yep oh it's slowing him down though27583.042.64
is lure him into deep water knes hop it27585.686.08
oh come on move forward neees I'm moving27588.927.0
wo we're fighting the Giger27591.764.16
today will be coming around the mountain27597.045.56
when she come when she come they'll be27600.284.8
coming around the mountain when she Com27602.64.718
when she come they'll be coming around27605.084.2
the mountain they'll be coming around27607.3183.882
the mountain they'll be coming around27609.283.92
the mountain when she27611.24.64
comes you still behind us yep don't PL27613.25.72
go oo steady keep it her steady keep it27615.845.16
her steady keep it her steady get him n27618.924.92
I'm getting him this stupid had no27621.03.92
idea what was going to happen to him27623.843.68
today M he thought today was Aaron's day27624.923.958
just going to do some things around the27627.523.08
house this is my normal day where I just27628.8783.162
walk around and kill everything inside27630.63.278
cuz I'm a Giger nothing can touch me and27632.044.04
then nees and afro come along and the27633.8784.6
story changes and the finger went in the27636.084.36
butt that's right made it real27638.4783.762
uncomfortable oh he's got to be getting27640.443.958
close knees we're wearing him down ah27642.245.44
reload yeah reload baby reload okay come27644.3986.48
on right in the face come on get him27647.684.958
yeah there he goes W okay let me get in27652.6386.24
there see what we got hold up hold up27657.5582.4
it's still shooting at something we got27658.8782.642
piranha in there piranha but I think the27659.9582.962
piranha are dead I'm going see if I can27661.522.798
land on his back all right what we got27662.922.798
what we got what we got anything good27664.3183.202
here we go okay I feel like one of those27665.7182.92
people on the news that stand on the27667.523.76
whale it just disappeared oh God yeah I27668.6383.962
think the the things just shot him you27671.283.24
got in the water just be careful I got27672.63.84
my tech thing on oh yeah there you go27674.523.92
beautiful all right get those piranha27676.443.92
did he drop anything a bag let's check27678.444.92
our inventory um what would be in our27680.364.4
inventory we didn't get anything27683.363.358
sometimes you kill a thing and does in27684.763.24
goes right in your inventory all right I27686.7182.722
think the piran are dead let me take a27688.03.798
peek is there a bag in there oh no R are27689.445.24
not dead you see anything uh yeah there27691.7984.802
is a bag oh give me something good give27694.683.0
me something good give me something good27696.62.278
give me something good oh yeah that's a27697.685.4
gig bag me shoes uh no27698.8785.76
pants there's a nice primitive cloth27703.083.96
shirt yeah I mean grab something well I27704.6384.522
got a giga heart that's a trophy yeah27707.043.678
keep that I'll keep that and the rest of27709.164.88
it crap Ram shackle CL n garbage27710.7185.6
garbage hello tribe hello27716.3185.48
is thick around here I mean I know he's27719.844.24
not here today but was was thick he was27721.7984.882
getting something is that right yes he27724.085.16
was looking for some chili for a chili27726.684.718
cook off or something like that sure27729.244.638
chili for a cook yeah he was doing yeah27731.3985.442
did you guys do that for him or yeah we27733.8785.202
did that for him okay well I I would27736.844.6
like to pick up said chili for said27739.085.798
chili cook cook off if you wouldn't mind27741.445.8
okay he he promised us some payment for27744.8786.402
it ah thick payment for that interesting27747.246.36
interesting I'm sure he's going to uh27751.284.598
live up to that part I'm just the I'm27753.65.0
just the transporter of of the chili I27755.8784.162
have nothing to do with that so that's27758.63.798
all thick I guess since you're D the27760.044.518
superhero we can let you go with it no I27762.3983.642
wouldn't want to brag about me being a27764.5583.16
superhero like we all know that I don't27766.043.598
need to keep saying that I'm a a27767.7183.92
superhero you know it's like that'd be27769.6383.722
weird to keep saying that I was a27771.6383.84
superhero but I'm not going to say um27773.364.278
that I'm a superhero we will settle our27775.4784.042
payment with thick I will get you the27777.6383.722
chili now that sounds great cuz yeah I'm27779.523.6
just like I said I'm just a delivery27781.364.84
service thank27783.123.08
you I see something moving there nebs I27786.245.238
think it's a spino do we need to go left27788.6384.402
or right what do you put it looks like27791.4782.762
the most water is going to be to my27793.043.48
right yeah start chomping right okay27794.244.28
keeping on the spino god it's a thick27796.524.118
ass Bush yep and I don't mind a thick27798.525.118
ass Bush but jeez Louise this is a thick27800.6385.802
ass Bush too thick for you huh yeah too27803.6385.522
much okay oh the spino he's not27806.444.32
attacking he probably saw what we did to27809.163.158
that at Giga you know well yeah he27810.763.198
shouldn't attack I mean look at us we're27812.3182.962
we're we're like we're insanely strong27813.9582.562
here all right you got to you got to cut27815.283.0
cut cut through this bush knes like look27816.523.32
where I'm looking forward yeah that's27818.282.92
the way I'm going to go so just just27819.843.038
just keep clearing me a path you got to27821.23.598
stop and smell the roses sometimes yeah27822.8783.802
and threaten the spino this looks really27824.7983.16
shallow doesn't it it does look really27826.682.798
shallow can I get can I get through27827.9583.76
there doesn't look like it this looks27829.4785.362
like land okay there we go there we go27831.7185.0
there we go there we go are you making27834.844.76
it um no no I am not27836.7185.24
okay oh boy oh wait is this this isn't27839.63.718
as far as we can go there's got to be a27841.9583.042
way around this right I don't know you27843.3182.962
might not be able to all right let me27845.02.958
let me get a bird's eye view with the27846.283.8
tech suit oh no neebs is this this might27847.9584.6
be the end of the damn line Oh I thought27850.083.84
we could get through here the map look27852.5584.08
like we could get through here oh man we27853.924.76
might have to leave the boat here where27856.6383.962
spino's attacking me what he's attacking27858.683.92
me spino is y oh boy take him to the27860.64.44
boat take turn around T-Rex I got I got27862.64.038
Air Support I'm on air support I'm not27865.043.0
good at turning there you go there you27866.6382.92
go slow them down all right boat slowed27868.045.04
him down you're in trouble now27869.5586.362
baby boom I just had to get turned you27873.086.6
know I do know all right so bird ey view27875.925.038
needes this doesn't look good this looks27879.682.878
like the end of the line for the boat so27880.9583.0
we might just have to put on Tech suits27882.5584.32
and fly over to the floating aisles27883.9584.802
which oh yeah I can kind of see it from27886.8783.84
here we're not too far so leave it leave27888.764.28
the boat here leave the boat here okay27890.7184.08
and then yeah we're going in on Tech27893.044.678
suits baby I'll pack up the27894.7987.242
T-Rex uh I'm Too Sexy For the shirt too27897.7188.76
sexy for the shirt so sexy it hurts Sim27902.045.838
Simon Simon yeah really that's what27907.8784.802
that's the okay where are you at I'm27910.844.118
trying to land I've been singing for27912.684.718
like 40 minutes oh you you really27914.9584.482
committed yeah let me come back around27917.3984.962
here we go here we go and just land27919.444.198
please just27922.364.68
land there woo I was just about to sing27923.6385.76
some mly crew all right there you you go27927.044.32
you're up there I see your name yeah let27929.3985.762
me uh let me get this here Mr feel good27931.366.08
yeah you can stop now let me come to you27935.164.52
well I I want to say that this little27937.444.4
flyer here has been very happy with my27939.684.4
singing I believe it and that was really27941.844.28
sweet of you to do first of all Simon27944.085.04
let me give you this back okayy dokie oh27946.124.678
the thing I can't fly with yes no27949.123.12
problem thank you for the lo oh wait27950.7984.0
it's in the dragon up above my bad it's27952.244.36
it's okay I assume I got to put this in27954.7983.962
the zero slot uh-huh I'm going to walk27956.65.798
up up by you um does not want to be27958.766.76
tamed right now no huh it does not want27962.3985.602
to be tamed right now why don't you want27965.524.68
to be tamed right now you would have27968.03.398
thought with all the singing I would27970.23.04
have gotten closer but no I didn't see27971.3984.802
that it's probably cuz it's like blocked27973.245.8
like it's not free yeah cuz it's trapped27976.25.48
dude we're not going to oh my God could27979.045.88
you grapple on to it and then we then27981.686.08
let it go yes then let it go all right27984.924.84
Simon I'm going to grab it but you have27987.764.16
to oh my God this is I'm going to have27989.763.92
to take these things down like pick up27991.923.558
Stone ceiling and all that other27993.683.44
yeah yeah the things right in front of27995.4783.722
it you want me to start doing that well27997.123.96
yeah I'm trying to I don't know when I27999.24.438
should do this well look here I'm going28001.085.04
to pick up the stone sealing just that28003.6384.402
one cuz you got that's little by little28006.123.96
take once it starts moving I shoot it28008.044.278
okay okay that's what we're going to do28010.085.638
all right this Boom Boom come28012.3187.842
on take it all down pick up the on Stone28015.7187.92
pillar oh buddy you have got quite a28020.165.96
little uh Adventure coming come on pick28023.6386.84
up Stone Piller oh yep I'm on it now oh28026.127.16
yeah suck in there come on okay come on28030.4785.84
baby do am I coming how do I go up I I28033.284.92
think you use one of the the clickers on28036.3183.602
the mouse I think it might be right but28038.23.32
you know me I'm wrong a lot it doesn't28039.923.36
want to be tamed now either and I'm like28041.525.24
just tied to it okay when do you28043.285.8
want to be tamed when would you like to28046.764.84
it just took a break you stubborn little28049.084.638
yeah Simon I think we might have28051.63.878
had to do more things that we didn't28053.7184.522
remember yes like probably a lot did we28055.4785.722
really even want one though I never28058.245.718
did oo hey nees yeah if we're doing one28061.24.678
of these little night flights this is a28063.9584.44
good opportunity for night vision yeah28065.8786.122
let's see how did I do this what does it28068.3986.762
hold that's not r q we just knew this28072.05.318
last week I know oh no it's not t damn28075.166.29
it f g good Lord we play too many28077.3187.4
games the tech hel has different nodes28084.7184.84
that can be switched on by uh long28087.285.4
pressing r that long I'm holding R damn28089.5585.802
it me too oh there finally went in yours28092.684.718
yours works by holding R hold it a long28095.363.038
R Jesus you serious hold R for that long28098.3985.522
I don't feel like it was that long28102.922.958
before all right all right here we go28103.925.2
okay and then if I do this night V oh oh28105.8785.882
yeah I can see everything you got it28109.124.72
yeah oh yeah I can night fly like this28111.763.878
this looks good uh you lead the way all28113.843.2
right should you lead the way you have a28115.6383.08
you have a hard time following me when28117.043.758
we fly why don't you lead the way okay28118.7184.282
well you fly like a maniac no like a28120.7984.642
normal person okay a noral person that28123.04.11
doesn't drive28125.443.198
normally hey thick hey buddy I wish you28128.6386.042
were here I I'm seeing the clues you're28132.244.96
leaving for me I I get it like I'm I'm I28134.684.68
feel like I'm doing my best but like I I28137.23.96
wasn't I messed up I let that one that28139.364.038
we trapped go and then I went and I got28141.163.88
what you the chili you were doing a28143.3983.282
chili cook off you owe him some by28145.043.88
the way but I got the chili then I went28146.683.84
back and let the thing go I'm messing up28148.923.2
man I need you here thick like what are28150.523.64
you telling me are you telling me is28152.124.838
this a sign is this little nugget a sign28154.164.04
I'm going to figure it out though I'm28156.9582.44
going to make that K I'm going to make28158.23.518
you proud dick I'm going make you proud28159.3987.0
man um yeah all right I'll catch you28161.7184.68
come on down nebes come on down I got28179.162.92
him I got him is he really there by my28180.5584.522
base yeah seriously oh yeah see it yeah28182.085.04
so oh we don't want him to die in these28185.083.92
spikes uh we going to do a rare flower28187.124.04
thing man all that's going to piss every28189.04.28
damn bird off right uh yeah anything28191.164.12
that's close enough okay so that seems28193.284.358
like a dumb idea at least initially28195.283.678
they're skittish so what do you want to28197.6383.24
do uh I mean God look at we got we got28198.9583.68
rocket Tech suits we chase this28200.8783.962
Chase it huh Chase it with28202.6385.042
rocket Tech suits and shoot it28204.845.478
tranquilizer darts yeah I got some of28207.684.76
these good I got these shock darts okay28210.3183.24
we're going to bring this down28212.442.878
real good let's try to bowl them at28213.5583.802
first and then give Chase um all right28215.3183.64
I'm done with that idea you got bowas28217.364.08
you on the ground uh yep okay okay I'm28218.9584.122
moving in I got air support now he'll28221.443.32
get skittish pretty quick so I know he28223.082.878
will I know he will I'm trying not to28224.763.32
get close to him what did I oh God it I28225.9584.122
just run out of hold up hold up hold up28228.083.76
hold up he's running he's running28230.082.878
what it's supposed to refill28231.843.038
automatically all right he's running yep28232.9583.882
okay I'm giving Chase okay the chase is28234.8784.92
own baby we got eyes on him oh he's28236.844.798
going through the thick trees God I lost28239.7983.322
him there you are there you are I see28241.6382.962
him I'm not going to lose you get going28243.123.12
down I can't wait till we drop him in28244.62.878
water he's flying right above the water28247.4784.0
mhm all right hold on I'm going to try28250.043.64
to like run in front of him okay come on28251.4783.4
turn back the other way turn back the28253.682.52
other way there you go there you go turn28254.8782.68
back that way turn back towards Land28256.23.358
There You Go dummy he looks like he28257.5584.442
wants to pass out uh-huh like he's been28259.5585.642
drinking too much get in there NES get28262.06.04
closer hit some rocks man just fly right28265.24.358
into those rocks please oh he's landed28268.043.918
he's landed okay I think that's him yeah28269.5584.16
he's right here in the wall oh yeah oh28271.9583.162
yeah in the wall but damn it we're right28273.7184.76
over water man really yeah oh oh28275.125.4
oh maybe we'll get lucky oh28278.4784.08
we going to get lucky no no no no28280.523.118
no don't go in the water not in the28282.5583.562
water not in the water damn it he's28283.6384.522
going into the water hold on maybe we28286.124.48
can maybe it's not deep it's super deep28288.164.68
he's sinking to the bottom that's never28290.66.4
yep he gone he is28292.844.16
gone hey AB hi neees we got to build a28297.165.0
trap we got to build a28300.444.8
trap hello neees hey man I think you28302.164.84
should probably you should be the guy28305.243.2
you should be the bait guy I should be28307.03.08
the bait guy oh because I'm the best28308.443.68
flyer you're a better Jet Pilot you're28310.084.318
not wrong you're not wrong I am good all28312.124.278
right but the trap trap is set yeah I'll28314.3984.122
open the door and uh you take these FL28316.3984.642
flowers and then you lure something in28318.524.68
okay oh boy I get to eat flowers today28321.045.278
and lure in a tapara yeah how you doing28323.25.518
uh good good this this is more work than28326.3184.042
I was hoping but you really want this28328.7183.362
thing don't you yeah be cool I mean you28330.363.0
remember that thing with the tech saddle28332.083.558
on it PE PE Pew PE yeah if we want to do28333.364.438
all Tech saddle boss fight that's has28335.6384.282
got to be done exactly all right I'm28337.7984.362
going tapata hunting all right luck go28339.924.398
get them sport I'm call you sport don't28342.164.238
call me sport I don't even like sports28344.3184.16
it's dumb you just toss a ball around28346.3983.442
what kind of sports they don't always28348.4783.522
have balls I know what's the slidy thing28349.844.68
called they slide like a thing and then28352.04.68
they mop in front of it and they have28354.525.198
the nerve to call it a sport that's28356.685.798
curling curling jack it off is what it28359.7185.16
should be called they call Pool a sport28362.4785.08
I know it's insulting well it's just a28364.8785.122
game just another way of saying game I28367.5584.962
guess oh yeah there you are there you28370.03.878
are there you are there you are all28372.522.4
right don't go anywhere don't go28373.8782.68
anywhere I got to land to eat flowers28374.922.84
which is the dumbest damn thing in the28376.5583.362
all right flowers are consumed tapata oh28379.925.84
boy yep oh wait is that what is that28383.044.72
what is that him okay that's something28385.764.48
all right nebes yeah might be coming in28387.764.36
coming in hot oh boy he's taking nips at28390.243.96
me okay God I got to get some height oh28392.124.278
boy no no no no no I'm in the bed28394.23.758
yeah thought I was the best flyer I am28396.3983.802
clearly not here we go here we go all28397.9584.042
right ready for my attack run you see28400.24.198
the place I see the place I have a28402.04.6
tapara on me okay all right coming in28404.3984.442
coming in coming in you you see me nope28406.64.08
coming in coming in right now coming in28408.843.638
right now is he on me yep get in there28410.684.08
oh here we go here we go go against the28412.4784.362
far corner I'm going I'm going go get it28414.763.44
get it close the door close the door I'm28416.844.038
trying to stay there stay there28418.25.518
yeah all right you dumb son of a28420.8786.562
he's in I'm in yeah oh baby baby baby28423.7186.322
baby where you going oh and he down man28427.444.64
he's a lightweight he is a lightweight28430.044.598
good god oh he's a level 62 do you have28432.085.398
the meat I got the meat I got the the28434.6384.84
narcotics and put a little meat and28437.4784.412
narcotics in there we taming us a28439.4788.362
tapara wow you guys really28447.848.478
look yeah wow yeah that's something hey28451.4786.442
guys I just wanted to come clean there28456.3183.64
was no chili cook off and I feel like we28457.925.44
were just lying um but there is a kibble28459.9585.202
cook off is there any chance we could28463.363.958
maybe get a few like I don't know28465.163.88
exceptional kibble from you guys you28467.3183.882
guys have that we don't have any at this28469.044.08
moment but we can definitely make it for28471.23.84
you I love that would you like me to28473.123.438
give you the chili should I give you the28475.043.12
chili back and then we'll just wait for28476.5583.962
the kibble and then thick will pay you28478.163.798
what he said he was going to pay you we28480.523.118
need the chili back yes to make the28481.9583.882
kibble that would be great copy that let28483.6384.562
me grab that chili and we'll get to28485.844.92
kiblin and I believe thick is like28488.24.4
teaching his master class on whittling28490.764.24
this week so um yeah let me grab that28492.64.798
chili and I believe Simon would like one28495.04.478
of those costumes thank you very much oh28497.3984.16
oh I mean is the do you happen to have28499.4785.492
one hey easy red face all28501.5585.362
right all right we got her welcome to28506.924.398
the world Miss Hobie um how you want to28509.63.958
get her home you want to uh cry pood or28511.3183.802
have it follow you well let's see we28513.5582.962
need to take it to the Bay because we're28515.122.92
going to put a tech saddle on this28516.523.118
right yeah but we got to get the boat oh28518.045.598
yeah the boat H you know it's my home I28519.6385.882
know yeah it's your home so wait I want28523.6383.642
to take it to the I could go and make28525.523.6
the tech saddle and then meet you at the28527.283.8
boat or do we want yeah we could cryopod28529.124.358
just go together uh you got a cryopod I28531.083.638
do I brought one oh yeah all right28533.4783.84
cryopod this okay stay still okay28534.7184.722
here we go did you name it yep Miss Toby28537.3184.842
Miss Toby M Miss Hobie Hobie yeah she's28539.444.56
got a big sale reminded me of a Hobie28542.163.84
Cat oh like the yeah Hobie yeah they28544.03.84
made t-shirts too they yeah did she have28546.03.12
stuff oh wait you know what that was28547.843.36
probably the narcotics and me I'm going28549.124.4
to grab them back I always want to drink28551.24.04
this at night I can't go to sleep28553.524.4
without it sadly all right back to the28555.244.44
boat back to the boat back to the boat28557.923.76
I'm following you lost you right right28559.683.92
below you right below you below me yep28561.683.638
coming up to you coming up to you okay28563.62.878
all right we'll take it slow we'll take28565.3184.602
it slow Let's see we need to go we're a28566.4785.282
long ways away all right hold shift28569.923.68
hover there you go oh yeah now you're28571.762.958
looking good all right you ready to kick28573.63.358
it in high gear uh let's do it sport all28574.7187.482
right in 3 2 1 H up started punching for28576.9587.202
some reason damn why is it punching28582.24.678
control just me oh it's cuz I got the28584.164.68
thing in my hand ah oh there you go28586.8784.8