GTA5 PC Mod: COW PARTY : RAGE COP (Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Gameplay Series)

Oh man, let me tell you about this awesome video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube. They're playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC at 60fps and it's al...
GTA5 PC Mod: COW PARTY : RAGE COP (Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Gameplay Series)
GTA5 PC Mod: COW PARTY : RAGE COP (Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Gameplay Series)

GTA5 PC Mod: COW PARTY : RAGE COP (Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Gameplay Series)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Oh man, that Cow Party video is just pure gold! I mean, who wouldn't want to see cows causing chaos in GTA5?

simon: I know, right? It's like a barnyard bonanza in the city streets! Those cows really know how to throw a party.

appsro: Haha, I can't believe we actually managed to turn a peaceful farm scene into a wild rampage. Classic Neebs Gaming humor at its finest!

neebs: Exactly! And don't forget the epic RAGE COP moments. Nothing beats chasing down cows as a cop in GTA5. It's pure madness!

Oh man, let me tell you about this awesome video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube. They're playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC at 60fps and it's all about farm life. It's hilarious and so entertaining to watch. These guys are the best at what they do and I just can't get enough of their content.

I'm a huge fan of Neebs Gaming and I've been following them for a while now. Their videos are always top-notch and this one is no exception. The way they dive into the world of GTA 5 and create their own farm life experience is just genius. Plus, the quality of the video at 60fps is so smooth and crisp, it really brings the game to life.

And let me tell you about their Twitch stream - it's the best! Every Thursday at 8:00 EST, they go live and it's always a blast. They interact with their fans, play games, and just have a great time. I love tuning in and watching them do their thing. Plus, their Spreadshirt shop has some awesome merchandise that I definitely need to check out.

If you're a fan of gaming, you need to check out Neebs Gaming. They cover a variety of games like Battlefield 4, Minecraft, and horror games, but their GTA 5 videos are some of my favorites. And the music they use in their videos is so catchy and really adds to the overall experience. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you give them a watch.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play GTA 5. Their cinematic style totally immerses me in the game world. It's like I'm right there on the farm with them, tending the crops and animals.

The way they roleplay and improvise conversations between their characters is comedy gold. Dora the explorer, thick44, and the rest of the gang have such hilarious and unique personalities. I find myself laughing out loud at their antics all the time.

You can tell how much fun they're having too. It really shines through in the commentary and their reactions to the crazy stuff that happens. And they go all out with custom costumes, props, and sets to make their farm feel so authentic. It's impressive the amount of work they put in.

What I think makes the Neebs Gaming experience truly special is the storytelling. They don't just run around doing random stuff. There's always some larger narrative tying everything together. Like their struggles getting the farm up and running, or dealing with rival gangs encroaching on their territory.

It feels like you're watching a funny improvised sitcom in a way. I'm totally invested in seeing what happens next with the farm and their characters. The episodic format works so well for the long-running GTA 5 series.

So if you want to see what it's like living as a farmer in Los Santos without actually playing GTA yourself, Neebs Gaming is the way to go. Their cinematic style sucks you right into the world. It's just such a fun, immersive, and downright hilarious experience. I really can't recommend their GTA 5 series enough!

Neebs Gaming
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good morning grape seed all right let's14.164.199
show these small town ding-dongs how16.84.76
it's done see act acknowledge your18.3595.121
actual that's [ __ ] whatever whatever21.564.719
it said to me it's just [ __ ] ooh23.485.559
look at this thing man I wouldn't mind26.2794.601
one of those hey you guys know whose car29.0392.52
is so what do you guys do is first thing31.5594.081
in the morning you're uh drinking a 4033.763.72
and smoking a cigarette I have a problem35.643.32
I have a problem with you and I have a37.485.48
problem with you already FU oh38.965.919
[ __ ] yeah now you're on the ground42.964.4
bleeding is that what you wanted maybe44.8793.441
next time you won't get up in the47.363.039
morning and just start drinking oh look48.324.12
there's another one of these50.3995.32
vehicles and another one they're52.445.0
everywhere they're absolutely everywhere55.7194.281
around here hey pal welcome to my store57.443.799
let me ask you a question is that your60.04.36
car out there you mind if I borrow it61.2395.281
you mind you mind no okay I'm going to64.364.48
it yeah I need I need to get a patrol70.7994.921
car patrol car would be a whole lot more73.1196.441
character fitting this is all right just75.725.88
uh let's ride around and see what we can79.564.559
find oh yeah look at that guy out there81.64.199
plow in the fields you know I've never84.1194.841
done that yeah let me talk to this guy85.7994.96
maybe I should uh you know maybe I88.963.28
should Southern up my accent a bit you90.7593.201
know just just so I sound a little bit92.245.48
more familiar to him well hi L you bu my93.965.28
bar your97.725.52
tractor I've never play on a field99.249.839
before Golly Golly dong yep103.245.839
yep okay the accident didn't work111.03.399
accident scared him off it might have113.1593.081
been too much I think the accent was too114.3993.36
soft next time I'll try something little116.243.4
where the [ __ ] is my car someone stole117.7593.4
car oh man God the gas station's going121.1593.471
to be123.7992.24
pissed oh okay all right all right abro126.0395.081
get your [ __ ] together let's do it right129.165.0
this time oh hey there Bubba you mind if131.125.0
I borrow your134.164.2
tractor I like drinking bear and136.125.44
shooting shotguns yuck yuck yuck yuck138.365.92
yuck yuck yuck yuck all right see that141.565.8
worked much better so this is Farm life144.284.48
eh we're going to grow all kinds of147.363.4
stuff we're going to grow some corn148.763.559
we're going to grow some green beans150.764.08
we're going to grow some mashed potatoes152.3194.481
I can see how this could get boring just154.845.16
drive back and forth okay okay I'm done156.85.68
all right I did it I did it I farmed I160.04.76
plowed the field guys ready to plant162.484.759
some seed grow some fried chicken I164.764.0
still need a car so I can get back into167.2394.0
town but I I'm I'm enjoying exploring168.764.24
right now since you know this is my new171.2393.321
PL there's a path that goes up into the173.04.2
mountains that's a path that goes to the174.564.28
top of the177.23.959
mountain I would love to go to the top178.844.319
of the mountain should do that sometime181.1594.16
well hell there partner oh my God look183.1595.321
at that oh crop dusting I bet I could go185.3194.521
crop dusting have you ever done crop188.482.88
dusting excuse me have you ever done189.844.08
crop dusting what the [ __ ] why you191.364.599
me duck cover duck195.9596.28
cover why you shooting me198.443.799
pal pray and202.444.519
spray piece of204.765.199
[ __ ] what are you doing stop stop stop206.9595.401
shooting trying to be your NE I just209.9593.92
trying to be your neighbor all right212.364.519
fine I didn't want to do213.8793.0
this was it because I didn't use the218.485.28
accent is it was that the reason okay220.645.679
noted okay I think I I'm getting used to223.764.399
this thing oh dirt bike dirt bike dirt226.3194.721
bike hey man hey civil forfeiture I I228.1594.761
need I need your dirt bike Poli official231.043.96
official Polie Police business oh man232.923.72
I've always wanted one of these oh I235.02.92
should take that path to the top of the236.644.84
mountain now all right here we go I've237.926.28
always wanted to do241.485.52
this oh244.25.959
yeah this is247.06.159
wo oh wow look at258.7597.241
this holy [ __ ] I am way up262.326.2
here this is266.06.759
incredible B Hells in danger all right268.526.92
so let's see my little town of grape272.7595.241
seed is yeah it's down275.446.0
there cool look at that out278.08.199
there ah yeah the city way on out there281.448.599
a man I missed the city oh yeah guys I'm286.1995.201
usually against people using their290.0394.44
phones but not for291.47.239
this hey is uh you know is been up here294.4795.72
without a lot of oxygen making anyone298.6393.041
else a little300.1995.271
loopy I'm starting to feel301.6826.959
Where am389.245.2
I hello this is 911 what emergency391.524.239
service do you require yeah yeah I need394.443.8
to speak to the captain what do you want395.7593.88
yeah Hey listen I know you transferred398.243.44
me to grape seed well I went to the top399.6393.441
of the mountain last night I I got401.683.04
really messed up and and I think I I403.083.839
ended up [ __ ] a couple of farm404.724.0
animals how many yeah I don't exactly406.9193.441
know how many so let's just say all of408.722.84
them yeah I'm going to come back to the410.362.88
city okay so why don't you send a squad411.563.52
car out for me I got to take care of413.244.6
something first thank415.085.959
you you saw nothing nothing all right417.846.28
out on the highway again woo going back421.0396.761
to the city So Long Mountain go [ __ ]424.127.32
yourself oh there she is yeah tall427.85.72
civilization [ __ ] traffic [ __ ] out of433.525.16
my way the [ __ ] out of my way get the436.06.12
[ __ ] out of my way oh yeah oh the city438.684.4
gorgeous woo I love green stuff I love443.088.44
the City downtown baby now look at this446.0395.481
[ __ ] yeah and it's crap got to tell you452.085.64
I like the I like the small town like455.843.72
the small town you didn't see you didn't457.723.36
see all this [ __ ] I don't know what I459.564.8
like anymore I can't go back to grape461.086.839
seed pretty much [ __ ] all their Farm464.366.08
Life hey guys I'm back but I'm not here467.9194.12
to stay I need to talk to the captain470.443.12
about where the hell I'm going to patrol472.0394.84
next because uh I can't go back to grape473.566.84
seed you get what I'm saying right oh476.8795.76
Tommy you're such a joker all right talk480.45.759
to the captain find out where I'm going482.6393.52
next all right this is what I'm talking501.286.0
about Woo new504.6395.641
digs oh wow now this this is a nice507.285.239
police station I can work here this is510.283.92
going to be512.5194.041
great hey man I'm new here I just got514.24.04
transferred I'm a badass and don't you516.564.279
forget it hey fellas I'm the new guy and518.243.799
don't you even think about [ __ ] with520.8392.801
me because I am not afraid to hit522.0394.681
somebody with a hatchet ah the vuchi523.645.04
police department yeah I'm new here526.723.76
pleasure to meet you528.683.88
pal oh yeah I'm going to be able to530.484.28
clean this place up is this guy smoking532.565.12
on the balcony I don't think so not in534.766.72
my town fatty ha ah this is what I fight537.687.2
for city of Los Santos founded in 1781541.484.56
oh you just going to walk right in front544.883.68
of me just going to546.046.039
walk don't do that oh man this police548.566.519
station is nice this is so much this is552.0795.081
such a nicer area than the place I was555.0795.041
at oh yeah oh this is557.166.04
gorgeous this is absolutely560.125.719
gorgeous hey do we have a baseball team563.24.28
because we need a baseball team I'm the565.8393.801
new guy don't [ __ ] with me [ __ ] and567.484.24
survive yeah that's right obey and569.644.28
survive citizens and we'll get along571.724.6
just fine hey fellas I'm the new guy573.926.08
don't you even think about [ __ ] with576.323.68
me man you guys are lucky to live here581.0795.401
this is a good part of583.483.0
town food I596.8394.481

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