GTA5 : Fireworks vs Enemies

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA 5 video on their YouTube channel? It's all about a military chopper...
GTA5 : Fireworks vs Enemies
GTA5 : Fireworks vs Enemies

GTA5 : Fireworks vs Enemies

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video, 'GTA5 : Fireworks vs Enemies'? It's like a Fourth of July party with a side of mayhem!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a blast! Literally. Who knew fireworks could be so effective against enemies in GTA 5?

appsro: I mean, it's not every day you get to take down bad guys with a sparkler. Classic Neebs Gaming creativity right there.

neebs: Exactly! It's all about bringing a little fun and chaos to the virtual world. Plus, who doesn't love a good fireworks show?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA 5 video on their YouTube channel? It's all about a military chopper mission and raiding the enemy with fireworks - how cool is that? If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all their awesome content.

I love how Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs - those machines are top-notch for gaming. And don't forget to support them on Patreon if you want to see even more great videos from the team. Plus, their Twitch streams are always a blast to watch.

The music in this GTA 5 video is on point, with tracks like "Dance 4x" by TrackTribe and "Jon's On Fire" by Silent Partner setting the mood perfectly. And who can forget the epic moment when they use "Mariachiando" by Doug Maxwell/Jimmy Fontanez during the raid? It's moments like these that make Neebs Gaming videos so entertaining to watch.

If you're a fan of cinematic gameplay, be sure to check out their GTA Cinematic Playlist for more action-packed videos. And as always, thanks for watching and supporting Neebs Gaming - they truly are the best in the game!

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the car with me in the knee realized it12.238.76
was being oh wait you're names14.46.59
that's how do you brush your hair yeah40.196.21
you do yeah every day got every day like43.14.709
you have a brush and you brush your hair46.43.93
yes in the morning yes usually why Oh47.8095.521
use a brush my hair okay what do you do50.335.25
Meek's just kind of run your fingers53.333.39
through your hair can shake it out you55.582.46
got short you hear your hair shorter56.722.28
enough to do that my hair's getting a58.042.25
little longer but I'm here is no longer59.05.1
than my hair long curtain thing no F60.295.88
chose hair is much longer you hear that64.14.92
he's contradicting you what he's66.174.589
contradicting oh you're saying what I'm69.023.75
saying my hair is longer than Astros70.7593.661
hair is longer yeah how is that72.774.65
contradicting me so maybe it's not maybe74.424.35
it means the same thing that you just77.423.66
said just arguing nonsense at this point78.775.0
I got used no [ __ ]81.085.81
you guys see anybody know what we should92.975.65
probably park the car here huh let's do96.314.86
it all right98.625.4
moving in moving in oh those guys on the101.174.65
map I'm gonna get high ground yeah get104.023.75
some high ground thick leaves yeah let's105.823.65
get some cover behind these vehicles oh107.774.05
there's guys right there Jesus109.474.9
they were camouflaged I think they were111.824.68
camouflaged right to the stuff I've got114.374.2
a suppressor on my sniper rifle I think116.53.94
I have a suppressor on one of these guns118.573.08
Oh God all right take cover deep take121.655.469
cares behind the paper here yep everyone125.23.12
knows we're here now127.1196.721
where's my gun firing weapons hold fire128.327.8
oh god oh god there are a bunch of them133.843.75
around that helicopter I gotta eat some136.121.92
hey what let's let's stay back with138.043.72
sniper rifles for a minute oh all I have140.024.439
beer and it's doing nothing for me can141.763.96
you see the helicopter from up that144.4592.561
yeah killing everyone oh well done oh I147.029.81
see one Kim okay yeah all right got him151.886.57
what we gotta do just get the chopper156.833.39
and go yeah there's a run for the158.453.45
chopper and get it alright I've get160.223.93
close up yeah I've been covered there161.94.95
are still some people here Louise back164.155.04
there there's several of them up166.856.21
get Mike Mike come on take cover we got169.196.6
him got him got him173.064.16
got him see down he's doing way over177.227.26
there there's a guy over here and I've182.294.89
taken him down oh you got us covered184.484.59
yeah I'm getting in the chopper Oh God187.184.2
thick cover me please Robert Kahn are189.074.41
they are they spawning out of nowhere I191.383.99
hate it when missions do that oh [ __ ]193.484.68
[ __ ] I keep falling for some reason Mike195.375.61
white guys really dumb today we pop it198.163.57
in pop it in200.982.76
I am the Annihilator201.735.159
I can213.823.33
anything else277.3199.06
seal the man Blair all right back to you278.8497.53
it's a nice town and me no it's a dump348.865.279
yeah whoo you know what what I think351.9494.231
there's drugs around here drugs yeah354.1393.9
look for a little plant a little bulbous356.184.109
plant with like a little white top your358.0393.421
control over fibrate when you're when360.2892.94
you're close to it okay this guy's a361.463.57
local he'd probably know bulbous plant363.2294.47
white top what's it do inflammation365.034.8
what's it good for everything good for367.6992.821
hello sir where can I find drugs Wow370.525.97
does this thing run that's a fixer-upper374.067.41
like an old Chevy 57 Chevy I just broke376.499.78
the window it's not respectful this381.479.06
isn't a classic yep she runs no drugs386.276.72
today huh no I can't find any I thought390.534.109
they were here you know it'd be funny392.994.56
is there a an automotive repair shop394.6394.411
around here mmm397.554.14
not here it'd be cool if I went and399.054.049
painted this car then I put it back401.693.42
where I got it and the guy comes out in403.0993.981
the morning and you're like surprised405.115.19
closest ones on a small town over if you407.085.019
want to do that yep let's do it410.33.239
you go do it I'm gonna keep looking for412.0992.051
you're retired429.93.75
you guys find drugs yet yeah we finally473.255.35
found him look at this I fixed this car475.994.83
up now beautiful I even put our logo on478.63.78
it it looks nice they're gonna go nuts480.824.53
when they see this yeah yeah you should482.384.41
have seen the drugs to begin with thick485.352.07
do the honors man take those drugs eat487.4213.92
peyote all right oh boy shoot my gun489.8812.75
it's gonna be hard to do a mission with501.346.99
a rabbit oh my ears it you look so dumb502.637.35
I look cute what's it like being a508.332.13
ah there's not much height difference I510.463.03
don't know512.742.13
well here's the next question how do we513.493.12
turn him back he's got to do a mission514.873.66
that way yes you can't do a mission that516.612.309
no just calling a mission can I steal a518.9193.451
car think you're not gonna like this I520.962.4
need you to stand right here in the522.374.49
middle of the road oh okay523.363.5
dick you're on the road I'm in the road527.145.41
right here Cubs stay right there maybe529.434.95
you might want to move okay I feel like532.552.85
I know what I'm doing534.384.169
all right take you're almost there we558.03.959
got to go in we got to shut this myth560.225.45
left there we got to steal their map hmm561.9597.44
new thanks I think they're at this farm565.675.519
here to our left569.3993.93
yeah you know what I'm just gonna park571.1893.791
us casually out here in the yard let's573.3293.12
take a look at things how do we keep574.983.63
doing missions and nighttime I don't576.4494.32
know see a guy over there looking at me578.616.149
yeah what's the plan did we surround580.7695.701
them do we run in DIC do what are you584.7592.551
little high ground here586.474.2
yeah the noobs you and I'll go in guns587.315.43
blazing well we're blazing oh yeah yeah590.673.839
I'm gonna switch my gun then well you592.744.159
know what me too some a little bit more594.5098.94
yeah yeah you know what me too thick596.8997.63
let me know you rip when you're ready to603.4494.08
start popping I am ready 3 2 1 go kill604.5295.24
we miss him got him alright score these613.567.399
that was going down I don't think those621.064.98
fireworks are really doing much I know622.265.97
what I know you're doing a great job626.046.36
with your laser yeah Oh628.236.88
take them blowing up632.47.96
explosion coming up behind us up big635.119.21
take it fire from behind it cover our640.369.349
rear I see one right here got him644.328.49
let's see this guy there he is I'll see649.70911.981
ya we have to go inside this place huh652.8113.62
pick your head out sir I dare ya oh no661.696.51
it's just tape there we go666.433.87
that's good there's gas takes we got to668.23.509
destroy yeah yeah670.37.2
stay on it I'll keep them off of us hey671.7096.781
job all right677.55.519
it's another gas tank yeah Japanese got678.497.25
one to your right683.0192.721
pikas after oh yeah yeah they are you694.26.63
guys got them up mister turd huh yeah697.694.95
what are you doing here man come on I702.644.67
gotta follow the map705.075.329
here we go it's my kind of rivals take707.314.86
take take it easy take it easy you know710.3993.451
the other drive like you're [ __ ]712.174.279
their race713.852.599
come on you bastards I see you Foxworthy721.936.32
sticky bomb time it out and729.054.05
love it country boy735.0894.291
you ever cut your own hair after no no744.0597.53
no no really yeah really748.1796.62
you ever been curious if you could do it751.5895.74
not no no it's something I've never754.7994.45
never really wanted to do757.3293.9
maybe next time cut your own hair no I'm759.2499.601
not gonna do it you see how it goes you761.2299.42
know what stop let me drive damn it yeah768.853.779
you get out yeah yeah yeah you get out770.6493.42
think we're fine772.6293.15
alright fine if you're gonna do it to do774.0693.33
it right I've been doing it right we're775.7793.21
fine it didn't do it right we were777.3992.91
flipping all right we got to steal this778.9893.81
myth Oh down here oh crap there's a lot780.3094.08
of gun there's a bug turn it around782.7993.03
we're circling around I'm not gonna stop784.3894.11
here we're gonna get up high no no no785.8293.66
dick turn around788.4992.4
let's get they're getting away on boats789.4894.74
oh no we had to steal it we do we got to790.8995.73
steal it up the boats look birth dick794.2295.281
what are you doing796.6296.661
so there's never a [ __ ]799.516.509
that's my word get high ground killing803.294.95
everyone don't worry about it take 44806.0194.201
damn get in the boat we're gonna get808.244.649
these canal now and throw it down after810.224.32
I've come back to its beat a boat I'm812.8895.221
coming back to you you love how did you814.545.789
take us in so quickly you told me to go818.115.099
back I'm worried I'm gonna go back I820.3294.981
didn't say drive right into these guys823.2094.831
you need to be specific we need we've825.314.74
lost this mission no we're gonna win828.043.989
this mission I would love to I'm jumping830.053.539
in boats number one made me there832.0295.581
go go go sorry I've stolen a motorcycle833.5896.541
and I have a breathing mask on for some837.615.19
reason chasing the green dots Jason the840.137.85
green dots yep I I get in the boat too842.85.18
don't you guilty there we go pick yeah851.437.71
let's take that boat damn it okay fine854.714.43
good man a pro boat driver yeah872.494.78
crap crap you guys are just gonna have875.294.2
to go on without me I've messed up I'll877.274.53
keep trying keep trying I'm stuck on a879.494.56
motorbike at a mountain yeah this is it881.83.09
this is dumb884.053.78
I'm in the water we're getting close884.894.74
kind of weapons do we have here887.833.66
you know we're done yeah how do I switch889.634.64
my con I'm giving somebody the finger891.499.45
there they are see your guns Oh894.2711.379
unarmed oh my gram900.948.01
SMD here we go oh we got this needs keep905.6495.94
my mechanic a call what you need boss908.955.73
some wheels I can bring it's coming at911.5898.521
you all right thank you mechanic914.687.69
yeah whoo the meth has been dropped I922.378.25
gotta clear this guy out got him yeah I925.485.89
think I can get it930.622.939
give me that meth that's sweet sweet931.374.62
delicious meth oh do I have to get out933.5594.051
of the boat and get it I'm gonna run935.996.0
over it man oh yeah I can just run over937.6121.539
it nice my shooting bees what's941.9924.899
happening beautiful don't seek your car959.1499.3
it's right here it's right here I'm966.8892.971
right beside it what are you guys968.4493.45
fighting about get it oh you just you969.863.659
own it you can run over it oh I got it971.8992.73
there ya go973.5192.25
all right we got to take it to Trevor's974.6292.82
trailer also we got to get back on the975.7693.891
Oh enemies enemies straight ahead980.745.72
the jazz987.884.73
oh he's still alive still alive we don't989.557.77
you boys you did we're coming in alright992.616.45
thick beeps you guys taking this car oh997.323.75
god they're behind me behind you y'all a999.063.51
bike boy right there1001.073.87
holy crap okay oh we can take the bikes1002.575.22
thank you all right I got a bike dick1004.945.72
hop on that bike the bike come up1007.795.3
for the fight see the babes did you hear1010.664.08
we said take off on that bike Colette1013.093.27
though he had your other mic here Tony1014.743.69
I'm guessing I get in with a pro you get1016.365.04
your yeah just beautiful sorry I1018.439.42
misunderstood leave go going just mad1021.410.08
that flavors like like starburst soup1027.858.729
you add flavors like curry or cilantro1031.4814.099
yeah okay oh yeah but ya know what1036.5799.721
you're talking about1045.5792.49
that's gonna be like oh mama yeah1046.33.27
they're expensive and I'm fronting yeah1048.0693.541
well you can't take it with you1049.573.78
you also can't buy another thing cuz you1051.613.0
buy the fight you're like oh man I1053.352.81
really wanted that jacket then you just1054.613.9
roll up your sleeves it'd be nice if1056.165.32
some friendly neighbor would just fly1058.5112.94
bikes my garage almost there okay1061.4814.69
and boom we're here hey Trevor1071.457.33
watch your math your favorite met the1076.176.51
livery boys yeah1078.787.77
here you go Trevor alright you got there1082.686.14
it's a curry math that's from all of us1086.556.0
to old family recipe but it is come1088.828.64
through me like a steam train hey Ron1092.554.91
sounds like bobcat belt wait a little1097.645.14
bit sounds nothing like bobcat go yeah1100.116.21
drop doesn't show anything like Bobcat1102.786.27
Goldthwait you did needs1106.3212.029

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Man, watching Neebs Gaming play GTA 5 is an absolute blast! Their latest video with the military chopper mission and raiding the enemy base with fireworks had me on the edge of my seat. The way they set up elaborate narratives and coordinate chaotic missions in GTA is pure entertainment.

At first I was skeptical that a group of middle-aged gamers could make such cinematic and engaging content, but Neebs and the crew have proven me wrong time and again. Their chemistry and improv skills are top-notch - you can tell they're having as much fun playing as I do watching. And their editing really enhances the action, with cool camera angles and dramatic music that make their gameplay rival a Hollywood blockbuster.

While I love playing GTA myself, I don't have the time to orchestrate the kind of wild adventures that Neebs pulls off. Their videos let me experience the crazy sandbox of GTA through their creative lens. One week they're reenacting D-Day, the next they're running bootleg liquor as hillbilly moonshiners. Their skits and roleplaying breathe so much humor and life into the game.

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