Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? Appsro is back at it again, this time as a solo officer of the law in Grand Thef...


Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that GTA V - RAGE COP video? It's absolutely hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, Appsro really outdid himself in that one. I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair!

appsro: Hey now, being a Rage Cop is serious business. I'm just trying to keep the streets of Los Santos safe!

neebs: Yeah, by causing chaos and destruction wherever you go. Classic police work right there, Appsro.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? Appsro is back at it again, this time as a solo officer of the law in Grand Theft Auto V. And let me tell you, chaos is definitely going to ensue in Los Santos. I mean, when Appsro is in charge, you know half of the population is going to end up six feet under. But that's what makes it so entertaining, right?

If you're a fan of the Rage Cop series, don't forget to like, share, and favorite the video to show your support and let them know you want to see more. I know I can't get enough of Appsro's hilarious antics and crazy adventures in GTA V.

And hey, if you want to show off your love for Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed, you can get some sweet gear from their online store. I've already got my eye on a few things that I definitely need to add to my collection. Plus, don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their Twitch channels for even more content.

Oh, and let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the video. Kevin MacLeod always brings those epic tunes that really set the mood for the gameplay. And of course, the Neebs Gaming intro and Wingy Dang-Dang by Hank and Jed are just classics at this point. I love how they always manage to find the perfect soundtrack to go along with the action. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest hilarious GTA V video! Appsro going solo as a rage cop is comedy gold. His no-nonsense attitude and itchy trigger finger make for nonstop laughs as he deals out some good ol' fashioned police brutality.

The roleplaying and improv from the guys really shines here. You can tell they're just having a blast goofing around in the huge open world of Los Santos. Appsro's escalating frustration with the unruly citizens is priceless. I lost it when he started beating that guy with a nightstick for jaywalking!

Neebs Gaming always finds new ways to keep GTA V fresh and exciting even years after release. Their cinematic style really pulls you into the chaos and makes you feel like part of the crew. The custom camera angles and editing are top notch as usual.

Honestly, watching Neebs play GTA is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their videos are like playable action movies! The hilarious commentary and camaraderie between the guys takes an already awesome game and makes it even better.

If you're looking for some side-splitting gameplay entertainment, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their GTA antics never fail to put a smile on my face. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to see more of Appsro's adventures as the loose cannon cop Los Santos deserves, but not the one it needs right now!

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all right good morning beautiful city of9.486.799
Los Santos I'm on the13.047.8
beat I can take a police yeah I'm biking16.2798.201
it no JW walking you have a shirt off20.845.599
why do you have a shirt off what don't24.484.48
you walk away from me do a26.4395.201
parallel hey Terry you see you see this28.965.48
guy look at him it's unbelievable isn't31.646.16
it where walking around half34.446.88
naked just out hey how you doing there37.86.48
you you guys have drugs you got drugs on41.325.32
you all right I'm searching searching44.284.759
searching your car get out get the [ __ ]46.645.68
out oh yep he got drugs he's him running49.0394.801
that's that's clear sign they got drugs52.324.36
they always run when they got53.849.359
drugs oh yeah see holy [ __ ] stop the56.689.56
vehicle stop the [ __ ] vehicle get out63.1995.96
of the what the66.242.919
[ __ ] what the71.843.52
CRA some people all right let's hit the76.725.24
highway see if we can issue a speeding80.243.4
ticket whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a81.965.24
minute hold on I know this guy Bobby83.644.88
Bobby what did I tell you about hanging87.22.76
out under the damn Bridge with your88.523.16
cart don't do it91.685.479
anymore oh you got a94.1595.801
problem okay so you're TI up okay that's97.1595.041
what I [ __ ]99.965.119
thought don't jump over that no no no no102.25.959
you're not supposed to jump over105.0795.881
fences no jumping over108.1596.24
fences taking your110.963.439
money all right let's make sure the114.924.479
highways are clean whoa whoa buddy buddy117.3994.72
you got a permit you got a permit you119.3994.08
you got a you got a license to drive122.1193.32
that thing huh all right pull pull it123.4794.041
over pull it125.4395.44
over stop you move that let's have a127.526.32
conversation oh no no no NOP NOP pull130.8795.721
the truck over to the side of the133.844.08
road hey Randy can you give me a137.927.48
hand [ __ ] you Randy is this what you142.285.52
want you want me to shoot your145.44.88
gas what he was wearing I don't want to147.88.28
do this um tonight with the gas T see150.287.52
the trail of gasoline you're going to156.084.68
run out of gas soon buddy that's157.85.84
it oh you're going to run all right give160.765.0
up see that's what happens when you [ __ ]166.85.64
with officer ABS Ro now here here's a169.3197.121
smoke grenade choke on your own172.444.0
[ __ ]178.7613.199
yeah that's right you guys no191.9594.441
speeding no193.9594.56
speeding this is what I like this is196.44.88
what I like nice nice healthy198.5195.561
environment everybody following the201.286.08
rules take everybody could do that we'd204.084.32
all get207.364.72
along get so we can step off at the same208.48.68
time whoa who buddy who212.088.079
buddy hey all right stop pull it over217.084.4
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa220.1593.481
stop stop stop yep see there's the221.483.6
damage right223.643.879
there oh hello all right I'm going to225.084.64
need I'm going to need you to get your227.5194.241
fine ass out of here let's have a229.725.32
conversation yep yeah I231.766.24
know listen you clearly235.046.72
hit this I saw you this car does not238.05.959
look damaged but I did see you hit this241.763.96
lady I don't ever want to see you do243.9593.881
something like that245.724.4
again now247.845.36
here little tear gas back on the highway250.125.52
people heading back into the city253.23.52
actually I'm going to stop up here I255.642.719
know a bar where some shady characters256.723.84
hang out make sure that no illegal258.3594.161
activities are going on there today this260.564.56
place is a Cess pool for [ __ ] go in262.524.119
here and just make sure no one's doing265.124.919
any [ __ ] Cain hey Margaret everybody266.6394.801
in here being270.0394.921
cool what the oh no you271.446.8
didn't oh did I just knock both of you274.966.4
guys out in one hit that's why you don't278.245.0
screw with me Margaret what kind of281.364.119
establishment are you running here huh I283.244.2
don't appreciate it I'm just trying to285.4793.521
keep the city safe Margaret I just want287.443.4
to do my job I'm just trying to do my289.03.8
job Margaret is there cocaine back here290.843.68
God there better not be there better not292.85.16
be Margaret Kila abson uh something294.527.04
whiskey rum297.963.6
is this guy [ __ ] at Tire301.7594.72
offic Margaret do you have a picture of304.445.52
a guy [ __ ] attire in your306.4793.481
bar what is wrong with310.1994.801
you next time I come back that picture312.6395.201
better be gone oh unbelievable315.04.88
unbelievable every time something weird317.844.24
here I do like Margaret though she's322.083.08
lady sometimes I like to put my lights325.166.599
on just to get places faster with327.244.519
super everybody pulls332.06.039
over kind of nice it's a safe way to do334.7595.681
things I want to make sure I get home in338.0394.521
time but I also want to make sure nobody340.443.84
gets hurt so if I put my lights on that342.563.52
just lets everybody know hey I'm in a344.284.4
hurry uh and I'm a cop so I feel like I346.084.16
should be able to go you know above the348.683.84
speed limit whoa whoa whoa350.245.32
whoa W is that how you think you pull352.525.239
over get out get out let's have a talk355.563.72
let's have a talk that's not how you do357.7592.601
that's not that is unsafe360.365.08
whoa that's unsafe you're going to get363.284.0
killed all right let's head back into365.445.039
town my goodness this place is a367.285.6
mess but I love this city370.4794.681
though it's Times Like These that I just372.883.4
look at it you know what it's a375.163.12
beautiful place it's a beautiful place376.283.639
even though the pedestrians and the378.284.199
citizenry here is uh in my opinion379.9194.28
insane but uh I wouldn't live anywhere384.1997.131
else this is home to me this is386.726.52
home all right pull in right here there393.246.48
we go good day good day on the beat go396.7595.201
in here and file a report and then get399.724.64
the [ __ ] home hey Carlos I'm just here401.965.44
to file my report404.365.64
uh you always had that407.45.68
twitch what did you do what did you do410.05.96
man you look pissed did you throw413.084.44
bottles in the can's only415.965.12
container is that what you did417.525.48
[ __ ] idiot let's see have have either421.083.6
of you guys seen the schedule you know423.03.8
the Carlos man I'm worried about you427.45.519
dude son of a [ __ ] can you believe they429.5997.28
had me working tonight it wasn't my432.9193.96
shift what is going437.087.119
on I'm sorry I was angry hey Bill hey440.287.199
Ted Carlos said I could take his car at444.1994.12
time who just ran a red light I seen you448.3196.88
buddy pull it over pull it over you451.684.76
understand it's illegal to run a red455.1992.241
sir you understand what you you you457.443.64
could have got somebody hurt maybe even459.5994.921
killed what do you have to say for461.083.44
yourself all right get out of the465.083.799
[ __ ] car you don't run red lights you467.0393.56
don't run red lights you don't run red468.8797.04
lights don't run red lights it's470.5995.32
unbelievable unbelievable all right I'm480.7593.88
going to head down to the Vinewood area483.0394.12
that uh that area this time of night's484.6395.641
always crawling with creepos this place487.1594.76
used to be a nice side of town now it's490.282.68
a [ __ ]491.9194.24
hole yep all these young kids dressing492.964.199
that we all provocative clothing giving497.1596.48
mens ain't right I tell you look at this500.07.12
we are sending additional unep too many503.6396.161
burgers more officers507.125.44
intersection of the509.82.76
perimeter okay you know I had a512.7194.2
conversation with a guy earlier about515.04.719
running red lights Running Red Lights is516.9195.36
illegal do you519.7195.921
copy do you522.2796.12
copy get out of the [ __ ] car so next525.644.199
time when you come to an intersection528.3992.961
before you run a red light I would like529.8393.68
you to stop and just just think about531.365.159
what you're about to do okay I'm I'm not533.5194.88
trying to be an [ __ ] I'm I'm just536.5193.281
trying to protect the people of this538.3993.721
city I don't want anybody getting hurt539.85.719
all right okay ma'am you have a pleasant542.125.68
evening let's545.5195.201
see pink547.86.84
sandwich that's kiss clever in550.723.92
you see what is that lady is that red558.047.039
hair that lady has red561.645.6
hair yeah that's not illegal but it565.0793.041
be [ __ ] red568.126.12
hair hey hey guys look at this [ __ ]570.925.359
over here with a red574.246.32
hair uh uhoh576.2794.281
uhoh all right I see you trying to run581.2794.401
come back here584.63.04
hooker that's a problem with hookers585.682.92
that's how you know they're hooking as587.642.84
they start running they can't run well588.63.44
with those shoes look how [ __ ] slow590.483.479
they are I'm not after you citizens I'm592.044.0
just after the hooker see look with593.9593.841
those heels see how much faster they are596.044.56
than you597.85.719
you stupid600.62.919
[ __ ] yeah hey guys hey yeah hey man I'm606.447.44
here yeah how you doing will uh shot her610.765.519
in the head with a stun gun I was going613.885.12
for her uh I was going for her back but616.2796.281
uh she'll going be619.03.56
okay what you going to write what you623.364.2
writing in your pad there what you going625.2794.8
to write in your pad there will627.565.56
H she's going to be okay630.0795.361
right you're right633.125.64
the you're right she'll be fine next635.447.97
time what next time what will638.767.76
will well that's what you get for654.0793.401
here this place man pick up in it's a657.485.599
dirty element but I'm here to clean it661.165.04
up I'm here to clean it up TI up okay663.0797.2
let me check here you have headphones666.27.16
on take your headphones off so you can670.2796.041
hear [ __ ] around673.362.96
you some people right lady finally made676.6397.64
it back to the car and what have we679.484.799
here sun's coming up take this [ __ ]686.3995.361
back to the station it back to689.125.04
Carlos [ __ ]691.766.04
Carlos oh wait I got an694.163.64
idea hey so Carlos a his [ __ ] car716.569.34
back what the [ __ ] are you looking721.9594.451

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