GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest GTA 5 video yet? It's all about the Pacific Standard Job Finale and l...
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale

GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why the GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's a real nail-biter!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, that video had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! The teamwork, the drama, the explosions - it's like watching a blockbuster movie, but better because we're in it!

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much! But seriously, that Pacific Standard Job Finale was epic. I mean, who doesn't love a good heist in GTA 5? And the music choices? Pure genius.

neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! And let's not forget the hilarious moments we had during that mission. Like when Simon accidentally drove the getaway car into a tree - classic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest GTA 5 video yet? It's all about the Pacific Standard Job Finale and let me tell you, it's action-packed from start to finish. If you're a fan of heists and crazy stunts in GTA 5, this video is a must-watch.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew takes on the Pacific Standard Job Finale and you won't believe the twists and turns they encounter along the way. From epic car chases to intense shootouts, this video has it all. And of course, the Neebs Gaming crew's hilarious commentary and banter make it even more entertaining.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you know that they always deliver top-notch content and this video is no exception. Plus, the cinematic shots and editing are on point, thanks to the support of their amazing Patreons. It's clear that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into creating each and every video for us fans to enjoy.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be entertained by the Neebs Gaming crew as they tackle the GTA 5 Pacific Standard Job Finale. And don't forget to show them some love by subscribing to their channel, following them on social media, and checking out their other awesome videos. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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all right we got to steal these bikes7.953.76
and we're gonna put them in a spot where10.333.299
we can use them later for the big heist11.713.599
this is the last setup job we got to do13.6294.531
and then we're robbing that Bank all15.3093.151
the place is up here on the right where18.465.64
oh I see it on the right let's see hey20.3495.611
I'm gonna circle around back is that24.13.66
what you want to do thing yeah I don't25.963.69
see what your guys are talking about27.763.839
we're oh it's behind us now Simon oh29.654.08
okay nice how you want to approach this31.5994.231
uh yeah let's Sorrell the place huh yeah33.734.02
yeah yeah yeah you know what I'm gonna35.834.079
give myself and you a little cover yeah37.754.11
this you to take this will go around the39.9094.381
other side okay sandwich yep41.867.019
yo needs game and sandwich okay I've got44.295.64
two in my sight48.8792.67
where you got them in your sight Vic49.933.24
where are they they're at the back of51.5493.601
the building I've done a hard flank oh53.178.099
you're with me ready ready all right55.1510.52
three two one open fire61.2694.401
[ __ ] here we go here we go70.9794.801
get my ground yeah yeah yeah some lady77.035.93
just ran me over80.362.6
oh you jerks just shot my friend84.8510.269
take that picked up oh you want some too90.148.189
surrender minimal mouth I know look it I95.1194.53
got the high ground and I'm looking98.3291.921
I'm not looking for a fight come alive100.255.25
got a shot yeah here I got a shot oh102.535.82
yeah oh yeah go down boy okay oh I got105.58.549
something for you maybe that was me yep108.356.9
come on baby114.0494.791
heads up we're coming115.253.59
well there's one underneath me yeah I124.088.19
don't think he's climbing the ladder I'm129.597.21
getting him oh oh the drop is rule let's132.276.18
all right everybody get the bikes all147.0324.039
right all right all right hey I'm just149.5325.7
up trying yeah171.0695.461
driving through it yep totally oh wait176.537.98
Amy speech how do I eat again how do i181.336.9
evos good luck drumming yeah you gave me184.517.79
drowning do it up take a left take a lap188.234.07
okay all right this is easy this is easy193.267.96
hold on cup cover me that was stupid201.226.45
me and I could have looked so much206.084.939
cooler and I just drove in yeah207.676.539
where are you guys try to figure out211.0195.621
where were ya okay back here back here214.2096.241
beautiful that's where I was Hey Hey Oh216.645.97
I got you guys covered any bogeys coming220.454.86
back will store the bikes here and then222.615.04
when we do the big the big heist this is225.314.34
where we'll pick them up from nice227.654.919
beautiful what's wrong neebs229.655.29
I don't like this mask we could get232.5694.021
better mess than this right we could234.943.63
and AG yeah never played armwrestling248.985.28
this game remember doing it I won't do251.475.85
though these cops after up me sorry254.266.18
sorry guys sorry sorry sorry hold on he257.326.18
did it what you do yeah yeah yep yep yep260.444.41
well that's not gonna help263.53.0
well I know but what am I gonna do264.855.51
otherwise they're just gonna he did it266.53.86
so who wants to arm-wrestle yeah you272.6995.141
guys see you guys are a wrestle have you276.313.99
arm wrestle what do you do I have no277.844.92
idea dude it's probably who can tap a280.36.239
the quickest hey buddy [ __ ] you all282.766.9
Simon oh god oh you hit me don't get in286.5395.521
my way I own this town and nobody can289.663.83
stop me292.066.359
alright boys there you go Simon shake it293.497.209
out mm-hmm okay yep yep let me get my298.4195.101
shoulder go - good all right you ready300.6993.881
yeah I'm ready for that I said wait then305.863.809
your phone is our way rapidly what308.023.899
rapidly moves left or right to the arm309.6694.771
locate left left right left right that's311.9195.191
right like both of them wrestle left314.445.67
right I don't understand ok ok ok yeah317.116.089
like wait I don't get it yet I don't get320.115.91
him I don't that's how you win I still323.1993.301
didn't get it326.021.769
I was doing let the right know it one326.52.639
more time yeah all right let's do it327.7894.41
let's do it again short is it left or329.1395.131
it's left and right at the it's the two332.1993.78
joysticks at the same time you kind of334.273.75
like tap tap tap tap like cows same335.9793.0
direction yeah338.023.86
okay look I'm tapping right now nothing338.9797.021
there you go you got it like it's right341.885.439
at the same time obviously I have to tap346.04.11
left because I'm fighting against you I347.3194.651
think see I'm tap and lift so you350.113.779
probably have to tap right all right351.974.41
maybe I'm doing rights nope there we go353.8894.951
slam me slamming down oh you get in356.385.31
there oh you're not even doing it no I'm358.844.979
not doing anything I'm just there's your361.695.099
totally broken clearly broken broken363.8195.731
yeah when we're never playing that again366.7897.1
heist tomorrow ice tomorrow all right369.554.339
okay armed robbery here we go oh here it379.9196.18
is keep it simple you go in heavy you go383.8194.861
in well armed some of you will do crowd386.0994.38
control the vaults team will go388.684.169
downstairs though the first vault door390.4794.41
with the thermal charges then use the392.8493.72
card to get into the network and open394.8893.93
the second vault door and then look out396.5694.231
because you'll have about 2 minutes398.8194.65
before every cop in town is waiting for400.85.579
you outside the bank so you move fast403.46910.44
you get on the bikes you split all right406.3799.241
thick your old demolition you're gonna413.9093.51
be blowing the security gates with your415.624.229
explosives yeah I love it leaps your own417.4194.47
crowd control you're taking care of any419.8493.81
of the guards and you can intimidate the421.8893.661
crowd Simon yeah you're also all crowd423.6593.75
control intimidate the crowd let him425.554.2
know who's boss I love intimidate people427.4094.081
I might entertain them though that works429.753.96
just as well you know intimidate oh we431.493.69
could do a combo we could see how it433.713.269
works no no no no don't start435.183.78
entertaining people intimidate them but436.9793.27
it's like I'm entertaining them they438.962.789
might they might call the cops we don't440.2492.97
want the cops call on us we don't want441.7494.081
any Heat I'll try not to shoot anybody443.2195.01
all right hey we're here this is not the445.834.29
bank you said we were robbing remember448.2293.571
uh yeah I thought we're gonna rob the450.123.12
big bank because you know it's the big451.81.829
I guess we're robbing this little piece453.6293.991
of [ __ ] Oh with the theater the Chinese454.865.519
Theater okay I like you ty Neves I457.624.74
dressed up for this oh god here hold460.3795.07
that handsome boy okay all right I got462.364.35
sandwiches for everybody here you go465.4492.43
thick oh thank you uh-huh466.713.209
I got the door zipped all right neebs467.8793.78
there's your sandwich what is dimon469.9193.631
sandwich ham and cheese and then with471.6594.651
ham and cheese hey just be happy you got473.554.589
a sandwich it's a spicy mustard a yellow476.313.509
mustard I didn't put mustard on a deal478.1393.541
with it oh come on oh we got to take out479.8195.431
security guards I'm gonna Astro go ahead481.686.66
hey all right better shut up ladies and488.345.38
gentlemen calm down get ready for the491.443.12
summer and I will be your entertainers494.563.21
today the [ __ ] down later I'm gonna496.153.59
shoot you in your goddamn cooter yeah497.774.23
door open all right get the door Oh499.744.299
Darrin people do it I know that I will502.04.409
blast your snatch I will blast your damn504.0394.291
snatch she doesn't mean that he's a good506.4093.54
guy whoa really honestly that's508.333.899
overboard because lady did you shoot her509.9493.121
in the snatch512.2292.67
there's blood shooter in this I'm513.073.06
intimidating I told you we're not514.8993.211
shooting anybody but I'll shoot you you516.133.57
pissed me off all right518.114.349
first Kate's outfit let's go oh good job519.74.05
Nick go do it522.4593.63
all right listen listen we're not we're523.755.07
not giving a show for right now but hey526.0894.231
keep them intimidating is there an528.825.389
intimidation Manor oh yeah you're right530.323.889
all right you guys had one job539.8812.31
intimidate yeah it should go all the way546.247.75
down right it really should all right552.192.25
beeps you cover out there I'll cover up554.446.54
here you got it buddy control panel I'm556.726.75
doing some hacking oh here I go pushing560.984.02
buttons all right I got your back apps563.473.78
room put this thing in this thing those565.06.69
okay oh yeah I'm I'm up here I'm waiting567.257.2
for my just pin two of them oh man look571.694.98
at you stay down there with those people574.455.07
and make sure that nobody comes in the576.674.95
front door I'll make sure they are579.524.23
entertained look at me Raul folks look581.625.13
at me roll their password is Morpheus583.755.16
Jesus that's it Wow586.755.63
people must be fans of that Matrix movie588.919.299
it's a guy's main character in it all592.387.87
right here we go I'm placing the charge598.2093.87
I'm gonna get this thing opened quickly600.254.98
we get the money we get out all right I602.0793.751
got it605.231.74
or ticket are you guys doing up there605.833.24
great I'm going to show the folks my ray606.975.37
gun and I just killed another Kappa all609.075.58
right and doors open612.344.26
all right thick let's grab some cash614.6512.78
let's go yeah but it's heavy I'm taking616.613.95
the money you ever worried about weight627.434.71
and plus there's no gold and silver down630.553.75
here there's cash money yeah lots of it632.145.46
2/3 I'm laying in a pile of murder that634.38.85
I'm responsible for yeah okay Vic I'm637.68.04
gonna buy so many t-shirts well we'll be643.153.93
able to afford like two or three hell645.644.08
yeah man possibly even some shoes I'm647.085.64
done all right let's get out of here go649.725.07
all right everybody regroup at the doors652.7210.41
at the big exit doors okay654.7910.83
needs you know I always say don't use663.1321.81
explosives you say that a lot yeah all665.6221.56
okay thanks gaming here Oh Oh God guys688.4728.83
in front Simon all right hold on I got714.634.68
our six don't shoot me in the back717.33.06
don't show me the back you're not gonna719.312.28
shoot you in the back you got a very720.363.33
clear red jacket on that says noobs721.593.45
gaming okay just making sure723.693.66
oh boy take the cover oh boy I'll get725.044.77
behind us okay there's cups there [ __ ]727.354.77
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] hey I'm looking729.8113.08
in there they are there right all six732.1214.34
looking guys they'll pick Vic and a742.896.45
couple I'm on it I'm on it - yeah Oh Vic746.464.26
is down dammit749.342.7
he'll be back all right ready push750.723.66
forward come on boys bar pushing full oh752.044.8
wait kapa kapa o cops to our right754.384.11
where's the it was yeah okay yours you756.842.61
all right back oh you're back already759.455.06
Kevin's right by my face yep okay hey761.934.62
move yeah boo who's got our six I could764.515.31
get six six six six need we got guys766.555.73
meet it lead to our right here let's see769.823.18
a guy up there772.282.25
sneaky how the hell did get up in that773.03.51
apartment and he lives there and you774.533.31
just heard all the ruckus776.5111.07
all right well whoa this is heavy790.585.7
oh boy there the chopper coming down794.513.84
with enemies hold on I can get that796.284.44
chopper waves yeah where's he at where's798.357.02
he at there you are okay got him good800.725.1
push forward push forward yeah yeah805.826.63
clear that streets clear look bud you810.074.33
guys keep on truckin keep on truckin812.454.38
all right looking both ways above the814.43.55
choice coming oh I'll have it out oh817.956.87
[ __ ] I missed um did we all we all miss821.4619.41
you know I got a bike yeah let's see824.8217.43
tell you what let's take two of them and840.872.79
screw the bikes I know where a842.253.21
helicopter spawns sometimes so he's on843.665.49
me oh no Simon hello oh yeah let me ride845.466.38
with sorry849.152.69
okay go on u6s road all right head to852.448.29
the hospital see if there's a chopper859.2620.27
there they came out everywhere looking860.7321.53
too far away too far away879.534.63
alright there's gonna be one in front of882.263.31
us here shortly stop right there see884.163.51
them under the bridge right there I'm885.573.84
reloading you're looking reload you887.674.76
[ __ ] we're back on your six889.415.7
okay do the park huh oh wow they got892.434.39
camper what's he doing my me to report895.114.56
that guy srivalli noobs okay he must be896.825.13
back there I didn't see you899.674.53
all right here's the hospital sometimes901.953.6
there's a helicopter that spawns on the904.23.03
roof please just keeping up be on the905.555.43
roof just one just one helicopter team907.237.34
and I don't see hops cops cops cops910.987.229
don't see it why isn't it here it's914.575.41
getting frustrating that's a bust918.2093.75
yeah that's a bust all right tell you919.983.57
what Plan B we're taking the train921.9594.521
tracks okay923.552.93
can you take the chopper yep I'm trying954.356.34
make it quick I got another verse coming958.348.47
up Rose blacks960.697.66
Sweeney's gaming968.353.35
the way977.999.409
I'm gonna take us by the airport maybe987.524.42
you know maybe a palatal spawn Oh that'd990.053.54
be great come on give me anything game991.943.12
yeah anything993.594.68
oh [ __ ] you game no what you gettin a995.067.31
[ __ ] absolute man fine998.279.74
shop sir mrs. McKenna1013.235.31
our head1016.436.37
man I'm worried about time yeah it looks1022.84.62
like the mini-map they want us to climb1026.044.02
up a mountain should we just head to the1027.424.26
boat if you think we get there quicker1030.063.87
sure yeah let's get to the boat however1031.684.32
we can there's only 2 minutes and 361033.9310.95
seconds jeez 2:30 probably not no okay1036.010.5
we need to get back on the trails follow1044.882.709
we got this ball okay1051.1414.33
sorry sir disrespectful [ __ ] I hope this1059.2910.5
is the right way yeah we've committed1065.477.47
now we have we got a minute 40 come on1069.795.64
over sand right in front of a sub oh boy1072.944.53
well it's very fast I didn't see it in1075.433.42
front of us again okay I'm right there1077.473.3
I'll hike or don't kill the high guards1078.854.35
sorry sorry hiker man be careful those1080.773.93
criminals out they just robbed a bank1083.23.15
right in front of a salmon here my1084.74.4
salmon and I'm missing there we go1086.356.95
hopefully oh there he is1089.14.2
is this the right way you think I don't1093.945.06
know man1096.834.0
the guys close to a minute feel like1099.03.36
we're going damn I see what the boat1100.8313.92
said okay this is gonna say my land if1102.3614.22
I'm still alive I'm still alive and I'm1114.753.36
on the ground I'm still alive1116.583.089
I have to respond I'm gonna grab it a1118.113.84
car we gotta get to that boat where1119.6693.691
where's the bottle up the boat oh god1121.953.06
the boat look much closer oh god I1123.366.12
minimap than this let's go oh we gonna1125.015.669
go down in the water and get throat1129.484.559
there come on swim in the dinghy 30c1130.6795.13
little [ __ ] why are you swimming1134.0393.301
because I thought the water was gonna1135.8094.1
take me1137.342.569
so what's the plan or we are do did we1182.833.91
take that alternate route and just get1185.393.36
to the boat what do you mean sir I mean1186.744.08
okay so there's there's two routes up1188.753.54
the mountain where it wants us to1190.824.53
parachute or we take an alternate route1192.294.32
we'll just get to the boat show a1195.359.78
parachute we can parachute and I think1196.6110.83
that we should do whatever is easiest it1205.135.3
would've been fun in a chopper1207.442.99
rush me to kill ya but I'm to get in job1226.146.73
you get a job you nice cover boys nice1229.545.19
cover yep still got all of her lines1232.874.34
oh god should I run over to the airport1234.738.31
I feel like gonna be one just take up1237.218.62
time be safe get there no I want to roll1243.044.14
that dice what a check is that what you1245.834.23
gonna do okay fine I won't do it1247.184.17
we failed this without doing it next1250.062.53
almost dead I'm almost dead oh yeah I1269.65.79
get one shot on the up dead one shot on1273.264.59
me and I'm dead oh man I'm trying that1275.393.87
you can job and try to keep them off you1277.852.88
the best I can come on1279.263.33
alright I think I got that guy come on1280.733.75
baby come on baby come don't free love1282.593.56
love it1284.484.41
[ __ ] yeah thank you I'm going off-road1286.155.05
a little back you you're saving my life1288.894.26
you're saving my life oh yeah this is1291.25.13
the way to do it just a good way to go I1293.1512.47
don't know come on you [ __ ] that1296.3311.13
worked out yeah look at that1305.623.7
four-dimensional chance that worked out1307.463.959
that was very nice alright listen keep1309.323.96
going forward keep on going come on we1311.4193.181
got this there's another cop right here1313.283.47
this is looking good we got all of our1319.8234.839
live all right Simon we get to the1322.2333.87
bridge you shoot first and then I'll1354.6593.39
shoot next what do you mean she talks it1356.13.809
about Tara shoot Parrish [ __ ] we got we1358.0494.551
got a parachute I'm gonna parachute1359.9095.911
right parachute all right well I mean1362.65.079
you know it's an important part of the1365.823.569
word all right here we go you ready1367.6793.96
Simon um [ __ ] so you're saying I'm1369.3894.29
parachuting first you're parachuting1371.6394.321
first so I jump off with why a parachute1373.6794.561
with a you got it all right that right1375.963.87
we're going first and then once you're1378.246.059
under shoot head towards the boat and1379.836.979
i'ma shoot alright I'm under shirt as1393.524.93
well I'm heading towards the boat I'm on1396.383.36
the parachute but I don't know where the1398.453.33
boat is the boats like I mean I'm1399.742.52
there's the clothes I mean it's1402.263.69
obviously in the river so just shoot1404.1792.791
alongside the river1405.952.94
alright I'm following the river don't1406.973.36
get don't get too low Simon don't get1408.892.58
too low Oh God1410.333.27
I don't know where how far am I supposed1411.473.99
to be parachuting you parachute down the1413.63.78
river until you see the boat Oh God so I1415.465.01
really did dive that way too low yeah I1417.384.95
see I'm kind of low too because I had to1420.473.6
parachute it's okay we'll just later oh1422.332.94
there's a truck over there on the road1424.072.46
we can take oh wait the boats right1425.273.36
there oh I'm at the boat I'm on the boat1426.535.31
I see the [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] I1428.635.04
made it to the bus you I'm behind you1431.844.5
guys guys I landed a little early but1433.674.56
I'm running to you think we'll pull back1436.343.36
up alright we're back it up well back it1438.233.36
up Simon I see you in that truck get out1439.75.12
of that trip and getting this boat1441.593.23
all right come on baby1446.0293.311
all right now get out get out get out of1448.1693.901
the boat get the boat boat you can't1449.345.039
seem to get oh all right I'm in the1452.075.25
clothes come on man just need you in1454.3793.961
here we're good1457.323.209
get in the [ __ ] boat and Simon Jesus1458.347.669
Christ right side that okay there we go1460.5295.48
what we're talking about1466.4295.181
can I only flip people off I can't shoot1469.364.29
and you can't you can cheer you because1471.613.03
you don't have a gun1473.652.91
I can choose yeah you can do course you1474.643.36
can shoot put it is fun to flip people1476.563.72
up just sit then we go into you we did1478.05.81
it of course we did it this is it1480.283.53

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just watched the most epic GTA 5 heist finale ever - the Pacific Standard Job by Neebs Gaming. Those guys absolutely nailed it with their usual blend of comedy, teamwork, and edge-of-your-seat action.

Right from the start you can tell this is going to be an insane ride, with the crew scrambling to grab the money and make their getaway while being attacked from all sides. The way they play off each other's strengths is so entertaining, like when Thick goes berserk with the mini-gun or Apps switches effortlessly between sniping and driving. And Dora's screams of panic are priceless!

But what really makes this stand out is the cinematic camera work. The sweeping shots of the city and slow motion action sequences look like something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. It must have taken ages to choreograph and edit it all together so seamlessly. Moments like the helicopter exploding in a massive fireball or the frantic off-road escape in the dingy will stick in your mind long after the video ends.

Ultimately, this is GTA Online at its absolute best. Neebs Gaming takes a straightforward heist setup and transforms it into a chaotic, adrenaline-filled masterpiece. Their skill and creativity shines through in every frame. Experiencing these jobs through their cinematic lens is the closest you can get to actually being part of the crew yourself. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, laughing one minute and jaw-dropped in awe the next. If you're even a casual fan of GTA, you need to check this out!

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