GTA 5 ONLINE - Plane Robbery - Episode #4

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
GTA 5 ONLINE - Plane Robbery - Episode #4
GTA 5 ONLINE - Plane Robbery - Episode #4

GTA 5 ONLINE - Plane Robbery - Episode #4

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why 'GTA 5 ONLINE - Plane Robbery - Episode #4' is the best video on YouTube!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, this video is top-notch! I mean, who doesn't love a good plane robbery in GTA 5? It's like Ocean's Eleven meets Grand Theft Auto!

neebs: Exactly, Simon! And the way we executed that heist was pure perfection. I've never seen a more daring robbery in all my years of gaming!

appsro: Hold on a minute, guys. Are we seriously calling this our favorite video? I mean, come on, we've done way crazier stuff in GTA 5. Remember that time we tried to rob the entire city blind?

simon: Oh, Appsro, don't be a buzzkill! Sure, we've had some wild adventures, but there's something special about this plane robbery. It's like a fine wine, it just gets better with age!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow GTA fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's GTA 5 Online series? Episode #4 is all about a thrilling plane robbery mission in Palletto Bay. It's action-packed and full of suspense as the team works together to steal an airplane. If you're a fan of Grand Theft Auto, this episode is a must-watch!

The Neebs Gaming crew never fails to deliver entertaining and hilarious gameplay, and this episode is no exception. From daring heists to epic car chases, their GTA V Online playlist is filled with exciting content that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend subscribing to their channel for more awesome GTA videos.

And hey, if you want to join in on the fun, they also stream Grand Theft Auto live on Twitch. It's a great way to interact with the Neebs Gaming team and experience the chaos of GTA V Online in real-time. Plus, their music choices for the series are on point, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

So grab your snacks, sit back, and enjoy the thrilling adventures of Neebs Gaming in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

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that makes you feel queasy15.955.35
I know nice yeah check this out look how18.275.399
close I am I see that you're gonna jump21.34.92
first I don't know why don't you all23.6693.891
agree on a place to land26.227.86
I don't know see that mark down there27.569.279
with a circle yeah instead of family34.084.65
yeah looks like a baby so you lay that36.8395.49
felt in Landon the fountain yeah Newton38.736.349
okay damn it42.3296.261
you can do it buddy45.0793.511
all right I'm ready good it leaves52.5711.95
should I go63.383.39
uh yeah I guess you should make your64.524.35
destination in the hospital all right66.774.58
hold on68.872.48
whoo nice thick yeah72.4611.76
No okay okay parachute I like it85.649.3
get different parachutes to buy them the91.766.05
gun show oh really94.942.87
alright circle around105.793.6
yeah up building Phil McDonald okay113.867.679
something yeah buddy I feel like we131.684.51
should get like a frequent user card134.124.17
here yeah no [ __ ] why do you always do136.192.49
you stay in first person you walk so138.684.619
silly just play in third person Simon140.2695.521
hood look how good I walk you do you143.2994.651
walk damn good all right you're all like145.795.27
I'm running not stopping all right stop147.955.369
stop it all right I've run a runtime151.063.13
rush stop153.3195.991
so I'm the car laughter oh yeah :154.195.12
after oh you still got that chopper160.128.52
Joe's out you I'll see you okay162.3496.291
we can watch mostly that's not weird180.44.72
it's not weird when you keep your pants183.29.04
on so your place185.1210.09
it's different than mine it is wait a192.245.1
minute do I like this better than mine195.214.77
probably I got a nice pad man I keep it197.345.01
nice and swanky oh wait a second199.986.24
I'd like initially it's more welcoming202.356.21
neebs I mean he's got two he's got two206.227.47
windows yeah you to our place right here208.566.33
in the middle where I hang out and213.694.29
lounge yeah I'm jealous got a good spot214.894.71
let me see this place I'm coming in now217.983.9
this is a parquet floor and I like it219.64.2
because it's a larger parquet221.883.63
yeah the smaller parquet I don't like223.83.75
either no but the large larger looks225.515.16
good yeah it's like the fat crayons the227.554.86
fat crayons are cooler than the skinny230.674.35
ones I agree there's a downstairs man232.414.8
I'm gonna take a [ __ ] in this house yeah235.024.26
go for it man all right I'm gonna go237.213.6
downstairs and take a nap real quick239.284.2
drink all your whiskey Wow look at that240.816.81
view in the bedroom yeah all right guys243.485.94
I would take a little nap you guys do247.623.81
whatever I'll catch up with you a little249.424.41
bit that light doesn't bother you no I'm251.435.64
good with it would that bother you Simon253.835.28
oh yeah I would have to shut that off so257.076.3
I wear my shades your leather shoes yeah259.116.99
in bed looks ridiculous keep my feet263.374.47
warm shut the [ __ ] up cares not gonna266.14.08
get under the covers at all needs ya267.844.05
thick what are these weird things over270.185.55
here those are hands these blue teal271.896.84
things yeah they're hands kind of form275.735.38
to look like two circles278.734.98
you know talking about right I don't281.114.92
like when you do the thing with your283.714.37
the yeah all of that but there's no288.084.53
other finger it's two of those291.1395.791
oh that okay no well guess what it was I292.616.029
know but if you didn't have to go do296.933.9
weird [ __ ] you asked what it was don't298.6394.351
ya guys Shh it's all right300.839.51
sorry up stroke yeah screams where are302.9913.5
we going curious I heard there was a310.348.579
club we could get into Club where's that316.496.149
Bahama club or Bahama pajamas what's the318.9196.21
code but the dollars I've never heard of322.6393.721
it it sounds familiar325.1297.28
oh crap what okay open look it did it326.366.049
buddy okay I was trying to switch to333.5831.449
first-person try to land only parachute337.5830.389
I apologize I was sorry I spoke about it365.0294.651
and my heart was in the right place we367.9693.51
could it could have been very cool needs369.683.06
like what did you think was gonna happen371.4793.481
well I was gonna try to get you in372.744.38
between the blades like like kind of374.964.079
real fast like and then catch you to377.124.44
make any sense yeah I didn't need379.0394.35
catching had a parachute imagine how381.563.0
cool that would have been if you would383.3893.0
have liked from the parachute I just384.563.12
remember last time what happened when he386.3893.81
had a parachute I was trying to teach387.686.269
it was a good idea to just mail so the390.1995.011
unknown talking about that Bahama393.9493.481
there's some kind of nightclub downtown395.214.56
I've wrote a book club I've heard it's397.434.799
hard to get into and I've heard it's fun399.774.799
I feel like it's between the city402.2294.111
central and the beach somewhere thick404.5694.081
okay I want to say it's Bahama pajamas406.344.62
never on pajama yeah sound familiar408.654.349
it sounds itself familiar but it's got410.963.63
to be wrong because that's just nothing412.9994.53
hot about Bahamas pajamas I think so414.594.439
I don't know if you can locate on the417.5293.36
map with that thing that Club might be419.0293.931
the small club when I remember it's420.8893.33
night you don't really need to be able422.965.039
to see it oh yeah we got a thing you424.2197.2
just tell me where to go names that we427.9994.89
need to search it we need to search the431.4196.33
web Bahama Mama's is there place to help432.8896.9
Bahama Mama's big news yeah there's a437.7493.48
place called Bahama Mama's but I don't439.7893.081
know where it is so that's the name I441.2294.081
mean you don't think Bahama mamas and442.874.99
Bahama pajamas you know when you think445.314.529
party do you think mama I don't think447.865.669
pajama I don't see this place if we're449.8396.06
looking for this club you like a drop by453.5293.39
it all the time455.8992.61
yeah I don't know man and get foggy456.9193.391
can't see [ __ ] come on let's do458.5093.15
something else they're probably not even460.313.389
playing music anymore it's like morning461.6593.93
already after us trouble you up by now463.6995.09
huh you're McCall yeah465.5893.2
no after oh yeah you done sleepin yeah469.3796.04
man we're going to go clubbing but we473.2592.94
can't find it475.4192.49
the wood we're burning up cleverness476.1994.02
Bahama pajamas can't find it give me477.9094.41
Bahama Mama's I'm pretty sure it's480.2194.621
pajamas now pretty sure it's mamas are482.3194.291
you ready to go yeah I'm ready to go man484.843.389
all right we'll pick you up out front486.618.149
all right here today488.22911.851
all right go hello hello guys miss me494.7597.991
yeah how was your sleep oh great I just500.0810.35
needed a little power nap oh yeah yeah502.759.21
all right well that wine was good so510.433.39
after oh you mentioned earlier like511.964.29
parachute missions I think I'm ready for513.824.32
one so you guys want to do a parachute516.252.37
yeah how's that it now oh man I can get518.624.44
us a parachute mission going give me a521.623.39
second do we make let me call the guy523.063.93
do we make money on that yeah yes525.013.96
volunteer work is it nope I think we526.993.93
make a little money all right perfect528.974.29
all right let's go all right guys good530.923.18
luck everybody533.264.65
[ __ ] you ready like this I'm ready the534.16.26
real deal537.912.45
how you doing salmon I don't know man I549.34.87
don't know how to control this very well552.225.79
any thick governing enzyme thick easy554.1712.11
Oh watch out get oh I don't know558.0117.37
probably needs we can do formations yeah566.2810.44
let's give it a shot575.384.67
all right everybody line up behind me Oh576.727.39
are you doing up there noobs phonemes580.0510.18
I'm coming to the rain salmon all right584.117.8
you look great back there let's see what590.233.69
happens landings going to be my issue591.914.5
all right remember the bombers dammed593.924.29
the bumpers slow you down596.413.89
bumpers slow you down the top bumpers598.216.42
with the bottom ones right don't read600.37.39
three like this this is like almost like604.635.49
wing suit come on but close to the607.694.7
all right hit613.176.99
you way to go faster I'm gonna lose617.016.25
ah finished fourth yeah a big cheese I'm629.216.28
and you me thick well actually I didn't633.124.17
hit it exactly I wonder if that's why635.493.78
but no I because you guys landed after637.295.19
me oh really yeah made a thousand forty639.275.04
oh hey guys I just got a text about a642.483.99
job what kind of job you guys want to644.315.55
steal an airplane ooh is it dangerous646.474.71
yeah yeah that's gonna be real dangerous649.8613.86
dangerous neebs maiden name hi Nev see651.1815.69
him down there yeah that's the plane we663.728.76
got a steel yep666.878.96
see it all right so what's the plan man672.486.99
wait till the sun's down we grab some675.836.64
cars there are tractors if we like with679.475.46
Park on both sides woman ambush all682.475.04
right I like the sound of that so684.935.85
everyone steal a car steal a big car687.514.98
that gives you some good cover yeah this690.783.76
all right Simon is that you in that694.543.87
little car yeah I'm gonna go ahead more696.582.82
into that little car's not gonna give698.414.05
you a lot of cover okay you usually hop699.44.74
in with a hop in with Biebs or hopping702.463.63
with me yeah getting the seat behind us704.143.6
all right I think we're ready706.094.17
neebs yeah how about you and think go to707.744.5
the far side Simon and I'll stay on this710.264.38
side you got it but it's good turn your712.248.52
headlights off all right I see them714.6413.34
sneaking around oh my got out mister pal720.7614.01
all right yeah I guess we're ready Nick727.989.99
staying here all right everybody move734.775.94
information car sandwich I see over737.977.45
there leaves we go okay all right let me740.717.2
know when you're ready to go stand by745.426.06
I like this weapon not shoot the plane747.918.57
I'm ready and go751.485.0
bingo damn yeah757.073.41
tango Down770.758.65
Oh Siwon careful I got another one all771.969.36
right salmon I don't see anybody779.48.34
cover me something I'll try guys I think781.329.48
that's ever that's all of them and we're787.7411.16
good moving slowly all right women what790.813.14
supply grab some money grab some ammo798.96.81
so grab all his ammo and money you need803.944.08
okay O'Reilly money what do i do just805.714.59
walk over them think so all right I808.0215.18
don't see anything oh I see a gun yeah810.315.63
all right everybody in look at us via823.25.76
piece yeah babe a like an executive825.934.17
plane I know828.969.6
nice sandy shores airfield easy they're830.19.8
gonna be drinks on this flight838.565.43
no thanks unless you can find them oh oh839.96.34
yeah I just got a text from Lester it843.993.93
says lots of heat at the airfield I've846.243.21
hooked up the security cameras she said847.923.06
we'll need to clear the runway before we849.453.6
can land850.984.24
all right well I'm flying so that's853.054.51
gonna be up to you guys well why can't855.224.44
you land and help us Hey we learn to857.563.63
parachute we should because if I land859.663.06
that the the planes just gonna get shot861.193.15
to [ __ ] yeah we gotta clear the airfield862.723.15
okay fine864.342.61
see if there's any drinks over there865.874.04
salmon behind you866.952.96
over here maybe we got to bring our own871.022.95
yeah that's [ __ ] all right I guess873.976.03
I'll have some meteorite I think those876.046.09
are my favorite the old meteorite remind880.04.26
me I need to get snacks hey when you get882.133.78
shits are done talking about candy bars884.263.75
what side of the airfield should I drop885.914.17
you off on um the one without enemies888.014.17
well it looks like they're at the hangar890.084.56
base just far enough away that we don't892.184.59
land on well I don't care how about real894.643.87
far away so they don't come after us896.772.55
when we land898.512.49
I need some good cover how about right899.3211.82
here either a good car good luck guys901.011.46
okay thank you911.143.3
well crap where are they where were they912.465.49
again it's a it's an airfield don't see914.446.8
it it's a giant airstrip how do you917.956.27
where's this airfield airstrip oh [ __ ]921.248.11
where is it I see Simon and thick okay924.229.72
I'll just go where they are I am a good929.358.69
parachuter skydiver933.944.1
Hey all right entrance I just dead oh938.365.969
that's a nice car right there943.0692.971
wish we had that one dick we need a car944.3294.23
a big one we can use for cut big car all946.044.5
right hold on don't shoot anyone though948.5599.57
he's not gonna shoot anyone okay sounds950.549.959
good captain oh wait I think I see one958.1294.77
move along ma'am oh that's a big in960.4996.361
excuse me sir might I interest you in962.8999.0
the pavement thanks for your car sir966.867.31
we're gonna come and do this for YouTube971.8995.31
needs gaming check it out you'll love it974.175.079
like and subscribe Ark survival evolved977.2096.451
on Saturdays noobs yeah I wonder if I979.2495.76
can get up here with the sniper rifle983.663.779
you take the car go to a different985.0096.12
location oh yeah this this might be good987.4396.08
yeah you see a good place991.1295.161
well yeah you guys take the car okay go993.5193.49
somewhere else996.292.009
Simon get behind that way they're997.0093.36
getting pegged from everywhere how do I998.2993.45
get behind you get out get out and go1000.3692.88
around okay and we will be on the same1001.7493.42
side of the car are you looking up there1003.24912.39
up stroke Nick in place I'm in place all1005.16913.14
right going stealthy felt phone all1015.6392.88
Nick wait till we're in position waiting1018.5195.1
on your mark1022.5692.82
oh crap there's a guy right there shoot1023.6192.851
him Simon oh [ __ ]1025.3896.14
wait where where right here1026.475.059
all right hold on looking further down1032.055.06
stay on thick1038.13.45
wait let me get closer Simon okay they1045.453.17
backed off1047.797.53
stay on thick all right you ready summon1048.6211.02
I guess how about bamm-bamm1055.327.94
oh [ __ ] Oh boys right1059.643.62
light em up Simon right put it down I1066.745.46
think you look in the car we're all down1069.55.909
nice work all right Simon vehicle -1072.25.31
we're gonna have my driving um listen1075.4093.781
let's move a little closer and park like1077.513.21
a park this one ready you want me to do1079.193.27
it to you well we're both doing it you1080.723.929
do that one grab that money you're poor1082.464.62
the minute I can try to look for a1084.6493.63
massage your feet1087.083.39
all right I'm getting it hey all right1088.2794.291
get the car let's do it all right all1090.473.24
right we're gonna inch up we're gonna1092.573.29
call this operation inchworm okay1093.718.42
there's a gap oh crap can he drive it1095.866.27
pardon me1103.4515.339
wait who's this is that a bad guy set up1104.7514.58
a perimeter1118.7894.64
hey Simon whirring wait a second1119.3313.02
who is this let me shoot to me there's1123.42923.681
another guy right here I got him all1132.3518.9
right is it clear move in operation1147.117.37
inchworm phase three1151.253.23
I'm not being shot at alright alright1163.7966.52
make sure those cars are you sure you1176.3155.32
want to waste that well I probably1230.313.09
should you just got some money and1231.633.81
you're wasting it that's true guys you1233.42.76
know what we should do1235.443.83
what's that we do to end this we should1236.165.97
steal the the big plane over there and1239.276.37
lie off into the sunrise good thing to1242.137.46
do let's go play around the back1245.643.95
we are on the runway texting down1252.593.78
just completed a sweet mission made cash1256.374.77
money and we're gonna be flying at about1259.376.09
30,000 feet sunrise this remember this1261.145.73
episode you may want to kick back relax1265.464.2
and watch the previous episodes before1266.875.13
that before that taste the whole day to1269.664.62
do it because we have a lot of content1272.04.679
folks count on you to watch it once1274.285.46
again my name is co-pilot big 44 and I1276.6794.231
want to thank you for flying the1279.743.35
friendly skies nose here needs gaming1280.916.98
drinks light no no drinks [ __ ] off1283.094.8

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Wow, this latest GTA 5 Online video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute blast! I love how they set up an elaborate scenario to steal a plane in Paleto Bay. The banter between the guys as they execute their ridiculous heist is comedy gold. Neebs, Appsro, Thick, Dora, and Simon play off each other so well - their chemistry makes every GTA mission entertaining.

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I've never laughed so hard at a gaming channel. Whether they're robbing banks or running illicit businesses, the Neebs gang always finds new ways to make GTA exciting. Their understanding of the game's mechanics allows them to stage incredibly fun scenarios. It's clear they have a passion for roleplaying in GTA Online.

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