DANGER OVER THE BRIDGE | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest Subnautica Log video, you're missing out on some epic content. The...
DANGER OVER THE BRIDGE |  Subnautica: Below Zero
DANGER OVER THE BRIDGE | Subnautica: Below Zero

DANGER OVER THE BRIDGE | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! I just want to say that this video is hands down my favorite because it captures the sheer terror of trying to cross that bridge with a giant ice worm lurking below. It's like a suspense thriller, but with more screaming.

simon: Oh, Neebs, you always love the videos where we're in mortal danger! But I have to admit, this one is pretty epic. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us try to outsmart a giant ice worm while desperately trying to survive in the icy depths of Subnautica?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, this video is a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute we're laughing at each other's failed attempts to escape, and the next we're screaming in terror as the ice worm chases us. It's pure entertainment from start to finish.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest Subnautica Log video, you're missing out on some epic content. The guys are back at it again, exploring the depths of the ocean and encountering all sorts of creatures. And let me tell you, this time there's a beast out there that will give you chills!

If you're new to the series, don't worry, you can catch up on all the action by clicking on the link provided. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of this thrilling adventure. And if you're loving the content as much as I am, consider supporting the channel on Patreon. Every little bit helps to keep the videos coming!

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So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Subnautica.

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and boom neves we are back 6317.088.279
63 what uh damage or health oh god and21.766.24
speaking of snow fox i've had this [ __ ]25.3594.561
in my head the whole time can i take it28.03.599
out yeah there you go look boom take it29.923.84
off oh look that looks cleaner31.5994.881
there you go let's see so now we need to33.765.84
add uh flares and propulsion cannon to36.485.44
your uh are we gonna be out here much39.64.67
longer hold on i see something up there41.924.319
oh yeah there's a bridge here remember46.2393.84
seeing this on the map uh-huh47.764.0
where's it go i don't know there is50.0793.521
something of significance beyond this51.763.6
it was important or clearer but more55.363.92
important to me all right will it help57.444.0
us build your body59.284.64
yes oh you believe so oh yeah yeah yeah61.443.679
that's good63.924.0
uh neebs there might be a piece of allen65.1195.121
be on this bridge uh-huh why do i have67.924.879
to fake the bridge um extend70.246.08
attention check fluid levels72.7993.521
fluid levels are bad it seems hold on77.684.0
where's my scanner is that what the80.242.879
gauge says81.682.56
what the what83.1193.601
the gauge the fluid level gauge84.245.68
hold on things are bad and good on it86.724.079
it says check fluid levels90.7994.481
and uh i just scanned uh93.044.24
okay i need to put hydraulic fluid in95.284.08
this thing to extend the bridge okay97.284.32
okay oh yeah here we go come on baby99.363.2
come over here101.62.879
have you made hydraulics i have not made102.563.839
hydraulic fluid i just scanned some so i104.4794.081
should know how to make it now okay yeah106.3994.561
tell me108.562.4
okay so all these places that allen's113.4394.0
been wanting me to go to i've been115.684.32
keeping them in my beacons what about117.4393.68
this one120.02.64
where's this one at do you want how to121.1195.04
make fluid um ooh yeah but hey122.645.52
we're close to uh we're close to one of126.1594.481
allen's artifacts as well oh yeah yeah128.164.4
it's one like 100 meters away hold on130.643.679
can i get through that yeah may as well132.563.6
tell you how to make fluid later i guess134.3195.601
uh no you can go ahead and tell me now136.163.76
okay i think i have some of those back140.03.52
at base four of those and one creep vine141.524.079
seed cluster oh that's not that's not143.523.439
too hard we should be able to make that145.5992.561
boy that's how i run huh148.164.24
boy i saw a guy running today it was150.163.52
some people have funny runs yep153.684.16
apparently i do155.042.8
it was almost like his elbows didn't159.24.16
bend it was like almost like his arms161.362.959
out in front of him kind of like163.362.4
but the arms were just waving left to165.764.08
right but like chest level yeah that's a167.763.52
funny rhyme comes out in front of you169.842.88
and they're they're shaking left to171.283.36
right not like pumping forward back and172.723.36
forth gotcha yeah i understand what174.642.879
you're saying that seems like it would176.084.159
make you run worse yeah no yeah that's a177.5194.881
very funny way to run why would you do180.2394.881
that try it later okay maybe it's faster182.45.759
maybe i've been doing it wrong185.123.039
is that an ion cube that's a diagonal188.2393.28
man i've been fighting a bunch of these189.843.52
yeah this site is one of some191.5193.681
its data will assist us on195.25.84
oh we're good198.42.64
scanning an ancient artifact201.364.959
that'll hopefully hopefully help alan203.843.759
find more206.3192.64
because that's the big thing now we've207.5992.801
got to build out a body so he can get208.9593.2
the hell out of my head that's a lot of210.43.52
trust didn't it do what yeah trusted me212.1592.961
for dude for doing that i don't think i213.922.72
would want you to build my body well i215.122.88
don't think he had an option remember i216.642.879
was the only thing left around and you218.02.959
know he stored himself in my brain has219.5193.121
even seen anything that you've built i220.9593.28
haven't built much except for that base222.643.44
i want to keep this iron cube what can i224.2393.841
get rid of titanium i'll get rid of you226.083.28
keeping the cube228.083.28
like if it was me i'd be like hey can229.364.48
you show me some of your work of bodies231.364.959
no oh yeah i get it before you jumped in233.844.24
yeah yeah and then if you said well i've236.3193.441
never done that i'd say well do you know238.083.76
some people can you recommend somebody239.764.32
man he was about to die he had he had to241.844.0
store himself somewhere and my brain244.083.68
happened to be the only thing around245.843.44
lucky me right yeah it doesn't mean you247.762.96
got to build the body you could just be249.283.28
the storage uh i don't want to be the250.723.599
storage that's the thing i'm not a damn252.563.919
hard drive okay well you're not a254.3194.801
bodybuilder either256.4794.561
we got that artifact okay so i can go261.043.76
into my beacon manager262.964.48
turn that one off all right blue i264.84.24
switch them to blue when i've uh when267.444.319
i've got them once done bluebeans done269.044.719
the ones i haven't got i leave green271.7594.88
green means go uh oh and there's a body273.7594.72
cash you know what276.6394.081
where are you at oh you are a ways away278.4794.801
oh wow 2 000 meters almost280.725.199
okay for now heading back to base taking283.284.0
and then we're gonna go find some alien287.284.919
how many gel sex did i need four two296.884.8
three four i got four uh-huh and then299.283.6
what else301.683.44
cluster you need one creep vine seed302.883.44
cluster i don't know if i have any of305.122.56
those but those are easy enough to go306.323.2
out and get307.684.239
okay let me put away i know i picked up309.524.239
a bunch of [ __ ] while we were out oh i311.9193.28
need to eat those peppers they're going313.7593.921
bad yummy yummy315.1995.761
a gel sack scanner room upgrade stuff i317.684.56
should probably just stick those in the320.963.2
sea truck man i feel like i just got322.243.28
back from a long trip and i'm kind of324.163.52
unpacking yeah and you want to just325.524.16
kick back have an off day327.683.92
no i don't i want to keep going but it's329.683.28
just like yeah my brain's all over the331.63.599
place because what we just332.964.239
cured an alien disease and now there's a335.1993.44
bridge involved337.1993.681
you got to go deep for alien parts oh338.6393.84
cute little cat340.883.68
sometimes after a vacation you need just342.4793.921
a day before you go back to work you344.563.44
know just to kind of unwind i still need346.42.88
to build a base348.02.72
are you doing that okay well no no i349.282.72
don't know if i'm doing that but it's350.723.12
just something that i need to do because352.03.36
if we're going to go deep i'm going to353.843.04
need to build a day of moon pool so i355.363.36
can upgrade um356.883.599
what you call it the sea truck well how358.723.12
deep can we go on the sea truck right360.4792.56
now yeah you sound like you have a lot361.844.0
of dudes i have a ton to do probably get363.0395.201
on it you know instead of hanging around365.844.639
the base well yeah i just got back here368.244.079
i'm not hanging around let's see we do370.4793.84
have all right we have the seat truck372.3194.561
depth upgrade mark one yeah so we're374.3193.681
gonna need yeah we're gonna need376.882.48
something better than that we're gonna378.03.6
need to upgrade that to mark two379.364.08
tell you what today let's let's focus on381.63.76
that bridge there's a there's a piece of383.443.599
allen's body maybe on the other side of385.363.92
the bridge let's do that all right387.0394.0
everybody wants to see a gun but we'll389.282.8
do a bridge391.0392.401
do i know how to make a gun hold on let392.082.959
me look at my [ __ ]393.444.4
propulsion cannon395.0394.801
come on proposition397.843.919
i don't see a propulsion cannon here399.843.84
neebs yeah you probably got to scan it401.7593.521
yeah no it's probably in a sea monkey403.683.519
nest i could go diving for propulsion405.283.84
cannons pick something man you're all407.1993.201
over the place i know i'm all over the409.123.199
place there's a lot of [ __ ] to do okay410.43.44
pick one uh first thing that comes to412.3193.28
your mind bridge bridge we started with413.843.28
the bridge all right let's let's knock415.5993.121
that out and then we can go find a417.123.68
propulsion cannon yep418.723.44
but then damn do we want a propulsion420.83.36
cannon while we're out there i know look422.163.599
it's like it's an order of things yeah424.163.36
what's the best way to go about it do i425.7593.84
know i have no [ __ ] clue427.523.36
you just gotta get it started instead of429.5992.481
get it right i'm gonna go look at sea430.883.439
monkey nests maybe i'll get lucky and432.083.839
find a propulsion cannon play in the434.3194.671
lottery play the lottery435.9198.11
try something445.523.32
yeah i'm gonna try to take the sea truck446.83.679
down to the case yeah448.844.28
okay i'm gonna detach the back modules450.4794.641
uh-huh wait you know what i should grab453.124.32
i should grab just a little bit of power455.123.76
just in case457.443.12
i got a little food i got a little water458.883.96
i got a little help all right460.565.68
detaching you sure you're up for this462.846.359
uh may as well be right i mean just i've466.244.72
heard you're a bad driver and your car469.1994.641
is at 87. okay yeah well keep an eye on470.966.04
the power473.843.16
there you go there you go all right479.446.24
okay monkey nest propulsion cannon482.3195.041
power's at nine485.683.519
yeah i bro i brought a power cell so it487.365.88
should be good it should be good489.1994.041
all right sea trucks at 79 now497.9196.4
okay can i squeeze it down501.0393.28
you're gonna lose this thing504.724.24
maybe i should okay you know what hold507.1994.641
on i'm gonna hop out right here508.964.639
oh boy that's a mess511.844.879
okay then513.5993.12
okay it goes down516.85.599
here we go looking for monkey nest518.643.759
another site522.883.92
but i cannot yet tell whether the others524.643.92
still it holds valuable information528.566.16
i hope you will find more yeah i hope i532.04.48
find more too ellen thank you534.723.6
indicating more of my people's536.483.2
but the images i'm receiving are539.683.2
i am struggling to locate them precisely544.725.2
the fragmented images what why the hell547.684.4
would that happen i can only theorize549.924.24
that the locations are deep552.085.439
and shielded by a refractive material554.166.16
perhaps amongst large crystal formations557.5194.721
neebs write that down deep large560.325.519
crystals deep large crystals yeah alan562.245.12
okay we're gonna have to remember that565.8393.44
apparently alan can see something but567.364.159
it's really deep surrounded by large569.2797.481
crystals okay so that's great571.5195.241
oh god what do you want alan our578.484.56
searches have been useful but ultimately580.3994.721
i have no definitive evidence as to the583.043.84
fate of my people585.124.24
again the network i hoped to rejoin may586.886.399
no longer exist oh i cannot feel it589.366.159
you can't feel it um593.2794.401
well you guys are like computers right595.5194.401
so i don't know maybe your species597.685.12
upgraded to the next version maybe that599.925.84
would make me incompatible602.85.44
how would i even begin to plan my605.763.84
upgrades yeah i feel like you're putting608.242.719
the car before the horse here you need609.62.799
to focus on getting home do you know the610.9594.481
way home yes then worry about that right612.3994.321
now all right we got to get you out of615.443.839
my head buddy you are expressing616.723.84
but it is not supported by probability620.564.8
i mean alan there's a good chance your623.63.919
entire species is dead near the last one625.363.599
left alive but you're not gonna know627.5193.841
until you actually go and find out628.9594.32
okay you know there's a movie i used to631.363.039
watch with a633.2793.68
star pilot he says uh never tell me the634.3994.401
odds when the robot just won't shut the636.9594.641
[ __ ] up this does not match any former638.85.84
designation i can find in your tdk yeah641.64.479
alan that's because i don't have empire644.643.199
strikes back installed on my pda look646.0793.76
it's a pretty good space movie it's647.8394.401
about this gay kid who's he goes to a649.8394.321
planet where a little green monster652.244.08
teaches him like about magic powers and654.163.6
then at the end of the movie his dad's656.323.759
black but look i i think the movie's657.764.079
really about hope you got to have hope660.0794.081
sometimes alan661.8394.961
i didn't hope to your attention oh don't664.164.72
add it to mine add it to yours me i hope666.83.68
i found a damn propulsion cannon down668.884.6
you kidding me674.644.56
what is it679.363.68
can i make it a one out of two one out680.644.24
of two propulsion cannon fragments no683.044.4
okay i just found one that's awesome all684.884.24
right are we deep enough there's got to687.445.12
be more around here come on come on oh689.125.92
please be yes names there we go692.564.64
propulsion cannon fragments things are695.043.359
looking up man697.22.72
you and alan are getting chatty i know698.3993.68
yeah listen he's he he's a needy little699.923.44
[ __ ]702.0793.44
he seems like i gotta be to the point705.62.72
i'm glad we're not chatty yeah thank god708.325.04
just go on forever and ever won't we711.044.88
we never stopped no why would we713.364.64
yeah probably about the dumbest possible715.924.719
things you can imagine718.03.92
what do you do with your fingernails720.6392.481
when you cut them throw them in the721.923.2
trash can okay what do you do with yours723.123.36
trash can725.122.8
some people flush them down the toilet726.482.64
is that bad i don't want to flush my727.922.4
nails down the toilet what if they729.122.399
you would think i mean they're731.5193.76
fingernails all right what are we doing733.043.68
we're making a propulsion against you735.2792.881
can't hire back to base making pulse736.726.04
cannon oh god how did i get in here738.164.6
are we doing744.0792.721
back it up753.444.959
all right we're locked in yeah755.24.639
oh man i just looked at the health the758.3993.521
health of the the back pod is not good759.8393.841
let's get back to base and let's prepare761.923.44
all of the sea trucks all your vehicles763.683.279
are damaged all right and then765.364.159
propulsion cannon oh we're talking and766.9595.12
they were lubricants oh wait seeds right769.5195.041
seeds yep uh crepe crepe vine creep772.0794.0
creep find seeds i'm gonna go ahead and774.563.2
grab some right there we're going all776.0793.361
right look at us we're professionals777.764.93
good call damn professionals779.446.329
oh yeah i remember this guy786.6395.121
they pull it out790.243.44
oh it takes up so much [ __ ] space791.764.0
yeah keep it the sea truck that's true795.765.72
grab it when you need it797.8393.641
oh i think i just i think i might have810.882.88
just actually just grabbed the paper812.3993.521
grab the paper okay and then throw the813.764.72
people on the wall815.922.56
dead people818.562.88
grab paper819.923.2
throw the people at the wall boom dead821.443.759
people now can you kill like a stalker823.124.8
with a paper man i don't know i do not825.1994.721
know because that's the question like if827.923.76
something's after you yeah can i grab829.923.52
god what could even grab out there831.682.88
because there's not much to grab you833.442.639
know maybe a rock then i could grab a834.563.92
rock throw the rocket or a penguin maybe836.0794.32
grab the little baby penguin toss it at838.483.44
the stalker shoot the penguin at the840.3992.88
stalker yeah all right i'm gonna make841.922.88
this hydraulic fluid and then let's get843.2794.161
back out there844.82.64
yeah i'm back at the place where the856.323.04
bridge is okay857.683.279
run it up to the bridge did you get your859.362.8
oil stuffed860.9593.521
uh yeah it's in my pocket i think862.164.0
yeah that would have been dumb that864.483.12
would have been super dope left it all866.164.64
the way back at base yep867.66.16
all right well here we go870.82.96
did you bring that the propulsion can't874.163.28
of course it did okay all right that's876.02.72
in there877.442.399
bridge controls look like they're878.724.64
working extending the bridge879.8393.521
all right yeah now i'm gonna go back and886.03.519
get the stove fox okay i got you because887.5193.841
uh yeah it's freezing out here how far889.5193.841
is that the snow fox yeah it's right891.364.159
over there oh it's right near you okay893.363.599
yeah yeah yeah it's right i see it i'm895.5193.76
looking at it good896.9594.801
i had a corona rita the other day899.2793.841
one of those oh yeah wait is that when901.763.04
they have the the margarita and they903.123.36
take one of the little coronas and they904.83.599
put it upside down inside the mark yeah906.483.599
i've had one there and the beer stays in908.3993.201
the bottle yeah you really could910.0793.921
probably just give somebody a margarita911.63.76
and then a corona gotcha you ever had a914.03.6
super corona um915.364.159
nope oh those are fun that's where you917.63.679
know you take a normal corona and you919.5193.361
drink the head out of it and then you921.2793.841
pour it shot at tequila there oh922.884.0
so good yeah it's a super corona all925.123.279
right i'm crossing the bridge put some926.883.519
lime in it yeah why not put some damn928.3994.321
lime in it you go within range of data930.3994.0
that might help with the construction of932.724.16
a new storage medium934.3994.721
you must continue to investigate what936.886.11
the [ __ ] do you think i'm doing alan939.1212.839
found a958.163.44
okay it's like a little mining site i've959.2794.721
uh stumbled across961.64.96
okay anything good here964.04.399
come on food water would be great966.564.959
hey got some water968.3993.12
uh pda i'm not gonna read971.926.719
health pack this is all good stuff974.83.839
food yeah water food this is uh hey this979.2794.0
is a good little find it's like your982.04.48
birthday yeah no uh no alien body man in983.2795.12
fact i'm going to986.484.4
my beacon manager and turn this one off988.3995.521
because i don't need that one right now990.884.72
you're kind of like the the old guy in993.923.279
the pinocchio995.64.88
movie geppetto yeah he was a creepo man997.1995.361
well you're creepy sometimes i've heard1000.484.479
it buddy how how are you liking me to1002.564.24
geppetto because he made the little1004.9593.521
wooden body1006.84.24
and gave the boy a body right and you're1008.484.0
doing the same thing are you going to1011.042.4
use wood1012.483.52
wood for what for allen's body1013.444.24
oh that's okay1016.02.8
that's where you were going with it1017.682.48
that's what i was wondering oh you know1018.83.36
what i'll pick up some copper and silver1020.165.12
that's ammunition neebs oh yeah1022.164.399
you can make a copper body like the1025.284.0
statue of liberty that's all copper1026.5594.801
oh is it yep i guess that makes sense it1029.284.0
used to be copper colored for the first1031.363.599
couple years oh that it slowly turned1033.283.519
green yep oh that would have been cool1034.9593.521
to see it when it was copper colored1036.7993.28
yeah yeah1038.483.76
oh wait is that a oh1040.0793.76
is that something good1042.244.319
oh found a data box1043.8395.2
a data box oh data a thumper what the1046.5594.561
[ __ ] is a thumper new blueprint1049.0394.561
synthesizer yeah look it up what does a1051.125.88
thumper do1053.63.4
the thumper is a deployable device that1067.64.4
creates loud pulsing noises in order to1069.65.36
deter ice worms okay if we see any ice1072.05.12
worms maybe we'll build a thumper it's1074.964.16
kind of like the flare1077.124.559
the flare holds off the stalkers oh god1079.124.88
you can't hold off ice worms i don't1081.6794.081
know why i keep traveling at night like1084.04.08
a dingus1085.766.159
what's a dingus just an idiot1088.083.839
oh god1092.164.16
what the hell what the hell is it1094.43.92
holy [ __ ]1096.324.16
can you eat my snow fox1098.324.16
[ __ ] was that an ice worm1100.483.28
what do you mean did he just eat my1102.483.36
slope my snowflakes okay still fox is1103.763.6
still here something just came out of1105.842.8
the ground and knocked me off the snow1107.363.36
fox was it nice for him it seemed like1108.644.08
an i don't know it was an underground1110.724.16
okay where the [ __ ] did he go1114.885.679
where are you uh right now i'm hopping1118.244.64
off the stove fox and i'm holding up in1120.5595.601
a cave oh god am i in like an ice worm1122.885.039
i shouldn't be here right we got to1126.162.96
build a thought it's like an ice worm1127.9193.551
hole am i in an ice wormhole1129.126.81
my god1136.02.64
that sounds creepy that does sound1139.0393.76
creepy i guess that's an ice worm you're1140.723.839
gonna need a battery1142.7995.441
magnetite magnetite oh god not magnetite1144.5595.681
yeah magnetite said stuff we can never1148.243.679
a battery magnetite the sea monkeys have1151.9194.88
it oh god we'll get back to the damn sea1154.485.319
all right sun's coming up neebs are we1169.524.0
are you going back to your little pod1171.444.08
to make bumpers you know what maybe i1173.523.32
can outrun this1175.523.279
worm is that okay do you i mean if we go1176.843.24
back to the pod to make thumpers we1178.7993.12
gotta go get magnet tight look i could1180.083.839
take forever yeah if you think you can1181.9193.601
outrun it go for it1183.9193.201
okay i'll give it a shot i'll give it a1185.523.36
shot see how it goes maybe he's asleep1187.123.6
okay maybe only comes out at night good1188.884.84
oh god1195.6794.081
oh jesus christ yeah that's right get1197.444.16
out of there i'm out of here1199.763.84
all right yep1201.63.92
okay see1203.65.52
pop oh god leave me alone leave me alone1205.525.6
okay here's what we're doing we're going1209.123.439
back to the sea truck we're making some1211.122.96
thumpers okay we're going to find1212.5592.721
jesus christ okay1215.284.48
new plan we go for that deep alien1217.444.479
artifact that alan wanted uh-huh and1219.763.84
maybe on the way to find that we find1221.9192.88
but now first i gotta build a base so i1224.7997.441
can oh jesus [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] hill1226.965.28
okay out of the thing get on the thing1232.5593.841
and go how's the snow fight those foxes1233.845.199
we're at 63 percent i'm gonna get near1236.44.72
one all right oh god i'm trying to floor1239.0392.88
fast you can go i am going how the hell1241.9196.201
did i even get in here1244.243.88
no no1250.723.439
oh god1251.9194.24
i thought you were out of that area man1254.1593.441
i am trying to get out of there maybe i1256.1593.441
got in too deep1257.65.8
he's gotta oh god1259.63.8
you want to get that propulsion cannon1270.43.12
out just in case no proposed cannon is1271.843.68
not going to be this thing is huge well1273.524.159
we don't know sometimes like look what a1275.523.519
bee stink could do this way this way1277.6792.561
this way look how big you are and how1279.0393.281
small bees are right oh god can i not1280.245.84
get through here son of a [ __ ]1282.323.76
seek fluid intake1286.1592.961
thirsty did you bring water1289.23.76
leave me alone1292.964.16
going in circles going in absolute1295.284.56
circles names1297.122.72
jesus so listen whenever you hear that1300.883.919
rumbling does that mean they're coming1303.122.64
yes it means they're coming up maybe1305.763.12
give it a boost as soon as you hear that1307.362.799
that's what i've been doing is it1308.883.12
kind of1312.03.24
remember the bridge i remember the1318.483.36
bridge that's where you came in i know1319.9193.921
getting back there is uh kind of a pain1321.843.68
in the ass1323.842.56
oh [ __ ]1326.44.0
get ya1328.245.36
oh god1330.45.2
come on help back1333.63.6
drop it why don't i always drop oh [ __ ]1335.63.28
[ __ ] dick1337.24.16
leave me alone [ __ ]1338.884.88
all right1341.362.4
get off of my snow fox1344.643.6
foxy cannon1348.482.72
can't pick there's nothing to pick up1352.883.12
okay he's gone i saw it he got scared1356.04.4
sometimes you just gotta aim a gun to1359.122.4
but now there's anything in it1361.523.12
see fluid immediately1366.643.68
bridge where's the breeze where's the1370.42.96
bridge oh there's the bridge found the1371.763.2
bridge found the bridge1373.363.76
okay how many stumpers we got to make it1374.963.839
sounds like there's worms everywhere i1377.123.679
know well maybe it's just one big worm1378.7993.521
that keeps chasing me so maybe one1380.7992.561
ah okay all right we're gonna need1383.365.04
magnetite god i hate finding magnetite1385.365.12
it's the worst1388.45.44
okay where is the thing1390.484.559
you should probably just spend a whole1393.843.36
week just getting magnetite get1395.0393.52
magnetite and then be done well i don't1397.24.16
even know where to find it1398.5592.801
sea monkeys have it1401.844.64
[ __ ] okay we're gonna go hold on where1403.9195.041
are my beacons1406.484.64
we're gonna go for1408.965.28
this guy all right ancient architect1411.125.52
body cache or some [ __ ] i'm gonna work1414.244.319
on gathering titanium we need to make a1416.643.2
permanent base because i need to make a1418.5593.441
moon pool because i i need to get a1419.843.92
modification station installed and we'll1422.03.279
come back to this worm thing later yeah1423.762.96
we'll come back to this warm thing later1425.2793.28
but we gotta go deep we're gonna go for1426.723.04
that hopefully we're gonna find some1428.5592.881
magnetite on the way1429.763.2
hate worms neebs not all worms1434.484.16
earthworms are cool1437.123.36
they make dirt1438.644.13

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